An open letter to Dear Denise & Doubting Thomas.


WHAT IS A SECTION 106 Agreement and how does it work?

Sorry! You may need of cup of tea and a lie down after reading this!

We preface this piece with an explanation for our followers, like Awfold’s Dear Denise, who has trawled tirelessly looking for answers – often in the dead of night after she has returned from an exhausting journey to London … to WORK!

 Dear Denise is one of those dreaded commuters that no one in the Parishes likes – because they clog up the local roads and create rat-runs down picturesque country lanes – and yet they all do it! A classic case of that, oh so parochial, Don’t do what I do, do what I say! But, at least Denise cares about the borough and wants and deserves – ANSWERS! 

So here goes… 

We, here at the WW, are not planners, or even experts in our field – as some of our more critical followers do like to keep reminding us – but at least we have a go. OK, we’ll say it before you do: We’re always having a go at someone!

However, we’ve excelled this time and brought in an expert – we found one loitering on Haslemere High Street and dragged them in and conducted what’s known locally as the Dunsfold Inquisition – similar to the Spanish – but instead of torture we plied our Legal Eagle with coffee and cakes – cost us a bloody fortune.

So…  down to business! This is serious stuff because it’s been keeping Dear Denise and her fellow commuters awake at night! The poor souls have enough to contend with just getting to Waterloo to earn an honest crust!

Dear Denise & Doubting Thomas

First of all let’s give this some context, for those who don’t know how a Section 106 (s106) works, to ensure everybody understands what it’s for and what it can, and cannot do.

Begin by going to the government’s planning portal website and you will find this page

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 22.58.52.png
Use of planning obligations and process for changing obligations. 

Your Waverley is still using this type of agreement with developers because it doesn’t yet have Community Infrastructure Levy (otherwise known as CIL). Rather worse than that, as you will see, s106 relates to the development plan and, in theory, Waverley’s development plan is the 2002 Local Plan! But Waverley is where Waverley is, so, let’s cut to the chase, and address the big question: What does all this mean for local residents?

One of the critical points our Legal Eagle (LE) highlighted is that a planning obligation must be “directly related to the development”.

Some of Dunsfold Park’s (DP) contributions, particularly those going to Surrey County Council, are calculated per head and our LE thinks this includes education, libraries (yes, you might well ask, What libraries?)  sport & leisure. DP  may be different because it’s providing on-site sports facilities as part of its  new development. Rumour has it, it’s also stumping up the monies to help pay for a new leisure centre in Cranleigh. So that’s a win-win for Cranleigh residents!

Some are not fixed per capita – highways being a good example. These contributions are a matter of negotiation in each case. So the anticipated impact of the development on the surrounding area has to be agreed between Waverley BC, Surrey CC and the applicant (DP) and evidenced. So that is why it is being asked for some contributions for some junctions but not, for example, to sort out the existing mess in Cranleigh. In other words, (DP) has to mitigate the effects of its development as and when built. It  doesn’t have to sort out the existing mess because its nothing to do with them. We know some  like to blame (DP) for everything and anything that goes wrong in Waverley but, it isn’t!

A s106, particularly on a large site like DP, doesn’t attribute a monetary value to all the benefits a developer will be providing but these very significant benefits still represent a massive and total cost to the developer.

Which probably explains why Dear Denise, despite all her midnight trawling can only find £18 million. If you look at your own schedule,  Denise, you will see there are a whole host of developer funded contributions/obligations which don’t have a figure against them. That’s because the Dunsfold Developer has to provide those facilities themselves within the  new development and at its cost. Just because they are part of the development, doesn’t mean they come at no cost to the developer!

A Community Land Trust, a Community Centre and contributions to canal works will  all  come at significant cost. That’s why, Dear Denise, we are told, you can only find £18 million. Also, unless our LE has missed something, there is no mention of the actual Bus contribution but there is one; much was made of it during the Public Inquiry because it’s going to be underwritten by a lien on rental income from the Commercial Park to ensure the Bus contribution is guaranteed. No wriggle room there then!

Phasing and details

This is what’s known, in the trade, as a hybrid application (ie, there are elements of both detailed and outline planning consent) because a developer can’t apply for a demolition application as an outline application. Otherwise for such a large application it would have all been in outline.

Why? Because – no matter how much you hate developers – it’s unreasonable to expect them to spend shed loads of dosh working out the fine details of a planning permission – or, for that matter, to expect a local authority to commit all the officer time and resources required when neither party knows if the developer is going to get a planning consent at the end of it. So, what’s happening here is all perfectly normal in planning terms. That would be like being asked to pay for a dress/trousers before you took it into the changing room and not getting a refund if they didn’t fit!

There are mechanisms for dealing with the outstanding issues in the conditions and in the reserved matters. Our LE hasn’t seen the detail of  DP’s planning conditions or Reserved Matters but, we are told, that’s where a lot of the final detail will be thrashed out. And that’s perfectly normal, particularly for a big development of this size, which will be developed, in phases, over many years; between 10 and 15, probably.

Again, this is perfectly normal and much of the detail, including details of the phasing, will still need to be worked out and that in itself could take a couple of years! What our LE  did detect though, is that a lot of attention has already been given to the aspects which are really important to Waverley BC, like the housing mix and speed of delivery/construction.

The other thing the planning system recognises, and pretty well all s106 implicitly recognise – and this application is no exception – is that you can’t expect a developer to pay all the contributions up front. Yeah, we know it’s a bugger but even the wealthiest developers have cash flow issues. They have to spend a lot of money upfront on the site – installing utilities, roads, earth moving, etc, – so they need to make a bit of dosh on the way through to replenish their own coffers through house sales, otherwise who’d be a developer? We know it’s a dirty job and people don’t like them but someone’s got to do it or the next generation will all be living in tents!

As far as the highways contributions go, LE said they seem perfectly fair and reasonable. After all, if the new residents the developer hopes  to attract to the village fail to materialise there can be no impact on the highways and no educational requirement for non-existent children!

Also, Dear Denise, you need to remember, as mentioned earlier, that point about contributions being “directly related to the development”, because a developer isn’t supposed to be paying to remedy an existing problem, just to mitigate the effects of his development! Yeah, we know you and Doubting Thomas don’t think that’s fair but you wouldn’t think it fair if you were asked to pay to tarmac your neighbour’s pot-hole riven drive or repair his leaking conservatory roof, now would you? So why should a Developer be asked to fix an existing problem he didn’t create and has no responsibility for?

Our LE doesn’t understand your point,  Denise, about the distribution of housing. If you are referring to an ideal world, where housing should be better distributed across the borough, they would agree but, in the real world, distribution is distorted by the protection given to the Green Belt and the AONB here in Waverley. What can you do?

Well, of course, we all know what Charles William Orange Esq and his cohorts want to do; they want to build  over our green fields and Green Belt – on land they own!  In reality, most reasonable people want to protect our  fields and Green Belt and build on brown fields first, if  they’re lucky enough to have them!

So, for all our sakes, let’s hope the future’s bright but that it’s not ORANGE!

Our LE, who lives locally – well, they would if we dragged them in off Haslemere High Street – has followed the Dunsfold Park Saga since 2009 and concluded by saying, with the benefit of hindsight, if the Borough (under Mary Orton-Pett, Richard Shut-the-Gates, Robert Knowless and Bypass Byham) had had the vision – to say nothing of the daring! – to accept and support what was proposed at Dunsfold Park in 2009, Waverley BC would have had a new Local Plan by 2013, using the South East Regional Plan housing figures. That being the case, many of those houses would have been built by now, with more coming along; Waverley would also, therefore, have had CIL and there would not now be virtually uncontrolled development across the borough but, especially, in Cranleigh.

So, in a nutshell, Waverley’s in the mess it’s in because it’s dragged its heels, thought it could buck the system and the Cash & Clout Brigade think, based on past experience, that they can buy influence within the Tory Government because they write big cheques to fund Jeremy Hunt’s new en-suite and Anne Milton’s ego. Who knows, maybe they can but if they do, GOD HELP THE REST OF THE BOROUGH – by which we mean Cranleigh, Godalming and here in Farnham. After all, we know how much PoW & the Parishes care about us; their caring, sharing nature was amply demonstrated when one man (that Dick De’Anus) and his dog turned up for the Thakeham Thugs Inquiry, whilst the rest of the Cash & Clout Brigade hi-tailed it to the Burys to demonstrate their disapproval of the Dunsfold Developer!

So, there you have it, Dear Denise and Doubting Thomas, we’ve done our best to answer your questions. If you have any more, might we suggest that maybe you should think about bearding the Dunsfold Developer in his lair? Despite all the rumours – sadly, even our best endeavours have not been able to track down the names of any babies he’s snatched or pet poodles he’s eaten for breakfast. He’d probably welcome you with open arms – or, at the very least, a cup of coffee and a biscuit – and answer any outstanding questions you might have about his s106 contributions.

We’d love to pop along ourselves but then we’d have to adopt a Burqa to protect our identity and a Burqa-clad man on an aerodrome is likely to raise all sorts of security issues in this weird and wonderful world we inhabit.

But, if you do pick up the phone and get an invitation to morning coffee or afternoon tea, do, PLEASE, write in and tell us all about it because we’d love to know – in fact, we’re dying to know – what the Dunsfold Developer’s lair is really like. Someone once told us he had a dartboard with Robert Knowless and Richard Shut-the-Gates’ heads on it and the staff play Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a photo of Kevin De’Anus’s … OK, let’s keep it clean! You get the picture.

Sorry this is rather long- but you did pose an AWfold lot of Quetions:

With love from all at The Waverley Web xxx

P.S. Please keep writing to us – but we can’t promise to persuade the Legal Eagle to guide us through any more questions – because it has taken flight!

Four-lane dual carriageway/Motorway to plough through famous Surrey cricket green! The Silly Season – or an early April Fool?


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 08.33.54.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 21.22.34

Who is up for a fight! But needs to get her facts right! Read this tosh that is now circulating the area!IMG_0446.JPG.jpeg

A regular reader sent us the above note, from some daft bird called Daphne Robinson – the aforementioned ‘extremely pissed-off woman.

For Christ’s sake Daffers, it’s all very well going around spouting off about ‘Power to the People’ but you need to be sure you know your arse from your elbow before you let rip! If you don’t you’ll become known locally as that Daft Bird Daphne! And you don’t want that, do you?!

Where on earth did you get this tripe from? Have you been looking at the Dunsfold Park planning application or have you simply been talking to your neighbour across the garden fence, who heard it from their daughter, who got it from her cousin’s Aunty Ethel twice removed?

Even PoW & the Parishes couldn’t make this up – although they had a damn good try, at the Public Inquiry and, in the process, made some old codger from the cricket club look a right ass!

So sit down, Daffers, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, break out the ginger nuts, and let us explain matters to you.

As everyone over there in the East all know, the Shalford roundabout in question is one of the daftest arrangements known to local residents. Who else, but Surrey CC would force traffic coming out of Broadford Road to turn left – when it wants to go right – and navigate a roundabout before sending it back in the same direction it’s just come from? This, in turn, creates a log-jam because traffic waiting on the A281 to turn right into Broadford Road, holds up traffic going south towards Bramley. It’s a complete bugger’s muddle!

As we understand it, Shalford Cricket Pitch is not being touched in any way. This was explained at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry when someone from Shalford Cricket Club was worried about losing his balls – although our correspondent doubted he had any! It was pointed out to him that the brief widening of the A281 and the creation of a new roundabout at Broadford Road would eradicate the current problems and improve traffic flow, thus eliminating delays at that point.

This is all happening on the opposite side of the road to the Common and the cricket pitch, where there is currently nothing more than a ditch. Surely, this proposal is an improvement that we would all welcome?

You really should be more careful, Daffers. We know you’re a pissed-off but that’s because you’re misinformed. Get your facts right! Otherwise, you’re going to become known locally as the woman who opens her mouth before she engages

her duck brain – or do you?

 Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 21.22.07

More secrets – more lies – competing with the BIG BOYS – that’s the latest game for our local authorities!


We here at the Waverley Web have been ranting on for over a year about the risky property ventures  embarked upon by our local authorities. Others are now condemning the use of public money- our money  – some of which is heading for an  investment in the borough of Waverley that the private sector wouldn’t touch!

This is a comment from one of our followers: 

 Why is  SurreyCounty Council  so shy of informing the people who pay them and their elected representatives about the investments they make on our behalf? Can they be trusted to manage our money sensibly?

Well, it doesn’t look like they know how to when it comes to funding Farnham’s Brightwells Scheme and all the city experts have refused to touch it over the last many years. How can our County Council be stopped? Can councillors of all parties be persuaded to rise up in protest? Surely councillors could be vulnerable to surcharge if it all goes wrong and council tax payers money is lost? This is an absolute scandal!

With over £50m of the taxpayers’ money earmarked, and on its way, to fund part of Farnham’s  Blightwells East Street Development,  the county’s Lib Dems have put a marker in the ever shifting sands by condemning the county council’s strategy and the way in which decisions are now being made!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 21.37.12.png

Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council, said today:

“This money is public money and it has to be used carefully and responsibly for the benefit of Surrey residents. I am deeply concerned that the current return on the county council’s investment portfolio of commercial properties, worth £223m, is actually only £1.8m – a return of less than one percent. Despite this, the Conservative administration at County Hall plans to dramatically increase its commercial property empire around the UK so that by 2020/21 it will be worth between £0.5bn and £1bn, with an annual return of £10m which is a return rate of between one percent and two percent.

“Furthermore, the Conservative administration wants to take these important decisions in secret and to remove the opportunity for scrutiny before individual decisions are taken to buy commercial properties worth millions of pounds. This is akin to gambling with public money, and exposes the county council to an unacceptable level of financial risk.

“The original principles behind the strategy were to approve “Investments that have the potential to support economic growth in the county of Surrey”. However the reality has been quite different to date, with over £148m worth of commercial properties outside Surrey purchased by the council’s wholly-owned property company Halsey Garton between November 2015 and December 2016. The large sums of money involved and the level of risk require more, not less, scrutiny to safeguard public money. The county council should be focussing on becoming more efficient and providing better services to Surrey residents, rather than acting like a property investment company in the private sector.”


A list of commercial properties purchased by the County Council can be found here:property-list

The new investment strategy can be found here:

Have our followers found the answer to the Foryszewski Saga?


You may remember we posted a WANTED notice a week or so back! You can refresh your memory here:

Part 1 – of some people will go to any lengths to get planning permissions.


Part 11 of – Some people will go to extreme lengths to get planning permission!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.58.57.png

Ye Gods! Whoever would have thought our little Wanted Poster, appealing for information, would have resulted in such an avalanche of emo skidding into our in box. It nearly crashed the Waverley Web!!!

We’ve had to pick our way through the glut of speculation, titillation and utter rubbish that’s been sent our way but, bit by bit we’ve dug and layer by layer, we’ve peeled our way to what we believe is a fair understanding of that to which Councillor Foryszewski was alluding.

The first clue, which many of our readers cottoned onto, was that Councillor Foryszewski was speaking in advance of a planning application relating to  Little Meadow, which is owned or controlled by Crownhall Estates Ltd, which is based at The Common in Cranleigh.

Local businessman, Hamish Robbie, is the gentleman (although, in the circumstances – more of which later – Mr Robbie would appear to be no gentleman!) understood to be behind the allegation Councillor Foryszewski was alluding to.

As we understand it, Mr Robbie has made some pretty colourful, foul and – as Mrs Foryszewski intimated – completely unsubstantiated allegations about the  Councillor.

What a pity Mr Robbie didn’t take a leaf out of his own book and ape the advice he offers on his Twitter Account: ‘The less said the better!’

Waverley Web’s advice to Councillor Foryszewski: ‘speak to the other party mentioned by Mr Robbie in relation to his allegations!!

We’re quite sure if that person was aware of Mr Robbie’s allegations – given they’re renowned for their deep pockets and short fuse – they would wring a retraction out of Mr Robbie faster than the eejit Mr Robbie can utter the words, ‘Help! I need a Libel Lawyer!’

And, if they don’t we, at the Waverley Web, look forward to covering the case when it gets to court! Not least because we’d be very interested to learn who it was that put the gullible Mr Robbie up to this distasteful farrago. Knowing the dramatis personae involved, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out but if the Waverley Web named names of the cabal most likely to be behind this deeply distasteful slur on Councillor Forsewski, without firm evidence of their involvement, we’d be behaving as badly as that gullible eejit Mr Robbie and we like to think we’re a little bit better than Mr Robbie and his ‘secret meeting’ cohorts.

So, Mr Robbie, why don’t you either put up or withdraw the allegation? And, whilst you’re at the latter – as our sources don’t believe you have either the evidence or the balls for the former – apologise, unreservedly, to Councillor Foryszewski for

1. Being such an eejit!
2. For being so gullible!
3. For having a big, potty, gob!
4. And for failing to engage the brain – that we can only assume you must possess – before opening it!

If not, you not only get our award for

1. Wally of the Week
2. but Mouth of the Month
3. and Yob of the Year.

So, brace yourself, because you could be getting regular mentions henceforth here on the Waverley Web! 

Oh and if you want to tap him on the shoulder and tell him yourself he’s  pictured here:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.01.32.png
Our advice to the gullible Mr Robbie: Why don’t you make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down and think about how you’d feel if your wife was the subject of allegations, made by a gullible eejit like yourself, similar to those you’ve made about Councillor Foryszewski … Not nice is it?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to grow up, Mr Robbie, and contemplate the discombobulating realisation that you’ve been played like a fiddle! You’ve been a poodle and a puppet, used and, in turn, abused by someone or someones who wanted to settle a few scores, rattle a few cages and spike the guns of  a councillor who wouldn’t do what that, someone or someones, wanted them to do!

So go on, Mr Robbie, we dare you, why not be a man and admit you made a mistake? It can happen to the best of us – only difference is, the best of us own up and apologise when we do, rather than try to cover it up with a silo of silence! You can contact us at mailto:

Is our Jeremy’s flushed with his own success of running down our health services?


Poor Old Jeremy, he can’t do right for doing wrong … or do we mean he can’t do wrong for doing right …

‘nuf said!

PS. Splatter Hazard Warning: Don’t read this article from today’s Daily Mail whilst drinking hot coffee or eating your cornflakes!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 10.37.48.png

Oh!  don’t forget to hoot your horn when you are on your way to the Witley Recycling Depot with your rubbish!  Over there in the east of Waverley Surrey County Council is closing  the Nanhurst tip in Cranleigh because it is so strapped for cash! Hunt lives in Markwick Lane in Hascombe near Dunsfold en route to the Witley dump!

