Does Waverley have its very own ‘Bet Shred?’


Waverley officers led by Head Honcho Tom Horwood have been busy since the election armageddon… very busy! 


Panic, not they haven’t been getting rid of all those documents they refused to share with their opposition colleagues over the past decade – well at least we hope not? They wouldn’t – would they?

No – they have been shredding the paperwork brought in by all the former Tory councillors, whose desks have groaned under the weight of  Agenda’s and committee papers/reports – some of which go back to the dark ages. The Paperwork they won’t be needing now they can spend more time with their families?

And there were we thinking that most of the millions of pages spewed out every month from Waverley Towers were electronically delivered. But appears not, as one newby waiting to take his seat tonight told us the CEO  said officers have been very busy, shredding. And, there were we thinking they were down at Bet Fred putting money on who was going to run the Waverley Show, not betting on who would get to shred?

The Full Council and Mayor making ceremony will be held tonight.

Vote Rainbow Alliance – get two Tories?

Farnham Residents’ take control of the Town Council.


According to some – it was the Waverley Web that scuppered the Tories!

Including our owner(?!?!) David Wylde (bottom left) Our Publisher (?!?) Jerry Hyman not pictured, presumably because he was writing posts from his spider’s web?

What a joke. Whilst we here at the WW regularly feature letters from Dear David, we thought Jerry or (Jaz) as his ‘friend’ Wannabe Waverley councillor Adam Taylor-Smith calls him, was far too busy?

Wasn’t the borough councillor for Firgrove Ward busy enough masterminding the election defeat inflicted on both borough and town councils? Did he have enough spare time to fill in by writing for us and sweeping the A31 on his way to Waverley council meetings?

We want to know why these two boys aren’t turning up for their shifts?!?

What a clever man he is, and he has a day job?

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.20.11.png

Suffice to say, as the picture from the amazing Farnham Herald reveals, the new guard Farnham Residents now outnumber their Tory colleagues by 18 seats to four. Could Farnham Town Council become a non-political council in the future? 

But in Farnham, is it chaos already?
The Mayoral role has been extended until 27th June to give them more time to argue amongst themselves perhaps?


Vote Rainbow Alliance​ – get two Tories?


And there we all were thinking we had voted for change? A new era for the borough dubbed by the tories as ‘Your Waverley’ that would, at last, become ‘Our Waverley.’

Whilst Waverley voters may have bought the T-shirt for a Rainbow coalition, who will actually run the council??



Before the voting slips are even cold, we understand True Blue Mary Foryszewski, will be anointed into the most powerful Job –  Mayor of Waverley! And a former Tory (who will from now on be referred to as “APOT’ – A Pissed off Tory) becomes the new Council Leader. The self-elected leader of the Farnham Residents’ will thankfully be supported – and oh boy will he need supporting – by Lib Dem Deputy Cllr Paul Follows. A man who gathered more support in the recent elections than all the Tories put together.

So why has The Rainbow Alliance chosen to hand over control of the council to a Cranleigh woman who hasn’t exactly covered herself in glory in recent months?

After losing her chairmanship of Cranleigh Parish Council to the feisty Elizabeth Townsend, she literally threw in the towel and failed to turn up to a single meeting! Except of course for the opening of an envelope in her role as deputy Mayor.

Having incurred the wrath of every single one of her parish colleagues for opposing a Memorial Garden to commemorate war veterans, she then appeared in the Conservative In Touch pre-election rag, applauding its existence! 

So Why has the new administration appointed John ‘APOT’ Ward to lead the council forward into the brave new world of Waverley? A man who has had a poor attendance record, and who hasn’t exactly shone in holding the Tories to account as a Farnham Resident! Well, we suppose a Farnham ‘POT’ is better than a ‘Farnham POTTY?’

Let us all live in hope, even if we die with disappointment and boredom, that after a year as Leader in Waiting, Paul Follows will become the head honcho we have all been waiting for? And just in case wannabe borough councillor Angela Richardson is reading this and believes the WW is the PF Fan Club?  We put our weight behind the people who communicate with the public and tell it as it is. Not those who treat the residents of our borough like mushrooms keep them in the dark, and throw a load of manure over them from time to time – ok?

We have looked back to find any previous examples of an administration holding power allowing the opposition to appoint the new Mayor. Perhaps one of our more enlightened followers will tell us?



Will a Folk Concert herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass?


It isn’t only Bramley’s By-pass Byham that wants to re-route the traffic – Cranleigh man wants to do it too!

And… on Monday ‘Your Waverley’ will give the go-ahead for a three-day concert at its Licensing Committee. A committee that has not even been officially formed yet!

I hear footsteps slowly walking
As they gently walk across a lonely f[ield]
And a voice that’s softly saying
Darling this will be goodbye for evermore

There goes my reason for living
There goes the one of my dreams
There goes my only possession
There goes my everything

As my memory turns back the pages
I can see the happy years we had before
And the love that kept this cold heart beating
Has been shattered by the closing of a [field]

Warbles Tammy Wynette, providing a fitting swan-song for Cranleigh’s latest green field, for a Folk Concert that is being promoted to herald the opening of the new Cranleigh By-Pass. All in the name of Charity!

Taking a leaf out of By-pass Byham’s book, Cranleigh’s movers-and-shakers (known locally as ‘pi**-takers’!) are also keen to re-route the traffic. And – if they cannot do it legally, they will do it by stealth!

 On Monday, ‘Your – oh so complicit – Waverley’s Licensing Committee will give them the go-ahead for the three-day event, which will be held annually. A Quasi-Judicial Committee that has not even been officially formed yet!

With yet another planning scalp tucked under its bulging belt on one part of the Knowle Park, the Knowle Park Initiative is now well on the way to creating By-Pass Stage One: Starting in Alfold Road and serving the new KPI/A-2 Dominion 75 home development, which includes an additional “emergency exit for emergency vehicles.”

Councillors Townsend (Cranleigh), Follows (Godalming) and Hyman (Farnham)  all questioned the need for the so-called ‘emergency access’ given that it hasn’t been requested by either the fire brigade or ambulance service because the spine road of the development is deemed sufficiently wide to take large vehicles.

On the back foot and only days away from shutting up shop for the elections, officers at ‘Your Waverley’ agreed, once again, to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted, saying, “in future applications [they would] ask the emergency services for their views on whether such accesses are necessary.”

WTF? You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t!

Anyone else detect a very strong stench of rotting fish in the state of Cranleigh?

Not least because we, at the Waverley Web, have never known another developer – like Barratt Homes, Berkeley Home, Cala Homes, Crest Nicholson, Millwood Homes or Uncle Tom Cobley Homes to ever seek similar alternative accesses for emergency vehicles!



Here’s your Cranleigh Man – now with more time on his hands -to do the work? 

So when the WW heard from a Cranleigh follower that another ‘new access” – only temporary (of course!) – was required to take traffic for up to 5,000 people from Knowle Lane – through Knowle Park to Alfold Road – for a Folk Festival planned for September, every orifice began to twitch!


Below is a comment sent to from Angry of Cranleigh:

Trees and hedgerows removed at their whim in the name of yet another charity – 1177, which is arranging a festival to raise money for the church? Really?

… look behind this and you will notice the start of a so-called ‘temporary road’ for Cranleigh’s very own Friar Tuck. Going to where? You may well ask!

To Robin Hood’s new development? This will increase the value of his housing with a straight road into Cranleigh’s Knowle Lane.

Where then, you may well ask? Another so-called charity wants another “emergency access” Down Snoxhall Road across our precious Downslink, across residents [AKA Parish owned])’ land outside the Bandroom and into the car park and village!

Of course, this will all be denied by the Fat Friar, Robin Hood and his merry men, all of whom will benefit greatly from this new temporary road, for which trees are currently being felled(!), making the Friar’s land ripe for even more development at some point in the future no doubt!

So poor old Cranleigh gets poorer by the day thanks to Robin and his merry men! Not only has its residents lost their land (we believe the land to which the writer refers was sold for a £1 to Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) by Cranleigh Parish Council for a so-called village hospital, which has now morphed into a private ‘Care Home’) and their money, now their High Street and Knowle Lane are permanently log-jammed and impassable due to HGVs, which is driving shoppers out of Cranleigh New Town.

And now it looks set to be closed off permanently so the lardy Friar Tuck and his motley men can get even lardier!.

By checking’YW” website it appears Cranleigh Parish Council had strongly objected to the application.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 15.04.08.png


As the new guard takes​ over Godalming – the​ old guard start by playing silly bu**ers!​


Welcome to Godalming Town Council 2019-2023

Fresh from their election success the Rainbow Alliance has prompted a few changes which have gone down like a lead balloon.

Popular Godalming resident Penny Rivers became the Mayor of Godalming and Paul Follows takes the helm.

With faces resembling slapped asses, during those elections, the few remaining Tory councillors, opposed a very simple motion to sort out some outdated wording in the council’s Standing Orders. Taking note of the many female members of the new administration it was proposed that instead of ‘Chairman’ – the reference to the lead of committees becomes “Chair” so now the new mayor will no longer be referred to as the ChairMAN – but as The Mayor.

The plonker, who is one of only three Conservatives who remain, opposed the change and asked for his opposition to be recorded.

The Tosser was Cosser (as in Steve)

You would think, that at the first meeting of the new council, the Tories might have been chastened by their huge defeat and remained silent. Kept their powder dry for a real fight, over something substantial affecting Godalming. But oh! no, let’s put the boot in early and squash the upstarts. “Better to keep silent and be thought to be a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt?”

We will not even mention – perish the thought – that one of the Botts who got the boot – had to step into the previous Mayoral Role, whilst he serves Her Majesty!

Cllr Follows says that

“accessibility, equality and much-needed modernisation of the administration of the town council, in general, will be a constant of this new administration.”

“We will be sensitive to tradition and custom but it will not be at any and all cost. We will acknowledge and celebrate the rich history of our town but we will not exclude people because they ‘don’t fit a mould’ or type that some of the previous councillors tried to perpetuate.”


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 09.30.29.png

Cllr PennyRivers The new Mayor of Godalming mentor and colleague of the new Chair of Godalming Town Council Paul Follows.



Jeremy Umm…



We love this photo in today’s Guardian.  Sums up the state of ‘Your Waverley.’

Our MP Jeremy Hunt flounders on why people should vote Conservative

Tory leader hopeful fails to offer a compelling reason. He initially could only come up with: “Because you believe in Conservative policies.”

That’s right – how about closing Green Oak School in Godalming and promising NOT to build on Greenbelt land for starters?

And… guess what Mr Hunt – the public deserted the Tory party in their droves because they agree with you – they couldn’t think of a good reason either!



You are all invited to run ‘Your Waverley.’


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 09.42.32.png


The cross-party Rainbow Alliance of Labour, Greens, Lib Dems and Farnham Residents’ met to raise a glass and then get down to hard work writing the new policies for running Your Waverley. And yes, anybody could be involved. You don’t need to be a paid-up party member to be involved and shape your new council.

Crazy bonkers stuff? Different – yes – crazy no! Will this herald the changes we have all been waiting for? 

Just look at this fun-packed agenda from last Saturday below:

A Working Agreement for Waverley:
With Waverley Borough Councillors

Andy Macleod, Farnham Residents

Paul Follows, Liberal Democrats

Steve Williams, Green Party

Nick Palmer, Labour Party

Plus contributions from other Waverley Councillors: Farnham Residents, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Labour Party, Independents on their personal election story and key priorities.

11.15am Replenish your coffee and…

Group Discussions: Key Issues

• The Way Forward for Waverley
What are the key borough-wide issues that should be priorities for SWS Compass?

How do we support and inform our borough councillors?

• An Agenda for Godalming
What are the key issues for Godalming?

How do we support and inform our Town Councillors?

• An Agenda for Haslemere
What are the key issues for Haslemere?

How do we support and inform our Town Councillors?

• An Agenda for Farnham
What are the key issues for Farnham? How should progressives work with and through the Farnham Residents?

• The Godalming Compass
Looking ahead to the next edition of our magazine – said by some to have laid the groundwork for the progressive victories in Godalming.

12.00pm Feedback from Groups (5 mins each)

12.30pm Notices: Future Events – Planning

We look forward to seeing these discussions in the Council chamber next week! Indeed it must be the first time WW has had to tag The Labour Party as relevant in South West Surrey!

Just one criticism. Well, they did say everyone could help run Waverley!

We are well-aware Cranleigh – dubbed by the Tories as – “Poor Old Cranleigh,” is not considered to be a town. However, surely the wannabe new town, which is predicted to have another five thousand new homes within and nearby its conurbation should have its place on the new administration’s Agenda? The eastern villages have been the dumping ground for new homes for long enough.

Now a major developer is unloading further phases of its development sites to housing associations because they cannot sell homes already built. Why? Because the eastern villagers are being swamped with new homes. Homes built on flood plains.

Garbage only – no trash!



…This is the notice ‘Cross of Cranleigh’ has suggested Surrey County  Council erects at its Community Recycling Centres!

Waverley Borough Councillors who believe the recent local elections were all about Brexit couldn’t be further from the mark according to many of the billet-doux that have been dropping into our inbox since the Tories’ recent election Armageddon.

Visitors to Cranleigh’s recycling centre at Nanhurst Crossroads have been irked beyond belief to discover that their so-called Community Recycling Centre is cutting back – yet again – on what it will accept. The list is endless but, to give you a flavour…

no more:

• black bag waste
• TVs and monitors
• carpets
• furniture including mattresses
• hard plastics
• garden chemicals and paint
• wood and timber
• roofing felt
• tyres

The powers that be claim this is a ‘trial’ whilst they ‘review alternative options for maintaining an effective service’ but the truth is, as many residents have already guessed, Nanhurst Recycling Centre was earmarked for closure but local residents kicked up such a rumpus that instead, the Council has embarked on a closure by stealth plan.

The first part of its cunning plan involved reducing the number of days the centre was open from seven days a week to three!

The second stage is to cut back on what can be recycled so drastically that they reduce the footfall at the centre …

The third stage will be to announce that footfall has decreased so dramatically that there’s insufficient demand so it is closing the site.


Meanwhile, vehicle emissions in the Borough will increase as Cross of Cranleigh, Ballistic of Bagshot, Defiant of Dorking and Worried of Warlingham have to drive all the way to Caterham (yes, you did read that right: CATERHAM – 30 miles and 58 minutes from CRANLEIGH!) to dispose of all of the aforementioned.

And they wonder why Fly Tipping is on the increase?! Durrhh!!! Who wants to spend a precious two hours of their spare time on a round-trip from Cranleigh to Caterham to dispose of their recycling?!

It wouldn’t be so bad if residents were being offered a discount on their Council Tax so they could offset their fuel costs and carbon emissions but, oh no, the Surrey plonkers  have the great distinction of having increased its Council Tax by 88.9% in real terms since 1997 – whereas Council Tax as a whole in England during that period has increased by 57%!!! according to the Taxpayers Alliance. A band H taxpayer in Waverley is shelling out £4,014 per annum this year, whereas the national average in the South-East is £1,814! Which begs the question, what is SCC doing with all this dosh? Shovelling it into their gold-plated taxpayer-funded pension schemes and funding shops here in Farnham?

And, whilst we’re on the subject of where does all our taxpayer money go, can anyone explain to us why Surrey is offering to produce its six-page Changes at Surrey’s Community Recycling leaflet in six different languages other than English? Including texts which, to our untutored eyes, appear to resemble Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Spanish – although we’re happy to be corrected if that’s not the case! According to the 2011 Census data, White was 90.4% of the ethnic population in Surrey. Therefore, if we need to save money, rather than cutting back on the number of recycling centres why don’t we cut back on the number of documents the Council translates into multiple languages if only 9.6% of the local population need a translation? Especially given that Google Translate offers the service for free!!!

So, Dear Mistress Milton and Dr Povey it’s not all about Brexit, it’s about GARBAGE! Get it? Sort it!

A health warning for the residents of Cranleigh.


Do not criticise the following if you wish to remain a member of the Cranleigh Community Board run by Cranleigh Chamber of Trade’s head honcho Batty Bamford.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 20.03.24.png

  • Any businesses or restaurants where you may have experienced less than perfect service. OR YOU WILL BE OUT.
  • If you are a gipsy living in or around Cranleigh –  do not comment on the board – or you will be out!
  • Never ever, ask questions of the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust.
  • Do not make any reference to the fact that it is no longer a hospital, but is a care home, and do not criticise or question the change/s.
  • Do not criticise or make comments about the huge amount of development now thrust upon Cranleigh. It is there to provide the shops with more footfall and is supported by ‘some’ members of the Chamber of Trade.
  • Don’t moan about traffic or parking problems.
  • Never post pictures of burnt jacket potatoes.
  • The board is there for you to wax lyrical over the delights of living in Cranleigh. If you don’t you’re out.
  • Don’t refer to Batty Bamford as the Cranleigh Dictator who has more fingers in pies than Greggs Bakeries. Our apologies if there is a bakery in Cranleigh?

