Get cracking to register if you want to vote in Waverley Elections.

Elections Ballot Box
Where will you vote in the forthcoming Waverley Town and Parish Elections? Or will you leave it to others to decide?

Within a few months, polling cards will be slipping through the doors of Waverley residents. Or will they?


The Waverley Web understands that many newcomers to the district still haven’t registered their intention to vote in these critical elections. Some because they are not interested in local issues, and some because they are unaware that the elections are taking place. 

Town and borough elections in Waverley take place on Thursday, May 4th – yes, we get it. Everyone will be busy preparing the bunting and buying the drinks for the Celebrations of King Charles’ Coronation on May 6th – but remember – we get the Governments we deserve.

 Don’t moan about proposed housing development, housing, sewage and flooding issues,  leisure centres, or changes in parking in villages and town centres around the borough – because… 


In addition to the recent Government led boundary changes. There are also changes in the way you will vote. Although Waverley Council has opposed photographic evidence being required to vote (e.g. driving licence, passport etc.), the Government has pretty well ignored its plea and the plea of many other councils up and down the country. Despite election fraud being minuscule in this country.



Boundary Changes in Waverley will be the subject of a further post.

Who can register to vote?

You must be 16 or over – you can vote when you’re 18 or over.

You must also be one of the following:


Waverley has kicked up a stink.

The council has brought a  successful prosecution against a Farnham fish and chip shop.

A fish and chip shop owner has been fined nearly £5,000 after failing to deal with the excessive smell that has affected people living and working in the area over several years.

Waverley Borough Council, Environmental Health officers, had been working with the owner of Oceans Eleven in Farnham to help resolve the problem; however,  after failing to make any improvement, in April 2022, he was successfully prosecuted in court, followed by a further prosecution in January of this year for the continuing issue.

The original fine of £1100, court costs of £1006 and a victim surcharge of £110 in 2022 was then followed by a second prosecution on 18 January 2023, where the owner was fined £2000, ordered to pay costs of £515 and a victim surcharge of £200. A total of £4931 in fines.

Councillor Andy MacLeod, Waverley Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Operational and Enforcement Services, said:

 “Our officers work extremely hard to try and resolve issues with business owners before resorting to prosecution, but, in this case, there was no improvement and, as a council, we have to consider how the rest of the community is affected.

“I hope that this action will help those living and working in the area and serve as a reminder to food business owners that they must consider their neighbours as the council will not hesitate to prosecute people and businesses causing a similar nuisance.”

The fish and chip shop changed hands at the end of 2022, and the new owner is working with the council to upgrade the kitchen extraction system, which is expected to resolve the issue.


Perhaps Our Waverley MP’s have something to say ?

Nurses may not be striking at Frimley Park, The Royal Surrey or St Peter’s Hospital – but the anger among staff working is palpable.

Nurses in these hospitals didn’t take industrial because they didn’t meet the  50% turnout threshold required by law. Many nursing staff couldn’t bring themselves to vote at all. However, those who did vote voted overwhelmingly to strike.

Is it any wonder that our MPs remain silent?

Do our MPs pay for parking? No! – Nurses and NHS staff do!

The basic annual salary of a Member Of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons is £84,144 as of April 2022. In addition, MPs can claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London.

MPs who commute to Parliament from outside London can claim expenses for having a second home, including their council tax bills.

Tory MP Laura Farris – who sits on the Standards Committee – even tried to claim an £85 “late payment fee” on expenses after she failed to pay her council tax on time. The claim was rejected by authorities, who told Farris she must pay the fee to Kensington and Chelsea council herself.

Special parking privileges for MPs at airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, have now been scrapped.




Farnham infrastructure plan

A Farnham Resident’s view of the town’s Infrastructure Plan.

The Waverley Web wonders how many residents of Farnham have read the attached document.


Because we have, and it’s puzzled us as we and others have listened to many Zoom meetings over the last sixteen months on the subject.
There is often some dislocation when ideas have to be sieved into more practical actions.
In this case, we are being treated to all the evils and woes followed by a panoply of radical solutions that might work.
You introduce a private bus company to reduce its fares while increasing its services to make travel for children free; electrify; and perhaps run a service after six in the evening and on Sundays, to a timetable.
Building many bus shelters and stops that the ever-so-private residents won’t like or want. Unless there is a regime in power that controls the use of cars. Which isn’t going to happen. 
Advising business and delivery firms that a central hub facility will be easier than the present system sounds fine until you consider the scale and scope, plus the weather and the moving to and from. Nobody is going to appreciate such a suggestion. How do you carry heavy parcels on the bus?
A 20mph area! You would be fortunate to do 20mph in central Farnham today – let alone ten years after thousands of new homes have been built!
A new footbridge to the station is an excellent suggestion, and a rebuild of Firgrove Bridge makes perfect sense, but we didn’t need a costly report to tell us what we already knew.
The impact of central Farnham on its outskirts is perhaps the biggest and most pressing, and the report is helpful. Upper Hale cannot continue to suffer as it does now. Likewise, all the other candidates discussed for fifty years appear. Again. The report merely reminds us of facts we all knew that were never sorted.
Meanwhile, the reason for going to Farnham is about to reduce further. For its noteworthy that all schemes work around it; Brightwells. Will the businesses using the copious new retail space provide electric bus services seven days a week to entice people to their stores? For a start, how many businesses are actually signed up? And those that have. How are they going to reduce their carbon footprint?
Give us a seven-day week bus service, bus shelters, and frequent services.
That’s achievable, and the infrastructure is nearly there.
Put that in place first, then stop the car entirely in the town other than residents of the designated sector.
Get to grips with the money to assist in green traction and supplying the alternatives.
Otherwise, Farnham is finished. Because between the lines, that’s where we are heading.

A walk down memory lane around Brightwells House in Farnham


This week the Waverley Web was inundated with views and comments on an article by a well-known and respected Architect who has drawn attention to the deplorable state of Brightwells House. The Grade 2 listed building once rubbed shoulders with the never to be forgotten Redgrave Theatre. 

Has one of Farnham’s iconic buildings been trashed?

Brightwells House in Farnham in its heyday.
The truly shocking state of Brightwells House today. One of Farnham’s once-finest heritage buildings

The now demolished Redgrave Theatre. Why can’t a new live theatre be included in the Brightwells Yard development now retailers have turned their backs on the units?

Above is a scan of an article from the Surrey and Hants News of 16.11.2006, which gives an account of an event to save the Redgrave. Please note the name of the young lad in the picture was Isaac Sturt – not Hunt!

 Campaigners took a picture of Jeremy Hunt when he was the parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey in 2006. He had carried out a local survey of residents on the electoral role of the future of the Redgrave Theatre. He revealed that more Conservative voters than Liberal Democrats wanted the Redgrave saved. Of course, by the time he was elected as MP and Waverley had become a Tory Borough, he had changed his position but always blamed Waverley Council for being intransigent – well, that was his story, and he’s sticking to it.


Is it any wonder that SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is dumping Farnham?

River sewage: Extinction Rebellion unveils blue plaques shaming MPs in Farnham, Alton and Guildford.

Climate activists against the dumping of untreated sewage into local chalk streams and rivers installed satirical blue plaques in Farnham, Alton, Godalming and Guildford last weekend to highlight the shocking state of our waterways.

Guildford MP Angela Richardson dons her favourite poo outfit. She has only voted against the Government three times in her career.

It came as part of Extinction Rebellion’s National Dirty Water campaign, which highlights the inaction by the Government to address the ongoing problem of raw sewage and agricultural runoff polluting our waterways, including the Wey, The Arun and Cranleigh Waters.

The inscriptions on plaques exposed the voting record of local MPs, including SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt & Guildford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson, on October 20, 2021, when the Government failed to tighten environmental regulations and require water companies to dump less raw sewage in our waterways. 

Did our Surrey MP’s let us down again?

Goodbye, Farnham, and hello, Godalming Cranleigh and Ash.

From the link above, you will see Jeremy Hunt is moving into Angela Richardson’s former territory, so will Guildford MP Angela Richardson follow his example and find a new constituency now having lost her old hunting ground in Cranleigh and the eastern villages? Although she’s already campaigning in Guildford.

Villagers in Cranleigh wondered why Cranleigh Lions didn’t invite Angela to rock up and turn on the Christmas lights this year and asked Jeremy instead. All the security and government cars did add a bit of celebrity to the popular annual event we hear.

In Gostrey Meadow, Farnham, a blue plaque stating, ‘The UK Government voted to block a law requiring water companies to dump less raw sewage in our waterways and seas’ was unveiled by members of Extinction Rebellion Waverley.

Grace Watts, aged 10, said she worries about the many ways humans are harming nature and actually destroying our own habitat. One way is by allowing our waters – our seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and streams – to become so filthy and toxic that they are becoming unsafe.” 

Both our Waverley MPs, SW Surrey’s Jeremy Hunt and MP Angela Richardson, voted against tightening the rules. Woking MP Jonathan Lord voted against the Government.

Protestors highlight sewage disgrace in Guildford.


Has one of Farnham’s iconic buildings been trashed?

Has Grade 2 Listed Brightwell House been sacrificed on the altar of incompetence and ineptitude of Waverley BC and the Farnham Residents Party?

What do you think?

Local Architectural Consultant and Landscape Architect Mark Westcott thinks the physical damage is extensive, and the building has, effectively, been trashed.

Brightwells House is  Grade 2 listed. It is a building that the former Waverley administration tried to demolish. The smallest building on the site, although it is being extended with a large two-storey extension to the north side ( see the main South elevation below). I am told it is being re-rendered and refurbished to the highest standards. We will see. It will be dwarfed by the buildings that surround it. I recall reading somewhere that it was seen as the centrepiece. In my experience, you don’t surround your most treasured article with vast over-dominant other things.

This picture, taken in December, reveals the truly shocking state of one of Farnham’s most treasured heritage buildings (photo Mark Westcott)

The Farnham Theatre Association fully supports Mark’s efforts to restore the house according to the Listed Building Conditions for this Grade 2 building, conditions imposed when the Conservative-led administration gave the £115m + m Waverley & Surrey County Council funded Brightwells Development the go-ahead.

Is it any wonder that SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has dumped Farnham for a safer seat at the next election in Godalming & Ash? Goodbye, Farnham, hello, Godalming and Ash.

It is disgraceful that Waverley has allowed this to happen and that developers Crest Nicholson has taken advantage of the Western Planning Committee and the Council’s Planning Department’s weakness.

The Farnham Theatre Association fully supports Mark’s efforts to see that the house is restored to its former Regency glory according to the Listed Building Conditions for the Grade 2 house imposed by Waverley. 

Like Mark Westcott, the Waverley Web has tried on the council’s planning portal to find more publicly available information on the debacle that is Blightwells (which is how we refer to this unpopular development.) What did we find? 

A complete disarray of superseded and extant drawings and numerous applications; to chimneys, roof structure and construction, cutting through and disposal of original roof timbers, internal and external finishes through to doors and windows, extensive conflicting drawings, absence of structural engineers’ drawings, and detail drawings, any conservation officer approvals etc., everywhere he, and we looked and investigated, is an absolute mess. The physical damage is extensive. The building has, effectively, been trashed.

Mark said: “There is so much wrong that it’s extremely difficult to know where to start. In the absence of any express and written conservation officers’ approvals to any of the things that have happened, I cannot avoid the conclusion that there has been what is normally considered to be criminal damage to a Grade ll Listed by the contractor”.

“I believe the building can be rescued and reinstated, but it’ll require considerable care and expertise, skill, time and cost, not to mention the determined will to do so on the part of both the Local Authority partners and the Developer”.

“It seems to me that it’s of the utmost importance that it is dealt with as promptly as possible if we stand any chance of getting it put right in any reasonable time”.

Mr Westcott has written to the Chief Executive of Waverley & Guildford Councils calling for urgent action, saying…

As promised, I am attaching some site photographs showing all manner of damage, from ripped-out French windows and fanlights (which I’m told have been thrown away, despite being required by the Listed Building Consent to be refurbished), ditto sash windows (also thrown away, same LBC condition), circular saw chopped and sawn shutter box architraves, extensive damage to shutter boxes, vastly oversized chimney stacks built in blockwork rather than brickwork and not in accordance with any drawings etc.