Read the article more clearly here:

20170814081730248 copy

While ‘Your Surrey’ invest millions in speculative property deals … are our vital public services footing the bill?


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 22.11.28.png

Below is how a county council spokesman describes  the disgraceful state of one of Guildford’s main thoroughfares…

We are well-used to swinging our vehicles and bikes around the pot-holes in the minor roads,  but really!! This is Guildford’s North Street and according to the county council these are ‘shallow defects’ which are not necessarily ‘safety defects.’

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 21.50.43.png

If the financial situation of Surrey County Council is so serious- then why is it funding the re-development of Farnham’s Blightwells East Street development?  Why is it putting up over £50m of our money into a development that the private sector wouldn’t touch? Why is it risking taxpayers’ money – our money?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 22.09.08.png

Don’t fence me in!



The Chairman of Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee doesn’t want to see large ugly security fences become the norm in The Wunderland that is Your Waverley.

He doesn’t seem to mind how many homes are thrust upon certain parts of the borough – the East and West in particular, but he doesn’t like fences!

You can hear for yourself what he thinks of the large fences proposed along a once natural rural country lane called Alfold Road, Cranleigh.

councillor Peter Isherwood  was not too worried about 75 homes being built  close to the Ancient Woodland. That  is woodland that has been there since the 16th century but he is concerned that the new estates crapping up (damn that predicted  text) all over the borough will be surrounded by fences rather than the natural hedgerows. But don’t you worry you folks over there in the East the officers gave very good reasons why high fences  should become part of  Cranleigh `New Town’s urban street scene. 

Glad nobody listens to him either!   Indeed why should they – after all the officers ignore all the Cranleigh councillors comments – that is, those allowed to speak up, and more important, the handful that are allowed to vote!






It became increasingly apparent as the Dunsfold Park Inquiry progressed that the least public-spirited and responsible body in living local memory, PoW & the Parishes (routinely referred to as the Rule 6 Parties at the Inquiry), treat the question of housing as a game of cunning and conspiring.

To-day we received a comment from a follower that by even mentioning PoW we are giving it legitimacy! However, it is spreading such a web of lies, deceit and mis-information we MUST set the record straight and limit the damage it is doing to the Waverley borough.


Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 14.58.47.png

We love PoW’s Sarah Sullivan’s artwork – but the message it conveys makes us want to SCREAM! Because the message it conveys is simply WRONG. Lorries and traffic will go through By-Pass Byham’s Bramley from Shoreham, from Gatwick from Horsham and all the new homes being built in Cranleigh and the villages – NOT JUST FROM DUNSFOLD!

This can only be because they and the majority of their supporters are insulated by comfortable levels of income and homes and have, at worst, completely forgotten and, at best, simply overlooked that their actions and objections affect the aspiration of young people to own their own homes and find jobs close to those homes. Surrey house prices are now 15x the national average and PoW and their acolytes need to recognise that much as they’d like to populate the villages with people in their own image, we can’t all be Captains of Industry!

We, at Waverley Web, never thought we’d be writing in praise of Julia Potts – the woman previously known as Gone-to-Potts – but it began to dawn on our Waverley-Watchers, as they witnessed the Borough gearing up for the now not-quite-so-daft looking Local Plan and the Dunsfold Park Inquiry, that under Councillor Potts, Waverley is galvanising.

For the first time, in a very long time, the Borough has a Leader who actually appears to be stepping up to the plate and forcing officers and councillors alike to face up to their housing responsibilities, rather than shirking them and trying to shove them onto other boroughs. This is a significant change from the shambolic, do-bugger-all politicks of Potts’ predecessors – Robert Knowless and Richard Shut-the-Gates!

There was a time – under Knowless & Shut-the-Gates – when putting the worried-well-to-do’s interests first came naturally to Waverley BC’s Leaders but in Councillor Potts we detect something of a sea change. Evidence of this is apparent in her and Liz-the-Biz’s willingness to bury the Council’s decade long differences with the Dunsfold Developer in order to bring forward a new village at Dunsfold Park in order to resolve a goodly part of the borough’s housing shortage.

A shortage that PoW & the Parishes – their backs against the wall – now suggest should be resolved by freeing up the Green Belt and green fields in and around their villages! Yep, you read it here first, if PoW & the Parishes get their way, hundreds of homes are coming to the villages of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.18.55.png

Did the Parish Councils ask all 20,000 residents they claim to represent if they wanted to dish out their tax payer precept – rumoured to be around £6,000 per council – to pay for PoW’s barrister, planning and traffic experts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.24.09.png

Anyone who sat in the public gallery at The Burys during the first week of the Inquiry, when PoW & the Parishes’ – so-called – expert witnesses put their case, could tell PoW & the Parishes had been duped, sold a pup, a pig in a poke! In fact, if the Waverley Web was in PoW & the Parishes’ shoes, we’d be demanding our money back! Their witnesses conceded so many of their half-baked arguments under cross-examination by Rumpole and Wayne Beglan that we simply don’t have space or time in which to list them! As Rumpole so succinctly put it, the Rule 6 Parties’ case ‘unravelled’ and The Stinch’s closing submissions were ‘fantasy and fiction’!

Which brings us neatly to the latest mutter in the gutters of Godalming! Apparently, so reluctant were some of POW’s expert witnesses to work for them, they quoted 3x their normal fees in anticipation it would send PoW & the Parishes running for the Surrey Hills. Unfortunately – for the experts (and the Parishes’ coffers!) – the experts weren’t exactly lining up to align themselves with PoW so they had no option but to pay through the nose to get someone … anyone!

And, be warned, PoW’s about to circulate the begging bowl – again! Beverley Weddell, Clerk to Alfold Parish Council,  sent a letter to the Secretary of State (SoS) on behalf of Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Dunsfold, Hambledon, Hascombe, Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow Parish Councils and the PoW Campaign formally requesting the SoS to:


1. direct Waverley BC submit their emerging Replacement Local Plan to him for his approval

2. or to modify their Local Plan

3. or withdraw the document.

In the meantime, they want him (the SoS) to give a temporary direction that Waverley BC does not take any further step with regards to the preparation of their Local Plan until the SoS has reached a decision on their request.

One regular reader of the Waverley Web wrote in this week saying they now believe that PoW’s posturing is an almighty scam on behalf of the cash-and-clout brigade who are openly boasting that as soon as the Dunsfold Park application is routed Waverley’s well-to-do will be coming forward with applications to build on their own green fields! You don’t say! Quelle surprise!

But enough column inches have been devoted to POW, led by Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ – strapline: The future’s bright, the future’s Orange!) and Nic-the-Brick Pidgeon (who has admitted in the dim and not so distant past to having a pecuniary interest in the Springbok planning application to build 425 homes in the village everyone refers to as AWfold). 

More about Councillor Potts’ epiphany. We don’t want to speak too soon but we think we might be glimpsing a slow but sure change of direction from the Good Ship Waverley. The coming together of Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz and their apparent determination to do something to end the tyranny of a well-heeled minority who complain about anything being built within five miles of their In/Out drives and want to ban all cars – except their own – from the A281!

It could just be that in Councillor Potts we are finally seeing a local politician with the selflessness and vision to work in the interests of the wider borough, rather than just those of the cash-and-clout brigade from Awfold, CKerchingfold, Dudsfold and Where-Has-all-the-Traffic-Comb-Frome, who have, to their eternal shame, effectively, bullied and bought the submission of local MPs, Mistress Milton and Jeremy Shunt-all-the-housing onto someone else! More of which in a future post.

As a result, Waverley might, just might – but don’t hold your breath – emerge from the current situation in reasonably good shape!

We say ‘might’ because Councillor Potts and Liz-the-Biz are just two women and they’re up against some dark and very powerful forces who now want to build on green fields owned by them.

So there you have it, folks, if this Inspector and his boss, the Secretary of State, decide not to recommend in favour of the Dunsfold development, it’s going to be open season on every green field and piece of Green Belt land in the borough and the Coutts accounts of the cash-and-clout brigade will be going Ker-Ker-Kerching! No wonder they’re all so keen to derail housing at Dunsfold!

The final word on this has to go to that elder statesman of the three barristers at the recent Inquiry, Rumpole: “The very fact that the Rule 6 Parties speak in such terms shows what the planning system has to grapple with and face down here!”

See yesterday’s post – another shedload going onto a green field near YOU?

Another shed-load of housing on its way to ‘Poor old Cranleigh?’

Another shed-load of housing on its way to ‘Poor old Cranleigh?’



Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35

Just when those poor souls over there in the east of the borough thought they had sacrificed enough of their countryside on the alter’s of  developers – here they go again!!

Whilst Crest Nicholson’s head honcho sits comfortably in his Wonersh Park Home safe in the knowledge that he has By-Pass Byham; Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge, and Mike ‘Rubber’ Band keeping developers away from his patch he is confident they will keep on voting for his developments just  as long as it is not in Bramley; Shamley Green or Wonersh.

Here comes another one they can stick their mits up for – Crest Nicholson’s latest offering in the once rural village now to become Cran1eigh New Town.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.09.26.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.09.00.png

We do apologise to our readers – but there are so many – we cannot get all 119 which are added to the 149 already under construction into the picture.

We cynical lot here at the Waverley Web presume that he sewage will go into sh*t pits on site and be dumped slowly through an electrically operated  pumping system heading for the Cranleigh Sewage Treatment Plant to create yet another Nightmare on Elm Street! Where the residents of Elmbridge live under a stink cloud from the affluent’s effluent and where Cranleigh Waters remains polluted.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.08.23.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.08.47.png

And if that isn’t enough to make you choke on your cornflakes this morning. CALA Homes want to add another shedload of homes into Amlets Lane  – and there are more to come!

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.10.22.png




Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.40.09.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 21.40.49.png 

Be careful what you wish for!


Cranleigh Chamber of Trade said on behalf of traders, well, perhaps only, some  traders –  that they wanted more footfall, so asked  their borough councillors  please, please, please keep giving consent for more homes and some of them – did!

Over  1,500 in the bag and plenty more to come!

Now, according to the Waverley Web’s Cranleigh followers – the HGV movements thundering through the village are now outdone by UK Power Networks’ vehicles,  cones/barriers and traffic lights clogging up the high street. Now,  some traders, are upset that the works set to continue throughout August are badly affecting their businesses. Some say  they have lost more than 80% of their normal trade, others scythe place is dead.   Motorists are avoiding Cranleigh new town like the plague, saying it is practically useless trying to get from A to B. It can take as long as 30 minutes to travel the length of the high street and it’s quicker to travel to `Horsham. UKPN says work should   be completed early in  September – earlier if possible.


IMG_0073However, yesterday, matters were made even worse when there was a massive power failure and several thousand homes were without electricity.  Oh my! and the real building work to create the New Town hasn’t even started yet! The power cut affected postcodes GU6, GU7, GU8, and RH 12 and RH 3. However, Cranleigh High Street was seemingly  unaffected.

Still you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so they say, and an engineer told one passer-by. “Think yourselves lucky we are here on this job, if we hadn’t Cranleigh would have been blacked out by Christmas.” UK Power network are now investigating the high voltage overhead electricity line fault which caused the cuts which affected 1,223 of its customers. 


It never rains but it pours, so they say!


This week earth movers moved onto the Berkeley homes site in Knowle Lane which will be closed to all traffic  later next week.



‘Julia, Julia,’ give us your answers do?



As Farnham residents call for a postponement of Blightwells our Julia carries on regardless!  When actually is the re-development of East Street going to start?


  • Have the road closure and stopping up orders been made? Orders which should be consulted upon? 
  • IS a planning application in the process of being submitted?
  • Where are the plans for the proposed construction of an access bridge?
  • How can Crest Nicholson have commenced and secured a consent – for which they have not yet submitted the plans?

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 12.06.29.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 12.07.03.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-06 at 12.07.22.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.47.18




Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.31.25.png

We’re intrigued – OK, we’re not, we’re actually BURSTING – to know what “serious personal and professional allegation”’ has been made against Councillor Foryszewski!

Here she is in action:  Making a statement on why she is absenting herself from the meeting of the joint Planning Committee of  Waverley Borough Council.

So, if anyone out there has any information relating to Waverley’s answer to The Forsyth Saga, we’re all ears. Older readers may recall The Forsyth Saga and the way the nation shut down each Sunday night for the transmission of the most rivetting series on TV during the days before video recorders, DVD players and iplayer … Pubs closed and the streets were deserted … the Church rescheduled Evensong so worshippers could be in front of their TVs for the next installment!

OK, we know we’re getting a bit carried away but it’s helped to enliven a rather dull Mondy  morning here at the Waverley Web’s HQ, now that all the shouting over two Public Inquiries at once has died down!



Information leading to the inside story on The Foryszewski Saga!


Go to it Waverley Webbers!  WRITE TO US AT:

 And… REMEMBER … all your secrets are safe with us!!



Behind every copper there’s a ‘Civvie.’


  Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.15.17.png 

The oft-forgotten backbone of the Police Service is the Police Staff, affectionately known as the ‘bloody civvies.’


Many people don’t realise it but the relationship between officer and civvie’s can often be a very intense one. At the coal face they frequently work closely together and almost rely on each other equally.  For example, Police Officers have to rely on and respect the skills and judgement of the Control Room staff. Nobody wants to split the traffic in rush hour for 5-10 miles only to find a civil dispute over a hedge at the end of it, or NOT be given the true status of an active ‘Suspects On’ or ‘Officer Requires Assistance” shout. Teamwork.  They are part of ‘The Team’.

What gets forgotten is that the ‘bloody civvies’ have suffered equally, or more, during ‘The Cuts’.

I don’t have the greatest amount of time for the Corp Comms or HR staff. They tend to inhabit their own world, but the Comms Staff, Intel Assistants, Analysts, CID Clerks  (showing my age now) and the like can rightly regard themselves as ‘important’ even ‘indispensable’.

Rightly, much is made of the ever-shrinking number of front line officers. The cuts to the Police Staff make just as much difference but often pass without comment.

Well, I, and others, am commenting.

Nationally the Police Service has lost almost 20,000 Police Support Staff (NOT including PCSOs and Specials) since 2010, and that looks something like this

However, in attempt to minimise Police Officer losses,  the Met has lost proportionately more, NEARLY HALF since 2010, and that looks very much like this

It’s tempting to make a politically incorrect comment at this point, but surely ANYBODY can see that no organisation can lose almost half of its staff and continue to function as though nothing had happened.  This has to be hurting the Met in every area of its business, on top of the Police Officers they have already lost and will continue to lose.

THIS is why there is a #CrisisInPolicing

Come on Mr Khan, London can’t go on like this.  Neither can the rest of England and Wales.  It’s about  time that the Mayors, PCCs, Commissioner and Chief Constables joined together, and with one voice, point out to Theresa May and Amber Rudd that CutsHaveConsequences. Not just boots on the ground, but behind the scenes.  I know of at least one Police Station where the Police Staff have been cut so hard that a warranted Police Officer has had to be taken off the streets to do the job that the redundant civvie had been doing. How mad is that?

  1. Over the years seen so many of our civilian family been cast aside.
    We lost our canteen staff, cleaners, Section House staff and so many in our admin/support that did so much to make to make the Police such a great family to be a part of.
    They all contributed to the efficiency and effective service that the Police provided to the public.
    We are very much the lesser without them.

  2. Good analysis. Trouble is, The Establishment, which includes all Parties…. and the Masons who encompass (?) all Parties, let alone Common Purpose ( google Common Purpose scam) all combine to divert everyday attention from reality. You, of all people, will know the sinister grip of Masonry. Some Masons are OK….. others are irrevocably gripped….. way beyond the bonhomie and everyday play of local contacts and good works. That dark path has controlled many a Police outcome…. along with Coroners, Courts and numerous cover-ups. I am ex-Army, I defend The Thin Blue Line …….. please recognise that ranking coppers are looking for a Gong, Knighthood, Outrageous Pension and a station in life for the submissive her indoors. Too harsh?

Eastern villages’ county councillor hit by a Touch of Frost.


Now listen here Queen Victoria, Surrey County Councillor for the Eastern Villages.  Don’t you start wearing your husband’s mantle – just because he was ditched by Farnham after being ditched by his Guildford Conservative Constituency mates. Is it pay back time at County Towers? Because – Be Afraid – Be very afraid! of upsetting ‘Your Waverley’ Councillor Pat Frost.  And… upset she most certainly  is … because not only have you ditched the long-awaited Consultation on the pedestrianisation of our town, you called A Touch of Frost and her side-kick Carole Cockburn –  VETERANS!

Off with your head we hear them cry!


‘Wouldn’t be fair’ she exclaimed, ‘to spend the council taxpayers’ money on funding on a consultation, when there are insufficient county funds available to implement the pedestrianisation scheme.’ Oh Dear QV – maybe, just maybe, you should have checked with your head financial honchos back at the ranch – because according to our ever-increasing band of informants – they intend to stump up an amazing… 


Just in case Queen Vic, you don’t get to read that amazing Farnham Newspaper – that, now, thanks to the arrival of the Waverley Web, everyone gets to read we have included it below:   Oh! and by the way our Patsy was not just – ‘not pleased’ or ‘even not cross’ – she is ‘very angry.’ So… be warned – having just lost her county council seat to one of those pesky Farnham Residents’ she is not in a mood to be messed with! Get it!

Oh! and tell your husband to see if he can find someone who will take him on in… and then you won’t have to kick us here in Farnham. Say… Hampshire…Dorset… or even perhaps… Kensington & Chelsea?

Here it is for all to read:20626405_10155559833966613_8714108156926593252_o.jpg





So said Rumpole (AKA Christopher Katkowski QC) when speaking of his client’s and their proposal to build 1800 homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome.


The Public Gallery at Waverley Borough Council was full to bursting on the last day of the Public Inquiry into the Dunsfold Park planning application.

The Stinch – speaking on behalf of his clients, PoW & the Parishes, made much of the fact that his clients represented 20,000 residents. As with much of his argument, in his closing submissions both he and his clients  stretched  the truth so far Incy Wincy, from his position – somewhat precariously balanced in the coving of

animated-spider-image-0157the chamber – was astonished that their noses didn’t grow like Pinnocchio’s! Though of course, he did tell one very significant TRUTH AT LAST – that DUNSFOLD PARK IS PREVIOUSLY DEVELOPED LAND – ERGO; IT IS A BROWN FIELD SITE!

