The end of a momentous week for Waverley and the world.

The likes of which we are unlikely ever to see again.

Now let us turn our attention and care to the older members of our families and those in our community who watched the pageantry, mourned for Her Majesty and their own and cried alone.


‘Your Waverley’ s concerned at the state of the UK economy.


Chief Executive Officer Tom Horwood has given his first quarter report to the councouncil’s view & Scrutiny Committee.

He said at this early stage of the year, we forecast a small (3%) adverse variance on revenue, which needs to be brought back on track.

While the variance was modest at this stage, the management team was concerned about the state of the UK economy and its implications for Waveerley:

i.e. lower income, higher costs, increasing demand for our services from those who find themselves in hardship and delays from supply chain disruption.

He said he would continue to plan for all scenarios and report risks.

Highlights of the last quarter included: –

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 Understanding the rules on energy disconnection and prepayment meters


Mounting energy prices have left many people in Waverley feeling anxious about how to pay their bills. 

With the recent huge energy price cap hike and cold winter ahead, we want consumers to be aware of their rights surrounding disconnection and prepayment meters.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your energy bills, you may worry that your supplier may cut your gas or electricity supply. In principle, a person who falls into energy debt can be disconnected, but regulatory requirements imposed by Ofgem make this extremely rare, especially where a household is at particular risk of harm by reason of age or disability. 

Many companies have signed a voluntary agreement promising to never knowingly disconnect, at any time of year, those households with children under the age of six (or under 16 during winter months) or where age, health, disability or severe financial insecurity means the customer is unable to safeguard their own or other members of the household’s personal welfare. Check if your supplier is signed up here.

Often a person in energy debt will experience their supplier seeking to install a prepayment meter. There are potential disadvantages to having a prepayment meter. For example, a customer could still suffer effective disconnection, as the supply stops if they do not put money on the meter. Roughly 140,000 households with pre-payment meters (16 per cent of households) self-disconnected from gas and/or electricity in 2017 because they could not afford to add credit to their meter.

The meters could also potentially disadvantage users because the unit and standing charges are higher on prepayment meters, and they can also prevent customers from signing up for cheaper tariffs.

There are various steps to reduce the proportion of payments allocated to debt,  increase the number of energy payments made on the meter secure, and to obtain emergency credit and continuous supply if no funds are available to put on the meter. See the Citizens Advice website here.

There are regulatory rules that energy customers can rely on to resist the installation of a prepayment meter or to ask for one to be removed.

Suppliers are prevented from obtaining a court warrant to enter a property to install a meter where it would be severely traumatic to a customer due to an existing vulnerability relating to their mental capacity or psychological state, which would be significantly worse by the experience. 

Suppliers are also prevented from imposing a prepayment meter where it is not ‘safe and reasonably practicable. What does ‘safe and reasonably practicable mean? It includes the need for suppliers to consider if the customer can understand a prepayment meter, has the ability to top it up (e.g. distance to top up shops), needs a continuous supply for health reasons, and is able to physically get to the meter. See the guidance suppliers should be following here.

Those that cannot afford to pay and who face serious risk to their health or welfare if they do not receive the energy they require should be able to avoid interruption to their supply by relying on the above. This may result in the build-up of arrears, but this alone does not cause the same risks.

Failure by an energy supplier to comply with these obligations may amount to discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 (which protects people with protected characteristics, including age, sex, disability, pregnancy and maternity). Especially where the energy company has enough information to know that the customer qualifies for special treatment, and they then do not provide it. In these circumstances, you may be able to take them to court.

You can also use your supplier’s complaints procedure, and if they do not resolve the matter, you can take it to the Energy Ombudsman. The process to follow and support can be found here. To find out which route would be most appropriate to challenge your specific circumstances, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (England), Advice Direct (Scotland) or your local law centre. 

Significant debt support is now available at Citizens Advice and National Debt Line.





Liz Truss lifted the fracking ban recently – what will this mean for Dunsfold?

 A swathe of fracking licences across the country is the result.


Could this move drastically impact housing plans in ‘Your Waverley’?

 Not least the controversial HS2 route through Warwicks, Staffords and Cheshire. #Dunsfold is going to be busy @Williamweb1

All those nice new houses at the Dunsfold Park Garden Village and one of the largest gipsy sites in the country with fracking going on right underneath them as farmer Ashley Ward prepares to welcome UK Oil & Gas into his back garden next door? 

Farmer pulls the wool over Waverley Planners’ eyes – yet again.

The David & Goliath type fight is on to reverse the decision for UKOG to drill at Dunsfold.

A view on the Dunsfold gas debacle from a local.


Your Waverley pays its respects to Her Majesty The Queen


The Mayor of Waverley John Ward is pictured here signing the Waverley Borough Council Book of Condolence  – followed by Council Leader Paul Follows, his deputy Cllr Penny Rivers and Cllr Steve Williams.

For more information on how to sign the book of condolence. 

Information from ‘ Your Waverley’ following the death of Her Majesty The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 at Balmoral


Hospital appointments cancelled because of Queen’s funeral

Hospital appointments around the country have been cancelled because of Queen’s funeral

 Thousands of patients waiting for surgery, maternity checks and some cancer care will be affected

GPs also allowed to close. 

Thousands of patients have had hospital appointments cancelled because of the Queen’s funeral.

Some NHS trusts have said that all non-urgent procedures and clinic appointments will be postponed, including hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery, maternity checks and some cancer treatments.

Many patients had been waiting months for surgery – only to have it cancelled a week beforehand. In a letter to one patient, the NHS blamed…

“unforeseen circumstances”.

Doctors at one central London hospital trust were told:

“The day of the State Funeral will be treated as a bank holiday so please go ahead and start rescheduling patients.”

Waited three weeks for a specialised maternity appointment booked for Monday, but now it doesn’t appear to be going ahead – I’m 8 months pregnant and struggling the most at this time. I’m devastated twitter.com/BBCLauraKT/sta…
I’m a chemotherapy patient and had a Covid booster booked for the 19th carefully timed around my treatment. Now cancelled and can’t rebook for weeks. Just hope I stay safe!
Martin Glasser
You’ll be delighted to know that NHS England has issued flag-flying guidance to Trusts for the funeral. No news yet about my wife’s cancer surgery scheduled for that day

Information from ‘Your Waverley’ following the death of Her Majesty The Queen


Death of Her Majesty The Queen


Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

It is with the greatest sadness that Waverley Borough Council has learnt of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. Our thoughts are with the Royal Family at this time.

Please visit The Royal Family website(opens in a new tab) for general information and the national book of condolence.

We will update this page regarding national protocol and how Waverley will be commemorating Her Majesty The Queen as these details are confirmed.


Book of Condolence

Books of condolence will be available to sign at the Waverley Borough Council Offices in Godalming during our standard opening times, or at Godalming Museum, at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul and at St John’s Church in Farncombe. 

You can also sign an online book of condolence on The Royal Family website.


Flowers can be laid at the Pepperpot in Godalming or at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

  • Flowers should not be wrapped in paper or plastic
  • Flowers not placed in the designated area may be moved to the official area
  • Gift cards and other items will not be kept
  • Flowers will be removed the day after the funeral and be composted

Rather than purchasing flowers, you may wish to consider making a donation to one of the Queen’s chosen charities. More information on the Queen’s official patronages is available on The Royal Family website.


Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 at Balmoral

The Waverley Web joins the British Nation and the World in paying tribute to Her Majesty the Queen for her selfless service throughout her 70- year reign.

Working until the very end.

At this pivotal moment in the history of Great Britain, we share one of our favourite pictures of the Queen that we took when she visited the University of Surrey in Guildford to open its new Veterinary School.

Her Majesty loved her dogs and her horses and was never happier than when she shared the stage with all creatures great and small.

Here she is pictured with  Godalming  Vet Noel Fitzpatrick, as he demonstrates his skills.

Your Majesty…

On this profoundly sad day, Her Majesty is succeeded by her eldest son and heir, the Prince of Wales, who becomes King Charles III.




Waverley Councillor lambasts plans to regenerate Godalming

Elstead’s Aunty Elsey is spitting feathers over a suggestion that houses could ever be built on Godalming’s Crown Car Park.

Aunty Elsey spitting feathers.

Shiver me timbers – Aunty has had yet another of her hissy fits. She has even been out collecting signatures for a petition to oppose the very thought that things in Godalming might change!

The woman who never misses an opportunity to bash the ruling groups is at it again… big time.

Possibly out collecting donations for the World Wildlife fund at the same time no doubt?

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Local Reaction to the arrival of our new Prime Minister.

Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ Paul Follows.
Waverley’s leader Paul Follows has congratulated Liz Truss on becoming Prime Minister saying:
“Congratulations to Ms Truss, certainly no surprises.
We have endured weeks of practically no government whatsoever and a seemingly never-ending bitter Tory leadership race characterised by a race to the bottom on taxes, the environment and culture.
A race where two individuals battle to demonstrate who could mot ignore the problems the country is facing (the cost of living and energy crisis.
I won’t be the only on who is glad it’s over. I also won’t be the only one to expect them to do something.”
@PeterTelford Replying
I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. They’re fiddling (in all senses) whilst the nation burns.
Tory MPs ‘plotting leadership vote before Christmas’ to bring back Boris Johnson
Unhappy MPs say to want a leadership vote by end of the year. Oh! no – not again…please?
WBC Labour Councillor and former Member of Parliament Nick Palmer.
Nick Palmer, chair of the SW Surrey Labour branch and himself a former Labour MP, said:
Ms Truss’s election marks a further shift to the right in the Conservative Party.
“They have organised a seemingly interminable internal election campaign while the country slid towards economic disaster – both nationally and for many individuals. It is very telling that she shrugged off the fact that her planned tax cuts will benefit the very wealthy most and described that as ‘fair.’
I see that the editor of the Spectator reported that 80 per cent of Conservatives in the South voted against her, outweighed by the more zealous Brexiteers further north.
If she can’t even carry the support of her own members in our area, what sort of mandate is that?
We hope our residents will join us in working for a sensible Labour Government with a total focus on the economic crisis and the soaring cost of living.”

