The future for Surrey County Council is not looking quite so blue.


True Blue Surrey’s Conservative contingent at County Towers Towers has now slumped from 61 seats down to 47.

So although the 81 seat County Council is still controlled by the Tories its comfort zone is reduced.  

This was assisted by some good results for the Lib Dems,  Farnham Residents’ and Independents in the borough of Waverley.

FARNHAM Residents completed a clean sweep of Farnham’s three county seats, while the Lib Dems also made gains in Haslemere,  Godalming South, Milford and Witley, Cranleigh and Ewhurst.

In another bruising election for the Conservatives locally, the party held onto just two of the nine available Surrey seats across Waverley borough after the results were declared at The Edge Leisure Centre in Haslemere on Friday.

David Harmer held onto his seat in Waverley Western Villages, and Afold’s Kevin Deanus took Waverley Eastern Villages for the Tories.

Waverley’s recently elected Mayor John Robini now becomes a Surrey County Councillor. Its Leader Paul Follows becomes a county councillor for Godalming South and his Lib Dem running mate Penny Rivers is returned again for Godalming North.

Cllr Follows polled 3,044 votes and his Tory rival Kirsty Anne Walden 1,886 and Labour’s Zahida Zahoor 244.

Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend who polled 2,318 votes with a 44.26% turnout. One of the highest in the county.

Cllr Andrew Povey a former Leader of Surrey County Council was bounced out of his Cranleigh & Ewhurst seat by Lib Dem’s Liz Townsend who is also a member of Waverley’s Executive.


The hotly contested seat required two recounts with only 120 votes separating the winner. Former Cllr Povey sought a third recount, but Returning Officer, Waverley CEO Tom Horwood, said a third recount wasn’t going to change the outcome and declared Cllr Townsend the winner. The disgruntled loser failed to make the customary congratulatory speech and sloped off home, according to onlookers.

However despite saying this when the Tories took a vote of no confidence in him as the leader:   He described the new cabinet as

‘six men, four women, one known gay and no Ph D’. However, Dr Povey still managed to convince 2,198 people in Cranleigh & Ewhurst he was the man to vote for.

Here’s the full list of results across the county where Residents’ Associations are making impressive inroads onto the county’s political scene.


Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner vote counting is taking place today Saturday (May 8).  Some voters thought they were voting for Cranleigh’s Liz Townsend and not the Tory hopeful Lisa Townsend!

Should have gone to Specsavers?

More pictures to follow.

Will the future still be BLUE at Surrey County Council?


Election results will come in steadily throughout the day-to-day Friday for the Surrey County Council Elections and the election for a new Surrey County Council Police & Crime Commissioner.

Results can be found for Waverley by Clicking on the link below:



Here’s a message from the new Leader of Waverley Borough Council Paul Follows and Cllr Penny Rivers who also stood as  Liberal Democrat candidates in the Surrey County Council election yesterday.


Today’s the day to have your say in Surrey.


Elections Ballot Box

Where will you be putting your vote in the forthcoming Surrey County Council Elections? Remember – we get the government we deserve. No vote – no say.

But before you put your X in the box – read what an Essex MP has to say if you dare to put your council into the hands of others! And look at the lengths some Waverley candidates have gone to?

Because Jeremy Hunt’s election litter picking controversy almost broke the local community boards!

This is absolutely shocking and this man should be thrown out of the Tory party for making this outrageous suggestion.

A Conservative MP urging voters to vote Conservative as Ministers won’t help a Council controlled by an opposition party. This is not how Government ought to function – is it?

According to his Agent, his direct quote from Sir David Amess was…

“Unless we have a strong Tory council my ability to fight for Southend is hampered as Government ministers are reluctant to go that extra mile for an opposition-controlled local council.”

So we ask? Will our MP’s – the Honourable Angie and Jeremy Hunt – be able to work with Surrey County Council if it is run by others?

A little more local shenanigans? TGWIAO. (Thank God when it’s all over).

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead!

Over 300 comments on one post about the coincidence of Jeremy Hunt just happening to meet some candidates who just happened to be given some black bin bags for a photoshoot in Farnham, Haslemere & Milford

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead! Oh! and don’t forget the Tory leaflets in the gutters were just caught in a puff of wind!! The same puff of wind that put leaflets in car windscreens no doubt?

From Jeremy’s newsletter:



Waverley has the highest COVID infection rate in Surrey!


There were 33 confirmed cases in Waverley in the week ending April 30, which is equivalent to an infection rate of 26.1 cases per 100,000 people.

The lowest infection rate in the county is in Mole Valley where the latest rate is 9.2 cases per 100,000 population and is down by 50 per cent compared to the previous week.  The borough of Elmbridge is on the up.

So the message is – it ain’t over until it’s over? So – stay safe, particularly over the coming days – and obey the rules. Having the title of the highest infection rate in Surrey – is nothing to be proud of!


Coming soon – Godalming’s Annual Town Council Meeting.


Your chance to have your say or ask a question of the Town Council.
Godalming’s Annual Town Meeting will be on Tuesday 11 May 2021, at 7.00 pm. The Mayor of Godalming will present a review of the Council since the last Annual meeting in 2019 and will also present volunteering awards.
The meeting will be live-streamed via Godalming Town Council’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Godalmingtc/
Residents who are registered to vote can ask questions of the Town Council.
If you wish to ask a question in person, let it know and it will provide a zoom link or you can submit your question in advance and it will be read out for you.
For either of these options please contact the Town Council by 5 pm on 11 May (T) 01483 523575 or email Office@godalming-tc.gov.uk.
There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting via Facebook messenger.
Cllr Paul Follows,
Leader, Godalming Town Council
Cllr Penny Rivers
Mayor of Godalming



A message from ‘Your Waverley’s’ new Leader.


Paul Follows – The New Leader of  ‘Your Waverley’

To Waverley residents,

I was elected to Waverley Borough Council by the residents of the Godalming Central and Ockford Ward a little over 3 years ago at the end of 2017 and I was the sole Lib Dem member of the council.

In 2019 those same residents (and nearly 900 more) honoured me with re-election and following the wider success of like-minded groups across the borough – I helped negotiate a cross-party alliance with the leaders of all of the non-conservative groups to form a new administration at Waverley Borough Council and served as its Deputy Leader from that point.

This week I was honoured to be nominated and then elected to be the next Leader of Waverley Borough Council (proposed by Cllr Penny Rivers and seconded by Cllr Andy Macleod). Elected by a majority of councillors and all 35 councillors of what is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Alliance’ of the non-Tory groups.


Former leader and the new deputy mayor – Cllr John Ward in his Rainbow Alliance tie pictured at the Full Council this week.

I want to repeat my thanks and enduring respect to my coalition partner and the outgoing leader, Cllr John Ward – who has himself now been elected Deputy Mayor of the Borough.

It is a great honour to serve my community at all, let alone in this way and I will endeavour to ensure that we govern to the best of our abilities for all the people of Waverley.

Cllr Paul Follows


Here’s the Waverley Web’s take on the appointment Take me to ‘ Your Waverley’s new Leader?

Yet another own goal by Godalming Conservatives as they distribute litter. not letters!


Does this organisation understand that the word ‘Conservative’ includes conserving Godalming’s roads and countryside? 

As you can see from the picture below – when residents drive they fly! 

This is the sort of leafleting you could expect from restaurants and bars in Spain – but not on a residential road in Godalming!

Complaints that flooded into the Godalming Community board, resulted in Tory Agent Sean Donovan-Smith having to apologise and send somebody out to litter pick their own candidates publicity. You couldn’t make it up – really you couldn’t!
It looks as though the Conservatives had paid deliverers to distribute the literature. Deliverers, who then left it on people’s doorsteps up until 10 pm at night, and on car windscreens.

Local Party members would have known that this type of leafleting is neither appropriate nor effective.

Is the Conservative group short of volunteers these days?

A couple more  Tory candidates own goals featured in the links below. Would you trust either of these muppets with your vote? Although let’s face it – there are still some of these out there.

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
http://Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask

Cheeky or what? Tories county candidate and MP stick themselves outside his Lib Dem opponents house!


Tory hopeful Frank Young is marching towards Surrey County Council with a big list of road and pavement repairs in his hand. But first, he sticks himself and his MP buddy outside the home of his opponent wannabe county councillor Penny Rivers for a photo op! Dumb and dumber are hitting the streets. 

However, this isn’t his great big long list for road and pavement improvements. This is his election leaflet!  Is he leaving his list for later?

Whisper who dares? Someone, please tell the poor bloke that his party has held power at Surrey County Council and the workings of its highways department in a stranglehold for donkey’s years! 

Here in the link below is a little sample of what he’s up against. This is just a taste of what his Tory masters at County Towers haven’t been doing for years in Godalming and elsewhere? 

Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?

And here’s what his running mate looks like:

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
Pretty pushy of our Member of Parliament Jeremy Hunt filming this video promoting Frank Young… literally next door to the Liberal Democrat SCC candidate Penny Rivers’s house by Farncombe Station! Another yard to the left and they would have captured her poster!
Naughty – naughty – play nicely Jeremy or are you just desperate to stop the onward march of the yellow-perils that are casting their nets widely across the borough of Waverley in a bid to change the face of Surrey County Council? It has been a long time coming – but could change soon be here?

if the camera angle had panned out a bit more it would have shown a bright orange Lib Dem poster!

Here’s the clip. – Personally, our lot here at the Waverley Web-preferred the video that follows  – a novel way to make a truly memorable announcement. 

Take me to ‘Your Waverley’s new Leader?


But not if I’m a Tory?

The average primary school playground could have shown the Conservative Group led by Cllr Julia Potts a lesson in good behaviour last night.

As the annual mayor- making ceremony was well underway and all chains and all virtual robes had been distributed among the honoured councillors and their consorts – revealed below…It was onto the real business of the night.

To Lib Dem Cllr John Robini – Mayor – former Council Leader and Farnham Residents’ Cllr John Ward Deputy. 


Conservative Leader Julia Potts at her pottiest yet?

Then along Trotts Potts – to ask the new boy in the big chair – if there could be a recorded vote on the appointment of a new Council Leader. Of course, said Monitoring Officer Robin Taylor. “If enough councillors support it.”

Here’s proposer Penny Rivers speech, which did nothing to convince the Tory Tossers that  Deputy Leader Lib Dem Cllr Paul Follows was the man for the big job!

So it was when the voting began – Mr Whiplash himself –   Tory Whip – ‘what do you mean? There’s no Tory Whip – I’m the Tory Whip’ – Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge’s good work became apparent to all. 

For some Tory councillors, there was no show.

Elstead’s dynamic duo Jenny and David Else (was Elstead named after them) sent their apologies. Where Cllrs Robert ‘Knowless’ and Peter Isherwood were is anyone’s guess, did they fall off Zoom? However – we all know why Brian Adams didn’t appear to be in the Zoom Room – he had been kicked out of the SW Conservative Association and the Tory group a few weeks earlier, for what we understand was ‘behaviour unbecoming,’ at a public meeting of Tilford Parish Council.Rumour has it that it was the same phrase uttered by a Tory MP under Theresa May’s leadership and lost her the whip until of course, the PM  needed another Brexit vote in the house – and all was forgiven!

Paul Follows The New Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ The man who joined as a lone backbencher just over 3 years ago.

