A conversation with ‘Your Waverley’ Councillor – Nick Palmer.


In May 2019, former Labour MP Nick Palmer was elected to Waverley Borough Council for the Godalming Binscombe Ward. He is the leader of the Labour group  and is a member of the important council’s EXECUTIVE.
In this remote conversation with Toby Westcott-White, South West Surrey Labour Youth Officer, he discusses the recent Labour Leadership Results and the COVID-19 outbreak alongside the Waverley Borough Council’s response.
The Waverley Web congratulates Cllr Palmer for taking the giant step into video conferencing to keep us up-to-date with his thoughts.
Waverley’s Executive meeting was held earlier this week – but so far there is no webcast or information available.

Online talk on Facebook Live

First, I’m trying an experiment on Tuesday evening at 8 – a Facebook Live chat with my Labour colleague Tony Westcott-White.
What I want to do first is give a non-partisan update on the current position regarding Covid-19, in particular how things are looking here in Waverley but also wider nationally. The current trends; the outlook for local services; the position if you’re in any difficulty because of the pandemic, and a look at the long-term outlook. Note that Waverley policy on Covid-19 is being steered entirely across party – frankly it’s a threat that swarfs our traditional rivalries, and we are all working together, so whatever I say in this section isn’t going to be a Labour view, just a neutral assessment which I hope will be helpful. I’ll have come from the council Executive e-discussion that afternoon. I’m going to do this first so that those who are only interested in the Covid-19 issue and not in wider national politics can hear the non-partisan bit without bothering with the subsequent Labour section.

However, as a community, we won’t be only thinking about the virus forever, so I’d like to look forward too at how our society and our world will change when we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic. Later in the chat (which will probably last about 25-30 minutes, depending on how many questions come in), I want to say something about the new Labour leadership and where I think we should be focusing – not only in cooperating with the Government on the virus, but also for the longer view of offering a positive, constructive alternative to the Government. This second part is in my capacity as Labour group leader and constituency chair, so this part won’t be non-partisan – but it won’t be confrontational either – I believe in positive politics. Tune in and judge for yourself!

Details are here: (if it’s not clickable in your browser, copy and paste the address and it should work).:
If all goes well, you should be able to book a reminder and it will pop up. I expect it to last about 20 minutes. Anyone’s welcome to have a look (do forward this to anyone who you think may be interested). This one is just a live discussion – as I understand it, you can post comments which Toby can pick up and throw at me, but you won’t be able to speak live (because it’d be confusing if 100 of us were talking at once).
It’s an experiment! We’ve not tried Facebook Live before, but I hope it’ll be helpful, and nothing ventured, nothing won!
2. Blog on priorities for Keir Starmer
I had an article published today in one of the main national Labour blogs discussing what Keir Starmer should do in his first months as Labour leader, which some of you may find interesting: You can find it here

Feedback welcome, as always!
Best wishes

All those small acts of kindness – could make Covid-19 a life changer.


All over the country, if you added up all the small acts of kindness being played out on a daily basis it would add up to Tsunami.

Neighbours speaking to neighbours they have lived near to for years, but to whom they have never actually spoken. Telephone calls to long, almost forgotten friends and relatives, given the oxygen of contact after many years.  Facetime, Skype, Houseparty and Zoom are bringing people together all over the world.
People are now regularly partying on-line, holding dinner parties in their own homes, without the gas-guzzling travel or the need for a named driver. Vegetable growing has become the new must-do hobby, and baking is going through a revolution as you can see from the delightful Facebook message we have included below.  To all the Camilla Sophy’s, whoever and wherever you are – little things really do mean a lot. When this vicious epidemic is over let’s start a different epidemic – a Tsunami 2020  –  of caring and kindness?

The other day an elderly lady from across the road knocked to say how lovely the rainbows were in our windows. Later that day we left her a banana loaf and a note with my number in case she needed anything. This morning she rang me as she was lonely as her dog had to be put to sleep on Friday 😢 We had never spoken before lockdown even though we can see each other from our houses, and yet she rang me for someone to chat to. I feel so happy that she did that and I could help her today in some small way. I’m not posting this for praise or any of that, just to show the small things we can do in this time and you just don’t know how it could help someone. Be kind ❤️

An appeal from our local supermarket staff.


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 09.58.54.png

Don’t buy more than you need. 


We have been contacted by some very unhappy and vulnerable sales assistants working in our local supermarkets. So let’s play nicely because they deserve the same respect as our NHS and other key workers who are all on the front-line.

When the Government says, shop once a week, it means just that, shop once a week. If we have to go without fresh strawberries, or our favourite brand of ground coffee – so what. Take an alternative or go without, don’t go back and try, and try again. Or soon we may find our supermarket friends, are not there to serve us and where will we be without them?

REMEMBER.  Supermarkets are working with suppliers to scale back the variety of foods and groceries available, and instead are focusing on maintaining supplies of staple products.

Here’s what they say:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
Just because we are open doesn’t mean we are here for you to spend your time BROWSING around. We are designated as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. We are not here for you because you have nothing else to do. We are not here for you because you feel like getting out of the house for a while. We are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY. This is NOT A VACATION! Every customer who walks in our doors PUTS US AT RISK.

We really don’t want to be here, but we realize that we are needed. YOU don’t see how many times a day we wash and sanitize our hands to try to keep ourselves safe. YOU don’t see our upset co-workers in the break room struggling to keep their composure. YOU don’t see our spouses who worry about us every minute we are at work and who are our strength when we get home. We have our jobs to do and we realize the IMPORTANCE OF OUR JOB TO YOU. The LEAST you can do is come in with a sense of purpose, get what you need, and get yourselves HOME. IN AND OUT.
Please share, maybe we can get the message out there.

Cranleigh man has a close shave for the NHS.


Everyone is being told during these difficult times – ‘to keep your hair on and don’t panic.’ But Jason Tetley had a better idea.

Others are finding innovative ways to cut the family’s hair, with the kitchen/nail/pinking scissors!   Cranleigh’s Jason Tetley put his shears to good use on behalf of all the hardworking NHS staff who are risking their lives in a bid to save ours!

Jason, a member of Cranleigh Rugby Club is now a shadow of his former self. He  is pictured here after his close shave which so far has raised £3,000 for NHS charities.

Thanks to the Cranleigh Community Group for sending us the before and after pictures. You can still donate by clicking on the link below and going to the justgiving link.

Cranleigh Rugby Club scores a try for volunteers as Street Champions and the NHS.


Cranleigh Rugby Club scores a try for volunteers as Street Champions and the NHS.


Please send the Waverley Web a picture – when you are a hairless wonder Mr Tetley.  contact@waverleyweb.org

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 11.33.20.pngTetley’s Going Bald For The NHS

Hello Everyone,

As a lot of you know I have had my beard for a very long time. If i get 300 likes on my Facebook post and you donate some money into the NHS charity, I will shave off all my facial hair and my head hair tonight!!


Many thanks for your donations so far and stay safe!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 14.28.29



Go on put your name down to help Liz Townsend’s Street Champions – You know every little helps!

Just click on the surveymonkey link below.

Become a Street Champion in Cranleigh

Help your community during the Covid-19 Crisis – Cranleigh Street Champions

Liz Townsend, Chair of the Cranleigh Parish Council has put a shout out to Cranleigh Rugby Club as they need our help. They desperately need more volunteers to sign up as Street Champions to help the elderly, the vulnerable and those in self-isolation. These guys provide a vital service in the Cranleigh community, in looking after people that live close by; from picking up medication to providing basic food essentials or even just a phone to call to check in that they are ok. Depending on the time you can provide you will be paired up with a few people that need our help at this unprecedented time.

As many of you know Liz Townsend is Phil Townsend’s (CRFC Grounds Secretary) wife. She does a huge amount of work for Cranleigh and our community, it would be great if we can pay something back, support this initiative and look after our neighbours.

All the details are on the link below,

So where does this latest Government directive leave ‘Our Waverley.’


Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.30.54.pngThe government has published a draft statutory instrument to enact measures to allow planning committee meetings to be held remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, as part of the government’s emergency Coronavirus Act, changes to the law were introduced that would allow councils to hold virtual planning committee meetings in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, the measure required secondary legislation to be introduced before it can come into force.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 10.12.35.png 

Is this really what local councils across the country wanted – we ask? Wouldn’t it have been sensible in our hour of need to commit council workers to support the community?

Does the Honourable Jeremy and the Hon Angela concur with a Government that wants controversial planning applications being considered, effectively behind closed doors? Oops, forgot – he’s busy shouting for more testing, despite failing a test run for a pandemic in 2015/16 when he was S of S for Health! As for Angela – she says she is busy being a “keyboard warrior,” no ‘Street Championing’ for her she did all that in the election!

We can hear the whoops of joy from the shove and shunt brigade eager to start digging when the country is in a hole. In fact the biggest hole since WW2 – and even then we knew where the enemy lurked, and it wasn’t on our supermarket handles! How does the public make representation in person?

Do we all go on Houseparty? Zoom? Skype? Do councils have the necessary technology? It’s difficult enough to get a decent webcast in normal times.  One  that starts at the beginning, and operates throughout effectively at ‘Your Waverley.’

So as from Saturday, the Government has ruled the following. And councils will no doubt be forced to obey, or… what? Find its funding reduce even further?

Commenting on the regulations, planning barrister Chris Young QC, of No5 Barristers’ Chambers, said they provide “remarkable clarity” in relation to the acceptability of remote attendance and use of video-conferencing and live webcasts.

“To some extent, they bring the antiquated planning system kicking and screaming into the 21st Century,” he said.

Well, of course, he would wouldn’t he? After all Chris Young earns squillions at public inquiries on behalf of the shove and shunt brigade. How much nicer to have it all conducted with as much ‘remote attendance’ as possible. Even the pesky public, who don’t possess the technology could be ruled out and stay – locked-down – forever.

Young highlighted section five of the regulations which makes clear that any reference in other legislation that local authority meetings must involve persons being present in the same place can now be met by councillors attending remotely, provided four conditions are met.

These are,  that members in remote attendance must be able at all times “to hear (and where possible see) and be so heard (and where possible be seen) by the other members in attendance”; to “hear (and where possible see) and so be heard etc, by any member of the public entitled to attend the meeting”; and “to be heard (and where possible be seen) by any other member of the public so entitled who are present or accessing the meeting remotely”.

In addition, members using remote access “must be able to hear and be heard by any other member in remote access”, the regulations say.

Young also highlighted sections 13, 14 and 15 of the regulations which define a meeting being “open to the public” to include access through remote means including video-conferencing, live webcasts, and live interactive streaming.

He said that, these “are important not only for local council meetings, but what they also suggest is acceptable for other public forums in planning such as planning inquiries and hearings and, potentially, public consultation”.

Young said he would expect to see the regulations in force by the end of this week or the start of next. In fact it starts on Saturday.

The Waverley Web is calling for another round of applause – this time for the army of volunteers in ‘Our Waverley.’



From Elstead to Ewhurst and Bramley to The Bourne a steadily growing army of volunteers are mobilising and are marching into towns and villages across the borough of Waverley. Some, particularly in the smaller villages, lept into action within days the lock-down being called, others taking just a little longer.

 Often with military precision, those essentials like milk, bread, and prescriptions, were on their way to the housebound. Not only to those tagged as ‘the frail vulnerable elderly,’ a label they want to shake off quicker than the Coronavirus – but for many younger vulnerable people with various health conditions, asthma, lung conditions and diabetes.

In some towns and villages, the campaign is being led by church groups, in others by those stalwarts in the town and parish councils.

No time to stop and smell the coffee for these champions of our streets. In fact, it may not be too long before even that will become a luxury with prices in Brazil close to record levels – nearing £85 per 60kg bag!

With day centres shut for ordinary business, Meals on Wheels are being rolled out by hardworking Waverley staff and volunteers through regional day centres in the major districts.

Local clubs and organisation have been doing their bit too – and in Cranleigh, the parish council has mustered over 100 volunteers – calling them ‘Street Champions’ saying the response to its call for help has been tremendously encouraging, with more volunteers welcome.

We have received numerous uplifting stories from the village that boasts the motto  ‘Cranleigh Cares.’ This morning Waverley Executive member Liz Townsend was on BBC Surrey extolling the virtues of ‘Your Waverley’s’ efforts to serve its residents.

Here goes Liz The Biz: on BBC Radio Surrey.

It has not been sitting idly by, despite the offices being closed to the public. It is acutely aware many of its residents and businesses have been seriously affected by the coronavirus and is working tirelessly to provide support in whatever way it can. 

It has been mobilising its staff to ensure its 123,000  residents and businesses are thrown a comfort blanket – through either financial help with rates, rents and general services. One very useful tool in ‘Your Waverley’s COVID-19 toolbox is the introduction of the ‘Stay at Home Directory search. Log onto the Waverley Borough Council website and add your particular town or village and at a glance, you will see which businesses and services are still at work in your area.

‘Stay at home’ directory search

Search the directory.  Whether you want a paper delivered or fancy an Indian takeaway or Fish and Chips – it will be delivered to your door.

And if it all gets too much for you Bramley residents have their own way of combating stress.

They are participating in a collective, constructive, and hopefully uplifting exchange. It’s a one-time thing and they say they hope residents will want to join in.

Please send a poem to the person whose name is in position 1 below (even if you don’t know them), with the email subject Poem Exchange. It should be a favourite text/verse/meditation that has affected you in difficult times. Or not. Don’t agonize over it. If you’d like to send a poem in your own language and provide a translation, please do so!

  1. Ann Sylge  ann.sylge@btinternet.com
  2. Mary Hainline MaryHainline@Gmail.com

After you’ve sent the short poem/verse/quote/etc. to the person in position 1, and only that person, copy this letter into a new email. Move my name to position 1, and put your name in position 2. Only my name and your name should show in the new email. Send it to 20ish friends BCC (blind copy).
Seldom does anyone drop out because we all need new pleasures? The turnaround is fast, as there are only two names on the list, and you only have to do it once.

Stay safe and well.

A month is a long time in politics.


But a month during a pandemic could be very much longer?

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 22.04.11.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 22.25.27.png

Boris Johnson’s “smash the system” approach to public policy was poised to reach every street, town, village and field in the country soon, very soon. That is until the Covid-19 Virus hit the UK – It has hit the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Health – and even Dominic Cummings the PM’s Special Adviser.

However, be warned, the Government is preparing to dynamite development controls and unleash market forces on our physical world, moving power from councils to developers and inflicting great harm on the built and natural environments.

Remember these names: Dominic Cummings; Andrew Sabinsky and Jack Airey – all of whom may have a lasting impact on our lives, when our present virus contagian is over.

Or maybe, just maybe, we will all take stock of how we do things in future?

 Jack Airey is leading the charge to stip local councils of meaningful control over local developent. He spells it out in his manifesto: ‘Rethinking the planning system for the 21st century.’

Airey is undoubtedly right that the planning system is not fit for modern times. Fertile countryside is being gobbled up for ugly sprawling, car depedent, amenity-free housing developments in areas like Waverley where the infrastrucutre is either poor or non-existent.

You only have to look out of your car window to reveal how much of our countryside is being gobbled up by identikit, soulless, mediocre housing designed around cars. Earlier this month, the housing minister, Kit Malthouse, predicted that many of the boxes being thrown up on the outskirts of towns would soon be ripped down and bulldozed as unsuitable.  

 Poorly planned building is exacerbating the menace of floods. Too few new buildings minimise their carbon footprint and developers constantly dodge their obligations to build social housing.

Let’s face it we have numerous examples of that here in ‘Your Waverley,’ and no doubt when life gets back to normal, if it ever gets back to normal, developers will be bleating to our planners that their sites are not viable if they are forced to provide the social housing they promised. Some developers are already flogging off their un-sold properties to the borough council.

There are too few homes. Planning decisions can take too long and the rationale can be opaque. But junking democratic accountability and putting developers in charge is not the answer. Neither is the answer to allow Government Inspectors to overthrow local democracy with gay abandon, often for the most spurious of reasons.

But as councils have repeatedly demonstrated, it is developers who are holding back housebuilding, rather than the planning system. Figures released by the Local Government Association earlier this year revealed that 2.6m units have been granted planning permission by councils since 2009-10 – but only 1.5m have been completed. Even allowing for the inevitable lag between permission and building, that is a poor hit rate.

The number of planning permissions granted for new homes has almost doubled since 2012-13, with councils approving 9 in 10 applications.

As the LGA says, councils need powers to step in where sites are left dormant, while they have an essential role to play as builders of affordable, sustainable high quslity homes. 




Another piece of Alfold countryside to bite the dust?


Village leaders in Alfold have sent out a message to  residents – speak up now if you wish to object to another 80 homes being built in the village.

Although the deadline for commenting on a scheme for 80 new dwellings on land adjacent to the BP Garage site near Alfold Crossways was last week – there is still time.
Here’s the link:
The parish clerk said:
Everyone in the Alfold Parish has the right and opportunity to make individual representations on the proposals – not just the Parish Council. Councillors urge you to think about the effect of more houses in Alfold and whether you would welcome them if you would like to make a submission. Waverley Borough Council requires 5 letters of objection before the matter is referred to the Planning Committee for determination. If not enough letters are received, it will not get this far. It is so important that villagers have their say in the future of Alfold, and this is application will have far-reaching implications in the long term. Please do use your voice – Julie

That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again!

Look at point 21 in the Government Inspector’s decision on another Alfold appeal site, where the claim is made that Waverley has only a 3.9-year housing supply. then you will realise how important it is to object, object, object.


Alfold Resident Denise Wordsworth said:

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 21.12.26.png

Wish you had looked after your teeth?


We are in extraordinary times!