In the absence of any comments from SW Surrey Mp Jeremy Hunt, we will add this old Tweet.


As for Guildford MP Angela Richardson. She is doing what she always does. Posts up pictures of herself.  regardless of who becomes PM?

No change there then.


The end of an era for Cranleigh’s premier high street store.


Churchill Retirement Homes are on their way to Cranleigh town – as Waverley Planners approve  38 apartments on the site of the 138-year-old department store.

The national retirement home provider initially wanted  90 apartments on the site! But their ambitious plans were trimmed by ‘Your Waverley’s’ local councillors concerned about the integrity of the ‘building of historical and local merit’ adjacent to the Conservation Area in an Area  of High Archaeological Importance. 

However, not everyone is happy about the huge change in the centre of Cranleigh High Street – though the chamber of Trade gives its full backing despite the trading floor area on the front of the site being slashed to around 5,000 sq ft. It believes it is far more important to provide the town with more footfall.

Some of the townsfolk are wondering how Thames Water intends to supply the site after the town hit the national headlines when it ran dry during August. It tells the planners – no problem.

Cranleigh High Street is almost at a standstill as cars travel into the town to find the only water station at Cranleigh Recreation Centre.

Is time running out along with the water for Waverley’s MP’s?

Water, water everywhere sometimes & not a drop to drink now- in Waverley and Guildford!

David Mann’s Cranleigh set to become a Churchill Retirement complex.

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Farmer pulls the wool over Waverley Planners eyes – yet again.


What do you do when you want to set up another agricultural enterprise when you have sold the previous one? Just move from one village in Waverley into another the ‘Ashley Ward way.’ 

WA/2022/03255 – Erection of agricultural worker’s dwelling and ancillary farm outbuilding. at LAND CENTRED COORDINATES 501563 137208 HIGH LOXLEY ROAD LOXHILL

Here’s what we posted in April when the Eastern Planning Committee wasn’t quite so gullible.

An Alfold resident’s bid to set up a farming enterprise in Dunsfold has failed…

Last night member of the public Tom Gordon gave a true and accurate account of so-called farmer Ashley Ward’s bid to convince the planners why he needed a multi-million-pound farmhouse set in an Area of Great Landscape Value, in Dunsfold where he also intends to have oil wells in his back garden Texan style. Well, not actually oil wells but gas gushers courtesy of UK ~Oil & Gas.

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An LP2 Inspector hears it is all systems go for the Dunsfold Park Garden Village.

An update on the delivery of the  DUNSFOLD PARK NEW SETTLEMENT has been sent to the Government Inspector examining Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2. It informs him that work starts on September 26th on the new access road and roundabout into the Dunsfold Garden Village to serve 1,800 homes and businesses. The first phase of the development.

Contractors have been appointed, all conditions discharged, and civil works designed for the new roundabout off the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road to access the largest and long-awaited final development of homes and businesses in the borough of Waverley. 

A vital development that underpins Waverley’s 5-year-housing land supply and prevents another swathe of green fields elsewhere in the borough from going under concrete.


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Nightmare on Elm Park thanks to Cranleigh’s Little Povey.

Sometimes, here at the Waverley Web, we cannot help wondering whether the voting fodder seriously considers who they are backing at elections.

Indeed, some of the residents of Elm Park in Cranleigh are reconsidering where to drop their cross if Dr Povey rides again in an attempt to represent them by snaffling a local government seat.

Our Little Povey  on his high horse.

Why do we hear you cry? During the most recent election, Dr Povey told residents that although his colleagues had kicked him out as the Tory leader of Surrey County Council, he had a PhD and was a hard-working, valued and experienced politician with the interests of Cranleigh at heart.

So much so that when the residents of the flats and maisonettes at Elm Park decided they wanted to form a Management Company to clean up one of the first housing developments built in the village that has begun to look a little tired, Buy-to-Let Landlord Dr P with the PhD, with property there, threatened them with legal action.

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Are our MP’s lacking self-awareness?

Here’s a little lesson from our MP’s on how to deal with fuel poverty.

Are they making a mockery of us plebs, struggling with our escalating heating bills by suggesting we hug a dog and knit hats to keep warm?

In the past, we have been told to get on our bikes. Perhaps these two crass MPs Aunty Angela Richardson and Nadine Dorries will get on theirs and cycle off into the sunset. They appear to think fuel poverty is some sort of joke.

Do you think that the first lesson the new PM might give to his or her colleagues is an evening class in self-awareness?

You imagined that most people are pretty average in their opinions. And then it dawns on you that this country is full of ignorant bigoted cruel sad peanut-brain idiots like secretary of State Nadine  Dorries and Guildford MP Angela Richardson.

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If you want to inspect ‘Your Waverley’s Accounts – here’s your opportunity.


Here’s a little Bank Holiday reading for our followers of the Waverley Web.

Happy Holiday. Or, you may have better things to do?

WW on holiday
WW enjoying the August Bank Holiday by reading the Waverley Borough Council Accounts for 2021/2022.


The three new Strategic Directors and CEO Tom Horwood.

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Why are former old people’s homes still closed in Waverley?

Here’s a question received from a Farnham resident by the Waverley Web.

Q     “Do you or anyone at the Waverley Web happen to know why Longfield in Cranleigh is still “permanently closed and Cobgates in Farnham and others??”

Simple!  says a SCC spokesperson:

“Surrey County Council – has the properties under constant review and a great deal of work is going on to use these properties.”

Longfields in Cranleigh and other homes closed in 2015 – yes, you get it – eight long years ago but fear not – Surrey County Council is “working on it!”

This was agreed by SCC at a meeting in March 2015
The decision was lambasted in the press and by the BBC at the time – Longfield wasn’t the only one. There was also Brockhurst in Ottershaw, Cobgates in Farnham, Dormers in Caterham, Park Hall in Reigate and Pinehurst in Camberley.

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Youngsters have been warned that riding electric scooters on the Downs Link is not allowed.


During the school holidays, evasive action was taken to stop youngsters from using the Downs Link in Cranleigh as an electric scooter speedway track.

The silent menace can be a serious danger to other users, particularly when youngsters are riding at excessive speed with no consideration for other users of the popular pathway.

Riders themselves could be injured, as they have been witnessed riding silently fast and furiously, without helmets and no warning bell.

Here are the rules, which it is wise to follow.

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Could legislation prevent more bridge crashes by HGV’s in Wrecclesham?

Local authorities want to stop bridge crash chaos by banning HGV drivers from using faulty satnavs.

HGV drivers should be banned from using standard car sat navs that are leading them to crash into bridges or get stuck down narrow local roads that specialist lorry satnavs avoid says the Local Government Association.

Wrecclesham, The Cut in Shere – and some other roads in Waverley could benefit if legislation is approved.

How many times have vehicles hit Waverley’s Wrecclesham railway bridge?

 A Farnham resident has totted up how many times that HGV’s have crashed into the notorious Wrecclesham railway bridge. The latest incident in July put the driver of a car in hospital with serious injuries.

The dates on which the bridge has been hit were 24/9/14, 22/5/15, 27/5/15, 18/8/16, 23/5/17, 19/7/17, 4/9/17, 6/10/17, 10/11/17, 7/2/18, 11/7/18, 6/8/18, 6/12/18, 15/3/19, 4/4/19, 13/5/19, 07/10/21, 17/03/22, 11/07/22.

Photo of red and grey lorry wheels


The (LGA), which represents councils in England and Wales, said communities are still being blighted by incidents where lorries have blocked streets, got stuck in villages and crashed into bridges as a result of driving down routes not suitable for their size or weight, often after being taken there by a satnav.

Incidents this year included:

Councils are calling on the Government to take urgent action and use its forthcoming Transport Bill to require all HGV drivers by law to use specialist satnav devices rather than currently only advising. These are devices which include bridge heights, narrow roads, and roads unsuitable for trucks.

They also allow the driver to input the lorry’s dimensions – height, width, weight and load – so they are only guided along suitable roads.

Making them mandatory will support HGV drivers in carrying out effective route planning, especially the new HGV drivers coming into the industry to support the vital role lorries play in the economy.

There are more lorry journeys than ever, risking more incidents. HGV mileage grew by nearly 9 per cent over the last year and is back above pre-pandemic levels.

Lorries colliding with local infrastructures, such as railway bridges, or becoming stuck on narrow roads causes major disruption and is costly to local communities. They often take significant amounts of time and resources to free, cause major congestion across the local road network generate more emissions and they disrupt local rail services.

Cllr David Renard, LGA Transport spokesperson, said:

“The spate of accidents we continue to see involving lorries blocking streets, damaging local areas and crashing into bridges on a regular basis is causing major disruption to local communities.

“There are more lorry journeys than ever, risking more incidents. HGV mileage grew by nearly 9 per cent over the last year and is back above pre-pandemic levels.

“Councils already work with freight and haulage companies to ensure that lorries use the most suitable routes and roads. However, there are a minority of drivers who continue to follow satnav systems that take them down routes that are totally inappropriate for the weight and height of their vehicle.