So as officers recorded  35 votes in favour of following Cllr Follows from now until 2023 – across all parties including Independents; Labour; Liberal Democrats; Greens and Farnham Residents’ the Tory Group to a man and woman ABSTAINED. Showing once again by its petty actions that it has demonstrated its impotence.

How much more respect would have been gained for the beleaguered Tory group, which has become almost inconsequential in the workings of ‘Your Waverley’ in recent times if it had shown some respect for the role, if not the person. Surely not every Conservative councillor, the saner and more pragmatic – such as Alfold’s Kevin Deanus and Dunsfold’s John Gray could have shown more maturity and respect? All our councillors, regardless of party are there to do what is right for us, the residents of Waverley and should be working together during one of THE most difficult chapters in the borough’s history.





Is ‘Your Waverley’ looking under the sofa to find its 5-year housing supply?


The recent announcement that Trinity College Cambridge is selling its stake in Dunsfold Aerodrome has sent an Exocet missile into Waverley’s Local Plan. A plan that took donkey’s years for the Tories to get off the drawing board.

As a result, housing delivery of many hundreds of houses a year in a new garden village with 2,600 homes, and infrastructure including a new school, road, transport and leisure improvements will be delayed. 



Hacked off Farnham Bourne Cllr Carol Cockburn as she awaits the result of an appeal by Cala Homes for 140 homes proposed in Lower Wybourne Lane, in Farnham. A decision that could blow a hole in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Here’s what Carole Cockburn thinks after the council was forced to concede that it doesn’t have the 5.3 year supply required by Government at an important appeal held recently in her hometown.

 Waverley Planning Officer Beth Howland-Smith told the Western Planning Committee that the council had been forced to concede to developers claims that it did not have a 5.3 housing supply – but only 4.99. She said “whist this was only slightly below the five-year figure.  The degree of the shortfall was a material consideration and officers were now working on a new HLS Statement as of 1st April 2021.


Chief Planning Officer Zac Ellwood said he agreed with Cllr Cockburn’s concerns saying:

“You either have a Five-year housing supply or you haven’t.”

However, he stressed a great deal of work was going on behind the scenes to ensure the data on housing completions in Waverley. Officers, including several new posts, would ensure in future the housing figures were more robust. Going forward with Local Plan Part 2 would also help to deliver more housing.

“To be blunt – we are going to fight fire with fire when we have the evidence – and we are leaving no stone unturned to find the numbers- and if we can’t – it won’t be for the lack of trying.”

Cllr Simon Dear said it was quite simple, Waverley has to build 11,000 homes in the planning period, and it must retain control to influence where and what that development is.

Without the five year supply – we have no control!


 With developers lining up their diggers all over the borough …

As Cllr Cockburn says, “It is not a good place to be!”




Cranleigh townsfolk on a road to nowhere?


Right in the middle of a Surrey County Council election period and what do the Highway Honchos decide to do? – shut almost all the roads in and out of Cranleigh.


Jo Littlewood

Asked a question on Facebook.

Am I right in thinking that we now have Run Common Rd, Knowle Lane, A281 from Elm bridge to Whipley Manor, Horsham Rd and Smithwood Common Rd all closed at night currently (and a lot of them through the day too!)?
Are there any other options for getting to Guildford other than over Winterfold (but inevitably travelling at the same speed as you would if you were cycling.) Or Shamley Green? Getting to and from work (late shifts in Guildford) is proving challenging to say the least!


Andrew Wood said: 
Yep, it’s ridiculous, getting into and out of Cranleigh is turning into a kind of real-life board game where you have to throw a double six to start. I wonder what our local Councillors have to say on the subject given there are local elections coming up?

Will My Little Povey ride to the rescue of Cranleigh motorists?

Perhaps Surrey County Councillor Andrew (My little Povey) can come up with the answer for the good people of Cranleigh? Or for any other unsuspecting motorists eager to get there? 

We have also heard from our WW followers that the Diversion signing is dreadful too.

Drive off the A281 and drive along Wildwood Lane and into Knowle Lane and then it tells you the Road Is Closed! Then schlep all the way back to the A281 and find another route – perhaps down the Alfold Road and then find yourself at a standstill as you meet one great big building site, and then… wait for it… find it impossible to get into the Elmbridge Road!

Let’s all vote for some sane transport planning at SCC highways – from the new Surrey County Councillors eh?

Here’s one suggestion in the picture below for making it out of the eastern village posted up by a villager.

When Blightwells in Farnham is completed – will the vacancy rate soar?


Since taking over as Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Economic Development Cllr Liz Townsend has worked tirelessly to gather as much information as possible about the state of the borough’s high streets.

Here’s a Facebook comment sent to us today.

Helped by Cllr Paul Follows, Cllr Townsend has prepared the following table to show the exact state of high streets in all the major towns and villages, including her home patch of Cranleigh.

As you will have seen from a recent WW post, Godalming is currently not faring too well – with the loss of several premier businesses who have served the town for many years.  Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?


When Brightwells Yard in Farnham is completed later this year, will the vacancy rate there rise exponentially?  The new housing and retail development presently include 28 shops and eight restaurants.

The Cromwell Cottage Tea Rooms in Cranleigh a popular meeting place where villagers have gathered for many years.

Cranleigh high street has coped very well compared to Bramley and Haslemere. However,  the closure of the popular Cromwell Cottage tearooms in the heart of Cranleigh as a result of a decision by the landlord not to renew the lease has upset the locals there. It is believed this is due to the redevelopment proposals of the other popular retail outlet the adjacent store of David Manns.



Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?


You can bet the last pound of your county council tax that it is doing nothing for our pavements here in Godalming. The very same pavements where shoppers dare to tread.

Apart of course, from using them as a useful canvas for Surrey’s council workers colouring skills!

While pretty pavement decorations have been installed right along Godalming’s high street showing people where to “Q” outside shops and colourful marker dots 2 metres apart – STILL the dreadfully dangerous half upturned paving slab (which can be just seen in the distance next to the white car at the end of Wharf Street) has still NOT been repaired.


It has had an orange dot indicating the authorities are aware for 10 days now … surely someone could have taken time out from painting the letter “Q” everywhere, in order to repair this death trap.  But it just seems to have been ignored.  Close up photo below.

Mind the Step – or break your neck!?!

So is it any wonder that as Two Godalming Councillors have revealed in the table below, that shops are closing.

Dangerous roads and pavements don’t help. Get To Surrey Cllrs Follows and Rivers and sort the place out – BEFORE OUR HIGH STREET COLLAPSES?

Not going – GONE!

M & Co is the latest victim. The  men’s/women’s/kids clothing store with homeware has been part of the high street for years. The only place you could get reasonable price fashion goods, plus bedding, household ornaments/gifts etc. Lots of branches countrywide. It went into administration last August but some branches survived and remained open presumably rescued by a buyer.  However, the long closure this time and issues with the landlord seem to be the cause of it being unable to re-open – very sad.  As one customer (Christine) told the Waverley Web: 
 We won’t have any shops left open in Godalming soon. IT IS COMING TO SOMETHING WHEN EVEN THE CHARITY SHOPS CAN’T SURVIVE.”







Will the sale of Dunsfold Park open the door to unwanted development right across Waverley?


This Annual Record from The Trinity College featured below gave us a good laugh here at the Waverley Web.

Here’s John Ward the Leader of “Your Waverley’ making his shock announcement and our post yesterday: TRINITY COLLEGE TAKES FLIGHT FROM DUNSFOLD!

Then we have this in the Farnham Herald which highlights the threat to Farnham and all the other towns and villages in Waverley. Both Farnham and the eastern villages in and around  Cranleigh are particularly vulnerable.






Waverley Councillors were left reeling last night when it was announced at a meeting of the full Council that Dunsfold Aerodrome Limited is to have “changes in its ownership.”

In other words following the appointment of a new Senior Bursar at Trinity College, Cambridge (the owners of Dunsfold Park) the College has decided to cut and run from its commitment to create a new village at the former aerodrome.



 Our graphic shows Dunsfold Aerodrome’s industrial links in its past. Who was it who wanted to see Dunsfold as one big industrial park? Former MP Anne Milton and perhaps …? 

This spells –  ‘Chinese Government.’

The new Bursar, Richard Turnill – fresh from BlackRock, where he was the Global Chief Investment Strategist – is now responsible for the College’s endowment fund that, according to its blurb, provides 75% of its operating income.

It would seem that Mr Turnill, unlike his illustrious predecessors, doesn’t favour taking the long view, which is what those who invest in property are generally required to do.  Being a city man, he prefers to play the financial markets instead.  

Maybe, before it’s too late, but should we send Mr Turnill a little light bedtime reading by way of a copy of Jeffrey Archer’s latest novel (Turn a Blind Eye), which our Webbers have been reading – in which it’s somewhat  presciently noted that:

‘The land that surrounds Felixstowe Docks is owned by Trinity College, Cambridge, and is one of its most valuable assets.  The college bursar at the time, a Mr Tressilian Nicholas, purchased the 3,800-acre site on behalf of the college in 1933, along with a road that led to the then-derelict docks.  His successor, a Mr Bradfield, spotted its potential, and it’s now the largest port in Britain and makes the college a small fortune.’

Lord Butler, a former cabinet minister, and master of Trinity asked Bradfield at a finance meeting if he realised that the college-owned a tin mine in Cornwall that hadn’t shown a return since 1546, to which the bursar famously replied,

“You’ll find, master, that in this college, we take the long view.”

It would seem that in declining to take the long view at Dunsfold Park, Mr Turnill is turning his back not only on centuries-old tradition at Trinity College but on the residents of Waverley and their councillors, who were relying on Trinity to deliver on its promise to create an exemplar new eco-village at the former aerodrome, and thus, in one fell swoop, alleviating Waverley Borough Council’s housing shortfall and rejuvenating the former airfield which is home to many local businesses and jobs, which have done well to survive the current Corona Virus pandemic.

Read yesterday’s post:   Are the floodgates for further development in the eastern villages about to open?

The Waverley Web revealed “the change of ownership” last week here:

Is it Farnham’s fault that homes are being dumped on the east of Waverley?

Waverley’s housing delivery supply is heavily dependent on Dunsfold’s garden village.

Without Dunsfold Park’s contribution to its housing numbers, Waverley falls way short of its housing supply, leaving the door wide open to every cowboy developer roaming the green fields of its fair Borough. 

Following the bombshell news, Waverley’s councillors and planners alike are feeling abused, bruised and used by the actions of Mr Turnhill. Not that they mentioned him, but we have been doing a bit of our own espionage work around the Dunsfold delay with a few of our Cambridge informants.  

Our spider’s 8 highly efficient pedipalps reach far and wide but it is their other two peds they use as hands that do all the work!

Oh what a tangled web they weave?

And what of The Flying Scot, Jim McAllister, who has spent the past 19 years trying to bring his grandiose plans for an exemplar eco-village to fruition?  

In Trinity College, Cambridge, with its illustrious history, deep pockets and famous ‘long view’, McAllister no doubt thought he’d found the perfect partner to embrace and deliver on his vision but, unfortunately, it now appears he backed the wrong horse, not realising it would throw the jockeys mid-race!

That’s the problem with horses – you need a big shovel to clear up the TURDHILLS they leave in their wake!

Here’s what’s at risk. – This masterplan here? 