Non Urgent dentistry is suspended, as dentists could be asked to provide support for the National Health Service.

Dentists have been advised to stop all face-to-face consultations until further notice and all routine non- urgent surgery has stopped and replaced with a remote urgent care service providing telephone triage. If you are in a bad way you will be referred to your local urgent dental care system which has been set up in every NHS region to provide EMERGENCY DENTAL TREATMENT.

You wouldn’t Adam and Eve it, but some people are already considering self-extraction! That brought a howl of pain and laughter from our Waverley Web team, as they reminisced over Tom Hanks’ ‘do it himself dentistry’ when he bashed his tooth out with a rock in the film Cast Away when stranded on a Desert Island.  WW suggests you don’t watch it until the present crisis is over, particularly if you have a niggling toothache!  We have been contacted by one of our readers who lost a filling a few days ago and has been forced to resort to a do-it-yourself filling kit.

Joking apart here’s some very helpful official information.

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 14.25.32.png


Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 14.25.59.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 14.26.11.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 14.26.25.png

A Cranleigh man’s view on the crisis we face.


Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 03.29.06.png

We thought James Robinson’s poem put up on the Cranleigh Community Board was worth a general airing across the borough.  Well done James.

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 03.28.06.png

Happy to share the efforts of our local poets here at the Waverley Web. Stay well everyone, if we heed the advice – we will come out stronger than ever before.


‘Your Waverley’ is now open for Covid-19 Business Grants.


No photo description available.
Your Waverley

Applications for the Business Support Grant and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant are now open.

For more information and to apply for grants please visit our Coronavirus Business Grants page here 👉 socsi.in/ioLLV

Free parking for all in ‘Your Waverley’ in a bid to help NHS and key workers.


A message from Waverley Borough Councillor Nick Palmer.
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.32.35.png

My Labour colleague George Wilson suggested to me (as the portfolio-holder for parking) that we should make Waverley’s car parks free of charge for carers, NHS staff and other essential workers.

I was initially sceptical because the council is staring into a financial pit with everything that’s going on, but on reflection, I agreed that it made sense not to charge the very people who come to our area to help us. In addition, my LibDem colleague Paul Follows said that in many areas people were actually struggling to park on-street because everyone’s at home! – so it really makes sense to welcome these vital visitors to our car parks.

 John Ward, the Farnham Resident council leader, pointed out that it would avoid endless bureaucracy and hassle if we simply made them free till further notice to anyone who needs them. The other Executive members swiftly agreed, as did the leader of the Conservative Opposition, Julia Potts, so it will take effect from tonight – a nice example of cross-party cooperation at this challenging time for us all.

Best Wishes Nick.

But just remember this is not an open invitation to get into your cars just for the sake of it. We are urged to isolate and only make journeys for food, and the pharmacy.

Will it take Covid-19 to persuade hospital trusts to provide free car parking for staff?


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.18.02.png

It is something we here at the Waverley Web have been calling for – Free NHS Staff car parking.

All over Surrey NHS staff are working flat out in a bid to save lives from the Coronavirus, but every day, every year 24/7 they work tirelessly to care for a mounting number of patients in our hospitals.

We have heard here at the Waverley Web that staff in local hospitals serving the borough of Waverley are STILL working with inadequate protection, some without even the basics – gloves and masks. Every day they fight for parking spaces, and some receive fines, even when they have valid parking tickets!

Staff car parking is at a premium, and although the general public are unaware, car parking charges are deducted from gross pay before calculating National Insurance and Pension Contributions – which may in the short-term cost less, but in the long-term has an adverse effect on their pensions.

Following growing calls from the public the Government has NOW instructed Trusts to cease charging.


The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that trusts would be given the “financial backing” to “provide free car parking to NHS staff for the duration of COVID-19”.

The Waverley Web believes this should remain in place in perpetuity as a tribute to health workers, some of whom will lose their lives in a bid to save ours!

Local authorities will also provide “free car parking to NHS workers, social care staff and volunteers during the coronavirus outbreak.”

 Some trusts have already stopped charging staff to park while staff unions had led calls to abolish the charges outright.

The DHSC statement explained: “NHS Trusts are responsible for setting car parking charges locally, and the Health Secretary is urging all Trusts to immediately make use of government funding to abolish parking charges for their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

It added that the surge of returning staff, trainees and volunteers who have been drafted in to help hospitals combat the crisis meant “some hospitals may also require additional car parking capacity.”

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced that “key workers will also be able to use council parking bays without time restriction or charge… The changes will apply to all on-street parking and open, council-run car parks including pay and display and will suspend charges for health workers, social care workers and NHS volunteers.”

Local authorities will be responsible for setting out the “suitable evidence” key workers “can display in their windscreen to ensure they avoid parking tickets.”

NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said:

“Free parking will make a big difference for hundreds of thousands of frontline staff, but this is just the start, and we will [be] setting out further support offers over the coming days and weeks, to ensure the NHS looks after those who look after all of us.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.27.14.png

Like everyone The Waverley Web is in a sticky situation.


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 13.44.12

Despite the current  Coronacrisis – and, no, it’s nothing to do with the beer! – our team here at the Waverley Web remains active, and all are now working from home. Not on the train, standing in an overcrowded corridor, or perching on the loo, hoping no one notices and a queue isn’t forming outside!  It’s an ill-wind and all that …

In the absence of council meetings, either at Waverley or Surrey County Council, much of what we thought was an inexhaustible source of material is no long available.   Whoever would have thought it?   Certainly not us!

So there you have it, dear readers, for the first time in the Waverley Web’s existence, our correspondents have time on their hands and we’re twiddling our thumbs!  Therefore, if any of our readers want us to highlight or cover any particular items of local interest or to investigate any burning issues or topics, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  We’re raring to go.

We  know there’s a lot of craziness and uncertainty around the borough – not to mention the rest of the world – right now, but, remember, in 1665 when Cambridge University closed for a year because of the Great Plague of London, a young scholar named Isaac Newton was sent home.

While at home, he discovered Calculus and refined the ideas that later became his theory of gravity.

In 1606, Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, King Lear, and Anthony and Cleopatra while quarantined at home.

We may not be Newton or Shakespeare, but during this enforced change of lifestyle (we are still doing the take out the two hour commute, at either end of the day, and that’s a lot of spare time to fill) we could all be stronger when all of the craziness passes away. Our priorities will certainly be different.

Although we all currently remain well, our contributors are made up of the young, middle aged and those who  now wear the badge ‘vulnerable, elderly,’ a tag which has not gone down too well here! But we are all becoming acutely aware that we are ALL vulnerable, as Government statistics now spell out for us on a daily basis. Even the heir to the throne!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to do the Government and the`NHS’s bidding. We have already received messages to our e-mail address contact@waverleyweb.org informing us of a selfish minority who continue to ignore the rules and are putting the lives of health-workers at risk. Staff of 111 in the borough of Waverley are already suffering, and so are GP’s and nurses. So for heavens sake – lock down now rather than be knocked down later!

Prior to the latest lockdown, a new craze was sweeping dinner parties in Well-to-do-Waverly.  Instead of Bring a Bottle, it was Bring-a-Bog-Role!  The mind boggles …!  Before we know it, bidets will be back in fashion!!!


Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley reports 13 deaths from Covid-19.


Our information is sent to us through The Health Service Journal.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.28.55.png


Seventy-two trusts had recorded at least one coronavirus death on Sunday, an increase of 15 on Friday.

However, the death toll is concentrated in relatively few trusts. Thirteen organisations have reported a total of 130 coronavirus related deaths to date (see table below). Nine are in London and a tenth (Frimley) is situated near to the capital.

Key to map as of 22 March

Despite this, deaths at London organisations are actually falling as a proportion of the overall total. They account for 42 per cent of the total, down from 45 per cent on Friday.

The pandemic appears to be picking up pace in the North East and Yorkshire region, which has now seen 10 trusts record a coronavirus death, half for the first time over the weekend. In the North West region, the total is 11, with Stockport — one of the four reporting deaths for the first time — recording four fatalities over the weekend.

The Midlands remains the region with the second highest number of deaths with 47. However, the South East region is now closing the gap with 39.

The East of England and South West regions remain relatively untouched — with just 24 deaths between them. However, a mini-hotspot appears to be developing at Royal Cornwall which went from zero to five deaths over the weekend.

Region Organisation Number of deaths
London London North West University Healthcare Trust 15
London St. Georges University Hospitals Foundation Trust 15
South East Frimley Health Foundation Trust 13
London Barts Health Trust 11
Midlands Royal Wolverhampton Trust 11
London University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust 10
London Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust 9
London Imperial College Healthcare Trust 8
London King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust 8
Midlands Dudley Group Foundation Trust 8
South East Portsmouth Hospitals Trust 8
London Croydon Health Services Trust 7
London North Middlesex University Hospital Trust 7

Covid-19 and how it affects ‘Your Waverley.’


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.06.58.png

Covid-19: Joint statement from Waverley’s political leaders and the chief executive

Published Saturday, 14 March 2020
Waverley Borough Council to prioritise the allocation of resources

The political leaders and the chief executive of Waverley Borough Council have agreed to use its resources to prioritise the immediate health, wellbeing and safety of local residents – especially the vulnerable – in its plan to support the community through the Coronavirus challenge.

The council’s benefits, community meals, support to local businesses, homelessness, critical housing tenant support, and waste collection services will be prioritised to ensure that those who are most in need are supported during this difficult time for the borough, and for the nation.

We recognise the hardship facing our borough’s struggling businesses and will implement the new scheme for business rate relief as soon as we have the Government’s criteria.

We will also prioritise our support to the National Health Service and to Surrey County Council, with its responsibilities for adult and child care services. We welcome Surrey County Council’s decision to establish a single contact centre for vulnerable people. We will work with them and the voluntary sector to ensure its effectiveness – ensuring those people who kindly offer their time and support to help those in need do so in a safe and coordinated way.

To do all this, those aspects of the council’s business that do not directly support this immediate objective will be suspended or scaled-down, so that staff can be deployed to our critical priority services.

This means our work on Part 2 of the Local Plan, leisure centre refurbishment plans and formal committee meetings will be deferred until 30 June.

While the council remains hard at work, with many of our staff working from home, the offices at The Burys in Godalming will be closed to the general public from Monday, 23March, with special provision for homelessness and welfare visits. The Memorial Hall in Farnham and the Borough Hall in Godalming are also closed.

Further detail and decisions about council services and support will follow in the coming days. Check our website for the latest updates: www.waverley.gov.uk/coronavirus.

The council’s Executive and Opposition leaders will continue to teleconference regularly with the senior officers as we implement our response and recovery plans.

We are conscious that our staff members and our councillors are also personally feeling the impact of the virus and the national recovery plan, just as our residents are. As a consequence, our capacity is reduced and will face further challenges in the coming weeks. We are proud of our staff and councillor team and grateful for the diligent, hard work they have already put into tackling Coronavirus and supporting the people of Waverley.

Cllr Julia Potts, Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Conservative group

Cllr John Ward, Leader of the Council, Leader of the Farnham Residents group

Cllr Paul Follows, Deputy Leader of the Council, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group

Cllr Maxine Gale, Independent Councillor

Tom Horwood, Chief Executive

Cllr Nick Palmer, Leader of the Labour group

Liz Townsend, Independent Councillor

Cllr Steve Williams, Leader of the Green group

All retail, leisure and hospitality companies will be exempt from Business Rates for the 2020/2021 tax year. You won’t need to take any action – we will issue new bills this week with the relief applied.


A stark message from the National Health Service and a suggestion from the Waverley Web.


There are men and women all over the borough of Waverley who are risking their lives in a bid to help save ours. All we can do now is reward them by heeding the advice they are appealing for us to take – for all our sakes. We owe it to them to heed their warning.

Without our dedicated professionals in the NHS we cannot beat Covid-19, with them we can. How about when this dreadful chapter in our lives is over we reward all our health-workers by giving them FREE & PRIORITY parking on their hospital sites? 

With best wishes for all our readers’ health and wellbeing from the Waverley Web team.

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.35.22.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.39.07.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.38.48.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.45.27.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.45.45.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-22 at 14.47.41.png

Surrey highways prioritise potholes?




Now that our roads are almost empty and we have more time on our hands, let’s put those potholes to good use and take up scuba diving?



In the midst of mayhem – there is often a positive – and every pothole has a silver lining.

All of us who have regularly travelled  Surrey’s roads needed no confirmation from a recent Freedom of Information request that Surrey has been voted the ‘Pothole Capital of England.’ Countrywide there is now even a National Pothole Day. In Surrey and our borough of Waverley – every day is Pothole Day. 

Road Closed signs are a regular occurrence, where no actual maintenance works are taking place, sometimes for weeks, if not months. Irritated motorists are ignoring them in and around the borough and county.  Many motorists are just driving through, on the opposite side of the road, to avoid craters.

A total of 37,578 relevant claims were made across the country

Surrey received 3,533 claims and paid out a whopping £323,22 in compensation from January 1, 2019, to October 17 2019. Countrywide councils compensated motorists with an eye-watering £3,520,538,38 in total.

Hampshire finds itself with the dubious honour of being in second place. 

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time to make the onerous claims to Surrey County Council, take photographs and then make appeals for new tyres and wheel damage. We Just Curse and Carry On! So the above figure is just the tip of the iceberg or the bottom of the pothole.

We discovered recently that it takes 1,300 years for Lego to decompose in the sea. How about a very clever manufacturer coming up with a material made of the same composition to resurface all our roads. Pothole problems solved forever!

 Surely there’s enough of this composition around to recycle and turn it into a useful and environmentally friendly surfacing compound?

So where’s the silver lining? Our cars are locked away safely into our garages unless we are doing essential work – air quality is improving as we speak, particularly here in Farnham, and we can now dodge the potholes more safely as it is more than likely there is nobody coming in the other direction. And, of course, we can practice our scuba diving skills on empty roads.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 16.20.52.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 16.20.10.png

Surrey County Council prepares for meetings in public to shut down.



Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 09.34.53.png

Surrey’s leader Tim Oliver told a depleted council meeting this week that it was looking at ways to hold meetings online, as this may be the last public meeting to be held in person,

There were only 34 of the 81 councillors present at County Hall, Kingston – and some including Godalming councillor Peter Martin said he would soon be self isolating.

A sombre Cllr Oliver said: “We are setting up an emergency helpline number for concerned residents and are working closely with the district and boroughs, the local resilience forum, to ensure we co-ordinate in the most effective way with the voluntary and charitable sector.”

This would not be a medical helpline, but one to offer practical help in the community.

 “The council is a public service and it remains on high alert with teams working tirelessly to support schools, care homes and health partners. Our priorities at this time are to ensure that we do everything we can to reduce the pressure on the NHS, to protect our most vulnerable communities and support our staff and residents.”

The council voted  through changes to its constitution to allow future decisions to be made by a delegated cabinet member or council officer.

Protocol around other democratic procedures such as questions to the council and petitions is being developed.

Staff are looking at how to hold meetings online, but Cllr Oliver said they were committed to meeting their public duty as a council.

He added: “The challenges being brought by coronavirus are not going to go away any time soon, we will be tested further in the coming weeks and months almost certainly, but it is during times like these that we must all pull together.

“Our residents must be assured that we will continue to deliver the vital services they rely on.”

Details of the helpline are being finalised as SCC makes sure it has staff in place to operate it and will be announced later this week.

Anyone looking for medical advice or information from public health must still go to nhs.uk.coronavirus or call 111 if they are suffering from severe symptoms. The advice is not to call 111 if you have mild symptoms but to go online instead.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 09.57.08.png

Another little missive from Waverley Councillor Nick Palmer.



There’s a lot of partial Covid virus information zooming about the internet, some of it actually wrong. In case you’ve not seen it, I thought I’d pass you the link for the key report that seems to be driving Government strategy (apologies if you’ve already read it). Because my background is mathematics and politics, I’ve always read a lot of this sort of stuff for fun (weird hobby, but hey), so if anything is obscure please just ask and I may be able to help.

This gives useful guidance for each age group on whether one’s likely to need hospital care if one catches the virus, whether such care would need to be intensive and how long one would be likely to need in hospital. Bottom line is that the mortality rate with proper treatment is low (even if you’re over 80, you have a 90% chance of getting through it if you catch the virus, and if you’re under 40 it’s 99.92%!) but the proportion needing critical care is relatively high, especially over age 50 (see page 5). The priority is therefore to ensure that we don’t all need care at once!
Page 6 looks at the different strategies for achieving that and makes it clear why the Government has suddenly swung behind strict measures. It is not especially worrying that we may need treatment; it is however crucial that we don’t need treatment that the NHS can’t provide due to overload, especially as people get ill with other things too and they can’t neglect those
This is the current guidance defining what social distancing means. Many of you are youngsters so may not feel quite as affected as the elderly, but some of it applies to you too, and you may have vulnerable relatives who would be interested.
I can’t stress enough that this is not a situation where most of us are at extreme risk; rather, it’s a case where everyone is at some risk and the need is to protect the facilities from overload so that everyone gets the care they need if they need it.
* Feel free to share.
* If you know others who’d like to get my email updates, do encourage them to contact me. There is no suggestion that they support me or Labour by doing so – I’m just trying to help people stay in touch with developments
Best wishes
Nick Palmer
(Labour Councillor for Binscombe)
Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 15.09.17.png

That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again!


Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 22.27.28.png

More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.

Waverley councillors refused permission in 2018 for 29 homes on the former Wyevale Garden Centre in Alfold believing that 10 was a figure the village could cope with. This was granted in February 2018 after the locals argued the village had already met its 150 home target.