“By making it mandatory for anyone operating an HGV to use a specialist satnav device, the Government can help to reduce the risk of accidents and keep our roads moving.”





Is time running out along with the water for Waverley’s MP’s?

Who’s in the winning seat after the debacle over Waverley’s latest water crisis? Certainly not Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson.

MP’s Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson may need to keep their hard hats on after the latest water crisis.

The plaudits go to the Liberal Democrats for their ongoing fight with Thames Water.

Residents say : ‘I won’t vote Tory again’:

Here’s an article from this week’s Guardian – after Thames Water announced a hosepipe ban which begins on Wednesday in the wake of Cranleigh and Ewhurst’s taps running dry.

The water crisis in blue-wall Surrey could tip the balance at the election

In the village of Cranleigh, where residents are having to get their water from tankers, the mood is mutinous

Drinking water trucks in Cranleigh, Surrey.
Drinking water trucks in Cranleigh.

Here’s The Guardian article, with a few add-ons by the Waverley Web.

The water crisis in Surrey is threatening to turn lifelong Tories into revolutionaries.

“The whole thing needs stirring up, but short of storming the gates what do you do?” asks exasperated retiree Mary Barnby after days of on-off water supplies in the village of Cranleigh.

She lives on leafy Woodland Avenue, where Bentleys are parked in large driveways. Also parked are three water tankers to replenish Thames Water supplies that have been interrupted since last Friday, after years of burst pipes and a pump failure at a local treatment works.

Barnby is furious with the company, on the day it announced a hosepipe ban. “Some of the water bosses should face jail for this rather than £2m bonuses.”

Pointing to one of the water tanker drivers, she says:

“That chappy there doesn’t have bonuses – he doesn’t even have a Portaloo.” The driver, Chris, a subcontractor from Redditch in Worcestershire, has been sleeping in a tanker’s cab since Saturday.

Barnby was an enthusiast for water privatisation in the 1980s. “I thought yippee, we’ll have some efficiency now. But the efficiency has changed to pure greed.”

“I have mostly voted Conservative, but I won’t do it again.” Asked whether the water crisis had changed her vote, she said: “Water and the energy companies – the profits they make are a joke.”

Zöe Franklin, who will be standing to become the Lib Dem MP for Guildford
Zöe Franklin, who will be standing to become the Lib Dem MP for Guildford, says: ‘In Cranleigh, the water issue comes up on the doorstep all the time.’ 

The local Liberal Democrats reckon such anger could help it pick up so-called blue wall seats. Cranleigh is part of the Guildford constituency – which is 11th on the party’s lists of winnable seats.

“We lost by just 3,337 votes,” says Zoë Franklin, who will be standing again for the party whenever the election is called.

I worked on the privatisation of England’s water in 1989. It was an organised rip-off

Speaking in Bishops Square where another pipe burst on Monday, she said: “In Cranleigh, the water issue comes up on the doorstep all the time.”

Anger peaked at the weekend when up to 9,000 residents had no water during one of the warmest spells on record.

Franklin says: “At the weekend people were confused and angry. The general feeling was: ‘We’re gonna have a hosepipe ban soon. How is that fair, when I see leaks all the time? And now I’ve got no water?’”

Mollie Roberts, deputy head teacher

Mollie Roberts, a deputy headteacher, said: “I’ve got three kids under eight and we had no water, no showers, nothing on one of the hottest days of the year. We were restricted to two bottles of water for all five of us.”

She added: “In the last eight years there have been at least 20 spurts when the pipes have burst and it’s been like a geyser or a massive leak. There’s frustration with Thames Water because they just don’t listen and don’t come.”

She thinks water could tip the balance at the election. “This area is moving away from the Tories because there’s been so much housing. I’m really in favour of that, but there hasn’t been any investment and the systems are just overwhelmed.

Roberts usually votes Labour, but she added: “I vote Lib Dem and when I think they’ve got a chance.”

Workman fixing leaky pipes.
Workman fixing leaky pipes is a regular occurrence in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages. 

Cranleigh’s Lib Dem county councillor, Liz Townsend, has been badgering Thames Water about leaks and supplies for more than a decade. On Sunday, she accused the company of ignoring her repeated warnings. On Wednesday, she wrote another email to Thames Water’s chief executive, Sarah Bentley, inviting her to meet residents.

“We cannot carry on like this, lurching from one incident to another,” she wrote.

There is been no response yet, but Townsend’s campaigning is being noticed. Both she and her husband Philip worked tirelessly during the water crisis, as they both did during the Pandemic Cranleigh Champion Liz Townsend was awarded a British Empire Medal.

Unprompted, Harold Fuller, a retired farmer and driver, praised her efforts as he chatted to a neighbour as they watched drinking water from another burst pipe flow down their street on the Sherrydon estate.

Geoffrey Trigg (left) and Harold Fuller, who were watching drinking water from another burst pipe flow down their street.
Geoffrey Trigg (left) and Harold Fuller, who was watching drinking water from another burst pipe flow down their street. Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian

Fuller, another lifelong Tory, said:

“She’s been bloody brilliant. She’s worth a medal.” His neighbour Geoff Trigg, a retired gas engineer and Boris Johnson supporter, agrees. “She’s been terrific. I’d vote for her.”

He remains furious with Thames Water about the latest leak on the estate. “It’s terrible. They said they mended it but it’s still coming out. I feel sorry for them workmen because they take the stick. It’s the worst in the country, they told me. Thames Water should be fined and give us compensation for all the trouble.”

Trigg adds: “There should be some compensation. It’s been terrible, for over 8,000 people it’s been on and off, on and off. And when they tried to put the pressure up it just blew more holes everywhere.”

Staff from Thames Water give out bottled water to residents who have no water after a problem at the water treatment works.
Staff from Thames Water give out bottled water to residents who have no water after a problem at the water treatment works. Photograph: Sean Smith/The Guardian

Thames Water apologised to customers for the problems in the Cranleigh area, which it insisted had now been resolved. It pointed out that bottled water was being supplied to all customers whose supplies were cut.

Works to replace burst pipes continue in several holes in the village. Water was filmed on the Cranleigh Facebook page belching out of a leak in Sherrydon as a TW notice on each road reads:

“We’re fixing pipes. So we can always bring you world-class tap water.”

Thames Water heralding a hosepipe ban. Water running down roads from leaking pipes and they tell developers they can provide water to 180 new houses. We run out of water here every summer and have to be provided with bottled water and a bowser at the hospital. They take us for idiots!


Trade body unhappy about proposed Godalming regeneration scheme.

‘Your Waverley’ wants residents’ views on its central Godalming regeneration plan – but the Chamber of Trade has already had a hissy fit over the scheme.

Image credit: HLM Architects

Here’s what the council says:

Waverley seeks views on potential Godalming regeneration

Waverley Borough Council wants feedback from residents and local businesses about potential options to regenerate three council-owned sites in central Godalming. It has been considering options for its head office at The Burys for many years, as it has very poor energy efficiency, making it very expensive to heat and maintain.

More recently, the council has begun to look more holistically at its land assets in central Godalming to ensure it is maximising its value for residents. It has now widened the scope of its regeneration project to include the main car park in central Godalming, Crown Court, and The Wharf, which has most recently been used as a car park for council staff.

Early options appraisals by the council indicate that The Wharf and Crown Court car parks could both support low-density housing in a mixture of tenures, including social rented and affordable homes. Much of The Burys site is in Flood Zone 2, and it is therefore unsuitable for new housing, however, revenue from the rental or sale of new market homes on The Wharf and Crown Court sites could fund the redevelopment of The Burys site, making the entire project cost-neutral.

Waverley is heavily reliant on revenue from car parks, and from the outset has sought to ensure there would be no net loss of parking within central Godalming as a result of the regeneration works. The council’s viability assessment indicates that redevelopment of The Burys site could support a multi-deck car park that would replace any loss of parking on Crown Court and The Wharf. Options for a decked car park have been considered, which place parking behind an attractive façade and within the current height of the office building.

The council has a range of engagement opportunities planned for members of the public over the summer. Residents are invited to drop into the reception area of The Burys to view displays about the project and potential options and to offer feedback via an online survey. The displays, online survey, FAQs and further information are available online at www.waverley.gov.uk/GodalmingRegen(opens in new tab). There will also be events for local businesses and partners throughout the summer and pop-up displays in the High Street. Comments and questions are also welcomed by email to: Burysdevelopment@waverley.gov.uk.

The council will undertake full consultation later this year.

Councillor Paul Follows, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said:

“Last year, our ageing building cost over £210,000 to heat and complete only the most essential maintenance. Our estimate for this year is around £410,000, so we’re under a great deal of financial pressure to find a solution urgently.

“I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to come up with some options that will see the current level of parking spaces maintained, while bringing new, genuinely affordable housing to the centre of Godalming. At this stage, there are no concrete plans, but we’ve got some fantastic options to create new community spaces, support and enhance the High Street, develop future income streams for the council and future-proof our offices, using new housing to fund it all.

“We really need your views, so please do come into the reception at the Burys and see our displays about the opportunities we’ve identified or visit the webpage and feedback to us via the online survey or our dedicated email address.”

Oh, dear! Here’s what the Chamber of Trade thinks about the scheme – and it isn’t good

Dear Members and friends,

We have issued a press release, please see below.

We have included a survey about Waverley’s Proposed Regeneration Project for Godalming and would urge all Chamber members to 
 respond. Please click 
www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3HP96L3 and send us your views asap.