Rumpole, with supreme dignity and just hint of sarcasm, dispelled the myth put forward that everyone in Waverley was against the scheme when he spoke of ‘the silent majority.’   Those, who, unlike the worried-well-to-do (all 30 odd of them)  packed into Waverley’s stalls had  jobs to go to, and a  crust to earn?  

Lynch The Stinch!

The Stinch, spoke at length – boy, did he go on and on  for TWO whole hours!!! Incy  reckons he  had a bet on with his Junior as to how many times he could mention the word ‘unsustainable’ in his closing arguments. 

 Both Rumpole and Waverley BC’s barrister, Wayne Beglan –  succinctly argued much of  The Stinch’s rhetoric  was refutable.  Rumpole even wondered aloud, “If the Rule 6 Parties have not been here as their case unravelled?”  Now that was a bit below the belt – albeit entirely justified!

The ladies who lunch obviously turned  down invitations to lunch instead cheered   on the  Stinch, from the sidelines.  The stalls awash with florals, and gummy smiles, sage nods and gentle “Hear, hear’s” accompanied much of his  performance and when, at last,  he reached the end of his perorations, there was a resounding round of applause from the local ladies.

Everyone was in dire need of a strong, black, coffee by the time The Stinch wrapped up! – PoW’s clash & clout brigade shimmied over and attempted to cosy up to the Dunsfold Developer – by which, we mean, representatives of Trinity College Cambridge, who turned up for the finalé. It was two-faced smiles all round as, we assume, Messrs Britten & Lees (POW) tried to explain their case to one of the wealthiest institutions in the country, “No, hard feelings, old boys. But could you just go and develop in some other borough; how about where you come from – Cambridge, isn’t it?”

Incy found it kind of odd  that neither Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ) nor Nik Pidgeon (AKA Not-in-my-Columbier) were present. Two of the key architects of PoW & the Parishes’ case have not been seen in public since they were outed as Nimby Developers who, having spent years parking their concrete mixers in other peoples’ back yards now want to move in on their own patch and dig up the village greens of Awfold and Hascombe. KERCHIING! Apparently no pigeons flew into the Springbok Inquiry?

Strange that? Should we, instead, start digging up their patios – ooops! Pardon us! We should say terraces as, clearly, Charles William Orange Esq wouldn’t have anything so pedestrian as a patio at his Grade II Listed Georgian des res!

Maybe, the police should be putting out an All Points Bulletin for Messrs Orange and Pidgeon just in case they’ve been lynched by a mob of angry Alfold residents …

Thankfully ‘YW’s Mr Beglan, , made by far the better and, thankfully, shorter speech, which, – unsurprisingly – didn’t go down nearly so well with the noises off. 


The Inspector was forced to remonstrate with the worried-well-to-do  at one point when they began to chortle derisively at one of Mr Beglan’s remarks. Clearly they left their manners in reception. Suffice to say, Mr B’s  closing submissions ran for less than an hour and were all the better for it – definitely a case of less is more!

By the time Rumpole’s  spoke for  the Big D, the stalls had thinned out considerably. Perhaps the worried-well-to-do had taken umbrage at the Inspector’s ticking-off or maybe they just weren’t interested in listening to “the evidence and the facts,” which, Rumpole insisted, “must prevail over fantasy and fiction!”

He asked the Inspector;  “To report to the Secretary of State based on the evidence you have heard. I say this because the Rule 6 Parties’ closing submissions, characteristically and literally, completely ignore the many concessions made in Cross Examination by their witnesses on a host of fundamental matters. It is as if the weeks between the Rule 6 Parties’ opening and closing submissions never happened. But they did! It is as if the Rule 6 Parties have not been here as their case unravelled. But, rest assured, our closing submissions will be based on what actually happened at this Inquiry rather than blithely ignoring it!

For the evidence and facts must prevail over fantasy and fiction!”

Later Rumpole said, “We note that the Rule 6 Parties have, today, written to the Secretary of State, requesting his intervention, in the Local Plan process. Doubtless, the Council will be writing to the SoS to resist this, as will we. This is not the place to debate the lack of merit of their request, as it does not fall to you [the Inspector] to deal with it. I will simply say that the Rule 6 Parties’ letter is characteristically misleading and myopic!

Tellingly, he went on to say,

“There is a deep hypocrisy about the Rule 6 Parties’ case on sustainability. A village on this site [Dunsfold Park] with the mix of uses and facilities proposed, coupled with bus services which are to be secured in perpetuity, would be considerably more sustainable than any of the villages in the parishes represented at this inquiry. In effect, the objectors are objecting to residents in the new village living markedly more sustainably than they do. I had originally written a good deal more about the rank hypocrisy of the Rule 6 Parties and then decided that politeness should prevail over emotion. However, having now listened to the Rule 6 Parties’ closing repeatedly describe proposals as ones involving ‘the dumping’ of people’ and ‘sink estates’, I consider it only right to add a few words. To describe the proposals in this way is shocking! But the very fact that the Rule 6 Parties speak in such terms shows what the planning system has to grapple with and face down here in Waverley.


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 09.53.44.png

In common with Mr Beglan, Rumpole’s closing arguments were short and succinct and completely at odds with The Stinch’s 60MPH delivery But, as Rumpole stressed. His client’s case was a simple, straightforward one! 

It was not a complex case and there was a “clear and easy route to the conclusion that permission should be granted.” In short and in summary, Rumpole stated, “There is a real sense of momentum in favour of our proposals. Their time has come.”

But has it? Only time will tell and it will be a nail-biting few months for all concerned whilst they await the Secretary of State’s decision.

Meanwhile, in case you’re thinking it’s nearly all over, it isn’t!! The Stinch is already threatening further legal challenges and much resistance on the part of PoW and the Parishes should the Secretary of State dare to rule against his clients! No change there then!

In the meantime hold onto your hard hats – and watch those HGV’s and earth movers roll across our countryside!

The Waverley Web predicts even more public money going down the pan!

So it’s…

Business as usual!

Yet another brilliant article from the Farnham Herald.

A little bit of Summer Silliness.



Picking up on our school holiday’s theme of well-loved children’s stories, one correspondent tells us  that David Elvin QC,  the barrister acting for the Thakeham Thugs, over there in Cranleigh, bears a striking resemblance to Mr Toad of Toad Hall, whilst Christopher Katkowski QC, the barrister acting for the Dunsfold Developer, over in Godalming, could be likened to the Badger.

Coincidently, Messrs Elvin & Katkowski share Chambers, both being QCs at Landmark Chambers.

WW has discovered that David Elvin –  is described on the Chamber’s website by clients, variously, as ‘a giant’, ‘a heavy weight’ and ‘a man who gets results’ has taken a strikingly bombastic approach to the Thakeham Thug’s case.

Whereas, across the borough, in Godalming, Mr Katkowski, is described on the same website as ‘very practical, calm and accessible. Just phenomenal.’

Far be it from The Waverley Web to offer advice to such illustrious Silks but perhaps it’s time Badger took Toad in hand before he not only annihilates poor old Awfold (everyone has now taken to spelling the name incorrectly) but made  so many enemies amongst the handful of residents who have turned out to hear him that  he has to be evacuated in a Kevlar Vest and helmet?

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 22.39.53.pngOf course, we’re thinking of a more gentle approach than Apocalypse Now, more of a bedtime story for our reader’s children.

Remember the scene in Chapter 6 of The Wind in the Willows when there’s a heavy knock on the door, which heralds the arrival of Badger in The Mole and the Water Rat’s parlour.

‘The Badger strode heavily into the room, and stood looking at the two animals with an expression full of seriousness’ and announced ‘with great solemnity’ that, “The hour has come!”

“What hour?” asked the Rat uneasily.

“Whose hour, you should rather say,” replied the Badger. “Why, toad’s hour! The hour of Toad! I said I would take him in hand as soon as the winter was well over, and I’m going to take him in hand today!”

 WW  thinks maybe it’s time for Mr Katkowski QC (AKA Badger) to hustle on over to The Arts Centre, and take Mr Elvin QC (AKA Toad of Toad Hall) in hand, before he crashes the motor car – or in this case the countryside! Picking up the story, after a hearty lunch in 140, the discussion will go something like this:

“Sit down there, Toad,” said the Badger kindly, pointing to a chair. “My friends,” he went on, “I am pleased to inform you that Toad has at last seen the error of his ways. He is truly sorry for his misguided conduct in the past, and he has undertaken to give up [defending the Thakeham Thugs] entirely and forever. I have his solemn promise to that effect. He has even promised to stop telling the Inspector that if the Dunsfold Park planning appeal is refused by the Secretary of State – Waverley’s Local Plan is DEAD, definitely D..E..A..D.”

“That is very good news,” said the Mole gravely. “But, if the Local Plan is DEAD, and has a huge black hole in it – perhaps all the green fields around Alfold will be all the more ripe for development… won’t they.”

“Very good news indeed,” observed the Rat dubiously, “if only – if only -“ He was looking very hard at Toad as he said this, and could not help thinking he perceived something vaguely resembling a twinkle in that animal’s still sorrowful eye.

“There’s only one thing more to be done,” continued the gratified Badger. “Toad, I want you solemnly to repeat, before your friends here, what you’ve fully admitted to me … just now. First, you are sorry for what you’ve done, and you see the folly of it all?”

There was a long, long pause. Toad looked desperately this way and that, while the other animals waited in grave silence. At last he spoke.

“No!” he said a little sullenly, but stoutly, “I’m not sorry. And it wasn’t folly at all! It was simply glorious!”

“What?” cried the Badger, greatly scandalized. “You back-sliding animal, didn’t you tell me just now, in there -“

“Oh, yes, yes, in there,” said Toad impatiently. “I’d have said anything in there. You’re so eloquent, dear Badger, and so moving, and so convincing, and put all your points so frightfully well – you can do what you like with me in there, and you know it. But I’ve been searching my mind since, and going over things in it, and I find that I’m not a bit sorry or repentant really, so it’s no earthly good saying I am; now, is it?”

“Then you don’t promise,” said the Badger, “never to touch [a Thakeham Thug’s Inquiry] again?”

“Certainly not!” replied Toad emphatically. “On the contrary, I faithfully promise that the very first [Thakeham Thug’s Inquiry to come my way again] poop-poop! off I go [with] it!”

WW pledges no more silliness, and we will report more of the Springbok Inquiry into Waverley Planners’ refusal to allow Care Ashore’s scheme to build 475 houses and more than double the size of  Alfold – once we have managed to scrape up more information.

The Big D’s final stretch.


The Dunsfold Park Inquiry reconvened yesterday to discuss the Planning Conditions and Section 106 Agreement and concluded with a site visit for the Inspector and various interested parties, including Beverley Weddell, Clerk to three of the 11 Parishes and an enthusiastic supporter of PoW. Also along for a ride on Dunsfold’s Big Dipper was  A’ Miss Dodeck’ as the Inspector called her,  along with Sarah Sullivan, of the new, highly suspect, Dunsfold Heritage Group.  No doubt Ms Sullivan  hoped  to spot and slap a heritage sticker on anything that was built pre 2016!

Surprisingly, it was all relatively painless, not least because it was Charlotte Web’s distinct  impression that PoW & the Parishes were bailing out water with a hole in their bucket. The Section 106 contributions (for the uninitiated that’s the dosh the Big D has to hand over for infrastructure IF  it finally gets to build anything

seemed generous to our eagle Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 09.06.51.pngeye when compared to any other development in the area – so the moaners  had little to quibble over, however, it didn’t stop them trying!

Rumpole was irritated beyond belief that, despite promising to get a document  to everyone by Friday evening, PoW & the Parishes’  paper was a… ‘no show’ …  and was still absent at a.m Monday!  Eventually, the missive dropped into his inbox that night at 10pm  but without the courtesy of providing  the Inspector with a copy!   Result:  An adjournment to allow the Inspector to get up to speed!

Mr Lees of PoW seemed to think that was something to smirk about … God alone knows why. WWeb  suspected it was possibly due to PoW & the Parishes’ Mr Rice, ‘moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic’ in an attempt to justify his fat fee!

Having spun a web over a copy of the s106  we will now digest the detail, but a  brief glance revealed  that no other developer even comes close to dishing the dosh like Dunsold! We can’t decide whether the BigD should be congratulated or certified  for insanity, cos no other developer is digging anywhere near that deep!  Big D  makes other developer’s s106 contributions look miserly – or do we mean,  genius? 

After a week-end to refresh themselves, the same old, same old –  emphasis on the old! – locals were out in force in the stalls; all 11 of them! One dozed off before the coffee break and only three returned after. Post lunch they were down to two! Incy Wincy, who had taken over the watch from Charlotte Web, noted that they were going down faster than 10 Green Bottles! You just don’t find the stamina these days!

 Charles William Orange Esq (soon to be developer of the Parish of Hascombe) 


The Future’s bright – the future’s ORANGE.

was noticeable by his absence … strange that. He’s not been sighted in public since the Waverley Web outed him as a NIMBY Developer who’s had an epiphany and decided to build on green fields and green belt in his own back yard. Kerching![audiosrc=”″%5D%5B/audio%5D


Local resident and keen supporter of PoW – aren’t they all! – John Jeffries waddled up to the Inspector during the coffee break and bent his ear – so we’re told – about a further submission he’d made regarding the unsuitability of the roads and a conversation he’d had with one of the bus companies about it being impossible for them to run a punctual service because the roads were too narrow! Had a member of Team DP dared to accost the Inspector, PoW and the Parishes would, no doubt, have accused them of trying to nobble him and screamed ‘Foul!’ and ‘Mistrial!’

Kevin De’Anus, having finally escaped the clutches of the Thakeham Thugs Springbok Inquiry,  rocked up after lunch, but needn’t have bothered because it was all over bar the shouting! Just as well,  poor old, Dick De’Anus looked as if he’d had enough Inquiries to last him a lifetime.


Just once, Rumpole almost lost his cool, but, he reined it in and, with a world weary air, told the Inspector that, despite Pow & the Parishes’ oft repeated claim that Dunsfold Park was responsible for every adverse traffic issue and every HGV trip on the A281, that it was simply not the case. But,  he said, this ‘very silly claim’  was really beginning to get under his team’s skin! Even Mr Lies looked shame-faced  at being rumbled by Rumpole for such a blatantly stupid claim. That was a first for Mr Lies, looking ashamed, we mean not telling big fat pork-pies!

As  an aside, the Inspector asked someone to do a word search on the s106 document because Alfold was frequently misspelled as ‘Awfold’.  DON’T FRET Sir nobody gets it right!

Surrey & Sussex Police and Surrey County Council Highways rocked up in defensive mode, in case anyone wanted to mess with their very generous s106 benefits!  Entirely understandable as the Big D is now referred to as the Waverley/Guildford  CASH COW because it is being milked by everyone who wants to build  in the East.

 Does anyone else out there find it slightly odd that the Tory Tossers among POW and the parishes are being represented by The Stinch, a former Labour MP! 

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt!


This time it’s not a road Bramley’s By-Pass Byham needs it’s a brain By-Pass!

Because if a civic society stands up for the people it represents this is the abuse it receives  inside the rotten borough of ‘Your Waverley.’ Watch this: 


That’s what you get for screen-shot-2016-05-03-at-14-22-39

But the Cranleigh woman elected to convey  the very real concerns of the people who elected her, hits back. Just in case our readers wonder what the  ‘so-called threat’ was!  – IT WASN’T A THREAT IT WAS A PROMISE made  by  an organisation that has a mandate from the people of Cranleigh to speak up on their  behalf. The same village that  took a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in Waverley Borough Council.  Wonder Why?

This is Councillor Liz Townsend’s rejoinder – denying By-Pass Byham’s slur.  N.B readers please note: Councillor Townsend cannot vote, because she is not a member of the Joint Planning Committee – surprise, surprise!  BBB’s  disgraceful slur should be reported to the Monitoring Officer, Mr Roger Taylor 01483 523108. But don’t hold your breath folks because BBB can say what he likes, do what he likes, and insult his colleagues with impunity! However, the same does not apply to Farnham Residents’ Jerry Hyman! Because there are different rules in play at ‘YW’ dependent on which political party you represent.

JOB NO 1: For the new boy on the block Tom Horwood – clean up Waverley’s act and bring back public confidence in the authority you lead!


Below the mouldy toast is the so called ‘threatening letter’ that prompted BBB to say, ‘I’m not happy.’  You know what – neither are we! Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.46.59.png

 Ever heard the expression. PSBD – BBB?



Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.01.05.png

Letter dated 24-Jul-17 to Ms E Sims, WBC

‘Wen-am-I-leaving?’ … Has Gone!


The Waverley Web  wishes Paul Wenham a fond farewell and we bet the next CEO won’t provide  us with half so much fun.  What does anyone do with a name like Tom Horwood, the name of the new CEO?


Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 09.52.48.png

‘Farewell my friend “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
― William Shakespeare,

SHE SAID:  Leader Julia Potts: – ‘I would like to think Paul for his work and commitment to Waverley over the past 16 years. Despite the significant achievements of the council over this period  we still face some very big challenges and we both agree  that a fresh perspective is needed to take the council forward.’

HE SAID: CEO Paul Wenham:“With the proposed budget and transformation plans highlighted in the Strategic Review we feel that it is now time to “pass on the baton” something I have mutually agreed with the Leader.”

WWeb Said:   ‘Don’t mention the Fraud.’ Don’t mention not mentioning the fraud – before the last borough election.’ Don’t mention East Street/Blightwells or asset grabbing: – Farnham’s Memorial Hall and recreation grounds, dumping the Gostrey Centre and other valuable assets into developer’s hands. Don’t mention a series of  Daft Local Plans, the Votes of No Confidence on his watch from Farnham and Cranleigh! The demise of ‘Age Concern,’ and other charities, or the mounting lack of trust between councillors and staff. But … more  important a diminution of democracy! – Allowing councillors and officers  to MEET AND MAKE DECISIONS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS SHUTTING OUT THE VERY PEOPLE – WHO PAY YOUR WAGES/PENSION!

Has Wen-Am-I-Leaving… Gone. Or just gone missing? It’s official – he’s GONE!

Aunty Elsie has been seen running around Waverley Towers bonnet in hand collecting the dosh for ‘Wen-Am-I-Leaving’s’ –  present. Perhaps, a cruise that his friends and colleagues have bought him to Busan where a new Korea awaits him. 

The Executive Director and Head of Paid Services Paul Wenham has finally, yes finally, achieved his heart’s desire – to spend more time…. with his final salary pension pot and his golden goodbye?




Is there a little local difficulty finding anything – cheap, cheap!



Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.19.31

Here’s a comment we received from a Farnham follower of the Waverley Web and he certainly struck a chord with our team!