If you want honest debate, join the alternative called the Cranleigh Community Group that is almost uncensored is run by Andy “Flash” Webb a Cranleigh villager, born and bred and who now lives in Alfold.


Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 21.21.57.png


Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 21.20.49.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-02 at 21.21.08.png

Oh dear! It would appear we have upset the ‘mighty Bamford’ to whom Steve Taylor refers!

Now there we were thinking he was just Batty, but he actually tells porkies too. So we will remind him of this post below when he blocked a Dunsfold Gipsy (Tory Gaskin) who wrote to us over here in Farnham to tell us.

As for your comments about this site supporting developers. Correct. We support developers here in Farnham and in the rest of the borough who build on brownfield sites. Unlike you Mr Bamford who support not only development in the countryside, for your mates, but development on the Green Belt too. Tell the truth Mr Bamford, or someone will tell it for you.

Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.


Will Nicky Barton’s result signal another big​ change? This time Surrey County Council?


It came as no surprise to us here at the Waverley Web that an Independent won the Haslemere Surrey County Council  By-Election.  

She proved herself a formidable and hardworking councillor when she represented the Town from 2013.  Which is more than can be said for the Tory who replaced her, and became another CHINO – ‘Councillor Here in Name Only.’ He attended only 14% of council meetings!

And – another Tory bites the dust!

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 20.12.34.png

These testimonials say everything about Nikki Barton.

With no party line to follow and, as someone living within the ward she is hoping to represent, Nikki has a proven track record of not only listening to the views of the community but, where necessary, taking appropriate action. A true community player with no hidden agenda, who I know will truly and honestly represent the issues and concerns of the people of Haslemere. Ken Griffiths, AKA Community Ken

The Rail Partnership has been a huge positive to Haslemere, Nikki and her team work very hard to promote Haslemere and what the town/area has to offer. Her work to put Haslemere on the map has surely had a profound effect on the number of visitors coming to the town and with our great location opposite the station this footfall has undoubtedly had an increased effect on the trade we receive. Manager, The Station House Hotel

Nikki Barton was a strong supporter of the local community and to me personally here in Haslemere in January 2017 when the Alzheimer’s Society decided to close the Dementia Day Care Centre where my husband and many others suffering from Dementia attended. Nikki recognised our local vision for the need to help keep this valuable service for Clients and Carers. She voiced our concerns at meetings at both local and County levels and stood beside those of us who were determined to keep this service operational. Without her unwavering encouragement, support and negotiating expertise, we would not have had the voice to bring about the opening of a new thriving Community Charity for dementia care in Haslemere, The Hunter Centre. I am proud to support and recommend Nikki as an Independent Candidate for SCC. Margaret Barlow, Trustee – The Hunter Centre

Our family has complex needs and we were struggling with different issues. Nikki quickly grasped what was needed and organised a meeting with head of Children & Family services (and other services involved) to ensure our family received more comprehensive and joined up support. We are grateful for her focused and pragmatic support. Mrs B. –  Haslemere


These further testimonials on the HASLEMERE FIRST FACEBOOK PAGE were from the time Nikki Barton was a candidate for the Surrey County Council elections that were held in May 2013. She was duly elected on 3rd May 2013, thanks to great community support.

It used to be said that if you cut Haslemere through its centre it would be blue all the way through. Times have changed and even the die hard Tories are disgruntled. We have had nothing but frustration and poorly thought out policies from our Tory council and councillors for the last 2 years at least. Haslemere is changing and voting Nikki Barton in as an independent councillor who has Haslemere as her priority is the way forward! I support her wholeheartedly! Viv Shorleson, Haslemere First page, Facebook

Coming out of Facebook hibernation to express my admiration and support for Nikki Bartonwho is running as an independent in the county council elections on Thurs 2nd May. I often find myself thinking that the only way to change things is to get involved and Nikki is certainly doing that, despite having three young children and volunteering locally. After spearheading the parking campaign in Haslemere last year, I think she sees that she can make a difference, putting issues ahead of party politics. Nikki, I salute you! Pamela Gimblett, Haslemere First page, Facebook

Good luck Nikki – you are a breath of fresh air! Georgie Cullen, Haslemere First page, Facebook


Nikki is passionate about the Town in which she lives and is prepared to find time out of her busy schedule as a young mother to fight for the benefit of this our Town and the surrounding countryside. Unlike most other candidates who put their Political Party first, Nikki will always put the people of Haslemere and their wellbeing First and Foremost. Ken Griffiths, Manifesto Leaflet, Haslemere resident

Nikki cares about the future of the town and will listen to what local people think is important rather than follow the party political view. Julianne Evans, Manifesto Leaflet, Haslemere business owner, JL Nobbs

Nikki listens and she cares about people and their aspirations.  She is real and does not try to be what she is not.She knows she cannot be all things to all people but she will not fob them off with platitudes either. Robert Serman, Manifesto Leaflet, Haslemere resident


I have known Nikki for several years. She is loyal, trustworthy and passionate. Will be a superb councillor for Haslemere. Ian Holden, via Twitter

It’s a brave thing to do. To be an independent candidate in a Tory *stranglehold* @VoteNikkiBarton deserves support in #Haslemere on 2nd May. Melanie Rollinson, Woodie & Morris, via Twitter

Delighted ur on Twitter. Will support u! Your commitment and dedication to local life is admirable. Bisous. Xx @VoteNikkiBarton, Anna Marie Hunt, via Twitter

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 20.55.18.png

The party may have gone to Pot – but the Potty one will be at the helm of a ‘New Look’ Tory group.


Having turned her back on her Upper Hale residents in return for a safe seat in Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford. Julia Potts has saved her skin to continue leading the Tory group at ‘Your Waverley.’ Having sacrificed her deputy, Ged Hall (“greater love hath no man than to give up his seat for his leader”)  she has Godalming’s Peter Martin at her side!Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 18.46.49.png

 She says they will be forging a different style when the New Guard takes over the council on 21st May. She wants to “reconnect with residents,” and re-build the party.” Beaten but not bowed by the punishing message given last Thursday – she will lead, what is still the largest group on the council. Perhaps she will persuade her colleagues to start by:-

  • Not voting for totally unsuitable and damaging developments on flood plains in the eastern villages. Areas where infrastructure and amenities are poor, or non-existent? And… then referring to them as “poor old…”


  • Take notice of residents when they fill village and town halls to take votes of NO CONFIDENCE in your administration?


  • Listen, and hear residents’ concerns and instead of ignoring them, bear them in mind?


  • Be more open and transparent and admit to mistakes when they occur. Everyone makes them – just own up – the public would respect you for it.


  • Stop congratulating yourselves and officers.’ It is the officers’ job to provide reports and Self-congratulation is an unnecessary indulgence.


  • Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 17.40.06.png


  • Don’t treat new councillors in the opposition parties like pariahs. The public put them there and have given them the mandate to act on their behalf. Work with them for all our sakes?


Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.21.21.png

Here’s the man who called for Farnham to become Waverley’s first unpolitical town.


Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 21.23.26

And here’s just a small clip of what he said in the Farnham Herald.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 21.15.20.png

And here’s the man who worked tirelessly alongside his colleagues in the Farnham Residents’ Group to make it happen. Jerry Hyman – the new councillor for Farnham Firgrove.

jerrywithtapeonhisfaceHere’s a picture of Councillor Hyman when they tried to shut him up.

And here he is now.Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 08.49.21.png

And the Tories have the temerity to wonder why they have been kicked​ into touch in Farnham.


Dangerous levels of dust detected

POTENTIALLY dangerous levels of dust have been recorded in Farnham town centre between the Brightwells and Woolmead construction sites in East Street.

Two major developments going ahead at exactly the same time? How dumb is that?

According to Waverley Borough Council data, levels of ‘PM10’ particulate matter reached as high as 189.2 micrograms per cubic meter of air (µg/m3) at The Woolmead at 9am on April 24 – almost four times the legal limit.

It coincides with Berkeley Homes’ demolition of The Woolmead shopping precinct and Crest Nicholson’s demolition of the adjacent Redgrave Theatre.

The European Commission allows for 35 exceedances of its 50 µg/3 guidelines as a 24-hour mean per year. Council figures reveal levels of PM10 at The Woolmead have only exceeded this daily average three times this year.

However, alarming hourly spikes in PM10 have been recorded over the past month – with nine hourly exceedances recorded on April 7 and 23, and a dozen recorded on April 16, 17 and 18.

As the weather gets drier and construction of the Brightwells scheme ramps up, concentrations will likely increase – putting Waverley in danger of breaching the EU legal limit.

Responding, Stewart Harris, construction director at Berkeley Homes (Southern) East, said the Woolmead developer “has taken all reasonable measures to control disruption and pollution”.

He added: “Throughout the works, we have employed specialist demolition consultants to carefully monitor and regulate the works including minimising dust pollution.

“We are unaware of any significant increases to dust pollution during the demolition. We haven’t received any notable complaints from the local community about the levels of dust and will continue to monitor and mitigate the situation.”

A Crest spokesman added the developer has measures in place at Brightwells to eliminate “as much dust as possible”, including a wheel wash, road sweeper and mobile water suppression.

It was social media what did it for the Tories?


Its called the blame game.

Thankfully – so far nobody is blaming the Waverley Web for the lambasting handed out to the Tories in last week’s elections. It is all down to the Godalming Community Board featured here.

Picture of Ged Hall complaining about the ‘anti-Conservative’ Facebook groups…


The WW election picture caption competition​.


Normally three’s a crowd but in this rainbow bromance – – nobody is missing the Blues.

Does this show the Leader and Deputy Leader of the NEW Waverley? Or, Will Farnham Residents’ be putting its candidate forward to lead YourWaverley?

Just a little gentle reminder about Leadership… So the same mistakes, made by the last lot, are not repeated. at ‘YW.’ 

Leadership is about humility. Don’t boast. Look after your team, do your job well, other people will sing your praises for you. It is not about bossing people around or controlling them, but about “giving subordinates the opportunity to express themselves, and to prove themselves. Give them the chance to be judged by you, and they won’t let you down.”




From left to right. Cllr Paul Follows, Richard Ashworth and Steve Williams. Richard Ashworth Labour Town Councillor for Godalming Central & Ockford
 Steve Williams, Waverley Councillor and Godalming Town Councillor for Godalming Charterhouse, who topped the votes in Charterhouse
Steve led the ‘Godalming Three’ expelled by Labour for supporting Louise Irvine against Jeremy Hunt:

The new face of ‘Your Waverley.


As the dust settles on our ballot papers. The Farnham Residents, Liberal Democrats, The Greens,  Independent, and Labour in Waverley, are all filling the borough’s bottle banks.

So what of the Conservatives? Is Julia Potts tearing her hair out at the thought of facing four years in opposition?

No way, not the PottyOne we know. She will be setting out her stall before the ballot papers are cold and packed away. Just in case, that odd vote is found that could send Hindhead’s Peter Isherwood heading for the exit. He who has won his Hindhead seat on something resembling the flick of a coin! What a way to secure a seat? The WW  team hope he never graces a seat at the top table again!

Let us all hope that the Tories, after such a punishing smack, resist the excuse of blaming their Tory masters. But, instead take a good hard look at why the roll call of ousted colleagues is so long, in true blue Waverley:-

Pat Frost, Mike Hodge, Denise LeGal, Chris Storey, Wyatt Ramsdale, Nick Williams, Ross Welland, Ged Hall, Stewart Stennett, Jim Edwards, Carole King Tom Martin, Andrew Bolton, Rashida Nasir, Liz Wheatley, and more all GONE

Godalming’s Peter Martin only just hung in, Isherwood was pulled from the hat and Julia Potts herself only scraped in coming 2nd to her Tory partner. And, she had dumped her previous Farnham ward, which she would have surely lost to Farnham Residents. Farnham unceremoniously dumped her deputy leader Ged Hall, who had fallen on his sword,  giving up his Tilford seat to his leader.  No greater for his love hath no man for his leader than sacrificing his seat? Definitely no cause to let the red wine flow?

But some fine Tory councillors live to see another day – Kevin Deanus – uncontested and the indomitable Liz Townsend among them. She, and he will be carrying Cranleigh and Alfold’s banners regardless of the council make-up

There was much spluttering about 2 Labour successes, Labour in Waverley!!!

So here is a timely reminder. They follow in the distinguished footsteps of two of the finest councillors ‘YW’ has known. The late Harold and Elsie Denningberg. Harold was awarded the Freedom of the Borough – an honour achieved by few.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 23.01.33.png

What an achievement to see The Green Party in evidence at last. They take their places just as a landmark 1,800-page report hits the streets revealing one million species are at risk. More than at any time in Human History.

The United Nations report paints an alarming picture of species extinctions, declines in wildlife and habitat loss. And we must not forget the Independent. Well, done Jack Lee even your opponent Rosaleen Egan (UKIP) voted for you.


Watch out Ms Potts – there’s a new species, on the prowl.  How are you going to shut up the man who has fought against the environmental damage which ‘YW” has ignored for so long?

Jerry Hyman, the member for Farnham’s Figrove will now be accompanied by a phalanx of Fifteen Farnham Residents’ from the length and breadth of Farnham. With the added bonus of  Farnham Residents holding power in the Town Council.

Last but certainly not least – Paul Follows, the man who has worked tirelessly to change the political face of Godalming. It was almost unimaginable when a young fresh-faced Paul Follows stepped across the hallowed threshold of Waverley Towers, just 18 months ago. It took only weeks for him to suss out there was much to be done out, both there and at the Town Council. Now, with the Bots booted, along with many other Tories- there could be a very stiff broom sweeping through both the town council and ‘YW.’

Cllr Follows a very media-savvy professional, didn’t play dirty, he played a highly intelligent and fair campaign. Even ensuring the Lib Dems and Greens stepped down for an Independent in Haslemere; the Greens and Lib Dems delivering each other’s leaflets. For his Herculean efforts, and his spirit of co-operation he has earned the respect of all. Now he will be rewarded when he takes his place alongside thirteen of his Lib Dem colleagues on Tuesday 21st May.

Godalming shows us all how political campaigning should be conducted.


Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 22.12.32.png

Godalming shows us all how political campaigning should​ be conducted.



How refreshing to witness political campaigning Godalming style.

Perhaps we could all learn a lot from Shirley Wardell canvassing for The Green Party and Godalming, Farncombe and Catteshall’s new Waverley Councillor Penny Rivers.

Out pounding the town’s pavements together they delivered one another’s leaflets. This showed the sort of co-operation that should exist in these heady days when politics with a Big P, has become a dirty word.

Let us hope – that the same co-operation continues in the days ahead? if it doesn’t – then we shall ensure our readers know about it!

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 22.11.42.png

One little anecdote that was passed on to us during polling day, which shows the Tories too – are all heart.

“Just joined the telling in Farncombe mid-morning, and the kind Conservative gentleman offered to share all his numbers.
Unfortunately, he’d spent the last 3 hours writing down an internal Waverley reference number rather than the Polling Card number!”

Bless him – it’s the thought that counts.




The party’s over – shall we call it a day?


Tory’s lose control of ‘Your Waverley.’

The residents of Waverley have burst the Tories pretty blue balloon – and many of them have flown away!


The once Tory stronghold is now a shadow of its former self. Polls reveal a Tory wipe-out in Farnham with all but one seat going to the Farnham Residents.’ The other to two Liberal Democrats…

image002-1with Carole Cockburn  (left)  the only Conservative!

Ye Gods, as Waverley’s head honcho returning officer – Tom Horwood – announced the election results here at The Edge Leisure Centre he had us all here at the Waverley Web swinging from our gossamer threads. The atmosphere was electric, as Tory grimaces turned to groans. Even a Touch of Frost began to melt into a puddle of pi**le as she realised her game was up in Farnham Moor Park, having lost her Surrey County Council seat last year to a Farnham Resident. Her running-mate Rashida Nasir was kicked out too by Farnham Residents. Michael Goodridge (Con) “Sleepy,” who probably dozed through it all, lives to sleep on another day. Mary Foryszewski in Cranleigh East will be accompanied by two Lib Dem colleagues when/if she becomes Mayor? Lib Dem husband of Ruth Reed – a former highly regarded borough councillor – failed narrowly to sit alongside his wife. 

As we watched the Returning Officer burst the balloons of numerous Tory Tosser’s across the borough our arachnoid friends, looked more like glow-worms than spiders.   Before she left in a hurry Mayor Denise Le-Gal looked as though she was awaiting root canal treatment as The Potty One comforted her. Bet Farnham’s Gal wished she had kept her gob shut and never smirked about absent Tory Councillors being CHINOS – ‘Councillors Here In Name only.’

We bet Poor old Potty was gld she had parachuted into Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford and do as she promised? ” I need to concentrate on being Leader.’

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.08.22.pngThe man of the match was undoubtedly Lib Dem Cllr Paul Follows who after only a year as a Cllr romped home with an outstanding vote of confidence and now has a colleague to serve the Godalming Central & Ockford Ward alongside him.

And, before they all start twittering, texting and posting that it’s all The Government’s fault let’s put the record straight.