John Taylor
Godalming & District Chamber of Commerce


Godalming & District Chamber of Commerce is firstly very disappointed that Waverley Borough Council (WBC) failed to discuss with us in advance its proposals for the redevelopment of three commercial sites in the town centre.
The Chamber strongly objects to the main proposal, which is to build residential housing on Crown Court, the town’s main car park which is ideally situated in the middle of the retail centre, just a short level walk straight onto the High Street and conveniently positioned for all businesses including those in Church Street and the Upper High Street.
The Chamber has long argued for additional car parking capacity and would have liked to see more parking provision for business workers, residents and shoppers visiting the town. The redevelopment of Wharf Street with no additional parking provision is a wasted opportunity and should be reconsidered.
The Chamber understands that WBC needs to redevelop its existing facilities at The Burys and would welcome the inclusion of pop-up retail shops and office accommodation for small businesses and for those currently working from home. While this site is said to be in a Flood Zone, any residential development should be considered for this site and built above car parking and retail and/or office accommodation to overcome that.
John Taylor, President of Godalming & District Chamber of Commerce, said: “These plans are very ill thought out. Moving our main car park away from the centre of the town and replacing it with a less accessible, multi-storey car park will not benefit our retail and commercial sector which is still struggling post-Covid”.
“We would ask Waverley to actually engage with the business community and work with us to create a development which will improve our town centre, help people start new retail businesses and make it easier for people to come and spend money in Godalming. While we welcome the consultation by Waverley (here), we have devised a survey of our own and would ask Chamber members, business owners and Godalming residents to let us know what they think. Our survey can be found at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3HP96L3.









Would you believe people are actually living in this Godawfulming building?

Did the residents of Prime Place pay a handsome sum for the expertly fitted blinds across their windows courtesy of Willmott Dixon?

To:comms@willmottdixon.co.uk” <comms@willmottdixon.co.uk>
Subject: Prime Place Godalmimg
Will  Godalming resident Cristine Napthine, a highly respected local journalist, receive a full and frank explanation from Mr Geldard? If she does we will reproduce it here on the Waverley Web.
Dear Mr Geldard,
I have noticed on a local social media site (Godalming Community Board) that questions are being asked about why there has been scaffolding totally covering the flats at Prime Place in Godalming, built by Wilmott Dixon and completed in 2017.
The scaffolding has been there for many months. Can you shed any light on what issues exist and what is happening there in the way of a solution as it’s obvious there must be a major problem.
Rumours currently range from the “wrong kind of insulation” to water leaking through ceilings, crooked walls and floors etc.
As a journalist (although retired I still write local stories) I wonder if you would be kind enough to outline the current situation so that I can write an accurate piece for our local paper and let the community have a truthful account of what is happening there.
It is a real eyesore particularly for people living in Victoria Road immediately behind the development.
I’m attaching a photo.
Kind regards,
Christine Napthine.
Here’s the developer’s glowing description of its multi-million-pound development.

The townhouses are interspersed with two, four-storey apartment blocks to create an eye-catching attractive addition to the town.

Our residential development specialist Be Living is providing 35 houses and 102 apartments in total, just a short walk to Godalming town centre.

Just a 47-minute train ride from London Waterloo, it’s also great for commuters while its extensive amenities and quick access to the stunning Surrey countryside justifies its reputation for offering the best overall quality of life in rural Britain.



Could Sunak’s promise of new penalties prompt developers to build out permissions more quickly in Waverley?

Tory leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak has proposed a major shake-up of planning rules requiring developers to build on sites with planning permission within a set timeframe or face losing them to councils.

So could ‘Your Waverley’ pick up the Dunsfold Garden Village site if Trinity College Cambridge doesn’t get a move on?


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Is Alfold’s Emily cross about another planning appeal?

However much the villagers of Alfold keep on complaining, those planning appeals just keep on coming as Alfold looks set to join Dunsfold’s new Garden Village.

When the development at Dunsfold goes ahead the question on everyone’s lips is…

Will Alfold lose its landscape buffers?  Lose its identity and be subsumed into another settlement?


Emily Cross 



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Some Godawfulming development which is sparking interest in the town?

Godalming residents have been scratching their heads and filing a series of comments on the town’s Facebook page about this developent aptly named  “Prime Place.’ An occupied building which has been clothed in scaffolding for many months.

This is the development site: Lots of controversy over it when  Waverley Planners finally approved the development.

Pic 1 shows Victoria Road, behind the scaffold site – it’s a half moon/curved development – very attractive houses whose occupants are forced to look at this mess courtesy of developer Wilmott Dixon.
Pic 2 shows the location of the scaffold site – The Atrium is on the left – then The Wharf Nursery School, Then Prime Place. 

Someone called Christine asked.

Does anyone know what the problem is with the flats opposite Waitrose’s car park? They have been covered in scaffolding for months and months. Just feel for the poor people living there – it must be miserably dark. 

Said Bernadette.

I think it’s something to do with the insulation. Must be awful if they are all still living there. It’s not the first time scaffolding has been up there.  That’s what happens when you blink and suddenly a whole complex like that is built, NOTHING will be right

Said, Carl.

I had a client in there, she said the place was a total mess, walls not straight, doors wonky, stone floor pi**ed and cut wrong, and very very hot and she could not open windows due to the traffic and fumes, she’s now moved out. Just shocking build and always having work done. Judging  by the speed it was built, did some real shortcuts  

Said Philip.

Relates at a guess to the problems Waitrose had with water ingress which meant the fresh fish etc was out for a year .

The discussion on what is wrong with Prime Place goes on and on.

Wasn’t it the recently sacked Tory Levelling Up Minister Michael Gove who said?

“We are going to do everything we can to ensure that more of the right homes are built in the right way, in the right places. As we seek to improve housing supply we also seek to build communities that people love.”

It is no form of success if homes are shoddily built, are in the wrong place  don’t have the infrastructure and are not contributing to beautiful communities.” 

And wasn’t Angela Richardson Guildford & Cranleigh’s MP one of Michael Gove’s bag carriers?


Thousands of homes in Waverley without water.

Villagers tell: ‘Thames Water,

this is totally unacceptable’

Waverley and Cranleigh councillor Liz Townsend’s fear for elderly folk queuing in over 30 degrees for rationed bottled water.


Cranleigh High Street was almost at a standstill as cars travelled into the town from far and wide to find the only water station at Cranleigh Recreation Centre. At one-point bottled water ran out completely.

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No one for Tennis in Alfold and bins on fire in Cranleigh as the temperature rises.

No doubt everyone will remember all those warnings about NOT, most definitely NOT using disposal barbecues during the heat wave.

Obviously, some idiots weren’t listening in the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as “Poor Old Awfold.” Because someone threw a disposal Barbecue into the bin at Alfold Tennis Club this week, and now …


‘Your Waverley’ is  urging everyone to watch what they put in their bins

The  Council has issued a plea to residents to ensure they properly dispose of any hazardous waste after an incident involving a bin lorry in the Cranleigh area this week.

Investigations are currently taking place but the issue is thought to have been caused by a resident putting a gas canister or other flammable material in their bin which caused an explosion. As a result of the incident, a crew member suffered injuries, the bin truck was damaged and there were a number of properties in the Cranleigh/Bramley area whose bin collections were delayed.

Councillor Steve Williams, Portfolio Holder for Environment at Waverley Borough Council, said:

“Our thoughts are with the crew member affected yesterday who we understand is recovering well. However, we are very lucky this was not far more serious. Our bin contractor is currently looking into what happened but it seems likely that some kind of hazardous material was put out in a resident’s bin.

“Could we please remind residents to be vigilant when disposing of household waste and make sure that items such as batteries, gas canisters or hazardous materials such as liquid paint are disposed of safely and not in their bins. Also, anybody taking advantage of longer, sunnier days to have work done on their home, please make sure that tradespeople take all waste away for correct disposal and they do not leave it in household bins. All of this will help keep our bin crews safe and our bin collections running on time.”

So what can’t go in your general rubbish bins?

  • Batteries, especially lithium batteries
  • Electrical items, especially large electrical items
  • Liquid paint, asbestos and hazardous waste
  • Gas Canisters
  • Trade Waste

Another heat wave looms with the Met Office issuing a four-day ‘amber’ warning for intense heat between Thursday and Sunday affecting Surrey and Hampshire.

Temperatures are expected to peak between Friday and Saturday as forecasters predict 35C in some places – albeit lower than record temperatures last month which peaked at more than 40C in some areas.

Temperatures are also expected to persist overnight, especially in closely-packed urban areas.

It is anticipated that those vulnerable to the heat will suffer from adverse health effects such as sunburn and heat exhaustion and that the wider population is also likely to be affected.


Hosepipe bans arriving in ‘Your Waverley’ soon?

In a borough which endures more than its fair share of burst pipes and water shortages, could we soon see a hosepipe ban?

Hosepipe bans | Another day, another extreme weather alert. As the Met Office issued a four-day amber warning for heatwave conditions in parts of England and Wales, Thames Water announced it is planning to introduce a hosepipe ban “in the coming weeks” in the face of the long-term forecast. Check on the details of restrictions in your area. The UK is not alone in experiencing water shortages. 

Here at the Waverley Web, we suggest you fill up your water butts pronto, stock up on back-pain medication in readiness for carrying heavy watering cans and do a bit of this…

WW on holiday
WW taking it easy as the heat rises.

Thames Water has one of the worst records on leaks in the country, losing around 600 million litres a day – around 24 per cent of its supply – prompting warnings on Tuesday that a hosepipe ban could be ignored by customers.

The WW  can absolutely understand why somebody would ask why they would face a fine of £1,000 when Thames Water is leaking hundreds of millions of water a day from its creaking network.