Frankly, I was shocked by what I saw today and hope that an early meeting with the heads of the relevant services, the officers responsible, and the relevant Directors of Crest Nicholson may give us a chance of getting the project back on course”.

Mark Westcott is an Architectural Consultant and Landscape Architect DipLA(Leeds) DipArch(Mac) BArch(Glas)









Do the Tories really want to do away with Waverley’s swimming pools?

The residents of the eastern villages were out celebrating the news that ‘Your Waverley’ intends to spend £2m on architects to design its 20m flagship carbon-neutral Leisure Centre and swimming pool in Cranleigh, and then along comes…



Cllr Mulliner was speaking at a recent Waverley Council Overview & Scrutiny committee when he suggested that it was a relief that Waverley’s leisure centre had now gone down from five to four with the Edge in Haslemere being taken over by Surrey County Council and then made the stunning statement in the link above.

Do Waverley residents really want “hugely expensive” swimming pools?


Goodbye Farnham hello Godalming and Ash.

We see Jeremy has just been selected for Godalming & Ash… how will Farnham cope without him?

No wonder he did this little Godalming & Villages Survey a year ago. A man with a mission? https://online1.snapsurveys.com/interview/0dc536e8-8d3c-480e-8af2-46e2beb0f9c0



Strange or what? Very little take-up of warm venues in Waverley.


According to the town clerk, Haslemere has seen “little or no” take-up of the Warm Hubs initiative at Haslemere Museum, The Link, Town Hall and Pathways community centre. 

The £400 provided to each venue by Surrey County Council will now be used for “other initiatives,” clerk Lisa O’Sullivan said in her recent   Haslemere Town Council meeting report.

But the clerk reported that the Warm Hubs are open to anyone struggling to heat their home and have been more successful at Haslewey and Haslemere Methodist Church.

The ‘Haslemere Warm Hubs scheme was launched in November to provide people struggling to heat their homes a place to get warm and receive a hot drink/biscuit.

There are warm hubs in most Waverley villages, including Alfold, Cranleigh and elsewhere.

National Pensioners Convention supporters hold a vigil to mark the number of excess winter deaths announced

Over 1,000 people died in England due to living in cold, damp homes in December 2022. 

Based on new analysis by the End Fuel Poverty Coalition of official data for December 2022, the levels of excess winter deaths caused by cold homes exceeded those of December 2021. They were similar in level to the Covid-pandemic-affected data of December 2020.


Is ‘Your Waverley’s’ Planning department in crisis?


Are the men in grey suits about to march into ‘Your Waverley?

You don’t have to be a developer to realise that Waverley’s Planning function has been in crisis for two years.   One councillor said this week that this council cannot and should not keep using Covid as an excuse.

Everyone – including Leader Paul Follows, is well aware of the situation, as is the Portfolio holder for planning, Cllr Liz Townsend.

Cllr Follows stunned members of the public at a meeting in Elstead a week ago by admitting this:  Here is a man to be trusted – telling it as it is.

Oh! dear what can the matter be – Waverley’s leader ends up in A & E

 Councillors have been warned that the planning department has been struggling to meet the Government’s performance target for speed in determining its smaller planning applications. The target is 70% to have been considered in time or on an extension for the past two years.

Performance tables published in December revealed that for October 2020 – September 2022, Waverley Planners only achieved 61.7% of their applications in time or in extensions of time.


So now ‘Your Waverley’ has a lot of mucky brown stuff hitting the fan.

 Michael Gove’s outfit has told the council at The Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities that they are considering designating ‘Your Waverley’ as failing to meet the performance threshold … but we, at the Waverley Web, are taking bets they don’t because that would be just too embarrassing for our local MP, & now Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, who is busily engaged in overseeing the managed decline of our once great nation.  

Now officers have until February 2nd to come up with some good reasons for failing. Or, they could be in some heavy-duty dog doo.

Officers will no doubt be burning the midnight oil to devise a list of excuses.

 No doubt they will outline the issues the service has faced (e.g. implementation of a new IT system, staff shortages etc.) and the measures they intend – such as employing additional temporary staff, changing procedures, reviewing staffing and structure they are taking, or going to take, to clear the backlog and improve performance. But we at the Waverley Web have a better and much simpler plan: why don’t they join the rest of the country’s civil servants and go on strike? After all, based on current performance, we’re unlikely to notice if they do!

Waverley had a failing  IT system – delivered by the previous Tory administration. 

And, just a thought – perhaps stop cancelling Planning Meetings every few weeks in a bid to clear the backlog and improve performance.





Are the wheels coming off Stagecoach buses… again?

What would bus passengers do without Facebook?

Thankfully Andy Webb’s brilliant Community Pages on Facebook give passengers in the Alfold/Rudgwick/Dunsfold/Cranleigh area a regular update on bus cancellations.
Just like this one recently 
Guildford #BucksGreen #Cranleigh Due to vehicle availability, Service 63 due departs Bucks Green towards Guildford at 07:13, and will not be running.
Within minutes of it being posted, 33 people reacted- some acutely angry.

Stephanie Grant

We need to have reliable public transport in order to use it. This just puts people off!!!

Vicky Francis

This is getting ridiculous. I’ve just dropped my daughter into Guildford because the bus was cancelled, and now I’ve got to go back into Guildford to take my two sons in

Stephanie Grant

By the way, what about the people who don’t do Facebook? How do they know it’s cancelled?
Quite simple, Stephanie. They don’t! They stand at the bus stop in the freezing cold, wait for half an hour, go home, ring their workplace and say they will be late. Or give up and go back to bed! Then the government wonders why the country is not more productive.

Jean Cronin

Pity the people who need this bus to get to their workplace.
    • Andy Webb

      Stephanie Grant Stagecoach, don’t post it on Facebook. I post it here to let as many people know as possible. I’m certainly not going to knock on everyone’s door to let them know 😁


Potholes are causing serious problems in Waverley.

 Potholed roads are causing traffic hazards all over  Waverley; some roads are in terrible shape, say, motorists and pedestrians.

The Waverley Web has received dozens of messages from residents reeling off lists of dangerous potholes in the borough.

Problems exist in Ewhurst; Cranleigh; Haslemere, Farnham; Godalming and the main A281 from Horsham to Guildford. Poorly filled holes are also breaking up, scattering fillings across highways.

Pedestrians and motorists are expressing outrage at the state of roads as cars veer off the highway to avoid potholes and cut-up verges and pavements endangering pedestrians.  

A resident of Ellens Green told us that the road B2128 into Cranleigh is almost impassable from Baynards to the top of Horsham Road in Cranleigh.

He said: “It’s like a third-world country.”

Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth has written to Surrey County Councillor, Kevin Deanus, demanding action. She claims the villages are not levelling up – but levelling down!

Despite meetings with MP Angela Richardson in September 2022 and a promises residents’ forum – nothing has been heard from her since.

 “I am so fed up with the A281 towards Guildford that is riddled with potholes from the Wildwood Lane junction to Alfold Road.

It is impossible to report as  unless I get out of the car and walk on the verge and take pictures of the road and the exact location of each of the MANY potholes; the system doesn’t work. There must be at least 20-30 of them – I lost count – but I see cars swerving to avoid them when travelling to and from London. It is dangerous and seems to be bad workmanship. I have seen on Social Media that SCC will only deal with reported potholes, so if I took a picture, they would only repair that one, not the many just a few feet away. Surely that cannot be true?

 It seems ludicrous to me. On Tuesday morning, travelling to London, two cars were on the verge that had obviously swerved off the road due to the ice; according to other sources, there were 3 or 4 that morning.  Why are we allowing the major route out of our villages to become so neglected – especially when we have so many new homes being built?  We were promised infrastructure improvements to cope with it all, and thus far, we have seen little other than a few dropped pavements.

 When  major road works were carried out on the A281  in 2021. Did Surrey Highways do the same work on that section, or was it only from Elmbridge Road towards Guildford? Because if we don’t know, I will seek a Freedom Of Information request to find out.   I feel that we are being “left behind”, and it simply isn’t fair if that section of the road was repaired, why is it failing?  

She also outlines other severe problems, including flooding at the dangerous Crossways junction At Alfold Cross House, which villagers have nicknamed `Kamikaze Corner.’ 

 When we took the Dogs out the other day, a car swerved so badly I thought it was going to hit the other side of the road where we were walking with the dogs. There is obviously a drainage issue on the bend as when it freezes it is completely white with Ice.

Ms Wordsworth says it was great to see Angela Richardson visiting Alfold last September 2022 but asks, what has happened since? There are constant electrical problems with power fluctuations, and lights frequently dim. She wants to see some action.  

Water pressure is so low at peak times I have to boil a kettle to get hot water to wash up – I know we live in an old house and have rubbish pipes, as confirmed by Thames Water, – But surely we deserve better than this?

  Waverley has a wealth of  Surrey County Councillors, including Paul Follows, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, the head of planning Liz Townsend, and isn’t Cllr Kevin Deanus on the influential Surrey County Council Executive?

More messages pouring in. Here’s another one:

23 holes in Home Farm Road, Busbridge at my last count. 
St John Street Farncombe is pitted with holes
Holloway Hill Godalming has lots of holes at the lower end – they have made an attempt to fill some further up, but they are already breaking up.
There are a couple of corkers at the top of Nightingale Road on way to Farncombe.  
There is a massive hole at least a metre long and a foot deep on the Hambledon Road Godalming going to towards Clock Barn Farm. It has a broken blue/white arrow sign and a cone in it. The sign has no doubt been broken in half because some poor unsuspecting soul drove into it.
Enough said, I think. 
Binscombe Lane in Farncombe has been resurfaced. One port in a storm I supposed.



Oh! dear what can the matter be – Waverley’s leader ends up in A & E

A week has passed, and not one word of what happened before Elstead’s Parish Council meeting last Monday has leaked out – until now.

Rumour has it that on the way to Elstead, Waverley’s Council Leader had a nasty fall from his bike. (Yes, regardless of the weather conditions, Paul Follows cycles around the borough to meetings, unlike many who claim mileage allowances or taxi fares.)
A&E, here we come.
However, before visiting A&E (we bet that was an experience), he gamely struggled on and continued with a meeting that had been called by his not-so-friendly Tory friends aimed to give him a bit of a duffing up.
He had been called to answer for Waverley’s ‘disgraceful behaviour’ for not giving money back to the parish and planning concerns.
The argument was that other people, other than Elstead residents, were using village facilities at no cost, but others received more when Elstead’s share of the tax cake was decided.   The village argued that someone from Farnham could use Elstead facilities and was funded by Elstead to do so.
WW bets Fred that Aunty Elsy had something to do with this. Though we heard from onlookers that she was unusually quiet…
Can you Adam and Eve it? Charging outsiders to use Elstead facilities was actually mentioned! Whatever next. Let’s set up the barricades, get passport control in and the Border Force – keep outsiders out or set up toll booths on the borders. Milford villagers OUT, FARNHAM TOWNSFOLK OUT. Elstead declares UDI!
Poor dishevelled Paul Kept Calm and Carried on and stood his ground, and the floor was opened to the public. Then up comes another hot potato – Planning.
Light the blue touchpaper and stand back.
There then followed a statement by Follows, which was honest and damning. Indeed there was silence and, frankly, acceptance. The two SCC councillors in the audience looked blankly ahead.
“Waverley’s  senior officers have been misled by my Planning Dept. I have been misled. I have been told things have been done, and subsequently, I found out they have not. The whole situation is unacceptable. The last years have been misinformation to all.
A new senior planner has been appointed.”
Was Cllr Follows suffering from his injuries, we ask? Or do we, AT LAST, have a politician who actually tells it as it is?
This somewhat blunted  Elstead’s council leaders planned attack, supported by the Pepper Harrow committee regarding the stalled village Neighbourhood Plan. A row between a judicial judgement and the plan examiner has recently halted further progress.
“It’s stopping us building on the green belt,” said Elstead chairman.
“It’s preventing our plans to build in the green belt too” said a representative of the Pepper Harrow committee.
Effectively Elstead’s plans to date are for nought because its hand of friendship to its neighbour was mishandled, as Pepper Harrow is not a parish.
Meanwhile, the debate moved to planning infringements. A member of the public offered Mr Follows an example of environmental breaches followed by two agricultural buildings being used as homes and announced.
“Did you know Elstead has a caravan site, and it is not registered and has not been for years?”
Mr Follows, having explained that the Infringement dept (the planning enforcement service) was small, pledged to burden it with all the cases mentioned the following morning. (That is, of course, if he gets out of A & E by morning.)
A question on the mysterious vanishing bus stop in Farnham outside The Queens Head under the Transport Infrastructure Plan was aired by the public. Mr Follows mentioned as nobody had control over SCC, especially the two SCC councillors present. Nothing could be done.
It was noted that not one Elstead parish councillor reacted regarding any of the unauthorised planning infringements. Not one.
The big surprise here is that Waverley’s leader admitted to the public that his planning department had misled him.
And a parish council that has attempted to block housing development WANTS  to build on the green belt? Really!
A developer’s dream.
A week has gone by. The dust has settled. The seeds of consequences are now left to germinate.
PS. Well done, Cllr Follows, 10 out of 10 for facing the music and WW wishes him a speedy recovery. 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Coffee Time Quiz.