And now the speculation can begin?   Who has the deepest pockets and who else gets the blame for scuppering the Dunsfold game? Answers on a postcard to us here at contact@waverleyweb.org

We will post a clip of the Leader’s official statement tomorrow. Hopefully, with a few reactions?

A Cranleigh development dubbed as “awful & objectionable” has been approved.


The Cranleigh development of a former lettuce nursery dubbed as one of the worst designs Waverley councillors had ever seen forced the developers back to the drawing board. Now, following improvements, it now has now been given planning consent.

Voting: 7 votes in Favour – 6 Against and Two Abstentions.

Planning Consultant Patrick Arthurs admitted that the previous design was… “a bit brutal.” Adding … “Although the local ward members still don’t like it, they admit it is better, with a softer appearance.”

So that’s alright then – something going up that Cranleigh can be proud of?

However, the three-phase development known as the Knowle Park Initiative will still include three-storey apartment blocks!

Two of which will be considerably higher than an adjacent business building called Europa House owned by Whitesales.   

In 2017 Waverley Planners gave consent for 265 homes to be built.

One site off Alfold Road in Knowle Park – for 74 dwellings with an emergency access road (WA2016/2207) was to have included affordable homes. These were pulled out and all the affordable homes put into the 118 home second phase scheme by A2 Dominion on the other side of the Alfold Road.  A third phase will be completed by 2026 – exactly 10 years since the application was lodged.

A Cranleigh development dubbed as ‘ awful and objectionable’ has been thrown out by Waverley planners. 

Top picture – what the apartment block might have looked like… and below what it will look like!  The apartment block is described as 2.5 storeys and as you will see it is actually a three-storey block.

So whose kidding who?

Here below are examples of Cranleigh properties which is what the eastern area planning committee was told by ‘Consultant Planning Officer’ Patrick Arthurs that the latest re-design was based upon. 

As you will no doubt see – the new builds in Alfold Road, have a striking resemblance to the properties featured below?

Cllr Martin D’Arcy – said he was “very disappointed” with the new design which had the same Stalinist approach as before and the developer’s de-minimus approach to the re-design in 2021 would be getting no vote or kudos from him.

Officer Arthurs said: “The development met current guidelines and developers could not be asked to do more.”

A Government Commission says councils ‘ should shame developers of the worst housing plans.’

Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus said the state of Alfold Road was atrocious and the chicane of a Give Way at Elmbridge Road was downright dangerous. “There are already fisticuffs down there on Elm bridge and it just gets worse and worse.”

Is it Farnham’s fault that homes are being dumped on the east of Waverley?



Will  another Neighbourhood Plan hit Waverley’s wheelie bin?

It’s official Your Waverley has no five – year housing supply.
Planning officer Beth Howland  told the Eastern Area Planning Committee this week that at a recent Farham Public Inquiry the council had been forced to concede that it did not have a 5.3-year housing supply – but had 4.99 -years.
Clip Here:
Pretty crucial information for a Government Inspector to chew over during an appeal hearing against the council’s refusal of 140 homes at Weybourne Lane, in Badshot Lea?
As we here at the Waverley Web said in this recent post, if the  Inspector allows Bewley Homes to develop land in Badshot Lea it will send an Exocet missile through Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan and could herald open season for other developers to build in Farnham and elsewhere. Particularly in the eastern villages of Alfold and Cranleigh in particular.
Yesterday we received this comment from Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth – someone who keeps a close eye on Waverley’s Planning ball.

So long as the vast majority of Waverley Residents live in Farnham 32%, Godalming 18% and Haslemere 14% Compared to Cranleigh at 9% it was always inevitable that Dunsfold Park would end up being largest Egg in the Local Plan Basket and we all know the saying about putting all your Eggs in one basket!

Developers insist Waverley cannot meet their 5 Year Housing Plan and it appears from last night’s Eastern Planning meeting that we no longer have 5.3 years but 4.99 years… and so these developers, who think we have about a 3.5 Year plan, will carry on trying to load more and more Housing in the Eastern villages due to the lack of Greenbelt, AONB, SANGS, SPAs and all the other protections that are afforded across the rest of the Borough.

Countryside Beyond the Greenbelt means little to the Inspectors, and the fact that this particular site was only Partially PDL – was also not considered to be important.

There are no Sustainable methods of Transport here.. and you can stick Travel Plans in and talk about Car sharing and the Hourly Bus service (HELLO??) until the cows come home (if there are any left) 78 Homes will generate at least 140 new journeys AM & PM daily onto the A281. The Garden centre did NOT and was used mainly on weekends and afternoons, as no-one went there during the rush hours.

New residents will be highly reliant on cars to get to shops, schools, medical centres etc and they will travel to Cranleigh (if they can get in) Guildford and Horsham, putting more strain on the A281.


Building on the ‘Green Belt’ Ok for some in “Your Waverley?’


No stranger to supporting development in the Green Belt  Bramley Councillor – All- at – Seabourne – popped up again recently at a Waverley Planning Meeting to do it again!

Despite being at odds with the expert planning officers’ recommendation to refuse a house being built on the green belt (AGLV & AONB) in Hascombe – All-At-Sea – led the charge to overturn their advice.  Claiming a bit of the old flour mill wheel and a bit of wall on the site was enough to drive a coach and horses through planning rules! 

(Planning Application No WA/2021/0016).

All-At Sea` called the planning application into the committee for determination because he, and others – believed the development should be allowed. Officers had wanted to refuse it on policy grounds – under their delegated powers. They claimed it was against planning policy, was outside the settlement of Hascombe and would impact GB and AGLV/ AONB.

Cranleigh Councillor Liz Townsend didn’t believe that the remains of a flour mill wheel  (a non designated heritage asset), was sufficient grounds to develop the land, and was very concerned about setting a precedent.
“This is in the Green Belt – outside the village settlement  – and I am very concerned about allowing this.”
She argued there were no “special circumstances” at least not any that could not be used not to accept similar development elsewhere. “We are going down a very slippery slope here, this development does not stack up on planning grounds.”

Here’s where it is.

Here’s what remains

The Application was AGREED BY 11 VOTES TO 3 WITH ONE ABSTENTION. So,  All-at-Sea’s call-in was another success story. The same councillor who, a few years ago, voted to SUPPORT the building of SIX HOUSES on GREEN BELT land in Park Drive, Bramley (Planning Application Nos WA/2016/2405 & WA/2017/1169). 

It would seem this is yet another case of cronyism in high places for, together with his former Ward-mate, By-pass Byham (AKA former Councillor Maurice Byham), Councillor All-at-Sea threw a life-jacket and belt to his Tory crony, former MP for Epsom & Ewell, Archie Hamilton, (who was made a life peer, in 2005, when he became Baron Hamilton of Epsom).  Just goes to show the Tory Tossers stick together when it comes to planning matters.

At the time he declared an interest – and then waded in to support the scheme on Bramley’s Green Belt.

He went along with the applicants who said they were, “extremely passionate about renovating the Mill (that isn’t there and according to heritage records has never been mentioned) because it is “part of village history.” 

Developers wanting to build in the Green Belt: ‘Form an orderly queue!’


As one villager said – ‘how many more bloody houses are they going to dump on Alfold?


Yet another planning application has been submitted for the former Wyevale Garden Centre in Alfold – and just like Topsy – it has “just growed and growed.”
Developers Alfold Real Estates which already has permission for 56 homes tucked into its back pocket now wants to up the ante to 78!

And neither can the Royal Surrey Hospital! It comments in its letter to Waverley Planners.

“The Trust’s utilisation of acute bed capacity is at 95% which significantly exceeds the optimal 85% occupancy rate. This demonstrates that current occupancy levels are highly unsatisfactory, and the problem will be compounded by an increase in need created by the development which does not coincide with an increase in the number of bed spaces available at the Hospital. This is the inevitable result where clinical facilities are forced to operate at overcapacity. Any new residential development will add a further strain on the current acute healthcare system.”

It wants £160,000 if the development goes ahead towards providing healthcare.

Dear God, how many more bloody houses are they going to try and squeeze into a village that has no amenities?
Denise Wordsworth  says: 
Once again we have a developer trying to increase the number of Housing for this small Village with limited facilities or infrastructure. A village that has met its housing obligation of a min 125 Homes and in fact far exceeded it!
It is simply not good enough to expect a Tier 3 Village to take on this volume of housing. There has been NO PUBLIC consultation on this – minimal for the previous application limited to a few local (Or not so local as we live closer and had none) neighbours, and the APC. They are basing this yet again on the fact that WBC MAY OR MAY NOT have its  5 year husing supply. – But that does not mean that housing should be DUMPED here in one of the smaller Villages.
Planning has to be appropriate to the location with it’s needs and resources and this simply isn’t. The fact that the Inspector granted the original application for 56 Homes and took no consideration of the other appeal applications – just shows the system is flawed.  Reliance on the Dunsfold Park Application is NOT RELEVANT – It has not gone to Reserved Matters and should therefore not be considered and until it does.. this is flagrant Piggy-Backing off a development under review in Planning terms.
I have no doubt that if this is refused they will re-apply for the 88 homes they also put into the mix. This is simply wrong and puts all smaller applications in jeopardy – which are the sort of applications the village can deal with. I will resubmit my original opposition under separate cover. But For now, I simply OBJECT
The application reference is WA/2021/0462.
The deadline for comments is 16 April 2021. But you can keep sending them in.




Latest update on road closures in Waverley & Guildford.


Surrey County Council

Is this the new dangerous sport coming soon for Surrey’s pot-hole filled roads?

Here are the latest updates for Waverley and Guildford – road closures and traffic lights.
Click on these links to avoid the road closures and traffic lights – if you can!

Following Follows and Rivers on their journey to Surrey County Council.


Here at the Waverley Web, we have been an admirer of Paul Follows since he first arrived on the scene at Waverley Towers. And the answer is NO – if you believe it is because he is a Liberal Democrat. the truth is far simpler.

It is because he tells it as it is, warts and all.

He communicates directly with the public. Not through a laboriously long-winded and slow communications machine – where the language is couched in ‘council speak’ and where misuse of words blunts the edge of the message. 

Paul Follows is not on a “direction of travel’ or ‘engaged in a piece of work.’ He is making a plan and doing the job – and telling everyone in the process – including the Waverley Web.  The same Waverley Web that is loathed by the Conservative Group who believed in doing things behind our backs – making decisions in Group Meetings – which we understand is still in Committee Room 1 – a domain normally reserved for the ruling group, not the largest group? The same group that failed consistently to deliver a robust Local Plan, and which for years ignored the largest brownfield site in the borough! Which has now dumped us in a developers hole!

On 6 May the party’s stranglehold at Surrey could end, as it has in Waverley and other councils across the county. Tories currently hold 61 of the 81 seats.

That the dream team the Lib Dems have come up with will make a massive difference at County Towers – we are in no doubt. Particularly when Cllr Mark Merryweather joins the county fray. We Bet Fred, or anyone else, that once in the hot seat ‘MM’ will be trawling through Surrey’s accounts and going through them with a fine-tooth comb. He might not only discover WHY Surrey wants to take over the 11 boroughs & district councils but actually tell us what fine mess it is really in?


Here’s his message from a brave man who made it before the hairdressers opened


Not a shaggy dog story but a sad dog story?


Here at the Waverley Web we never write about children or animals.