We say – fine the drips in water companies for their failures. S far failing to increase capacity, and dealing with burst pipes and sewage leaks has resulted in piddling little fines. We should all be given a rebate on our bills if there is a hosepipe ban or if sewage is discharged into our rivers and streams.

As for the CEO’s bonus – scrap it – as so many other companies have done in the past couple of years!

Thames Water’s CEO Sarah Bentley’s basic pay is £3/4m and a maximum bonus of 120% of salary and a long-term incentive plan with an annual award of up to a maximum of 200% of salary

Some of the salaries and bonuses enjoyed by water bosses are simply, vulgar.



Waverley Leader putting the record straight on The Burys development saga.

Recently Andrew Bolton a wannabe that isn’t gonna be Tory Godalming Town Councillor – spoke out about his concerns for the town.

He is concerned about the proposed development in the town centre by the present administration that runs ‘Your Waverley.’

Peter Martin told the council’s Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee that he was opposed to some of the Executive’s recommendations. 

To put the record straight. During its years of holding the reins of Waverley Council, the Tories had ruminated long and hard over plans for redeveloping The Burys. On more than one occasion they once even suggested selling The Burys Field to a private developer. However, it was the £100,m + redevelopment of Farnham’s East Street which concentrated their minds for 21 years. A housing and retail development that is loathed by its residents hasn’t produced any income, and remains to be completed!

 In the intervening years, running the enormously expensive and highly energy inefficient WBC HQ has continued, subsidised by letting it out piecemeal to organisations like the police.
Waverley Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee Agenda Item 15
I am opposed to the Executive recommendations:
Here’s what Cllr Martin said:
“While I am in favour of the redevelopment of The Bury’s site and while I believe that a reasonable case can be made for the redevelopment of the Wharf Car park site, I am not in favour of the development of the Crown Court Car Park Site – specifically I oppose the building of houses or apartments on the main public car park in Godalming and any reduction in car parking provision.
I do not believe that a case has been made for housing to be built at Crown Court Car Park other than the general assertion that we need more housing.
Crown Court provides 57% of the publicly available car parking provision in central Godalming (excluding The Burys week-end car parking). I do not accept any assertion that Crown Court is an under-utilised asset. Car parking use will continue to recover to pre-Covid levels. Any loss of car parking in Crown Court will be unacceptable. Housing development at Crown Court Car Park must inevitably lead to the loss or partial loss of the main car park in Godalming. The impact on residents and in turn on local businesses will be very great and I believe to be unacceptable. I doubt the assertions and assumptions on which The Administration bases its belief that the impact on parking provision can be maintained.
The Administration also proposes the building of additional car park capacity at The Burys to alleviate any loss of car parking at Crown Court car park. That can only mean a multi-storey car park close to the edge of the Godalming Conservation Area and overlooking the historic Lammas lands. Such a development will be aesthetically and environmentally unacceptable and will create diminished ease of access to parking – all of which I believe would be unacceptable.
I do not, therefore, accept the proposal to spend £164,000 of taxpayer money, equivalent to an increase in Council Tax of 1.5%, on what I believe to be a flawed scheme.
Tonight there is a closed meeting of the town council and members of the public can’t attend. This project has been too much behind closed doors and sub judice – something we have come to expect of this Administration.

Here’s Waverley leader Paul Follows response:

I hope residents will recognise my engagement in my time as a councillor and council leader and I will try to give my full and honest view on everything. As a local political leader sometimes I am put in positions where choices have to be made or options explored that I might not like. That’s the job sometimes. It’s also my job to explain them.
Please see the 5 images below  This is a complex issue to crunch into one FB message. Thank you again for reading.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council

Paul David Follows

Nick Palmer

Paul has summarised the position well,  I would just like to say that the Labour group fully agrees with the strategy, in particular, the drive to get more genuinely affordable housing in Godalming (we define that as 60-65% of market rents).


Waverley’s Citizens Advice is there to help you.



 Citizens Advice research revealed that around 5 million people will be unable to pay their energy bills despite the support the government has already announced. This number is expected to almost triple to 1 in 4 people in the UK – over 14 million – when the price cap rises again in October based on current predictions.

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A message to Rishi from a Haslemere councillor and environmental campaigner.

Independent Haslemere Cllr Kirsten Ellis said:

In Haslemere and in other parts of Surrey, it’s not been local councils circumventing the views of residents, rather it’s been your planning inspectorate over ruling councils and granting developers permission to concrete over precious greenbelt at appeal.

Will you put a stop to that Rishi?

Dr Kirsten Ellis – is a writer and Independent Cllr with Haslemere Town Council and a campaigner to protect the town’s precious landscapes.

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Cranleigh’s premier store to become Retirement Homes?

Waverley Planners are currently considering the re-development of the famous local department store David Manns.

The demise of the popular store designated as a ‘building of local merit’ which has dominated Cranleigh’s High Street for 150 years closed its doors in 2021.

Although application information states that the whole site is to be demolished – thanks to the efforts of local councillors, the frontage will remain, and according to former owners, Richard Womack and Nick & Rowena Vrijland 5,000 sq ft will stay as retail unit/s.

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Farnham residents have been living in fear of fire for years – now it has happened.

Decades of neglect by Waverley Borough Council has been blamed for a fire that left three people homeless at Grade II-listed St James’ Court in East Street recently.

Residents have been complaining about the state of the part council-owned flats throughout the terms of several council administrations. Now, they hope the latest incident may galvanize council staff into doing something.

 St James’ Court is home to a mixture of private and social tenants, as well as a few lease-holders, who have now lost value on their homes due to the fire.

But will anything be done? 


Peter Fleming whose ground floor flat was one of the two damaged in the fire was told by contractors that the heating system at St James’s 16 flats needed replacing five years ago. Residents were told it was likely this same heating fault was the reason for the fire in July. They had been pleading with Waverley for years to deal with a host of outstanding issues there for many years. He told the Farnham Herald:





































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The David & Goliath type fight is on to reverse the decision for UKOG to drill at Dunsfold.

Please ignore our previous post on this extremely confusing action. 

Mea Culpa.

Protect Dunsfold LIMITED the RESIDENT’s group is seeking permission for statutory review supported by the Good Law Project.

Waverley Borough Council has also brought an action seeking a statutory review

And although it is the minerals authority and it was a SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL which was overridden, SCC hasn’t done anything and is leaving it all to others…..

The agricultural land in Dunsfold has been farmed by the same family for years but was bought recently by former Alfold resident Ashley Ward who is determined to get the cash registers ringing despite massive opposition from local people.

Fundraising through the ‘Good Law Project’ has already surpassed its £30,000 original goal and is now heading for more…


As a nature reserve in Waverley burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind &#8211; &#8216; Stop drilling in Dunsfold.&#8217;

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Both Guildford and South West Surrey MPs are backing Rishi in the leadership race.

Poor old Liz Truss has been put out in the cold by our local MPs. Will she be heading down the A3 shortly?

Sucking up to the wannabe Prime Minister is all in a day’s work for our South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt.

But Guildford MP Angela Richardson was the first to pin her colours to the Sunak mast.

Gone are the days when she proudly bumped elbows with Boris now she is getting hands-on with Rishi. Did she tell him about the little local difficulty she has with only a 4,000 majority in the once safe Guildford seat that is now a  marginal?

In the meantime in Godalming Jeremy’s introducing Rishi to all those local folk eager to meet him at the weekly market.  Because Jeremy’s Ready4Rishi, but are they?

Did Jeremy whisper in Rishi’s ear that Godalming has been flying the Liberal Democrat flag in recent years and that he might not be able to defend his own seat? So any job he is hankering after, may be short-lived?

While the Tories fight each other the Lib Dem Leader of Waverley is fighting to stop drilling in Dunsfold. He has now succeeded in going beyond his goal to raise £30,000 to fund a legal challenge to reverse the recent government decision to allow drilling for fossil fuels under the Government-backed proposed Garden Village.

for coming to South West Surrey today. Rishi gave a superb speech and we both thoroughly enjoyed meeting local people and business owners at the fantastic Godalming Farmers Market



Is dissatisfaction with the Cranleigh GP Practice spreading faster than COVID?

Cranleigh’s Community Board has been groaning under the weight of complaints against its local GP Practice. A practice that boasts a state-of-the-art ‘nearly new’ health centre.

But some have come out to defend the Cranleigh Receptionists, who they claim are having a rough deal of it with angry patients. Is the criticism justified?contact@waverleyweb.com Tell us what you think.

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Haslemere Councillors in breach of Code of Conduct.

So there we have it – after almost three long and presumably tortuous years for the two Haslemere Independent Town Councillors involved Justice has been done – or has it?

Hopefully, this long-awaited judgement will bring an end to one of the most Toxic, hateful and acrimonious chapters in the history of Haslemere. A period which has done nothing for the reputation of the great town, and even less for the greedy, spiteful developer who can now happily trouser shedloads of cash and will likely provide new homes for the good people of Croydon, Carshalton or Carlisle.

Cllrs Kirsten Ellis and Nicky Barton were last week found to be in breach of the member’s code of conduct over their actions against Red Court. The Monitoring Office must have set a record in taking nearly three years to investigate what should have been a fairly straightforward case. A case that almost wrecked the life of one of the accused. A new councillor still wearing her L plates!

If you can bear to take the three and a half hours necessary to go through the 328 pages of evidence and then read through the rest of the information concerning Councillors Barton Ellis’s disciplinary hearing before Waverley’s Standards Board- ask yourself this question?

Why would anyone want to become a parish, town, or borough councillor?  