Anyone for Coffee?

Those fortunate enough to visit holiday hotels in foreign parts will have become accustomed to the famous call of…

“time for the coffee -time quiz.”

Here’s our SW Surrey MP’s very own coffee-time quiz, which has completely put us off our usual mid-morning venti-salted-caramel-mocha frappucino double blended with extra whipped cream and has us reaching instead for a very strong Silent Pool Gin and Tonic from the Albury-based company. But hold the Tonic!

Don’t judge us! Winston Churchill said of G&T, “… it saved more Englishmen’s lives and minds than all the doctors in the Empire! “but we digress!

Mr Bean, or dare we predict, Has Bean! (No pun intended in respect of the poor old coffee bean!) May we respectfully ask Jeremy, who do you think you are?

It was like watching a Rowan Atkinson sketch without any belly laughs! By the way, where was the cup with Liz Truss’s disastrous mini-budget written on it? As usual, airbrush the truth from a PR stunt.

Is it any wonder that neighbouring MP Angela Richardson wanted to dig a big hole under Guildford to keep the traffic flowing and enable “thousands and thousands” of new homes to be built? We felt like digging a hole after listening to Jeremy’s condescending tone.

Firstly – the average coffee price cost isn’t £2.56?! Not the cost of our usual Coffee, Jeremy! 

Didn’t mention Brexit on the coffee cup. He didn’t mention gas prices going down or that European gas prices are half ours. 




Planning changes the Governments wanted us to miss?

We may be very cynical, but why would the government launch changes to the planning system on December 22nd?


We don’t know about you a lot – but here at the Waverley Web, we had a few other things on our minds!

However, despite zero publicity, we all have until 11.45 on March 2nd to have our say on significant planning changes. 

Some may have wished all matters planning were hidden from view, believing we were all too Gin soaked over Christmas and New Year to care.

Set out in the Government Consultation – are specific changes to the National Planning Framework (NPPF) that it intends to…

“Immediately make.”

The lack of publicity and timing is a disgrace. It is, in our opinion, irresponsible – because Waverley and communities across the country must be aware of the proposed changes and make their views known.

The document reveals that contrary to Minister Gove’s Ministerial Statement  when he said this:

“up to local authorities working with their communities to determine howmany homes can actually be built, taking into account what should be protected in each area.”

Now that expectation becomes  this:

“except where there are exceptional circumstances that can be justified, local authorities will be expected to continue to use local housing need, assessed through the standard method to inform the preparation of their plans.”


The same method has imposed thousands more homes across Surrey, including in Waverley, without regard to the consequences for communities like Alfold. A tiddly little village on the Surrey/Sussex border, with zilch facilities and infrastructure currently being swamped.

However, the consultation says:

It would welcome views on the sort of demographic and geographic factors which could be used to demonstrate these, exceptional circumstances.”

Is it any wonder Guildford MP Angela Richardson wants to dig a big hole under Guildford to prepare for what she described as “thousands and thousands more homes needed in the town? And, our Jeremy wants to move traffic out of Farnham Town Centre.

Mole Valley and Horsham council moved to delay and review work on their local plans before Christmas in light of Gove’s planning reforms.

Mole Valley, which borders Waverley, has been considering removing all green belt sites from its local plans since Gove’s decision last month. 

To comment, Google Consultation Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.


 Conservatives take more money from private health firms

Private health tycoons have wined and dined senior ministers while cashing in on NHS contracts.

Rishi Sunak’s party has accepted huge donations from private health firms.

Private health firms have donated more than £800,000 to the Conservative Party over the past ten years, openDemocracy has revealed.

This includes companies run by wealthy tycoons who have wined and dined former prime ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May, and other senior ministers.

The finding comes as the government hands out more NHS contracts to the private sector to tackle the backlog in the health service.

Read our Waverley Web comments page.

The British Medical Association has warned that relying on the private sector threatens the “sustainability of the NHS”, which has suffered from “a decade of underinvestment”.

An investigation by openDemocracy reveals how Rishi Sunak’s party has received cash handouts from more than 35 private health and social care businesses. The actual figure could be even higher because donors do not have to declare their field of work, meaning some may have flown under the radar.

And this is on top of substantial personal donations from some of the business moguls behind these private healthcare companies.

Health profits

The Conservative Friends of the NHS is a group of Tory-voting doctors and health professionals who claim to support the NHS. The group’s president is health minister Maria Caufield, and it has hosted stalls at the Conservative Party’s annual conference.

But the organisation’s chairman and founder, Dr Ashraf Chohan, has not worked for the NHS for 23 years, according to his LinkedIn profile, and he has a private GP and private health insurance.

Chohan is a private health tycoon who set up a portfolio of medical and nursing businesses in London. One of his firms, West End Medical Practice Limited, has donated more than £198,000 to the Tories since 2019 – making it one of the sector’s most prominent political donors.

As chair of the Conservative Friends of the NHS, Chohan has met with senior politicians, including Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Nadhim Zahawi. Before Christmas, in the midst of the ongoing NHS crisis, he also attended a “meaningful” meeting at Number 10.

Despite the group’s claim to support the NHS, it has repeatedly championed a two-tier health system on Twitter, saying.

the private sector “should be applauded for reducing demand for the NHS”. In other tweets it has advocated health insurance and argued that “all high taxpayers must have [private health] insurance by 2025”.

Experts say reliance on private health firms is creating a system in which poorer people who cannot afford to go private are…

“left to put up or shut up”.

NHS outsourcing to the private sector has also been linked to higher mortality rates. And hospitals that use private cleaning companies have been linked with higher rates of the superbug MRSA. 


NHS outsourcing to the private sector has been linked to higher mortality rates.

During the pandemic, Chohan – who previously donated to Labour before switching – came under scrutiny over two private firms he ran with his son that sold Covid tests. Reports said customers were charged between £80-£200 for the PCR tests, but many complained about lost samples and refused refunds.

Another Conservative Party donor is Genix Healthcare Ltd, which is part of a group of private dental clinics that makes the “majority” of its £6.6m income from NHS contracts.

The company was set up in response to the “severe shortage of NHS dentists” and aimed to become the “dental corporate of choice for the NHS”.

Genix Healthcare has bankrolled the Tories with donations worth more than £158,000 since 2015, including cash and sponsorships.

Musthava Rolls Royce.

Its owner, Mustafa Mohammed, who has posed for photos with Johnson and May and boasted about owning a Rolls-Royce and a Mercedes S-Class, has also given almost £225,000 of his own money to the party.

This includes a £20,000 donation to Jeremy Hunt in 2019, the year after he resigned as health secretary.

As one of the party’s top donors, Mohammed has been part of an elite Tory dining club called the Leader’s Group, which enjoys regular access to the prime minister and senior government figures.

Care homes and GPs

Most Tory donations from the private health sector have come since the pandemic began in 2020.

One such donor, Doctor Care Anywhere Group PLC, has given the party more than £37,000 in the past two years – and reportedly spent £1,000 on a ticket for government minister Paul Scully to watch a cricket match at Lord’s.


Doctor Care Anywhere Group PLC has donated to the Conservatives.

The company, which charges up to £60 for a single telephone call with a GP, raked in £25m in revenue in the 2021 financial year.

Yet its records from last year say that…

 “A severe shortage of GPs in the UK” has meant the firm’s “clinician capacity is currently insufficient to meet patient demand”. 

Bosses said they would not try to incentivise staff with further pay rises because this would impact Doctor Care Anywhere’s “cash generation”.

The Conservatives also accepted £28,000 worth of donations from Advinia Health Care Limited, which operates a network of 36 care homes across the UK.

The company has earned massive amounts of public money and boasted almost £96m in turnover in its latest financial accounts. From this, Advinia took more than £1.8m of pre-tax profits.

“Approximately 80% of group revenues came from state-funded Local Authorities and CCGs [clinical commissioning groups],

” the company’s 2021 report says, adding that the taxpayer money “provide[s] the group steady, secure and timely cash inflows”.

But despite its healthy finances, Advinia’s founder and chairman, Dr Sanjeev Kanoria, recently called on Sunak to increase the government’s financial support to private care homes.

The Tories continued to accept donations from Advinia Health Care even after questions were raised about its finances. In 2019, the Guardian reported that regulators had investigated the company over its cash flow and financial management concerns. It was also claimed that bosses had refused to agree to an independent audit of its finances.

The actual owners of Advinia Health Care remain unknown, thanks to the company’s financial structure. Records say the ultimate controlling party is the ‘Paraman Trust Settlement’, but there is no explanation of what this is, where it is located, or who is behind it. There is no trace of the Paraman Trust Settlement on the UK’s official company registry and little mention anywhere online.

Money donated by companies like Advinia Health Care comes on top of extra cash that wealthy business tycoons in the health sector have personally given.

They include Dolar Popat, who has donated more than £188,000 in the past decade. Popat used to run a care home business and was appointed to the House of Lords in 2010.

John Nash is another former private healthcare tycoon who has donated to the Conservatives and been made a peer. Nash is the former chairman of Care UK, which operates 150 residential homes for older people.

Another firm, Babylon Healthcare, which provides GP consultations over the phone, also came under the spotlight recently amid reports that shareholders had donated to the former health secretary, Matt Hancock.


Waverley takes planning breaches “very seriously.”

After over a decade, the Council is updating its Planning Enforcement Policy to prove it.

Out goes the old  Planning Enforcement Document and in comes the new. Will this one work?

An updated Local Planning Enforcement Plan to be considered by the Executive today reveals how the Council will respond to complaints about breaches of planning control, the process for investigating and recording complaints and the timescales involved.

The overarching principle of the Plan is to provide a fair, proportionate, and consistent enforcement service to protect the environment of the Borough and the amenities of the people who live and work in Waverley.

Whilst planning enforcement is not a statutory function of the Council, Waverley claims it takes breaches of planning control very seriously. Its policy is to exercise powers appropriately and rigorously to ensure development takes place by approvals.

Members of the Executive will hear that dealing appropriately with breaches of planning control and ensuring compliance is essential to ensure that the planning process remains credible.

Any allegations of potential planning breaches will be adequately investigated, and appropriate, reasonable and proportionate action will be taken, where necessary, when deemed expedient and in the public interest.

The  Local Planning Enforcement Plan identifies local priorities for enforcement action so that the Council’s enforcement limited resources are put to the best use in dealing with breaches of planning control that threaten protected features, the quality of the natural and built environment, or the amenities of Borough residents.

It has been devised by the advice from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (July 2021), which states:

“Effective enforcement is important to maintain public confidence in the planning system.

As set out in the NPPF, the effective and proper enforcement of planning control is essential to public confidence in the planning system and Waverley’s  aim is to protect the interests of our environment, residents, visitors, and businesses from potentially harmful effects of unauthorised development. It should, however, be noted that planning enforcement is not a punitive measure, the main purpose of the system is to remedy breaches, not to simply punish those responsible for a breach of planning control.