Not because we have anything against them – in fact, we love children and are nuts about our own animals.  There have been times during this Pandemic when homeschooling and being around our children 24/7 stretched our parenting abilities to their limits at times. But our dog/s were our saviours. They never complained and stuck by us on some of the longest walks they have ever been forced to take, without as much as a whine. They helped save our family’s sanity.

So when we saw that this girl’s eyes gazing at us from the screen we felt we had to do our bit to help reunite her with her loving family.

Call us sloppy, but she melted the hearts of everyone on our team here at the Waverley Web and judging by the comments of Surrey Police, they were smitten by her too.

So let’s do everything we can to get her back home soon – by sharing this post far and wide?

Godalming’s Labour Candidate ready to fight for county seat.


Despite everything that has gone on over the past year, we are having County Council elections in Surrey on 6th May.

So this has given a new boy on the block  Toby, a Digital Assessment Officer at the University of Surrey, an opportunity to throw his hat into the ring for the Godalming North seat on behalf of the Labour Party.

Here’s Toby Westcott-White’s message:

I’m proud to be running as the Labour candidate in Godalming North, which encompasses Godalming town centre, Farncombe, Binscombe and Charterhouse.

I moved to the Godalming town centre almost four years ago just after graduating from university. I grew up in Haslemere and currently work in Guildford and tend to spend most of my free time exploring our wonderful countryside on foot and on a bicycle.

Why am I running for Surrey County Council?

I do not believe the people of Godalming are getting the investment they deserve from the Conservative-dominated council.

The Tories have controlled the County Council for nearly all my life and they have been ruthless in their cuts to our public services. We can clearly see that roads are poorly maintained, cycle paths are rare and our fire services, which keep us all safe, are being cut.
We need a county that has excellent transport links, world-standard education and outstanding public services – from which we all benefit. 

If elected, I will be a radical voice to stand up for genuine investment in our public services.

This May, you can send a message that Surrey can and should be better. Let’s send this message by voting Labour.

Toby Westcott-White
Labour Party Candidate for Godalming North 

County elections

The County Council elections are on May 6, and I’d urge you to get a postal vote if you haven’t already. See here for how to do it: https://www.waverley.gov.uk/Services/Council-information/Registering-to-vote-and-elections/Absent-voting-postal-or-proxy.

But of course, you’re free to vote in person if you’d prefer it!

A further message from Waverley’s Labour Councillor and former Labour MP Nick Palmer.

Surrey is dominated by the Conservatives, who hold 61 of the 81 seats. But – and here I’m being party political, of course – Labour is putting up a serious challenge this time, with candidates in every division and an impressive range of energetic young talent to take on the tired and complacent Council leadership.

I’d urge you to vote for whichever party and candidates actually impress you most when you compare their literature. Labour’s Godalming candidates are Toby Westcott-White in the North and Zahoor Zahida in the South.

Voting Labour also sends a signal to the Government not to be too complacent – when even their Surrey bastion starts to swing, they WILL take notice.

The LibDems always use each election to ask for tactical votes from Labour voters “just this once” and then at the next election cynically use that as an argument to do it again (“see how weak Labour was last time, so vote for us”). 

Labour is in practice the only credible alternative to the Conservatives nationally – nobody really thinks that Ed Davey might be the next Prime Minister, but Keir Starmer might well be.

It’s important to show that Britain isn’t as divided as people say and Surrey voters are interested in a credible alternative as well. I hope I contribute usefully to local politics – if you vote Labour, you’re voting for a fresh wind at the County level too!


“Your Waverley’ unimpressed by Government changes to the New Homes Bonus.


To say that Waverley’s Executive is unimpressed with the Government’s Consultation on the changes it intends to make to the New Homes Bonus is an understatement.

Consultation description

The Government introduced the New Homes Bonus in 2011 as an incentive to encourage housing growth by local authorities in their areas. The aim of the bonus was a financial reward to encourage them to help facilitate more housing. 

The present consultation covers a number of options for reforming the programme and claims to provide an incentive that is more focused and targeted on ambitious housing delivery. It also claims it will complement the reforms outlined in the government’s Planning White Paper, and dovetail with the wider financial mechanisms the government is putting in place, including the infrastructure levy (CIL) and the Single Housing Infrastructure Fund.

So it will come as no surprise that following The Spending Review in 2018 the government decided to make savings of at least £800 million – probably more Post-Covid, – and direct the money it saves toward county councils to fund social care.

 The consultation sought views on:

  • reducing the number of years for which the Bonus is paid from 6 years to 4 years, 3 years or 2 years
  • withholding the Bonus from areas where an authority does not have a Local Plan in place
  • abating the Bonus in circumstances where planning permission for new development that has only been granted on appeal
  • adjusting the Bonus to reflect estimates of deadweight (introducing a baseline above 0%)

Following a consultation, in 2017/18 the Government implemented changes to:

  • reduce the number of years the Bonus is paid to 5 years in 2017/18 and 4 years from 2018/19
  • introduce a baseline of 0.4% growth of housing stock below which the Bonus would not be paid (and retained the option of adjusting the baseline to ensure allocations remained within the funding envelope)

Documents for yet another Consultation are in the link below.

CouncillorsHere’s what Lib Dem Cllr Mark Merryweather, Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Finance & Commercial Services had to say about the Government’s Consultation – which Waverley has now responded to in writing.

A Consultation which he described this week as a …

“very important matter.”


When you are in a Haslemere hole – stop digging Ged.


According to wannabe Surrey County Councillor Ged Hall – Haslemere’s potholes need fixing?

Wouldn’t it be great if he managed to get a hold of the facts before he started digging the dirt? It was ‘job already done’ by Cllr Nikki Barton who he wants to oust!

 We know it was April Fools Day when the Tory candidate for Haslemere’s county council seat lobbed one at the sitting Independent for not ensuring Surrey’s roads were kept up to scratch. However,  he dug a mighty hole for himself. A large one that in the future, he may need to fill?

Whisper who dares?

Hasn’t anyone told the Tory hopeful that the county council has been dominated by Conservatives for the past four years and more? The Conservatives currently hold 61 of the 81 seats, which by anyone’s reckoning seems to us like nobody, including Cllr Barton, gets a look-in?

However, if the Tory bastion starts to swing another way – the Tory Government just might have to give a little more seed corn to the cash-strapped local authority.  It has already lost the overall control of both Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils. It won’t want to lose Surrey.

SCC has invested 59m into the Farnham scandal that is Blightwells. An unpopular scheme to provide the town with 28 new shops and eight new restaurants, and more housing. A development partnership between Waverley and Surrey that Cllr Hall backed all the way from Godalming to Farnham – and back again when he was Waverley’s deputy leader. 

 Perhaps the money could have been put to better use?  Among them filling many thousands of dangerous potholes, or perhaps even go a step further and do a proper job and re-surface Surrey’s third-world roads?

THE Tory backlash in 2019 where Ged Hall lost both his seats slashed the number of councillors from 49 to 23.

Does Mr Hall ever listen to the SCC/Waverley Highway Partnership meetings? Meetings where sitting county and borough councillors regularly rabbit on about the state of our roads? There is more rabbiting there than on Watership Down about the king-size holes appearing across every highway and byway in Waverley, and the officers’ answers remain the same. “There’s not enough money.” 
You have to move to Sussex if you want decent roads, and even across the Hampshire border, it too has problems. 

But who better to blame, when you are a hole and want it filled than to blame SCC Cllr Nikki Barton who currently represents Haslemere. And, a damned fine job the Independent councillor has made of it too.

Come on Nikki, surely you have a spare shovel and a barrowload of tarmac, and a few hours to spare? OK, we know you have long been calling for the repairs, and have had assurances from highways officials that said holes at the Liphook Rd and Critchmere Junction will be filled, and subsequently have been. But that doesn’t satisfy the bloke who lost his seat on Waverley Borough Council so now wants yours! 
We know, and he knows his story is full of holes – but he needed a headline story.
So when Cllr Hall joins County Towers in May will he be having that conversation he promises with the head highway honchos to fill the potholes in Surrey’s roads – all of them? Or just the ones in Haslemere?
Earlier this month pothole complaints achieved a record when 586 were received in just one day. So, we wish you well Cllr Hall. No doubt you believe that as you can walk on water when you arrive at County Towers on May 7th they will give you a wheelbarrow and a shovel, so you can really start digging the dirt? 

“Hold on Jack” – Surrey County Councillor Ged Hall is on his way.”





Replying to

It would be helpful if Ged Hall, Tory candidate gathered the full facts before making public statements via

implying I was not taking full responsibility for securing funds for this repair in Haslemere. 3/

Put the clock back two years – and visit Haslemere pre-COVID


Look back and perhaps ask – why weren’t we more prepared?

You can even play spot yourself and the Waverley Borough Councillors who took part?

Paul Ross said:
My cousin worked on a BBC TV programme (Contagion) which modelled the outbreak of a contagious virus in the UK:
 It was first broadcast
Thursday, March 22nd 2018 nearly 2 years to the day before we entered lockdown due to a pandemic!
 It was based in Haslemere where the first person caught COVID 19  in the UK.
Freaky… or what?!

One cannot help wondering – if this modelling was carried out by scientists and recorded by the BBC – why weren’t we more prepared?

Could you have answered the question posed? Did you know what the biggest disaster to hit the world was in the last 100 years?

Our MP for South West Surrey and former Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt knew the answer?



A Farnham planning-shambles at ‘Your Waverley.’


Providing late paperwork for councillors on a Farnham development an hour before the meeting did not go down well with Chairman David Beaman. It also scuppered the chances of a Farnham man’s bid to build 24 apartments.

“I am not happy, words fail me” Chairman David Beaman  told his colleagues on the Western Planning Committee – “to receive important up-date papers at 5 pm – how about you?”

 The beleaguered applicant – a Mr John Boyce (apologies if we don’t have your name right) sat in the Zoom wings – watched helplessly,  while his scheme for 24 dwellings, 7 of which are affordable homes – bit the dust for another month.

He told the committee the application was due to be considered on 15th July 2020 and it had cost him a “considerable amount of money” waiting month after month for a decision.

Outline application for the demolition of an existing bungalow and erection of 24 apartments with underground parking.WA/2020/0558 – LAND AT THE OLD MISSION HALL, HOOKSTILE LANE, FARNHAM.

The application, which is already out of time for a decision, was recommended for approval by the officers.

Despite it languishing in Waverley Towers since last July, the committee unanimously decided to defer determining his scheme until April 26th. As all admitted they had not had time to read the paperwork.

Waverley’s Tory Group has complained about a proposal to cut meetings from four area planning committees down to two – leaving less opportunity for councillors to represent their constituencies. The Tories claim too many important decisions are being delegated to officers.

The matter of managing council business post-COVID is being discussed at a special Executive meeting on April 6.  However, the Leader of the Council Farnham Residents’ John Ward said earlier this week that the Government was making it extremely difficult for councils to work now that Zoom meetings would be forced to end on May 6.  Self-distancing in the council chamber for major meetings would be difficult if not impossible.  

Along with councils around the country Waverley has appealed to the government to allow virtual meetings to continue for the time being. But the numerous requests have fallen on deaf ears.

You can hear this part of the Western Planning Committee meeting here:





‘Your Waverley’ to put its money where its mouth is to fight UK Oil & Gas fracking.