We continuously  hear the mantra ‘build more affordable homes,’ however, experience shows most homes under construction are anything but affordable for your average punter.

One of our followers over there in the East of the borough tells us that the first 50 odd properties  built in Cranleigh by Linden Homes were up for sale for up to  £1.7m, with a just handful of homes to rent. Prices have yet to be announced by Cala Homes (which has just gone back to the parish council to say it is ditching 5 bed homes and building more 3 bed homes) but Crest Nicholson’s cheapest start at £419,000 and then the next ‘cheap’ property is  £499,000!  However, it is offering to do part exchange deals  – but going by a recent post you may need a boat!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 17.56.13.png

Copy re- produced by WW from the amazing Farnham Herald!

AN annual household income of around £115,000 per year is now needed to buy the average home in Waverley, the borough council  revealed as part of its support for Rural Housing Week (July 3 to 7).

Led by the National Housing Federation, the aim of Rural Housing Week is to show how ‘affordable’ housing is vital to enable young households to stay in rural areas and sustain local services like schools, post offices and pubs.

Rural prices are typically around 26 per cent higher than their urban-equivalents – making home ownership even more difficult for many and threatening the very fabric of rural communities.

Responding, Waverley Borough Council has backed calls for more affordable housing to be built in the borough, and has pledged to increase the current level of housing supply in rural communities by six per cent per year for each of the next five years. WOW, let’s all hope some of them end up in Bramley, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Chiddingfold etc – and not just ‘poor old Alfold and Dunsfold.’

It claims most ‘affordable’ homes are either rented or shared ownership, where the customer can part-buy and part-rent. New affordable homes in rural areas are usually reserved for people with a genuine connection to the local community. Not any more they won’t be!

What a load of bunkum – homes now being provided on our green and pleasant fields can be disposed of to anyone, in the surrounding borough’s including Guildford, Woking and London. So stop kidding us Waverley Borough Council. Local homes for ‘local’ people.

 When an Inspector agreed to over-turned Waverley’s refusal to allow 425 Berkeley Homes to be built in the East, with 40% affordable – he stipulated all should be constructed at the same time.

Berkeley went back to Waverley and asked for the 55 high-end executive homes to be built first as  Phase 1,  pledging the others would follow ‘later.’ ‘YW’ agreed to Berkeley’s request, so Waverley residents’ could be in for a long wait for their ‘affordable homes!’

The controversial public inquiry to more than double the size of Alfold was forced to close early to allow another show to go on!


We heard from an attendee that business was suspended early at the Springbok Inquiry recently because a planned  Punch & Judy Show required the Cranleigh Art Centre stage.

Where did Punch and Judy come from? Why did they become popular at the seaside? Well,  Jonathan Cann, a local entertainer and friends could have learned a lot if they had attended the  Arts Centre just a bit earlier.  They would have found they had much in common with  barristers  – Robin Green and QC David Elvin who held  the stage earlier that day.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 08.43.26.png

‘Oh no you can’t build on a green field in the middle of the countryside’, said ‘Your Waverley’s lawyers and planning experts – ‘Oh yes, we can’ claimed Thakeham Homes’ avuncular barrister who nearly busted his braces in his attempt to persuade Government Inspector Richard Clegg that Alfold would benefit …there would be more buses, people, children, old folks and most important – seafarers from around the globe making their way to: …

 A 60 unit independent living care facility, with 20 associated bungalow following demolition of the existing care home. Erection of 125 dwellings including shop and cafe; all with community facilities including sports pitches, public open space and associated works with the provision of two new accesses – one onto Dunsfold Road and one on to Loxwood Road. Also an outline application for another275 dwellings, a care home, and a primary school with associated open space. 

All in a small rural village whose actual settlement comprises just 200 properties! Where sewage overflows, and which  experiences regular flooding, power cuts, has few facilities, no school, public transport or health services.

Fortunately for ‘Your Waverley’ the outcome of Thakeham’s appeal had already been pre-determined by Sunny Jim – Councillor Jim Edwards – who, before the hearing even started,  piped up and claimed – the Appellant ‘doesn’t have a leg to stand on’ and asked the council for £100,000 to fund the legal team’s fight,  because there wasn’t any money in the council coffers! Dumb or what!Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.10.22.png

Thank God it was left to Councillor Kevin Deanus to speak up for villagers rather than the Welsh fart from Haslemere, Critchmere & Shottermill, who bears  a remarkable resemblance to Judy!  We heard from a Springbok resident that he, DeAnus that is  – ‘did Alfold proud.’ Despite the fact that he is also opposing development a brownfield site just a spit away at Dunsfold Park! WW can’t help wondering where he does want the mounting number of ‘Your Waverley’s’ share of homes to go … probably like Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley – in the Green Belt!

Old Incy Wincy’s  been busy dealing with the stuff of other people’s lives around the borough so has been grateful for the locals view of the 8 -day inquiry.

Oh boy has life been busy for ‘Your Waverley’ this week. Legal eagles lined up at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry.   Hopping off to get Court injunctions to throw off a train of  travellers who rocked up all over Farnham including its  Park and the  Dogflud  Car Park to name but a few. Talk about the ‘Silly Season’ – it gets sillier by the minute!

Yesterday at the Dunsfold Inquiry… as opposed to ‘Yesterday in Parliament.’


There was a brief moment of drama at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry on Thursday morning when the Inspector took the three QCs aside for a chat but the excitement quickly dissipated when it became apparent he simply wanted to discuss the timetable for the next few days. No breaking news there then!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 14.15.00

All because the Dunsfold Developer has positively skipped through their witnesses this week, with their final expert, Michael Derbyshire, concluding his stint by lunch time, which meant an unexpectedly long week-end for all concerned, as PoW & the Parishes claimed they weren’t ready to commence the discussion on planning conditions early.

It was the same old, same old faces in the stalls – do these people not have anything better to do with their time? No jobs to go to? Of course not! Silly us! They’re mainly pensioners living off their final salary gold-plates!

We’re still hanging from numerous webs – sack the cleaners we say!

Elsewhere in the Chamber, Councillor John Gray was busy glad-handing all parties on all sides, in a bid to appear impartial, after other councillors complained, earlier in the week, they’d been scolded by PoW for passing the time of day with what PoW termed ‘the opposition’! ‘It’s like being back in the school playground,’ muttered one, clearly irritated, member!

Not content with scolding their parish and borough councillors, PoW had also accused a member of the Dunsfold Developer’s team of sneaking into the public gallery to spy on their supporters. The looks of surprise and astonishment on the faces of their protagonists made it far clearer than any words could just what they thought of the suggestion that they were remotely interested in anything the motley PoW cabal had to say.

And why would they be? There can be little doubt that whilst the Dunsfold Developer may not win this battle – what with the Secretary of State having the final say on the proposals and him having already shown himself to be in thrall to Mistress Milton and Jeremy Let’s-Shunt-All-the-Housing-onto-Farnham, who are, in turn, completely in thrall to PoW’s Cash & Clout Brigade, who fund their campaigns and Conservative Party Coffers – but there is no doubt in the minds of those who have observed this Inquiry that Dunsfold Park have made a fine case.

On behalf of PoW & the Parishes, The Stench (damn this prescriptive text again)  has struggled – really struggled – to mount an effective argument against the application. OK, it might not be the perfect solution and, in an ideal world, no one wants housing on their doorstep but, in our less than perfect world, surely it’s better to build on brownfields before green fields …
Whoa!! Hold your horses there, Cowboy! Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ), Up-to-his-Columbier (AKA Nik ‘The Dick’  Pidgeon) and Michael Sutcliffe’s friend, Waitrose Man, all disagree! Because they all have green fields they now want to develop in the villages. Of course they have! And they’re going to be renaming them Aw-Kerching-fold, Ckerchingfold and Has-Kerching!


A bottle of Champagne to the first reader to spot OJ’s concrete mixers arriving in the borough, on low loaders, from some other poor sod’s back yard! Here at the Waverley Web, we’re taking bets they’ll be arriving in the dead of night, when there’s a black moon! Cos, OJ’s been noticeably absent from the Public Inquiry since we revealed his dirty little, muddy secret! Maybe the man does have some shame after all! We wouldn’t want you to miss it – so here it is again!

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 13.32.26.png

Another of those pesky civic societies giving our decision-makers a hard time?


The Cranleigh Civic Society has been poking ‘Your Waverley’ in the ribs for months, and the Farnham Society – ‘speaking up for us’ – has been at it for years! Glad to see residents over there in the East have woken up … at last … to the dodgy dealings which have been going on in the borough for years! 


Perish the thought that we would boast – but it was us, here at the Waverley Web, who last year exposed  the fact that Surrey County Council intended investing £50 million in Farnham’s Blightwells fiasco. The very same authority that has made the huge investment losses listed below. The same outfit that is turning the street lights out, shutting recycling centres, in an attempt to save face for another authority (YW) that is closing public toilets – services for the elderly and more. 


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.25.18Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.25.33.png





Today’s instalment of, You Couldn’t Make It Up, comes with a caveat! Waverley Web  couldn’t make it to The Burys – a minor cock-up involving school holidays and a child minder letting her down at the last-minute. What can we say? You just can’t get the hired help these days … Well, that’s what Charles William Orange Esq would say …

So, we’ve had to resort to a spot of espionage and subterfuge to get the details of the latest doings in the Council chamber. Therefore, we cannot vouch for the veracity of every word  reported below but we’re happy to make any corrections deemed necessary by the participants if they dispute our post

It’s now Waverley Borough Council’s turn to make its case and first up was a Ms Vera Lamont, Waverley’s transport expert. The Stinch could be seen licking his lips in anticipation, for Ms Lamont looked rather like Mrs Tittlemouse, as she was taken through her proof of evidence – as if she wouldn’t say boo to a goose …Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 23.50.51.png

But The Stinch was doomed to disappointment for, as lovers of Beatrix Potter all know, Ms Lamont (Mrs T) was made of stern stuff and no matter how The Stinch tempted, teased and tried to seduce her into agreeing with him, Mrs T was not to be persuaded. She held firm to her opinions – unlike Mr Belligerent, who was on hand to offer words of wisdom to The Stinch in order to assist him in tripping up Mrs T – but all to no avail, for Mrs T was not for turning!

She knew her stuff and she was up to snuff on Mr Belligerent’s permutations but she simply didn’t agree with him or them … in fact, she went further saying she was  happy to disagree with many of Mr Belligerent’s hypothesis and projections, which were more than a little far-fetched as far as she  was concerned.

By lunchtime Mr Belligerent was biting his nails as Ms T politely and, professionally, sliced and diced his evidence. Mr Lies (oops! Slip of the fingers, we meant Mr Lees) resolutely avoided eye contact with his overpaid poodle – more of which later. The Waverley Web is following up an interesting lead – or do we mean leak? – about just how much PoW & the Parishes forked out for Mr Belligerent’s services and with our usual bloodhound like diligence we’re pursuing it. Tune in later  for further installments.

In a  last-ditch attempt to trap Mrs T, The Stich majored on the last Dunsfold Park Inquiry, irrespective of the fact that government policy has changed in the interim. It would seem if he can’t win on current policy he’s not averse to looking back to what PoW & the Parishes hope will be the future!!

With  her wits about her Mrs T  gently reprimanded The Stinch for omitting relevant sections  of text that didn’t suit his argument! Mr B was reduced to scratching his head –  – no doubt wondering where it all went so wrong but, never mind, there’s a nice fat fee in his company’s bank THANKS TO PoW & the Parishes.

The Stinch tried a different tack claiming that  most  employment at Dunsfold Park  related to aviation and motoring. Now, our informant said they’re no expert on who does what at DP  but, judging by the expressions of disbelief, head shaking and eye rolling amongst the DP contingent, they deemed it  safe to wager that The Stinch had been sold a pup!

Mrs Tittlemouse, the well read amongst you will recall, swept her house clean of a beetle, exorcised a ladybird and a spider, with little ceremony, and when she found her neighbour – a giant toad – sitting in her rocking chair, before her fire, dripping drain and ditch water all over her clean floor, she followed him around with a mop and bucket, expertly cleaning up after him…

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 23.50.39…not dissimilar to Ms Vera Lamont’s behaviour on the stand. You decide  who the insect   and the toad were?  Suffice to say, Ms Lamont dealt professionally, expeditiously and dismissively with both Mr Belligerant’s evidence and The Stinch’s attempts to handle both it, and her.

 Clearly frustrated The Stinch was reduced to bringing up the Judicial Review that  his clients had withdrawn. Claiming  it wasn’t necessary  to pursue it as the Secretary of State’s decision to call in the application gave them their day in court … But the Waverley Web knows better; sources within PoW have unwittingly revealed to one of the Waverley Web’s moles that they were told they didn’t stand a hope in hell of winning that one and, terrified of Waverley BC being awarded costs against them, withdrew from the action with as much dignity as they could muster!

The Stinch tried hard to get off his duck but John Adam of Deloitte, Waverley BC’s planning expert, was giving no quarter either. The Stinch tried hard … very, very, very, very hard but John Adam could not, would not be moved. Like Mrs T before him, he was a master of his evidence, and more than comfortable in his own arguments.

Our informant  deduced that The Stinch was changing direction, slowly but surely, trying to reposition himself and instead of getting the application refused on grounds of unsustainability  angled for a case of prematurity.

WHAT? Not that old chestnut! Surely not? Again? Yes, AGAIN!

With nowhere else to go if this Inspector takes the Local Plan Inspector’s lead following his examination of  the  less daft looking Local Plan,  there is no option other than to conclude that Dunsfold Park is the way forward. However, The Stinch now grasping at straws suggests  that if, this Inspector, is minded to agree with his colleague, perhaps he could / should dismiss the current Dunsfold planning application on grounds of prematurity,  make the developer  reapply in a year or two’s time once the draft Local Plan has been adopted. By which time there is no Local Plan – the Local Plan will be…..


What? In the immortal words of John McEnroe, He cannot be serious?!

‘What harm could it do to wait for absolute direction from the Inspector into the draft Local Plan?’ enquired The Stinch, with a look of wide-eyed – or do we mean wild-eyed? – innocence.

Sitting up straight in his chair Mr Adam  looked  Stinch firmly in the eye and told him and the Inquiry exactly what damage his  proposition could do.  With significant affordability issues in Waverley that were getting worse, another year’s delay in achieving a planning consent at Dunsfold Park could be another two to three years’ delay in getting houses out of the ground!

 A puce faced Stinch  miffed  that none of the Council’s pesky witnesses would agree with a damn thing he said,  brought up the elephant in the room: Yes, you guessed it, that other Public Inquiry that’s going on just a hop, skip and a jump away in Cranleigh. Only in Waverley – you wait forever for a Public Inquiry and then two come along at once!!! No pressure there then.

SPRINGBOK, ALFOLD -ARFORD, or AWFORD, you choose, everyone else does!

The mutter in the gutter in Cranleigh is that the Thakeham Thugs and their QC – who’s in grave danger of busting his braces – is that the appeal  that should be dismissed on the grounds of prematurity. So dependent on a positive outcome from the Dunsfold Park Inquiry is Thakeham Homes that local residents wandering in off the street have thought they’d strayed into the Dunsfold Park Inquiry by mistake, because every other sentence includes the words Dunsfold Park because Thakeham needs Dunsfold’s  new village to make their scheme for 465 homes sustainable!  

If ever an application and Inquiry was premature it is  Thakeham’s.  A green field site which, despite their protestations of being happy to build on green fields adjacent to their villages, Alfold Parish Council’s Dick De’Anus is busy flighting tooth and nail!

Has no one from PoW & the Parishes told that Dick  that they’ve changed tack and are now all in favour of developing green fields just like those at Springbok so he’s wasting his time and making them look bad fighting it?

He really needs to get with the programme! Can’t someone pop over and bring him up to speed?

Mistress Milton brings to heel all the local authorities to face up to the East’s burgeoning water, sewerage and flooding problems.


Whipping all the decision-makers, featured below, into shape was no mean feat. In fact some of them – admitted they had never before sat around the same table.

WW – wonders – WHY?


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 21.58.40.png

 The spectre of threats to the drinking water supplies following  the discovery that some of Cranleigh’s  ageing water pipes are lined with blue asbestos, are now hanging over the borough.

Despite  assurances from Thames Water that the drinking water is safe, others are not so sure and are demanding that pipes are renewed before any further housing development takes place. The Cranleigh Civic Society (CCS) believe development should behalted  until vital infrastructure is in place.

“Our concerns over flooding, sewerage, and water quality, have been ignored” said one – others claimed they wanted “the truth and transparency” from officials who bear responsibility for the decisions they make and the consequences of those decisions.

It has been revealed by the CCS the instigators of the meeting, that Cranleigh has the highest incidence of blue asbestos in the  eastern area with 26.9% of its pipes affected. To a lesser extent, pipes in Alfold, Haslemere and Godalming are also affected. There is no data currently available of how seriously the rest of the borough is affected.

Whilst all those authorities mentioned above appeared  not to be unduly concerned about the existence of a substance 500 times more dangerous than white asbestos, the meeting heard that Governments across the other side of the pond …  are.

The Government of Australia has set aside 80 billion Australian Dollars to deal with the problem and in New Zealand, 2.2 billion.

So someone – somewhere is taking the issue seriously!

On Monday a packed Cranleigh  village hall heard Mistress  Milton  describe the meeting  as a ‘flood forum’ but it resulted in more,  much more. Waverley planners, Thames Water, the Environment Agency, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, Public Health England, Surrey County Council, the National Flood Forum, Cranleigh Parish Council and Cranleigh Civic Society heard villagers concerns about water quality; sewage  and flooding.  

Over 60 villagers, parish councillors and several parish  borough councillors, who have consistently approved development on Cranleigh’s flood plains heard Adrian Clarke (CCS) ram the serious nature of the message home. He is featured here; speaking a recent Waverley Joint Planning Committee: Blue asbestos in the water supply pipes in the East of Waverley? Could it be further afield too?

There was much talk of National and World health Organisation data; but suffice to say, there is little or no firm evidence of if, or what, damage is caused to our health by   the sharp blue shards of blue asbestos that it is believed, can pierce our stomach linings.

Thames Water officials assured residents Cranleigh’s large number of burst pipes – 100 or more over the past three years was ‘not unusual’ and were in line with that experienced in other areas.

When one villager said he had been told by a Thames Water official – that “it (TW) had sufficient plastic pipes to go around the world three times but without the personnel to fit  them,” a TW spokesman said he could not justify a business case for replacing Cranleigh’s pipework.