 The document sets out the Council’s specific Plan for enforcing planning control. This will ensure that councillors, officers, external agencies, residents and businesses are aware of its general approach to planning enforcement and what it considers a priority.

 The Council wants to manage the community’s expectations of when and how quickly it will respond to an alleged planning breach complaint and what level of service they can expect.

 What is a planning breach? 

the carrying out of the building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, over or under land, or the making of any material change in the use of any buildings or other land.” A breach of planning control is defined in section 171A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as:

  • The carrying out of development without the required planning permission; or  
  • failing to comply with any condition or limitation subject to which planning permission has been granted. 

The full document can be found here on Page 19 of the: Public reports pack 17012023 1800 Executive (1)


Some roads in Waverley are treacherous.

Black ice has forced a number of roads to be closed in Waverley today, Tuesday, with many crashes being reported.

Police have closed several roads across the area because of black ice on previously flooded roads. 

Potholed roads in the east of Waverley are causing enormous problems for motorists, swerving to avoid them and losing control of their vehicles.

Due to the black ice, several collisions have also been reported on Folly Hill in Farnham.

Temperatures are expected to dip below -3 or -4 degrees Celcius across Surrey and Hampshire overnight into Wednesday.

The Met Office has warned of a…

“very cold night ahead with clear skies initially”temperatures will drop below freezing across the region with a sharp frost expected, as well as a risk of icy patches”.

The A272 from Petersfield to Langrish and the B3006 between Greatham and Selborne are among the local roads reported to be closed, with policing telling motorists to take alternative routes.

“The roads are incredibly icy. Please only head out if it is essential,” said a spokesman for the police. 



It is election year in ‘Your Waverley.’

In May, residents of Waverley will go to the polls in borough and parish elections.

Some wannabe councillors have already thrown their hats into the ring – and one has already smelled the coffee!

Every political and non-political party is appealing for candidates to stand with them in the May elections. You can hear from them on the Waverley Borough Council website.
The owner of Oliver’s in Haslemere has already made his New Year’s Resolutions, and we agree with all his sentiments. 
One includes standing for the council – which council is not clear. We hope he sticks to all his resolutions.
Our town and the borough councils could do with some new young blood.
Oliver Leach



Do you remember all those Junior Doctors you stuffed Jeremy?

Former health secretary and now chancellor Jeremy Hunt needs to acknowledge the damage inflicted on the NHS by himself and his party during his tenure as health secretary and since.

Perhaps it is time to remind some of those stalwart Farnham & Godalming Hunt supporters to cast their minds back. Perhaps, they need to be reminded why the NHS is in such dire straits today with another Junior Doctors’ strike looming. 

Rachel Clarke, pictured below, is still a doctor working in Oxford. However, many of her contemporaries are working around the globe. Lost to our NHS forever. Australia and New Zealand are among the countries that boast about the expertise of their British colleagues. 
However, Rachel has never forgotten their fight with Jeremy Hunt, our SW Surrey MP – and neither should we.

“I may not be a gynaecologist,” it read, “but I know a Hunt when I see one.”

No other health secretary in NHS history has incensed the medical profession quite like its longest-serving incumbent. During his six-year tenure from 2012 to 2018, Jeremy Hunt presided over a catastrophic decline in NHS standards, the pain of year-on-year austerity budgets, failed pledges to increase the size of the NHS workforce (those 5,000 extra GPs he vowed to deliver by 2020 shrivelled, in fact, into 1,425 fewer GPs) and, most infamously of all, a series of unprecedented strikes by NHS junior doctors.

As a striking junior doctor myself, anti-Hunt sentiment in my household reached such a fever pitch that my then three-year-old daughter, on seeing a tall man walking into the hospital where I worked, once shrieked: “Mummy! Jeremy Hunt is walking into your hospital.” “Oh dear,” I said. “What do you think I should do?” “Go in after him and chop off his head.” These were supercharged, horrible times.

Even today, eight years after the dispute limped to an ignominious end (Hunt duly imposed his despised new contract), my casual mention in the doctors’ mess that he had written a book about all things, patient safety triggered a volley of anatomically robust invective. Zero, the book in question, is subtitled Eliminating Preventable Harm and Tragedy in the NHS. Its ambition cannot be faulted: “Zero is a book about how the NHS can reduce the number of avoidable deaths to zero and in the process save money, reduce backlogs and improve working conditions,” Hunt writes. “Delivering the safest, highest quality care in the NHS post-pandemic could be our very own 1948 moment.”

If I read this correctly, Hunt is suggesting that his blueprint for the health service is so radical it may transform the provision of healthcare for the British public as dramatically as the inception of the NHS three-quarters of a century ago. This raises a rather obvious question. Given that he was the longest-serving health secretary in NHS history, why didn’t he impose his vision in office. 

Not once over the 13 last years has your party cared enough about patient safety to “enforce minimum service & safety levels.” I’ve seen patient die in horrifically understaffed conditions for years – in corridors, on the floor, in toilets, in cupboards. Yet you’ve done nothing.
Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP
Today I announced a new bill which would enforce minimum service and safety levels for vital public services. By delivering these safety levels, this government is ensuring that lives and livelihoods are not lost.
PS. Perhaps Chancellor Jeremy should get out his book “Eliminating Preventable Harm in the NHS” and have a good read.

Buy one- get three in Tarn Road, Hindhead say Waverley Planners


A scheme has been approved despite neighbour and councillor objections to garden grabbing to replace one home in Hindhead with four.


Cllr John Robini, Vice chairman of the Western Planning Committee, was concerned that Thames Water had made ‘no comment’ on the application to build four homes at Tarn Corner, Tarn Road. This is despite the area’s well-known and documented waste and water supply problems.

Thames Water promised it would laise with us on planning applications, I won’t be voting for the overdevelopment of this site.

Cllr Brian Edmonds said he doubted whether the highway conditions could be met, and although he could support fewer homes on the site, four was too many.

But Cllrs Simon Dear and Anna James believed the homes would fit in nicely and provide homes needed in Waverley. Cllr James believed the site could have provided even more.

Nobody wants houses built right next to them – but I am afraid that we live in that time, she said.

The ward Cllr Julian Spence pointed to all the highway problems this development would cause on a road where serious accidents occurred, including two over Christmas.

He said he had very real safety concerns over the manoeuvrability of vehicles forced to encroach onto the other side of a busy road, the dropped kerbs, and the pinch points.

This has been ill thought out, he said.

Although neighbours objected, saying the whole character of the area would be changed, the application was granted with officers’ approval by eight votes and four against.


Surrey’s highwaymen ride to rescue the Alford sign.

Shortly before Christmas, Surrey County Council’s highwaymen rode into Alfold to erect the village’s spanking new traffic sign featured below.

After villagers spotted the undeliberate mistake, said highwaymen swiftly returned to right the wrong – with a new sign.  Oh! No, they didn’t – oh! Yes, they did, said some villagers still in pantomime mode.

However, one eagle-eyed villager spotted the rectification of the mistake made by the sign manufacturer.

“I am very sorry to report that having thought the sign had been replaced (due to the error of the Sign Company) the sign has actually been Taped over to cover the horizontal bar of the  “r” and  a slap of Black paint to extend the vertical bar of the “r” to make it look like an “l”  

Hoping this is just a temporary fix until the new Correct sign is ready as the tape is starting to peel (due to the inclement weather)”


Now, look what the county dummies have done to Alfold.


More traffic woes ahead for Farnham.

But more water is on the way.

South East Water plans to install more than two kilometres of pipe in West Street, on private land, and the A31 Alton Road, a process expected to take approximately six months.

This project is part of South East Water’s £433 million investment to improve its water network between 2020 and 2025.

The company says the work is “short term pain for long term gain” and it will  workclosely with Waverley and the Surrey highway authority. 

The project will be split into three phases: Ending in Mid-June.

The first phase begins this week with pipe installation along West Street, from a point close to Old Town Mews, towards the A31 Alton Road.

A rolling road closure will be in place to protect motorists and pedestrians from the working area.

As work approaches Coxbridge Farm, the pipe will be diverted through private land towards Runwick Lane. This will be the project’s second phase and will run between late April and mid-June.

The third and final phase will involve the pipe crossing the Farnham-bound lane on A31 Alton Road. Runwick Lane will be closed for three weeks while lane closures will be in place along A31 Alton Road.

Jeremy Dufour, project manager, said:

“We know the population in the area is due to increase, so it’s essential we install this new pipe to ensure customers have a steady supply of top-quality drinking water.

“We are very sorry for any disruption this vital scheme may cause, but we’ll be working closely with residents and businesses in the area to minimise the impact as much as possible.

“We know this is an exceptionally busy area for cars and a key route into Farnham.

“West Street will be closed in short sections, meaning the closure will follow the pipe as it is installed.

“Road closures are always a last resort, but due to other utilities, the pipe needs to be laid close to the centre of the road, meaning temporary traffic lights are unsuitable.

“This project is very much short-term pain for long-term gain, and we will work very closely with both Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council to minimise impact to residents, motorists and businesses.”

In the Thames Water region of Waverley – Thames Water has announced taps could be turned off from July to battle droughts!



Waverley’s Draft Air Quality Action Plan under the spotlight tonight.


Tonight members of ‘Your Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee will review a plan which aims to improve air quality in the borough.

Air pollution is associated with several adverse health impacts.

It is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease and cancer. Additionally, air pollution mainly affects the most vulnerable in society: children, older people, and those with heart and lung conditions. 

The annual health cost to society of the impacts of particulate matter alone in the UK is estimated to be around £16 billion.

Waverley  Council is committed to improving environmental equity, air quality,  and respiratory health; its Action Plan aims to reduce the exposure of people in Waverley to poor air quality to improve health.

Read it here:



A bus driver’s plea to the selfish motorists in Cranleigh.

 Waverley Web wonders what this bus driver’s view is on the changes Surrey County Council propose to “improve’ Cranleigh’s gridlocked High Street.

You can see all the proposed changes on the link below and a plea from a bus driver. 

I drive on your local 53 and 63 services. This is not meant as a moan but more of an explanation.
As bus drivers, we get frustrated when drivers feel that they can park at our pull-in bus stops, especially the ones in Stocklund Square in Cranleigh.
We need to be able to get our buses to the curb to allow passengers, especially those who are less able board our buses safely. When there are cars and vans in the bus stop, we can only do this by pulling into the bus stop at a sharp angle which unfortunately leaves the rear of the bus obstructing the traffic trying to pass. Pull-in bus stops aim to ensure that traffic is not held up.
As I understand it, a driver found parked in this pull-in bus stop is likely to get 3 points on their licence and up to a £1000 fine.
So please be considerate when parking in Cranleigh and don’t park at the bus stops, and remember we still run buses through Cranleigh until after 11 pm.
Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

Post Office open space improvements – or

How to kill off the post office?

Like Fountain Square, the space outside the Post Office on the High Street could be used more effectively to benefit Cranleigh residents.  

Improvements being suggested include: 

  • pedestrianize the area outside the Post Office
  • change the existing mini roundabout on Village Way road into a raised priority junction 
  • improving pedestrian crossings in key places
  • wider and repaved pavements
  • new cycle facilities
  • junction improvements with raised tables
  • seating areas for residents to meet and relax
  • planting and greenery
  • localized flood alleviation measures such as rain gardens

The proposed changes will remove some of the on-street parking, but the number of Blue Badge parking spaces will remain the same.

A recent parking survey conducted on Stocklund and Village Way car parks showed they were only filled to 50% capacity on a weekday and 75% on the weekend, so we believe there will still be plenty of car parking spaces in the village.

We’ve provided detailed plans below and artist’s illustrations of how this area could look. Please take a look and provide your feedback.  

Here’s what one resident thinks about the plans:

“In a time of austerity, it is quite astonishing that the Council is prepared to spend a huge amount of money on various schemes which will completely remove the appeal and character of what is presently a quaint and characterful village. This post office plan precludes people from accessing the post office with large/heavy parcels without having to walk a considerable distance from the car park.