Waverley Monitoring Officer Robin Taylor and his motley crew should be ashamed that they have put the two councillors through 30 months of absolute misery to come to the following conclusion of a complaint/s made against them.

Some complaints were withdrawn because the Haslemere town Council Code of Conduct wasn’t up to scratch.  You can watch the trials on U-Tube, conducted by Waverley’s hanging judge Cllr Michael ” I am past my sell-by date, Goodridge.’

Decisions 22072022 1000 The Standards Panel

The WW could if required to do so,  come up with more serious cases of breaches of conduct by borough, parish and town councillors. Breaches, which the monitoring officer and others have completely ignored. 

Two members of the “so-called public’ who just happened to be an agent of developer Redwood Ltd complained that two Independent councillors had breached the Haslemere Town Council’s Code of Conduct by not declaring they were members of the Haslemere South Residents Association.  And as such, they should not have taken part in the council’s deliberations on its Neighbourhood Plan.

They were accused by Redwood, the developer of being NIMBYs.

Redwood stooges Brian Cox and Richard Benson should be justly proud of themselves – now that developer Redwood Ltd, thanks to a Government Inspector has the first phase of 50 homes under its belt at Scotland Lane, Haslemere and has taken the scalps of two women – passionate about Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, wildlife and the countryside where they live and work.

Perish the thought that anyone in public life should care about the environment and the countryside where they live, let alone to go to such lengths to defend it?

 Having read most of the documentation well into the night – we don’t advise it, though it is marginally better than watching the Tory PM hopefuls scrapping it out on TV.

Neighbourhood Plans set the vision for future development in areas of the borough and are a local guide to where development should take place.

Very few towns and villages in Waverley have adopted NPS  so far,  at appeals Government Inspectors have taken little notice or regard for those that have them.


Come on Surrey County Council – dig into YOUR coffers to stop drilling in Dunsfold.

There is still a way to go to reach the £30,000 target SCC – so get your skates on – or Waverley Council and the public will boast ‘job done.’

Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Waverley Borough Council has said:

Very proud (as chairman of the executive) to have delivered upon this promise to fight such needless and damaging fossil fuel ‘exploration’ within Waverley.
The government should not have allowed it and we will use every legal means to resist it.
Oil wells in a field.


Waverley Borough Council’s Executive has agreed to seek permission to challenge the planning appeal decision which allowed exploratory oil and gas drilling at Loxley, a site just north of #Dunsfold.
In May this year, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities overturned Surrey County Council‘s refusal of planning consent for an exploratory well and side-track at the site.
The council will now wait to find out if permission is granted to proceed with a challenge to the decision.
Read more on our website here 👉 https://orlo.uk/XbN2F
You can donate on the link below Surrey County Council?

As a nature reserve in Waverley burns CrowdJustice puts its weight behind – ‘Stop drilling in Dunsfold.’

As firemen across Surrey brought the Hankley Common heath fire under control – legal help is on its way to stop drilling for fossil fuels in Dunsfold.

CrowdJustice – an organisation specially tailored for legal action – has responded to the call for help from campaigners fighting UK Oil & Gas (UCOG) to stop drilling for gas on the Loxley Field which runs under Dunsfold airfield.

To pledge your support click on the link below – not far to go to reach the £30,000 target? Still, 25 days to go.


 A major incident was declared yesterday by Surrey Fire Service at Hankley Common near Elstead and Thursley.  Fire tenders across the county raced to the scene in a bid to save many acres of the treasured nature reserve as winds blew the fire across the heathland.

At least eight hectares of land were affected by the blaze that started around midday. People are warned to avoid the area.

‘Your Waverley’s staff stood by should their help be needed. Displaced persons were supported by friends and relatives.

 What better time than to receive the good news that the fight to stop drilling for fossil fuels in the borough is being backed by top legal brains. CrowdJustice is an organisation specially tailored for legal action and crowdfunding. It handles compliance issues and transfers funds raised directly to lawyers to ensure that backers know exactly how much and where their money is going.

Hear Waverley Leader Paul Follows speaking on why the council hopes to take on the Government in a David & Goliath-type fight with the Government in the link below:

Why isn&#8217;t Surrey taking action against UKOG and leaving it to Waverley and residents crowdfunding?

&#8216; Your Waverley&#8217; to put its money where its mouth is to fight UK Oil &#038; Gas fracking.


Why isn’t Surrey taking action against UKOG and leaving it to Waverley and residents crowdfunding?

Paul Follows appears on BBC Surrey to talk about Waverley taking the Government to appeal over the fracking decision at Dunsfold.

We learn that both Waverley and Protect Dunsfold will be taking action and the crowdfunding has begun.

Continue reading “Why isn’t Surrey taking action against UKOG and leaving it to Waverley and residents crowdfunding?”


Development by stealth as another bit of Alfold countryside goes under concrete?


What the Waverley Web simply cannot understand about our Waverley Planning Department is its contradictory approach to Draft  Neighbourhood Plans and its efforts to reach a five-year housing land supply.

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Good news from Friends of the Earth as parts of Britain burn!


Dear Waverley Web,

I’m thrilled to share some brilliant news with you today.  

You may know that this year we took the UK government to court over its flawed climate policy – the Net Zero Strategy. 

And yesterday evening the High Court announced its judgment. We won.  

In a landmark ruling, the judge found that the government acted unlawfully on 2 grounds. The strategy doesn’t show how it’ll meet the UK’s obligations under the Climate Change Act, which undermined public transparency and accountability. And it was wrongfully approved in the first place by the Secretary of State, who didn’t have this essential information when signing it off. 

In court, it was revealed that the Net Zero Strategy would not reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to meet the UK’s legally binding climate targets. The government had done the calculations and knew about this shortfall. But it held back this crucial information from both the public and parliament. 

With the UK going through a “national emergency” level heatwave, the effects of climate breakdown and the need for urgent meaningful government intervention are only becoming more evident. So this is a truly historic win, achieved alongside ClientEarth and Good Law Project. 

Huge thanks to those of you who chipped in with donations to support our campaign. I’m proud to have been part of this case – and you should be too. You’re part of the movement that powered it. 

Now the Net Zero Strategy has been found unlawful, the government’s got to revise its plans to include essential details explaining how it will meet the UK’s targets. With sound policies that stand up to the scrutiny of independent climate experts. 

The court ordered that the government must publish a new strategy by 31 March 2023 at the latest. We’ll all benefit from a refreshed strategy that does what it’s supposed to and delivers emissions reductions, and a more climate-friendly economy. 

Thanks to your support we launched this legal case, brought the government’s failures and lack of transparency to light in court – and ultimately, secured a win for both people and the planet. Now that’s a testament to what we can achieve together. 

It’s a moment to celebrate, but there’s still more to do. With Westminster in chaos and a health-threatening heatwave putting people across the country at risk, we must push for urgent climate action from our leaders. And with your help, our legal team and campaigners can continue their work holding the UK government to account. 

So if you can, would you consider joining us as a member by starting a regular donation?

Thank you Waverley Web for everything you’ve done so far. 

All the best, 

Katie de Kauwe


‘Your Waverley’ set to challenge the Government over gas drilling in Dunsfold.

Does our council have enough spare cash to take on a David & Goliath-type fight with the Government to stop UK Oil & Gas from drilling for gas in Dunsfold?

The Government blocks shale gas schemes elsewhere &#8211; but backs exploration in Dunsfold

A view on the Dunsfold gas debacle from a local.

In the heat of the day yesterday, ‘Your Waverley’s EXECUTIVE held an URGENT meeting to decide whether to challenge a decision by the Secretary of State (Michael Gove didn’t make the decision, some other Gov Bod did because Gove is MP for an adjoining constituency. He probably didn’t want to upset Jeremy Hunt and Angie just in case either/or became Prime Minister?)

Waverley councillors, of every political persuasion,  have been in seething mode since the Government gave UCOG the go-head to start drilling an exploratory well in the Loxley Fields on land owned by Alfold’s Ashley Ward. A man, who locally is only slightly less popular than leprosy.  Jeremy Hunt isn’t too happy either at having nodding donkeys or the equivalent in his Mares Pond back garden in nearby Hascombe.

So, our council has decided it is not taking the decision lying down.

It says it has a duty to the public and its climate change initiatives. 

By not challenging the decision and leaving so many unanswered questions the council would not be doing what the residents elected it to do.

It has agreed to spend £13,500 plus VAT and another £4,000  if it ends up being dismissed, to apply to the High Court for permission to challenge the Secretary of State’s June permission.

However, Waverley hopes it will not end up going it alone – and believes others, including Surrey, may join in the fight.

By the way, who is the Secretary of State for Levelling Up & Communities? Maybe it will be  Jeremy or even Guildford MP Angie – because they’re backing Rishi? Then of course as government ministers, they could throw the little diggers out of their back yards themselves?

Why the urgency?  Waverley has received outside independent legal advice claiming that there are grounds for legal challenge and the potential for success.  The WW couldn’t find any legal advice from the new boy on the block  Borough Solicitor Mr Stephen Rix. other than to confirm Cllr Hyman’s fears that the council could end up paying the S of S and UCOG’s costs. So, could it be, as Cllr Jerry Hyman claimed, end up closer to £30,000 and if a successful challenge a great deal more? Did Mr Rix, recently appointed as Borough Solicitor, support the confidential QC’s legal advice? He said he would only comment in private during the following exempt session of the meeting.

Behind closed doors.

However, Mr Rix said the defence of the claim would incur costs for UCOG and the S of S.

Wow!  funny that, Waverley was only an oil rag during the appeal – why isn’t the engine driver – Surrey County Council who determined the application and lodged the appeal in the driving seat stumping up the cash to challenge?