Whilst almost to a man and woman, and all those in-between, whilst being totally pi**ed off with Theresa May and the Motley crew she would like to have in tow.  MOST OF THE BLAME LIES AT THE LOCAL TORIES’ DOOR.


Seats in Dunsfold and Shamley Green were uncontested – Two Tory’s returned  – Kevin Deanus and Chris Howard uncontested and still in her blue wrapper.

We will publish the full list of results and voting figures. Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.30.18.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.15.09.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.14.46.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.14.31.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.14.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.13.53.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.19.35.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.25.35.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.33.09.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.29.47.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.25.53.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.28.38.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.28.26.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.34.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 16.34.07.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.36.12.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.36.00.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.47.37.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.47.28.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.47.05.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.47.14.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.46.37.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.46.49

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.56.08.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.55.57.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.55.44.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.55.30.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.24.34.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.24.19.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.46.05.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.45.51.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.53.31.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 18.53.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.03.57.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.03.47.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.03.30.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.03.09.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.08.29

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 19.08.20

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.49.08.png

Busbridge, Hascombe & Bramley.


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.48.40.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.48.53.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.48.16.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.48.25.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.47.48.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.48.00.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.47.25.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.47.35.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.47.00.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.47.10.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.46.35.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.46.48.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.46.08.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 22.46.20.png

Will Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford go to – Potts?


Results coming in. Wipe-out in Farnham by Farnham Residents and two Lib Dems except for one Tory.

Recount in Cranleigh East and Haslemere.

Election results revealed for most of the country – so why are we still waiting for ‘little old Waverley?

Guildford Borough Council Leader Paul Spooner retains his Tory seat by only 36 votes. Guildford Residents gaining seats.

Verification complete – Counting begins.

Turnout figures at the bottom of the post.

Denise Le-Gal The Mayor of Waverley has left the count in disgust in a black Mercedes after realising it was all over bar the shouting for her. In Farnham Hale and Heath End.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.25.19.pngAs one of the most controversial electoral counts ever held in Waverley begins this morning the question posed by many of our followers is?

Will ‘Your Waverley’s Leader, parachuted over from her unsafe seat in Farnham into safe FD & Tilford,  cunning plan work?


As Liberal Democrats, The Greens and Independents make huge gains across the country overnight, could  Labour candidate Natasha Fletcher and/or Green candidate Susan Ryland, bring the Potty one down to earth with a bump?

The count is now taking place at The Edge Leisure Centre. Fearful Tories who have watched both theirs and Labour seats crash and burn overnight are shrugging off the national picture in True Blue Waverley.

The results are expected to be announced mid-afternoon to-day Friday.

The scourge of voting paper chaos continued, with confusion over how many candidates the residents of Witley & Hambledon could vote for. Not another mistake by the printers?

Fuming Cranleigh voters and candidates, watched a Thames Water Road Closure Sign go up on the A281 junction with Wildwood Lane and on the Cranleigh High Street end of Knowle Lane. This completely blocked off vehicular access to the Cranleigh West Polling Station at Snoxhall from mid-afternoon!

Cranleigh residents, well-used to watching pipes burst and flooding local roads, trudged across the recreation ground to get to the station. However, one told us with a “little nouse,” Thames Water could have put closure signs much further up Knowle Lane, as the burst was nearer the Wildwood end. 

Over here in Farnham, Tory candidate Sam Pritchard, who lives in Godalming was tearing his hair out from the roots because Firgrove voters were accusing him of conning them, as he actually lives in Godalming.

 In Alfold, voters were busy threatening to tear up their voting slips, which they hadn’t received because the seat was uncontested. So Alfold’s Bobby – Kevin Deanus is home and dry. With a new Protect our Waverley parish councillor – Little Britton, still smarting from his failure to stop Gordon Murray Designs setting up shop on the airfield, is preparing his ammunition to fire at the consented Dunsfold development. All seats were uncontested – in “Happy Valley.”

Could these petrol heads soon be on their way to Dunsfold? Not if -some of the neighbours – have anything to do with it?

But in nearby “Nappy Valley,” it could be Good News Day for the Bramley Babes, now By-Pass Byham has thrown in the sponge. Because Cranleigh’s Digger Driver Stuart Stennett, thrown out by the Tory branch in Cranleigh has already put his gear in place to build that long-awaited A281 By-Pass?stennett_digger

We have to say thank you to all these politicians for providing us with so many opportunities to lampoon them over the past four years.

May the counting begin.


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 14.07.01.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 14.06.36.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 14.11.36.pngScreen Shot 2019-05-03 at 14.16.29.png







Will it be FOUR MORE YEARS – for our  Tory-dominated Borough Council?

Regardless of how many thousands of comments castigating the present administrations in the press and on social media – all will remain the same – unless…


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.53.26.png

Over the past two-plus years, our small team has done what it said on the tin.

‘Oh What A Tangled Web they weave when once they practise to deceive.’

We have revealed the tangled web that is ‘Your Waverley.’

We have watched the two council’s webcasts – and have often clipped parts of debates – so you can hear debates and judge for yourselves. See …

…  how appallingly badly the tiny group of opposition councillors have been treated. We and you, have witnessed the unedifying spectacle of the contempt in which Farnham’s elected representatives are held by the Tories. Even by the non-political Mayor Farnham’s Denise Le Gal, who only this week pilloried and insulted residents, and a former councillor on the Godalming Community Board 

  • We revealed the disgraceful cover-up of a major fraud investigation which occurred shortly before the 2015 elections, was kept under wraps and then revealed, once power had been safely restored to the Tories. 

Rosaleen Egan and her husband fought tirelessly to have the matter investigated – to no avail, as officers, disgraced auditors and the Executive, closed ranks. Brian Egan has since died but his wife is standing for UKIP in Milford. The WW – wish her well.  The Tories would rather poke their eyes out with a blunt stick than have this woman within their ranks. Rosaleen leaflet May 2019

  • The cover-up – and, the subsequent police investigation into false Air Quality data – provided to councillors. Which the police are still investigating after 18 months.
  • ‘YW’s failure to recognise Government policy to build on brownfield land, at Dunsfold Airfield whilst holding ‘secret meetings’ with developers to build all over the countryside and green belt. Now thanks to the Tories – the eastern villages face the worst of both worlds! Over 2,000 homes consented in the eastern villages including Cranleigh, and 2,800 at DPark.
  • The failure of daft local plan, after daft local plan. And, now a developer-led adopted Local Plan faces another examination by a judge in the Supreme Court, later this year.
  • The sacrificial lambs – include our environment. Ancient woodland – trees covered by preservation orders given the chop, wildlife, including animals drowned and bats and birds, obliterated to provide homes – many of which are unaffordable. Some resembling homes made out of ticky tacky that all look just the same.
  • Huge sums of Community Infrastructure Levy lost due to the incompetence of our present administration.
  • Huge sums of public money poured into a toxic scheme to build 28 shops in Farnham.
  • SCC’s closure of valued children’s centres, recycling facilities under the Kosh and reprieved until after the elections, in a cynical move to make us think these valued amenities are safe.

We revealed how the chairman and deputy chairman of the Joint Planning Committee ridiculed villagers in the east from their own duplicitous mouths, only caught when they forgot to turn off their microphones. 

We revealed the previous two chief executives shortcomings and their subsequent “retirements’ with a handsome golden good-bye. Sums which have never been revealed.

If you think things will change by sitting on your backsides on Thursday – believing you cannot make a difference – then so be it! But… forever hold your peace.

But remember – if you are a woman. Women died for the right to vote. So use it!

And for the men.  – Moaning down the pub does nothing but expel hot air. – Only by making your vote count can you bring about change.

If you are still undecided and are unconvinced that some checks and balance should be restored, then read this pledge given in 2015 by the Conservative Group of Waverley Borough Council. The very same group that has already rolled back the green belt in Cranleigh -for one of its own – in Godalming, in Bramley and coming soon to a site near you.

At least Stefan Reynolds has had the good sense to bow out. But then wasn’t he the Tory that joined the Labour Party? You can’t-fool me, Comrade…


It’s the chance to vote for real change in our Town and Borough councils and it’s a chance not to be missed…

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 09.06.37.png

Tempers continue to rise as social media storm ‘Kirsty’ hits Godalming.


Our recent post – we are posting more than one a day at present – has stirred up a bit of a media storm. No apologies from us here tucked up in our web – because anything that gets the voters out on Thursday has to be good news. Apathy worries us much more than angst.

Suffice to say – there was so much trouble at mill that the Godalming Community Board was forced to put out a health- warning due to a political storm.  Just in case you hadn’t heard rival community boards are now in evidence in Cranleigh too, due to censorship by its Supremo – Batty Bamford.  Here’s what prompted huge debate.

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 23.14.08.png

It cannot be true – can it? Another Tory CHINO – who wants to join ‘Your Waverley.’ 

Below is an interesting attendance record of G Town Council meetings.  So Ms wannabe Waverley Cllr Walden hasn’t attended that many town council meetings. As you will see ‘Where’s Welly’ and Peter Martin don’t rock often either. Here’s his borough council record Where’s Welly?

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 22.41.50.png

Here’s the message from the Godalming Admin Board to its  16,933 members.

Important Message from Group Admins
Dear 16,933 members of this community board. I would like us to cast our minds back to a couple of years ago as to why this community board was created.

The other community board was and I think still remains controlled by primarily conservative council supporters.

On that board, a huge number of people were banned that had made open and honest criticisms about some council decisions. Many people including a large number of conservatives supporters were also banned for the most menial of reasons.
This community board, managed by 11 administrators from a mix of political leanings, was set up in direct response to the harsh and unfair moderation and censorship on the other board.
Over the past few days, there has been a huge amount of criticism and piss-taking on this board of some very fragile conservative council members leading to the following letter.
Now if we have organised 17,000 trolls which in itself would be an impressive feat of social engineering, then so be it.
We do however feel that people on this board simply have more freedom to say what they want, and that is upsetting people in conservative HQ because it does not fit the desired narrative.
Certainly, two members of this board were muted for 48 hours for being abusive to Cllr Paul Follows by the board’s admins and subsequently unmuted again.
It was also stated by Tristan hopper that a conservative council member Kirsty Warden is banned from this group – I want to be clear that this is absolutely not the case, she is not banned, has never been banned and will not be banned unless she is a very naughty lady.
It has been stated that council members have been banned from this group – nobody in this group will be banned for any political opinion of any sort and never has been and never will be, left, right or centre.
We do have rules regarding organisations & businesses only posting once a week, repeat posts will get taken down.
There has obviously been a great deal of frustration regarding the last minute social media push of some political parties that have remained dormant joining local groups and excessively posting (some as late as this evening) when members of other parties have been involved in the community and the group and respected the rules.
Similarly, there has been a significant amount of pressure applied to some groups dishing out harsh criticism to Waverley council including the fire cuts and health cuts response groups, if you are a member of those groups including the whistleblowing group in the fire service now is the time to share.
If there is a council member that is banned from this group please let us know and we will immediately reinstate them as long as they adhere to the rules in terms of business promotion.
Finally – I would like to invite all of our conservative council friends again, for probably the fifth or sixth time, to go through the posts on this community board and one by one address all of the issues and concerns raised by the members of this community on every single thread, engage meaningfully and tell everyone what you are doing to resolve the many issues raised on this board.
It does seem that there is an anti-conservative feeling from public opinion at a local and national level, it would seem some voters now feel politically homeless.
On that basis, I would like to invite members of this online community (because it is your community) to publically comment on this letter from Ged Hall written to the local press and passed to us today.
Your opinion either way is welcomed because we do have freedom of speech, and we as all of the admins on this group, even the blue ones, are of the sincere opinion that the ability to express your views are incredibly important, no matter what they are. Some of the admins, including me, will personally respond in comments. Thank you.
Here is that letter –


Dear Sir,
The election of Waverley Councillors for the next term on Thursday has led to some healthy debate about local issues in all areas of the borough both online and in the written press. Usually, these debate (sic) are held in a frank manner with both sides getting their tuppenceworth in and often concluding with both sides agreeing to disagree, meanwhile onlookers can hear & see both sides of a debate and make up their own minds on the issues at hand. The ability to speak freely regarding local issues, to fact check, counter, retort, prove and disprove are very essence of local discourse.
The expansion of social media has led to an unwelcome threat to this honest and open approach upon which we have historically based public debate. Some community pages have implemented blanket blocks on all politics, which is of course fair to all sides – but on certain key community pages across the borough the administrators or “Admins” have removed posts, candidates and factual challenges to give unfair advantages to particular candidates and parties. When key election claims have been disputed, the comments are removed, when posts displaying evidence to the contrary are shared they are blocked and when somebody dare speak a point which does not concur with a particular party’s position they are aggressively trolled, a process by which 20+ people add such comments as “stick pins in your eyes” or “people like you are vermin”.
The combination of politically motivated “Admins” removing posts, aggressive organised trolling and the blocking of candidates from presenting alternative positions are in themselves bad enough but the implications of certain political parties arbitrarily removing the rights of Waverley residents to view balanced discussion online by acting as self-appointed gatekeepers of their own opinions is, in my view, ethically shameful.
Best Regards
Ged Hall
Conservative Deputy Leader – Waverley Borough Council


But-here’s what the Conservative Deputy Leader posted earlier.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.21.46.png

So someone inside ‘Your Waverley’ has cottoned on at last?

Will Independents Day arrive in both Guildford & Waverley?


So peed off are they with the political wranglings of the major parties, that a group of Guildford residents have decided to put people before politics.

So impressed are they with the huge strides made by Farnham Residents’ Group at ‘ Your Waverley’ that the group pictured here have thrown their hats into the ring in a bid to do the same in Guildford.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 20.17.28.png

Called Residents for Guildford & Villages, it founded a new party after Guildford Borough Council leader Paul Spooner threatened to take legal action over a banner used at the Annual April pancake race. calling it ‘political.’ His pathetic over-reaction was similar to that used by ‘Your Waverley’ aginst Haslemere residents, who were threatened with court action over a sign they erected which called for the protection of their countryside.

The new group wants to help kick party politics into touch and become more responsive to Guildford residents’ views. It wants more affordable homes on brownfield sites – not on the green belt, wants the town’s pollution problems dealt with and wants open and transparent local government.

Have the Tories gone into panic mode? Are they losing their heads, whilst all about them are keeping theirs, we ask?

You can read it here: Haslemere given a good smack by ‘Your Waverley’s’ iron fist.

Jack Lee has thrown his hat into the Independents Ring. for Waverley’s Milford Ward.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.10.56.png

I am standing as an Independent councillor in the Waverley Borough election. I don’t believe a Political Party dominating the local Council is healthy, whatever party they might be.

At the last election in May 2015, the Conservatives won 43 seats (91%} with 60% of the votes. Farnham Residents won 3 seats, and an Independent won 1 seat. About 30% of the votes went to other parties who did not win any seats

We need a more balanced Council and people in the Council who are willing to put forward all points in the debate and ask the electorate for their views.

As an independent I don’t have “Policies” set before me by any higher body, I just have my opinions and the views of people who speak to me

It appears the hot topic at the moment in Milford is Housing. Many people in Milford have told me that they oppose the development at Milford Golf Course. Many objections were made to this application but the Borough Council have approved Outline Planning Consent. This does not mean the plan will go ahead as proposed as there is still the matter of a Covenant on the land.

So, my view on Housing:

We should promote the right size of homes; in the right place; at the right price. Supported of course by increased infrastructure.

Please let me know your other concerns.


The Guildford group It wants to help kick party politics into touch and become more responsive to Guildford residents’ views too. It wants more affordable homes on brownfield sites – not on the green belt, wants the town’s pollution problems dealt with and wants open and transparent local government, and bring an end to tory dominance.

Similarly, the catalyst for the creation of the Farnham Resident’ Group was the cavalier way Farnham people were treated, and their views ignored, over the demolition of town assets, including the Redgrave theatre, the Marlborough Head; the Gostrey Centre and leisure facilities to make way for shops, restaurants and homes at Blightwells – now called Blightwells Yard! A development which has 28 shops and two ‘provisional’ takers. Partly funded by Surrey County Council!!!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.32.13.png


On Thursday another Independent will make a bid for the SCC seat in Haslemere. Nicky Barton wants to return to make its administration more representative too.

Whilst the Guildford Group is in its infancy, contesting a handful of seats, Farnham Residents’Residents is contesting 17 seats. These together with a large number of Independent and Liberal Democrat contenders in Godalming, Haslemere, Cranleigh, Milford and Witley & Hambledon and the rest of the borough, this could have a dramatic impact on the future face of ‘Your Waverley.’

The Guildford  group led by 42 year-led Joss Bigmore says:Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 20.23.31.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 19.58.06.png


It cannot be true – can it? Another Tory CHINO – who wants to join ‘Your Waverley.’


 It appears from her personal FB profile that Kirsty Walden the prospective Conservative candidate for Waverley’s Godalming Central and Ockford Ward is – so excited – because she is soon to start a 6-month secondment in Brussels.

Obviously, this could be a misunderstanding and she never meant to imply the relocation was to Brussels (perhaps the photo was posted in Brussels but shows their London office?) but surely if true, she should clarify to voters just how she intends to represent her ward from Belgium?