To expect an elderly or disabled person to walk from Village Way car park carrying an awkward/large/heavy parcel is quite ridiculous/inconsiderate. Another huge platform to cause traffic jams and potentially damage cars/people’s spines. The buses’ journeys through Cranleigh will be very slow, with so many platforms to negotiate and the already questionable timetables will be adversely affected.”


A delightful thank you from HM The King to the people of Godalming

There is very little to brighten our post-Christmas mood, but here at the WW, we were heartened by this message to the townsfolk of Godalming from His Majesty King Charles and the lovely picture it contained.



Will Waverley now have a Monitoring Officer up to the job?

 Last Summer, the partnership of Guildford and Waverley  Councils considered options to collaborate.

They agreed to create a Joint Management Team (JMT)to include the Chief Executive, Directors, and Heads of Services.

Most permanent Joint Executive Head of Service roles have now been appointed, except the Executive Head of Planning Development and Executive Head of Legal and Democratic Services.

‘Your Waverley’s head planning honcho going, going…

The Joint Appointments Committee (JAC), comprising three councillors from each Council, met on December 5 to interview shortlisted candidates for the appointment of the Executive Head of Legal and Democratic Services, which includes the statutory post of Monitoring Officer.

 Like other failing Waverley officers who have been put into a big brown paper bag and shaken up, Robin Taylor now appears in a new role with another title. 

Mr Taylor is now head of Organisational Development: 

  • Business transformation
  • Climate change
  • HR, learning and development, payroll
  • Strategy, policy and performance
  • Programme assurance
  • Risk management, business continuity.

The JAC had recommended the appointment for confirmation at full Council meetings at both Guildford and Waverley and had been included on the agenda for the last Council meeting on December 13. However, although they had concluded the process and agreed to a recommendation regarding the appointment, there was insufficient time for a conditional offer to be made to and accepted by the successful candidate to enable the Council to ratify the JAC’s recommendation.

 The successful candidate has now accepted the conditional offer, which will be ratified at an Extraordinary meeting of both Councils. Waverley’s on January 10 and Guildford Borough Council tomorrow, January 3.


 It is back to business. Is Guildford copying Woking?

The holidays are over, the nutshells have been swept away and the decoration will soon be back in their boxes together with the dud lights.

Now that ‘Your Waverley’ has close connections with Guildford Borough Council we thought we should share this with you all.

Happy New Year to our Guildford neighbours.
WW believes Guildford Borough Council may have similar problems with this scheme as we are going through with the Godalming Regeneration Scheme proposed in Waverley.
Is this an awful insensitive scheme for this ancient town?
Decision on 11th January 2023 – just a few days to make your feelings known. Strange isn’t it how such controversial schemes are always slipped in either shortly before or after Christmas!
Do the planners really think that the occupants of only 130 flats will require cars?

It’s Christmas!

Wishing all our followers and readers a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year.

On the first, second, third and fourth days of Christmas ‘Your Waverley’ gave to me 

A great opportunity.

An empty calendar of meetings,

No long debates,

a host of webcast blanks

 and a much-needed yuletide holiday.


Former Cranleigh schoolboy makes it to the final of BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


Jake Wightman, who grew up in Cranleigh, was nominated as the first British male middle-distance runner to win a Global Gold Medal for 38 years.

The former pupil of Cranleigh’s Parkmead School was encouraged to run by teacher Catherine Edwards, a passionate lover of running.

 He won most of his races at Park Mead along with his brother Sam also a good runner. 

Jake, who was nominated with five other sportsmen and women, said:

I am buzzing just to be able to say I was nominated for the BBC Sports Personality this year – a show I have watched every year since I can remember, so a huge dream ticked off.”

Middle Row: 2nd Sam and 4th is Jake at Park Mead – Pictures from The Cranlejgh Magazine

Jake secured Great Britain’s first gold medal of this year’s World Athletics Championships, and it was made that bit more special as his dad was in the commentary box. Jake was running in a competitive field featuring Jakob Ingebrigsten, Abel Kipsang, Timothy Cheruiyot and Tokyo 2020 bronze medallist Josh Kerr.

Some years ago, Jake told the Cranleigh Magazine:

We started running at Park Mead school. There were a few teachers who organised a cross country club. The first was a guy called Russell Withers and then Catherine Edwards followed on after him. She would take us to the Cross Country league over at Tillingbourne and I ran the Surrey Schools cross country and was given a Surrey Schools vest when I was in year five, the first time I ran for Surrey schools. Looking back on it now, having gone to a higher level, it’s obviously not a big deal but at the time it was something I was pretty proud of. I was young for my age group when I got it and got into the Southern Schools team on the back of it and raced against boys who were two years older than me.


Watch out – there’s a new Waverley Anti-Social Behaviour Officer about!

The Housing Management team at ‘Your Waverley has welcomed a new Anti-Social Behaviour Officer. 

The council’s housing fraud investigation work during the quarter resulted in six properties being recovered from tenants who were not using the properties according to their tenancy terms and conditions.

Five of these properties were a result of action taken by the council as the tenants were not living at the properties. The remaining property had been sublet to others whilst the tenant was residing abroad.

This work has successfully enabled six households on the housing register to be allocated a home to live in.

A spokesman said:

“This work reinforces Waverley’s stance that our properties should be used per our tenancy terms and conditions. The support from our tenants is paramount in ensuring that this is achieved. Tenants are asked to raise any concerns they may have relating to housing tenancy fraud at… https://www.waverley.gov.uk/Services/Pay-Report-Apply/Report-it/Reportcouncil-housing-fraud.


Worrying trends for healthcare in Waverley.

Patients of the Cranleigh GP Practice received the following letter yesterday. We have redacted the patient’s name to guard their privacy. 

Dear Mr & Mrs X,
Recently, we have received an unprecedented number of requests for urgent care. We have been working tirelessly to meet demand, but regrettably, we are now in a position where we can no longer safely continue & have reached capacity for today. Your safety is our highest priority & we are unable to see or speak to any more patients without compromising this. Should you require urgent care call 111, visit a minor injuries unit or go to A&E. If your query is of a non-urgent nature, we would request that you try again tomorrow. We know this will impact your access to care & appreciate your support.

The recipients have sent this letter to the Leader of Waverley Borough  Council. Saying;

“It is so important that these incidents are reported. I have said that we are 10-12 miles away from any urgent care here in Cranleigh.”

Will Waverley Patients soon be off to Ashford Hospital in Middlesex for their care? 

Ashford Hospital is situated on the A30 west of London, close to junction 13 of the M25 and Heathrow Airport.

There was some very worrying news revealed to Waverley’s Full Council last week following a question from Councillor Robert Knowles, who asked:

“Has this council been consulted or informed of the decision by Surrey Heartlands with the support of the Royal Surrey Hospital to create an elected surgery Hub for the whole of Surrey at Ashford Hospital In Middlesex?

The location just outside the London Borough of Hounslow with no transport connections to most of Surrey.

If not, does this council have any confidence in Surrey Heartlands – as this shows a lack of concern for residents of the south of the county.”

Worrying or what!

The Surrey Heartlands area extends from Farnham and Haslemere in the west of Waverley to Alfold on the Surrey/Sussex border and the boundary with Mole Valley in Ewhurst.

WW understands from information provided by a Cranleigh councillor that Surrey Heartlands want to make Ashford Hospital the centre for elective surgery and eye operations!

Kika Mirylees Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Health and Communities, said the Executive said:

The Executive is extremely concerned but a lack of consultation on matters like this is not unusual.

The Leader of the Council will be writing to the organisation, calling for a re-evaluation of the proposal to ensure the Waverley residents were not disadvantaged. 

 What is ahead of us all here in Waverley?


Part 2 – Ding Dong Merrily on High.

There was very little Christmas Spirit about at Waverley’s last Full Council Meeting of 2022. The WW has witnessed more jivolity at most Wakes!

The second episode of Ding, DMOH – is a Lesson on how to insult every council house occupier and Waverley staff member in one swipe.

Waverley Tories fail to pass a motion.

While watching the video clip below, you may wonder why Waverley’s Leader looks so flabbergasted. We have never seen his flabber so ghasted. Because –  Cllr Paul Follows was brought up – along with many of us – in one of those council house ghettoes that Cllr Dear so obviously despises.

The downright ignorance of Cllr Simon Dear is legendary. Not satisfied with attacking the vast number of Waverley’s former and present council house tenants and owners, he wades in and attacks the council’s staff. The same team that kept Waverley’s ship afloat during the worst period of crisis in the council’s history.

Hang your head in shame, Councillor Simon Dear. Conservative Member for Haslemere East and Grayswood. We award you the Waverley Web Grinch Trophy for the most insulting diatribe uttered during a council meeting in 2022.


Now look what the county dummies have done to Alfold.

What is wrong with Surrey County Council – the clue is on the right-hand side of the signpost DUNSFOLD.

Has anyone ANY regard for this once-happy little village on the Surrey Sussex border?

We all know that Covid and Working from Home (WFH) have had a major impact on local services and the civil service in particular – has anyone tried getting hold of anyone in the public sector on a Friday recently – or, for that matter, on a Monday?

If you haven’t, don’t bother because most of them now WFH on Mondays and Fridays – at least that’s what they tell us but, in reality, the five-day week has become the three-day week in the civil service, with civil servants now taking an extended long weekend – otherwise known as WFH!

The upshot is the vast majority are too busy watching the latest instalment of  Keeping up with The Markles on Netflix, emptying their washing machines, loading their dishwasher or simply sitting in front of their fires with their feet up, a box of Milk Tray and a cup of Nescafe at their elbow.

Then, when they’re called upon to do some actual work and irritated at being dragged away from their all-important WFH practices, they do a quick, shoddy job and don’t even bother to run the spell-checker.

Result: Alfold, just over the border in West Sussex, has been renamed ALFORD according to its newly erected road signs.

Was there a consultation on this name change or a local referendum?  No!  Just a civil servant who could barely tear their eyes away from their 55-inch Samsung as the Pampered Prince and Moaning Markle, his wife, aired their dirty laundry, so said civil servant didn’t read the all-important small print when signing off on the new signage for the village formerly known as Alfold…

… or is it, as some believe, nothing to do with WFH but a sinister plot to merge the ever-expanding village, formerly known as Alfold, into the soon-to-emerge Dunsfold New Town, creating a super-village called


Aldun and dusted

Listen to the plea of our health workers Mr Hunt.

They deserve the pay rise they’re asking for; if the government, including our MP Jeremy Hunt, the longest serving Health Secretary in history, hadn’t ignored them and their perfectly reasonable demands for years, leaving the service on its knees, we wouldn’t even be here now.

We clapped them for their dedication during COVID – will we slap them in the face now they want our help?

The strike action is a last resort as they’ve tried everything else…

This information is available on the Royal Surrey Foundation Trust’s website.


Remember this Jeremy? Now they need you. They were there for you, not private healthcare when you needed them.

Jeremy Hunt Plastered but unafraid to show his vulnerability to the world – as our MP recovers in the arms of the NHS after hitting the road.



Waverley Tories fail to pass a motion.

Three former Godalming Mayors wiped out any prospect of  Christmas spirit permeating the Full Council meeting last night.

It didn’t look a lot like Christmas; more like Ding, Dong Merrily on High; there was so much mucky brown stuff flying around the council chamber.

Councillors Peter Martin, Steve Cosser and Michael Goodridge wanted to pass a motion at the council meeting tonight to debunk the proposed Godalming Regeneration Scheme.

Here’s the Motion put forward by the Tory Group – which followed a petition from a Godalming resident that he claimed was signed by 4,000 Godalming residents and shoppers. 

This claim was challenged by Deputy Mayor Penny Rivers, who argued that it wasn’t supported by the remaining 16,000 + Godalming residents and shoppers.


  Allegations, recriminations, and personal attacks rattled around the rafters of the council chamber – some councillors saying they have never experienced a more acrimonious,  unpleasant and unedifying debate in Waverley’s history.

Despite Mayor John Ward’s appeal earlier for councillors to show Christmas spirit, the mood was grim.