Maybe SCC couldn’t give a damn about those living in the boondocks of Dunsfold, whereas ‘Your Waverley’ does.

Of course, the QC’s advice was only heard by members behind closed doors, so the voting fodder won’t know how robust that advice is/was and when it was received. Obviously, not enough time to let the council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee deliberate, and cogitate about shelling out taxpayers’ money?

 Here’s the statement Leader Paul Follows made:


You can read the `Monitoring Officers Report here:


You can listen to the Executive meeting here:



How many times have vehicles hit Waverley’s Wrecclesham railway bridge?

The Waverley Web believes it may have found a quiz which may keep us entertained during this Summer’s Silly Season. No, it is nothing to do with the leadership contest – more to do with …

How many vehicles, mainly HGVs and Buses have hit Farnham’s Wrecclesham Railway bridge in recent years?

The latest incident, the second this year,  a week ago, was when yet another  HGV overturned after striking the railway bridge. 

According to a couple of eye-witnesses, the HGV travelled north on Monday through Wrecclesham when it hit the bridge’s protective boom and turned over. 

 Police confirmed that a Nissan Qashqai had been crushed, but that its female driver had been safely removed from the vehicle. She was taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Here’s a picture showing the scene on  Lee Moran’s  Farnham Rants Facebook group.

The A325 Wrecclesham Road was closed between the Coxbridge roundabout and the School Hill junction.

One Farnham man thinks he may have the answer – to our Coffee Time Quiz.

He says he has been Tweeting on this for about 8 years now still no action taken!  

The dates on which the bridge has been hit were 24/9/14, 22/5/15, 27/5/15, 18/8/16, 23/5/17, 19/7/17, 4/9/17, 6/10/17, 10/11/17, 7/2/18, 11/7/18, 6/8/18, 6/12/18, 15/3/19, 4/4/19, 13/5/19, 07/10/21, 17/03/22, 11/07/22.

If you can add any further dates to this long list, then perhaps someone, somewhere may consider taking some action to reduce the danger. This time the driver of the Nissan Qashqai had a lucky escape. But next time, someone might not be so fortunate?

Surrey Police are still appealing for witnesses of the crash shortly after 6 pm on Monday, July 11.

 A multi-agency rescue operation was conducted by the South East Coast Ambulance Service, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, Surrey Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and a specialist heavy goods vehicle recovery company.

Anyone who may have witnessed the collision or has any dashcam footage is asked to contact the police quoting reference number PR/P22144939 via:

If you do not wish to leave your name, call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Water, water everywhere sometimes & not a drop to drink now- in Waverley and Guildford!

Whilst, on one hand, Thames Water consistently comments on planning applications that it has…

‘no problem supplying water and dealing with floodwater and sewage to new housing developments’ – it now dares, yes dares, to warn of “serious water shortages.”

No water? It must be August? Here’s one we wrote this time last year!

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Cranleigh councillor and Waverley’s Portfolio for Planning Liz Townsend explains away the tree felling on the Downslink.

Not entirely sure her explanation will find much favour with residents?

Local residents have been “horrified” by the destruction of the tree screen between the flats above Stockland Square and the development of 425 Berkeley Homes in Knowle Lane. Some residents have written to the Waverley Web on our private e-mail contact@waverleyweb.com

One, who has lived in the village for over 45 years said:

“Why oh why do developers have to damage the habitat for the wildlife, particularly birds, when this is prohibited until later in the year.I loved looking out onto those trees!

We understand that many new residents don’t like leaves dropping into their gardens. If that is the case why did they come to live in a once rural village? Falling leaves are part of everday life here – aren’t they.

What is happening to this place? I recently went to my car, behind Stocklund Square and the engine wouldn’t start because all the petrol had been syphoned out. I am old, and couldn’t get to my GP appointment.

The latest loss of trees is similar to the scant disregard, the national house builder showed for the ancient woodland during the construction of its development which spans former open fields behind Cranleigh High Street stretching from Knowle Lane to Alfold Road.

Here’s the post we wrote in February 2017. During which time developers, including Berkeleys, the KPI and every man and his dog, were meeting Waverley’s chief planning officer in secret to devise a cunning plan to concrete over Cranleigh. – This was, “to increase the footfall in the high street” claimed the late Cllr Brian and Waverley Cllr Patricia Ellis.  Shortly you can hear what councillor Ellis said about the recent extension permitted to the former nursery in Alfold Road – called the Knowle Park Initiative. 

Whoops, there goes another swathe of Cranleigh woodland!

Liz Townsend = update

Update on Tree felling on the Downslink behind Stocklund Square for those who have been in touch.
This work was carried out by Berkeley Homes which owns this section of the Downslink adjacent to its development site.
I have been advised that:
“This is standard practice for this type of work and exactly what SCC would do had we been the ones carrying out the work. Although it looks messy at the moment this will soon blend in and the rotting wood provides fantastic habitat for all kinds of creatures.
Ultimately this is private land and not part of the highway and the material has not been brought into the site, so there is nothing that we could do in any case and I believe the same will go for Waverley BC as the litter authority.”

Surprise, surprise – Waverley MP Angela Richardson isn’t backing Jezza.

The MP for Guildford and villages has been joined by her neighbour SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt in the realisation they are in a sticky situation.


So there is no way Guildford and Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson is going to pin her colours onto her neighbouring colleague who may be a loser in the leadership election.

So Angela is not backing Jezza – she’s backing the man with the main chance Rishi Sunak. Just like she did last time!

Elbow, elbow, wink, wink our love affair is over, there’s a new man in my life dishy Rishi. You’re yesterday’s man!

Here’s what her running mate in the next election had to say about the incumbent that has only a 4,000 majority.

Zoe Franklin, the prospective Lib Dem candidate for Guildford, a seat that will be high on the Lib Dem’s target list, was unforgiving of Ms Richardson’s stance on the leadership of her party over recent months.

Ms Franklin said:

“It has been shocking and shameful to see Guildford and Cranleigh’s Conservative MP stand loyally by Boris Johnson and his Government through years of scandals and lies. It is clear Angela Richardson only acted at the last minute to save her own skin.”

Read more in the fantastic Guildford Dragon

 Jeremy Hunt denied speculation that Sunak’s campaign engineered MPs’ votes to help him clear the first hurdle of the contest.

 Will it be …  Bye Bye Jeremy tomorrow night? In the line-up, he already looks like a rabbit caught in headlights.


As the nation waits for our South West Surrey MP to become PM his Waverley mate may ask?

I’m backing Jeremy, but nobody’s backing me?

Just a few weeks ago – it is beginning to feel like many months – Ged Hall threw his hat into the ring to re-capture the Hindhead seat for the Tories on  Waverley Borough Council. He failed, as you will see from the results below.

Jeremy was backing Ged – now Jeremy eagerly awaits the results of the first round of the leadership election. Will he won’t he do better than his Waverley friend?

Election results &#8211; triumph for Waverley&#8217;s Liberal Democrats

Which party will residents back in the Hindhead and Haslemere By-Elections?


Let’s hear Waverley councillors cry out again for “Poor old Alfold?”

With 99 homes recently trousered by  Tory-backed Thakeham Homes – the developer is back before the ink on the appeal is dry for yet another 66 homes in Loxwood Road, Alfold. 

After villagers warned a Government Inspector just, months ago that approving the appeal would be “the thin end of the wedge, Thakeham is back asking for more. Getting just a bit closer to the 450 homes it asked for in 2017.

Care Ashore and Thakeham Homes&#8217; boat sunk by a Government Inspector!

Nobody paints a better picture of the dire straits that Alfold is up to its neck in than Denise Wordsworth – not a true local we might add – just someone who joined the community a few years ago but is passionate about the place and raises her voice. 


Well, what do you know? – Another Potential Pile of housing coming our way from Boris’ Bestie Pals Thakeham Homes    66 Additional Homes next door to the 99 they won on Appeal in January 2022 – But what is 165 new homes when we already have almost 500 that have gone through the stupid Planning/Appeal system. I am sure you can remember how much Thakeham has donated to the Tory Government (as is today!)

You would just think that the Waverley Planning Officers would have told Thakeham that Alfold has HAD ENOUGH and not to waste their time on a Consultation with the Village on Monday 11th 4 pm – 7 pm (We were informed via the APC Clerk  and flyers today, Wednesday 6th July!!) But no – I forget Waverley does NOT have a 5-year Housing Supply – Silly me!   

So whilst the larger Towns kick up Sh1t about the paltry applications in their neck of the woods – We get this MESS! – I won’t go on about the number of residents or Borough Councillors in the areas outside the East of the Borough – But a bit like Boris – some people simply cannot do “THE SUMS,” Where are our Councillors or even our MP?  Probably packing up their offices as I type!  Here’s what is becoming a common view…

Apart from an admin email saying how much Angela Richardson would love to “visit” Alfold (several months ago) I have yet to hear anything…! But then she is too busy promoting herself.

Link to Thakeham’s  Banal Feedback form


Q1.         “Do you support the provision of new homes, including 30% affordable?”

Of course, people support new homes – but homes where there is some Transport Infrastructure, Medical & Education facilities and yes a Pub or a Shop (apart from one attached to a petrol station) – We all know what AFFORDABLE HOMES mean – They are Not Affordable

Q2.         “Do you have any comments about the Sustainability of the Proposals ?”