Perhaps she will be another one of Denise Le Gal’s CHINOS who she laughingly described as – “Councillors Here in Name only,” and of whom she is so proud? You can watch her here by clicking on the link below.

Waverley Mayor has the GALL to joke about councillor non-attendance

Here’s Kirsty & her running mate (David Cameron lookalike) Tristan Hopper advertising Greggs Bakery!Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 20.39.28.png

Paul Follows chats to Waverley​ electors.


What do we want? Councillors who turn up for meetings. Councillors who are – not one of or are amused by the term  – ‘CHINOS’ – ‘Councillors Here In Name Only.’

OR Councillors who are admitting they are “paper candidates” who have been dragooned into standing.

When do we want it? NOW.

Vote Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming Central & Ockford – May 2nd 2019

One of the ‘fun’ things about elections – having to record election videos!

We have several about to be sent around soon – but as the only Liberal Democrat sitting councillor, I have first pick on what I wanted to talk about.


  • That means being there for residents.

listening to residents showing up for meetings and actually making a meaningful contribution on behalf of the people I represent.

It is something I am incredibly honoured to have been doing for almost two years now – and as you will see, something we expect from all our candidates.

And PS. Yes maybe one day I will stop blinking and randomly nodding during videos- but apparently, it’s not today!

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Local residents take to social media to call out Conservative spin Part 1


There are lies, damned lies and then there are Tory lies.


There have been several posts in the Godalming Community facebook Groups complaining about the spin the local Conservatives are putting in their propaganda, from single-handedly saving Green Oaks school to preventing building on the Greenbelt.

When this resident posted the latest missive from the Martin dynasty with some critical comments, a local Conservative Town Councillor Anne Gray reported the post for hate speech no less!!

They really don’t like any scrutiny, or criticism do they?!

This isn’t hate speech Ms Gray – it is called telling the truth because if you don’t someone else will tell it for you.

Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 20.58.48.png

Telling porkies to sell properties in Cranleigh New Town?


We know developers trying to flog off a glut of new homes in the Eastern villages are getting desperate but really! Not this desperate, surely?

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 09.04.28.png

 Once upon a time, there was a big developer who was so desperate to sell his houses he told porky pies about their attributes.

One of our followers has forwarded us the screenshot below from Berkeley Homes’ current advertising propaganda for its latest development in Cranleigh on Knowle Lane.

09 minutes from Cranleigh to Guildford!!!

Are they having a laugh? Well, the residents of Cranleigh certainly are. As one guffawing local described it – when she could stop laughing – “Laugh? I nearly peed my pants when I read that! Everyone knows the new residents of Leighwood Fields will be lucky to get out of Knowle Lane in under 09 minutes, the traffic’s so bad! It’s a good 30 minutes to Guildford – and that’s on a good day, outside of peak hours, if the lights are all in your favour and there are no other unexpected hold-ups.”

Now we all know there’s an overabundance of development in Cranleigh and developers are throwing in their grannies as live-in nannies if it cinches a sale (known as the ‘Grab-a-Grannie-Giveaway) but 09 minutes to Guildford by car?!?!?! In what parallel universe are they living?

20 minutes from Gatwick and … wait for it, wait for it!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 08.54.58.png

Oops, silly us, we didn’t realise they were throwing in helicopters along with the Grab-a-Grannie-Giveaway!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, would-be buyers would be well advised to do the commute for themselves, rather than accept, as a given, the spiel from some ignorant copy-writer who sat at their desk in Soho making it up as they went along after a quick glance at Google Earth.

A bottle of Champagne to the person who can do the journey in a road-going car, in normal traffic conditions, without breaking the speed limit, in 09 minutes!


How ‘local’ is ‘local’ for the TT’s?


Pictured below is the Conservative leaflet for Farnham Firgrove, plus an extract from page one where the  Tory Tossers (TT’s)  claim to:-

“both live locally and enjoy working together to protect and enhance the special nature of the area they both live in.”

They clearly have no shame. Sam lives in Godalming.

Why are they promoting the Bourne instead of Firgrove?

Simon is a bit of a career politician, having been a Tory Councillor in Elmbridge (Esher) and Surrey Heath (Camberley) before moving to the Bourne in 2016. So he will he will hang his hat wherever it suits.

They don’t ‘work together’, but it seems they did meet up once to take advantage of the nice Bourne Conservation Group folk, when a Party photographer happened to be around.Farnham Firgrove Con Leaflet1, p2.jpgFarnham Firgrove Con Leaflet1, p1.jpg

‘Your Waverley’ says auf Wiedersehen​ to another yet another absentee landlord of a Farnham seat.

Oh dear! Is a Godalming councillor being brought in by residents to fight Farnham’s corner?​

Farnham voters in Weybourne & Badshot Lea – now even more ‘’


Another little missive from the CEO of WBC – lets all hope for the residents of Weybourne and Badshot Lea – it’s third time lucky.

We had agreed with ERS that the new green packs would be delivered today to our offices so that we could check and despatch them. The full batch was received, but still contained errors.

To say that we are furious is to put it very mildly.

I have expressed my extreme displeasure to the senior executive by phone and I have escalated a formal complaint to the UK Group CEO, as attached. Just as I was about to hit ‘Send’ on this email, she has replied to me as follows: “Thank you for your e-mail. I have been made aware of the errors concerning misprinted ballots for approximately 400 voters in the borough ward of Farnham Weybourne & Badshot Lea. You have my reassurance that we will respond quickly to the issues raised and I will be in touch with more detail over the next couple of days. In the meantime, I can confirm that the correct reprinted postal packs will be with you tomorrow morning – the transport is booked to arrive with you by 9am.”

3. When we receive the packs tomorrow, we shall checking (SIC) and (if correct) despatch immediately, so voters should get the packs on Thursday. I will continue to keep you informed.

4. As you can see, we are doing what we can to raise voter awareness in the ward and to help them cast a valid vote. Thank you for doing your bit too, which is exceptionally important.

5. I was asked by one agent why we don’t use a local printer. Ballot printing is very specialised and few printers are equipped to do this. We have used Electoral Reform Services (ERS Group), who are the biggest such printer in the UK, supplying a great many councils. Clearly, we will review this for the future.

6. I have also been asked whether we checked the ballot papers before despatch. As you can see in the detail of the attached complaint letter, our checks identified the first error and prevented them from being despatched. We were not given the opportunity to check the next batch despite our instructions. We are checking the new batches.


A letter from Tom Horwood Chief Executive of ‘Your Waverley.”  

Which sounds to us here at the Waverley Web like a sketch the Two Ronnies would be proud of. 

Dear Voter in Weybourne & Badshot Lea

Postal Vote pack re-issue

This letter is being sent to you because you are registered to vote by post in the Waverley Borough Council ward of Farnham Weybourne & Badshot Lea for the 2nd May elections.

I apologise that many of the postal vote packs in this ward (on white paper) contain a printing error, which means that you will be receiving a replacement pack (on green paper). The printers have taken full responsibility for the error, but I would like to add how sorry I am that this has happened and that it is causing such an inconvenience.

The town council ballot papers (on peach-coloured paper) were fine. No other ward in Waverley has been affected and they will continue to use the correctly printed papers: white for borough and peach for town/parish. Only Weybourne & Badshot Lea will use the green papers for the borough.

If you have already sent in your white postal vote papers for Weybourne & Badshot Lea, they will not be counted and you need to vote again on the new green papers, which should arrive this week.

If you have not yet sent in your white postal vote papers, please destroy and dispose of them. Vote using the green papers, which should arrive this week.

If you have voted for the town council on the peach papers, that is fine: the town council peach papers were printed correctly.

Here at the Waverley Web, we respectfully suggest he should have added if you are of Weybourne & Badshot Lea, and are seeing RED – you should address your letter of complaint to Aunty Elsie – Councillor Jenny Else a member of the EXECUTIVE – who claims that mistakes never happen at ‘Your Waverley’  on red notepaper!

All postal votes need to be received by us by 10pm on polling day: Thursday, 2nd May 2019.


Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 18.48.25.png

Some or most of (but not all of) the 428 Waverley election postal ballot papers had the name and address of the voter on the reverse, and some had the wrong name & address. Of course, it’s the printers fault. But wasn’t someone checking the proofs?


This is how the head honcho says it happened.  This ward’s packs were initially delayed by a few days: in our usual proofing at the printers in East London, we rejected the Weybourne & Badshot Lea packs because a party logo was printed incorrectly. The printer fixed that problem but added the new error that wasn’t there before, with pages being printed in the wrong place, and then, unfortunately, did not send us proof copies before despatch. The printers have accepted responsibility for these errors. The wrong packs started arriving with voters on Saturday, 20th April. We were alerted over the bank holiday weekend and immediately worked to resolve the problem; I thank voters, candidates, agents and others who were in touch with me over the weekend. The National Electoral Commission has been kept informed and agrees with our plan to reissue the new postal vote packs on green paper.

Again, I am sorry.

Yours faithfully, Tom Horwood, Returning Officer

FWBL 22Apr19

Bramley’s new Tory babe jettisoned out of Cranleigh?


It’s going on all over the borough of Waverley – paper candidates who don’t give a damn whether they represent the voting fodder or not!

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 22.25.22.png


 Our Bramley, Busbridge & Hascombe followers may have noticed that the Tory Tossers have parachuted Cranleigh digger-driver Stewart Stennett into Maurice (By-Pass) Byham’s old seat. 

Eh? Yes, you may well wonder how a Cranleigh resident gets to stand in Bramley after the Cranleigh Con artists deselected him?  Of course, it shouldn’t be allowed, but these are strange times for Waverley TT’s who are shuffling the has-beens into wanna be’s wherever they can hang their hat in the hope they will dupe the voting fodder and get away with it.

Stennett who, together with his wife Jeannette, were former Cranleigh and Waverley Parish Councillors. SS infamously stepped down just a year into the parish job, whilst continuing to represent the biggest village in England at Waverley Borough Council. Cranleigh residents were outraged at this lack of accountability on behalf of their alleged local representative. and demanded – to no avail – that he step down from Waverley Borough Council too and allow a Cranleigh Parish Councillor to take his place but the self-serving Stennett was having none of it. He had green belt of his own to develop! And lots of secret meetings with his developer chums to hold!

The mutter in the Cranleigh gutter was that the Stennett duo, was in part, responsible for the emerging ‘Cranleigh New Town’ status. By assisting their developer cronies by voting in favour of schemes put forward by their ‘besties’, the Lettuce King and his cohort Andy Cranleafy. Now known as Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust and A2-Dominion.

But, enough of looking back in anger.

The residents of Bramley need to look to the future and ask themselves if the village of Bramley – with a population of 3,359 according to the 2011 census – is really so bereft of talent that it has to look outside the environs of its own village in order to get bums on local government seats?

Come on you Bramley Babes!

You were quick enough to get off your delectable derrieres to fight the Dunsfold Developer and to ensure that Bargain Booze didn’t dare to lower the tone of the village by raising its bargain basement profile in your rarified environs by christening the old Nisa Bargain Booze when they took it over. Surely one or two of you could have spared enough time from gelishing your toenails to stand up for your village and be counted. 

If you don’t stop navel gazing you’ll wake up the morning after the local May elections and find you’ve had the Cranleigh digger-driver foisted on you and there’s a reason he got that moniker – because he’s a big fan of concreting over the countryside even if its Green Belt – especially if it happens to belong to himself, his family or his cronies!

Wake up, Bramley, and smell the coffee … or do we mean the stench of local gerrymandering?

Your village needs you and you have just a few weeks to support your excellent Tory councillor Richard Seaborne who has served you well and vote in the Green Candidate Martin D’Arcy.  Otherwise, you’ll be shafted, and so will your countryside,  Don’t say we didn’t warn you …

Gone to Potty?



We just couldn’t resist sharing this letter written by one of our favourite Farnham people – Celia Sanders. It appeared this week in our new tabloid Farnham Herald.

We think everyone in the borough should see it.

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when once we practise to deceive?



Julia Potts soon to be back in the Waverley Chamber? 



Is Julia Potts running scared when it comes to the 2 May local elections?  Has she got the message that she may well be facing defeat in contesting against strong alternative candidates from other parties, who might offer a new improved model of governance in our local councils?  What is Ms Potts doing in deserting her seat and her local electorate in Upper Hale and in opting out of her council seats for Farnham and Waverley Councils in favour of chancing her arm as a non-resident and stranger in the Waverley Ward of Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford? 

Has she heard on the grapevine that Upper Hale does not run a Julia Potts appreciation society and that she would be likely to be booted out and replaced by a perhaps more popular or competent candidate?

She claims that she is making this move “with a heavy heart” so that she can concentrate on her role as Conservative Leader of Waverley. A curious claim given that Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford is a very large ward, almost the same size in area as Farnham all be it with just 10% of the population. Council ward duties would thus be significantly more challenging for Ms Potts than at present, around 6 miles away in her home ward of Upper Hale.

This all assumes, as Ms Potts appears to be taking for granted, that Waverley Conservatives will win a majority on the council, that Ms Potts will be elected in Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford and that she will be re-elected by the Conservative Group as their leader. There is no certainty that all of these things will happen, and it is perfectly possible that none of them will come to pass. It may be that the Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford electorate will object to “carpet-bagging” and the assumption that they will elect Ms Potts when they have the alternative of a well-respected local Parish Councillor. Is Ms Potts planning to move on, as she knows that the dismal record of the Waverley Conservative administration under her leadership is well understood in Farnham? However, it is just as likely to count against her prospects in Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford as well

And what do these shenanigans say about loyalty?  The Upper Hale electorate have placed their confidence in Ms Potts for the last eight years.  Why can she not repay that confidence by sticking with the people who have supported her?


Celia Sandars

I Old Church Lane, Farnham’


Where’s Welly?


Instead of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, some Godalming residents have come up with something slightly different.  They want everyone to look under every bush and around every corner, to see if they can find Cllr Ross Welland – known locally as ‘Welly.”

Here’s a facebook trail – as they seek him here, they seek him there.

Anne Gray is a Conservative Town Councillor for Godalming Binscombe .. and the residents are using every opportunity to ask where THEIR councillor is?
The mysterious Ross Welland councillor for Farncombe & Catteshall. Godalming Tory councillor who seldom​ turns up – seeks re-election?

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 12.09.36.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 09.09.09.png

Cllr Andrew Bolton rocks up for Charterhouse School planning application​ but stayed Shtumm on Godalming’s​ Ockford Park. Wonder why?


Because – just in case you hadn’t heard – there will soon be an ELECTION.


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.27.43

Please, Sir – we want more – and more and…even more just across the road on the school playing fields at Broom & Leas.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 20.53.14.png

 Cast your minds back a couple of weeks when the highly controversial application to build shedloads of homes on the green belt at Ockford Park was considered and consented.  A total of 262 “grey homes” on the former green belt.

Here at the WW, we noticed Cllr Andrew Bolton kept his head down and didn’t avail himself of the opportunity to speak. Despite being one of the ward members. Here’s what one Godalming resident thinks of Waverley Planners and developers – ASSHILL. (Godalming Central & Ockford.) Godawfulming – here we come?

Absent Andy didn’t even put in a written statement. Wonder why? Well, the answer is quite simple. Because the former member for God Central & Ockford has shifted his hairy a*** over into the Godalming Charterhouse Ward – which is why he rocked up at the Joint Planning Committee on Wednesday. Because now he is the prospective Tory candidate for Charterhouse he hoped to speak up and gain a few brownie points to relay to residents on the doorsteps? That is he can get off his HA – and get out onto the doorsteps?

Is this the same councillor who accused his Lib Dem fellow Godalming Central Cllr Paul Follows of “politicising planning!” Oh, no it cannot be – can it?

However, suffice to say – Artful Andy’s ruse failed. – The application to build two four-storey blocks of student accommodation and 77 parking places on the school’s tennis courts which was recommended by officers for approval was  DEFERRED. So back to the armchair for the Artful Aarons’ Hill Dodger.

Delay is necessary as not all Natural England comments had been received and so the scheme may require an appropriate assessment. Because the site is, within 5km of the Wealden Heath Special Protection Area. Not that that normally worries Natural England or ‘Your Waverley’s planning officers!

Once approval has been given the scheme has to get the nod from the Secretary of State, whoever that is this week? But don’t worry chaps – we re sure one of the old alumni will put a word in for his Charterhouse chums! 

Also, hundreds of Cllr Bolton’s prospective voting fodder have listed objections as long as your arm – and more some, so this gets kicked into the long grass until after the May elections!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 21.10.08.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 21.09.41.png
We could go on, and on, ad infinitum – but we know the residents of Charterhouse will get the drift.




What on earth is going on in Cranleigh? That is the question on the lips of confused residents.

Only weeks after Cranleigh Parish Councillors, to a woman, announced they were all eschewing party politics to stand as Independents, the faces of some Tory candidates were splashed across In Touch, the Cranleigh Conservatives newsletter which has been delivered to every house in the village! We wonder whose daft idea that was – certainly not Liz Townsend who is ever reticent about her achievements.