“I don’t want to witness -un-Christmassy emotions here tonight. he said.”

That appeal fell on deaf ears, and battle commenced as he raised the chequered flag for the debate to begin.

Cllr Peter Martin accused the Rainbow Administration – Lib Dems, Farnham Residents’, Greens, Labour & Independents of…

Stealing the assets of Godalming residents in their bid to build homes on the Crown Court Car Park and a multi storey car park on The Burys.

All of which the Administration claimed was a Consultation – and not a done deal. A deal that from the outset the Opposition had distanced itself. 

The Tories wanted the scheme thrown out – lock stock and smoking barrel – the remainder of the council wanted to compromise – work with the Opposition and not use the Regeneration of Godalming as a political football. The Tory group had repeatedly been asked to join the working groups considering the scheme – but had consistently Refused but had offered no alternative.

Tory Cllr Steve Cosser accused the Administration of riding rough-shod over the views of the Chamber of Trade, saying “after all, their very livelihoods are at stake here.Removing car parking spaces will not help them. There is a lot at stake here – show the political courage to abandon this scheme now.”

There were some uncomfortable moments when Cllr Simon Dear referred to the affordable homes proposed on Crown Ct CP as “a council house ghetto.” Leader Follows, looking as though he had just received a court summons, said he was proud of once being one of those council house tenants but took great exception to have his home referred to as a ghetto.

There was little doubt that the Tories wanted the whole issue dumped into the PENDING tray – which is what it did during the years it led Waverley Council. However, it was roundly criticised for the “white elephant” it had made of the Brightwells redevelopment in Farnham town centre. Cllr Paul Follows laid out the reasons why the Godalming redevelopment was needed.

Before presenting his amendment to the Motion put forward, Council Leader Paul Follows said: 

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 19.23.38 

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 19.26.46

Public reports pack 13122022 1800 Council

The amendment, which appears above, was carried by 25 votes, 13 against and 2 Abstentions.

To be continued…


It’s official – Thames Water is rubbish.

Last week regulator OFWAT announced that Thames Water is the top dog on the list of the worst-performing water companies.

No surprise there, then it is what everyone has been saying in Waverley and the region for years.


Says Cllr Reed:

This is what l wrote today to the Area Director of Thames Water about the water streaming down Bookhurst Hill … again.

 ‘I noticed myself and have been contacted by my Residents about the ever-fast-flowing continuous water on the main road on Bookhurst Hill. This continues to be a worry, especially now that Winter is here with its frost, ice and snow.

Consequently, I share the most worrying concerns of my Residents who have contacted me, not only about potential accidents on the road itself but also of vehicles losing control and careering into their cottages. This morning, I heard from a working mother of two preschool children who expressed great concern.

Please let me know asap what is causing this severe problem and what Thames Water plans to do about it. I was told that the Lambswood Reservoir problems had been fixed.

Thames Water is more than a little flushed after a grilling from its Cranleigh customers.


The Rudgwick Doctor won’t see you now!


In April, we spotted this on Rudgwick Rants – just one of the Waverley Facebook sites we visit from time to time.

We didn’t write a post at the time because we get so many comments and complaints about primary care,  hospital and ambulance services in Surrey. In common with the rest of the country.

Neither do we believe in bashing the NHS – because we clapped with the rest of the population during COVID and recognise that most health professionals are on their knees.

Don’t let this happen again. Take up your vaccination when it is offered

We have received numerous private e-mail messages at contact@waverleyweb.com concerning the frustration of patients who cannot get an appointment with their GPs in Waverley. 

Some areas of the borough are well-served, while others are not. Here’s an example of that frustration.

And here’s the reason why residents are so poorly served in Rudwick!

The GP has been working from home. But  WFH  for Dr Justine Hall is 265 miles away in Cornwall – and she has been doing that since 2015!

Mother of three children, Dr Hall, does her work from the pretty town of Falmouth in Cornwall and picks up a plump salary while breathing in the sea air. In the meantime, several thousand Rudgwick patients believed she worked from the village surgery. Because the surgery website state that Dr Hall “worked locally.”

In the meantime, from the personal experience of one of our bloggers who did manage to get a face-to-face appointment with his GP. A bloke who hates going anywhere near doctors because he is allergic to them was told after a five-minute consultation –

“your time is up.”

Dr Hall, your Rudgwick patients may believe the same should apply to you. It may be time to spend even more time with your family. Your three children, your two Romanian rescue dogs, called Flo and Brian, and your three rescue cats, that you say ” keep you very busy.”

The surgery says NHS England support “remote working in our area.” Really – did it really mean this remote?



Waverley supporting borough businesses during Christmas.

Extra funding from Waverley is helping town centre retailers draw in shoppers with festive events.

In Farnham – it’s let it snow.

One of the snow windows in Farnham last year.
Retailers across Waverley hope to welcome increasing numbers of shoppers, following matched funding from Waverley and the town councils for festive activities and town centre decorations.
“Waverley provided extra funding to top-up money already committed by the town councils to make their centres extra festive for visitors this Christmas,” said Councillor Liz Townsend, Waverley Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Economic Development.
Supported by Waverley, cash, the town councils are working to increase footfall in their high streets between now and Christmas. In Godalming, the town council funded a Christmas Festival recently when the lights were switched on. The money was used for street entertainers, particularly around parts of the town centre where footfall is often lower.
On Friday, 2 December, Farncombe lights went on with entertainment to encourage more visitors to the area. Haslemere is switching on its Christmas lights on 15 December, when there will be late-night shopping, with festive stilt walkers, including a Snow Queen, as part of the street entertainment.
Waverley provides free parking in its Haslemere car parks from 3 pm on the 15th. Retailers are joining in with a discount voucher scheme for shoppers and participating in a seasonal window dressing competition.
Farnham is investing the extra Waverley funding in artistic snow windows, an initiative that began in 2021 and proved to be an internet sensation. Windows at over 20 shops and town centre businesses will be decorated with unique snowy designs created by a specialist company.
Snow Windows. A video of last year’s windows in Farnham town centre received over 10 million views online, and the town hopes this year’s designs will attract more visitors and shoppers.
Said Cllr Townsend:
Christmas is a vital time for town centre retailers who are keen to encourage consumers through their doors. “Vibrant, bustling high streets are vital for supporting our communities and our local economy. Money spent locally gets fed back into local services and local jobs for local people. From expert advice from specialist retailers to seeking out unusual or locally made goods, there are lots of reasons to shop in our local high streets,”
In order to keep our town and village centres full of great independents and popular chains, we need more people to experience the unique shopping experience they offer.”
Waverley has also given free parking in its Farnham, Cranleigh and Godalming car parks from 3 pm on 1 December to encourage shoppers into local high streets.

Mourning Milford.


Our followers at the  Waverley Web wonder if this short piece in Surrey Live has anything to do with a bad attack of you scratch my back, I scratch yours. https://t.co/WDWgCAfKxd

As the sun sets over Milford VILLAGE.

You may have noticed that a whole gamut of different agencies and organisations pick the best village to live in in Britain; according to GetAgent, it’s Milford.

 Cranleigh New Town
Once upon a time, it was Cranleigh. However, no realist could now describe it as such. It is a town that is growing exponentially and which Waverley Council now includes with its major towns of Godalming, Farnham and Haslemere. Though if you made this statement in Cranleigh’s streets, you could be lynched by the locals. 
 Milford will shortly become a suburb. Not a village. It will dare we suggest that when the excavators dig into the orchards, golf courses, fruit farms and fields, it will become a satellite of Godalming.
Which means Elstead could be next.
Impossible, we hear you cry?
Just look at Alfold, which could soon become part of Dunsfold – where we have long suggested the name ALDUN. Is there a new garden village named ‘ ALDUN’ being planned in Waverley?
Not all the land from the A3 to Elstead is common, given the collapse of agriculture with farmers unable to afford fuel,  animal feed and unworkable State aid. Many are being forced out of the profession every week. Who would blame them for jacking it in?
The elephant in the room
If the rose-tinted spectacles of happy families cannot find a home in Milford, then Elstead is next. Developers will be ready to service their every desire. Particularly as Waverley’s long-heralded Dunsfold Garden Village doesn’t look like making its debut any time soon. Is that new road – a road to nowhere to keep its planning consent alive?
What the Government says:
But there’s a recession. Additionally, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up Gove yesterday abandoned housing targets.
Does that mean Waverley now has a 5-year housing land supply? No – that was a political decision to keep the Tory back-bench voting fodder at bay. At least until after the next election.
What Gove says:
“Centrally dictated targets are merely advisory.” So, in other words, there are still targets. And, he says: The Government is sticking to its manifesto commitment to buid 300,000 houses a year. But he also said “We want to build homes where we need them.”
Tory policy to solve a recession is to build houses. It’s page one of the How to Keep in Power Guide.
Surely the floodplain is a barrier?
It hasn’t stopped developers from building the appropriately named Watermeadow Place or Willowbrook in Cranleigh.
Lusting to live in Milford has to be a wake-up call for Elstead. The suburb of Farnham or Godalming? Take your pick. No shortage of land around Tilford. Big houses with land whose owners can see the tide of suburbia heading towards them will flee, and their country residences will fall to the bulldozer and the encroaching hordes lusting for a tiny bit of countryside where they can complain about every last aspect of country life, takeover the parish council and protest against any further house building.
You have been warned.

Thames Water more than a little flushed after a grilling from its Cranleigh customers.


 Angry villagers rocked up to face Thames Water officials at a poorly advertised public meeting.

Around 60 people from the eastern villages attended the meeting called by Cranleigh Parish Council last week. However, The area’s MP was notably absent. Perhaps, Kodak Angie was busy playing the Christmas fairy at No 10!

Where was Ewhurst resident and Guildford,  Cranleigh & Villages MP Angela Richardson? Yep, you guessed – posing yet again, this time against the Christmas Tree outside No 10!

An angry public was there to air their grievances on the Summer’s water shortages, sewage overspills during recent heavy rains, low water pressure, nifty sewage, and leaking pipes – here, there and everywhere! In Ewhurst in Cranleigh and all the nearby villages.

Only days after Monday’s meeting, residents were without water in the east of Guildford, the Waverley borough and parts of Mole Valley and Horsham. They are served by the Ladymead and Netley Mills water treatment works. 

Schools were shut, and cafes and businesses closed.

 Areas affected included: GU5  GU5 9 ,GU6 7, GU6 8, RH4 3, RH5 , RH 6; RH 12 .
Officers from Waverley, Mole Valley and Guildford councils and Applied Resilience (which supports GBC on emergency planning) worked overnight and met in the days that followed. Surrey County Council declared a major incident due to the impact and mobilised its Emergency Plans.
Agencies contacted ” known vulnerable people.” Thames Water provided bottled water at specific picking-up points in Guildford & Waverley.

Flooding in Barhatch Lane, Bookhurst Hill, at the entrance to Swallow Tiles and the new development of multi-million-pound homes in Swallowhurst was high on the Cranleigh agenda.

Residents grilled Thames Water officials, who it is believed hailed from its London office. Waverley Councillor Ruth Read, representing her constituents in Cranleigh East, spoke of the sheer misery burst mains, water shortages, and low water pressure was causing in the eastern villages. Cranleigh Parish Councillor Kathy Gould kicked up about the “stink” from the sewage treatment works on her patch in Elmbridge.

‘Obviously, with the onset of Winter, my residents and I are very concerned that the Bookhurst Road Thames Water issues are fixed without further delay. If you remember, this whole issue has been resonating now for  over a year (the meeting that we had with you in our Cart Barn was on the 5th of January, 2022). With the winter weather on the way, if this issue is not addressed by Thames Water there will be  accidents from the ever-increasing leaks both on footways and in Bookhurst Road.

Please do everything within your power to put pressure on those who will make the decision to make this an urgent priority.

Residents spoke of the leaks in Summerlands, where gas and electric mains were breached, leaving everyone without gas or electricity and other areas where the Internet was lost for days due to severed cables.

Several residents described the situation in the eastern villages as”farcical”, and the gathering listened with incredulity when one Thames Water official said:

 Cranleigh is regarded by the authority –as an island, and is not a high priority.”