  •  Surrey County Council as the lead flood authority raises no objection to planning applications on flood plains.
  • Waverley  borough Council officers continue recommending councillors to approve planning applications for housing  and councillors will almost certainly following thief recommendations!  
  • Thames Water and the Environment Agency raise no objection to applications.
  • The Environment Agency fails to test the Cranleigh Waters to estimate its toxicity from having two Olympic size swimming pools of treated effluent poured into it, killing any living thing.
  • And Waverley planning officers claim lack of manpower prevents them from taking necessary enforcement actions against developers, if they fail to meet planning conditions. Conditions that many believe are not worth the paper they are written on.

StTriniansanneThe Waverley Web’s verdict on Mistress Milton’s end of term assembly of recalcitrant sixth formers: Could do better. Ms Milton made a grand display of taking command of the, at times, unruly assembly, instructing those pesky people – in strident, school-marmish tones – to ‘Stand-up!’, ‘Speak-up’ and ‘Shut-up’, as and when it suited her but the truth was, she wasn’t interested in discussing the past and how Cranleigh had got to where it is now and she made it very clear this is only a talking shop – or do we mean a talking sop? – aimed at containing residents’ justifiable anger and giving the impression that she’s actually listening and doing something. Truth to tell, she’s doing very little, for class was dismissed after just over and hour and was ordered to report back to Mistress Milton with their homework at the end of the Autumn term! No change there then!!! It’s same old, same old, same old from our local MP: We all recognise these problems will  not be resolved immediately but when school returns in the Autumn  Waverley residents deserve some answers.  Their health and welfare, and even hers, could depend on it! 


Most of our followers may be on their annual hols but they are still watching ‘Your Waverley’ from afar.




There’s no doubt about it folks, our followers may be enjoying their annual  holidays but they are still watching the Waverley Web from countries dotted around the globe.  Here is a map and flags  indicating  where the past week’s  views have come from!  

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.11.46.png


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 23.51.21.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 23.52.12.png Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 23.51.53.png

Gosh what a lot of little globe trotters  ‘Your Waverley’ residents are!  But we’re not complaining. – We like to believe we help to keep everyone informed of developments back at the ranch while they enjoy a well-earned break.


Is there another Moat housing development in Cranleigh?


The well-known, Moat Housing Association that has already built properties in Cranleigh – now has a rival for the name.

Waverley Borough Council’s New Best Friend – Crest Nicholson – you know the developer  that, according to ‘Your Waverley”  intends  building ‘imminently’  on Flood Zone 3 in East Street in Farnham  has ben re-named by the locals over there in the East, because its homes come with their own moats!  This picture was taken after a drop of Summer rain!



Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 13.02.40.png

Des Res for sale complete with its own private moat! And… there are another 250 coming soon!!




MP Anne Milton calls in the ‘experts’ to debate ‘Your Waverley’s blue asbestos issue.


It won’t have gone unnoticed that there are two major public inquiries taking place at the moment. One, instigated by Matron Milton herself – another £1m down the drain!

Legal eagles, planning, environmental, and transport professionals, and their council and developer funders   are racing around the borough like startled rabbits at present.  Some have been seen  dragging in their wake  trolley loads  of legal documents and enough paper work and files  to sink a ship – or in Alfold’s Care Ashore’s Appeal – enough convincing arguments to float their boat!

But as if that wasn’t enough during the Silly Season, when we should all be donning our Raybans and piling on the factor 50, yet another controversial meeting will be held. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.03.36.png

Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off on hols we go!

 Isn’t this  perfectly timed? – With  half  the borough off on their annual holidays, the other  half at the public inquiries. But there’s no stopping  our Annie   getting the whip out… again… for a public meeting on Monday 2pm at Cranleigh Village Hall, to dig deep into ‘Your Waverley’s’ over-loaded sewers and dig even deeper in an effort  to unearth  the truth about  the Blue Asbestos that has been discovered  in the drinking water pipes around Cranleigh, Alfold, Ewhurst and ??? elsewhere in the borough.

No doubt The Secretary of State for Health MP Jeremy Hunt will pop along to determine whether his patch of the borough around our area in Farnham has the same problem?

You can read more about the issue here  on the brilliant Cranleigh Civic Society Website:

So, if you can drag yourself away from all the other excitement going on, pop along to Cranleigh Village Hall on Monday  to hear what the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Health & Safety Executive, Thames Water, The Environment Agency, Cranleigh Civic Society  and Waverley Borough Council have to say for themselves?

Because last week the Cranleigh Civic Society warned ‘Your Waverley’ Planners if they continued to approve planning applications in the areas affected it would be a reportable offence to the `Health and Safety Executive.’ The Inspectors at both Inquiries say they want answers to their questions too!

Oh! Dear, it never rains but it pours – we here at the Waverley Web – will sadly be missing the fun – and like Incy  Wincy  spiders – we intend to climb up the spout where it’s dark and warm.

The Big ‘D’ brings out the best in ‘Your Waverley.’


[/audioScreen Shot 2017-07-21 at 21.23.56.png

So said Shula Hebden Lloyd, with exquisite timing, in Thursday’s edition of The Archers, as PoW & the Parishes filed into the stalls of the public gallery for their moment in the spotlight. Needless to say many of the other 120,000  Waverley residents… were out earning a living! The rest obviously support development.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 21.51.33.png

The usual suspects were present and, with one notable exception, not one of them was under 70! And… we suspect they all owned  their own homes!! A special prize for guessing which objector this was!

Now we know our readers – many of whose  bums were on seats in the aforementioned stalls – wait eagerly to see whether they made the cut and get a mention here but, in the interests of keeping brevity, many will be disappointed. Why?  Because,  most of the arguments were the same old, same old from the same old, same old – with the emphasis on the OLD! The young, those who actually need homes, were slaving away at work trying to earn enough for a deposit!

Our spider, busy spinning in the Bury’s ceiling was struck by the locals’ sun-kissed complexions.  Obviously they don’t spend as much time in the borough as they would have the Inspector believe. Incy-Wincy had never seen so many shades of Cuprinol and Ray Bans outside a St Tropez beach in mid-August!

One ‘lady’,  said she represented  Ifold, Loxwood & Plaistow parishes and was offended that none of the QCs was  remotely inclined to question her so  was reduced to challenging, them – somewhat aggressively – over their lack of interest! Clearly, she’d psyched herself up for her 15-minutes of fame and was determined to revel in the moment! It was left to Rumpole – he of the ‘silken tongue,’ if The Stinch was to be believed, – to put her out of her misery and make a few  minor enquiries, purely as a matter of good manners you understand.

Gordon MacLean, President of Shalford Cricket Club, was next up. Suffice to say Mr MacLean was worried about recovering his balls – cricket balls, that is!

Alexander Cresswell who, in his Gallery bio, describes himself as ‘an internationally acclaimed artist with a natural fluency with his medium which, coupled with his extraordinary knowledge of architecture and history,..’. clearly thought he knew a thing or two about views and architecture – all entirely self-taught too!   Get the picture – no pun intended?  Mr Cresswell, who also likes the sound of his own voice, didn’t have anything new to say, just the same old, same old, that he trotted out at the last Inquiry. His dad, the late Sir Michael, would have been horrified by his son’s  NIMBY attempt to preserve ‘his’ view from six miles away. When Sir M  chaired Waverley’s planning committee, he backed new homes around the borough for those who are now objecting to others who want the same opportunity. 

 Sarah Sullivan, a self-confessed/self-serving conservationist and designer who wants to preserve Dunsfold Aerodrome’s runways in aspic then took the stage. According to leaks from ‘YW’ officers, Ms Sullivan couldn’t afford to live in the borough but  had a lucky break when  she netted  an old agricultural building in her parents front garden that  was ripe for conversion. Waverley Planners objected  but a Hascombe councillor fell for Ms Sullivan’s hard-up-hard-luck story and supported her application. Lo-and-behold, she  now lives in the very desirable village of Hascombe. But, having achieved her own ambition of a des-res in Waverley, she wants to pull up the drawbridge so no one else can emulate her. Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 22.04.36.png

But the person who really takes the juice is OJ. OJ’s naturally oleaginous persona fell away to reveal the nasty under-belly of PoW & the Parishes when, speaking on behalf of Chiddingfold, Hambledon and Hascombe, he not once but twice referred to Dunsfold Park’s proposal to build a new village as the creation of a ‘SINK ESTATE’!

Begging your pardon, Charles William Orange Esq, but we can’t all live in 18th Century Grade II Listed, six-bedroom splendour with an in / out drive! With an awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness, OJ went on to complete the image of the well-to-do middle-class smugness of Waverley’s worried wealthy by referring to the fact that he was only sorry the Inspector had missed the opportunity to see local roads at their most congested because the schools were now all closed for the holidays …

The fee-paying private sector schools that Charles William Orange Esq and his cohorts patronise might have closed but the state schools that serve those who will be living on the so-called Dunsfold Park ‘SINK ESTATE’ are still open!

 Tell us, OJ – ‘cos we’re all dying to know – as a director of Buchanan Real Estate Plc, Grosvenor Waterside Developments and Millbay Developments whose lawns have you been parking your concrete mixers on? As a well known local NIMBY, we assume it must be some other poor sod’s back yard!

Patrick Molyneux, (Bramley Parish Council), was nothing short of a swivel-eyed sensationalist in his oratory. His pitch became increasingly hysterical and in a tone reminiscent of the voice-over for a B-List horror movie, he actually admitted to, ‘Not having the facts …’ Never was a truer word spoken!

Predictably, both Anthony Isaacs, of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, and Clive Smith, of Surrey Hills AONB, were opposed to the development. Although it’s hard to take the pair of them seriously when they’re known locally as ‘Rent-A-View’. In a nutshell, their views / opinions are varied and variable … and for sale to the highest bidder. It’s a well known fact, much sniggered over locally, that having objected consistently, repeatedly and vociferously to Lakshmi Mittal’s proposals to build a £30 million country pile with two huge towers, resembling oast houses, slap-bang in the middle of the Surrey Hills AONB, despite all their posturing, they rolled over when presented with a hefty cheque by the steel magnate billionaire. Just goes to show, everyone’s got their price and the Dunsfold Developer just needs to take a leaf out of Mittal’s book and up his offer!

Clive Smith droned on … and on …  causing Councillor John Gray to doze off while others  stifled their yawns. When  asked by Rumpole if he had attended the Local Plan Inquiry. Mr Smith said, without even a smidgeon of irony, that he found it, very frustrating having to sit and listen to other people’s views! And this after the Chamber had sat listening to Mr Smith’s views for nigh on half an hour! Oh to see ourselves as others see us …

Paul Osborne, from Hydestile, who, having made a nice life for himself and his family in Waverley, doesn’t want anyone else to. He’s firmly in favour of pulling up the drawbridge too, and he roundly chided the Dunsfold Developer for not offering suitable employment for his son, a biologist. ‘Where’s he going to work? he sneered, ‘Cranleigh Freight?’ Why so disparaging, Mr Osborne? What’s wrong with working for Cranleigh Freight? A family owned business that grew from a kitchen table start-up to a 250-employee enterprise is a local company that the borough is justly proud of. But, clearly, that’s not good enough for Mr Osborne’s son! The Waverley Web is no expert on the businesses at Dunsfold Park but if Mr Osborne had taken the trouble to read the Dunsfold Planning application he might have noticed that there are a diverse range of companies based at Dunsfold Park, including fuel cell technology and bio-waste solutions. Maybe, just maybe, the clue’s in the name?

At the end of his tirade, Mr Osborne announced he was moving! We’ve said it before and, no doubt, we’ll say it again before this Inquiry is over,

You couldn’t make it up!

Paul Sutcliffe declared that he’d been accosted in Waitrose, only yesterday, by a local landowner who had land for 100 houses that he’d been begging ‘YW’  to consider, and, there were dozens more like him. Sadly, like so many before him, Mr Sutcliffe didn’t get the irony of his statement. The reason local landowners like Waitrose Man can’t interest the Council in their land is because people like Mr Sutcliffe will be the first to object when Waitrose Man actually puts in a planning application to build 100 homes!

Then came  Ceceila Sanders, a breath of fresh air! Not only did she wish to speak in favour of the Dunsfold Park project but she spoke briefly and succinctly, pointing out that, in her view, Dunsfold Park presented a very real opportunity to ‘protect our Waverley’.

The Inspector, who has demonstrated a light touch and a well-honed sense of humour throughout the first week of the Inquiry, expressed the hope that Ms Sanders would not need a bodyguard as she left the Chamber!

And there endeth the first week of the Dunsfold Park Inquiry.

Mr Green is enough to give us a fit of the Blues!


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 21.03.48.png


AND, AT  THE ALFOLD INQUIRY, IN THE CORNER MARKED ‘D’ FOR DUNCE, – WE HAVE – Chris Britton from  – Protect Our Little Corner ( POLC). 

By his own admission, Mr Robin Shepherd, PoW & the Parishes’ town planning expert, was in the novel position of being a poacher turned game-keeper on behalf of his client on day three of the Dunsfold Airfield inquiry. He usually acts for the developer rather than Outraged of Awfold – ooops, sorry, we meant Alfold!

Very early on Mr Shepherd also admitted to being a man lacking in vision – well, not in those precise words – obviously – after all, no town planner wants to admit he lacks vision! But he quite clearly said that he failed to grasp Waverley Borough Council’s change of direction!

 What’s not to grasp? It’s hardly rocket science: Waverley has to build more houses and short of building on green fields and Green Belt near you, dear reader, it’s all out of options if it doesn’t support house building at Dunsfold Park, the biggest brownfield site in its borough!

But, apparently, Mr Shepherd simply couldn’t understand why the Council hadn’t looked at building on the Green Belt!!!

Come again?!?!

That’s right, folks, you read it hear first: Mr Shepherd – on behalf of his flock (sorry! we mean his clients, PoW & the Parishes) was suggesting that Waverley should be seriously looking at building on the borough’s precious Green Belt before it builds on a brownfield site immediately adjacent to a main A-road!

In a parallel universe PoW & the Parishes would be chaining themselves to the posts and rails that fence in their green fields before they’d allow a developer within five miles of the aforementioned green fields and Green Belt.

In fact, what are we talking about? Five miles up the road – as the crow flies – in Cranleigh, Councillor Kevin Deanus, on behalf of Waverley Borough and whose parish council is one of the parishes being represented by Mr Shepherd), is doing just that. He’s not at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry – where he’d dearly like to be – because he’s too busy defending an appeal by Thakeham Homes who want to build 425 houses on Alfold’s precious green fields!!!

And… Protect Our Little Corner’s Chris Britton was there to oppose that green field site too!

Oh the irony of it!

Because they don’t want a housing estate within five miles of their In / Out drives PoW & the Parishes are trying to hoodwink Inspector Philip Major into believing they’re ready, willing and able to accept development on their villages’ green fields as a sensible, viable alternative to building on a brown field site.

Only problem is, the inconvenient truth is they’re not! And, even more inconveniently, one of their number is objecting to just such a development only a hop, skip and a jump away in a neighbouring village!

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 08.45.56.png
No wonder Liz – The Biz – Sims’ head shot up faster than a Meerkat’s when she heard that one!


YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP. Seriously you couldn’t!


Ding Dong – for whom the Bell tolls!


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 22.39.47.png



PoW & the Parishes’ transport expert, Mr Bell, was unremittingly and relentlessly negative about the Dunsfold Developer’s proposals to build 1800 homes at the Aerodrome on day two of the Public Inquiry – but then he would be, wouldn’t he?!

What he didn’t need to be was quite so arrogant and belligerent – so belligerent that our spider on the wall almost dropped off its web! – in true Waverley Web tradition it -renamed him Mr Bell-Igerent! 

We also heard from a  Cranleigh follower that a Thakeham Thug (QC) – has been tongue-lashing a county council officer too! Comment at the bottom of this post on Day two of Alfold’s Springbok Inquiry. What is it with these people who can’t they mind their manners! 

Apparently, Mr Bell-Igerent, not content with being cock-sure was also incredibly rude about poor Mr Bird – the Dunsfold Developer’s transport expert. Professional courtesy alone, one might have assumed, demanded a more measured and respectful approach to one’s contemporaries but, no, Mr Bell-Igerent was in adversarial mode and nothing short of bull-like in his approach. Never mind Bulldog Drummond, PoW & the Parishes have their very own Bulldog Bell in Mr Bell-Igerent!

The public gallery was  more sparsely populated  than on day one  – if that’s possible. Maybe our warning about the pending diatribes from the Parishes put people off … Although The Queen Vic – otherwise known as Mrs Alan Young – made a fleeting appearance. So fleeting one wag was overheard describing it as, ‘She came, she saw, she left!’ To which her neighbour replied, ‘Thank God I didn’t blink … or I’d have missed her!’

May seem  harsh but, no doubt, The Queen Vic wanted to be able to tell the Waverley Eastern Villages that she attended the Dunsfold Park Inquiry – rather like a 1980’s graffiti artist tagging the wall: I woz ‘ere! because, after all, the Dunsfold Park Inquiry is THE place to see and be seen this month!

The Surrey Advertiser also had a presence at the Inquiry; its  reporter was busy tweeting – or whatever it is young reporters do these days – but, sadly, she seemed to be struggling to keep up with the argument – bless! And her posts seemed a little – dare we say it – one-sided but then they would, wouldn’t they?! For those who don’t know, her boss’s boss’s boss lives on the boundary of Dunsfold Aerodrome and is bitterly opposed to the development of a housing estate within five miles of his in / out drive! In fact, Waverley Web understands he’s been trying to off-load the property for several years now, without success! Not that we want to imply he’s bitter and twisted you understand …

Charles Orange (AKA OJ), Chairman of Hascombe Parish Council and staunch supporter of PoW, was in his usual seat. One might have been forgiven for thinking he was a supporter of the Dunsfold Park developer, decked out in a tartan shirt as he was, but the speed with which the smirk was wiped from his face when Christopher Katkowski QC (AKA Rumpole of the Bailey) began  cross examination of his star witness, Mr Bell-Igerent, made it abundantly clear that he was simply suffering a wardrobe malfunction. A little like a Tory MP wearing a red tie / dress in the run up to an election!

Rumpole of the Bailey, in contrast to Mr Bell-igerent, was charm personified with his gentle, courtly manners … at least he tried to be but after a while – a very short while if we’re honest – Rumpole became exasperated with Mr Bell-Igerant. As well he might for, not only was Mr Bell-igerant very belligerant and argumentative, he had the audacity to talk over the learned Rumpole – how VERY rude!