At the time Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus read out a letter from Wyevale, saying although it only ever wanted to build ten homes on the nursery site that was no longer commercially viable, Waverley Borough Council had asked them to build 29 homes believing the site was under-utilised! But members, including Alfold Cllr Kevin Deanus argued against.

Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

To-day the man from BRISTOL, he who must be obeyed,  grants 46 more homes  putting even more pressure on a village that has:

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 09.19.32.png

‘Your Waverley’ believed the proposal was a ‘cramped and contrived overdevelopment scheme,’ however, the Inspector – E Brownless BA (Hons) Solicitor (non-practising) for the Government’s Planning Inspectorate said:

” I do not share this view.

Neither did he share ‘YW’s’ view that it had a 5-year land supply. Here’s what he believes:

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 20.17.54.png

  1. Dunsfold Park is a strategic allocation for 2,600 dwellings, with an outline permission for 1800 dwellings. The Council and developer have been working towards a PPA, however, this remains in draft form and is yet to be signed. The Council were unable to provide any indication as to when a reserved matters application would be forthcoming. Accordingly, I concur with the previous Inspector’s findings and I am not persuaded to increase the number of units which are deemed to be deliverable within the five-year period.

So who do we all have to thank for the situation in which Alfold now finds itself?

Could it be thanks to the fruitless, costly and abortive efforts of Protect Our Waverley who battled through every court in the land to oppose Waverley’s Local Plan, that included a new stand-alone settlement and delaying development at nearby Dunsfold Park by more than two years?

In fact, by the time the new garden village takes root, Alfold and Dunsfold Park could become one?


Last week yet another Inspector punished ‘Your Waverley’ for refusing an 80-home extension to a 56-home development by Cala Homes nearby at Sweeters’ Copse in Loxwood Road.  Not only did he grant the scheme but landed our cash-strapped council with the costs for daring to believe that a tiny village on the Surrey/Sussex borders was already punching well above its weight for its contribution to meeting housing in the adopted Local Plan.

80 more homes on their way to Alfold as a Government Inspector hits ‘Your Waverley’ in its pocket too!

Within days of that decision another application for yet another 80 homes was lodged with Waverley Planners. This time adjacent to the Esso Garage and the former garden centre, with access off one of THE most dangerous sections of the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road near the Alfold Crossways.

Here’s the decision:

Appeal Decision-3234716

Is the world working from home? If so, spare a moment to look in on your elderly neighbours.



The Waverley Webers never thought the day would come when we wished the station car park was so full, we couldn’t find a space! Or, we could sit down on the train!

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 23.30.09.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-16 at 23.31.18.png


Isn’t this wonderful?

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 23.31.18.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 23.20.18.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 23.16.52.png

Please put out the hand of friendship to anyone you know, and those you don’t know but you suspect may need your help. Together we can get through this. Isn’t this wonderful?

Isn’t this wonderful?



The Italians show their life-affirming, defiant, joyous expression of the human spirit.

Let’s follow their example in ‘Our Waverley’ with our very own brand of stoicism in the face of the Coronavirus?

Our Waverley Councillor, and former Nottingham MP Nick Palmer had this message:

“The Italians show their life-affirming, defiant, joyous expression of the human spirit.”

In that spirit, please pass on this email to anyone who you think may benefit from it. One advantage we have over past epidemics is the range of electronic contacts that 95% of people have. But of course we need to be careful that we only pass on accurate, up-to-date information, so I’m linking to websites where you can get the current position, rather than copying today’s information which could be out of date when you read it. It should go without saying that councillors of all parties are working together on this, and I see little point in arguing at local level about politics at the moment. Whether the Government’s strategy is right or not is something we can debate with the luxury of hindsight.

This is Waverley’s guide to the current position with a focus on our area.

These are useful websites on Government guidance – please check them out regularly for any changes.




And this is a voluntary initiative to help people in difficulty:

https://www.facebook.com/CovidAidUK/ and a local one for Farncombe and Godalming:


I think this is a really excellent idea. The only point I’d make is that people seeking help from volunteers shouldn’t take risks that they wouldn’t usually take – giving them money (apart from paying for shopping), asking them in on their own, etc. But the kind of help that is envisaged – helpful phone contact, delivering shopping, and so on – seems to me entirely good, and just the kind of grass-roots solidarity and mutual support that a healthy society needs.

We’ll get through this together!

Take care of yourselves.

All good wishes


We would like to thank Nick for this very helpful guidance on behalf of the Waverley Web team and join by adding our good wishes to all our readers.

Giving credit where credit is due – full marks to Surrey County Council.


At last – it intends to build homes fit for the future for older people.

SCC has earmarked three sites it owns in Surrey. – The WW wonders, will similar development follow at a former nursing home in Cranleigh – now derelict?

Residents of Farnham who campaigned against its closure in 2016 fumed when they learned that the SCC Cobgates Care home in Farnham was earmarked for 60 new homes. Despite a promise from the council that it would remain part of its social care portfolio!

Tory-controlled Farnham Town Council proposed seven potential new housing sites to meet a 450-dwelling shortfall in its Neighbourhood Plan – one of which was Cobgates  in Falkner Road.

Surrey County Council (SCC) remains the owner of Cobgates, having closed the home together with five others across the county in 2016, and has itself promoted the site for housing after deeming it “unsuitable for future care use.”

 However, another county council site Longfields in Cranleigh is still in its ownership though the site has remains derelict, un-used and vandalised and a cost to the ratepayer for security.

Five ways that new extra care housing are fit for the future

New extra care housing for Surrey will boast an array of technology and design features to help older people live independently in their own homes. Design blueprints are being drawn up for new housing that the council will provide to enable residents to enjoy privacy and independence, with their own front door and the comfort of knowing that care is close at hand. A mix of approaches is being considered for providing the new homes, including the county council freeing up sites on its own land and striking deals with providers for units in private specialist developments.

The county council is committed to creating up to 725 new homes in extra care housing schemes by 2028, with the first three sites already identified as reported in Surrey News.

These are at

*Former Pond Meadow School, Pond Meadow, Guildford

*Former Pinehurst Resource Centre, Park Road, Camberley

*Former Brockhurst Care Home, Brox Road, Ottershaw

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 12.17.32.png

The new housing, and care and support delivered on the new sites elsewhere in Surrey , will be designed to:

  1. Enable residents to lead as active and independent lives as their health allows, with social spaces and a range of useful facilities
  2. Be outward facing, providing a link between the scheme and the outside world through opening up some facilities to the local community
  3. Encourage people to be as independent as possible with logical dementia-friendly layouts in both individual apartments and the wider building
  4. Promote independence among people with a range of needs, including sight and hearing difficulties, and adapt to increasing frailty
  5. Accommodate a range of smart technology and innovations which could include voice-activated devices and self-care apps

Sinead Mooney, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Public Health, said: “This new housing – and the care it will offer – will support our approach of focusing on what our residents can do rather than on what they can’t. It’s all contributing towards our Community Vision for 2030 which prioritises people living healthy, active and fulfilling lives.”

Father of Daniel speaks out for the new Cranleigh Village Health Trust.


Now presumably it’s all  Cranleigh Parish Council’s fault – that this was …


Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 19.06.42


Former parish councillor, and Cranleigh Village Health Trust Trustee, John Bainbridge was spitting feathers when he read out the following speech at An Extraordinary meeting of Cranleigh Parish Council  recently..

So angry was he that the council – had refused to break every rule in the local government rulebook – by refusing to meet him and his charity friends behind closed doors – that he didn’t even wait for a response, before he flounced out



 The statement read out in council meeting last month went as follows:

The Waverley Web has not changed any or the wording – including any errors or the names of organisations that do not, and have never existed!

Mr Bainbridge said: Our input with Parish Council while we consider our response from the planning decision from Waverley in November would have helped us to shape our strategies for the benefit of the local people. Unfortunately our request for a meeting was rejected.  CPC met behind closed doors and then requested a public meeting, which we declined, as it would be inappropriate before we decided our response to the planning decision. We explained to CPC that we would hold a public meeting once our response had been agreed so we could then present this to member of the public and answer their questions.

Without prior warning CPC issued an agenda for today’s meeting claiming it would feature a presentation from CVHT. We did not agree to this presentation and only became aware of this agenda after it was published. I am here this evening to read this statement and describe the steps leading up to this meeting.

Councillors, we are volunteers who live in Cranleigh, we are passionate about the provision of local health care services and like you, want only the best for Cranleigh. CVHT Trustees have worked tirelessly for 20 years to facilitate the return of community beds in Cranleigh, beds that precisely like those previously provided in Cranleigh village hospital would prioritise the needs of local residents.

When it was announced in 2006 that the 14 beds in CVH would close, this was against the wishes of the community at large. Key local stake holders including the then Surrey Hills Scrutiny Committee TRSCH and the then clinical advisor of the group were all critical of the decision made by the Primary Care Trust. At the time local MP Sue Doherty said ‘this is a sad day for local people’ subsequently Anne Milton MP gave us her full and continuous support.

CVHT has persevered in its efforts to secure the return of community beds to Cranleigh. These efforts were thwarted by a property crisis, a financial crisis then a change in NHS strategy for providing beds for the community and the inability to find the necessary financial support to enable a building to be constructed which would incorporate community beds. It is only in the last 3 years that a new way forward has been found with the support of this established care home operator supported by the NHS now the ICP integrity integrated care partnership, which includes the Royal Surrey Hospital trust and the SCC Health & Adult Social Care. 

We tried repeatedly to work with CPC positively during the past 3 years previously our relationship had been good and really very good, In Dec 2016 we were asked by the PC whether a councillor might attend our meetings to provide a link and keep the council updated and we agreed to this, a councillor was nominated but sadly did not attend any meetings and the council subsequently withdrew this point of contact. In 2018 the council set up a CVHT working group, subsequently the CVHT chairman wrote to the clerk on 27thJuly 2018 stating that CVHT would be obviously happy to assist the group in any way we can. There was no response. On the 4thof January 2019 because of the continuing negative stance CPC was taking the chairman wrote to the clerk requesting urgent meeting within 7 days. This approach was similarly unsuccessful. We don’t fully understand how the relationship with CPC has so badly broken down but we want to move forward from here.

Ladies and gentlemen we shall organise a public presentation once we have our response to the recent planning decision and at that time it is right and proper to have this public meeting of course members of CPC will be invited to attend our regret that anyone attending the meeting this evening was under the false impression that CVHT had agreed to deliver a presentation about it to revised plans. This was never discussed or agreed between CPC and CVHT.  A copy of this statement will be available on our website shortly. Thank you very much for listening.

We understand,  from residents over there in Cranleigh, who witnessed the debacle  that at that point the CVHT representatives  stood up, and left the building giving no  opportunity for anyone, including councillors, to comment or ask questions.

The chairman of CPC Liz Townsend said a polite ‘Thank you’  to  the delegation  as they left.

A member of the public, Kathy Gould speaking from the public gallery, said ‘As a member of the public I would like to thank Cranleigh Parish Council (CPC) for making funds available  to look further into the land transfer and the land swop between CPC and the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust, between 2009/2010.’

In the meantime – CVHT Trustees Nick Vrijland and Andy Leahy have resigned to spend more time with their major development projects in Cranleigh. Now everyone over there in the eastern villages is wondering when will that public meeting take place?

Oh! another one bites the dust!


‘Your Waverley’s webcast dives again!



Are you listening Mr Horwood?  Send the second-hand kit you bought on E-Bay back to the seller and ask for a refund.

You can watch two important planning applications consented by the Joint Planning Committee last night in the link below. But we respectfully suggest you don’t bother.

However, we will give you the heads up when we finally sort out who said what – about whatever, when we unscramble it! Because yet again… the naff webcast wasn’t working properly.

No Maps or illustrative documents displayed for the first highly controversial application which has been doing the rounds of planning committees for years. Up to 100 homes at Woodside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming.

No identity information of which councillor was speaking – or which officer. Just a voice from the ether every now and again!

No electronic record of who voted for what. And even worse the useless Chairman Richard Cole, just like every other chairman of Waverley Committee’s finds it too onerous to actually announce what the actual voting decision was.

You put your left hand, or your right hand  up, shake it all about, that’s what it’s all about.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 09.32.47.png

Now we thought when the new Rainbow Alliance took control of ‘Your Waverley’ it just might get the fundamental workings of the council into a half decent shape. We even believed it might sack the IT engineer/s, that we actually heard say while setting up the kit they bought from Rumbelows in the 1960’s – ‘we better get this right or we will end up on the Waverley Web!’ Or, send them on a training course on – How to operate a webcast system?

.Is 2018 going to herald in a new webcasting system?

But Oh! No! Just more of the same. So, we ask? Who exactly is responsible for ensuring that the workings of ‘Our Waverley’ are available for all to see, and hear?

Dare we believe that the reponsibility lies at the door of the head honcho whose Salary package is bigger than the Prime Minister’s. Chief Executive Mr TOM HORWOOD. Because last night ‘YW’ crossed the line into totally unacceptable territory.  The territory of  rubbishing the promised “openness and tansparency.”  The residents’ of Waverley will put up with NO MORE!

Will someone, somewhere, sometime – learn how to use ‘Your Waverley’s’ webcast?





The Sorry Advertiser goes off at half cock about Cranleigh Leisure Centre.


Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 21.22.28.png

Want to hear the truth about Cranleigh Leisure Centre?

The duplicitous Conservative Administration knew full well when it made its announcement that there wasn’t a dog’s chance in hell of Cranleigh getting a new Leisure Centre. It was an election ploy, due to panic seeping into the Tory fold just before the 2018 May Elections – and desperate measures were needed to dupe voters!

The new Rainbow Coalition isn’t daft, they knew exactly what the Tories were up to – and many voters saw through the Tory’s cunning ruse too and punished them for it at the polls. But sadly, many people in Cranleigh and the eastern villages couldn’t see through them and backed the Tories – Cllr Mary Foryszewski; Cllr Patricia Ellis; and Cllr Liz Townsend were returned. 

However, Liz Townsend resigned from the Tory Group and the Conservative Party, soon after the election, but so far, has been too loyal to say exactly why.

So having left the newbies holding the baby and the pool water – the Newbies on th block are determined to find a way forward – and its officers have been working tirelessly with Cranleigh Parish Council to fulfill a pledge made by a scurrilous bunch of politicians, who have been outed for both their duplicity and dishonesty. Perhaps they should have left a note on the new Leader’s desk, saying there is no money in the kitty?

Despite borrowing costs being increased, in part due to councils – like Surrey who have been flirting with financial disaster over a whole string of risky bets on retail property, ‘Your Waverley’ will find a way to provide the new leisure facilities that others promised. Despite the acute financial straits it faces.

That new model is now being overseen by Cllr Liz Townsend, who last week, was handed the prize of an Executive position and Portfolio Holder for Leisure.  If anyone is committed to ensure that Cranleigh and the eastern villages get what they richly deserve it is Liz the Biz.   A bit of a re-shuffle at ‘Your Waverley.’

So watch this space… because a new Administration is doing its utmost to ensure a new Cranleigh Leisure Centre will be coming to your area soon.

As for The Sorry Advertiser if the article goes into print, and toilet paper is in short supply … ?

Cranleigh Community Board Comments Below.Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 21.38.35.png

A Haslemere site surrounded by hoardings for 12-long years has now been earmarked to include affordable homes.


Waverley’s new Rainbow Coalition pledged to provide more affordble homes and it is doing what it said on the tin.

A site in Haslemere Town Centre approved in 2018 for 138 apartments with no affordable  housing will now include 45 apartments at affordable rents.

‘Your Waverley’s’ previous administration approved the scheme for 138 apartments with no affordable housing on a vacant site between Majestic Wine and the railway bridge in Wey Hill over a year ago.

At the time, previous owner Brettenwood Investment Holding told planners four financial companies had assessed the site claiming that affordable housing was not viable, and they believed them!

 Planners believed it was high time the prominent site, which had stood empty surrounded by hoardings for 12 years was developed. Although some councillors  voiced concerns at  the absence of affordable housing, consent was granted. 

Howver, building work never got under way and the site has since become even more of an eyesore. Recent storms  demolished part of the dilapidated hoardings,  now replaced by mesh fencing. Now, at last good news for Haslemere, following the site’s acquisition by developer The Radian Group. 

It intends to implement the planning consent and start building this summer. It will  include 45 apartments of much-needed affordable rental properties to meet the large town’s growing demand for low-cost housing.

James Pennington, development director of Radian Group, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to purchase this site and will be developing the site with homes, which are in keeping with the local area.

“We hope to be on-site late in the summer and we expect the new scheme to be completed in under two years.

“This development will provide 45 much-needed affordable apartments, and include basement car parking, electric charging points and is in walking distance to the station.”

Stepping up the action on ‘Your Waverley’s’ Climate Emergency planning.


The first 30 mins of Waverley’s Executive was to listen and hear the impassioned pleas of Farnham residents “unaccustomed – and terrified,” of public speaking to heed their calls for local action on the World Climate Emergency.  They painted a terrifying picture of the damage to the UK’s biodiversity due to loss of habitat and the damage caused by air pollution.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 20.12.02.png

By 2030 ‘Your Waverley’ intends to achieve net Zero Carbon Emissions in recognition of the URGENCY of the Climate Emergency (CE) facing us.

Never before has Waverley Borough Council declared an EMERGENCY.

Becoming carbon neutral will effect everything that Waverley Council does from now on.  

£300,000 has been allocated in direct expenditure to deal with the (CE) Action Plans. But that is not all.

In every action and every decision taken;  every report published;  ‘YW” will take account of both the borough’s carbon and financial footprint. The Portfolio Holder for Finance told the EXECUTIVE earlier in the meeting this would also include any future dvelopment at The Burys and any other Waverley’s properties. However, it was not just a case of getting its own house in order, but encouraging the wider community to become more carbon conscious in their everyday activities.