Borough and parish councillors have been bombarding TW with complaints for several years; homes have been severely damaged by burst pipes, leading to substantial insurance claims. Thousands of homes have suffered from repeated low pressure or no water. Verges and roads have been dug up – here, there and everywhere, with traffic lights and road closures popping up faster than Covid.

Thames Water officials pledged to

“take away the information they had gathered.”

What was the public’s verdict after the meeting ended -Nil Point, but they were comforted by the fact that TW was taking away the information they had gathered. One local said,

I found the whole exercise useless, but TW has gathered the information rather like nuts in May.








Will the Tory shunned by his party romp home in the Waverley By-Election today?

Does the Tory candidate Ian Michell still have Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s backing to stand against Liberal Democrat and Labour hopefuls in the Dunsfold & Chiddinfold By -Election today?

The link includes details of other candidates.

Will Ian Mitchell prove today that anything can become a Tory councillor?
However, it appears local Tories have stopped campaigning for Mr Mitchell, who is standing as a Conservative to win the Dunsfold & Chiddingfold seat at  WBC, left by the death of Cllr John Gray.
The SW Surrey Conservative Association is distancing itself from its candidate after he posted inappropriate FaceBook comments. These included featuring a Golly that he stated was not racist. And the following: 

He said Mr Hunt was a “fence-sitter” on the EU, called the new prime minister Rishi Sunak a “tax dodging billionaire”, and has called the UK’s foreign aid budget, immigration issues and benefits system “a drain on society”.

However, he does have one feather in his rather large hat! He says in his election leaflet that he complained to Waverley about an overgrown hedge in Chiddingfold, and guess what. The Liberal Democrat administration called it wasteful and inefficient. I dealt with it and was cut back.
Will he withdraw?
Or will the residents of Chiddingfold & Dunsfold be told before they put their cross on the ballot paper – that the Conservatives no longer back Mr Mitchell? He was put forward by a sitting Tory Conservative member of Waverley Borough Council, Anna James.
Will he won’t he be a Tory if he wins?
Or perhaps this is just the local Tories disassociating themselves until the by-election. If he wins, they’ll merely sweep the internal inquiry under the carpet and pronounce his temporary suspension revoked? Will he enter WBC as a victorious Conservative Councillor?
Maybe they have noticed that as soon as Ian opens his mouth, his chances of winning diminish.
Ian’s offending post has been deleted, and so has any discussion about Ian on the various Conservative Voice sites – where there has been a recent censorship/clampdown on dissenting voices – closing threads, deleting comments, members banned, and a declaration from Admin that ‘inappropriate’ posts will be removed.
Perhaps more importantly, it prevents residents from scrutinising Ian’s lamentable election pledges:
Nature Reserves – what is he talking about?   Surely he doesn’t think WBC has the power to designate private land to become nature reserves?
Ian vaguely promises that infrastructure is checked as adequate before approval of developments in the villages.   It sounds so simple.    Has he no idea about what has gone before in Dunsfold?
His flyer reads like it was thrown together as a vote winner, but he’ll have to try much harder to fill John Gray’s shoes.

Endorsed by the Chancellor and sacked by South West Surrey Conservatives.

Embarrassing or what, Jeremy Hunt? 

Today SW Surrey Conservatives have announced they are suspending their By-Election candidate Ian Mitchell due to his inappropriate social media posts. 

He said Mr Hunt was a “fence-sitter” on the EU, called the new prime minister Rishi Sunak a “tax dodging billionaire”, and has called the UK’s foreign aid budget, immigration issues and benefits system “a drain on society”.

Perhaps a little due diligence is called for before endorsing Tory prospective Waverley borough council candidates in future, eh Jeremy? 

So Chiddingfold resident Mr  Mitchell may be out of the running for Thursday’s By-election, prompted by the death of John Gray, the Tory councillor since 2015.


 A letter sent to residents on 26 November included a personal endorsement from Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt MP, who says he is…

“looking forward to working with him.” 

Quite the predicament, for Mr Hunt and the Association, given that all these social media posts were made very much public for weeks, even before he was selected and nominated! Of course, the posts are one thing; it’s the views that are a problem in this day and age. 

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Has ‘Your Waverley’ omitted Blightwells altogether?


Waverley’s business website has a new dashboard for the most recent footfall and vacancy rate data, which is helpful for businesses.

Has Waverley council omitted to mention Blightwells in Farnham – or is it pretending that the vast mega-million Surrey County Council-funded development has just disappeared from view?

The data shows Waverley’s high streets are doing well, with figures above the national average. 

This information will be updated every six months on www.businesswaverley.co.uk.


More new homes on their way to Cranleigh?

As Cranleigh’s green fields disappear at an alarming rate, along comes another cunning plan. This time to surround the Snoxhall playing fields and 29 acres of yet another part of Knowle Lane with new builds.
Gleeson homes want to build shedloads of homes and wrap them around Cranleigh Football Club’s grounds at Snoxhall and carry on the development along Knowle Lane.

Will these greedy Cranleigh landowners ever have enough money the Waverley Web wonders? Gridlocked Cranleigh, here it comes!

The Cranleigh (Unapproved) Neighbourhood Plan recently revealed that it has not only met but has exceeded the minimum requirement for housing allocations by Waverley. Unfortunately, Waverley Borough Council still does not have a 5-year housing land supply. So a couple of hundred new homes in Knowle Lane would undoubtedly help enormously.



You need a shovel for the bullsh*t perpetrated by SOME developers concreting over Waverley.


Here is some of the tripe being peddled by developers to the poor unsuspecting prospective purchasers of new properties under construction at the former Alfold Garden Centre.

Shouldn’t there be a law against developers who mislead the public? Q Developments have planning permission for 56 residential units on a 7-acre site of the former Alfold Garden Centre.

Affordable homes for village people – what a load of tosh!


Here’s the developer’s description of local amenities.

“Situated within a semi-rural location, Alfold Gardens is ideal for those who desire country living, while appreciating the benefits of nearby market towns and excellent transport links to central London, just 40 miles away.
Nearby Guildford is amongst Surrey’s most desirable towns… Even closer are the cosy coffee shops, vibrant farmer’s markets and lively restaurants of Cranleigh, whilst a few minute’s drive can take you into the Surrey Hills.

Alfold Gardens benefits from excellent transport links with nearby Farncombe station offering direct rail services to London Waterloo in under an hour and faster trains to London from Guildford.
For car journeys, the A3 … is close at hand…”


LOCATION INFORMATION: provided by a local commuter.

If “nearby” means an approx 10 mile car journey to Farncombe, or 9.5 miles to Godalming, 8 miles to Witley, 10 miles to Shalford, Milford is 9 miles. These car journeys are on mainly small B Roads so travel time can be considerably longer than one would think for such relatively short distances.

Here’s the route to Milford Station on a partially one-way cart track past the home of former Foreign Secretary and wannabe but couldn’t-be Prime Minister and now Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Here are the two alternative routes to Milford and Witley Stations from the eastern villages.

As someone who drives from Alfold to Clapham every week. I can confirm travel time varies from 1 hr 15 mins during School Holidays to 1 hr 45 mins on a normal run and I have taken 2.5hrs when there have been roadworks on the A281

 Finally, to end my Rant – They do Not mention that the nearest and ONLY shop in the village is M&S at the BP Petrol Station or that there is no Village Pub, just a small Restaurant that only opens a couple of days a week.


Yipee! Thames Water says we can now water our gardens.

While we wallow in floodwater, Thames Water has finally lifted the hose-pipe ban – just in time for Christmas.

The ban imposed on August 24, during the heatwave, has at last been lifted. So we can now water our gardens and clean our filthy cars without fearing a £1,000 fine.

Apparently, the water company has decided that the ground is wet enough now to contribute to underground water sources and local rivers.

The company may also have noticed the burst pipes spewing out water onto roads and footpaths in Waverley because should temperatures fall, there will be a spate of motor and pedestrian accidents. 



Not all councils are as lenient as they are in Waverley.

A Woman who failed to comply with an unlawful green belt stable enforcement notice was fined £160,000

The WW has first-hand knowledge of long-standing stables built in the borough – most of them during the Tory administration when enforcement action was a No, No. Even now, stables are being used for privately rented accommodation, as are pool rooms and other outbuildings.

A woman who failed to comply with an enforcement notice seeking to remove stables that were built unlawfully on green belt land has been ordered by a court to pay a total of £167,428.

Tracie Carter, who owns land at Aqueduct Lane, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, had been refused planning permission in 2004 for six stables but still developed the land, according to a Bromsgrove District Council press statement. 

The site had a mobile home and decking, a stable block, an enclosed area to train horses, a hay store, fencing, gates and vehicle access, the council said.

A letterbox and sign displaying the name “Aqueduct Stables” appeared. The site was advertised on the sales website Gumtree as a “sports facility”, adding: “It was evident from site visits that Carter had moved into the mobile home and was renting out the stables and equine facilities to a third party.”

The council said it issued Carter with a planning enforcement notice in June 2015 that required her to remove the unlawful structures by October 21 of that year. But the 51-year-old developed the land further by adding another larger mobile home.

The statement said that Carter failed to attend court for her trial and was found guilty in her absence. She subsequently appeared before Kidderminster Magistrates Court on a warrant for sentencing on Monday, November 7).

According to the council statement, in sentencing, the district judge was required to have regard to any financial benefit that had accrued or could likely have accrued because of the unlawful development. She was fined £160,000 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £7,258 and a victim surcharge of £170.

After the sentencing, councillor Philip Thomas, whose portfolio covers planning, said:

“This final outcome demonstrates that Bromsgrove District Council takes planning breaches seriously.”


This is serious stuff on future bus services in ‘Your Waverley.’

Surrey County Council wants our help but has done little to advertise it.

Are the wheels coming off our bus services in Surrey?

 The county council says it wants to ensure that our Future Bus Network is ready to meet new levels of passenger demand and is financially sustainable.

In other words, although bus operators are making more money, the county council cannot afford a decent service in the county.

Question 1 has an easy answer – get the bus to arrive as per the timetable – at the right place and time. Perhaps highways could warn the bus operators of expected delays due to highway works or road problems – like the recent floods on roads all over the county?

From what we can see, the changes proposed will downgrade the service and leave some rural areas of Waverley bus-free zones for most of the day.

How about this one that will go down like a led balloon for the good people of Farnham and Guildford – and all those stops on the way? What happens on Sunday? Shanks’s pony?

Are the wheels coming off Surrey’s Stagecoach?

Guildford Farnham Alton reduced to one every two hours!!!!! The 42 reduced just as the housing estates will increase the possibility of customers

The 46 is not included.  Thank goodness. But any cut to that would effectively cut the students off wherever there is no rail station. And if only one bus is every two hours, the 46 becomes absolutely essential.

And these proposed changes to rural bus services.

Read on for a shock on Guildford, Godalming and the rural villages.

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Trees on new developments in Waverley get the chop.

It’s not unusual to buy a new home in tree-rich Waverley and then ask Waverley Planners for permission to trim trees or remove them altogether. It is occurring all over the borough.

The residents of flats on Cranleigh’s Stocklund Square were fuming when tree surgeons turned up one morning and felled a line of mature – disease-free trees. Trees line the Downslink footpath and partially screen the new 425 Berkeley Homes from their view.

Cranleigh councillor and Waverley’s Portfolio for Planning Liz Townsend explains away the tree felling on the Downslink.

Another new resident on the Berkeley Site wants to take down half the Tree Preservation Ordered tree standing in their new garden. The offending half tree, which delivers all that miserable shade, sheds its leaves in bucket-fulls and has stood in the parkland for hundreds of years, is a perishing nuisance. Yes, you may titter – but titter not.

Here’s Arundel-based tree surgeon Max Woodage’s explanation. Just a thought. Perhaps the developer shouldn’t have been allowed to build houses so close to trees.

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The Manchurian Candidate has now delivered the longest suicide note in history

Comment on Autumn Statement Mark 2.

*The Manchurian Candidate who has recently taken over No 11 – and, by the looks of it, No 10 too! – delivered the second-longest suicide note in history with the presentation of his in-all-but-name first Budget.