Waverley’s Executive agreed this week to stump up £30,000 to join Surrey County Council in its fight to stop UK Oil and Gas from fracking in Dunsfold.

Link to the previous post: Councils in Waverley are urging everyone to object to an appeal by UCOG to drill in Dunsfold.

Councillors heard that it had been given leave to become what is known as a Rule 6 Party in an appeal by UK Oil & Gas (UCOG) against Surrey County Councils refusal. But Waverley has to seek approval for a supplementary estimate to cover the fees of an external consultant to represent both it and local residents. It did not have a sufficient budget to meet the costs – and would require £30,000 from its reserves.

Cllr Steve Williams Green Party Portfolio Holder for Climate change.

Cllr Steve Williams told his colleagues that, a “Listening Panel’ made up of cross-party representatives had been highly effective in engaging with local people to gather evidence to fight the proposal by UCOG to drill for hydrocarbons in Waverley.

A bid, “which was not only obtrusive in our beautiful natural environment but is contrary to both ours and Surrey’s declaration of a climate emergency.”

He claimed that Surrey Planners had not put up a particularly robust case on its own, and had been highly reliant upon Waverley’s own planning officers help.

“It is an outrageous expectation to drill for hydrocarbons at Dunsfold. If it was in any other country in the world it would have been defined as FRACKING – but is defined in this country as DRILLING. It should be thrown out.”

Others agreed it would be money well-spent if it prevented further desecration of the countryside and it had the support of all the neighbouring parish councils including Alfold and Dunsfold.

Cllr Paul Follows, who is seeking the Godalming South seat in the forthcoming county council elections, alongside his Cranleigh colleague Cllr Liz Townsend featured in the clip below said: 

We have a duty to fight this proposal, and although Surrey’s case was quite weak, as a critical friend, we will fight this with as much force as we are able.”

Cllr Liz Townsend is the Lib Dem candidate for the Cranleigh & Ewhurst seat at SCC in the forthcoming election:  Conservative Cllr Andrew Povey has held county seat for many years.

Are Godalming residents being misled by the Tories?


Is Kirsty playing dirty to snaffle a seat on the county council?

A Tory leaflet, which others claim could be a  deliberate attempt to mislead the public is being bandied around Godalming and on Social Media.. (photo below).


Let’s do a FACT- OR FICTION -finding exercise, Megan Markle style?


  • FICTION The claim that Waverley is a ‘Liberal Democrat Dominated |Council?’
  • FACT. The largest Group on Waverley Borough Council is … THE CONSERVATIVE GROUP.



  • FICTION Perhaps it wants to close Broadwater Golf Club for “an unpopular housing development?”
  • FACT. A housing development has never been mentioned. Why not use the word perhaps it could be ‘a refuse tip’ or perhaps ‘a multi-storey office block?’
  • FICTION. It made decisions behind closed doors.
  • FACT. It discussed the issue in public – but on the direction of officers, including the borough solicitor, made the decision privately from the public, but not the council, for sound commercially sensitive and legal reasons.

Should Ms Waldron win the Godalming South county council seat, she will, of course, want to adhere to officers’ advice in her new role, particularly when sensitive legal issues are involved?

FACT. Kirsty Waldron says if she is elected she promises, yes “promises,” the people of Godalming that she will fight to keep the club and protect recreational spaces which she uses regularly with her young (4 years old) daughter. 

Here’s what Cllr Paul Follows her Liberal Democrat opponent for the county seat has to say on the issue. 

FACT: https://www.facebook.com/135691707151701/posts/762797174441148/?d=n


A message from us to Cllr Paul Follows.


Here at the Waverley Web, we want to take this opportunity of thanking Cllr Follows for keeping us all informed here in the borough of the frequent rule and advice changes throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It has been a superhuman feat to keep Waverley residents engaged and informed every step of the way, whilst continuing the day job, leading Godalming Town Council and serving as the Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council.

On behalf of our followers, who have followed you in the press and on social media, we would like to say a huge

“Thank you.”

Yesterday we took a small but significant step towards the end of lockdown. 

The “stay home” message has officially been scrapped and people are now allowed to meet outdoors in groups of six or two households, while organised outdoor sports have also returned.



Good afternoon. Please see below a short summary of the changes that have now come into effect.

 Social contact

From 29 March, outdoor gatherings (including in private gardens) of either 6 people (the Rule of 6) or 2 households will also be allowed, making it easier for friends and families to meet outside.
 Business and activities
Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts, and open-air swimming pools, will also be allowed to reopen, and people will be able to take part informally organised outdoor sports.
✈️ Travel
The ‘stay at home’ rule will end on 29 March but many restrictions will remain in place. Residents should continue to work from home where they can and minimise the number of journeys they make where possible, avoiding travel at the busiest times and routes.
Travel abroad will continue to be prohibited, other than for a small number of permitted reasons.
Please do let me know if you have any questions about this.
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Leader, Godalming Town Council

Today Guildford. Tomorrow Cranleigh? As wannabe developers buy-up ancient woodland plots.


The recent Government White Paper on reforming the planning system, although a mixed blessing, includes a welcome emphasis on “protection” for green belt and other sensitive landscapes.

But it fails to address planning enforcement.

Is there any point in having a planning system if it can be flouted with impunity? Wannabe developers need to understand that if they break the rules they will be penalised, and swiftly.

Yet the disaster that is presently being inflicted on Wanborough Fields in the green belt north of the Hogs Back in Guildford – may now have arrived in Cranleigh. The beleaguered eastern part of Waverley earmarked as a new Waverley town. Developers have moved in and are building – north-south-east and west of the former village.

Cranleigh is Full Come back in 2033

Cranleigh’s village leaders heard concerned residents say that London developers had bought five plots in Cranfold Wood – an area of woodland off the Ewhurst Road between Cranleigh & Ewhurst. One said: 

“Another chap turned up and bought another few plots and started work there over the weekend. “What exactly are the rules over development in ancient woodland? What happens if they start pulling caravans onto the land?

Chairman Liz Townsend said if anyone did start felling trees they (the public) should contact the parish council and her personally. They should ring Waverley Borough Council’s Planning Enforcement Dept. , “I have all the emergency numbers,”  she said.

If they are clearing woodland their actions would be subject to enforcement action. If they have bought the land they will need planning permission before anything can take place there.” She believed that any development would be highly unlikely that planning permission would be granted in ancient woodland.

It is believed the owner of the former owner of the land is Ewhurst resident – Sue Hayes.

Yet the disaster now being inflicted on Wanborough Fields in the green belt north of the Hog’s Back and to the west of Guildford suggests there is little prospect of protection or enforcement. Residents are fuming at the inaction of Guildford Borough Council.

The upper portion of this site is within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and qualifies for a degree of national protection. The lower portion has the local designation of Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV).

Wanborough fields designated an Area of Great Landscape Value (viewed from the west).

Since 2013, planners have been waiting for the government’s environmental adviser, Natural England, to perform a boundary review that should lead to AGLV’s incorporation in the AONB. This under-resourced adviser moves painfully slowly; if at all, and an online petition is calling for it to move more quickly, and with very good reason.

The Wanborough crisis started with the sale of the land by a large estate and its subdivision into individual plots of varying sizes by the land agent who bought it. These have been marketed with the suggestion that they may be suitable for residential development, subject to securing “appropriate planning consent”.

That such consent is highly unlikely in such an environmentally sensitive area has not deterred the agent nor, it would seem, the buyers of the Guildford plots.

Could this be now be happening in Cranleigh’s Cranfold Wood?

Any development in Cranfold Wood would fundamentally threaten the character of this precious ancient woodland. Let us all hope for the locals’ sake Waverley’s Enforcement Officers are onto it!


MP Jeremy Hunt gets close and personal with Waverley’s residents?


Are we here at the Waverley Web the only residents to be surprised to get a letter and survey from Jeremy Hunt, with no reference to a political party?

Surely not – we hear you cry? Not with the county elections due in May? He cannot be on the campaign trail, supporting his Tory colleagues, can he – surely not?

The fine,  print on our copy says…

“Your name and address were obtained from the Register of Electors, provided to us as a Registered Political Party”?

Please note the “us.”

Unless of course, Jeremy is using the royal “us,” it presumably means the Conservative Party. So actually if one responds to the survey, one is replying to the Conservative Party? And yet the reply address is a choice of two different Parliamentary ones, not to be used for party purposes.

So is it a party letter? (in which case the Parliamentary addresses shouldn’t be used) or is it a private letter? (In which case the Conservative permission to access the unpublished sector of the register shouldn’t be used)?
Just a thought Jeremy – perhaps someone could contact us, and all the other residents you wrote to, and explain? At contact@waverleweb.com
However, we won’t hold our breath awaiting a response – because breath is so good for us!

Councils in Waverley are urging everyone to object to an appeal by UCOG to drill in Dunsfold.


On one side of the borough, the townsfolk of Cranleigh are fighting to stop a gas-fired electricity generating plant. On the other side of the town, others are working to stop UK Oil & Gas(UCOG) from exploratory drilling in Dunsfold. 

Here’s a link to an earlier post on the Cranleigh Plan – which has yet to be determined: Will Cranleigh be part of the biggest ever energy shake-up in the UK energy sector?
In a pincer movement, local parish councils are urging everyone to write to a Government Inspector to oppose UCOG’s plans to drill on the High Loxley Road, Dunsfold. The site is near the aptly named Pratts Corner! 
However, as Peter Lambert-Hartley remarked:
‘Good Luck with that.
I logged into the ‘User-Hostile’ Government Planning Inspectorate Appeals Casework Portal. After FINALLY managing to get the website to accept my details, and password (after 3 attempts), I was asked to give full details of the planned Development, including area and space and locality.
The Government Portal REFUSED to accept the reference.’
 UKOG is appealing the decision by Surrey County Council to refuse the proposed drilling for exploratory oil and gas in Dunsfold.
Alfold Parish Council (alongside other local councils) have resolutely objected to the application on the grounds of traffic, traffic safety, amenity value/impact on the landscape and local businesses in-line with objections raised by Waverley Borough Council.
Waverley has been granted leave to be a material part of the hearing alongside the Surrey County Council.

County planners have refused the application TWICE, but Ashley Ward, the Alfold owner of the land refuses to accept the local decision and is pinning all his hopes on the Government over-ruling local decision-makers.

The Appeal is listed for July and evidence can be submitted by residents, but there is not much time as this must be done by 6th April 2021, directly to the Planning Inspector online at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk quoting reference APP/B3600/W/21/3268579 (Loxley Well Site) or write to:
Elizabeth Humphrey
The Planning Inspectorate
3/J Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol BS1 6PN

Alfold Parish Council says it will be submitting further written submissions to the Planning Inspector, with particular reference to its previous concerns, however, it is urging everyone to do the same using the contact details above.

You may like to list personal concerns, including (but not limited to):
  1. 1. Any concerns you may have about traffic safety (extra-large abnormal loads and articulated tankers are not the same as smaller ‘HGVs’ and are unsuited to the local roads)
  2. 2. Mention your use and enjoyment of the local Public Rights of Way network (noting that the important Bridleway 280 passes through the field in which the oil/gas well is proposed)
  3. 3. Mention your love of the countryside (the oil/gas well will be visible from Hascombe Hill AONB, and is in farmland designated as being of Great Landscape Value) even more important since pandemic?
  4. 4. Mention the negative impact on local businesses, while no proven benefit of oil/gas (even if it is found, which is uncertain).
 Any questions, contact Julie: clerk@alfoldparishcouncil.co.uk.