But Rumpole, for all his courtly manners, was made of stern stuff. A veteran of planning inquiries, particularly those involving Dunsfold Aerodrome – as he took no small delight in advising the chamber at large, pointing out that he had been engaged on Dunsfold Aerodrome’s behalf longer than anyone in the room, including his clients, as he had acted for the former owners of the airfield, BAe, back in its day. WOW! WW was so impressed it spun another web!

We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty, suffice to say, Rumpole made mincemeat of Mr Bell-Igerent who, by the end of his spell in the hot seat, looked as exhausted and wrung out as if he’d done ten rounds with Bulldog Drummond – which, indeed, he had!

So expertly did Rumpole tie Mr Bell-Igerent up in knots, so concisely did he salami-slice his proof of evidence, exposing the idiocy of his arguments, that Waverley Borough Council’s QC waived his right to cross examine – there was no need, Rumpole had done the job for him. Enough said!

Here’s a little mention from Day Two at the Alfold Inquiry  in Cranleigh. The call is out for a  Peasants to Revolt!

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 08.40.39.png

Could Alfold New Town be hanging on the coat tails of Dunsfold New Town… to create…? New name on a postcard please?


On day one of an eight-day public inquiry a Government Inspector was warned by  Thakeham Homes   it would be asking for its thumping great legal bill to land in ‘Your Waverley’s lap – or in other words –  our laps!

Despite having seven days to go it was immediately evident that Thakeham’s appeal against Waverley’s refusal to allow a ‘Urban  Village’ of  almost 500 homes to be bolted onto the rural idyll of Alfold  is hanging on the coattails of  … the Big D.

The appeal on proposed development of 1,800 homes at Dunsfold airfield went before a Government Inspector on the same day! 

No not a BOGOF! Or two for the price of one! The ratepayers are dishing the dosh in bucketfuls.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 20.48.13.png

WOW! A couple  of legal and highway ‘experts’ from ‘YW’ were lined up against the might of 14 Thakeham legal eagles  headed by David Elvin QC   before Government Inspector Richard Clegg in Cranleigh on Tuesday. It kicked off with ‘poor old Waverley’ learning  it  may  need deep pockets if the Inspector heeds its call to fund Thakeham’s appeal team. The developer even had lackeys  heaving a small mountain of  paperwork!

It was soon  apparent that Surrey County Council’s ‘B’ Team was fighting Alfold’s corner as the A Team was otherwise engaged at the Dunsfold Inquiry being played out on  Godalming’s stage, see report below! You couldn’t Adam and Eve it could you? Even the Inspector was perplexed  to hear  that objectors, including the Cranleigh Civic Society and Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley, were going to race between hearings to give their two pennorth !

Suffice to say – Thakeham appears convinced Dunsfold will be approved and will provide the employment, and most likely the infrastructure necessary to enable its scheme on Sachel Court’s  green and pleasant agricultural land  to be deemed, sustainable, by the Inspector.

WHY? To Save Care-Ashore, the Seaman’s Charity that is on its beam-end and heading for the rocks, and trouser tens of millions in the process?

Thakeham’s QC said improved cycle and footpaths would lead from the Springbok development (a critical mass)  into nearby Dunsfold Park where, Waverley’s Local Plan predicted, there would be 2,330 full-time jobs housed in 68,866 sq metres of employment space.  

According to  several  attendees  who kindly informed us that  – (WW was, as usual, hanging from a web above the head honchos at the Dunsfold Inquiry) animated-spider-image-0157 Mr Elvin  annihilated the poor beleaguered  B team highway officer from Surrey County Council  (we here at WW have resisted calling him an ‘expert’ in the interest of honesty! (SCC’s)  Richard  Cooper  was chewed up and spat out by Thakeham’s QC for being unable to  provide any material evidence of what was, or was not, sustainable in highway transport terms. Could not provide the Inspector with reasons  why it, and it alone, must  handle any funds from third parties  for bus service provision, or provide reasons why was  piecemeal developments in Alfold supported, including: Wyevale Garden Centre’s (27) Sweeters’ Copse (55);  Brockhurst Farm (35) as  ‘sustainable’ in transport terms, but Springbok wasn’t?

Could other developers provide infrastructure – schools; shops; a care home; bus services, he asked?

As ‘ Cooper wriggled and squirmed, prevaricared and stumbled,   even the Inspector reached for a glass of water!

To be continued…

Meanwhile back at Waverley Towers…


The usual suspects rocked up  for  day one of the Public Inquiry into the Council’s decision to grant outline planning consent for 1800 homes at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

Some  were overheard musing about a sense of déjà vu and well they might for two of the four QCs representing the major parties have been there, done that and have the t-shirts to prove it.

In the Brown Corner, on behalf of the Dunsfold Developer, Christopher Katkowski QC and in the Green Corner, on behalf of Protect our Little Corner & the Parishes, we have Paul Stinchcombe QC, both veterans of the last Inquiry into Dunsfold Park.

Indeed, Mr Stinchcombe, who bears a striking resemblance to David Rintoul – in his Mr Darcy Days – seemed to be having some trouble putting the last Inquiry behind him but that could be something to do with him having won it! Given that his entire argument appears to be based on the question of sustainability, he might have been forgiven for dropping the word ‘unsustainable’ into his opening speech once or twice … maybe even three or four times but 144 times?! OK, so we might be exaggerating – just a little! – but our spider with lots of legs ,  lost count! Maybe The Stinch thought if he said ‘unsustainable’ enough times he might hypnotise the Inspector into believing him …

Talking of the Inspector, there was another character straight out of Central Casting! He’s the spitting image of Sir Tony Robinson, of Black Adder fame. Whilst Mr Katkowski might, in candlelight, be mistaken for Rumpole of the Bailey!

 The public gallery was full of the usual suspects – at least those who could be spared from t’other Inquiry, mentioned above,  Our Alfold  correspondent said he was somewhat surprised, given how regularly Thakeham Homes reference Dunsfold Park and their apparent reliance on a new settlement there, that the two Inquiries are being run concurrently. Rumours abound that Waverley BC decided to divide and conquer the opposition to both schemes but, given the Council has no say in the timing of Inquiries, this can reliably be dismissed as a cockup rather than  conspiracy.

Most of those at the Dunsfold Park Inquiry are a little greyer – where they’re not a little balder! – a little grimmer and a whole lot more tired  than they were back in 2009.

PoW and the Parishes were up to their usual tricks, not content with being a Rule 6 party (that’s interested parties with a substantive case to make), the Parish Council Chairmen want a second bite of the cherry and are demanding they each be given a speaking spot. The public gallery was half empty after the coffee break  and three-quarters empty when the Inquiry resumed after lunch. We predict it will be utterly deserted if the Parishes are let loose on the poor unsuspecting public. Anyone who missed Alan Drone’s (oops! We mean Alan Ground) spiel last time is in for a … well, let’s not go there. Suffice to say, he likes the sound of his own voice and hasn’t yet cottoned on to the fact that he’s the only one that does!

Quote of the day on the Dunsfold  Inquiry goes to The Stinch who announced in suitably sombre tones: “Once made this decision cannot be unmade.” No shit, Sherlock! The challenge now is for tomorrow’s observer to come up with words of wisdom that will rival today’s!!! No pressure there then …

To be continued…







Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35.png

First shock of the day at the Alfold Public Inquiry!

Within ten minutes of a public inquiry opening, the appellant,  Thakeham Homes, warns it  intends to land all its costs into Waverley’s lap!

One thing you can say for Your Waverley it is on the ball!

Let’s hope it’s in the money too!

Picture posted on Facebook by Alfold Fights Back.

It is well-rounded, (51 of its 57 councillors are from one party) it bounces around all over the place, (two Daft Local Plans and one, not quite so Daft, over ten years). It had a rubber Band (Mike) at its heart  for many years – don’t see much of him now though, and it bounces back into power regardless of how many times residents take ‘Votes of No Confidence’ in its administrative prowess  … which are ignored!


Last Tuesday’s meeting of the EXECUTIVE  voted to provide its planning team with £100,000 for Barristers and Expert witnesses to challenge Thakeham Homes appeal against its refusal to allow a new village to be bolted onto the Surrey/Sussex Village.

When does the Appeal take place?  TODAY!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.10.07.png

Click on the link below for a previous post outlining the scheme to build 465 dwellings on the Springbok Estate in the middle of Waverley’s countryside on land owned by Seaman’s Charity Care Ashore on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Is the boat about to sail for – Care Ashore?

So… ‘Your Waverley’ wait until seven days before  a controversial Public Inquiry takes place before  deciding  whether to spend £100,000 of the taxpayers’ money! No doubt Thakeham Homes are laughing all the way to the Inspector’s door, as they will, no doubt, have gathered all the planning brains and experts available to ensure its cunning plan comes to fruition,

But maybe…just maybe, someone at ‘YW’ just forgot to set the money aside, and officers and legal eagles have been preparing  for the event  for many months? Let’s hope so.

Do the good people of Alfold go into battle confident and safe  in the knowledge that its borough council is vigorously defending its very future, let’s hope so for their sake?

Your Waverley’s Councillor Jim Edwards was completely carried away with his own enthusiasm whilst supporting the £100,000 spend, even though he said there was no money in the council’s planning coffers! Waverley Planners refused the application in 2016. He said: We should apply to the Inspector for costs, because I don’t think they have a leg to stand on personally, knowing Alfold and I just hope we get costs!’

We hope you are right Sunny Jim, but don’t hold your breath!

There are some very angry people over there in the East – who want to know, WHY  two major public inquiries are being held on the same day in different parts of the borough. Of course, we couldn’t possibly comment!



The hallowed halls of The Burys, home to Waverley Borough Council (WBC), is gearing up for the mother of all fights.

And… on the same day there is another public inquiry at Cranleigh Arts Centre when Thakeham Homes fight for permission to build Alfold New Town!

In the green corner (for which read “Let’s build on GREEN FIELDS!”) is Protect our Little Corner (POW – or Ka-Pow, as they are hoping this will be the knock-out final blow in their long-running battle against development of Dunsfold Aerodrome) and in brown corner (for which read “Let’s build our BROWN FIELD.”) is the Dunsfold Developer.

The scene is set for an epic contest between, on the one-hand, POLC, who are portraying themselves as the underdogs, who have been forced to go cap-in-hand to the Parish Councils and the public in order to raise – it’s rumoured – £80,000 to fight Goliath in the form of Trinity College Cambridge, the owners of the aforementioned Dunsfold Aerodrome and would-be developers of the biggest brownfield site in the Borough.

The battle which is to be fought comes hard on the heels of Inspector Jonathan Bore’s crippling comments that:

not only is Waverley ripe for development – it being much less constrained than the neighbouring boroughs of Guildford and Woking – but it’s going to have to take 50% of Woking’s unmet housing need!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.08.59.png


given a choice between spending an extra two minutes in traffic and providing much-needed new homes he knew what he – and the Government – would rather do!

No wonder POLC is feeling somewhat embattled and embittered.

To add to their woes, The Mail on Sunday – that bible of the Middle Classes – devoted page 2 of its latest publication to the news that Teresa May is set to declare war on Nimbys, with radical plans to build 300,000 homes a year.

Apparently, Homes & Communities Secretaries – yes, that is Sajid Javid, he who bowed to pressure applied by Mistress Milton and Jeremy Shunt-all-the-homes-elsewhere, by calling in the Dunsfold application – will warn that if wealthy areas [like Waverley?] refuse to build the extra homes needed to solve the UK’s housing crisis they will drive more young voters into the arms of Labour.

“But not in Our Waverley!” wail POW. “We weigh the vote in Our Waverley so we’re exempt from what happens elsewhere in the country …!”

If only! According to the MoS, Nimbys [like POLC and its supporters  have had too much sway for too long and they are going to have to adjust to the idea that everyone has a right to a roof over their head in this green and pleasant land [for which read boroughs like Waverley], not just a privileged few. Apparently, owning your own home is a fundamental part of being a Conservative, May and Javid will tell us!

According to Government Officials and as we, at Waverley Web, have been saying since our website’s inception, selfish Conservative Councils [of which Waverley has been one] need to [wake up and] smell the coffee or there won’t be a Conservative Party for much longer. We have to end the tyranny of a small, well-heeled minority who complain a maisonette built within five miles will ruin the view for their in-out driveways and orangeries! Let’s hope Peter Barker, Alan Ground, Trevor Nun and Charles Orange (famed Waverley-wide for their NIMBYISM and membership of the precursor to POLC, Stop Dunsfold Park New Town) are reading … not just the MoS but the Waverley Web!

Poor old Peter Barker is – or so rumour in The Sun on Dunsfold Green has it – already reaping the rewards of opposing development at the Aerodrome.  Apparently, Jack the Lad, Woodward’s development of 45 houses on fields within spitting distance of Mr Barker’s bungalow which morphed into a barn have not gone down well. The second phase of Mr Woodward’s development on fields within coughing distance of Mr Barker’s much property has caused paroxysms. Development at Dunsfold Aerodrome will be the cherry on the cake as far as Mr Barker’s concerned!

Oops! We have just heard from Jack – ‘the lad’ Woodward to say that his 45 new homes do not abut PB’s land – and apparently PB likes them!  The 40 proposed next door to PB are  on land owned by a gentleman from Scotland! Which PB doesn’t like, because he doesn’t want people living next door to him!! Perish the thought. Apologies to Mr Woodward, who loves the Waverley Web and says it gives him a good laugh.

Meanwhile, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away in Bramley and Shamley Green, we understand By-Pass-Byham, Richard Shut-the-Gates and Mike A-Band-On all the villages have taken heart from the rumour that Javid is proposing to soften the blow by offering extra cash to build bypasses to preserve the rural peace of some villages. Watch out OJ there might be a bypass coming right through Hascombe!! If not there, where? Ssshh! Whisper it who dares: Bramley Golf Course …

Of course, if they were sensible they would put the money towards introducing trams on the Horsham to Guildford railway line but – there’s always a but with this lot – but in this cases it’s an abut! For who’s property abuts the old Horsham to Guildford railway line? Yes, you’ve guessed it, those two stalwart Parish and Borough Councillors By-Pass-Byham and and All-at-Seabourne live in Linersh Wood and the former Horsham to Guildford line abuts Linersh Wood …

Heaven forbid that the Waverley Web would suggest that Bypass Byham and Richard All-at-Seabourne would put their own interests above the thousands of commuters that traverse the A281 from,  an ever-growing Horsham, every day …

Let Battle begin.

Waverley Rants



There is so much ranting going on in ‘Your Waverley’ at present we have decided to have a separate section so you can rant away at your hearts content!

See the headings inside the Waverley Spider’s Web. Click on Rants. If you want to rant – just let us know. Here’s one we received a while back.

We even extend an open invitation to those poor old Waverley Councillors who are bitterly complaining that they  that they were not even warned, or informed that a new Managing Director had been appointed, until after they read it here on the Waverley Web! Tail wagging that Waverley Dog again? 

Not content with weighing the vote as usual in South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt seemed a little ungracious in his speech at the count. He went out of his way to attack his nearest rival Dr Louise Irvine for ‘peddling falsehoods’. The Farnham Herald reported Dr Louise as “visibly shaken”. Now most people will have missed this little spat, as it took place at 4am. Here’s a video we tracked down:


Dr Louise Irvine hits back at Jeremy Hunt in this blog post, saying:

“On Thursday night, in your acceptance speech, you accused me of “falsehoods”.

In your words, you accuse me of lying about “both our record with the NHS and also our motives”. You were clearly rattled that over 12,000 people in South West Surrey showed their concern for the NHS and voted for someone who questioned your record, but that is what democracy is all about – holding the government to account.

The truth is that I haven’t lied for the simple reason that I haven’t needed to. The facts speak for themselves.”

Dr Louise goes on to list many of Jeremy Hunt’s factual failings with the NHS. So who do you believe – an unqualified politician, or an actual frontline doctor?



If we didn’t laugh we’d cry at the outrageous waste of public money that is going on in ‘Your Waverley’.

It’s not hundreds of thousands of pounds of public funds that are being flushed down the drains – Oops! Sorry! We forgot, the drains can’t take it! Down the pan, then? No! They can’t take it either…! – but, we digress, it’s millions of pounds which could have been put to better use: keeping the public lavs open …; and the amenity tips open …; not to mention filling a few potholes…! We could go on but you get the picture!

For years the upper echelons at ‘Your Waverley’ – what a misnomer that is! – through devious endeavours, did their best to dismiss development in the borough – unless, of course, it suited their own ends; the redevelopment of East Street, Farnham being a case in point!

No doubt Mary Orton-Pett (YW’s former Chief Executive), Richard Shut-the-Gates and Robert Knowless (YW’s former Leaders), Matthew Evans (former Head of Planning’) and Graham Sick-as-a-Parrot (one of the former’s acolytes), thought they were being oh-so-clever in dragging their heels and getting not one but two daft Local Plans thrown out thus, they presumed, out-witting the borough’s builders and developers but last week the fruits of their do-bugger-all policy – or do we mean ploy? – blossomed and an orchard full of poisoned apples dropped into the builders’ and developers’ laps! Kerching!!

Inspector Jonathan Bore – who has been anything but! – told a stunned audience in the Council Chamber at the Burys, that not only was Waverley ripe for development – it being much less constrained than the neighbouring boroughs of Guildford and Woking – but it was going to have to take 50% of Woking’s unmet housing need! Kerching!!

That Dick D’Anus – who had rocked up to the Inquiry along with OJ (AKA Charles Orange) to represent the Parish Councils in support of Protect Our Little Corner … – took on a striking resemblance to a bull frog as he slowly but surely digested what Inspector Bore had to say. As for OJ, he simply lived up to his name, doing a wonderful impression of a blood orange so ripe and full to bursting it was about to pop its peel!

When asked, very reasonably, by Inspector Bore, where – if not Dunsfold Park – the housing might go, Protect our little Corner were quick to suggest Waverley’s green fields – any green field would do, as long as it wasn’t in their little corner of the borough …

Seriously, folks, you couldn’t make it up! An organisation known as Protect Our Waverley wants the planners to ignore the biggest brownfield site in the borough, simply because it’s on their doorstep, and dump a shed-load of housing on green fields, even those that flood,  anywhere elsewhere in the borough.

We at Waverley Web are waiting, with baited breath, to see what local MPs, Mistress Milton and Jeremy Hunt, have to say. The former, no doubt egged on by the latter, have aided and abetted POLC and its  predecessors, Stop Dunsfold Park New Town, in fighting development at Dunsfold Park tooth and nail, bugger the cost to the taxpayers! But now no less a personage than a government inspector has said he thinks there is no alternative but to build at the former aerodrome.