Do they think the Cranleigh voting fodder are stupid?

Or are they simply working on Abraham Lincoln’s old adage about deception:

‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time …’

and hoping that’s enough to get them past the post on election day?

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 17.20.12.png

From right to left. Mary Foryszewski, a wannabe Mayor in a new Tory administration – new boy Andrew Blurton and Angela Richardson. 

Does Ewhurst resident, and CRANLEIGH Parish Councillor Richardson think that dropping the Leprechaun outfit she dons for Parish meetings can wrap herself in a cloak of independence which she can shrug off when she dons her Rupert Bear outfit to stand shoulder to shoulder with her Tory colleagues for a photocall for In Touch?

In Touch? She’s having a laugh, isn’t she? OUT OF TOUCH is more like it!

Or, as one exasperated Cranleigh resident put it to us: ‘It’s not about the hustings in Cranleigh but the hustle!’  Ring any bells, Mrs Richardson, as it is widely known in Tory circles that you are considered a lynch-pin in the Guildford Conservative Asociation and one of its biggest fund-raisers and party activists. And, it is your fervent wish to climb the greasy pole to decorate Westminster when Anne Milton goes to the Lords.

However, one of your Tory running mates Cllr Liz Townsend has shown herself to be a woman with a truly  INDEPENDENT stance at Waverley where she has gained respectability and much admiration for her work on behalf of Cranleigh and the whole borough in recent years. She has earned her place at Waverley Towers – along with some other fine Conservative councillors who put people and place before politics.

It is Cllr Richardson donning her blue rosette wherever she goes, whilst pretending to be an independent at the parish, and conservative at borough level that tells you all you need to know about Cranleigh’s Con artists, who are responsible for putting the ‘con’ into Cranleigh Conservatives. You couldn’t make it up, really you couldn’t!

They shame themselves, their political party (from which they pretend to disassociate themselves when it suits them) and the local electorate whom they are supposed to represent, with their deceitful shenanigans.

Local elections are not a political game show, they are a serious matter and our advice to Cranleigh residents when it comes to election day and their pen hovers over the names of their new councillors to think carefully. Vote for the Cranleigh residents,  who are doing, and will continue to do a good job on your behalf. Not party activists – who are using Waverley as a stepping stone.


Can the Nasty Party stoop any lower? It’s LOCAL elections!!!


Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.18.42.png

By putting out leaflets like this?

“Apparently just when you thought campaigning for the local elections could not get any lower. Then this appears – what on earth!.”

This is what the Labour candidate for Farnham Upper Hale and many residents received through his letterbox.



Green Candidate for Godalming Charterhouse said: “Negative campaigning or what? “Tories have a disgusting approach to politics – ruthless and arrogant.”



Shirley Wardell – Farncombe Green Candidate said: “I would like to understand how Conservatives have been able to stand up for our communities. The cuts and austerity have been really awful.”

We here at the Waverley Web wonder what the Farnham Residents candidates Peter & Penny Marriott think about this disgraceful negative campaigning?


WANTED. Head planning​ honcho for ‘Your Waverley?’


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.31.24

It is a sad day for the Waverley Web saying farewell to  Betty Boot aka Liz The Biz, aka Lilibet aka Elizabeth Simms Waverley’s chief planning officer.

Credit where credit is due – taking over from former planning head honcho Matthew Evans, a former Berkeley Homes employee turned gamekeeper was a poisoned chalice. However, the man who made his name holding ‘secret meetings’ with developers and Cranleigh councillors – can be proud of his pupil’s achievements. She has ensured Cranleigh is now on the cusp of becoming a New Town, Godalming and Farnham are almost grid-locked – Dunsfold Aerodrome will soon become home to many  – not planes – or petrol heads, other than those engaged in business, but families. In fact, our borough is now growing faster than knotweed.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 10.10.25.png

She also managed to get the Local Plan adopted – well, almost – now it is doing another round in the courts to lower the housing numbers, thanks to Protect our Waverley and the Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England – promotors of all brownfield sites, except of course Dunsfold Aerodrome.



However, she has repeatedly reminded councillors on many thousands of occasions that she and her …

“officers are satisfied.” with anything and everything being built in and around Waverley.

That includes as many green fields as possible going under concrete, recommending, regardless of how damaging,  many hundreds of new homes are crammed into the back, side, and front gardens, other of course, than in Farnham. Even in Farnham, if it happens to be in the gardens of Tory councillors!!

We shall always remember her for her comments and protection of Waverley’s ancient Woodland. You know those old trees that have been around for 600 years or more. The ones she said could always be replaced with new ones!

And well done for agreeing to postpone the Local Plan Part 2. Until after the May,  elections to ensure Haslemere remains Blue and all those controversial developments remain in the IN file until May is OUT!

Would you buy a used car from these idiots let alone let them run our borough?


Godalming Conservatives failed to check the cropping on their candid photo in Godalming’s Crown Court yesterday. 

Eagle-eyed observers will be giving the thumbs up to the excellent photobombing by Green Party South East Press Officer Sam Peters. Pictured here on the right giving his expression of support. 

And when they Conservatives posted the photo into the local Community Group it quickly went viral with over 135 hilarious comments!

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.40.17.pngAnd it gets better here is a post we made earlier as Conservatives advertise Greggs Super Sausage Rolls. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.45.26.png

‘Your Waverley’ says auf Wiedersehen​ to another yet another absentee landlord of a Farnham seat.



Here’s yet another ‘CHINO’ who Mayor Denise Le Gal, fondly refers to as

  ‘Councillors Here in Name Only.’

stephenhillattendanceThey just keep on coming, don’t they? Councillors who for the past four years have only rocked up on a few occasions. But, have managed to bank their allowances, free car-parking badge and other council perks!

Let’s hope the new occupant of Farnham’s Moor Park seat left by the ‘very retiring’ Cllr Hill, who failed miserably to represent residents, makes a better job of things?

touchoffrostA Touch of Frost is on the run from her Wrecclesham & Rowledge seat – so she can continue to spew forth what her name suggests, – ‘A Touch of Frost,’ alongside her Tory running-mate Rashida Nasir. But, having thrown their hats into the ring, this undynamic duo might find they have a fight on their hands, after Cllr Hill’s dismal attendance record.

Farnham Residents’ candidates are Andy MacLeod, who after a great showing took the Surrey County Council Farnham Central seat received a nasty case of Frostbite from his opponent pictured.  He is joined by former Waverley employee and Union Rep Michaela Martin. Oh Lordy, lordy – let’s hope Frost and Martin don’t end up going head to head at Waverley Towers!?

Will the residents of the Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford Ward say – take me to my leader?


Giving up the seat for Farnham’s Upper Hale Ward was a wrench for ‘Your Waverley’s council leader Julia Potts. She leaves the ward she has represented at ‘Your Waverley’ for the past eight years with – “a heavy heart.”

Nothing to do with being fearful that she needed a much safer seat in True, blue Tory Tilford – no – of course not – and the Waverley Web’s true identity is Mary Poppins! And Protect Our Waverley wants to stop development in the borough, and not just at Dunsfold Park!

She also says in the Herald’s new tabloid edition that she is giving up her Farnham Town Council seat so that she can concentrate on with being Leader of Waverley Borough Council? The typical arrogance we have come to expect. A little more humility would not come amiss Potty One.

If you were so confident of your popularity then why not stay loyal to the residents of Upper Hale? 

Let’s hope you get the soft landing you are so confident of receiving from the residents of your new hunting ground?


Julia Potts getting ready to land in her newly acquired ward. Others too are being shuffled and set down like early Spring cuckoos in other ward’s nests. The bid to keep control of ‘Your Waverley’ is on.


Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 08.39.56.png

Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No, it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.

Gone to-day here tomorrow? Is ‘the retiring’ Liz Wheatley really making a bid for a seat in Farnham?


Here at the Waverley Web, we all thought we were beginning to show signs of memory loss – until we glanced back at the last FULL COUNCIL of ‘Your True Blue Waverley.’

Did we, or did we not, hear Mayor Farnham’s GAL – say…

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.35.48.png

‘So long,   farewell, Auf Wiedersehen,  GOOOODBYEEEE?


Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.22.03.png

Yes, we most certainly did! – It appears that along with other Tories being shuffled around the borough like a pack of cards the second line of the song is more fitting?

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.35.08.png

Because Godalming’s former Binscombe Liz is not retiring after all but about to…

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.37.46.png

Over to Farnham Castle’s two-seat Ward to partner Sarah Anson to prevent the Tory stronghold from falling into the hands of Farnham Residents’ David Beaman and George Hesse. Paul Telford is also standing for the Liberal Democrats.

Or, having been thanked for her services to Godalming on her forthcoming retirement and service to the borough Farnham residents will tell her she will finally have an opportunity on May 2nd
To finally say…

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.37.07.png

Godalming Tory councillor who seldom​ turns up – seeks re-election?


Last week the Mayor of Waverley proudly named absent councillors as CHINO’s – “Councillors here in name only.”

So here’s one  councillor seeking re-election for Godalming, Farncombe & Catteshall,  who  doesn’t respond to the local’s appeals for help, and rocks up so seldom he has been nicknamed as…”The lesser spotted Welland.”

The call for change is on – right across the borough of Waverley. Here’s one candidate so ripe, he could be used in a crumble.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 09.59.08.png


 Need we say more?




Will Godalming Tories’ wish be granted?


The Tory election machine has gone into overdrive in a bid to oust the single opposition voice that Godalming people have taken to their hearts and minds.

But as you will see from the picture below the Tories have more than Cllr Paul Follows to worry about. He has been joined by other local hopefuls wearing the Liberal Democrat yellow rosette, seeking seats in the town and borough councils.

One of the local issues they have highlighted is the proposed loss of the Godalming Surestart Children’s Centre axed recently by Surrey County Council.

As Nelson Mandela said:

“History will judge us by the difference we make to the everyday lives of children.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 21.24.17.png


The group above recently met with Dawn Bellman and her ‘Surestart’ team and was very impressed by their commitment and support to the community.

Sure Start Children’s Centres give help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment.

They are a “one-stop shop” offering their own services as well as signposting to other professional or services, eg. Family Information Service, Food Banks, Job Centre Plus and The Citizens Advice Bureau.

Each Centre is required to offer core services to all families from pregnancy right through those important early years until the child is at school, directly reflecting the needs of the local community.

In January, Surrey County Council announced plans to close 31 children’s centres across the county, but at the 11th hour postponed closing recycling centres until after the elections! A cynical attempt to dupe residents into believing they were safe.

The 100 % Tory controlled Cabinet voted to close the centres along with reductions to some bus travel concessions citing the need to save money due to government cuts.

However, it managed to find over £50m to fund 28 new shops in the Brightwells Yard development in Farnham. A scheme shunned by private investors. 

In a public consultation, 86% of respondents disagreed that children’s centres were an appropriate way to make savings.

It is still unclear to staff, families and the public what will happen. The group pictured above are demanding answers. 

Here at the WW – we await any communication from the Godalming’s Tory hopefuls.

Has the Cranleigh Society taken over the role of the parish council?


Who exactly IS speaking up for the people of Cranleigh?

The Cranleigh Society was once a respected part of the local scene. Adopting the slogan –

“Speaking up for Cranleigh.”

Now it has become a village spin machine., often speaking with forked-tongue. This failing organisation which has lost officers and members could fold at is AGM if it cannot find new officers. A stream of chairmen have resigned, the latest who worked with the Protect our Waverley Campaign and the (CPRE) Campaign to Preserve Rural England to stop development on the only brownfield site in the borough, whilst watching the eastern villages losing acres of countryside to new homes, most of which have proved unaffordable for local people.

Recently the new town dubbed by Waverley councillors as…

“Poor old Cranleigh,” 

… featured last week’s Financial Times in- an in-depth study highlighting problems Cranleigh shares with others, over its huge number of bursting water pipes containing asbestos. However, though we hear from the locals that although the FT  journalist was pointed by the Cranleigh Society in the direction of  former member Adrian Clarke, prominent in the investigation of the asbestos scandal, CCS chose to make comments such as these.

So is the Cranleigh Society which first highlighted the asbestos issue – now speaking with a forked tongue for the people of Cranleigh? 

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 20.38.33.png

A scandal over blue asbestos in drinking water in the village dubbed ‘Poor Old Cranleigh’ has now hit the headlines of a National newspaper.


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 20.22.42.png


“Speaking up for Cranleigh Parish Council.”


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 20.22.59.png


Here at the Waverley Web, we receive regular missives from the Society. Many of which are so inaccurate and biased, in favour of certain developers, that we have stopped using them. Our Farnham Society, which is well-established and trusted, speaks up on issues affecting our town but obtains its members’ views first.

This latest is a typical example of its propaganda about a controversial plan to build a private care home instead of a hospital. An issue among donors for a hospital and day hospital which is causing great concern locally. Has a charity made it’s very own April Fool of the eastern villages?

Where has all the money gone?

here’s what the CCS had to say about new amended plans.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 20.23.19

So according to the gospel according to the Cranleigh Civic Society or perhaps a  member of the Society, “an amended junction is safe.”

A crossroads, rather than a roundabout,  in Knowle Lane between the Berkeley Homes site and the new Private Care Home. Adjacent to entrances a few yards away for lorries delivering to Sainsbury’s’ and on the other to Wiskar Drive and M & S Foods. Which are yards away from the Kerbside Garage and the junction with the High Street?

So the WWeb wonders why the parish council is holding an Extraordinary meeting on 11th April when the Cranleigh Society has everything under control and all is tickety boo? WW wonder if the Society ever reads the Cranleigh Community Group Board?  A  group that is uncensored and reflects local views?

 Strange that the CCS, failed to mention that the plans also include another entrance. An entrance to the residential flats over the Snoxhall Sports fields single – access road which crosses the LITTLEMEAD BOOK AND THE DOWNSLINK?!?


Godalming’s starter for 6.


Councillor Paul Follows, Godalming’s’ new boy on the block, wants to reinstate planning committees at Godalming Town Council!

Reinstate? Did we hear that correctly? You cannot be serious!

Clucking Bell! Why doesn’t a town like Godalming operate a planning committee? An important part of the grass-roots democratic process?

Even the smallest parish councils hold regular meetings to consider their planning applications. Meetings that are held in public, where neighbours and applicants or their agents are given an opportunity to comment, provide information and answer any queries the committee and the public may have.

So why we wonder doesn’t a town council, whose membership includes a leading light in the of the Association of Parish & Town Councils, a former senior honcho at Waverley borough council, who has donned the Mayoral robes for a second time, think a planning function is unnecessary? A Councillor who rocks up at other parish councils advising them how to operate and conduct their business.

Tell us, someone, please? 

Here are Councillor Follows Quick 6 To Fix in Godalming. Most of which would apply to every other town and village in Waverley.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 21.17.32.png

But,  Cllr Follows –  could you possibly add another to your list and make it 7? Just for your younger and older residents, who are falling all over the place in the badly re-instated roads and pavements in Godawfulming. A selection of pictures which are included below. We know it is a county council responsibility, but perhaps you could whisper, if you dare, into the ear of County Cllr Peter Martin, because we know he never listens to our complaints, but will listen to you!

The pictures below were all taken AFTER, the Surrey County Council roadworks were completed!! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 08.41.18.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.01.01.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 16.21.03.pngIMG_20190308_115516.jpg


Wannabe Developers and ‘Your Waverley’ are riding roughshod over the borough’s angry residents.


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 10.31.47.png

Air pollution in Waverley’s towns; bats lost in central Farnham; badgers drowned in Cranleigh; ancient woodland and wildlife lost in Rowledge; Hedgerows wilting and dying in Ewhurst.  

Wildlife and habitat, ancient trees and woodlands are disappearing at an alarming rate all over the borough of Waverley as the onward march of developers proceeds unabated.

Waverley officers have admitted they cannot keep pace with the rising number of complaints from the public on numerous breaches of planning conditions.  So far, they have taken no action against serious breaches including felling trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders, (TPO’s). They have also turned a blind eye to a major stream being dredged illegally in Cranleigh!   Along with ‘YW’ are those who also bear responsibility for caring for, and protecting our environment.  The Environment Agency, Thames Water, Natural England and the lead local flood Authority – Surrey County Council.

The townsfolk of Haslemere have been filming and photographing distressed deer at a proposed development site in Scotland Lane where wannabe developers have torn down ancient hedgerows and fenced in wildlife in anticipation of building 50 home in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   A site, where ‘Your Waverley’ has recently banned and threatened legal action to remove residents’  noticeboardsHaslemere given a good smack by ‘Your Waverley’s’ iron fist.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.23.07.pngScreen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.24.04.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.21.35.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.26.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 14.25.02.png

The cold war is over – now the heat is on in ‘Your Waverley.’



As if we haven’t had enough fighting nationally – now we’re about to get it locally!


So Potty – put the kettle on?

The countdown to the May elections has begun.

For the first time for four years, voters have an opportunity to make a dent in one of the most arrogant and dominant Tory administrations this borough has ever had the misfortune to witness, (if the webcast is working.) 