Is it easier to get in touch with the Pope than Waverley’s planning dept?


Is that the Vatican? Do you think the Pope could help me get in touch with a planning officer at ‘Your Waverley?’ I want my application determined before I drop off the perch!

Sing-a-long to – “Hanging on the telephone.’ 

We are all well-used to listening to automated messages. You know the ones that ‘thank you for your patience,’ while you wait… tearing your hair out from the roots. The message that tells you, you are in a queue of Numero Uno – and 25 minutes later, whilst still thanking your for your patience  – someone finally answers! Then, as you try desperately to remind yourself why you were ringing in the first place, you ask the receptionist to put you through to a named planning officer – at ‘Your Waverley.’

You then take a deep breath when the receptionist tells you she/he only works a couple of days a week – and guess what – yep – you guessed. She is not there on the day you rang! But then after ringing on the day, named planning officer is in – she’s out! However, a helpful receptionist takes your number sends him/her an e-mail message with your contact details – so you wait for another few days for him/her to return your call. By which time they have left the building/home/ and won’t be back until next week!

To say that the strain of COVID is taking its toll on Waverley’s Planning Department is an understatement. We are told that applicants are waiting many months for decisions. Many from last year!

When you do finally speak to someone – they cannot access your planning application with ease – and they tell you they are ‘collapsing  under a pile-of paperwork.’ And the last person dealing with your application has left, and one before him/her was only “temporary.”  After a little commiseration, giving you time to remember why you were ringing, – they explain despite applications festering in the bowels of Waverley Towers for many, long, months…

“There’s no point in you going to appeal for non-determination because you will be waiting even longer.”  

So, as the wheels of Waverley Planners grind ever more slowly – and the planning portal is on a go-slow that makes a tortoise a dead certain bet over the sticks at Cheltenham Races – is it any wonder that some frustrated customers – are building first and asking after? 

Some of the frustrated applicants who are writing to the Waverley Web at contact@waverleyweb.org are urging us to highlight the problem and beg council staff to get back to the office and start dealing with the backlog of planning applications. Or soon there will a protest march to the doors of the council offices at The Burys in Godalming. Oops! perhaps not as the police are the only occupants of the building.

Recently Elstead’s Cllr Jenny Else asked at an Overview & Scrutiny Committee if she could have a more detailed explanation than that contained in the meeting’s paperwork for the reasons why so many complaints were being levelled at the planning department. 

From what we hear from our followers Cllr Else, you have no idea of the number of complaints because most people are so frustrated, they don’t even bother to complain – believing that everyday life on Planet Zonk is so short and so difficult that it is just too stressful to put pen to paper.

We understand that the Planning Department under its new head planning honcho Zac Ellwood is undergoing a complete overhaul. No prizes for guessing why.

More “affordable homes” on their way to Godawfulming?


Whilst promoting national house builders is usually at the bottom of our ‘to do list’ – we thought our readers would like a glimpse of the imaginative and architectural genius revealed in some of the homes now being built by Cala Homes at Ockford Park in Godalming.

Unlike Pete Seeger’s famous song – ‘there’s a green one and a pink one…’ Cala Homes appear to be fans of brown and grey – perhaps to suit the mood of our times?

However, the three-bedroom semi-detached homes priced at £500,500 could be just what young families looking for “affordable properties” are searching everywhere for? They just might be… right up their street?

Plot 6-3, Ockford Park, Godalming, Cala Homes South Home Counties

If you would like to see more of these aesthetically pleasing properties: follow this link:https://www.rightmove.co.uk/developer/branch/CALA-Homes/Ockford-Park-228623.html


Will Cranleigh be part of the biggest ever energy shake-up in the UK energy sector?


Not if the townsfolk have anything to do with it as they fight yet another green field from biting the dust.

More than 300 letters of objection from the townsfolk of Cranleigh are flooding into Waverley Towers. Many asking? Why hasn’t it advertised the controversial proposal more widely?

As ‘Your Waverley’s Planning Portal gets another beating from objectors one of THE top planning and development consultancies in the UK prepares to move Conrad Energy onto a site to the West of Stonescapes in the Guildford Road in the settlement of Rowly.

Lichfields claims to have – 

“Helped create great places for over 50 years”

and has lodged a planning application for a – Flexible Electricity Generation and Battery Storage Facility, on behalf of its client, Conrad Energy (Developments) Limited [Conrad], for the…

 It claims it is a ‘much-needed facility to serve Cranleigh and beyond – in line with Government’s National Policy for Fossil Fuel Electricity Generating Infrastructure (ENI).’

It explains…

‘As electricity demand increases locally, for instance as a result of new housing and commercial development, the network reaches the point where it needs to be reinforced. Building this facility in this location will help to avoid the need for reinforcement of the distribution network because power is generated close to where it is used at 11 kV, which supports the local grid network.  The proposed development, therefore, provides the dual benefit of helping National Grid balance electricity supply and demand nationally, while also strengthening the distribution network locally. Building this facility in this location avoids the need for reinforcement of the distribution network because power is generated close to where it is used.’

Did you see that? – To boost the network “Nationally?”

Be careful what you wish for?

So there you have it Cranleigh folk. All those guys and gals, three of whom live only a few hundred yards from the proposed facility – who wanted more footfall to the Cranleigh shops and were part of the posse of local councillors and developers who met in secret with Waverley Planners to build, build, build Cranleigh New Town – are now going to reap the benefits – along with their constituents?

The case of biter bit comes to mind!

LinK: Oh! No – not more secret meetings with developers!

Link : The Hoppa Bus will be departing shortly for the latest of Waverley’s ‘Not-So-Secret’ Secret Meetings


So here’s what the company claims is required to meet the electricity and energy needs of Cranleigh tomorrow – today!

All just a hop, skip and a jump away from the homes of former Councillors Stewart and Jeannette Stennett. The home of former councillors the late Brian and his widow and WB Cllr Patricia Ellis and almost opposite the home of former Mayor Cllr Mary Foryzewski who attended the meeting but claims – she ‘didn’t speak’ and only attended to find out what the others were up too!

So here’s the development that will “fill the energy gap at short notice ‘ locally during high demand – when renewable energy can’t cope.

As the ‘last line of defence’ to prevent serious fluctuations and blackouts.


The flexible power generation plant is part of the Government’s Electricity Market Reform [EMR] package attracting  £110 billion of investment to replace and upgrade the UK’s electricity infrastructure. The EMR was introduced by the Energy Act 2013 and adopted in June 2014. It is considered to be the …

‘biggest-ever shake-up of the UK’s energy sector and designed to • Decarbonise electricity generation; • Keep the lights on; and, • minimise the cost of electricity to consumers. It will also provide 15 jobs on the Cranleigh site.

This will be provided:  • Up to 3 containerised gas-fuelled power units and a stack height of 7m; • 1 containerised battery storage unit (with a finished height of circa 4.5m); • Radiators; • Oil Tanks; • Welfare Cabin; • DNO Substation; • Gas Kiosk; • LV & HV Cabin; • CCTV • Transformer; • A 2.5m high-security fence surrounding the site; • Gated site entrance; and • Internal access road. Access and Security. 

So how do Waverley borough and Surrey County Councils argue against such a proposal when they have both declared A Climate Emergency? Will they be between a rock and a hard place? Though the  WW believes this proposal is in direct conflict with the principles of Waverley’s Carbon Neutrality Action Plan 2020 – 2030.

The access to the site is off the existing access point on the B2138 Guildford Road at Stonescapes close to the entrance to the Manfield Park Industrial Estate. It is on farmland and in The Green Belt.

However, The eastern planning committee has already over-ruled an officers recommendation to refuse development in the Green Belt in the Guildford Road! For whom we hear you ask? Yes, you guessed Cllr Stewart Stennett!

Philip Scattergood a former parish councillor in Bramley Surrey says:

“As a Homeowner, I am advised by Government Planning NOT to replace my Gas Boiler with an alternative Gas Based Boiler. To comply with the Green Policies surely this should use an alternative to gas such as Solar Panels so this location would be inappropriate.”

A villager and neighbour says:

We live on Guildford Road only 353 metres from this Green Belt site and have very grave concerns about the impact this application could have on our home and lives as well as that of our friends, neighbours and fellow villagers. This site has a very sorry history and we have already experienced considerable upset and turmoil trying to continually protect our home from misuse for over 15 years. We are saddened, exhausted and distressed that once again there continue to attempt to destroy our rural surrounding and enjoyment of our home in the Green Belt. We wish to most strongly object to this application for the following reasons:

– Unsuitability of the Green Belt Site There needs to be exceptional circumstances for development to be permitted in the Green Belt. A case for exceptional circumstances has not been met by this application so we cannot see any reason for this to be allowed. It’s frankly ludicrous to think that this site and the other sites they propose in Cranleigh/Rowly are the only places in the County or Country where there are a substation and gas supply in the vicinity. Let us not be deceived by the applicant’s weak attempt to say this is the only place this development can go.

Why should it go to Cranleigh at all???

The Assessment Criteria for the site is totally incorrect as follows! Physical Development Constraints – The site is surrounded by residential properties and sensitive receptors!!! Visual Intrusion – It will cause visual intrusion as it will be clearly seen from the Guildford Road and surrounding residential properties to the South, South East, East and North East !!! there is only screening on one side! Also, the Stonescapes current planning permission is not for an industrial site (as they keep quoting) in the application!

The green space is gradually being eroded outside of the permitted area of the current Certificate of Lawfulness and no one is doing anything about it. On 6th October 2015, the Waverley Head of Planning Services wrote to the Traffic Commissioner and said that in Waverley’s view the use of the site as an HGV Operating Centre would result in unacceptable traffic, noise, vibration and fumes. He also wrote it would result in an unacceptable level of visual intrusion in the Green Belt. Thankfully the Traffic Commissioner agreed and refused the licence. We now wholeheartedly hope that the same sentiment from Waverley will be upheld to protect the Green Belt from this far worse proposal.

Many hundreds of other objectors provide a whole gamut of reasons why the development should be opposed. They cite:

  • Road danger, policy constraints, no need for more power from out-dated technology – (due to the movement away from gas); noise and pollution, 7 metre-high chimneys; contamination and more, much more.
  • There are also some strong objections to the existing Stonescapes facility where the locals claim the owner appear to run rough-shod over the planning system – and nuisance caused by Tunnell Grab Services lorries. 

More information on this subject and public comments will be included in future posts on the Waverley Web. – including those of Cranleigh Parish Council. 

NB.  An application for two gas-fired units was granted Nr Selby in Yorkshire in 2019 by the Secretary of State for Energy & Industry. His decision was appealed in the Court of Appeal – but was subsequently granted by the Court.




Don’t forget its Census Day on Sunday.


We do our very best here at the Waverley Web to keep our followers informed of matters that concern us all here in the borough of Waverley and beyond. 
However, we know a man who does it even better. Communicating with the public has been a top priority for Cllr Paul Follows from the moment he first appeared on our pages – when he fought the Godalming South, Milford & Witley seat to join the council. Paul Follows chats to Waverley​ electors. Although in his early days representing the people of Godalming, he was put down at every opportunity by the ruling Tories, he refused to be silenced.
Since establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with at Waverley Towers – the new kid on the block is now well-rooted in the hearts and minds of residents. Because, he did what it said on the tin, he has kept them informed. He has achieved this throughout THE most difficult and traumatic year in the council’s history.