Introducing the new Green Deal for Waverley Cllr Steve Williams outlined the Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy saying:

Some say our target is too ambitious. Yes, it is ambitious, and is challenging and it may be impossible unless we secure the support we need to secure our targets. Garnering that support is important. We need support specifically from Surrey County Council (SCC)  and central Government.

Surrey County Council

Cllr Williams said there were already some encouraging signs. At a recent (SCC) meeting a representative of The University of Leeds had spoken of the county council’s own emergency planning. Work on targets and strategies it would  share with district/ borough councils which would aid ‘”YW’   to sharpen up its own work. 

An Annex of targets in the Action Plan, may need refining, but one action that WILL NOT CHANGE.  A Net Zero carbon footprint by 2030.

Central Government

H e said: ” I cannot help but notice there is an irony here that we are embarking on this most ambitious programme for our locality at a time of ongoing utterly crippling cutbacks to local authorities by central government, from which the borough will require additional support over the coming years.”  However, he was heartened by the University of Leeds findings that revealed three equal packages of measures that can be taken over a ten year period to reduce ‘YW’s carbon footprint to ZERO.

  • The first 33% of carbon reduction is cost effective. e.g. we invest in energy saving and there is a cost saving on energy useage.
  • The second third will cost, but will also provide clear benefits other than carbon reductions. Developing cycle routes reducing carbon footprint by reducing vehicle emissions plus significant public health benefits.
  • The third measure would require considerable additional resource based on the current state of knowledge and technology. Which could not be achieved if existing revenue sources were restricted. But as the Government now saw the situation as URGENT.   He said,  let’s be positive.

The first steps taken will be – quick wins – and made absolute economic sense.

“We know now, that we can break out of the downward spiral of austerity by investment, which hurts those that have the least, by economic investment. We know that we can break out of the downward spiral of fossil fuel reliance by investing  in the green economy.  There is a synergy here. We can tackle social inequality and climate change by investing in our local green economy, so our starting point for the Action Plan we are proposing takes on board that synergy.”

But, he warned, unless everyone adopts the same measures, everything that Waverley does will be entirely ineffective.

Jerry Hyman (Farnham Residents’) Said:  “Pressure is coming from our own residents, and that pressure is paying off. As for air quality issues affecting Farnham, I am disappointed.  Whilst  words are laudible we now need action.”   Biodiversity, he said,  was high on his agenda.

This isn’t politicians promising the earth, but a balanced and evidence-based decision to make huge improvements by acting together.”

Deputy Leader Lib Dem, Paul Follows said officers had brought these plans forward at a pace and significant time had been spent across every department.

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 22.47.54.png

Saying, “We all heard from residents when we ran for election about their climate change concerns, and one of the benefits of having an administration made up of so many differing groups had now resulted in a robust strategy to go before the Full Council. However, it would be constrained by money and law. It is now in the public domain and can be read by our community.  There are plenty of experts out there in the community, who will read this and comment upon it.  It is a live document that will evolve over time. We know we have set ourselves a challenge here, but it is a challenge we have to meet.  We know some say it is impossible and hard – and we know failure is a possibility, but to do nothing would be an even greater failure.”

Cllr Mark Merryweather Portfoilio holder for Finance said. “We are not just councillors we are residents. I have been here a year but didn’t come here to promise the earth, but to try and improve it. He added, that not everyone could ride a bike, and stressed the importance of introducing electric buses.

Said Cllr Williams:

“If we are promising the earth – we owe it to our children and our grandchildren to do our bit to save the earth. We know we are limited to what we can do, but at least we will be doing everything we possibly can.”

The Strategies now go to the council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 23rd March. Public consultation will occur over the coming weeks.

Here’s the link to th papers.






Has all serious crime been solved in our area?


Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 09.46.51.png


Empty chairs and empty tables. 


Incredible News! For the Citizens of Guildford/Waverley and the county of Surrey!

All serious crime has been solved?

Hasn’t it? 

Because as you will see from the Court List for Friday 6th March there was not one single criminal case for the Guildford Courts to deal with!  – Or has crime been postponed or cancelled until further notice? Or, perhaps, justice is on the point of being  extinguished?

Fear not wannabe Police and Crime Commissioner (PPC) David Munroe, who has been spotted schlepping around Surrey eager to hang onto his plumply-salaried Surrey PCC job and knock the lady hopeful off his Surrey beat! There may not be any need for the county council to fill anyone’s pockets with taxpayers’ cash for a new PPC at th elections in May. Because here’s the Crown Court List. Similar to many others around the country with ‘THE CLOSED SIGN UP’  in a bid to save money?

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 21.32.36.png

The Chief Inspector of Constabulary painted a devastating assessment of the criminal justice system recently, when he accused politicians of not caring about the state of the country’s courts – because its not a vote winner like the NHS and schools.

Sir Tom Winsor said: ‘We have the appalling ineficiencies and failures in prosecutions with inexcusable delays in bringing cases to court, disgraceful late changes in charges the prosecutor given inadequately prepared papers at the last minute, which causes disruption and delays to trials and injustice to the accused, to the complainants and to witnesses. Then there is the physical decay of our courts with their fabricdeteriorating before our eyes.’

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 10.07.41.png

Martin Hewitt – chairman of the National Police Chief’s Council  NPCC also said recently,

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 09.42.50.png

Funding cuts to the courts, Crime Prosecution Service and legal aid – now means that justice is now the preserve of only large corporations, the very wealthy or, the very, very, poor.’

Great news – Waverley’s new administration is doing what it pledged. New ‘truly affordable homes’ in Chiddingfold & Cranleigh.


The Rainbow Coalition – made up of representation from every political party and two Independents are actually doing what it promised – building affordable homes. ‘Truly affordable homes.’ Here’s an artist’s impression of homes consented last week, and which will replace two tired council bungalows in Chiddingfold with five energy efficient new homes.


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.06.03


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.52.02.png

On another site in the same village 16a & 16b Pathfield, Chiddingfold, Waverley’s Housing Department is replacing 10 dilapidated council garages with six similar new homes.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 18.48.52

The dwellings in two separate designs, consist of 4 two-bedroom houses and 2 one-bedroom apartments, the dwellings will be two storey. The apartments imitate one and a half storey dwellings, they will have separate access. The footprint of plot 1-4 is set 5m behind the street boundary to provide car parking, plot 5 and 6 have parking to the side and the property is closer to the street edge. Each dwelling has amenity space with bin and cycle storage.

Each dwelling has curtilage parking for up to 2 vehicles.

Barn-hipped roofs have been designed to further help step the scale. The proposed dwellings have been designed with materials matching those of the previous development to help fit in with the local character.

Waverley planners welcomed both developments, saying they hoped its housing department would  do many more similar schemes in the future.


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.37.56.png

This week Waverley’s housing department also took possession of three shared-ownership properties on the Cala Homes development at Amlets Park in Cranleigh. The council is buying homes to increase its housing stock as part of the new Administration’s Investment Strategy.


Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.37.37.png

These are shared ownership properties – and the full details are on Waverley’s website. Apply to see if you are eligible and join its Shared Ownership Register

An example of costs to climb on the home-ownership ladder into what the WW believes is one of the nicer open-aspect developments in Cranleigh.  With easy access to local schools – on foot or cycle, without touching the heavily congested main roads.Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.42.13.png

Panic buying hits Waverley!



Never mind food!  The WAGS of Waverley – who all survive on lettuce leaves – are panic struck at the thought of being without that every day essential: Andrex Aloe Vera loo rolls!


The toilet roll aisle at Waitrose, Farnham, this evening.

Anxious Ladies Who Lunch have stopped tweeting photos of their Caesar Salad -“Hold the dressing and the croutons!” – and, instead, are tweeting photographs of empty shelves.  In Tesco it’s loo rolls.  In Sainsbury’s it’s kitchen roll and, wait for it, wait for it … in good old Waitrose it’s Gin!!!


Best advice we’ve read so far: In the event the crisis deepens, ‘Worried of Waverley’ is block booking colonic irrigation!  

Heaveen only knows what they’ll do at Waverley Towers when the sh*t hits the fan again …  Close the Council Offices, we presume! Because we heard that Sainsburys’ in Godalming has run dry of gin and loo rolls. OMG!

“An older Worried of Waverley’ has written to us, saying it could be back to olden days. When out came the neatly cut up newspapers, threaded with string? Answer on a postcard? Which newspaper will make the grade? First prize to the winner: A bottle of Gin – if we can find one!


A bit of a re-shuffle at ‘Your Waverley.’



They have their tin hats on and are ready for business as new members of  Waverley’s Rainbow Coalition’s  Executive. Cllr Peter Clark and Liz Townsend.

 The  Executive welcomed two new members in line with the new Administration’s bid to ensure that the council’s powerhouse includes members according to their skillsets and availability and not the political hats they wear.

For some considerable time residents have been calling for representation on the Executive from the eastern villages. They argue that as the east of the borough is taking 45% of Waverley’s housing quota, including the new garden village at Dunsfold, they need a local voice where it matters most – on the EXECUTIVE.

The existing council leaders have heard the clamour in Cranleigh for a woman who has proved herself to be a strong, but reasoned voice, for the eastern villages in Elizabeth Townsend to be given important portfolios. They have listened to residents – which is the pledge the Rainbow Coalition made to the public in May 2018. They said when the new Executive was formed, that the various areas of responsibility would be reassessed after a reasonable period.

That time has now come. On Tuesday Council Leader John Ward (Farnham Residents’) welcomed the new members Independent Cllr Townsend who represents Cranleigh West and Cllr Peter Clark (Farnham Residents’)  Farnham Wrecclesham and Rowledge.

Council Leader John Ward said “That point had now been reached and, with the experience of time, some adjustments are needed as it is clear that some of the members of the Executive have been overburdened. I am now re-balancing this by reducing the workload of some members and also taking the opportunity to refresh the Executive by bringing in new talent.”

David Beaman, Mark Merryweather, Andy Macleod and Nick Palmer are all relinquishing some of their responsibilities and John Neale is stepping down from the Executive to concentrate on leading Farnham Town Council and also representing the Town on the new Farnham Project Board.

“I have appointed Peter Clark and Liz Townsend to the Executive not only to pick up these relinquished responsibilities but also other areas of importance. Their definitive Portfolios are still the subject of discussion and will be released shortly but they bring a depth of experience together with an increased geographic spread to the Executive as well as recognition that the group of Independent Councillors are now a valued part of the Administration.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 09.51.06.png

Which just may be good news for Cranleigh’s beleagured  Leisure Centre? Keep everything crossed over there in the eastern villages?

John Ward  also took the opportunity to thank all the Executive Members for their hard work during this first year of the new Administration.

Saying: I am very proud to lead this multi-Party Group that has achieved so much during this time. For instance we have set a new strategic direction for the Council, declared a Climate Emergency and, in a new spirit of openness and cooperation, increased the Council’s direct engagement with its residents and also with our Town and Parish Councils. We have presented a balanced Budget with one of the lowest Council Tax rises in Surrey. Also as promised transparency and accountability have been improved by making Councillors more answerable to their electorate with the introduction of recorded electronic voting. I am sure the new members of the Executive will continue to espouse these principles.”

You can listen to the meeting in the link below.  Well worth taking the time. One of the best interactions between a Leader of the council and members of the public that the WW has ever heard.  A lesson in how to put nervous speakers at ease and feel comfortable. 


The Executive consists of the Leader, who is elected by the Full Council, and up to nine councillors appointed by the Leader, one of whom is designated as the Deputy Leader. 

The Executive is responsible for proposing new policy and the budget to the Full Council and for implementing and delivering the agreed policy framework and budget. Executive responsibilities are divided into portfolios.

Details of the current Executive membership – not yet updated

The work of the Executive is set out in a  Forward Work Programme which contains the key decisions the Executive expects to make over the next four or more months. It also gives notice of any reports which will be discussed in Exempt (Confidential) session where the public are excluded from the meeting. The Executive agenda which gives notice and includes brief details of those items to be discussed in (Exempt) is on the website.

The day after the meeting, an Executive Decision Bulletin is published which lists the Executive decisions taken and sets out those matters that can be called-in for scrutiny by the Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


80 more homes on their way to Alfold as a Government Inspector hits ‘Your Waverley’ in its pocket too!


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06

Appeal Decision 3237359

You couldn’t make it up! Really you couldn’t!  Another shedload of homes will soon be on their way  to the beleaguered  Surrey/Sussex village that is going through a population explosion.

A countryside site adjoining 56 homes now under construction by Cala Homes – will now make way for another 80 on adjoining land at Sweeters’ Copse, Loxwood Road after a Government Inspector  allowed an Appeal by Catesby Strategic Land Ltd.

To add insult to injury – the scheme REFUSED by officers under their delegated powers, will be the subject of swingeing costs awarded against the council for daring to throw the scheme out!

Why…has Inspector Michael Boniface overturned a scheme opposed by everyone, including the parish and borough councils?

Because of its close proximity to the proposed new Dunsfold Garden Village, just a hop, skip and a jump away. A development that isn’t even off the airport runway yet!

Because, in the Inspector’s opinion, ‘the settlement’ – the Dunsfold scheme – described as a ‘main settlement’ in the Local Plan of 1,800 homes, will have: Employment, a primary school, health care and community, retail and leisure facilities – that the developers of Alfold’s Sweeters’ Copse site can now also enjoy, presumably at the Flying Scot’s expense? 

The Inspector concluded that DP’s sustainable transport package – fleets of buses to be provided by Dunsfold Park to Surrey County Council in perpetuity – will serve the residents of Alfold New Town too.

And, as he said, Surrey County Council intends as part of the Dunsfold Plan to put in a footpath between Alfold & Dunsfold, this will improve “the attractiveness of a walk to these facilities,” Bloody Nora! Does the Inspector really believe  that the footpath will be completed during 2020/21, in advance of any occupation of the Sweeters’ appeal site homes? Because the county council trousered £150,000  in 2015 from Dunsfold Park for a new footpath from The Compasses Gate to The Alfold Crossways Junction. Has it appeared – has it hell  – because SCC claims it can’t obtain the necessary land!

So there you have it folks! More homes in the countryside, in a village with – no school, or GP.  Has a garage shop, a pub and a restaurant nearby and a major road the A281 Horsham/Guildford road running by. A village with serious sewerage and flooding issues which occur regularly. But the Inspector is well-satisfied and mentions that there are ample railway stations nearby! Perhaps 10 miles to Milford is nearby – certainly 16 miles to Horsham is just a hop, and a skip away and 12 miles to Guildford is really on the doorstep – isn’t it?

So we ask?

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 22.13.05.png

Because it is beginning to look to us that the planners may just be clinging by their finger-tips  to an over stated and seemingly discredited housing supply figure? And, with yet another  application which has now landed on its desk for yet another 80 homes virtually adjoining Sweeters’ Copse and other sites either consented or at appeal, Alfold Village and Dunsfold Park Garden Village could soon become one?

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 21.30.27.png

The application which was a screening opinion when we posted  a couple of days ago has now been lodged. Alfold Parish Council and the Waverley Borough Councillor have been meeting the developer W.E Black in private for several weeks. 

No minutes have appeared on the APC website since last September. presumably because Crystal Tips is now working for the Honourable Angela, Boris’s new Babe – MP for Guildford, who is promising Alfold villagers a Flood Forum meeting – soon. How soon?

As developers prepare to dump another 80 homes on Alfold, villagers are gearing up to say – No More!

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 20.35.53.png



Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 23.40.33.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 20.29.33.png

As cases of Coronavirus infected residents of Surrey grows – advice increases on how to stay safe and well.


Thankfully the locals in Haslemere haven’t lost their sense of humour… yet?

But another resident did overstep the mark by putting up a fake breaking news image on the Haslemere community board, saying Haslemere had been locked down due to a mutated coronavirus. This was taken down as it was… 


The Haslemere Health Centre was closed for deep cleaning but is now open.
WW understands a special ward has already been prepared to take flu sufferers at The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford – though as yet, it has not been supplied with necessary equipment including  any protective body suites or gloves.
 Foreign Office Minister Nigel Adams told MP’s at Westminster yesterday (Monday) that the  Government was sending equipment valued at 5m euros,  including laboratory testing euipment and body suits to Iran where the virus is spreading fast. It was also contributing with other countries to a 40m euros vaccine research project.
SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt asked if the Prime Minister had/will  put extreme pressure on the Iranian Authorities to ensure that no harm comes to UK citizens held in Iranian prisons, including Nazanin Zahari- Radcliffe.

The British charity worker and mum who has been unfairly jailed for nearly four years is believed to have contracted the virus.

Joint statement on coronavirus cases in Surrey and West Sussex.

But please note:Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 21.44.01.png

This afternoon the Chief Medical Officer for England announced three further patients who were “close contacts of a known case”, had tested positive for COVID-19. These relate to a man who tested positive in Surrey on Friday 28 February so brings the total number of confirmed cases in Surrey to two. We can also confirm the other two cases in this family cluster have been confirmed in West Sussex. All cases are adults and are not health workers.

Ruth Hutchinson, Interim Director of Public Health for Surrey County Council, and Anna Raleigh, Director of Public Health for West Sussex County Council, have issued a joint statement following the Chief Medical Officer’s update.

They said: “We are working closely together and with Public Health England and the NHS to make sure everything possible is being done to protect people in our respective counties and minimise the spread of the virus.

“We’re receiving regular updates from colleagues at Public Health England who are already making good progress in contacting anyone who has been in close contact with the individuals to provide them with advice about what to do if they start to feel unwell, and how to manage if they are told to self-isolate.

“This work is a key way of minimising any risk to them and the wider public and while this is fast-moving situation we would like to reassure everyone that our county councils and health colleagues are well-prepared and doing all we can to minimise the chances of further cases.