‘Traffic! What about the traffic?’ squeal Mistress Milton and that Dick D’Anus?

But, given a choice between spending an extra two minutes in traffic and providing much needed homes, Inspector Bore is adamant that both he and the Government – not to mention other fair minded and reasonable people – know what they’d rather do. Do the dummies not realise cars leave homes built on green fields as well as brownfields, and if there are  employment opportunities designed into sites like Dunsfold- they are less likely to rely on their cars!

What a pity ‘Your Waverley’, Jeremy Hunt and Mistress Milton didn’t save Waverley Borough Council and Tax Payers a shed load of dosh and support the Dunsfold Developers at the outset. If they had, they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in now with the concrete mixers parked on our lawns!

Let’s look back in anger:

2007 ‘Your Waverley’ refuses Dunsfold’s planning application to build 2,600 homes on a brownfield site, saying it didn’t need them

2008 Government Inspector refuses Dunsfold’s appeal on grounds of prematurity and tells the developer to take their proposals through the Local Plan process

2016 Almost a decade later, with no credible Local Plan, ‘Your Waverley’ approves a planning application for 1,800 homes on DP and puts another 500 in its draft Local Plan

StTriniansanne2017 Protect Our Little Corner aided and abetted by Mistress Milton (who proudly admits she bullied and nagged the Secretary of State until he caved in to her demands) gets the application called in

A government Inspector holds a public inquiry into Waverley’s now not quite so daft looking Local Plan and indicates that not only does Waverley have an unmet housing need of its own, its going to have to take 50% of neighbouring Woking’s unmet need because their plan was done and dusted in a timely manner! At the same time, he indicates that whilst he’s open to suggestions, he can’t see any alternative to putting a significant amount of said housing at Dunsfold Park

Meanwhile another shed load of dosh is going to be trousered by another shed load of barristers, planning consultants and so-called experts as ‘Your Waverley’ and the Dunsfold Developer prepare to join forces in front of yet another government Inspector to lobby for homes that could have been built in the intervening decade and, if they had been, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now … or forced to take another borough’s unmet housing need!

So, there you have it folks, a decade and millions of pounds of tax payer funds have been wasted! A decade during which Dunsfold Park could have been developed, Stop Dunsfold Park New Town, their successor Protect our Little Corner, Mistress Milton and her partner in crime, Jeremy Hunt, did everything they could to prevent it happening and what’s the poor old taxpayer’s reward? Half the borough’s going to be covered in concrete and its forced to take more housing than it would have done if it had bowed gracefully a decade ago and done the right thing!

Talk about a Whitehall Farce – it almost matches the Blightwells/East Street farce in Farnham. Perhaps the Redgrave Theatre should be saved and the farce that is ‘Your Waverley’ could pack a few houses.

There’s a motto in this somewhere: Be careful what you wish for! springs to mind!!

But what we at Waverley Web want to know, what we really, really want to know is? What argument – other than ‘Please Mr Inspector don’t let them build houses at Dunsfold Park because we don’t want them on our patch; build them instead on the green fields in Cranleigh and Farnham – is Protect our little corner going to run?


They cannot make the Farnham Herald’s letters page big enough to take the complaints against ‘Your Waverley.’


Buy that Great Farnham Newspaper and read it!  

Here at the Waverley Web we want the whole borough to be aware of the Balls Up Of  Blightwells – about to be built on Flood Zone 3 in East Street, Farnham.






Blue asbestos in the water supply pipes in the East of Waverley? Could it be further afield too?


 Jesus, Mary and Joseph – what is going to hit the fan next in the area dubbed ‘poor old’ Waverley East.’

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35.png

Every time our team here at the Waverley Web say nothing more can surprise us – along comes something else to surprise us!

However, in this instance, we are going to let the bearer of bad tidings, which could affect the safety of drinking water in  parts of our borough that are already under siege from developers –  tell it in his own words in the video featured below.

If the Cranleigh Civic Society, an  organisation that has demonstrated shown     responsibility,  effectiveness  and is generally admired for speaking up for Cranleigh and its satellite villages, is right… then we need to …screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-12-52-19

Because if Thames Water’s  findings  are correct  the Eastern villages could be facing serious health and safety hazards  in the drinking water supply from blue asbestos shards that can pierce the membranes in the gastro intestinal tract

Here is a video of Adrian Clarke of the Cranleigh Civic Society objecting  to proposals to build any new homes in Alfold at a meeting of Waverley’s joint Planning Committee on Monday.  

He warned the committee if it granted planning permission – (the application was featured in a post on the Waverley Web earlier this week) – it would be a reportable offence and  would be sent  to the Health and Safety Executive.

Here is Chairman Peter Isherwood’s (Con Hindhead)  flippant  quip  at the end of the meeting. Let’s hope his facetious comment on such a serious issue, particularly after voting in favour of the Alfold application,  regardless of the earlier revelation, is received by the residents of Waverley with the contempt it deserves. Two applications in Alfold were refused and one for 10 homes on the Wyevale Garden Centre was allowed. Alfold Parish Council objected to them all.

A public Meeting called by The CCS and MP Anne Milton will take place in Cranleigh on 24 July where The Drinking Water Inspectorate; Thames Water; the Environment Agency; and  Waverley Borough Council  will be in attendance. More details later.



East Hampshire – the council that reduced council tax for its residents is taking on Your Waverley’s top management role.


A neighbouring  District Council   must have impressed ‘Your Waverley’ because when Paul ‘Wenam-I-leaving,’ thank God it is on 31 July, and please give me a suitcase for the dosh and pension I am trousering,’   it has decided to hand over his role to East Hants and Havant Councils MD … for two to four days a week.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 22.19.33.png  What a relief that the Omen won’t be taking over the Head Honcho’s role – the collective sigh of relief among the staff is  audible across the borough! Or will he cover for the rest of the week. Ugh! 

Do we predict, what we predicted  a year ago … a merger coming on?


Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 20.40.44.png

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 20.41.18.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-11 at 20.41.36.png

Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?


There was no stopping Councillor Kevin Deanus – despite pulled faces, deep sighs, and a toxic atmosphere inside Waverley towers last night!

The people of Alfold could be justly proud of their elected representative’s  performance as  he put up some strong arguments against allowing 29 homes to be built after the demolition of a ‘important employment site’ at the popular Wyevale Garden Centre near Alfold’s dangerous  Crossways junction. And.. 39 dwellings at Brookhurst Farm – both of which were REFUSED.

screen-shot-2016-04-21-at-18-28-04If he had a truncheon in his pocket he would have brought it down on the desk, so angered  was he for the villagers’ jobs that would be lost, the dangers residents would face from increased flooding – from both water and sewage and the urbanisation of a rural enclave that already had over 90 permissions granted.

He painted a grim picture of the ‘overdevelopment’ of the Surrey/Sussex border village that  had only 350 dwellings, and literally ‘no amenities,’ saying doubling its size would do ‘nothing’ for existing,  or new residents. There was only a small need for ‘affordable homes for village people’ to which he received a sharp reminder from planning’s head honcho, that the housing need to be met would be for,  the ‘whole borough NOT ALFOLD! 

Despite a stern warning the from Chairman ‘Simon  I,Wisher(w) wood build all over the borough,’ not to criticise officers – a grim-faced Deanus did just that. And – got away with it! REMEMBER! THERE ARE OLD BOBBY’S AND BOLD BOBBY’S BUT NO OLD BOLD BOBBY’S!Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 22.19.33.png

Did  we  hear the chairman refer to Farnham’s Boy as ‘Hyman’ – not even Councillor Hyman any more!!

remember: Manners maketh  man Wisherwood!

Bobby read out a letter from Wyevale, saying although it only ever wanted  to build ten homes on the nursery site, no longer commercially viable, Waverley Borough Council had asked them to build 29 saying it was under-utilised!

He then threw a hand grenade into the deliberations for both applications (29) and another for 39 homes  a few hundred yards down the A281 at Brookhurst Farm, when he reminded officers of letters they had written concerning other Alfold applications where officer ~Peter Cleveland had given a host of reasons why it was unsustainable for Alfold to take any further development! Touché.

Ye Gods – was that another criticism of a council  officer? Didn’t you hear the Chairman who ‘shall be obeyed’ Councillor Deanus?  Oh boy! Are your legs in for a severe smacking!


But then he did, and did it again… and if that wasn’t enough he criticised the Environment Agency and Thames Water and intimated that its NO OBJECTION to the Wyevale application, but not to Brockhurst, along with a demand for a Grampian Condition** was inconsistent.

By this time Chairman Isherwood  – had a face like a slapped arse, only to be outdone by his vice-chairman Carole Cockburn who issued her own rebuke when the local Bobby dared to question her face pulling. Whereupon she responded saying she couldn’t help her face! … Well we couldn’t possibly comment! And…

Alford, yes, she and the chairman and everyone else referred to it as Alford,  people,  had better wake up and smell the sewage seeping up into their gardens.

BECAUSE.. whether they like it or not – it is a different world NOW in Waverley as the Government Inspector  ruled last week that, it  has to take many more  homes and some of those would be in …  ALL the villages. Not just some….

ALL the villages CC ? – Does that mean in Chiddingfold? Shamley Green and Wonersh where Councillor Michael Goodridge (or sleepy as he is better known)  is perfectly happy to plaster the countryside with homes, provided they are not on his sacred expensive patch? Perhaps no-one has mentioned the traffic will be passing through his villages!  Bramley’s By-Pass Byham however, wasn’t in the mood to support, anything!

Some councillors obviously didn’t hear, or didn’t want to hear, the local objectors warn that by extending the settlement of Alfold towards Dunsfold Park – where ‘YW’ proposes building 2,500 new homes, and now supported by the Local Plan Inspector, that the two villages could become ONE!


Did his colleagues heed the Bobby’s dire warning- and,  we will post separately on the dire warning that came from the Cranleigh Civic Society later, for fear of rocking people in their socks and setting house prices plummeting?

The answer is….   YES.

Here at the Waverley Web we think the picture Bobby  imprinted on the minds of his colleagues, particularly a very concerned Councillor Stephen Mulliner – of the affluent’s effluent seeping up through their patios and covering their gardens –  hit the fan!

They just couldn’t bring themselves to approve anything – except to say they could support  ten dwellings on the garden centre site.

So another valued local amenity bites the dust, putting more people out of work- and everyone will have to go to Wyevale in Horsham, or Notcutts in Cranleigh. Oops aren’t they intending developing that too?

In fact after Liz the Biz reminded everyone that garden centres were not classed as business uses, just retail – they could now all be sacrificed on the developers alters in the years to come. He Ho!! Let’s all plant houses all  over our gardens!

** A Grampian Condition is meant to prevent work starting, or prevent homes being occupied, until off site works are completed on the sewerage network.

However, where these were imposed on developments in Cranleigh, the developers took no notice and the Cranleigh Civic Society was informed of the following:

Both these sites (Cala Homes and Crest Nicholson) had Grampian style conditions.  This was meant to prevent the start of the development until off-site works were completed on the sewerage network, including the sewage treatment works on Elmbridge Road. However, we were recently advised by planning enforcement at Waverley that the Grampian Condition wording is too woolly to enforce and doesn’t specifically mention the words sewage “TREATMENT”,  so no work to the sewage works are apparently included – another nail in the coffin for Cranleigh.

Berkeley Bunnies – when you are in hole – stop digging?


‘More Barratt’s than Berkeley’s’  was how Waverley councillors described the detailed design for the first phase of 55 executive homes on part of Cranleigh’s once green and pleasant land. So they refused its application and told the national house builder, with a reputation for providing quality homes, to go ‘back to the drawing board.’

Despite the planning ‘experts’ at ‘Your Waverley’ supporting the design of the scheme, councillors from around the borough backed the locals who   claimed the development would do ‘nothing’ to enhance the character of Cranleigh – as the design and layout was ‘mediocre’ and ‘unimaginative’ and the  two-three storey sentinel blocks (which the developer had wanted to be gated,) facing onto a rural lane, was out of character – and more suited to Walton and Weybridge.

This was to have been the first phase of 425 homes to be built on land behind Stocklund Square with access off Knowle Lane. Granted by a Government Inspector following  an appeal.

Despite all their shoving, cajoling,  pushing and prodding, the ‘experts’ were unable to lead councillors by the nose  – and the scheme was rejected. Weeks earlier Berkeleys was also told it couldn’t take down ancient woodland – despite Liz The Biz Simms, ‘YW’ head honcho explaining a while back it could always be, re-planted. Ugh!

We, and probably you, would like to know –

Who is actually running the planning function at ‘YW’ – is it Gone to Potts? The Executive? The Planning Officers? Or is it the democratically elected members?

Because if it’s all the former, then why is taxpayers money being wasted on all those allowances , special responsibility payments, travelling expenses and pensions that 58 councillors are paid, when they could be done away with? 

From now on officers can grant up to 25 dwellings without reference to the planning committees! 

So now, a company that once hoped to be accepted in Cranleigh New Town, has upset the locals and instead of listening to all the cogent and reasonable arguments from the locals, and doing a small re-design, they are spending lots of dosh on lawyers and QC’s just to spite the taxpayer by appealing…. 


Remember! The company has already done this once. The original application or 425 homes was refused by ‘YW’ – not its officers of course,  and allowed at appeal. The Inspector, at that time, allowed five storey homes on the site!!!  Less like Cranleigh more like Canary Wharf!

Why – have they decided to Appeal! Quite simply….Because they can!

It just shows how much profit they make that they can afford to do this on a matter of pique. I suppose as their CEO awarded himself a bonus of £23 million last year and only contributes a small sum of £3 million towards infrastructure he can afford to do it.
Of course if you look at it from his point of view, Berkeleys were led to believe by the WBC planners that all would be well and it would be plain sailing through the planning process, so you can imagine his frustration.  
The design was challenged on two main points – the 5 houses fronting Knowle Lane (a rural lane) were effectively 3 stories high, and not in keeping with Cranleigh whose vast majority of houses are only 2 stories high. Secondly the design was trying to make it look like a gated community. But as one councillor – Brian Freestone, told the Joint Planning Committee, ‘we welcome the new residents into Cranleigh, but how can we do that if they feel elite and cut off from us? This argument and others won the day.
If Berkeleys had engaged with Cranleigh Parish Council, in open forum rather than behind closed doors with ‘YW, all this could probably have been avoided.
Berkeley’s attempt to throw its  toys out of the pram is a flagrant waste of money and will not be approved by its shareholders. Even more damaging is the cost to cash-strapped WBC and therefore us the taxpayer.

And you know what – Surrey County Council highways – doesn’t give a damn!


See the tiny space on the left of the lorry in the two pictures below  – try squeezing your car, even your bike,  past this Monster. Well, this is now an everyday occurrence in the lives of Cranleigh’s country folk and it’s happening here in Farnham too! 

Do the highway authority ever raise an objection to this, or any other development on Waverley’s narrow country lanes, or congested local roads … NO! Not any more they don’t. Yet they tell us to get on our bikes!

Did  it raise an objection to an application to build 54 homes near one of the most dangerous bridges in Cranleigh and on a road that floods? NO.

Why? Because one highway official Mike Green, who is true to his name, GREEN, when responding to local concerns about possible traffic congestion and danger to children near proposed new schools in Parsonage Road, said:

‘Well – they will just have to get used to it, won’t they!

Well, Mr Green, perhaps you should pay attention to the serious implications of councils making  wrong and dangerous decisions!   Decisions that elsewhere in the country, which resulted in deaths and serious injury, could result in someone being forced to take responsibility for their actions! 

The same applies to Waverley Planning Officers, who  took their elected members on a site visit to this site before considering the scheme, but told them to park in Roberts Way, just about as far away from the Amlets Lane site entrance they could possibly get! Devious and duplicitous bunch!

Now,  Cala Homes, who by the way suggested in their application that their employees would arrive in Cranleigh on their bikes or on the train,  ( closed in the 60’s)  want to remove some of the five bed properties and replace them with an extra 25 smaller homes! 

When someone dies on Amlets Lane, will Mr Green be  quite so confident about telling people – they will just have to get used to it!

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 21.47.10.png

Click on the link below and read all about it in that amazing organisation’s website. The Cranleigh Civic Society,  over there in the East of the borough, which is determined to continue  speaking up For Cranleigh, despite being ignored by ‘Your Waverley.’…/narrow-lanes-blocked-by

Waverley’s ‘Patsy’ apologises for her colleagues outburst as they oppose building on a Cranleigh flood plain!


Regular followers of the Waverley Web will have heard parish councillor Brian Freeston and borough councillors Liz Townsend and Stewart Stennett slam a recommendation by Waverley Planners to approve a scheme to allow Thakeham Homes to build 54 properties on a flood plain in Elmbridge Road. Oh! and by the way, right next door to the Poo Factory!

If you missed it you can link onto it here: 

Here’s another one – Waverley’s little Patsy (H)Ellis (Cranleigh West) apologising to the officers for her colleagues’ inappropriate remarks.

And our little spider hanging from its web – (those bloody cleaners need to get their dusters out,) heard her as she lambasted Councillor Freestone (Independent Cranleigh)  after the meeting for daring  to challenge ‘Your Waverley.’ Perhaps she should remember  to – Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.37.49

Who will you vote for at the 2018 council elections? 



Pass the sick bowl! 


Dunsfold New Town – Awfold New Town- Cranleigh New Town – Chiddingfold New Town – all rolled into One?



Nobody can spell Alfold properly so we are joining with the populace – so Awfuld, Arfold, or any old Fold will do for the poor devils about to wear their little hearts inside  their concrete/wellington boots over there on the Surrey/Sussex border!


Because there’s nothing boring about  Government Inspector Jonathan Bore’s view of how things should look in ‘Your Waverley’ as he helps it plan its blueprint for development over the next 17 years.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – for developers eager to bury the borough’s green and pleasant fields  in lots more concrete! Now the examination in public of Waverley’s Daft Local Plan  has ended … The Inspector/Developers/planners/ have all, ruminated and cogitated…


But don’t worry Guys and Gals it isn’t written on tablets of stone…YET! Because when Waverley holds an Extraordinary Council Meeting next week – it will decide that it’s Daft Local Plan will go out to… wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…!


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.53.37

And… send it out to the voting fodder, while they are all on holiday?