It has seen off two plumply salaried and well- compensated failing Chief Executives – numerous heads of services – including two chief planning officers – and more planning, senior officers and staff, than you could shake a stick at!

One of whom is standing for election as a Farnham Residents’ candidate. We wonder how many secrets she will be revealing to the electorate of the inner-workings of Waverley Towers? Maybe, she believes she can achieve more from the outside than within?

Suffice to say – morale among staff, some senior officers and councillors, has never been worse. Outside consultants, Cratus Communications, was brought in to delve into the Waverley swamp to investigate relationships between councillors and officers. It found ‘YW’ to be seriously wanting. 

 In its strategic review, Cratus found there needed to be a  – ‘change of culture at YW.’   The WW is well-known for its cynicism, but change a culture endemic and buried deeper than the Great Train robbers’ stolen dosh?  Difficult!

“Your Waverley” doesn’t trust its staff and we don’t trust “some” of our councillors – Happy days are here again!

In an ideal world, the ballot paper should not include any party affiliations. Every elected councillor is there to work on behalf of, and do their best for, everyone in the borough of Waverley. This applies to the Farnham and Hindhead councillors who have treated the more rural areas in the east of the borough with contempt. Those who they denigrate not only deserve but are entitled to respect!  

Politics and control, should not be the prime influence at parish or borough level. The council has been in the grip of the Tory party for far too long, 49 Tories, one Lib Dem,  six  Farnham Residents’, one vacancy.  No checks or balance is no basis for good government. Neither is the level of contempt to which this small group of ‘opposition’ members is held by their Tory masters.

The Conservatives have, with rat-like cunning and determination, held on with a vice-like grip, to power. Almost every chairmanship and role within the Cabinet is jealously guarded by the Tories. Ever reluctant to allow the minority groups even a minimum of influence. Often side-lining their own backbenchers and keeping them in the dark. Power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Mayor must be a Conservative, regardless of whether a more suitable or longer serving candidate exists outside the confines of THE ruling party. Why? Harold and Elsie Denningberg Labour Councillors representing Godalming for many years were loved and admired by everyone in Waverley. As were Doreen & Bill Bellerby in Guildford. In days long gone when politics was not polarised and when the health and welfare of the boroughs were all the better for it.

The May local elections could herald a sea change in how business is carried out in future in Waverley.

Of the 57 seats available a total of 53 will be contested. Areas, where seats are uncontested, are unhealthy in a democracy. Candidates should be shlepping through the April showers to determine and learn about, and act on public concerns.

As for carpetbagging around the borough for a seat when you have made yourself so unpopular on home-ground that you are de-selected by your local party faithful is reprehensible. We hope Bramley residents will recognise this, and ask their Cranleigh neighbours – WHY?

Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No, it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.

So too is parachuting from an unsafe Farnham seat into a safe Tory seat elsewhere to keep a stranglehold on leadership?

 In Hindhead,  Haslemere and  Godalming, there needs to be a fundamental change in the expectation of the service voters are entitled to expect from their elected representatives. Cllrs Turning up for 20% of meetings, not turning up at all, or not having the good manners to resign, or explain long absences whilst collecting allowances, should be given the yellow card, put in the SIN BIN, be given the red card – and kicked off the pitch. Not hoicked around the borough in the hope that it will go unnoticed!

So will May 2019 herald a new beginning? 

Or will it be business as usual?

2019 Residents Alliance Plan A – By Area



First dibs at who is standing for borough seats at ‘Your Waverley,’ in the May elections.


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.54.00

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.54.13

Good news that ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge’ will no longer be able to boast that he doesn’t have to shlep around the doorsteps, and slides back into his council. seat.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.55.16

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.55.32


The man who describes himself as ‘Cranleigh’s Digger Driver’ having been deselected by Cranleigh Conservatives turns his digger towards Bramley.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.56.00

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.56.18

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.57.20

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.58.02

The Cranleigh couple Ken and Ruth Reed make a comeback to put up a fight against a Ewhurst woman who helps fill the coffers of the Guildford Conservative Association.’

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.58.27

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.58.53

Sixteen years in the job and  Patricia Ellis wants to make it twenty?

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.59.20

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 20.59.35

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.00.03

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.00.25

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.00.42

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.00.52

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.01.35

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.01.56

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.02.36

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.02.49

Godalming resident Sam Pritchard who only turns up for 20% of the time seeks re-election to serve the people of Farnham!!

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.03.29

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.03.45

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.04.11

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.04.25

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.04.52

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.05.04

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.05.22

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.05.36


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.06.10

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.06.26

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.06.51

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.07.03

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.07.34

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.07.47

juliapottsparachuteAs the Waverley Web predicted. Fearful of losing her Farnham Hale seat to Farnham Residents’ former council leader Julia Potts hits the ground in the green, green grass of the safe Tory seat of Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford.



Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.08.08

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.08.33

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.08.59

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.09.18

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 22.09.55



Would you buy a vegan sausage roll from these Tory hopefuls going all out to oust the popular Paul Follows after making a huge impact on Godalming in just one year?

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.09.54

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.10.05

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.10.38

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.10.48

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.11.10

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.11.27

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.12.16

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.12.31

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.13.01

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.13.22


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.14.04

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.14.22

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.14.44

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.14.53

Is the man famed for the beauty of Blightwell’s back to have another stab at it after being turned down for a job at Westminster?

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.15.29

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 21.15.40Isn’t someone missing?

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 23.24.42.png



Could it be that the Alfold Bobby – Kevin Deanus – can put his feet up and sail back onto the Good Ship Waverley unopposed to represent the people of Alfold, Cranleigh Rural & Ellens Green.?

Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No,​ it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.


Things are getting a bit too hot to handle in Farnham’s Hale ward for ‘Your Waverley’s’ Leader.’ So she’s off to find a softer landing elsewhere in the borough.


And if you think she is alone – think again. Others are carpetbagging around the borough looking for greener grass too! 

Here at the Waverley Web, we liked how dainty she looks, landing on tippy toes into the green green grass of her new ward of Tilford. Her newly adopted home where she can be guaranteed a safe seat so she can slip seamlessly back into her leader’s role at ‘Your Waverley’ in the May polls for four more years? 

Has the Farnham Residents’ Group’s rising popularity put her in panic mode?


A scandal over blue asbestos in drinking water in the village dubbed ‘Poor Old Cranleigh’ has now hit the headlines of a National newspaper​.


Only look at this article taken from the Financial Times if you have a strong stomach, never drink water, or don’t live or work in Cranleigh.

Do read it Thames Water and Wannabe Waverley Councillors.


Click on the link below to read the article.


Within hours of a full-broadsheet page FT article hitting the streets, the castigation of a Cranleigh engineer had begun.  Don’t rush down to the Cranleigh newsagents, as over here in Farnham we heard that “a mystery gentleman’ bought up every copy of the prestigious FT – probably because he wanted to check his investments on the FTSE??!! Or maybe it was a developer?

However, fear not – we snaffled a copy over here, and offer our sincere sympathies to the residents of Cranleigh & the eastern villages who have suffered hundreds of burst pipes. Pipes that are leaking blue asbestos into their drinking water!

The WW first wrote about this phenomenon a year or so back. Not that anyone takes any notice of anything we say! However,  due to the dogged determination of  Cranleigh Society engineer Adrian Clarke the health implications were brought to the attention of MP Anne Milton and the statutory agencies.

The Society subsequently set up a Flood Forum which called to account Thames Water; The Environment Agency, Waverley & Surrey County Councils and the Health & Safety Executive. Who has simply done, little or nothing, except talk a lot we are told. Because pipes all over Cranleigh keep bursting, some have leaked for months if not years, putting fibres into drinking water!

Ignored by ‘Your Waverley’ but Thames Water is forced to recognise there IS a problem with blue asbestos in the East’s water supply!

 Cranleigh’s very own Erin Brokavich in trousers, namely  Adrian Clarke has taken his sorry story to the FT after watching workers wearing protective white masks as they removed burst pipes. Pipes made of asbestos cement. The former factory inspector has failed to persuade anyone- including the MP – to have pieces of pipework examined under laboratory conditions.  Nobody is suggesting that Cranleigh is the only place in the country with asbestos pipes, however, it is undergoing an explosion of housing development, just as we are in Farnham. But all progressing without proper attention to overburdened infrastructure – including water and sewerage treatment.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 22.42.23.png

Adrian Clarke  pictured here believes: Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 14.44.48.png

If it is dangerous to inhale asbestos- then it is dangerous to drink.”

Whilst the World Health Organisation (WHO) has no concerns, and neither do Thames Water, SCC or ‘Your Waverley’ councils. However, scientists are not so sure, pointing to the asbestos industry’s questionable research carried out on hamsters and rats.

“The WHO study was based on limited research and was incorrect,” Arthur Frank professor of Public Health and professor of medicine at Drexel University in Philadelphia told the FT. A man who knows his stuff and who has helped asbestos victims in court cases.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 15.23.17.png

“There is plenty of evidence that water rushing through asbestos cement water pipes leaches out asbestos fibres and there is no question in my mind that ingestion of asbestos causes gastrointestinal tract and kidney cancers.”

Cranleigh’s campaigner agrees.

“People are still dying of asbestos-related diseases. Everyone assumes they inhaled asbestos at some point in their lives. But what if people are dying from drinking asbestos fibres in water?”

Note: Thames Water told Cranleigh residents it would be renewing a considerable amount of the 1950’s and 60’s pipework. It hasn’t. Despite the fact that increased water pressure to thousands of new homes is progressing, and blowing mains and pipework to older homes. For Sale signs litter Cranleigh’s Streets and new homes are languishing on the market despite huge incentives including price cuts. 


Has a charity made it’s​ very own April Fool of the​ eastern villages?


Andy Webb’s  hugely  popular Cranleigh Community Group which is gathering  new members every week has been challenging a local “charity.” (We use the word advisedly as it comes with a health warning!)

Mr Webb, nothing to do with the Waverley Web we might add, wanted an open to all comers public meeting, to delve into the shenanigans of an outfit hell-bent on using former villagers’ land and money on which to build an 80-bed private CARE home.

Not a hospital – not a day hospital – not outpatients clinics, but 20 community beds for Surrey – yes Surrey residents so the county council can flog off a former 65-bed dementia home site and build – yes you guessed – 20 or so houses on its land in Ewhurst Road. It’s called laughing all the way to the bank. If they can find one open?

So as you will see from the post below Mr Andy Webb asked the Cranleigh Village “Hospital” Trust to rock up and tell it like it is  – warts and all. So, if the public doesn’t receive a satisfactory explanation, they can ask, for their money or their land back.

So was Retired GP Dr Fawkner-Corbett embarking on an April Fool when he replied that it couldn’t answer residents burning questions because of Purdah!!!

For the uninitiated, that is the period of six weeks, during which – councils, not councillors,  have to shut up and put up.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 21.17.31.png


So whose leg are you pulling Doctor? Or was this part of your cunning plan, to stop the public meeting, and put them off the scent by telling them – “this public consultation event will take place in the Summer,” when you know only too well that you intend to get your planning application passed in April,  so that you can present the donors of your – ill-fated scheme with a fait accompli?

Then, of course, you can tell everyone to roll up-roll up for the Cranleigh Village Hospital Show with planning permission tucked up your ar** where it is safe. 

Ever heard the old adage? You can fool some of the people, all of the time, all of the people some of the time. But not all the people all of the time?

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 09.07.37

Where has all the money gone Part 2?

Residents want action from highways to​ stop HGVs using Surrey Hills rural roads as rat-runs.


But, Inspector Gary Smith, borough commander for Waverley, said: “With regards to a magic wand about what we can do, I’m afraid I haven’t got a clue.”

No doubt he will do something when he knows our Wannabe Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt lives in Markwick Lane? Perhaps there will be a flyover over Mares Pond? 


Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 09.48.50.png

Councillors are calling for action to stop HGVs using rural roads as rat-runs through the Surrey Hills. 

They claim Surrey County Council is not taking problems seriously enough and needs to act on the issue of heavy lorries. thundering through rural lanes.

Prompted by members of the public, councillors want Matt Furniss, SCC’s cabinet member for highways, to meet them to discuss what can be done about lorries using rural lanes including Markwick Lane, Hascombe and the Shere Road over Winterfold as shortcuts. Lorries are regularly stuck in the Shere Cut.

Resident Paul Osborne presented a 250-signature petition calling for a 7.5-tonne weight restriction on  HGVs on Waverley’s rural roads which revealed how bad the situation had become between Milford’s Station Lane to Markwick Lane, Loxhill. (SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt lives at Mares Pond.) Mr Osborne wants planners and highways to enforce construction traffic management.

He said residents were concerned about the “exponential growth of traffic” between the A3 at Milford and the A281 in Cranleigh. “Surrey CC Highways has ignored the cumulative impact of extra traffic generated on this route by construction traffic from 3,000 new homes now being built in Cranleigh and the eastern villages, and those proposed at Dunsfold Park, and Milford Golf Course.

“If Cranleigh tip closes it will create an extra 15% traffic using this direct route to Witley tip. This east-west route will suffer a severe environmental and safety impact. This needs to be addressed urgently.”

Mr Osborne had been monitoring road usage revealing  that more than 3,000 vehicles a day, with 45% being commercial users were using the road and drivers repeatedly ignored the ‘Unsuitable for HGV” signs.’

 Cllr Richard Seaborne (Bramley) said: “I drive down that road and find it a most uncomfortable experience. HGVs certainly cause the worst of the problems. The Surrey Hills is full of examples of this.

SCC member Cllr Andrew Povey said: “I think we are not taking the issue seriously enough in the county council. It’s a problem on a wider scale.”

 Cllr Denis Leigh had stopped using Markwick Lane said:  “I am not prepared to put my car through the damage.” He claimed there were “serious tensions” in communities and a “disconnect” between what residents experience and what highways authorities reported.

Highways officers and police officers said it was hard to enforce a weight restriction. Frank Apicella, SCC area highway manager, said: “We have many roads like this in the Surrey Hills with the same problem, narrow lanes not suitable for this type of vehicle.” Saying there were already signs warning drivers it was unsuitable for passing.

Inspector Gary Smith, borough commander for Waverley, said traffic officers would need to look at the whole problem and not just one road in isolation, but warned their resources were stretched.   “Our biggest issue is reducing road death. That’s not to belittle this. I use the road regularly so I know what a problem it can be. While we want to do our bit, it would not be top of the list for priorities for Surrey police traffic enforcement.”

“With regards to a magic wand about what we can do, I’m afraid I haven’t got a clue.”

Mr Osborne said enforcement was not the reason for the weight restriction, but signs would act as a deterrent and a warning to drivers to stay away from using the rural roads as a rat-run through the Surrey Hills.

Committee chairman Cllr Victoria Young said the problem was a concern for the whole of the borough and should be looked at in a “more holistic manner.” She said she will contact Cllr Furniss and ask him to attend a meeting.

A video compiled by Mr Osborne showing the scale of the problem in one part of the Surrey Hills was shown to councillors before the meeting. It can be seen here

And – another Tory bites the dust!


More Tory councillors “Missing in Action, “In just the past 6 months!

That’ is now THREE, yes THREE, conservative councillors for Haslemere/Hindhead who have either resigned or have been disqualified for non-attendance.

Last October, a Hindhead town councillor was disqualified, after attending precisely ZERO meetings in his short-term in office. Now we’ve heard of paper candidates, but this one was obviously of the toilet variety.

Now, a Hindhead borough councillor has been disqualified for non-attendance. If you are a Tory you can put two fingers up to the organisation – and they will make excuses for you?
Also, a Haslemere Surrey County Councillor has resigned, having attended just 14% of his required meetings, in the past 6 months.Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.08.46.png

Also – at an important public meeting in Milford, last week with the Police and Crime Commissioner, THE ONE, but soon we predict, not the ONLY Liberal Democrat councillor attended, together with just one other Waverley borough councillor. A Tory councillor who is not standing for re-election.

So, not a single Tory councillor up for re-election could be bothered to attend an important public meeting on local policing?  In a town which, like others in the borough, is suffering from increasing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Waverley and Surrey’s Conservative councillors have become arrogant and complacent. isn’t it time that we here in the borough of Waverley, voting fodder that we are, demanded more from our councillors? Including ‘GoodRiddance’ in Wonersh who regularly boasts that he slides into Waverley unopposed every year, and then regularly falls asleep.  Sweet Dreams are made of this?

Isn’t it time for a change on May 2nd?

The Haslemere Herald reflects the anger. and so did we in the link above.

The Sorry Advertiser prematurely axes Wings & Wheels?


What a difference a day makes – or, in this case, a week or two.

On 5 March The Sorry Advertiser announced – via Get Surrey – that:

Farnborough Airshow’s public weekend has been PERMANENTLY CANCELLED due to declining popularity and attendance.

But, roll on a couple of weeks, to 25 March, and The Sorry Advertiser is proclaiming – again via Get Surrey now referred to as Surrey’s dogging website – that:

Wings & Wheels airshow AXED! When in fact it will take place for the last time over the Fathers’ Day weekend June 15/16.