“Anyone who is not contacted directly by PHE should continue to go about their life as normal but take extra care to follow public health advice on simple steps we can all take to help reduce the risk of infection.”

Dr James Mapstone, Acting Regional Director (South of England) for Public Health England, added: “PHE is providing specialist advice to local authority partners around two confirmed cases in Surrey and two in West Sussex. The four cases are part of an adult family cluster. We are aware of the people they have been in contact with and we are making contact with those people to issue appropriate advice and steps to take if they start to feel unwell.”


  • The confirmed cases are not GPs or health workers. Contact tracing is underway and that includes testing some people. It is not surprising that a GP surgery has closed for cleaning as that is part of the primary care guidance.
  • The tracing and managing of contacts who have had significant exposure to confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus is being co-ordinated by Public Health England.
  • The process starts with a predetermined list of information being collected on each patient. This includes details of any places visited following the onset of symptoms or, in the case of travellers, since they arrived in the UK.
  • This is either done by the clinician caring for the patient or in conjunction with them. Translation services will used if needed to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.
  • Information is also collected about significant contacts – those people in close contact with the case while symptomatic, such household members, fellow travellers etc.
  • Using the available information, all close contacts of the case will be assessed and either categorised into high or low risk.  All contacts will be provided with health advice about symptoms and given emergency contact details to use if they develop symptoms in the 14 days after the exposure occurred.
  • Those considered to be at higher risk will have a verbal assessment of their health and their health will be monitored on a daily basis and they will asked to self-isolate.  Should any of the group report symptoms they will be assessed and offered testing in line with current guidance.
  • Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 21.43.32.png

As developers prepare to dump another 80 homes on Alfold, villagers are gearing up to say – No More!


The residents claim that planning has become a joke in their small village on the Surrey/Sussex border. But they are not laughing!

As another shedload of greedy developers with their eyes glued on a green field that doesn’t move, so is ripe for concrete, answer Waverley Planners’ questions. Villagers are a step ahead answering for them.

Here’s our earlier post on the screening opinion by Iceni projects Lt on behalf of W.E. Black Ltd.Another shedload of new homes on their way to Alfold?

Here are ‘YW’s’ questions:

” Is the proposal in or adjacent to other potentially sensitive areas, such as local
designations, protected species, contaminated land, etc?

And here’s a residents response.

The site is located within 500m of an area identified as Ancient Woodland.
The site is located within an area deemed to be at a high risk of flooding by
the Environment Agency.
The site is adjacent to a petrol filling station.”

Close to Ancient Woodland AND in an area deemed to be at a HIGH risk of FLOODING!! – Heyho let’s just wack in a new application and cost the Tax Payers a shed load of Money!

Planning is a Joke and it is the Developers that are Laughing

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required for development under 150 homes. So clever developers phase developments so it is not that unusual for 149!

Adjacent to this particular site on the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road, there is an application at appeal for 56 homes on the former Wyevale Garden Centre. Waverley granted consent for 10 homes now they are going to appeal for 56!More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.

Cala Homes is currently building 55 of Phase 1 at Sweeters’ Copse on the Loxwood Road, with another 80 REFUSED but presumably now in the Appeal pipeline for a second phase on that site! NO EIA REQUIRED! 

So no doubt W.E. Black Limited will put in a planning application for 80 homes NO EIA REQUIRED, and then put another application in later WITH NO EIA REQUIRED, in a little village with:

No schools, An A road with a dangerous road surface and a high accident record; flooding; sewerage spewing up in gardens; a garage and shop, little or no public transport and a large number of homes not even on main drainage.  

Also, some very pi**ed off residents. Who say they will just keep fighting.

And here’s another scheme. Despite Opposition from the parish council and resident. In a village which was WA/2019/1324 approved by Waverley Planners for 9 dwellings in Alfold near Green Lane on the Compasses Gate approach Road to Dunsfold Park. And Here’s what one neighbour said:

Neighbour Response

Will Farnham Tories stop at nothing to regain power?



No doubt it is painful.  Very painful, for the South West Surrey Conservative Association to have lost the powerful hold it once held over the borough of Waverley.

The pain must be particularly excruciating and hard to bare over here in Farnham. Where the Tories managed to retain just one seat – the remainder captured by liberal Democrats and Farnham Residents (FRG).  Even then the sitting Tory was not opposed.

The Farnham Residents’ Association was determined to release the iron grip of a group of pale, and stale Tories – well past their sell-by date. The FRG is now part of the Rainbow Coalition running ‘Your Waverley.’

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.35.51.png



But no they were just taking a leaf out of the Government’s school book! We want to trust our politicians – don’t we?

Headline: DfE accused of propaganda over school cuts

You won’t believe this.

The Government has launched a new website to imitate schoolcuts.org.uk.

But the Department of Education’s website fails to show parents the real picture. School funding cuts continue to shortchange children across the country.

You already know the numbers:

1. Schools don’t have what they need to run their core budgets — 83% of schools in England still lose out this year compared to 2015.

2. Nursery schools are on the brink of closure — Without a funding increase that covers their increased costs, 389 nursery schools are facing cuts or closure next year.

3. Children with SEND are being left out — Over 2,700 children with special educational needs are still waiting for a school place.

Despite the Government’s claims to level up school funding, we know headteachers don’t have money in the bank to run their schools right now.

Help parents and teachers uncover the truth by sharing schoolcuts.org.uk:

Share on Facebook

We’ve come so far in the 3 years since we launched this campaign. We’ve won concession after concession from successive Prime Ministers. There is now no debate that schools have been under immense financial pressure.  
The upcoming Spring Budget on 11 March is an opportunity to ramp up pressure on the Government to provide adequate funding for every child, from nursery to college.
Stay tuned as we escalate this campaign.
Andrew Baisley,

Data Analyst, National Education Union.

If you live in the eastern part of the borough you can write to the Honourable Angela – who has recently been made one of Boris’s babes new parliamentary private secretaries for education. She has lots of experience on the subject having been educated in New Zealand, and having educated her three chidren in private schools.
She can be contacted at: angela.richardson.mp@parliament.uk



Jeremy Hunt pays a fleeting visit to ‘Your Waverley?



Put your foot down – the clock starts ticking – NOW!

If you had blinked an eye, or stopped to sneeze, into your handkerchief, or the crook of your arm of course, you may have missed him. Because, after nine-long months, during which he has been spending more time with his family/entrepreneurial activities/bidding for the country’s head honcho job and electioneering, the Hon Jeremy could only manage an hour at Waverley Council.

An hour? Just an hour – to talk through all the issues which face our borough with  the heads of the new all inclusive Rainbow Administration?  Was one of his many aides standing by with a stopwatch?

Did you have to swallow hard as the bile rose in your throat, as you summoned up the courage to speak to those leading ‘Your Borough Council’ because its administration isn’t Tory?’ You know, the council that has been covering your whole constituency of South West Surrey since May 2018?

Did you just slip in the visit between photo ops in Godalming & Farncombe, to shut the voting fodder up, including us here at the Waverley Web, just in case we all started to lose faith in you as our newly re-elected MP?

No worries, we suspect that the new Administration will just about to manage to continue running Waverley without more than an hour of you precious time.

 However, perhaps you were able to glean just a little about the pressing matters that are impacting on Waverley residents. Like:

  •  Anti-Social behaviour
  • Residents concerns with rail service
  • Fairer funding for local government
  •  Government Planning policy and it’s impact on our area

Following your request for any questions  –  Cllr Followssorry we couldn’t add a few  of our own, as the WW didn’t receive  notice of J’s flying visit.


  • Because we were travelling on an overcrowded train into the City standing room only!
  • One of our team was worrying themselves sick as every single penny of their parents money, which included their former home, has now run out having been spent on their nursing-home fees after being  turned down for any NHS Care at the age of 99 years!
  • Another has just been refused  a mortgage, despite being a key health-care worker.
  • Another who has just bought a home in a Waverley village only to find that the planners have allowed a 4th Gypsy site nearby.
  • Another who fears they may soon be floooded.
  • And another whose business is about to hit the rocks, and doesn’t know how he is going to afford the proposed council-tax hikes.

Oh, and just in case he has forgotten, we are choking on traffic fumes here in Farnham, as we fall into potholed roads and pavements, trying to get our kids to school without using the car. ~ in our bid to Save The Planet!

However, we have all taken his advice to wash our hands up to our elbows – and self isolate, so thanks for that bit of advice you gave on the radio Jeremy. But, as some of us are on zero hours contracts and don’t get paid, any ideas on how we live? Answers on a postcard Jeremy?

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.10.27.png


Gypsy site NO 4 Stovolds Hill, DUNSFOLD has been GRANTED.




But  – surprise – surprise – even the settled  gypsy community objected to yet another site being established – but nobody listened. 

 It is well-known locally that ‘Your Waverley’s officers want more sites to satisfy provision for gypsy families as part of its Local Plan Part 2.  The occupants of Lydia Park have been urged by officers to come forward with more sites.

So it makes sense for  Waverley Planners to turn a blind-eye to the creation of a Fourth unauthorised gypsy site which has been under construction for over two years adjacent to the existing gypsy sites at Lydia Park, Hilltops and New Acres. The new site runs alongside Dunsfold Road and adjoins Lydia Park. It also adjoins the proposed UCOG – oil and gas exploration site.

Permission was  GRANTED a few days ago – with Conditions – which some may find almost laughable! This settlement is an entirely new group of travellers from Ireland. And it is called …. wait for it!

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 21.56.52.png

Aptly named – as nearby residents are weeping into their breakfast cereal – as they already live near one of the largest concentrations of gypsies in the country.

WA/2019/1265 for 9 family units and WA/2019/0515 for 4 family units, a total of 13 on a site which could in the future accommodate several hundred families.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 22.17.08.png

Condition: Any further development cannot take place without the prior consent of the local planning authority! So exactly where has the LPA been for the past couple of years?

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 22.00.23.png

 The settled families who have lived in Stovolds Hill for decades describe permission for yet another site as ‘sheer madness’ and predict a recipe for trouble!

Mr Nelson Smith, an occupant of nearby Lydia Park for over 30 years put in the following application to extend his holding, but this was withdrawn.

WA/2019/1277 Change of use of land to residential use for 5 gypsy families. The site to contain 5 static caravans, 5 touring caravans, 5 amenity buildings, fencing and hardstanding. Land North of Lydia Park, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh. 

Parish Councils including Alfold, Dunsfold, Bramley and Cranleigh – all objected.

Here’s Alfold’s Letter of objection:

Lydia Park and surrounding land, together with the adjacent New Acres site, have been the subject of planning permissions in recent years for the intensification of the sites and sprawl into the adjoining agricultural land, which is classified as AGLV and clearly visible from Hascombe Hill (AONB). The net effect of this is that the gypsy and traveller community now dominates the existing settled community on Stovolds Hill, contrary to National Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2015, and further expansion would make this worse. The continued expansion of this site represents unsustainable development and is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policies SP1, SP2, AHN4, RE1 and RE3.

The lack of enforcement of conditions on the equestrian/agricultural mixed-use site (WA/2017/2013) located between Lydia Park and the application site has caused material visual harm to this rural area, damages the residential amenity of the neighbouring properties and has a negative impact on traffic safety. The Parish council is therefore very concerned that no further application on this site should be considered without absolute certainty that all conditions can be and will be enforced. Since this letter was sent the application has been withdrawn.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 22.02.23.png

APC endorses the submission from Bramley Parish Council and agrees that there should be no further expansion of the gypsy and traveller sites on Stovolds Hill until such a time as there is a clear strategy for the site.

For these reasons, APC requests this application be refused.


Are the Tories about to remove planning controls – what’s left of them – from ‘Your Waverley?’


Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 10.11.56.png

As homes swimming in floodwater become a familiar site, isn’t now an ideal time to hand more power to developers? You really couldn’t make it up!

The Tories are about to remove planning controls from local authorities and hand it to developers and Waverley planning officers are eagerly awaiting the new White Paper. 
Beautiful homes on sunlit uplands? Not once the developers are in charge.

Boris Johnson’s “smash the system” approach to public policy is about to reach every street, town, village and field in the country including ‘Your Waverley.’

The Government is preparing to dynamite development controls and unleash market forces on us all , moving power from councils to developers and inflicting great harm on the built and natural environments. Just another step on from giving Inspectors’, not local people a say on what goes on around them. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 10.34.13.pngWhile No 10 advisers like Dominic Cummins grab the headlines, it is Jack Airey who may well have the more lasting impact on our lives. As Johnson’s new adviser on housing and planning, Airey is leading the charge to strip local councils of meaningful control over local development. Just last month, in his role as head of housing at influential right-wing thinktank Policy Exchange, he published his manifesto, Rethinking the planning system for the 21st century.

Airey is undoubtedly right that the planning system is not fit for modern times. Fertile land is being gobbled up for ugly, sprawling, car-dependent, amenity-free housing developments

In Godalming Tales of the River Bank. New lakeside homes available in Cranleigh?

CCS’s flabber is ghasted. But will anyone take one blind bit of notice? – Perhaps the flood insurers might?

Poorly planned building on, or close to flood plains, is exacerbating the menace of floods. Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes have been dubbed as “useless” even by Surrey County Council experts. Too few new buildings minimise their carbon footprint. Developers constantly dodge their obligations to build social housing.  Planning decisions can take too long and the rationale can be opaque. But junking democratic accountability and putting developers in charge is not the answer.

Airey claims councils are saddled with too many policy objectives around development, often pulling in different directions. Of course there are conflicts, and it is the role of local and national politicians, accountable to voters, to do their best to resolve them. The outcomes will be inherently imperfect, but still superior to allowing the answers to be determined by those whose primary objective is to maximise profit.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 10.35.56.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 18.12.00.png

Farnham garden saved from the diggers? But for how long?


As the Secretary of State for Environment  warns councils not to build in areas that flood – ‘Your Waverley’s planning officers wanted to – Carry on Regardless!

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 15.36.44.png

However, councillors refused to follow their advice and ditched proposed development in Frensham Vale due to flooding environmental and other concerns.

Almost 50 letters of objection have been received by ‘Your Waverley’ planners including those from Farnham Town Council, Frensham Vale Action Group and the Farnham Society all opposed to build a dwelling in the gardens of Springfield, 30 Frensham Road, Lower Bourne. The applicant had wanted to build three.

 However the list of objections as long as your arm did not deter the planners from recommending approval, and neither did the fact that councillors were prevented by the owners from entering for a site visit, due to the area being flooded. But pictures sent in by residents, but not revealed by officers, showed serious flooding issues.

Councillors said the owner had already created large swathes of bituminous macadam to create a driveway across a flood plain which had already exacerbated flooding in the area. Nearby roads and properties are affected. They claimed his bid to create an alternative 195 metre driveway to serve the new dwelling in his grounds, would only make things worse.

One councillor after another, asked officers what was the point of having a Farnham Design Statement or a Farnham Neighbourhood Plan if nobody took any notice of them?

Photographs of recent floods there provided by nearby residents, said Cllr Carole Cockburn – ‘were enough to make you weep.’  She knew the site well, and had thought there was a lake on the property, it was flooded so often.

 Others asked –  had everyone lost sight of the fact that both Waverley and the county council had declared ‘A Climate Emergency,’ and the likelyhood was, that things could only get worse?

Trees had already been felled, without consent,  to make-way for the development, at a time when everyone in the country was being encouraged to plant trees.

Cllr Gerry Hyman, who gains more support each day  for his stand on environmental issues affecting the Thames Basin Heath, said no proper assessment had been made for the development’s effect on Farnham’s Special Protection areas. He said it was “scandalous” that officers had not adhered to the reasons spelled out in detail by an Inspector’s where his refusal given on two other properties were on Habitats Grounds.

“And as for asking anyone to drag bins down a 195m drive to the main road,  against the council’s own policy, and objections from the Council’s own Refuse Teams, made a nonsense of the officers’ recommendation to grant consent. 

Objections included …

 The proposed house is situated beyond the Built-up Area Boundary and would have a harmful impact on the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside, in an Area of Special Environmental Quality.

Would erode the rural and wooded landscape adding to the ‘urban creep’ and leading to infilling of the gap between Lower Bourne and Rowledge.

  •   lead to the pressure of fragmentation and overdevelopment.
  •   The provision of a driveway has already contributed to the erosion of the semi-  rural character of the area.
  •  The removal of the existing fence should not be regarded as a planning benefit for the proposal and Flood Risk
    The proposal would increase the risk of flooding to nearby properties;

    The culvert running parallel to the road is often at full capacity and frequently spills onto the road;

  •   It has not been demonstrated that the site is sequentially preferred or meets the exception test with regard to flooding.
  •   No evidence of safe escape has been provided in the event of flooding as the only    escape route is across the flood plain and there is no dry escape route beyond local roads (as required by the Flood Risk Practice Guide.
  •   The site is within Flood Zone 3
  •   Owners have erected a fence which interferes with the Flood Zone.
  •   The Flood Risk Assessment is not robust.
  •  Trees have been felled pre-emptively leading to a loss of privacy to neighbours at No 28.



The urbanisation of the site would harm the biodiversity of the area and erode the Frensham Vale Wildlife Corridor.

 The flood risk assessment undertaken by the applicants is flawed and does not account for climate change.

Contrary to Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and the Farnham Design Statement.

 The development is not sustainable as it does not accord with the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan (outside of Built Up Area Boundary) and there are no extenuating circumstance to warrant a departure from the Plan; as it is not required in order to meet housing allocations.

The application was unanimously refused – at least – the WW thinks it was – as it is too much trouble for anyone to actually announce the result! Just an almost silent counting of hands. What’s happened to the electronic voting system?