In a weeks time the planning plonkers are recommending approval of 27 homes on the Wyevale Garden Centre site on the A281, wiping out a local employment site and another 39 dwellings on land at Brockhurst – a green field just down the road at Alfold Crossways just a few hundred yards from the entrance to Dunsfold Park!

A week later a Government Inspector will hear Thakeham Homes’ Appeal to build 465 homes on agricultural land at Springbok in Alfold  for Care Ashore. We make that 531 – doubling the size of Arford. Perhaps it will change its name along with its rural character?

So Alfold could soon be Upper Awfuld – Lower Arnold – or  Nether Alfold Town ! All thanks to the dummies who opposed building on the largest brownfield site in the borough at Dunsfold airfield. And just guess whose planning to go there?

An Invasion of Irish Travellers!  Remember – you heard it here first!




With the Inquiry into Waverley Borough Council’s Daft Local Plan progressing  and the Inquiry into Dunsfold Park’s planning application (to build 1,800 houses at the aerodrome) hard on its heels, we at Waverley Web thought we’d take a peek at what POLCOW (AKA Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley) has been up to lately.

Our interest was piqued when we heard a rumour – from one of our spiders within the Hallowed Halls of the Burys – that Protect Our Little Corner has, at the eleventh hour, thrown in the towel over its ill-conceived Judicial Review of the Joint Planning Committee’s decision to grant consent for 1,800 houses at the aerodrome back in 2016 … as long as Waverley BC doesn’t ask for costs!

Bet Farnham’s Fearless Famous Five will be pleased to hear ‘Your Waverley’ has, despite POLCW having squandered yet more of taxpayer’s money on this completely ‘vexatious litigation’ will not have to bear Waverleys  costs! We await Farnham’s  response… Oops haven’t they paid up and been been gagged?

BLOODY CHEEK! This -little-Tory clique has not only wasted ‘YW’s’  finite time and resources in fighting this ridiculous JR it  now,  adds insult to injury, having realised they haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Rather than backing out of Court with their tail between their legs and their balls in a sling, they don’t even have the decency to pay for their grandiose bluster!

Cynically, they want the Waverley tax payer to pick up the bill for their bullsh*t and hubris!

What an awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness Bob Lies (oops! we meant to say Lees) and his motley crew have! Not only are they happy to waste Council funds on an ill-conceived whim, they’re  oblivious that their actions have also sucked the life blood out of the community. The money ‘YW’  has  wasted defending this action could have been better spent on keeping the borough’s public loos open or supporting the elderly! Well done Mr Lies and co. What a public-spirited bunch you are … not!

 Now –  what a bunch of busy little bees they’ve been on their website!  If one took their postings at face value one could almost be forgiven for thinking POLCOW had been out and about tirelessly campaigning across the Borough to defend us all …

As if!

An an attempt   to appear to live up to their overly ambitious and distinctly disingenuous name – PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY AKA Protect our Little Corner of Alfold and Dunsfold – has been pumping out posts designed with no other purpose in mind than to give the impression that they really do care about the entire borough, rather than just their little corner of it.

Pity they forgot to adjust their strap line accordingly. It still reads:

To raise awareness and rally support of all communities affected by, and concerned about, the potentially harmful impact of the Dunsfold New Town proposal. What about Alfold New Town, and …

what about Cranleigh New Town in the making? Ba Humbug! They don’t give a fig for Cranleigh! If they did they would have been up there last week, opposing one of the most disgraceful applications on a green field  sewage stinking flood plain ever to come before Waverley Planners! 

 Too little and definitely too late they seized upon the same developer’s Springbok planning application and roused themselves sufficiently to put a brief – yes, very brief, but credit where it’s due! – synopsis of Thakeham Homes’ plans on their website, urging people to object…, cos it will look good if the Dunsfold Park Planning Inspector thinks to questions their impartiality.

 In May they reported briefly – very briefly! – on Cranleigh residents’ vote of no confidence in ‘YW.’ Not because they give a damn about Cranleigh – in fact, their attitude is the more housing dumped on Cranleigh and here in Farnham, the better, as it saves poor old (yes, really, poor old) Alfold and Dunsfold! They even went so far as to shamelessly beef up their post with a You Tube video filched from the Cranleigh Society’s website …, cos, other than the owner of the hapless POW Cow, no one from POW bothered to turn up to the meeting in Cranleigh Village Hall. Are they bothered? Course they’re not!

Yep, folks, that’s how much POLCOW  cares – really cares – about the rest of the Borough, all they care about  is part – not all – of their little corner.  But they’re loading up their website with linguistic litter to make it look as if they’re the borough-wide concern they pretend to be!

And don’t get us started on the cynical lies they tell in order to redefine reality as they wish it to be perceived. After all, their attitude is, unashamedly, why let a little lie here and there get in the way of a good smear? And, as we know, they’re firm believers in the theory that repetitive rhetoric is the key to making people believe what they tell them. Why? Because if they hear it time and time and time again, surely, it must be true!

Getting back to their raison d’etre – Dunsfold Park – they latched onto a national news story run by The Sun, claiming the stakes had  been raised  because the national treasure that is the Top Gear track at Dunsfold was threatened. 

National Treasure???!!! The Top Gear Track at Dunsfold???!!! Don’t make us laugh! We all know that if Dunsfold Park doesn’t satisfy the Secretary of State and doesn’t get its planning application rubber-stamped, the signed-up, members of POLCOW  won’t even wait for the Denbies Demi-Sec to hit their coupes and flutes before they line up their sights, once again, on the Top Gear Track and begin badgering Waverley’s planners about the racket coming from there. They’ll go into reverse gear faster than Sebastian Vettel into Lewis Hamilton and  campaign to get rid it of  motoring and aviation, which they’ve spent years complaining about before doing an oh-so-convenient handbrake-turn and proclaiming it a National Treasure. Laugh? So hard, we nearly peed our pants when we heard that one!

Talking about an awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness –  the prize for that has to go to Graham & Lyn Cornick of Hydestile who, with a complete lack of the aforementioned, complimented POLCOW’s posting of Matt Le Blanc’s amusing recreation of a scene from one of the Bond movies in praise of the aforementioned National Treasure, saying:

‘Great video we’ve passed this on to many others that may help[;] our greatest concern of course is the impact on the wildlife in and around Dunsfold, they are already under pressure and the development they are proposing would put the nail in the coffin for many species.’

This attitude sums up the two-faced and entirely preposterous position of Protect Our Little Corner; Graham and Lyn care about the wildlife in and around Dunsfold and they see Top Gear’s antics at the aerodrome as only slightly less acceptable than development but it’s a case of softly-softly catchee monkey: first get rid of the development threat, then turn your guns on the motoring facility, then obliterate the aviation. Game, set & match to POLCOW!

And, in the meantime, Cranleigh and Farnham residents are suffering the backlash from their behaviour.

Bugger the hedgehogs … what about the poor bloody people, some of whom may soon be up to their necks in sewage and floodwater ???

A Point of View.


Here at the Waverley Web we seldom put up a post completely based on a comment we have received. Here below, is an exception to that rule, because one of our followers has hit the nail right on ‘Your Waverley’s’ head! And on its  head be it if this application, to build 54 houses on land that has flooded for many years, is approved!

Thakeham Homes application to build 54 dwellings on land in Elmbridge Road adjacent to the Cranleigh Waters.


Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 16.46.06.png

You can read about it by clicking on the link below.

Quite simply – ‘Your Waverley Officers’- Lie!

Peter Cleveland’s explanation following the prospect that the application be deferred is distinctly whiffy. He doesn’t quote the relevant Para of the NPPF on the flood risk sequential test because it is contrary to the verbal commentary he provides. He explains the Exception test not the sequential test in any case. If the sequential test is not passed the exception test is irrelevant. Even if he was correct his assertion that the exception test finds the site free from flood risk, this is undermined by the EA’s comments on the proposed SuDs. From watching this meeting online, I suspect Cllr’s Mulliner and Band are onto this as they want to see more evidence from various sources.
The NPPF is very clear on the matter – Para 101: “The aim of this sequential test is to steer new development toward areas with the lowest probability of flooding. Development should not be allocated or permitted if there are reasonably available sites appropriate for that development in areas of lower probability of flood risk.”
…and there are other more appropriate sites available locally.
I am concerned that Waverley officer’s understanding of sequential testing for flood risk is not fully formed. This is not a matter you can ‘argue on a pin-head’ as seems to be the case here. As an example, the WBC JPC refused the Berkeley Homes application a few years ago after much debate around the planners’ acceptance that the sequential test was passed. However, what is more concerning is that originally, the officer responsible for the report agreed with the developer that the sequential test did not need to be undertaken in the first place because no houses were to be built outside of flood zone 1 in this particular development. They did not realise that the PPG guidance to the NPPF also puts essential infrastructure, (for example, main access roads) into the criteria sequential test application. The EA had to tell them this and the application was subsequently deferred by several months whilst this work was undertaken. I know that the officer responsible did not understand the test criteria because I was copied into the email by the EA and the rolling commentary between the two parties. The applicant’s process was accepted by the officers but the members of the JPC didn’t buy it based on local knowledge and photographic evidence amongst other things.
Cllr Stewart Stennett summed this Elmbridge Road application up succinctly and simply – he has lived in the area for 50 years and “That field floods”.
I imagine going for full planning with drainage details deferred was because detailed scrutiny of the flood risk on the site will prove negative towards the application. One questions if the developer has been working so closely with the officers over such a lengthy period of time why the obvious flaws highlighted very quickly by the members had not been addressed in the report? Maybe it’s because they can’t be mitigated?
I would expect when this next returns to the JPC for the officer’s recommendation to be for refusal based on flooding and sewage odour grounds. Nothing against the developers per se…this is just a really crappy site for houses.

Here at the Waverley Web we thank the one above, that there are still people over there in the East of the borough that have the time, expertise and dogged determination, like Ms Dominique McAll, who stand up for that beleaguered village. And…we ask… why the hell hasn’t she stood as a borough councillor to represent those poor Cranleigh souls and knocked some sense into ‘YW’ before it is too late!

When are Waverley’s elected representatives going to realise they are being misled, dangerously misled, by planning officers, so blinded by the need to meet a Government imposed housing target, that they will beat them into submission on a bed of lies and  distortions that generations of Waverley residents will be forced to live with!

Are all those little chickens coming home to roost in Blightwells?


Is Farnham’s heritage safe in the hands of  ‘Your Waverley’ and its NBF?

We are certain that Anne Cooper gains no satisfaction that her 2012 warning that a Grade II listed building was not safe in the hands of Waverley Council and its New Best Fiend (Sic) – but sadly her prediction is coming true!

Vandals are now at work around Farnham’s East Street and ‘Your Waverley’ is preparing to throw £7,500 of ‘our’ money at a Security Guard. Whatever happened to our reliable coppers that once kept us, and our streets, safe? Still, what’s a few thousands here or there – ‘YW’ can always close a few more public toilets! Oops, it already has!

Of course we all know whose fault it isn’t – that the re-development of East Street has been delayed. Farnham’s Fearless Famous Fives’ failed Judicial Review. Despite the fact that the NBF (Crest) promised to be on site within three months of the legal ruling e.g. Beginning of June!



But you know what? if anyone questions councillors, or officers, on their actions, or lack of action … they just lie!

Thieves are much easier to deal with. You can lock from a thief, you can do nothing with liars! Except of course, expose their lies!

Ah! But of course you can only do that if you can observe democracy in action! But of course the most important council committees which  actually SCRUTINISE decisions, are no longer webcast at Waverley Towers! We wonder why? Surely not because of the press and this little old web?

Fear not folks, until those cleaners get longer feather dusters – we are hanging in there!

Quite simply – ‘Your Waverley Officers’- Lie!


Here at the Waverley Web we like to tell it as it is!

There are numerous  of ways of describing distortions of the truth: 

There are untruths, fallacies,  being economical with the truth, there are fibs and  porkies. You can tell whoppers, taratiddle, be deceitful or be deceptive. 

OR… tell, downright lies!

And let’s just face  the Fact that – ‘Your Waverley’s Planning Officers’ are telling our elected representatives, and us  … DOWNRIGHT  LIES.

This week, once again, Honesty, truth and transparency became an anathema at ‘Your Waverley.’

It was quite a minor application in the big scheme of things: Thakeham Homes want to build 54 dwellings on land in Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh.

However, the accumulative effective is much bigger as it is adjacent  to 700/800 others nearby. It is   opposite Cranleigh’s over loaded stinking  Poo Factory on land that has flooded since the year dot.  The public know it, councillors know it, the developers know it …. Waverley’s planning officers know it, but they told councillors that : The Environment Agency had raised no objection…. A LIE.

Here’s what Cranleigh Councillors had to say:

Cranleigh Parish Councillor, Councillor Brian Freeston.



Parish and Waverley Borough Councillor, Liz Townsend:


Click on the link bellow and  you will see what the Environment Agency actually say.

Ea letter re suds 7 Dec 2016







Inspector Bore made his views very clear at the end of the first week of his Inquiry into Waverley Borough Council’s now, not-quite-so-daft looking, Draft Local Plan. And he left no room for equivocation in that, given a choice between having a home and being stuck for a few more minutes in traffic on the A3, he knows what his choice – and the Government’s choice – will be!

Cue deeply indrawn breaths from all those present in the Waverley Council Chamber who are opposed to more development!

Inspector Bore also made it very clear that Waverley’s housing numbers will need to increase!


Cue another collective intake of breath from the anti-development-brigade, spear-headed by Protect Our Waverley (who else?!) and the Man from CPRE (well he would, wouldn’t he?!).

Inspector Bore  indicated that Waverley does not have a five-year housing supply and concurred with the view of a ‘housing forum’, made up of interested developers, that the Council simply cannot rely on a 100% achievement rate because, not only is that undeliverable but unreasonable.

Q: Why?

A: Because no one ever gets a score of 100 / 100. Ergo, Waverley’s housing numbers will have to go up.

Graham Parrott – looking as sick as one – gamely tabled a plan designed to demonstrate how constrained the borough of Waverley is in development terms but Inspector Bore was having none of it. He told the Chamber that Waverley was not nearly as constrained as either Guildford or Woking … Oh, and by the way, Waverley’s going to have to take 50% of Woking’s unmet need!

Forget indrawn breaths, at this point the POW collective nearly choked on theirs! Had they really heard that right? 50%? They thought they had enough to worry over where Waverley was planning to put its existing numbers and now they’re expected to take 50% of another borough’s unmet need! This was beyond their worst nightmares!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 19.24.28.png

But Inspector Bore was in a benevolent mood; he assured those assembled in the Council Chamber that he wasn’t there to hinder them but to help them get their plan adopted. And, in order to help him to help them, the planners needed to go away and think about how and where they might accommodate their – and Woking’s – increased housing need.

Our spider, nearly strangled itself in its own web hanging from the public gallery as it frantically tried to do the animated-spider-image-0157 arithmetic on the back of an envelope, as the day progressed, and reckoned, by the end of it, the numbers are going to be not far south of 600 per annum!

Had they been on hand this was the point that the stretchers would have been rushed into the Council Chamber … but Inspector Bore hadn’t finished. He had some hints, some helpful suggestions, as to how Waverley might go about opening their door to the developers and rolling out the red carpet. Elsewhere, he offered, planners had adopted a policy whereby they decided, all other things being equal, development would be acceptable if it was proposed adjacent to existing development …

It took a few moments for the import of his words to sink in but when they did the blood drained from the faces of those representing the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner …

Was he really suggesting …? Did he honestly think …? Surely not …? He could not possibly mean …

Yep, they got there … eventually! The Inspector was giving Waverley Planners a prod in the ribs – and the Parish Councils and Protect Our Little Corner a massive punch in the gut!

He was actually daring to propose the previously unimaginable: that the villages – and, yes, that’s all of the villages (even the oh, so precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case, villages of Alfold and Dunsfold, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Ewhurst, Elstead, Milford and on it goes around Farnham ) – will  have to take more houses!

Yes, that means every last damn one of them – even the oh-so-precious, we are an isolated rural idyll and therefore an exceptional case villages of Alfold and Dunsfold! It means Alfold, Bramley, Busbridge, Chiddingfold, Compton, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Enton, Ewhurst, Godalming, Hambledon, Hascombe, Hydestile, Milford, Munstead, Shalford, Witley, Wonersh and everywhere in between.

Not one of them is going to escape unscathed, untouched and any protestations about congestion on the A281 are, we have no doubt, going to be met with the same brisk rebuttal that was delivered with regard to congestion on the A3: both Inspector Bore and the Government consider delivering homes more important than a couple of minutes additional delay on the daily commute!

So, there you have it folks, unless someone, somewhere can pinpoint a large, empty, brownfield site that’s going begging – and, let’s face it, there aren’t too many of those around, are there? – all of the villages are going to have to take a far greater number of houses than they previously imagined – even in their worst nightmares! So much for Protect Our Little Corner’s dastardly plan to push it all onto Cranleigh and Farnham. It would appear to be blowing up in their faces for the Inspector has them in his sights.

Stand by your beds!!! In the Second World War they dug up the cricket pitches to plant vegetables … in 2018 they might be digging them up to pour concrete!

PS Our advice to local Councillors this week-end:

Take the landline off the hook, switch off your mobile phone and ignore your email because when Wild-of-Waverley gets wind of development on their doorstep they’re not going to be pleased. But it’s not Richard Shut-the-Gates, Robert Know-less and Mary Orton-Pett and all those Cranleigh Councillors who did/didn’t attend secret meetings  – the architects of this developing disaster (no pun intended – oh, ok, maybe just a little one!) they’ll be ringing to berate. Oh no, they’re yesterday’s (wo)men. Between them that lot triumvirate have done untold damage to the Borough with their insistence that Waverley, on their watch, behave as if it were an island, a special case, a forbidden fruit where developers crossed the borough line at their peril. Now their chickens look as if they’re coming home to roost, thanks to all those Cranleigh councillors who did/didn’t attend those “secret meetings.” However,  it’s not Shut-the-Gate, Know-less and Mrs MOP the residents will be ringing, its poor old – and those are words we never thought we’d hear ourselves say – Gone-to-Potts and that Dick D’Anus!

PPS Our advice to local would-be-developers:

Pull out those old plans to develop on greenfields and gardens, dust them off and totter down to the hallowed halls of The Burys where Liz-the-Biz-Simms and her planners will greet you with open arms – unfortunately, the red carpet’s not an option due to ‘elf and safety concerns … But never mind, there’s much to celebrate if you’re a would-be-developer in Waverley, cos there’s a Concrete Fest coming to a field, in a village, near all of us!