Err… YES as above and Many more – This location is NOT SUSTAINABLE – unless you are a Hobbit

Q3.         “Do you Support the minimum 10% biodiversity net gain elements of the Proposal”

I would –  if you were not destroying Green fields in the process and anyone can make up numbers for Biodiversity Net-Gain – We all know they are not worth the paper they are written on – Get some Pokey Ecology Company with 3 Employees and they can give you any figures you want – Tell them what you want to say – and they will put it into the Report for you, for a bit of Dosh – Done & Dusted as they say in the trade!

Q4.         “Do you support the principles of this Proposal?”

No I damn well don’t – There are no Principles at all – It is development BY-STEALTH – They couldn’t get the 450 odd they wanted back in 2014 – so they are putting in applications piece-meal now  – hoping that apart from CIL they won’t have to provide any of the amenities that were in the Original Application – and I believe CIL is not for the Local area but has to be Allocated by Waverley – With Alfold’s Lack of a Neighbourhood Plan, we will be lucky to get a few grand to make up for these 165 New Homes. I also believe that CIL is not currently given until the site is Built out (but I could be wrong?)

Q5.         “Do you have any comments on the amount of public open space proposed?”   This question is on the website only– Not the Flyer

Who gives a fig for Open Space?  – I am sure it is already earmarked for Phase 3 of Thakeham’s Plans!!!

And so to end my rant – I give you My Vision of what Thakeham Plans for our little village over the next 5-10 years…

I hope that some of your Webbers will join us at the Consultation next Monday and take note of the fatuous drivel that we will all hear –  The hand-painted sketches of people walking their dogs in fields of butterflies (avoiding the GCNs obviously)  People on bikes cycling the Waverley Cycle routes to do their weekly shop and take the kids to school. Nipping to the five nearby railway stations and enjoying the wealth of amenities referred to by the dummie witness for Thakeham at the public enquiry.

As ever in disgust,          Denise Wordsworth



Anyone out there seen Jeremy?

It’s all right – you can come out now Jeremy – where have you been while Westminster burns?

‘Hey, notice me, I’m over here – I’m a tree hugger – behind some ancient woodland that some rotten developers want to chop down in my borough!

While your disloyalty to Boris Johnson has made you a legend in your lifetime, the Waverley Web cannot help wondering why you have been so damn quiet during the maelstrom that has it the country during the past 36 hours?  

Your Boris Babe mate over in Guildford has finally come out – but you appear to be keeping Shtumn. 

Here’s Guildford MP Angela Richardson’s latest missive, after wobbling around on the fence, so where’s yours? And where did she put her mark in the Vote of Confidence that brought about the present debacle?


Nobody is talking about our SW Surrey MP  on the radio – is it because he is yesterday’s man and too much of a Remainer! Perhaps he needs a nudge to say ‘hey, notice me, I’m over here? 
Don’t be shy, don’t be put off by the fact that Tory colleagues have roundly rejected the prospect of you as a future leader. A Survey on the Conservative Home Website has revealed they want…
“Anyone but Jeremy”
Asked if he was planning to run, he was quoted as saying:
“I am afraid these are very hypothetical questions. I think we have to see what the circumstances are and then make the decision on that one.”
Come on Jeremy, show them what you are made of – take over Boris’s big boots, and then perhaps, IF you manage to keep your seat in South West Surrey you can sort out some of our urgent problems – with sewage, water shortages, flooding, over development, the latest stupid decision on fossil fuel exploration and future extraction; plus the ever-growing traffic congestion and air quality issues which blight our lives … and more?

Are Angie and Jeremy getting twitchy?


Waverley’s MP’s Angela Richardson & Jeremy Hunt have managed to get themselves pictured in National newspapers once again! The Tory duo are becoming past masters at ensuring they get maximum publicity for everything they do – or don’t do.

MP’s Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson may need to keep their hard hats on?


This week JH played the cancer card, alongside Angie in the pink.

The Waverley Web would love to know whether they were at the recent  £2,000 per head Tory fundraiser? The very same FR bash which gave the wife of one of Putin’s Ministers the perfect opportunity to dump another shedload of cash into Tory coffers.

Surely, there cannot have been a Tory FR that Angela didn’t support? She and her wealthy husband have been pouring money into the Tory pit for as long as we Surrey Waitrose women have been shopping in the famous store.

Her fundraising in the Cranleigh/Guildford area is the stuff of which legends are made.

Funny old world isn’t it? All over the country, anyone with any minor dealings with Russians is being penalised, regardless, but in good old Tory territory, this time the V & A Museum Summer Party – Lubov Chernukhin can hand over £30,000 for an auction item.

The cash takes her donations to the Tory party to over £2m. The serial bidder for auction lots lost out to others eager to eat with Boris, Cameron and Theresa May. Better becquick one may be not around for lunch soon? Perhaps, £130,000 was a step too far, even for the wife of Vladimir Chernukhin’s former finance minister – chairman of a state-owned investment bank. No, we hear you cry, surely not?

Us, mere mortals struggling with the cost of living crisis which is upon us, wonder if all those tight-as-tick Tories paid £2,000 per head to rub shoulders with the Russians?

The Tory Party’s cash-for-access culture surely knows no bounds and all the pretty pictures of our MP’s posted on social media and in the press won’t make one jot of difference at the ballot box.

Our message to Angie and Jeremy – MIND THE GAP! Particularly in view of your recent records for voting with the Government on the Northern Ireland protocol.  Breaking an agreement we negotiated and signed and you, our MPs, supported. Have our local politicians no shame? 



A Cranleigh developer granted planning consent in 2016 – wants more?


The huge development of 265 homes on land in Alfold Road isn’t enough for the developers of the Knowle Park Initiative (KPI)- they want even more?

The latest phase of the development by A2 Dominion includes homes in  Knowle Park, off Knowle Lane and homes in Alfold Road.  The third phase of the 265 homes is the subject of a planning application which goes before Waverley Planners tomorrow Wednesday.

In line with ‘Your Waverley’s Local Plan which inflicts more than 40% of the borough’s housing on the eastern villages, the latest scheme (Phase 3) increases the number of homes in the former lettuce nursery by 5% – a further 36 homes giving a total of 310 homes. Some in three-storey apartment blocks, like this.

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Are the wheels coming off Surrey’s Stagecoach.

A Waverley resident believes an emergency timetable is required for Stagecoach Bus Routes right across Surrey. 

So what is Tim Oliver  Surrey County Council’s head honcho who wants to rule the county doing about the dire situation? The wheels aren’t going around and around on the county’s bus services, which are…

“falling off a cliff as its wheels drop off.”

 The company notched up revenues of £1.2 billion and the group saw underlying pre-tax profits more than double to £44.1 million for the year to April 30. But wannabe travellers are sick and tired of cancellations.

Bus giant Stagecoach said it has “firmly returned to growth” following recovering customer demand after the pandemic as revenues rose to £1.2 billion.

The group saw underlying pre-tax profits more than double to £44.1 million for the year to April 30, up from £17 million the previous financial year, with revenues up 27%.

The transport firm says passenger journeys and commercial sales were at roughly 81% and 91% of pre-Covid levels, respectively, for the week ended June 18.

Try ringing with a complaint to its call centre in Scotland – we hung on the phone for 59 minutes before it was answered.

Here’s the letter Elstead resident Archaeologist Clifford Jones FRS Sc

has written to Ms Sarah Bell Transport Commissioner Sarah Bell and Surrey County Council’s Head Honcho Tim Oliver. Letters to which he has received no replies.

Dear Sirs,
The service offered to the public by Stagecoach South has become so unreliable under the terms of the contract with Surrey County Council that I request a temporary emergency timetable be invoked on all Stagecoach South routes within Surrey.
I make this request because the company cannot fulfil its contract. The only way passengers have any way of knowing if buses are running is to use Twitter every day for the latest cancellation updates.
Many passengers have no means of knowing if these are cancellations. The services are broken. People are frankly being isolated and in some cases put at risk.
I attach the cancellation on some routes in Surrey today. By no means all. Plus in the case, of the 46 Stagecoach managed to run 53mins late on one service. This afternoon there is a two and three-quarter hour break in the service 
The stated reasoning is the lack of drivers. You will both be aware that Stagecoach South took over Arriva routes without enough drivers. They now have even less.
The passenger and taxpayer deserve a reliable service. Hence as there are no drivers my request for the imposition of an emergency service until such time that this can be resolved.
This situation cannot continue as it is causing serious harm to people.
The situation has deteriorated steadily and now has fallen off a cliff edge. I urge you to act.
I remain
Yours Faithfully
Clifford Jones FRS Sc, Archaeologist


It is as simple as this – No drivers, inexperienced Inspectors – the Chichester offices of Stagecoach closed downs and office staff made redundant. Some parents are being charged twice for school bus passes and Inspectors are revoking student passes!
Repeated messages from the company. Typical one here:

Stagecoach South (@StagecoachSouth) tweeted at 5:45 am on Thu, Jun 30, 2022:
#Guildford #Woking #Camberley #Cobham #Kingston #Cranleigh #Horsham #Godalming #Haslemere #Midhurst #Farnham #Alton

See attached image for cancelled journeys today due to staff shortages. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Liam https://t.co/dfI7EuLqnu


On your marks, get set for Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 examination.

No summer holidays planned for ‘Your Waverley?

WW on holiday

Because Waverley’s controversial Local Plan Part 2 Examination starts in July.

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Ewhurst & Ellens Green Planning Referendum takes place today.

On 29 April 2022, a decision statement was issued setting out that ‘Your Waverley’ had accepted all the independent examiner’s recommendations and that the Ewhurst and Ellens Green Neighbourhood Plan could now proceed to a referendum.

Ewhurst and Ellens Green Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Thursday 30 June 2022.