Here’s a message from ‘Your Waverley’s Deputy Leader Paul Follows. The man who keeps us all informed on local issues in the borough – and who is standing for the Surrey County Council elections in May as a Liberal Democrat Candidate for Godalming South.

Paul Follow. Deputy Leader of ‘Your Waverley.’ Lib Dem candidate for the Surrey County Council Godalming South seat.


Hi everyone. I have just attended a council briefing from the government Census 2021 team and so if any residents have any issues with this or need any assistance I should now be in a position to give that help.

➡️ What is the census?
The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales.
Your answers to the census questions will help organisations make decisions on planning and funding public services in your area, including transport, education and healthcare.
➡️ How long does it take?
The census should take about 10 minutes for the household questions and 10 minutes per person for the individual questions.
Every household in Waverley should now have received a letter and this includes details of what to do next, how to request a paper copy if you need one and other important information.
If there is any support or clarification I can give as one of your local councillors please do let me know.
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council

Wannabe county councillor shows Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?


Kirsty Walden has a keen eye on the Godalming South seat in the forthcoming Surrey County Council elections. So you can expect to see a lot of the Tory candidate in the coming weeks.

As every woman knows, good multitasking skills are essential to juggle work, family and council duties.  Whereas, for most men, it simply means screwing up several things at once!!!
However, should Kirsty really be trying to burnish her green credentials (promoting the merits of driving forward the carbon zero economy, which is in line with the county council’s adoption of its own Climate Emergency Strategy) by taking pictures of her reducing electric charge whilst driving at 54 miles per hour on the M25 as she heads towards the Cobham Services?!   That’s a bit like being a brunette and having a blonde moment at the same time! She also boasts of having a DOB – daughter on board!


It begs a serious question, though: Does the woman have a death wish or does she simply not realise it’s illegal to drive whilst using a handheld device?  A worrying conundrum and one that requires an answer from the woman who would be one of our elected representatives?

Tempers continue to rise as social media storm; Kirsty hits Godalming.

Promoted on Facebook by Sean Donovan-Smith on behalf of Kirsty Walden and South West Surrey Conservatives.

Waverley’s housing delivery supply is heavily dependent on Dunsfold’s garden village.


Could Waverley’s Local Plan Part 1 – the borough’s blueprint for future housing development  –  be in jeopardy if work on Dunsfold’s new garden village doesn’t begin soon?

That was the concern expressed at Waverley’s Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Monday – and not for the first time. There are fears that the highly acclaimed and long-awaited Dunsfold Garden Village development may have stalled.

However, a Waverley planning officer assured the committee that all is well and negotiations are continuing with the developers concerning time scales for build-outs.

The issue over progress on one of the borough’s critical large-scale developments was raised by Farnham Residents’ Cllr Jerry Hyman. He was concerned about the borough housing and land supply figures and how this would affect the outcome of current and future planning appeals. An appeal for 140 homes in Lower Weybourne Lane  in Farnham was due to begin the following day (Tuesday, March 6.) If allowed by an Inspector this would blow a huge hole in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Chairman Cllr Carole Cockburn said recently that Farnham is beginning to look like one large building site.  A recent The Farnham Herald headline…

“It is stated in our report that one of our achievements has been our robust housing land supply figures – and this will be a big issue in the determination of planning appeals. My concern, as far as I know, our position is highly dependent on Dunsfold which is one-quarter of the housing delivery that we have in Waverley over the coming years. In fact one-quarter of the whole period. I am a bit concerned that it doesn’t appear there is much happening, and we have been told we don’t have any staff working on this at the moment. I would like to have a brief summary of what impact any delay at Dunsfold will have on forthcoming appeals and Local Plan Part 2?”


With 1,600 homes earmarked and consented for the former Dunsfold aerodrome site near Cranleigh – and another 800 included in the important Local Plan – any delay could have a significant impact on the borough’s important 5-year land supply. A land supply figure that has featured in numerous past planning appeals. Appeals which have been granted as a series of Inspectors refused to accept Waverley Planners’ claim that it has more than 5-years supply in the bag.

Dunsfold Aerodrome is one of​ two Surrey sites​ chosen to be among 17 other garden​ villages to be built across the country.

Dunsfold Park (Waverley Borough Council) – an opportunity for up to 2,600 homes in the form of a new free-standing settlement by 2032.

However, all is well at Dunsfold as you heard will have heard in the clip above. Waverley’s Planning Policy Manager Graham Parrott assured everyone that the council was liaising closely with the developer. 








A little light relief from Australia – a country that is kicking COVID into touch.


Alfie Date, Australia’s oldest man at 109, knits little jumpers for penguins caught up in oil spills. You’ve just gotta love his latest.

WW can’t help wondering why Alfie Date hasn’t knitted this little fella a mask? Since the pandemic, ever-so-slightly hit the Antipodes – everyone there has been wearing face masks.

As a matter of interest, the Waverley Web travels far and wide and we have comments and information from our Australian friends. Our followers, many of whom once lived in Surrey, tell us how COVID has impacted their lives too.

One follower wrote to the Waverley Web saying she had popped out at the height of the lockdown at 7 pm to beat the 8 pm curfew and was followed by the police from her home to her local Chinese takeaway restaurant. After the meal was put in her boot she was followed by the police back to her Melbourne home. Could you even imagine such strict controls here?



Early last year, the Australians took aggressive public-health measures of physical distancing and lockdown to bring the virus to heel. They understood that an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure.

As part of that, they immediately brought in border-control measures, including mandatory quarantine facilities for travellers – measures used by other gold-medal countries, from Hong Kong to South Korea.

Australia is no longer in a race between virus variants and vaccines; it stopped the virus in its tracks. When the pandemic is over and the butcher’s bill is delivered, our southern twin’s tally of dead and hospitalised will be a tiny fraction of ours.

And once Australia starts vaccinating, it stands ready to outpace many other countries.  Last year Australia signed contracts for a variety of promising, in-development vaccines. But it didn’t stop there. It also ramped up domestic manufacturing capacity and licensed the AstraZeneca vaccine.

 Australian pharma giant CSL is now producing approximately one million AstraZeneca doses a week, in Australia. That’s in addition to the country’s contracts for millions of imported doses. Australia further insured itself by licensing a leading vaccine for domestic production.

With one million locally manufactured doses a week, Australia will soon be vaccinating at least 4 per cent of its population, weekly.




COVID hunts out and hits our Jeremy – MP for SW Surrey.


Poor old Jeremy – first a broken arm after falling over on the ice, and now COVID has struck down the former Secretary of State for Health – who is now -Chairman of the Health & Social Care Select Committee. Despite having the vaccination for the dreaded coronavirus, our SW Surrey MP is self-isolating with mild symptoms – so far so good – along with the rest of his family.

Even hiding behind the trees at his country home in Markwick Lane didn’t help MP Jeremy Hunt avoid – COVID- 19.


The moral of the tale here is quite simple: ‘Have vaccine – doesn’t automatically mean immunity.’ We here at the Waverley Web have heard of a considerable number of our friends and family who know of others who have contracted the disease, despite having been vaccinated!

You will see from our MP’s article in the Farnham Herald that he has congratulated track and trace. However, a member of our team here at the Waverley Web has been waiting 14 weeks for his test results – and has heard Zilch from Track & Trace.  We are also aware of many, who are ignoring the rules on self-isolating and travelling vast distances!

We wish JH a speedy recovery. Because after all, he has much to do. Our Social Care system is quite simply, broken and unfit for purpose. It is a national disgrace.  Two wheels had already fallen off our SC system BC (Before Covid) now PC (Post Covid) the other two have rolled down the hill to join the others.

So where to now Jeremy? The Chancellor made no mention of the huge great elephant in the room. There was no reference to the biggest problem facing our country – WHY?

There is a huge lack of human help out there in the big wide world that is Britain today, and our old and frail folk are suffering badly. Here in Waverley, the once-proud borough introduced to a fanfare of trumpets, accompanied by shedloads of cash – Age Concern Waverley. Which we understand became – AGE UK Waverley. An organisation that boasted hundreds of gardeners, handymen, volunteers and administrators to help the elderly remain independent in their own homes. According to newspaper cuttings of the day, that organisation was sent to the scrapheap by the Tory administration at ‘Your Waverley.’

During this pandemic, some of our old folk have become the great unwashed. As their carers have failed to turn up.

So while isolated in one or another of your luxury home, watching Netflix, and playing board games spare a thought for all the poor older souls out there. Those who live alone and have experienced three lockdowns – with reduced help and assistance. Some of whom have now, simply given up!

However, Waverley Council is to be congratulated for its enormous and successful efforts to help out locally wherever and whenever it can. 

The older and fitter voters are rising up – fast. They are beginning to shout louder and will not be letting you and your party get away with breaking your election promise to fix our broken system social care system.

Our suggestion to the old and the bold in ‘Your Waverley.’

Write to your MP – the elusive Angela Richardson – in Guildford and Villages and Jeremy Hunt MP for SW Surrey and demand to be told what they are doing to provide a decent-level of elderly social care. If they don’t respond let’s start shouting from the rooftops …


Should GP’s get back to being … GP’s?


Several NHS organisations say there is now a strong case for many GP sites to stop vaccinating to enable them to step up other services, with concerns about untreated health problems building up in recent months.

One ICS leader here in the South of England called for urgent clarity from the Nation Health Service Executive on its view about the mix of vaccine centres to be used for the next phase saying it would be best for “GPs to get back to being GPs”, with a shift towards mass centres (now formally known as “vaccination centres”) and community pharmacies.

One local trust leader involved called for “urgent agreement” on the respective roles of GP/PCN sites, mass vaccination centres and pharmacists, saying the current approach would soon come apart. The source questioned whether GP sites were “the most cost-effective way”, and “who is undertaking the core GP work”. Another ICS lead said some larger PCN operations could carry on with other services while vaccinating, but for some practices, it displaced core work, so they may need to stop.

GP sites could be asked to give a second dose to the older and high-risk groups who they have already vaccinated once, while under-50s are sent elsewhere, several sources said. It is unclear in the current GP enhanced service contract for vaccination whether their role would continue for all cohorts.

Empty centres

Meanwhile, mass vaccination centres in many parts of England have been running well below capacity in recent weeks, because people are not booking into them, leaving those involved frustrated that they are missing the chance to vaccinate faster, and wasting the time of staff and volunteers.

A senior figure at one centre said  GPs and local commissioners were heavily pushing the PCN sites, and the government should do a better job of promoting the offer at mass centres, as well as allowing them more flexibility to move onto cohorts ahead of primary care and to vaccinate people from outside their immediate patch. It is understood they are generally not permitted to book people from outside their ICS area.

“There are empty NHS vaccination centres around the country,” the person said. “GPs are used to running big flu vaccination programmes. But I question whether we are now taking a bit too much from their day job.”

However, a local GP leader following the issue argued mass centres should not be opened while supply is tight to PCNs which could deliver a lot more. He said:

“Dragging people from disparate areas into mass vaccination centres, even socially distanced, is at odds with the core message of ‘don’t travel’. I suspect… the cost per jab is lower in GPs/PCNs than in vaccination centres.”