You can watch it here:

BB strikes a blow for the Cranleigh Village Health honchos.


Will no one save us from the constant drip, drip, of drivel that is being dispensed by that self-promoting Cranleigh crank Martin Bamford?  

Having set up the Cranleigh Community Board, Martin Bamford threw his toys out of the pram and left the Board when people insisted on posting comments that he and his cronies in the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce didn’t like or agree with.

Huge sighs of relief all round then!

Only to be followed by much pantomime-villain-style booing when he dived back in again – because the Cranleigh Community Group, which was set up to question and debate Bamford and his cronies’ self-interested take on Cranleigh, dared to launch a petition to stop a PRIVATE CARE HOME being built on a site that had formerly been promoted for a REPLACEMENT VILLAGE HOSPITAL. Then, shock horror, they dared to support bringing back to the eastern villages, a once treasured minor injuries unit, which could become an Urgent Care Centre.

In short, the Village went to war with Bamford and his cronies and he didn’t like it.    In fact, he fizzed  and foamed with fury and was so cross you could hear the elastic in his Y-fronts pinging!

 He has now put up a post on the alternative Cranleigh Community Board – the one that he still manages to censor, despite ostensibly handing it over  to a Cranleigh Parish Councillor, to tell everyone  about his new client. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 10.05.27.png

It would be interesting to know whether BB’s new client is paying BB for services rendered?  We understand from the locals, regularly in touch with the WW, that he now occupies offices owned by non-other than the Flying Dutchman, recently resigned Trustee of  CVHT to concentrate on his real role as a developer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the people of Cranleigh and the surrounding villages gave up their time, their efforts and their money to support the creation of a new village hospital/day hospital with local beds for local people, free at the point of demand.  They did not dig deep to line the coffers of a PRIVATELY OWNED NURSING HOME and its promotors and developers with a few community beds that would be open to all comers from across the Borough.  They want their site – which was sold for a measly £1 – and their donations – which ran to over £1.5m  – back.  It’s not a lot to ask, nor is it remotely unreasonable.  After all, if you buy a kettle and find when you get it home it’s making toast you take it back and demand – your money back!

Got it, Mr Bamford?

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 15.33.32.png

Jeremy solves Farnham’s Air Pollution with… more meetings!


Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 09.43.36.png

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 11.14.15


Congratulations for FINALLY meeting a Council Leader Jeremy! Even if he was a friendly Conservative, dropping in to your Constituency office for a cosy cup of tea. And between you you’ve agreed to get all the Stakeholders together for a Masterplan. EH?? Eh??

Isn’t that what you have been promising Farnham ay EVERY ELECTION since 2005 young man? Here’s your leaflet from  – wait for it – wait for it…

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 10.24.04.png


Aha! let’s look at No. 6 – “A Traffic Plan for Farnham:” Jeremy is working closely with local councillors and campaigners to develop a pedestrianisation plan for Farnham that is practical and viable.”

And 14 very painful and lung congested years later, that’s the best plan you can come up with – again!

And lets politely ignore the ‘Success’ you claimed for fighting Dunsfold New Town at No.3!

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 06.57.53

Dunsfold Garden Villge Coming soon – but thanks to Jeremy  Three years later than planned. And then only after shedloads of money down Waverley’s drain. –  Due to his intervention – 600/700 fewer homes built on the brownfield site- which now threatens the borough’s 5-year land supply and the loss of yet more countryside! Thanks Jeremy.



Oh! another one bites the dust!


Trustees are dropping off the CVHT radar faster than branches from local trees.  Not Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust now of course, but the Cranleigh Village ‘Health’ Trust.  

This time it’s Mr Cranleahy, who has resigned from his charitable aims to spend more time with his developer aims. The Rudgwick man, has thrown in the shovel, following in the clog-steps of his developer mate Nick Vrijland, who resigned shortly before Christmas.  Remember him, the one who once grew lettuces to feed the nation. Now along with his CVHT running-mate now grows houses – because they want to make Cranleigh a better place.


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 20.19.03.png

Here’s the reason above why they are regularly biting the dust! The Trustees who are working to find the most effective way forward of how best to use public land and the public’s money are mentioned below?

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 20.22.52.png

Here’s a list of the Trustees left on the Board. 



Another shedload of new homes on their way to Alfold?



So sick of developers queuing up  to concrete over their village on the Surrey/Sussex borders – that its residents are writing  to the cash and carry on brigade to hear their impassioned please. 

 Denise Wordworth comments on the latest screening opinion by another developer who wants to build 80 homes on agricultural land with direct access onto the A281 Horsham/ Guildford Road adjacent to the Crossways Petrol Station.  

She says: “Please do not waste Tax payers money on this. We already have more than enough Planning applications for the Village of Alfold. And if we have to pay for Planners to review this application I will request a FOI into the costs relating to this Application.    

The developer claims:

2.5 The Site is highly accessible by car, and an approximate 5 minute walk to the centre of Alfold Crossways. The nearest bus stop is approximately 650 metres to the north of the Site serving the 42 bus route between Guildford and Cranleigh.

I challenge officers to walk this footpath – we do it daily with our dog – It is hazardous, WET, Noisy and scary with a young dog let alone children. I would also like to know what the centre of Alfold Crossways is, apart from our lovely Sports & Social club and playing fields?

2.6 The nearest settlement is Alfold Crossways which provides a few local services and amenities including the Alfold Crossways Village Hall, Alfold Sports Council Social Club, small-scale retail,

There is a M&S Simply Food and the garden centre (CLOSED) located approximately 60 metres to the north of the Site. The Wildwood Country Club and golf course (CLOSED – subject to planning) is located immediately to the north-west of the site on the opposite side of Horsham Road. 2.7 There are further amenities and services, including a Post Office (CLOSED from 1pm Week days),Veterinary Surgery and St Nicholas Church within the village of Alfold, located approximately 820 metres to the south-west of the Site. The nearest educational and medical facilities are located in Loxwood, located approximately 3 kilometres to the south of the Site.

A GP site under pressure and a school which is FULL! Children from Alfold are transported to oversubscribed, and dilapidated schools in Cranleigh – or beyond to Billingshurst in West Sussex. It is quite obvious that this, along with other applications already the subject of Appeals, are being lodged by Developers in the hope that at least one or two will slip thorough the Appeal process.

 This Village is Not Sustainable as it stands and until Government spends money improving local facilities for Alfold’s existing and new residents this size of development is not sustainable and developers should not be forcing our council into wasting our money.

With all of the accumulated developments in the area and outside the area in Horsham – the A281 is taking on more traffic then it was ever expected or constructed to accommodate.  The fact that Surrey County Council  doesn’t seem to recognise this as an issue is laughable.

It seems to me these developers are presuming that the former Wyevale Garden Centre Application HAS been approved as this Diagram shows – making it look as though this proposed development is adjoing another. Please explain??

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 15.27.46.png

There is no reason for Alfold to take any further development  as we have already exceeded our Minimum number of 125. This is a waste of money and should be thrown out despite the heavy tactics of the developers. It is not in the interests of the local residents nor the wider Borough to exceed the numbers agreed in LPP1 and I am sure LPP2 will confirm this

Denise Wordsworth

Alfold Screening Option Adj petrol Station 28 Jan 2020

By 2023 if Government funding cuts continue ‘Your Waverley’ goes bust – simple!




These two Waverley Tory MP’s bagged their seats at Westminster. Now it is time they start working for the people who put them there because Waverley is joining other local authorities in lambasting the Tory Government. They now have to earn those votes and may  find themselves needing those tin hats! The borough needs more than just those Smarties around your neck Angela – they want fair and decent funding restored.

Despite some opposition to parts of the new Administration’s first Budget, Waverley Towers experienced a phenomenon seldom witnessed there.


Following in the wake of Storm Dennis – the annual Budget setting meeting was predicted to be of similar turbulant proportions. Instead it resulted in a show of togetherness of the never to be forgotten variety! United – the whole council rounded on the Tory Government – and its local MP’s.

The Government received an all round  bashing for the unfair treatment meted out to councils in the South of England.

The Tory Group offered to join forces with the new Rainbow Coalition to demand fairness from Westminster. Watch out Jeremy – you could be facing the wrath of  your Tory colleagues, and as for the Honourable Angela – she may need a tin hat to weather the storm heading her way. Some are even considering marching on Westminster! So shocked was the WW, we almost fell off our web!animated-spider-image-0201

As the clock ticks on ‘Your Waverley’s’ worsening financial crisis –   the drama was played out at Tuesday’s Budget setting round in the Council Chamber that may soon find itself  sporting a ‘For Sale’ sign. 

As well as collecting council tax to support its own budget, by law Waverley has to collect council tax for Surrey County Council (SCC), Surrey Police and the borough’s town and parish councils and this money is paid over to other organisations.

Surrey County Council is increasing Council Tax by 3.99%. Surrey Police by 3.85% and some parish town and councils in Waverley by a considerable amount

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 23.18.11.png

 For 2020/21, this is equivalent to around 7p a week on a Band D property;

How did it achieve this? By slashing its operating costs by £700,000.


Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 08.13.44.png

Said Surrey County Council Leader Tim Oliver.

However, cash- strapped Surrey County Council is considering issuing an invite to the wealthiest in the county to dig even deeper and send over even more as voluntary contributions. Really, honestly, we kid you not!  The county’s begging bowl is out, all donations gratefully received! 


Waverley keeps a measly 10p in every pound of council tax collected to fund its services, and also the Government has a strangle-hold over councils by restricting  the amount that council tax can be increased each year.  ‘Your Waverley’ collects business rates from all non-domestic premises in the Borough. Most of this money is paid to the Government with a relatively small amount being retained by Waverley…

…Just 5p from every pound collected! Stingy Government blighters!

The Government also sets the rateable value and rates chargeable for all business premises.


Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.50.15.png


Waverley’s Revenue Support Grant from the government is now ZERO. There has been a dramatic reduction over the last 6 years from £6m in 2010/11.


There was however a noticeable absence of unity between the newbies and the Tories over…

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.35.36.png

The newbies are not impressed that the Tories promised the burgeoning New Town a spanking new Leisure Centre shortly before receiving the order of the boot at the 2019 May polls. A promise announced in the full knowledge that the cupboard was bare!

“Very naughty”

Said the new Leader John Ward.

Now the newbies are left holding the babies and the poolwater! Acutely aware that the centre is falling apart at the seams and must either be refurbished or replaced – with money the authority doesn’t have.  If you didn’t already know Cranleigh – you were duped by the scurrilous Tory bunch to buy your vote! The Tories threw the blame back on the newbies, and claim its “dithering and delay” has cost Farnham a “climbing wall.”

But never fear – the newbies on the block are promising to do all they can to get Cranleigh up and swimming. But keep holding your breath, because it won’t be soon. Just keep watching those HGV’s rolling along your country roads, building ever-higher platforms for all those flood-prone new properties coming your way – without the fringe benefits – hey ho!


  Waverley was persuaded to keep some, under-used car parking charges lower in Cranleigh. However as charges around the borough haven’t  increased for 3/4 years,  small increases here and there generates £145k of badly-needed additional income. 

An independent review of charges was commissioned to take effect in 2020/21. Of the additional income generated, some £100k, is earmarked to pay for the ongoing costs of delivering Waverley’s climate change emergency action plan. Altogether £300,000 has  been earmarked to tackle the climate emergency and the growing chasm of inequality in our borough. A figure that Tory Cllr Trevor Sadler described as – “paltry.”

Although council tenants face a 2.7% increase, there has been no change to their rents for the past 4 years – because yes, you guessed, due to Government intervention yet again!! 

Fees and charges have been reviewed too, Some are statutory but for those determined by Waverley some inflationary increases are proposed for 2020/21 where appropriate. Many charges have been increased in line with estimated inflation. The administration  considered increasing Green Waste subscription charges by £5 to a total charge of £70 to generate an additional £70k per year as past increases had not led to a reduction in the number of subscribers. However it decided that such an increase would not be in the spirit of the council’s declared Climate Change Emergency Strategy.

There were a few skimishes before the Budget was passed. Elstead’s Aunty Elsey waxed lyrical about retaining grants to the Voluntary Sector in the full knowledge that the Tories have been effectively cutting their grants in real terms for a decade. And aware that a Residents Consultation survey, conducted by Waverley, has placed them as a low priority. The Deputy Leader Paul Follows said – despite the Tory Government’s wilful neglect, he pledged the new Administration would do “the very best it could for the residents of Waverley, of all ages.”

See here from a post we made earlier, based on council paperwork which was made public and then removed from the public domain before the meetting? Could a nasty shock be on the horizon for Waverley’s grant-funded organisations?

‘Worried of Wonersh’ aka Michael Goodridge warned officers he intends  to take them to task alleging they are not adhering to the Council’s Constitution!  

Another Tory accused the Executive of making too many decisions behind closed doors. Because of course, they had never dreamed of doing such a thing?!? Perish the thought!

Despite the sniping the Budget was passed – with the Tories voting for almost everything. Funny though, with all that experience gained over a decade in power by all those Tory councillors … and yet NOTHING in response either verbally or in terms of ideas for getting ‘Your Waverley’ out of the financial hole that they, and the  Tory Government, has dug for our borough?




Traffic chaos and danger for children in Cranleigh here it comes?


Cranleigh residents say NO, so does Cranleigh Parish Council, Waverley Borough Council, School Governors and teachers to new schools being built in one of the most congested areas of Cranleigh.

Surrey County Council (SCC) want to build a Nursery School, a Primary School and the former C of E Middle School to join Glebelands Comprehensive in Parsonage Road, All near to an old people’s day centre, a Waverley housing development at Sarus Place, and the Glebe Estate. 

Yet another new development will surely follow soon with plans to build behind David Manns Department Store?

The former school sites will also provide 91 new homes, bringing in even more traffic, while at the same time filling up the county council’s coffers.

However Waverley Planners refused SCC’s  housing application on the grounds that the density was too high – and without parking bays – would cause a danger to motorists and pedestrians, in particular young children.  No problem there – then? No doubt the county honchos will get around that little minor local difficulty?

Waverley planners refuse 91 new homes and send the county council back to the drawing board.

The proposed new schools, the existing St Cuthbert Mayne RC School, and the new homes together with existing homes and businesses will all access onto two main roads in the immediate area. St Nicolas Avenue onto Ewhurst Road and Rowland Road. Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.15.26.pngBut if Surrey County  Council decides what locals say is an “ugly building” is going ahead  in the countryside then what it says goes! Everyone can shut-up and put-up – because the County Planners can do just what the hell they like. Even without having yet granted itself planning consent, it put two fingers up to Natural England and environmental best practice this week and sent in contractors to scrub out an ancient hedge.

Yes you guessed in flood-torn Cranleigh! During the nesting season, which due to the warm winter has arrived early. So s*d the birds says Surrey?

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 10.08.04.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 15.41.19.png

The new school that even before it is actually built is too small. It cannot house a full school assembly and there will have to be three seprate lunchtime sittings.

The long established and well-loved Cranleigh Sports & Social Club adjacent is “fuming” that its long-standing premises and bowling green will now be totially exposed.

The parish council backed by residents has made its opposition widely known. It   fears for childrens safety as there will be no layby’s or drop-off points.

However, the numpty know-alls at County Hall believe that little problem can be easily overcome by paying staff/ teachers to corall the kids up – and get them to their parents’ waiting cars – or school coaches!  

Another poor use of public money? Still we guess better use than stumping up almost £60m to provide new shops and restaurants here in Farnham? In the middle of a retail downturn?


The Cranleigh Society is asking parents?

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 09.47.03.png

The  Society has looked carefully at the new building plans and beleives the scheme to tuck a new school for more children from Nursery Age to 11 behind the Social Club is fraught with problems.

But say something really must be done as soon as possible. All we can do is lobby to get the current sites upgraded or a much better plan – ideas?

 SCC has promised  to  rebuild or refurbished the existing schools for over 20 years – now their roofs are leaking and pupils forced to sit with buckets to collect water pouring through ceilings. Rising 5’s are using facilities over 70 years old. Facilities used by their grandparents, we are told by our Cranleigh followers!

Apparently the stream at the top of the fields are  too soggy for sport, but this has never been dealt with and the schools don’t use them because they flood.

  • The Assembly hall is small: it cannot accommodate assembly for the whole school & there will have to be 3 sittings for lunch
  • The new site will have AstroTurf not grass play areas.
  • There is no area for parents to gather at drop-off and pick-up
  • The access is limited to school vehicles.
  • No parking close by for pick-up & drop-off
  • The school will have to pay staff extra to walk children to & from the bus parking.

It is urging Cranleigh people to stand up and  contribute to the debate. Warning – if you don’t, then those who have the power to make decision on your behalf won’t know what you think and want.

Write to Surrey County Council at mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk  and our Surrey County Councillor Andrew Poveyandrew.f.povey@surreycc.gov.uk

Write to our planning authority -Waverley Borough Council, in Godalming – have a lookhere WA/2018/2044

Write to our Member of Parliament Angela Richardson,angela.richardson.mp@parliament.uk

SCC has declared declard a climate emergency. Wouldn’t be better for SCC to examine all aspects of this projects now, and rebuild on the current site, and make the school carbon neutral – a new primary just opened in Sutton says this – “The school will be Zero Carbon and Passivhaus certified”.  see more details here 

Cranleigh Society says  is there to help Cranleigh maintain its special feel by examining planning applications and infrastructure, and letting our Councils know how the public feel about proposed changes.  Please contribute by contacting us and also your councillors.. and the links we send you.  You can join the mailing list on our website for free. You can also complete the membership request found on our web page.






Plans to build retirement home on green belt land in Godalming are not going down well with the locals.