One begins to wonder just how much further the Sorry Ad can sink in its Dunsfold-Bashing vendetta? Couldn’t be anything to do with one of its directors living on the airfield perimeter fence – could it?

How on earth can it hope to be considered impartial in its reporting when it provides sympathetic and reasoned coverage of the demise of Farnborough’s public weekend ‘due to the declining popularity of airshows and poor attendance in recent years’ and yet totally ignores the fact that Wings & Wheels which has suffered the same fate as Farnborough – and many other UK airshows after the Shoreham tragedy – but without the week-long global aerospace, defence and space trade event, which underpins and bolsters Farnborough’s finances?

Is this just poor journalism or sour grapes?

But never mind, some people couldn’t be happier about the imminent demise of Wings & Wheels: according to the mutter in the Cranleigh gutter. An outfit supported by a Cranleigh developer is hosting a folk festival in Knowle Lane in aid of St Nicholas Church.  on the new Cranleigh Showground aka country park. This is, licence permitting, intended to replace Wings & Wheels in the hearts and minds of the village … in addition to bringing the entire village to a standstill if the 20,000 visitors they’re anticipating do indeed descend on Cranleigh!

PS No doubt Dunsfold Park’s arch enemy, Little Britton, will be rushing out the invites for his annual knees-up at the Aerodrome’s expense. Our Dunsfold Village correspondent tells us Little Britton and his Missus like to erect a marquee in their garden, overlooking the Aerodrome, and invite their nearest and dearest to witness the jamboree for free!

Perhaps, he and the numerous other freebie spectators would like to drop the odd coin into Dunsfold’s coffers, for the numerous charities it has supported over the past 20+ years. Charities which have included the now, disgraced Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust? Who,  rather than building a hospital and day hospital it pledged after duping thousands of fund-raising residents,  now intends to build a private care home and community beds for the people of Guildford, Waverley and Surrey!

Couldn’t be supported by the same people behind the new Cranleigh relief road between Knowle Lane and Alfold Rd – could it?  Surely not using the church as yet another vehicle to get another cunning development plan while by-passing the planners by sleight of hand, could it? Surely not?


Farnham’s Redgrave Rests in Pieces.


Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.23.18.png

Thanks to the swinging demolition balls of developers Crest Nicholson and ‘Your Waverley,’ Farnham’s much loved Redgrave Theatre has been reduced to a pile of rubble.’

It will now make way for Blightwells Yard which, all of us here in Farnham, will now be well aware includes this huge chunk of shops and restaurants! In which Surrey County Council has invested £57m of our money in 28 retail units!

 Waverley’s FB page contains an image of the Blightwells development, featuring some generic and vague shops.
We thought we would tweak it slightly for them…


Business will never forgive the Conservative Government for its failure to deliver BREXIT.  And, the people of Farnham will never forgive Waverley Borough Council for sacrificing a once highly valued venue for culture and entertainment, which we all now so badly need,  for a shedload of homes and shops. 

Along with the Redgrave family and the people of Farnham, WE here at the Waverley say to Farnham’s Redgrave.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.23.18


Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.23.18.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.21.51.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.22.56.png Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 21.22.15.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 21.54.42.png

PS. The head honcho of Crest Nicholson – Patrick Bergin has just been ousted. wonder why?




With only 38 days to go, Awfold Parish Council stands accused of trying to effect a coup d’état in relation to upcoming local elections.

According to the mutter in the Awfold gutter, the unelected Clerk to the Parish Council Crystal Tipps Weddell (CT’s), for her involvement in the Awfold PC / POW money-siphoning scandal of last year) stands accused of failing to upload to the  Parish Council website details of the forthcoming elections to be held on Thursday 2 May 2019 to elect councillors for all borough and town/ parish seats.

As the paid parish Clerk, CT is responsible for keeping Awfold parishioners abreast of the shenanigans – oops! silly us, of course, we mean, the business – of the Parish and its Council … but, then again, shenanigans just about sums up the goings on at Awfold Parish Council under her reign!

According to our Awfold mole CT – who pretty much runs the Parish Council, despite her official title being Clerk, not Chairman! – is, once again, on manoeuvrers with the aim of pulling off a Parish putsch.

Regular readers will be aware that the Waverley Web warned, some months ago, of a plot to parachute Little Britton into the role of Chairman of Alfold Parish Council at the May 2019 elections when Nic Pigeon stepped down from the role.

Q: Since when did an utter novice get the top job?

Q: Since when did someone with absolutely no experience as an Awfold parish councillor get shoe-horned into the role of its Chairman?

Q. Since when did a chairman get elected before an election had even taken place?

In the normal course of events, as is the case with all others, read the parish mag to hear about Loxwood’s efforts, the council should be inviting and encouraging expressions of interest in the vacancies for the pending parish council election when Cllrs Betty Ames and Nic Pigeon step down. But under CT’s increasingly proprietary rule, that isn’t happening and a few locals are beginning to cry Foul!

So here at the WW – we thought we would give CT’its a bit of a hand.

Nomination papers must be submitted by hand at the Waverley Borough Council offices and an appointment will need to be booked in advance to meet with the Returning Officer or one of his Deputies. This means that a candidate may come into the offices to submit their papers themselves, or ask someone they trust to do it for them. Election Agents can submit nomination papers on behalf of their candidates.

Nominations can be submitted between 9:30am and 4pm on weekdays from 22 March until 3 April, by appointment only. The Returning Officer, Tom Horwood would like to remind all candidates that the close of nominations deadline of 4pm on the 3 April is set in law and is absolutely final.

The Electoral Services Team will be as accommodating as possible, but those that leave it to the last minute run the risk of not being able to get an appointment, or not having enough time to re-submit an application that has not been filled in correctly.

Candidates should call Electoral Services on 01483 523116 or email: to reserve your appointment as early as possible.

Bearing all of the above in mind, Crystal Tipps Weddell has left it a bit late to give interested parties an opportunity to get their ducks in a row!

Presumably, Chris ‘Little Britton’ of Protect Our Waverley can’t believe his luck. No forewarning of the vacancies has yet been broadcast on either Awfold Parish Council’s website or social media outlets and longstanding locals are stunned that no one is being encouraged to put their name forward and begin electioneering. Can it possibly be that, once again, poor old Awfold is being done-over by the unelected Clerk and her acolytes? “This is Widow Twanky and the Tory-Tossers at their despotic worst!” stated one email we’ve received from a concerned local resident. “We had hoped, after the money  scandal, Mrs Weddell and Mr Pigeon had learned their lesson but, apparently, not.”

We’ve been asked to remind the current chairman, Cllr Pidgeon, and the unelected Clerk, Mrs Weddell, that they have a responsibility to Awfold’s parishioners to play it by the book … not the book according to Pidgeon & Weddell but the book according to Fair Play! This is not the Crystal Tipps & Pigeon show – shortly to become the Crystal Tipps & Little Britton Show if they get their way! – it’s about Awfold parishioners and their desire to take the ‘w’ out of Awfold and restore the ‘l’ word (light touch) as opposed to the heavy-handed rule of Weddell & Co. For, make no mistake, it is Weddell’s hand is on the tiller of the not-so-good ship Awfold … or do we mean the hand that rocks the cradle?

Alfold residents deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. They deserve an opportunity to throw off Weddell’s whip and we encourage them to do so by throwing their hats into the ring, stepping up to the plate and taking an interest in the affairs of their village because, if they don’t, they will get the local councillors they deserve! And we really don’t want to repeat that old chestnut about blue ribbons and monkeys …

Waverley Mayor has the GALL to joke about councillor non attendance


The GALL of it!! How dare she make a joke of this? Brush it off as if its a Conservative in-joke between Mayor Denise Le Gal and Peter Martin. Chatting as if its a common problem for the Waverley Conservatives, but it doesn’t matter, given their massive majority, does it? Watch this clip from the Waverley Full Council meeting last week:

If you are a Tory you can put two fingers up to the organisation – and they will make excuses for you?

Watch this space for Part 2 of the Tory Chinos who have also gone!

Grave news for Waverley residents.


Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 14.58.01.png

As Benjamin Franklin said in 1789

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” 

Most have accepted that both ‘Your Waverley’ and Surrey Councils, have increased council tax by the maximum 3.9%, but it is the hidden increases, like those outlined in the table below, that go unnoticed. 

Because when ‘Your Waverley’ presented its budget it only chortled on about not putting up car parking charges and continuing its support (not increasing. So a year-on-year reduction)  to the voluntary sector! It failed to mention that hundreds of increases in council charge for everything from recreation to planning, legal searches to dying. All voted through, without comment.

Neither did anyone mention that Surrey County Council has increased its share of council tax 20 times during the past 21 years – and last year was thwarted when it proposed increasing council tax by 15%!

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.04.17.png

We feel an election​ coming on?​



Here are just a few comments from members of the public in and around The borough of Waverley as the flag is about to signal the start of election frenzy. 



Just a recap to remind everyone in Farnham how the Tories fared in the borough council elections four years ago.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 17.48.45.png

Villagers bemoan the loss of their green fields and countryside, and new properties being squeezed onto flood-prone sites. They put the blame squarely, but perhaps not fairly on its councillors – all of whom are Tories?

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 09.38.53.png

Haslemere given a good smack by ‘Your Waverley’s’ iron fist.


You couldn’t Adam and Eve it. The law-abiding good people of Haslemere having decided not to sit idly by and watch their countryside suffer from the onward march of developers. Erect the sign featured below. Then along comes the jobsworths from Waverley and demand its removal – or else!

Because it was – ‘Political Advertising!”

Residents were told they could face a  fine by the Magistrates Court of £2,500 and a daily fine of £250! What is this, the Soviet bloc?

What? Fine and deprive the innocent people of Haslemere of free speech? God help us here at the Waverley Web then, if and when they find us. Jankers for life? Or even worse, tread on our web?

Oh! no… if you want to rule and thrive let a spider run alive?cropped-t2ec16vhjfwffz8rnuyzbsktypsiuq60_59

WHY did this stupid council act in such a draconian way?

SIMPLES… Because residents dared to demonstrate how much they care for their beautiful countryside during an election period. Perish the thought that the voting fodder of Haslemere gives a damn about politics. After all, didn’t they just vote onto the town council a Hindhead Tory despite knowing he insulted the residents of Cranleigh & Ewhurst in his bid to cover their countryside in concrete? The other councillor for Hindhead has gone AWOL!

More prats deserting Waverley’s sinking Tory ship?Will the people of Haslemere vote for more of the same at a Town Council by-election to-day?

If you are a Tory you can put two fingers up to the organisation – and they will make excuses for you?

So why such indecent haste, to use an iron fist to get ‘the offensive’ sign removed? How stupid of ‘Yor Waverley’ to offend every, man, woman and child in True Blue Tory land – just weeks before the election.  Everyone is aware that the Local Plan Part 2 includes several Haslemere sites for development. Including 50 homes in an Area of Great Landscape Value in Scotland Lane. And that it was delayed, by the Tory tossers until after the May election to ensure Haslemere remained True Blue!! Devious or what?

So what excuse did Waverley’s enforcement Wallies give for their draconian action?

“Because Waverley has an obligation to protect the sensitive Waverley environment from indiscriminate and harmful signage.”

Is that the same Waverley we hear you cry, that allowed ancient woodland to be damaged in Farnham in Cranleigh, Dunsfold, and elsewhere across the borough. Who allowed the bats at East Street to be destroyed,  badgers to be drowned in Cranleigh, and has threatened the future of Special Protection Areas, including endangered birdlife by ignoring Environmental Law!!

What a monumental bunch of hypocrites!

Here’s the sign.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 20.10.30.png

Residents lining up to take down the offending “political sign” – rather than risk a £2,500 fine and £250 per day! 

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 20.09.41.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 20.09.10.png


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 20.08.23.png

You can upset some of the people, some of the time and get away with it. But, not all of the people all of the time.



Desperate times for the Tories must have arrived in Farnham?


 ‘Your Waverley’  wants to promote…

“A new approach to help us to build community cohesion and create a strong local identity. Engaging with our local communities will be at the forefront of how we will take projects forward, making sure we listen to the voices of the active and articulate, as well as the vulnerable or rarely heard.”


Q: When is a Neighbourhood Plan not a Masterplan?

A: When Farnham Conservatives desperately need Election PR.

Can you believe that Waverley Tories have decided that they need to have a new Masterplan for Farnham! So they have voted themselves another £100,000 for Consultants to come up with a vision for the next 25 years.

Hold on, didn’t the Farnham Town Council just spend £25,000+ on a plan? A plan that went to a referendum – and won a High Court Appeal – for the next 18 years? What Tory twerp thought we really need to cover all this again and in particular the years 2032 – 2039?

When most of us would like some assurances about what will happen next week!!

What else could they come up with to spend a mysterious £250,000 reserve from the Business rate pilot? Farnham Herald reports, rather tartly: “The windfall will, says the council, be used to fund “exciting community-led projects” starting with a Farnham masterplan – “looking at the town in a more joined-up way”, ensuring sites such as Brightwells and the Woolmead “work together sympathetically, with each other and the wider town”. No really! You have to be joking, it is an early April fool surely?

ummingbirdThinking up something nice and fluffy to say ahead of the local elections, Julia Potts Waverley’s very own umming bird came up with this at the Full Council meeting: “This new approach will help us to build community cohesion and create a strong local identity. Engaging with our local communities will be at the forefront of how we will take projects forward, making sure we listen to the voices of the active and articulate, as well as the vulnerable or rarely heard.”

But hasn’t the bird flown from Farnham? Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No,​ it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.

Since when has Waverley managed to build community cohesion in Farnham?!

Well, Waverley’s Chief Executive Tom Horwood has the answer! He gave £98K to his mates at RegenCo “transforming Britain one town at a Time” (The outfit that  worked with him at East Hants to oil the wheel of Whitehill/Borden Masterplan) and call it a Place Shaping Exercise

If you are a Tory you can put two fingers up to the organisation – and they will make excuses for you?




Councillor Christiaan Hesse the Conservative Councillor for Hindhead who hasn’t turned up for a single meeting for the past six months, was warned after four months and did not respond.  Perhaps the voting fodder of Hindhead might think more carefully before they elect their next representative?


Although we reported that The Conservative Councillor for Hindhead Christiaan Hesse was dumped by your Waverley ten days ago, at last night’s Full Council Meeting it was announced officially by Leader Julia Potts. Saying – “he hasn’t turned up here for six months.”

Whisper who dares – and he does – frequently,  in bounded, Lib Dem Godalming Councillor Paul Follows – who simply mentioned that since joining ‘Your Waverley’ he has enjoyed the “vigorous debating” and “ideas” put forward at various council meetings, at which he only wished  more Conservative councillors would – “turn up and attend.” Adding that their non-attendance was an insult to the residents who elected them. WOW!

An utterly arrogant  Mayor Denise Le Gal lightheartedly interjected by saying with a smile – they were normally referred to as…


At which point up shot Carole Cockburn saying she hoped the day would never come when councillors would have to spell out their reasons for non-attendance. Which could be through illness or personal. 

But not to even have the good grace to write, or respond to the Council and resign Cllr Cockburn?  

What excuse do you have for your Tory colleague for that? 

Here at the WW, we have witnessed Councillor Hesse become more and more frustrated and disenchanted with your Tory administration, its decision-making, its unwillingness to listen to many insiders, let alone outsiders, your Tory-dominated inner-fold. Thereby hangs another tale of Tory dissent?

More prats deserting Waverley’s sinking Tory ship?

Perhaps he should update his Linked In:

Plus his biog says he is: Excellent written and oral communication and influence skills. High-level UK security cleared.Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 10.51.33.png


Now, who’s​ felt a touch of the whip?



Guildford’s MP Explains Her Reasons for Defying Party Whip

Guildford, Cranleigh and Eastern Waverley villages  MP, Anne Milton, has been criticised by Brexit supporters for abstaining in the recent vote to remove the “no deal” option.

When the Commons voted on an amendment to reject the UK leaving the EU without a deal under any circumstances, by a margin of four Our Annie sat on her hands and crossed her fishnets!

Resulting in the government’s original motion – stating that the UK shouldn’t leave the EU without a deal on 29 March – was changed at the last minute.

The government had wanted to keep control of the Brexit process by keeping no-deal on the table, so ordered Conservative MPs to vote against their own motion.

The tactic failed because  Government ministers, including former whip Anne Milton, defied those orders leading to claims Mrs May had lost control of her party.

“The updated motion, to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances, was passed by 321 to 278, a majority of 43.”

Anne Milton who has consistently said that, in her view, a “no deal” departure from the EU would be very damaging to the UK, was one of 13 government ministers – including cabinet members Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, David Gauke and David Mundell, to defy the government whip by abstaining.

 In a message to constituents, she said, “There was a series of amendments tabled by MPs  I voted against the amendment (a) in Dame Caroline Spelman’s name to remove no deal as an option partly because of the comments she (Dame Caroline) made herself. “She attempted to withdraw her amendment believing that the main Government motion was more powerful. However, the amendment was still put to the House and was won very narrowly – there were 312 votes in favour and 308 votes against.