Wouldn’t a little humility have been more appropriate under the circumstances? Have these guys no shame!

You couldn’t make it up; really, you couldn’t!   As his wife looked on, the smug Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt, our – alleged Conservative – Member for South West Surrey, delivered a crippling blow to the middle classes and the UK. His so-called Autumn Statement drove a coach and horses through the Tory party’s claim to be on the side of those who work hard, try to look after themselves and their families and save for a rainy day and their old age. 

Did he care?  Did he hell!

 The Manchurian Candidate robbed the middle classes – the backbone and the engine room – of this once great country and the Tory Party – by dragging more and more of them into the higher rate 40p tax bracket.

In doing so, he has gleefully stomped all over the aspirations of millions of hard-working people with sizeable reductions in Capital Gains Tax Allowances – halving them and halving them again from £12,000 to £3,000 – deliberately designed to hit small investors.

He claimed he was a ‘Compassionate Conservative’ whilst urinating all over the golden geese that pay for all this compassion.

He threw yet more money into the grossly inefficient NHS’s black hole without demanding reform to ensure that money is well spent. He refused – yet again – to cap care costs for those with long-term conditions, such as dementia, and had the cheek to bang on about the Pandemic which he, one of the country’s longest-serving Health Secretaries, left this country so ill-prepared for, despite being warned, repeatedly, that he was sleepwalking into a dire situation when – not if, but when – a pandemic struck!

 At the same time, he froze the defence budget when there is a war in Europe and the strong possibility of war between China and Taiwan on the horizon.

The Waverley Web is not against wealthy men holding great office; it firmly believes in a government of all the talents, but what The Manchurian Candidate revealed is that, as a very wealthy man, he has compassion for the poor and underprivileged but none whatsoever for the middle classes, whom he is prepared to rob blind to bolster his own ‘Compassionate Conservative’ principles. 

Buy to Let landlord MP Jeremy Hunt who “forgot” to pay his taxes!

Whilst most of his young SW Surrey constituents struggle to get on the local housing ladder and reel from rising interest rates, Buy-to-let Jeremy has an impressive property portfolio. Both he and his side-kick in No 11, Rishi Sunak, are entirely insulated from the struggles faced by millions of people on middle incomes. The Hunts own a Pimlico Pad, a country retreat in Hambledon (how on earth did he get planning consent in a field in The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?) and seven buy-to-let flats in Ocean Village, Southampton – where properties can change hands for as much as £1,200,000 for a penthouse apartment.

And, looking at his constantly bobbing head and smug smile as he delivered a death blow to the middle earners in Parliament, one has to wonder whose pulling his strings. Could it be his Chinese wife who presents a TV show for China’s state-run media that has been accused of ‘whitewashing’ the Communist Party’s human rights abuses?

What is abundantly clear is that our MP was determined to deliver an unimaginative doom-laden Autumn Statement devoid of vision and carefully crafted to strike fear into the hearts of Middle Britain – the engine room of the country’s prosperity. He kicked his Size 10 boots in the teeth of those who work hard and try to shift for themselves, preferring instead to throw more money yet at the unreformed NHS, which he, as health Secretary disincentivised for years.

He did nothing yesterday to incentivise growth or increase productivity; he devised a demoralising plan that depressed the strivers and assisted many skivers. As Sarah Vine stated in today’s Daily Mail – a Tory-supporting paper, please note! –

“he offered up not one sliver of hope, not a single bright idea and hasn’t the emotional intelligence to realise that the country needs to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Thankfully, The Manchurian Candidate faces a crisis of his own with the prospect of his hitherto safe constituency being cut in half, hopefully propelling him out of politics in the forthcoming general election. No doubt he doesn’t care and, for that reason, is happy to torpedo the UK economy and its people. 

Jeremy Hunt – boundary changes are ‘terrible for me personally’

*Manchurian candidate  A person, especially a politician, who has unknowingly been convinced to act to benefit some interest.

Is time running out for our MP?

Going by the opinion polls, SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt’s time at the top table could be limited.

 After yesterday’s smash-and-grab raid on our finances, he might find himself shunned by voters regardless of where he hangs his hat at the next election.

Will ‘Your Waverley’ take advantage of the council tax hikes to which he gave the green light? You can bet your last pound that Tory-led Surrey County Council will. A 5% hike will make up for some of its poor commercial investment decisions, including Blightwells in Farnham.

Undoubtedly, the Chancellor’s nod to behemoth unitary authorities yesterday will embolden Surrey’s head, honcho Tim Oliver to spend another shed-load of our money on becoming Surrey’s Mayor. Nothing our Jeremy and Aunty Angie would like more than to see the demise of Lib Dem-led Waverley Borough Council and all who sail in her.

Surrey County Council

Judging by the faces of his colleagues yesterday, Hunt’s package went down like a bag of sick. We have never seen gloomier faces following an Autumn budget. Back in the boondocks of his wealthy SW Surrey constituency, he can be proud of the fact that his constituents are falling over each other to grab the discounted items on supermarket shelves or rock up to Waverley’s ever-growing Foodbanks.

Now things can only worsen because our sanctimonious MP  produced a fiscal statement the likes of which we have never seen or ever want to see. Taxes are up and spending down, predicting higher unemployment and lower living standards. And there they were on the front bench slapping him on the back for his achievements, whilst most of his Surrey constituents wanted to slap him in the face. Is this our reward for working throughout Covid, even when we were still sick? Watching our nurses drop to their knees while their families bought PPE in Boots the Chemist to keep them safe, only to hear that billions of pounds of PPE have been sold for a song this week. 


Hunt’s prospects are looking very fragile as the level of anger among his constituents is palpable, judging by the comments we have heard from our followers. And it is still early days; some of the slash and burn hasn’t hit home yet, even though we live in one of the least deprived areas of the country- but it soon will. 

Hunt’s 9,000 majority looked comfortable enough a few years back – not looking quite so good now, though. It might have helped if he hadn’t seemed so chuffed yesterday when he sat down after sucking away all hope and aspiration for working people like us and many others across the country.


Another huge swathe of homes about to hit Milford?


A proposed development that one objector claims –

“Could change the face of Milford forever and for the worse.”

Residents may have seen that the planning application for the Secretts site in Milford has been submitted. Objections are already flooding in.

one objector says, ” in the present economic climate, we need to look after our farmland and be self-sufficient.”


Development of 216 new homes plus…

 Ptarmigan Milford and Bewley Homes PLC have made  a Hybrid planning application for a development comprising: a full planning application for the demolition of existing buildings and the development of 216 dwellings, a new farm shop, a change of use of the existing farm shop building to provide 533 sqm of commercial accommodation as a rural business hub  provision of public open space, new sports pitches and associated infrastructure, landscaping, drainage arrangements, parking and formation of new access points; and an outline planning application for the demolition of the existing black barn and erection of a new health hub with all matters reserved except access.”


Continue reading “Another huge swathe of homes about to hit Milford?”


How about we all write to this rotten bunch of Cranleigh developers?


The grab-it-and-run brigade has been making small fortunes out of poor unsuspecting homebuyers like poor Annette in Cranleigh.

The poor woman, along with her neighbours, has been going through absolute misery. For pity’s sake, when will someone do something?

Light Blight at Cranleigh’s Amber Parkside.

Amber Parkside – Volume 2. Or buying a property from A2 DOMINION? – better read this first.

The Amber Parkside resident is getting nowhere despite writing dozens of e-mails about the appalling lighting problem the developer inflicted on her. She says the lighting there is like living on Gatwick’s main runway.

Judging from these picture of Gatwick’s runway, Amber Parkside is marginally worse.

Here’s Annette’s latest pleading message to those who build and sell properties, trouser the cash and then ignore their buyers.

Here’s Annette’s latest letter to A2 Dominion.
I am writing to ask a question, please…
The offending lights (6 lamp posts) on my side of the road and parking area were switched off for the past two weeks.  It was HEAVEN, and I thought that, FINALLY, someone was listening to the complaints and taking proactive action. I was feeling happy again.
But tonight, they have come back on. I am back to being furious with all of you at A2Dominion, the planning committee and the very much so, NOT considerate builders.  You do not live up to your advert, your company is inconsiderate, selfish and slow in everything.
PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.  I have the light pouring into my windows yet again.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS – for GOD SAKE, get the electrician to turn them off again.  The road was perfectly okay without them working. We could see with the central reservation lights, and no harm was done to anyone.
What do I have to do to make you all listen to me and reply with something of actual value?
I know this is not your fault, Aamina, but please pass this on to top management and get someone to contact me about this URGENTLY, as emails are doing absolutely nothing.
This is now an urgent matter.
Kind regards,


We have been doing a little digging here at the Waverley Web, and all has been revealed. Kerching!

The former land owners are Mr and Mrs N. Vrijland, Amlets Hill, Amlets Lane, Cranleigh.

The developer is the former director of A2 Dominion, Mr Andy Leahy, of Bespoke Property Services, Arundene Orchard, Loxwood Road, Rudgwick, Horsham. RH12 3BT

Perhaps you might even like to knock on their doors or shine a spotlight on their homes.



Fact checking the Haslemere (Tory) Fact Check


The Haslemere FC – is not a football club – it claims to be a  checker of facts and is quick to criticise the present administration running ‘Your Waverley.

Here’s the Tory Group, aka Jamie Grant’s latest little bit of local mischief.

So what have those three years + of Rainbow Coalition provided for Waverley residents?

How about this as a starter for Ten?

Massive support for residents and businesses during the unprecedented COVID epidemic. A loss of income from almost every Waverley service, including planning, building control, car parks, leisure centres, etc.

Some activities at the borough’s leisure centres are still not at pre-Covid-19 levels.  However, some of the so-called “waffle” he speaks of includes plans to build a new leisure centre in Cranleigh. Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities​ – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.

Tackling the Climate Emergency and producing its blueprint for dealing with it. Waverley is one of the top councils in the country for tackling climate change.

Battling to stop Tory-controlled Surrey County Council from taking over the 11 borough & district councils – an ongoing fight that is taking up a considerable amount of officer and councillors’ time, money and effort throughout the county.

Could we all soon be saying – Bye, bye to ‘ Your Waverley?

Is Surrey’s Leaders bid for a Unitary Authority crashing and burning?

In common with other boroughs and districts, reduced Government funding settlements year on year, and no clarity on future funding or how the future of business rates, fair funding or levelling-up may affect the council’s finances. So fair, do’s quite a bit of midnight oil burned by the coalition sorting out that one, eh Jamie?

The national staff pay award is far higher than expected.  There is a high staff turnover mainly due to the cost of living in Waverley/Surrey. Ten per cent of staff use foodbanks.

Then, there was the momentous decision for Waverley & Guildford councils to work together. Not exactly a mean feat, but one that Jamie Grant would consider as being – just ‘strategies, plans, options, analysis, and waffle.’

Putting Local Plan Part 2 before a Government Inspector and getting to grips with a new planning Horizon system purchased by the Tories, which at one time brought the planning portal to its knees.Waverley’s planning portal hasn’t gone to pot its gone to Bot.

We will let the public be the judge?

Waverley & Guildford Councils statement on future partnership.








We will remember them.

Cllr. Paul Follows – Godalming, Milford and Witley pays his respects on behalf of the borough of Waverley.

Waverley’s leader Paul Follows has said “thank you” to everyone who attended the Remembrance Service and parades yesterday in Godalming and elsewhere in the borough.

It was my honour to lay the wreath on behalf of the Town Council as leader of Godalming Town Council.
This was a day for remembering those who have served, those that serve today and those that gave their lives.
For me, this event is also about those who seek peace.
I would also like to thank all the service personnel and veterans who attended yesterday and all the young people who participated. Finally, I want to thank the parade marshall, the Town Clerk and all those who made this event happen.
I also hold the ‘Armed Forces Champion’ role for the Waverley area, a role intended to ensure service personnel are linked to local government. I spoke to a number of service personnel and veterans, and we are here to help.
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader of Godalming TC and Waverley BC
Armed Forces Champion For Waverley Area