TROUBLE AT MILL!Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 09.50.17.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 18.23.24.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 18.01.16.png


Plans for a 67-bedroom retirement home on green belt land in Godalming have been met with widespread criticism.

The development at Westbrook Mills would see 21 independent and 46 assisted living units built, a third of a mile from the town’s railway station adjacent to development already consented at Westbrook Mills.

Once upon a time even Waverley considered moving into the Westbrook Mills buildings.

Waverley’s Local Plan says the borough must deliver 11,210 more homes by 2032 – 1,520 of them in Godalming.

Yet the proposals have already drawn criticism from the town council, which has raised concerns about the impact it would have on the environment, transport pressure and safety.

A spokesman said: “The proposed development is on the green belt, with no exceptional case for removal from the green belt having been made, and it threatens the biodiversity of the adjoining meadows and countryside.”

Robert Pryer, who lives on the same road as the proposed site, said: “The scale of the development is out of character and appears to be two large buildings shoe-horned into a very small footprint.

“The space should be enhanced and more trees planted, not unnecessary destruction of existing trees and natural habitat.

“I have already noticed animal displacement from Ockford Ridge – we should not even consider this application.”

Network Rail has also objected and launched an internal investigation, as it believes the plans impose a risk to its rail infrastructure.

Advertising the development which has already taken place at The Mill. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 18.20.34.png

It noted the buildings could adversely affect rare birds such as the nightjar, woodlark and Dartford warbler, which are not just rare in the UK but internationally too.

A new vehicle access point for those leaving the site will be created, and a decision on the application is expected to be made in March.

Will we finally see in our life time an application refused on the Advice of Natural England which actually looked at the impact of development on the Special Protection Area’s rare birds! JHMoses!!


Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 09.59.38.png

Grab the Ark in Waverley-Updated.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.09.43.png

Storm / Flooding Update (PM 17/02)

Two flood warnings remain in Waverley: River Wey at Elstead and Eashing; River Wey at Godalming. River levels remain high and will continue to be monitored.

– Flood barriers will remain on Catteshall Road until at least Wednesday (but it will be when the EA are happy it’s safe to). So please continue to use the access from the other end of Catteshall Lane for that part of Godalming.

The barriers functioned as designed and I think without them the houses there would almost certainly have flooded.

– the allotments in that area have been under water and I’ll be seeking updates as to next steps there. Likewise borough staff will be looking to see if the existence of the barrier at Catteshall has in any way raised the flood risk further up (e.g. at the Almshouses).

I would like to take this opportunity to to thank the Town and parish council teams across the borough. WBC officers who have been managing this situation and working with the EA and SCC (it has been WBC officers keeping the councillors up to date). Lots of people dealing with fallen trees and other issues quickly and professionally too. Our WBC Comms team, resilience and sustainability managers have also been indispensable over the weekend and today (many working some silly hours in the process!)

Residents have been fantastic at getting us information about what is going on. I also want to thank the councillors I have been in contact with over the weekend, right across Waverley that have been on the phone and text to me, on social media and in general dealing with residents queries.

The Borough Council will conduct a lessons learnt excercise (standard practice). So please let me know if you have any feedback you would like to add. I have raised a few points myself (one being – why is it GBC provide sandbags when WBC does not).

Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Godalming Central and Ockford Ward


Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 22.41.54


Elmbridge Road in Cranleigh where Thakeham Homes fought tirelessly, with the help of Waverley planning officers,  to build homes in the flood plains – and won against  massive local opposition. Homes that cannot get insurance? Look at that massive moat in this video!

Watch right to the end of this (or scroll to 4min 25), as 3 cars almost collide, and cause a wave over the windscreen of the third car. Remember its hard enough to pass oncoming traffic without floods on Elmbridge Road. Idiots!

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 11.45.08

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 22.46.55
Dunsfold Road:86430880_10158214268247664_8689903189924773888_n

Broadbridge Heath Shalford: Which Guildford Borough Council intends to take out of the Green Belt – so it can build more homes.86489088_585070188748965_1971811140472143872_o

Mill Lane Godalming (road goes toward station) Where developers want to build a Care Home – against local opposition including the Town Council. 


Lower Weyburn Lane, Badshot Lea – where parking is for permit holders only!


Horsham Road, Ellens Green: Where developers are lining up to build more homes.


And finally in Catteshall, Godalming, after £5 Million flood defences installed and flood barriers erected today- nothing, nada!


*** Update*** Looks like Godalming’s flood defences have worked. They have saved the allotments!! Thanks Tim Trout for the Drone Photo


Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 21.55.18.png

Whatever the weather – the dog must find a tree?


They seek her here – they seek her there – in Alfold they’re seeking Anne Milton everywhere.


So where’s the new girl on the block? And, has anyone seen our Jeremy?

As floodwater and sewerage rise all over Waverley – the eastern villages want to know –

Where are our flood forums?

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.38.02.pngThe sewers are overflowing and the tankers are out!

Here’s a message we received from Mr Peter Hartley, one of our followers, in response to numerous e-mails he had received from worried villagers in Alfold.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.28.22.png

Given that Thames Water sets aside £100M+ per annum for ‘Contingencies’, and given that Thames Water made COMMITMENTS to our previous MP to resolve the Sewerage Flooding situation, it seems to me that it is time to ‘Go Public’ in the National Press.  (I will certainly raise the matter on Social Media.)

You heard it here on the Waverley Web first.

Looking at the confusion within Thames Water, and the ‘Sacking’ of TW’s previous CEO for failing to make good his commitment to cut leaks, I have LOST ALL FAITH in Thames Water.

We all (locally) KNOW the problem – so does Thames Water.  We also KNOW the solution (as does Thames Water).

Quite simply, Thames Water is trying to avoid Expenditure to solve a 40-year problem, approximate cost, now risen from £12M in 2016 to £14.5M in 2020.

I have attached some email correspondence which I had with Thames Water, back in 2018.  Enjoy !

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.32.09.png


So our message to the Hon Angela is quite simple. Your honeymmon is over. It is time  to cut down on the the selfies, the PR and sucking up to Boris, Babe. Reduce your quest to find ways onto as many internal committees, think tanks and select committees as you can  in your efforts to climb up the greasy pole and start concentrating on the serious issues in the constituency.  

Take a leaf out of Paul Follows book?  And get all the flood forums created by Anne Milton up and running again!! Now?

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 08.59.05.png


Welcome to Waverley – Jeremy Shunt.


What were you doing during your Gap Year Jeremy?

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 11.06.50.png

While the rest of us were standing in overcrowded trains, waiting for three weeks for a GP appointment, or standing – yes standing room only  in the A & E, were you enjoying your gap year Jeremy. Tell us please, were you refreshed by taking time out from being  an entrepreneur as we continued to choke on traffic fumes and dust in Farnham Town Centre?

That is until you popped back to Planet Waverley just in time for your re- election?

Now back in harness after your welcome break, it appears that you and your Tory colleagues believe the new  Waverley Brough Council  is to blame for dragging its feet over dealing with Farnhams air pollution issues.

So just in case you have forgotten – because we realise your memory is very short – as you have already forgotten your decade-long career as head honcho in the NHS – that Waverley was led by the Tories from the year Its official – Jeremy Hunt has contracted a deadly virus – AMNESIA!

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 11.36.25.png

And – you have been the MP for South West Surrey since…

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 11.37.13.png

 The dangerous issue of poor air quality has been with us all throughout that time and has worsened year on year.

Children have been walked to school with their Ventolin inhalers tucked into their pockets ready to hand over to teacher? However, parents, needed instructions to walk their children to school to save polluting the atmosphere further, whilst the HGV’s thundered past!

So now that a new Administration has taken over – made up of every other political and non political group is carrying the Waverley banner – declaring  a Climate Emergency within weeks of taking over…

Guess who is getting the blame for inaction?

 It is now Waverley Borough Council’s new administration that is at  fault for inaction on Farnham’s pollution. Pollution that is being made dramatically worse by completely unrealistic housing targets set by A Government which you aspired to lead!

We suggest you join the Comedy Club Jeremy Shunt – because if this wasn’t so serious – it would be laughable.





Guildford MP pitches to open Guildford – Cranleigh trainline.


They say a week is a long time in politics but for The Hon Angela it takes only moments to change her mind.

When interviewed by The Guildford Dragon’s Martin Gates. She was adamant… she would not support the re-opening of the Horsham to Guildford line.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 10.14.26.png

Ask Angela if you live in Guildford and the Waverley eastern villages?

Here she is doing her volte face in the House of Commons supporting the opening of the Cranleigh To Guildford line!

Guildford MP Angela Richardson delivers her Maiden speech in the House of Commons this week:

The Maiden Speech is a conventional and traditional speech that describes the constituency with some anecdotes, perhaps describes the MPs challenges and hopes for the future.

Waverley Web was therefore flabbergasted to see Our Angela pitching the notion of opening the  Cranleigh – Guildord trainline, particularly when she said in an interview shortly before the election that she would NOT support it. Re-opening the line was something that might have been possible in 2006, but now seems very pie in the sky. Successive scoping reports from Surrey County Council and National Rail have all said the costs would never be recouped from the passengers of Cranleigh Village, and without a magic Dunsfold money tree, the idea was just a heritage steam enthusiasts wet dream. Even Dunsfold’s Flying Scotsman gave up the hope.

It was a constant fear of her predecessor Anne Milton, of whom she spoke so highly, during her speech, that to open up the railway would open the floodgates to further massive housing development in the eastern villages. However, the Hon Angela claims homelessness is one of her priorities, so the further expansion of housing in the villages she serves could thus be satisfied?

We know that Angela is also yet to meet with Waverley Borough Council chiefs, and presumably even consult with them about this crackpot scheme.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 12.01.28.png

No doubt we will soon hear the Honourable Angela castigating people for using dubious tax dodges, and helping to bring in legislation to reduce tax evasion practices?  

Want to learn more about the Tory’s chosen one – Angela Richardson?

Oh dear! The Hon Angela has just been given the kiss of death by the BB on Facebook. No doubt he is looking forward to more homes on his Knowle Park?

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 14.39.38.png

She who dares in Milford By-Election Wins!



Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 23.17.12.png

Two Independent candidates and a Conservative went head to head in today’s Milford By-Election and the Independent Maxine Gale won!

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 09.52.26

All the political parties except the Tories stayed out of this election as a mark of respect for their former colleague Jack Lee who died suddenly last November. Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

The Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all agreed that the memory of their popular council colleague was best served by allowing another Independent to take his place. They backed Maxine Gale a parish councillor with 20 years service to Milford & Witley.  They hoped that the good cross-party work that is now going on at Waverley, will continue.

Now she has won Maxine Gale will join one other Independent – the former Conservative Cllr Liz Townsend, who resigned from the Conservative Group and the Conservative Party, last year.





It’s Polling Day in Milford.


Two Independent candidates and a Conservative will go head to head to-day to capture a former Independent’s seat at ‘Your Waverley’ at a By-Election.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 09.52.26

All the political parties except the Tories stayed out of this election as a mark of respect for their former colleague Jack Lee who died suddenly last November. Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

The Greens, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all agreed that the memory of their popular council colleague was best served by allowing another Independent to take his place. They are backing a parish councillor with 20 years service to Milford & Witley. Independent Maxine Gale, in the hope that the good cross-party work that is now going on at Waverley, will continue.

If she wins, Maxine Gale will join one other Independent – the former Conservative Cllr Liz Townsend, who resigned from the Conservative Group and the Conservative Party, last year.

The temperature is rising in the final stages of the Milford By-Election.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 10.00.39.png



Will the feud between Hunt and Follows continue to be be fought out in the Farnham Herald?


So far most of the jaw, jaw, between the Leaders of Waverley Borough Council and one of its MP’s has been carried out in a local newspaper.

And, sometimes it has looked more like war, war – particulary when it comes to all matters Farnham. Plans for pedestrianisation; the town’s escalating traffic problems; serious air quality issues, the Blightwells saga; Woolmead; and so on it goes.

Residents of Farnham want some action. Action from our MP jeremy Hunt. Action from Surrey County Council and action from Waverley Borough Council. Action from someone, somewhere, anywhere to do something about the air pollution that is having a detrimental effect on our health, particularly the young and the elderly!

 Waverley Borough Council has said it takes the issue of air quality ‘extremely seriously’.

But says plans to overcome the problems  – ‘should not be rushed’.

It said: “The council has a statutory duty to monitor the borough’s air quality and draw up an action plan outlining what is needed to improve pollution levels. However, it does not have the responsibility or ability to carry out all of the actions.” It needs decisions by the highway authority and Government money – and it needs it NOW – Mr Hunt.

Of course ‘Your New Waverley’ cannot instantly produce a magic wand make up for the ten years during which our MP held high office, and the Conservatives controlled Waverley. During which time the air quality data was being falsified by an officer, and which went unnoticed by her managers, executives or councillors, of which there were many! Why? Because there is no accountability inside Waverley Towers. However, there was accountability for the officer, who is paying the price.Was this woman a scapegoat for the failure of others at ‘Your Waverley?’

We wait with baited breath to see if that situation will change under the new regime?

So isn’t it high time that The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt came out from behind the tree where he is hiding and forgot that his hold on SW Surrey was slashed by the upstart young Waverley Borough Councillor Paul Follows who gave him a nasty shock at the polls? Isn’t it time he, visited Waverley Borough Council – met and shook hands with the Leader John Ward – (after all he is/was a Tory) and the Lib Democrat Deputy Paul Follows, and got down to the serious business of constituency matters? Matters which includes the dreadful state of Farnham – instead of running a PR campaign of good guy, bad guy in the Farnham Herald? 

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 10.38.59.png

Now that, ‘Our Jeremy’ is back in the smoke – we presume he’s too busy to shlep around Waverley?

Its official – Jeremy Hunt has contracted a deadly virus – AMNESIA!






Alfold’s former bobby beats up Waverley’s new regime.



Dunsfold Park Garden Village coming soon.

Despite having objected to the creation of any development at Dunsfold Aerodrome almost, since the beginning of time, – Alfold borough councillor Kevin Deanus – now wants a key role in how the new garden village shapes up.

No doubt Cranleigh’s Cllr Patricia Ellis wants to be on the new Project Governance Board too? As wasn’t it her husband, the late Cllr Brian Ellis that was widely reported saying that Dunsfold airfield would be developed over his dead body! Gives credence to the saying – “be careful what you wish for?”

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 20.35.16.png

As both were on the former Dunsfold Laison Group – presumably in the hope that they could scupper the development – they now want to have a hand in how the new Government backed garden village develops?

Understandable for Cllr Deanus, as his nearby village will be materially affected by what happens next door. But councillor Ellis? She of whom is no longer a part of the  Cranleigh Parish Council brigade?

If anyone should be working with the newly formed board it has to be the Chairman of Cranleigh PC Liz Townsend. Author of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan and a seasoned and active borough councillor? She is also an Independent spokesman for residents and not in the back pocket of any local developers. If anyone is likely to step on the Flying Scot’s toes its Cllr Townsend – particularly on the environmental impact of the new village.

Cllr Deanus has registered his frustration at not knowing the future make-up of this important board, saying his e-mails go unanswered. You are not the only one Cllr Deanus – so do ours – but then that’s no surprise.

As quoted on the council papers it will be John Ward the leader of Farnham Residents’ who will call the tune. But if the new Waverley Strategic Dunsfold Park Village Governance Board doesn’t include Alfold’s Kevin – there could be fireworks!

So, exactly what is the make-up of the new Board/s? Don’t be shy Cllr Ward?

That is now the leader is back. Life on ‘Your Waverley’s’ Wave.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 12.47.41.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 12.47.59.png

The temperature is rising in the final stages of the Milford By-Election.


Come hell, wind or high water – the Milford show goes on.

The Tories are throwing everything at the village of Milford in their bid to make a come-back at ‘Your Waverley.’

The party is still smarting from the serious drubbing it received in the May election when although it managed to remain the largest group – it lost control of the borough council.

Since May a Rainbow Coalition led by Farnham Residents’ Group leader John Ward and Liberal Democrat Paul Follows has been running the show, and in the view of many, with great success.

In a bid to ensure every individual group or party is represented in the new-style local government administration, the coalition includes working closely with Labour, The Green Party and Independents.

It was due to the sad, and sudden death of Independent Jack Lee, who worked closely with the coalition, that prompted it not to stand any candidates in the by-election. Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.

In Cllr Lee’s memory they decided to stay out of the political game – and back another Independent, one of his former colleagues on the Milford & Witley parish council, Maxine Gale. His colleagues believed that is what he would have wanted. It’s called doing the decent thing in Milford.

When the election was announced we wondered if the Tories too would honour the late Cllr Lee’s memory? Would they hellers like? Break the habit of a lifetime – and put people before politics – no way! In fact they went further – as you will see from the post below – when they broke The Electoral Commission rules. Desperate or what?

Neither obviously does it  believe in the concept of  that old British weakness of believing in fair play?

The Tories data harvesting has begun in a bid to snaffle a vacant seat in Milford.

The strange case of Carmel Oates.

Will the latest gaff scupper the chances of the Tories sowing Oates in Milford?

We heard from a couple of residents that the Tories are now out – ‘in their droves’ – in an all-out bid to capture the Milford seat and boost their numbers – quelle surprise!

 Another Independent Rosaleen Egan, is feeling a bit beleaguered as she realises that the other parties are all backing Cllr Gale. She says she feels as though she is caught in a pincer movement, but is carrying on regardless saying her and her trusty friend ‘Pip” will be at the voting station on Thursday, ‘looking soulful and hoping for a few extra votes.’

The Milford By-election – is on Thursday February 13th 2020

A missive from Milford.