“The main motion then became the only opportunity to prevent no deal on 29
March. Leaving with a deal has consistently been the Government’s preferred
outcome and this is a personal view that I have long held myself.

“I have always believed that a deal with the European Union, and a measured transition when leaving, was important for our economy. I, therefore, did not feel I could vote against this motion but wanted to make sure no deal was removed as an option.

“I would like us to leave the EU on 29 March and, had the Prime Minister’s deal
been supported, this would have been possible. I believe that a delay is now
inevitable if we do not want to leave without a deal in place.”

 Guildford resident Stuart Barnes, a former Conservative party member who supports Brexit, said,  “Judging by the disgraceful betrayal by MPs and ministers it seems that our Conservative MP was not listening when the resolution was passed by the GCA [Guildford Conservative Association].

“This possibly means the end of the party or at least a split between the real Conservatives (there are still some in the party) and the faux Conservatives who were mainly brought in under the ghastly Cameron regime.

I look forward to news of mass sackings and deselections of the faux Conservative MPs as their constituency members in the main are still real Conservatives.”

Godalming resident Patrick Haveron commented: “I see Anne Milton abstained, supporting the government on ‘No Deal’. Quite a feat for a former whip!”

Leave campaigner Christian Holliday, a Conservative borough councillor for Burpham was more conciliatory. Saying,  “I’m pleased Anne didn’t support the motion as amended. Attempting to rule out ‘No Deal ever’ on any circumstances sends out completely the wrong message in negotiations with the EU, although it is worth re-emphasising that ‘No Deal’ is still the current legal default position and, in my view, is the outcome that most closely reflects the referendum result.”

Guildford Conservative Association chairman Bob Hughes added: “Anne has shown once again that she puts the people she represents first. She continues to support the Prime Minister’s deal but regards leaving with no deal as being potentially disastrous, at least in the short term. It is not what people voted for and she is right to seek to rule it out.”

The three other Tory MPS whose constituencies overlap Guildford Borough, Michael Gove (Surrey Heath) Sir Paul Beresford (Mole Valley) Jonathan Lord (Woking), and Jeremy Hunt (Waverley) all supported the government and voted against the motion

Explaining the rebellion the “conservativehome” website states: “ may well be that there are extenuating circumstances. First, it wasn’t expected that the Government’s motion would be amended. Before it was passed, the whip for the Government’s motion was for a free vote.

“Next, it is being claimed that a senior MP, or Downing Street aide, or both, indicated to some of the Ministers concerned that they would be able to abstain on the motion still – despite the amendment, originally tabled by Caroline Spelman, having been passed.

“The long and short of it is that it isn’t clear as we write which of the above, bar Mundell, acted knowingly in defiance of a three-line whip. And the waters will doubtless be muddied sufficiently so that we never know.”

Follows on Crime as Godalming is dubbed – ‘A frontier town!’


Crime is now a regular feature on all Waverley’s neighbourhood community boards. There were 19 incidents in one night in Cranleigh!  Many others reported to the police in Haslemere and Farnham. Godalming resident Mark Kimber is now referring to Godalming as a ” frontier town.”  

Others tell us they can’t even be bothered to report incidents and are taking their own measures to keep their homes, families and vehicles safe.

Here’s what Mark Kimber thinks…

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 21.21.47.png

And here’s what Liberal Democrat Godalming Councillor Paul Follows has to say about the deteriorating situation.

Here’s a man who is taking the concerns of Godalming people seriously, very seriously. 

A man, as you will see from this e-mail sent to Godalming Conservative supporters, that the Tories want to get rid of.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 09.34.14

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A sea change washes over Alfold? – But nothing to do with Care Ashore.


Word on the street – or, in this case, the lanes – is that there has been something of a sea change in Alfold. That tiny little village (population circa 1059 in the 2011 Census) has, it would appear, finally thrown in the towel and decided that it might be better to – whisper it who dares – attempt to work with the Dunsfold Developer rather than oppose it every millimetre of the way!

Could these petrol heads soon be on their way to Dunsfold? Not if -some of the neighbours – have anything to do with it?

Long may it last … although if Little Britton of Protect Our Waverley (POW) gets his way and is parachuted into the Chair of the Parish Council in May, the truce may be short-lived – very short-lived!

Although, according to our informant, even the current Chair of the Parish Council had clearly had enough of the preening Little Britton Aka (POW). He recently attempted to throw a spoke in the wheel of the council’s bid to make peace with the Dunsfold Developer and offer its support for the latest application in relation to the Aerodrome.

Who the blazes does this arrogant little pipsqueak think he is? Unless we’re very much mistaken – and, if we are, we’ll apologise – both the Aerodrome and the Dunsfold Developer were in situ long before those Johnny-Come-Latelys, Little Britton and his wife, rocked up at their des res overlooking the airfield.

No sooner had Cranleigh Removals driven out the gates of Hall Place Farm than Little Britton and his wife had signed up to the Provisional Wing of Protect Our Waverley, intent on blasting the development of anything at the Aerodrome to kingdom come. But didn’t care an s*d  about the green fields of Cranleigh, Farnham, Ewhurst, Godalming’s Arons’s Hill, Milford Golf course, and now more Ewhurst countryside going under more concrete!

The usual suspects from the Provisional Wing of POW were naturally salivating at the prospect of yet more rabid NIMBYs joining their ranks and laid out the red (or do we mean green?) carpet and embarked on yet another orgy of self-congratulation.

Talking of Protect our Waverley, where are they when they’re needed? We seek them here, we seek them there, the poor beleaguered residents of Milford, Farnham, Godalming, Cranleigh and Ewhurst seek them everywhere but that rather unsavoury and steadily dwindling band of one-trick ponies seems to have evaporated in a puff of smoke on the steps of the High Court, with Little Britton now trying, mendaciously and repeatedly, to claim he’s nothing to do with them and hasn’t been for a very long time.

Just in case – he’s missed this clip and he’s conveniently forgotten his membership we will remind him here…

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 10.33.57.png

Isn’t it high time someone prosecuted Protect our Waverley under the Trades Description Act?!

Because as sure as hell it ain’t doing what it says on the can!

Politics with a Big P has been kicked out of Cranleigh Parish Council.






Once upon a time in La, La Land – where nothing is quite what it seems – Politics with a Big P has been kicked out of Cranleigh Parish Council!

Hurrah! Hurrah! The Parish Council has had a Eureka moment you might think … or maybe not!

We’re told, the Tory councillors in Cranleigh have issued a press release advising the Cranleigh voting fodder that all former Tory councillors will now call themselves INDEPENDENTS and are no longer to be under the cosh of their Tory masters!

If you believe that you’ll believe anything! Including that Mary Poppins was a saucy sex slave to Mr Banks’ evil banker!

Hold the bunting! Now regular readers will know that we, at the Waverley Web, hate to pee on anyone’s fireworks but over here in Farnham the Town Council has been playing these pretend war games for years – whilst all the time covertly running one of the slickest, most politically motivated outfits in the borough, as fully paid-up members of the Provisional Wing of the Surrey Tory Tossers (PSWTT).

mylittlepovey2The mutter in the Cranleigh gutter is that the Chairman of the Cranleigh Branch of Guildford Conservatives is spitting horsy-nuts over disenchanted Tory candidates behaving so churlishly, and so ungratefully so soon after the selection process to stand for Waverley borough and Cranleigh parish council seats as CONSERVATIVES. In fact, it’s rumoured he’s so cross he almost fell off his Little Pony!

So what will change? Well, wannabe Cranleigh parish councillors will now have to print and distribute their own election leaflets and pay their own election expenses. Holy Moses! Can it really be true that the party of the Duck House Debacle is really eschewing the truffle trough of election expenses?! Surely not!

Word on Cranleigh’s HGV over-burdened streets predicts the Tories believe they might just be in trouble – big trouble – in the True Blue Tory Heartland and that there may be challenges afoot from numerous Independents of the real kind – the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get), does what it says on the can variety as opposed to the ones who simply doff their Tory-Tosser hats at parish meetings and pop them back on again at borough meetings.

Maybe it’s time to remind these dyed in the wood die-hards what the word INDEPENDENT actually means?


The so-called non-political Farnham Town Council recently parachuted in a well-known Tory councillor following the resignation of another female Tory councillor only months before the election. Other Tory Tosser councillors were dragged from their death beds to prevent the seat being snaffled up by a true Independent or any other party because keeping Farnham Tory controlled was deemed imperative.

The same happened in Godalming, only last year when Godalming’s then-Mayor and Waverley’s EXECUTIVE was convicted of child abuse and sent to jail. But – Shock! Horror! –  Liberal Democrat Paul Follows snatched the seat from the Tory Tosser’s grasp after a hard-fought By-Election. Now there is a full-on Tory attack – to “Wash That Man Right Out of Our Hair.”

We would have so much more admiration for the newly declared Cranleigh Independents if they had carried their Independence Day declarations all the way to Waverley Towers. But, no doubt, they were fearful of being exposed to the cold hard light of day that greets opposition councillors. They would have their comfort blankets whipped away and would miss Good Riddance’s whiplashing their buttocks in their new Fifty Shades of Grey – or do we mean blue? – world!



D-Day for drilling in Dunsfold.


As the locals gear up for yet another fight – we bring you the latest mutter in the gutter about Dunsfold village’s new drilling site. Whilst villagers get themselves into fight mode, the oil exploration company UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) has revealed more details of its proposed new drilling site in what it describes as Dunsfold’s…

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 21.13.03.png

The site chosen is next to woodland north of Dunsfold Aerodrome and the test track of Top Gear.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 21.13.38.png

UKOG described the well site location as “a discreet field” in “tranquil landscape”. It is off High Loxley Road, a “narrow, winding rural lane, lined with hedgerows and mature trees”.

The company said in the leaflet it had agreed to a land lease and would shortly submit a full planning application to Surrey County Council. If successful, it hoped to begin work late this year or early in 2020.

Which should coincide quite nicely with the start of development of 1,800 homes now consented and planned at the nearby aerodrome?

UKOG said the proposed well site and site access would be screened by woodland,   a small linear area of ancient woodland lies to the north of the site. It was the proximity of proposed oil drilling to ancient woodland which prompted the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, to decide not to renew a lease on Forestry Commission land last year for an exploration site near Leith Hill, also in Surrey.

There are 13 listed buildings within 1km of the site. Land immediately to the north of the site is designated as an Area of High Archaeological Potential. There is also evidence of a buried Roman settlement 500m south of the site, UKOG says.

Dunsfold Google Maps large


UKOG has said it did not need to frack the well because the rock was naturally fractured. It said it may use an acid wash to clean the fractures after drilling. This would use acetic acid, the acid contained in vinegar.

Single well and/or sidetrack

 UKOG said it was seeking initial permission just to drill and flow test one well, “on a limited size well pad”.

But details of working hours and lorry movements referred to drilling an additional side-track, or horizontal well. The purpose of the drilling was to “to find much-needed oil and gas for the UK’s energy security,” and if the operation were successful, the local community could benefit by up to £1m a year in benefits paid by the company in business rates and royalties.

 UKOG has given no more details on the depth of the proposed well but has confirmed that three wells were drilled locally in the 1980s and it aimed to assess their commercial viability. Those wells were drilled on the other side of the aerodrome off Loxwood Rd, Alfold.

A drilling rig said to be up to 37m, would be on site for no more than 60 days. The rest of the equipment was described as low rise and low visual.

The village of Dunsfold has no street lighting. But UKOG said the well site would be lit. It said:

“We will continual monitor the lighting arrangements to ensure we avoid any unacceptable light pollution”

New road junction

The company would need to build a new junction in High Loxley Road and what it described as minor highway improvements at the junction of Dunsfold Road and High Loxley Road.

Two trees would need to be removed where the access track met the public highway to make space for the junction. The scheme would include a 1km compacted stone access track from the road to the well site.

The site itself would be built from compacted stone, surrounded by containment ditches and security fencing with entrance gates, the company said.

Air quality

The company concedes that it would use diesel-fuelled plant and machinery and that gas from the well may be flared. 

Objectors claim: “These operations will result in the release of pollutants to atmosphere and greenhouse gas emissions with a consequential air quality impact.”

The planning application would include an air quality assessment with modelling to show the impact on people and wildlife nearby.

Subsidiary company

The operation would be carried out through a UKOG subsidiary, UKOG (234) Ltd. This is named after PEDL234, the exploration licence area in which the site is based. The PEDL also includes UKOG’s Broadford Bridge well site. Accounts for the year ending December 2017 reported a loss of £2.76m, compared with a loss of £76,000 for the year before.

 Proposed operations, timings and lorry movements

 UKOG proposes the following work at Dunsfold if granted planning permission:

Phase 1

Access and well site construction: 14 weeks, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday, up to 10 heavy goods vehicles (HGV)/day

Phase 2

Drilling mobilisation: 3 weeks, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday, up to 10 heavy goods vehicles (HGV)/day

Drilling: 12 weeks, 24 hours, every day, up to 10 heavy goods vehicles (HGV)/day

Drilling demobilisation: 3 weeks, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday, up to 10  HGV’s.

Well testing: 26 weeks, 24 hours, every day, up to 5 HGV’s. 

Sidetrack drilling: 12 weeks, 24 hours, every day, up to 10 HGV’s. 

Maintenance workover: 4 weeks, 24 hours, every day, up to 10 HGV’s.

Phase 3

Plugging and abandonment: 3 weeks, 24 hours, every day, up to 10 HGV’s.

Removal of surface equipment: 2 weeks, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday, up to 5 HGV’s. 

Phase 4

Site restoration: 5 weeks, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday, up to 10 HGV’s. 

Or Site retention: 26 weeks, no working hours are given, no lorry movements given, to allow for further application for additional work or production.

Lorry movements, though not stated, are presumed to be two-way.

Public reaction

Online video footage showed that some people seeking to attend the information meeting were not allowed in. Some people complained that the writing in the information leaflet was too small to read easily.

There was also disappointment that the leaflet was no available online or in digital format for people who had been unable to attend the meeting. The leaflet is now available here

UKOG has distributed a questionnaire and DrillOrDrop will ask the company for the analysis of the results.


Surrey County Council ruled on 28 February 2019 that the UKOG proposals for Dunsfold do not need an environmental impact assessment.

Details of the application for a screening request (SO/2019/0002) are on the Waverley Borough Council planning website (search by the request reference)


More prats deserting Waverley’s sinking Tory ship?



With the sound of election drums rolling  across the the borough yet another Hindhead councillor has jumped off the good ship, Waverley.

Councillor Christiaan Hesse’s term as councillor for Hindhead ended just a couple of days ago on March 10th – less than two months before the full council seeks re-election in the May polls.

His sudden departure leaves only Cllr Peter Isherwood (pictured below) carrying the Tory flag for Hindhead.Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 23.01.49.png

 October last year saw,  another Tory Town Councillor Alex Ford booted out of office for non-attendance.

During his year-long term of office, he did not attend a single meeting! 

What a slap in the face for the residents of Haslemere, battling to retain the countryside from the threat of development?

Tory Councillor Peter Isherwood threw his hat into the ring and won the seat on Haslemere Town Council in a by-election.

Will the people of Haslemere vote for more of the same at a Town Council by-election to-day?

Is this the reason, Councillor Hesse too, is no longer a councillor? Or, has he fallen out of the Tory fold after showing his increasing frustration with many of its decisions?

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 23.16.14.png

Perhaps it is time the townsfolk of Haslemere were better served by their elected representatives?

Maybe, just maybe they will stop voting for anyone with a blue rosette regardless, and seek proper representation from those willing to give their time and energies to serve those they have a duty to represent?

And possibly, some of those so long in the tooth, and frankly verging on decrepid, would do themselves, and the rest of us, a big favour by taking up bridge or knitting! 

Where has all the money gone Part 2?​


Some of the locals have been pouring over The Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – AKA Cranleigh Village Private Nursing Home Trust’s – annual accounts. But, as per usual, this document throws up more questions than answers … A bit like the recent public meeting, despite an excellent presentation by Cranleigh’s Parish Clerk.

You can read that here: Where has all the money gone? Where has all the money gone?

No wonder the Lions Club is asking for its money back.Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 19.39.58.png

The accounts have not been examined by forensic accountants, just Derby & Joan, who found them remarkably vague and underwhelming when it comes to any substance or detail.  All items in black are taken from the CVHT 2018 accounts.

The net assets of the company are stated to be £2,621.656 which is, apparently, all down to the value of the land sold by Cranleigh Parish Council for £1.

Yep, you did read that right. Cranleigh Village Private Nursing Home Trust is valued at £2,621.656 based on its purchase of land from Cranleigh Parish Council for a mere £1!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 13.41.03.png

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY or something more sinister? The word fraud comes to mind but we don’t want to be hasty …

What nincompoop sold the Parish silver for a measly £1? Particularly when it was valued by the District Valuer at the time at £250,000!

However, CVHT’s valuation figure is entirely false. As we understand this is a perceived value of the land when planning permission for a hospital, day hospital and GP Surgery was granted in 2006.

A consent which lapsed in 2012.

Therefore there is curre