A message to ‘Your Waverley’ from disappoiinted of Alfold

When the Rainbow Coalition snatched victory from the hands of the Tories, It said it would listen.

Alfold  villagers this week  learned they were facing yet another planning appeal – this time for another 80 homes on the A281 Guildford – Horsham Road adjacent to the petrol station. Now they want the newbies to do what they promised on the tin? Listen?

The Appeal will be the subjected of a future post.

As developers prepare to dump another 80 homes on Alfold, villagers are gearing up to say – No More!

Well done’ Your Waverley’s’ first listening exercise was a rollicking​ success &#8211, and there are calls for more.

Here’s what one Alfold villager had to say. Though we do sometimes wonder if Alfold Parish council is sleeping?  Its members don’t seem to make too much noise. Unless, of course, Parish Cllr ‘ Little Britton’ who once headed Protect Our Waverley, uses his time and energies on delaying his Dunsfold neighbour from development, which in turn damages Waverley’s five-year housing land supply leaving Alfold vulnerable?  

 ‘ Not in my backyard Britton’ tells the BBC the fight to stop development at Dunsfold isn’t over yet!

As far as we can see, no minutes have been posted on the Alfold website since last October! Is anyone at home?

 Denise Wordsworth comments on the recent Special Council Meeting when Local Plan Part 2  was agreed. 

Following Follows on ‘ Your Waverley’ Local Plan Part 2.

She says:

Having finally had the time to listen to this – I was frankly disappointed.

Most of this meeting concerned Haslemere and the damn 50 Homes that are now at Appeal and Witley Applications. Where was anyone other than Cllr Cockburn saying anything about the plight of the smaller villages …. and Alfold? (Like the one I know best) due to the lack of LPP2

I am glad it has passed onto the next phase – However,  I still do’nt  think they understand the issues in the smaller villages. I will be asking for access to ALL  the approved Applications for the WHOLE borough, then at least I can look at the figures and see the disproportionate amount allocated here and potentially other small villages outside Haslemere and Witley!

I think Farnham has taken its fair share and has a robust Neighboroughood Plan, which it worked incredibly hard to secure. The rest of us need more support to get ours through. Are they receiving that support? Rr are they being left to flounder? Or is there something else?

(Alfold has no Neighbourhood Plan)

I understand that some want to move up the greasy pole of politics – but I hope that ‘some’ don’t forget who got them where they are now. I hope that they   will recognise that despite the fact we probably have few votes that matter in Alfold, and may therefore be deemed unimportant, – but suggest that those that have that view – have a re-think?

(Alfold has no Gas – In case anyone has forgotten)


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