In the new leaflet from Maxine Gale, in which she garners the support of the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens, she is at great pains to point out that I have been associated with UKIP. Rather that than three parties who made every effort to overturn a democratic election. Paul Follows is obviously loath to countenance the mere thought that I might be elected but he is quite happy to work under the leadership of John Ward who jumped from the Tory Tossers to UKIP to Farnham Residents’ Association.

I am the ONLY Independent, I have run my campaign by myself and canvassed by myself.(apart from Pip). To pretend that she is an Independent is ludicrous and by not publishing her address on the polling form she withholds the information that she does not live in Milford.

Where was she or Carmel Oates when the previous Tory administration covered up “the fraud”, Don’t Mention the Fraud! where were they when the previous administration covered up the Pollution fraud? Was this woman a scapegoat for the failure of others at ‘Your Waverley?’ 

Nowhere, that’s where?

When out canvassing I ran into the TT’s a lot and they were out in force but at least they make no pretence of their intention to win the seat back.

There, got it of my chest.

Regards Rosaleen Egan.



Former councillor turned hustler has prompted the Waverley Web to stick our nose into the stuff of other borough’s lives.


Is it any wonder that former Guildford Borough Councillor’s Offer of ‘handover advice’ on centre planning has been rebuffed?

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 19.44.34.pngFormer senior Tory Guildford Borough councillor says his offer off advice on future town-centre planning has been rebuffed by the new Lib Dem. leadership. Quelle surprise!

He prides himself on his expertise on all things planning, liaising with developers on the regeneration of North Street.

However, the WW wonders would he be listing as another of his  skills harassing old ladies?

Old ladies of 91 years of age, being hustled by a serial hustler, out of the home where she has lived quietly and happily for the past 40 years? That is until Mr Davis started to harass her – and doorstep her brother.

Our message, and that of her family to former Cllr Davis, is – lay off old ladies, who are thwarting your bid to make yourself and your other friendly developer scumbags even richer!

You may have at first, appeared quite innocent when you visited the old lady who lives on the crossroads at the back of Guildford Station.

Now, were you to stand on the parade of shops in Madrid Road with the White Barnes Carpet and the Photo Copy Shop and  Pharmacy and look across  the road, you will spot an end of terrace house side on to the main road with a garage. The pad that Mr Davis has his beady eye on!

But then you know the place quite well, don’t you  Mr Davis?  Because you have been dropping letter through her door quite regular haven’t you? 

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 17.01.05.png

Your persistence is legendary. ‘If you won’t sell the property, sell me the garage, or better still let me lease the property from you Mrs X, because I need it for my development aspirations – because of course I have a cunning plan. A run-down end of terrace could hold the vital key to?’ What do you reckon readers?

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 17.02.56.png

A hidden gold mine or vein of oil under that garage? What makes it so sought after that it has triggered a series of unexplained events and visits since mid 2019?

Naturally – so enthusiastic was he too bag the old lady’s pad hat he forgot to mention his  councillor status or that he seems to have a stake in nearly every future development location going in the Guildford area.

However our investigations do not reveal anything in the Council’s Development Plan document in the area you have your eye on Mr Davis, so you know something, we don’t know and something Mrs X doesn’t know?  Most likely all his mates in the Guildford 100 Club – of which he is the founder – know too?

So lay off the old widow woman Mr Davis. Keep your money, and stop harassing her – because she knows – and we know – your game. A game that now many others will recognise for what it is – your evil pursuit of making another quick buck.

As for your former colleague Cllr Reeve, who has turned down your offer of help – reported in the amazing Guildford Dragon. ‘

How wise they are, how wise they be – they are most certainly too wise for thee.

So is this property part of something big for Cllr Davis and his cronies. A cunning plan they have hatched    to plant their stakes in the ground before any permissions or proposals are submitted thereby as you say, avoiding the inevitable value hikes.

Our gut feeling thanks to his desperation is that something substantial is being planned for that area past the Guildford Park Road development possibly revolving around the main road? –  But seeing how he bought the Addison Glass Works long before the Walnut Tree Close development makes us wonder.

So listen here former Cllr Davis. Neither the old widow or her family are interested in your offer/s/s/s ad nauseam. So do her and her family a favour. Shove your money where a monkey stuffs its nuts – and go and find someone else to haunt! And we hope have helped to wipe that sleazy smile off your face… even only for a moment or two.

Here’s the article from the Guildford Dragon.

Geoff Davis, in a letter to The Guildford Dragon NEWS, refers to the Dragoninterview with Jan Harwood, the new lead councillor for planning, and his own work in the previous administration, liaising with developers on the regeneration of North Street. Mr Davis said he fears the work will not be “furthered properly”.

The former councillor, a chartered surveyor with decades of experience of Guildford property-dealing, lost his Holy Trinity seat in the May council election. Shortly before, he was interviewed about North Street regeneration along with Caroline Reeves (Lib Dem, Friary & St Nicolas) and John Rigg, now a Residents for Guildford and Villages (R4GV) councillor with responsibility for town-centre master-planning.

Cllr Reeves, the new GBC leader, said she had thanked him for his offer of help.

Geoff Davis letter in full:

I have read the letter from David Carter and agree with much of what is being said.

Dragon editor Martin Giles’s interview with Cllr Jan Harwood was illuminating and well-timed, on such an important subject for our borough. I have not yet met Cllr Harwood, but he came across as a decent, intelligent person, coming up to speed quickly.

The point on him seeking support from the many property professionals in our community without charge made me smile. After the election, I did offer handover property support to the new leader, Cllr Reeves, but she refused.

I had been working hard as leadcouncillor on North Street particularly,and was worried that the good work would not be furthered properly after the election. When a councillor, I had jostled successfully to get North Street resurfaced, demolitions completed on the M&G land, and held detailed discussions with the Berkeley company.

There had been stagnation for some 20 years, and I wanted to get that conundrum finally unlocked (see the North Street interview before the election by The Dragon, with Cllr Reeves, John Rigg and myself).

I knew Cllr Reeves well; we had spent many years together on several council committees, including the Property Review Group, the Local Plan panel, and many others. I offered my professional expertise and experience as a chartered surveyor (FRICS) with 55 years in practice, 45 in Guildford, also with a Masters degree in Planning and Development.

Cllr Reeves declined, which I found out of character, and she said she would leave my offer of a proper handover “on file”. It cannot be in the interests of proper management of the town, for there to be no handover to consolidate the achievements and continue the progress made.

This worries me. It suggests a drift back into further stagnation under the Lib Dem approach, leaving the centre of the town in continuing limbo.

The good news, of course, is that Mr Rigg, now a councillor, has full council support for a redrafted town-centre master-plan.

No doubt the new GVG road across the railway will figure large in that, despite the massive costs, as well as large areas of blight, particularly around Guildford Park Road.

I have much professional regard for Cllr Rigg as a fellow chartered surveyor. He had a very successful West End international career. I am hoping Cllr Reeves will avail herself of his property expertise if my offer is to be left in the filing cabinet.

Mr Carter also recommends that Cllr Harwood should avail himself of advice from another well-respected chartered surveyor, Julian Lyon. He may not realise that Mr Lyon would be conflicted as a Savills director, especially during Local Plan JR challenges, Savills being agents for the site promoter at Wisley.

He then addresses the interview content on the astonishing Lib Dems manifesto undertaking to create a significant supply of council housing in a relatively short period. Editor Giles let him off lightly, and I suggest a follow-up interview on that subject specifically, because it was so fundamental.

Developers are not charities, and Cllr Harwood sadly seemed naive; maybe he hasn’t met many housebuilders?

The only way the Lib Dem commitment can be honoured would be on council-owned land, and subsidised by significant sums of money (potentially hundreds of millions of pounds) at ratepayers’ expense.

Do the Guildford ratepayers agree with such an approach?

Council leader Reeves responded:

Geoff Davis did indeed offer his words of wisdom, for which I thanked him. I have spent much time talking to officers at Millmead, re-reading various documents such as the Allies & Morrison master-plan and talking to numerous people who are also keen to share their ideas and visions.

We agreed at the last full council meeting to revisit the town-centre master-plan. We are very lucky that the previous schemes were not built out; we would be faced with even more retail challenges if they had. We will come forward with proposals viable for the much-changed town-centre scene we now have.

This administration will produce a plan for the town-centre that will work alongside our adopted Local Plan. It will start with a key consultation with all the stakeholders, campaign groups, formal residents’ groups, businesses and, indeed, the people for whom the town is essential to their way of life.

A plan won’t happen overnight but it will happen. There’s no stagnation, the shutters are not down, it’s not business as usual, it’s business in a constructive way to move things forward. The bottom line is we all want what is best for the town, and there are many different ways of achieving that.

‘Well done Cllr Reeves.’ ‘Perhaps your way of achieving things is a little different than that of your former colleague. Waverley Web

Oh dear! What can the matter be?


Apologies to our followers for the earlier blip! So discombobulated by events, we fell off our web!


Cranleigh’s new Health Trust bogged down in the Lavatory? 

It can beg to meet the parish council in private from now until Saturday – but nobody’s going to be there?

So, back to the future, CVHT style, the atmosphere in the Cranleigh Parish Council chamber was fizzing when a delegation from the newly modelled CVHT turned up at the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting last night (Thursday), after it heard that the private meeting it wanted had got stuck in the U-bend?

Even the Mayor of Waverley – Mary Foryszewski, turned out to hear the exciting news that the charity was expected to impart. Wow! Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows shlepped over from Godalming too, so eager was he to hear at first hand, the cunning plan.

Oh dear! What a dreadful disappointment! The council, members of the public, which included the ‘Batty One,’ Robin Fawkner-Corbett, fresh from foreign parts, Andy CranLeahy fresh from announcing his resignation- to spend more time with his development projects? Brian Cheesman, former parish councillor who loved secret meetings, and CVHT treasurer, John Bainbridge – father of Daniel. Pictured below, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17their new cunning plan?

But instead of FLASH!  BANG!  WALLOP! It was a damp squib.  Oh dear! What a disappointment!

The Parish Council and members of the public had all rocked up for the big reveal and what did they get?

Steam emanating from every orifice, Father of Daniel proceeded to read  a childish statement that would have done Jeremy Corbyn at his vacuous best, credit.  We paraphrase but the upshot was If the Parish Council won’t meet us in private so we can outline our cunning new ploy and talk you round to our way of thinking, before the public get wind of it, we’re not playing.  Yah!  Boo!  Sucks!  My dad’s bigger than your dad!

The hapless Trustees are also well aware that residents now have to get in a very long queue if they want the Charity Commissioners to investigate the so-called Charity’s 20 year career of not doing what it said on the tin! After hearing that the parish council had a red line over which it would not cross for CVHT or any other developer for that matter, and as a public body meeting in secret was where it will not go. Up they got: ‘BB’ and the gang walked out!

No better way of doing things when you are in heavy duty dog doo, than turning the public’s attention back onto the parish council in the big hospital blame game? Because CVHT past and present, has been in Poo Park, ever since its planning application was dumped by Waverley planners last year. 

So now just get on with your new toxic project to build an 80 bed private care home with 20 community beds –  after throwing out the residential block, give the £1m lease money to your new partners? Cranleigh League of Friends? And, let the CPC stew for the terrible mistake it made in handing over parish land for £1 – and learn a valuable lesson. Never should it trust a charity again with a public asset?

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.24.02.png

Where have they been?  Do they not realise the Parish Council has moved on from the days of the late unlamted Brian, when meetings were held and decisions taken in the Chairman’s private parlour – otherwise know as his wife’s lounge!  Post Brian in this new WOKE (Waverley’s Open ??) age, private meetings, behind closed doors and floral curtains just don’t happen anymore!

Of course in the Dinosaur age of Cllrs Brian Ellis and Mary Forysweski – developers could regularly meet up in smoke-filled rooms and ruminate about their cunning development plans. Even change the odd covenant, or objects to make them fit their aims? However, now councils, following the Nolan Enquiry must obey rules –  the –

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.49.32.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.33.58.png

Our advice to the organisation formerly known as CVHT and now known as CVHT: forget your development ambitions and give whatever monies can be salvaged from this scandal-ridden scheme to the League of Friends so it can be used for the good of the people who raised it.  And return to the Parish Council, for the use of the residents of Cranleigh, the land that Councillors Ellis and Cheesman shamelessly handed over for a measley £1!

Is Wife​ of Brian being supported by Son of Bainbridge?

Roll up for the new – Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?



Oh dear what can the matter be?


Apologies to our followers for the earlier blip! So discombobulated by events, we fell off our web!


Cranleigh’s new Health Trust bogged down in the Lavatory? 

It can beg to meet the parish council in private from now until Saturday – but nobody’s going to be there?

So, back to the future, CVHT style, the atmosphere in the Cranleigh Parish Council chamber was fizzing when a delegation from the newly modelled CVHT turned up at the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting last night (Thursday), after it heard that the private meeting it wanted had got stuck in the U-bend?

Even the Mayor of Waverley – Mary Foryszewski, turned out to hear the exciting news that the charity was expected to impart. Wow! Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows shlepped over from Godalming too, so eager was he to hear at first hand, the cunning plan.

Oh dear! What a dreadful disappointment! The council, members of the public, which included the ‘Batty One,’ Robin Fawkner-Corbett, fresh from foreign parts, Andy CranLeahy fresh from announcing his resignation- to spend more time with his development projects? Brian Cheesman, former parish councillor who loved secret meetings, and CVHT treasurer, John Bainbridge – father of Daniel. Pictured below, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17were supposed to announce their new cunning plan?

But instead of FLASH!  BANG!  WALLOP! It was a damp squib.  Oh dear! What a disappointment!

The Parish Council and members of the public had all rocked up for the big reveal and what did they get?

Steam emanating from every orifice, Father of Daniel proceeded to read  a childish statement that would have done Jeremy Corbyn at his vacuous best, credit.  We paraphrase but the upshot was If the Parish Council won’t meet us in private so we can outline our cunning new ploy and talk you round to our way of thinking, before the public get wind of it, we’re not playing.  Yah!  Boo!  Sucks!  My dad’s bigger than your dad!

The hapless Trustees are also well aware that residents now have to get in a very long queue if they want the Charity Commissioners to investigate the so-called Charity’s 20 year career of not doing what it said on the tin! After hearing that the parish council had a red line over which it would not cross for CVHT or any other developer for that matter, and as a public body meeting in secret was where it will not go. Up they got: ‘BB’ and the gang walked out!

No better way of doing things when you are in heavy duty dog doo, than turning the public’s attention back onto the parish council in the big hospital blame game? Because CVHT past and present, has been in Poo Park, ever since its planning application was dumped by Waverley planners last year. 

So now just get on with your new toxic project to build an 80 bed private care home with 20 community beds –  after throwing out the residential block, give the £1m lease money to your new partners? Cranleigh League of Friends? And, let the CPC stew for the terrible mistake it made in handing over parish land for £1 – and learn a valuable lesson. Never should it trust a charity again with a public asset?

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 12.24.02.png

Where have they been?  Do they not realise the Parish Council has moved on from the days of the late unlamted Brian, when meetings were held and decisions taken in the Chairman’s private parlour – otherwise know as his wife’s lounge!  Post Brian in this new WOKE (Waverley’s Open ??) age, private meetings, behind closed doors and floral curtains just don’t happen anymore!

Of course in the Dinosaur age of Cllrs Brian Ellis and Mary Forysweski – developers could regularly meet up in smoke-filled rooms and ruminate about their cunning development plans. Even change the odd covenant, or objects to make them fit their aims? However, now councils, following the Nolan Enquiry must obey rules –  the –

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.49.32.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.33.58.png

Our advice to the organisation formerly known as CVHT and now known as CVHT: forget your development ambitions and give whatever monies can be salvaged from this scandal-ridden scheme to the League of Friends so it can be used for the good of the people who raised it.  And return to the Parish Council, for the use of the residents of Cranleigh, the land that Councillors Ellis and Cheesman shamelessly handed over for a measley £1!

Is Wife​ of Brian being supported by Son of Bainbridge?

Roll up for the new – Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?



The bulldozers roll into town to make Godalming into a Godawfulming.


Here comes another so called Park?


Whoops there goes another lump of countryside – to build yet another 262 home estate – with homes built of tacky-tacky and they all look the same? Will we see replicas of all those other Cala Homes in Farnham, Grayshott, Cranleigh – Alfold, etc…?

Another shedload of ‘Grey homes’ on the green fields of Godalming – on a site removed from the Green Belt and surrounded on three sides by land of Great Landscape Value. A development that was voted through by the Tory block that once held power at ‘Your Waverley,’ in the face of massive local opposition – including that of Godalming Town Council.

 Work has begun in earnest building the new houses at Aaron’s Hill in Godalming  – the scale of it is massive with a huge entrance already created – poor old Eashing Lane is taking all the construction traffic – primarily it is single file all the time because of parked cars.
Three houses have been lost at the top of Aaron’s Hill to make way for the second entrance.
What the traffic will be like once the houses are built and occupied is anyone’s guess? Nightmare for sure as it’s already queued back to the top of the hill in Eashing Lane in rush hour and back to Secretts on the Portsmouth Road, trying to get through Godalming. Hello gridlock here it comes?

You can hear what one Godalming resident had to say about the scheme when it was voted through in the clip below – and you can read what the ward councillor had to say about it  in the same link – shortly before he became deputy leader of the Council and the Tory administration was battered in the local elections.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 00.12.31.png

Here’s what one Godalming resident thinks of Waverley Planners and developers – ASSHILL.


The new entrance to the building site – left turn only for traffic meaning everything will have to use Eashing Lane.


Dig, dig, dig, dig – the whole day through.





So much for affordable housing? Wonder how much the 5 beds will be? Similar to Farnham’s perhaps over £1M?