An NHSE spokesman said: “NHS teams around the country, working closely with local authorities and other key community partners, are working flat out to deliver the largest vaccination programme in NHS history, and with supply the limiting factor, vaccine distribution is quite rightly co-ordinated so that doses can be directed across the country where they are most needed to target people most at risk, which means the most vulnerable people are protected first.”


Battle of the Boundaries in ‘Your Waverley.’


As many of you may be aware ‘Your Waverley’s boundaries are being reviewed. The Rainbow Alliance that now controls the borough council is following Government guidance to slim down local authorities in a bid to save time and money. Which is no bad thing as Government money is now in short supply – and cash-strapped local authorities the length and breadth of the country are struggling to stay afloat. Some of whom have already SUNK!

Just a sample of Waverley’s new administration. An administration that has dealt with one of THE most turbulent chapters in the council’s history.


‘ Your Waverley’ could soon be on a strict diet if the Boundary Commission has its way.

The new administration has proposed and has agreed to reduce the number of councillors from 57 to 50, some are even calling for a reduction to 44. It believes efficiencies can and should be made.  Reducing the council representation of the borough’s towns and villages in the present climate, and in line with the Boundary Commissions’ advice is both a necessary requirement and a sensible move.  However, Surrey County Council would like to go even further.

If the Tory-controlled county council has its wicked way, it will dump all 11 of Surrey’s boroughs & District Councils altogether to provide us with one behemoth Unitary Surrey Authority. Don’t be fooled, its bid has only been postponed – not cancelled! It wants to be one of the largest authorities in the country in a bid to dilute grass-roots democracy as far as it can. 

Now with councils like ‘Your Waverley’ and Guildford Borough Council losing Tory control, who better to bring them all into line than – A Tory Controlled Surrey County Council?

Bye Bye ‘Your Waverley’ Hello ‘Surrey?’

For many years now, successive Governments have been quietly stripping away local democratic powers. Particularly with planning. It will not have gone unnoticed by our followers that more and more planning decisions are granted on appeal by Government Inspectors.

And, as the song goes …

‘That’s the way WE like it.’

What a difference the years make?

Isn’t it strange that a large number of Tories are now kicking up a stink about the reduction proposed? –  Just a few years ago, so we are told by councillors serving their areas at the time,  the Tory administration pledged to stop cutting the grants to voluntary organisations (which they subsequently did anyway – and instead reduce their own overheads by doing what is now proposed by ‘Your Waverley’s new boys and girls!

Did they carry out their pledge to cut the number of councillors?  Like hell they did – just words – Tory turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they?



Will Farnham’s dogs be forced to trot to Church Crookham for a walk in the woods?


S52/2019/0006, Land west of Green Lane, Farnham Request to modify a section 106 legal agreement (WA/2015/2283 outline application) relating to the SANG contribution.

When is a SANG not a SANG? When you have to drive past the original Sang to get to the new one?

A bid by Taylor Wimpey to move a proposed SANG – (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) from Farnham Park to Church Crookham has angered the Farnham Society.

What is this con trick devised by the Government to provide developers with ways and means of shelling out shedloads of cash to provide green spaces for dog walkers and exercise elsewhere, in a bid to protect the areas around Special Protection Areas?

In other words – developers paying for planning consents to build lots of little boxes, all made out of the same ticky tacky – and all looking the same?

If you stood in the middle of some of the housing estates now popping up faster than daffodils in Waverley you wouldn’t know whether you were in Farnham or Fareham – Alfold or Aldershot. On estates with roads like Bluebell Walk, where a bluebell will never rear its beautiful head ever again!

Now the national housebuilder wants to use its Naishes Wood SANG in Church Crookham in Hampshire – yes really in another county altogether.  Thereby withdrawing its contribution to ‘Your Waverley’ for the management and maintenance of Farnham Park’s SANG!  Kerching!

To get to Church Crookham of course you have to load up the dog/s and drive twice as far past? Yes, you guessed – Farnham Park!

In other words – Taylor Wimpey’s cunning plan to use a SANG it already owns elsewhere because presumably, it isn’t making enough money from its Farnham development. Or as Leader and Farnham Cllr John Ward might say…

Have boots and dogs – will travel?

No wonder the Farnham Society – the organisation that speaks up for us here in the Town is so pi**ed off.

Its spokesman David Howell has written to Waverley Planners urging them to refuse the revision, saying:

Although the site is included in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan, the proposed development will have a negative impact on our already congested roads. Congestion and pollution are already above acceptable levels in some areas of Farnham. Promoting additional car journeys of increased length should be avoided. The committee accept that had the SANG proposed been closer to the development site, but outside the local planning authority’s area of control, the case for refusing the application would be less. However, that is not the case. Natural England’s view should be sought but it should confirm that the Special Protection Area policy has significant weight and allocating contribution to another borough in this instance is unacceptable. The Society is of the strong opinion that the SANG contribution arising from this housing development should stay within the borough and with the community in which the site is located.

We strongly object to this application and respectfully request that it is refused.

Planning Application S52/2019/0006 
Here’s the Farnham Society’s letter to Waverley Planners.


Farnham Society letter:


Local author publishes – A tale of two Farnham theatres – and then some.


Author and theatre-lover Anne Cooper has recently published her second history on Farnham’s much-loved and much-missed  Redgrave Theatre. It is called Theatre in Farnham: at Church House between the Wars.

Anne has put the lockdown period to good use by delving into the history of the famous theatre, which although staffed by amateur actors were led by a professional who had contact with some of the most famous names in the theatre-world of the day.

The story of theatre at Church House has been culled from an old photo album, once the property of the local artist, Marshall Barnes, who went on to become the scenic designer at the Castle Theatre. The story will interest anyone familiar with theatre, either amateur or professional, and also anyone interested in Farnham’s social history. The booklet reveals a glimpse of life in the 1920-30s and there are references to names that are still familiar in the town today.

Dare we, here at the Waverley Web, suggest that some of those 28 shops and 8 restaurants planned for Farnham’s Blightwell development, former home of The Redgrave, take on a different role than that currently envisaged? Yes, of course, we dare. Perhaps everyone involved should get their heads together and come up with a Plan B? an entertainment and theatre space?

It will soon be Easter Farnham residents – let’s stop hatching eggs and start hatching some ambitious plans to take some of the Blight out of Blightwells?

Particularly as there appear to be almost no takers for the huge number of vacant retail units. Surely the great investors – ‘Your Surrey County Council’ and ‘Your Waverley’ don’t want to see tumbleweed bouncing through the site in East Street – do they?

We can now all see for ourselves what we suspected all along. The overbearing size, scale and bulk of the buildings. Particularly the Block – called D8 – which has been nicknamed cell block H. Its horrible bleak facade hits you as you walk around from Dogflud. Four-storey blocks of bricks and concrete bearing down on Farnham, destroying our market-town. One of our old friends who recently travelled back to Farnham due to a COVID bereavement was in tears at what Farnham had become.

Where are you now-former Cllr Adam-Taylor Smith and all your Tory colleagues? Stand up and be counted and tell us that you are proud this monstrosity is turning out to be the fantastic model you claimed it would be. A development for which you sacrificed so much of our money and our town?

This ghastly ghetto should have your name emblazoned on its most ugly facade in neon lights. We are sure ‘Your Waverley’s` Licensing Committee will have no problem approving flashing lights over Farnham. Particularly as the committee is headed up by the Tory Whip – who claims “there isn’t a Tory Whip”  – none other than – The Tory Whip – Cllr Michael Goodridge.


 Farnham’s earlier Theatre history, A Tale of Two Theatres, told by those who knew Farnham’s Castle and Redgrave Theatres has been very well received as witnessed by many reviews, of which here are just two:

A Tale of Two Theatres … – what a fascinating read. So many contributions from people whose lives were enriched by connections with the Castle and Redgrave Theatres; you have made certain that Farnham’s theatrical history is kept alive in people’s minds. Your brilliant book gives a lively history of the two theatres and shows just how far-reaching are their influences for good.


PJ This book is a joy both to dip into or to read from cover to cover for the story of the development of the theatres and their varied fortunes and personalities is utterly fascinating. SW We have all been delighted by the continuing response to the book and confirm that it is very much available through lockdown from sales@farnhamtheatre.co.uk even if the regular outlets, Waterstone’s, Pullingers and the Museum of Farnham are having to be necessarily closed. However, lockdowns have given opportunities for more research into Farnham’s history of theatre and this has resulted in another publication for the archives. FTA is delighted to announce a new illustrated booklet, Theatre in Farnham: at Church House between the Wars. This covers the pre-war period and involves a company called The Church House Players. Although these actors were amateurs they were led by a professional who had contact with some of the most famous names in the theatre of the day.

Here is the FTA Newsletter which announces detail of our brand new Farnham theatre booklet and how to get hold of your copy. It’s an intriguing read with many references to local people and places. One not to be missed.


Plus there’s news of the Guy Vaesen prints that are available at some excellent low prices – while stocks last!

All the details can be found on the link below.

Newsletter 64



Residents of a new/pedestrian Alfold development could soon have a pedestrian/cycle link.


However, Alfold Councilor Kevin Deanus is hell-bent on protecting the privacy of the homes where pedestrians will walk and cyclists will ride by. The former bobby on the beat – wants to ensure that the residents’ privacy is not impaired – as the public path will be very close to the homes of Chilton Close residents.


80 more homes on their way to Alfold as a Government Inspector hits ‘Your Waverley’ in its pocket too!

Catesby Estates was given ‘Your Waverley’s’ go-ahead for a pedestrian/cycle link across Council owned land at Chilton Close, Alfold in order to comply with a planning requirement that the second phase of a residential development site is sustainable and reasonably linked to the settlement of Alfold.

Phase 1 of the development of 56 homes by Cala Homes off Loxwood Road is now almost complete. Now another developer is moving in to build another 80 homes on adjoining land at Sweeters’ Copse, Loxwood Road. As you will have read in the link above, the further extension of another 80 homes was granted appeal. An appeal during which a Government Inspector slapped a very plump bill of costs on Waverley Planners for daring to refuse it! The Inspector claimed that Waverley Borough Council did  not have a 5 year-land supply. Now other developers – including Bewley Homes scheme for 140 homes at Weybourne Lane, Bdshot Lea in Farnham – are claiming the same. A four-day ‘virtual’ planning Inquiry starts on March 6th.

Now its Waverley’s Turn to Slap a tidy bill on the developer.

In February 2015 Cala Homes was granted access rights over a strip of common land – for which the developer was forced to stump up some very useful cash for the council.

Now with Phase 2 on the cards following a successful appeal another developer will be shelling out an un-named sum for the right to use the footpath and cycle link through Chilton Close – a housing association development.

The council described the sum as “a substantial capital receipt.”

Said Cllr Mark Merryweather – “We have engaged with our advisors and valuers to get the maximum return and which will raise much- needed capital for our council services and facilities.

But if Cllr Deanus has anything to do with it – some of the funds raised will be coming Alfold’s way! Cllr Merryweather – the Executive for Finance tipped him the wink – that it would be remembered.


Alfold Cllr Kevin Deanus

Cllr Deanus called the design of the footpath “bizarre’ as it has been designed to take users 200 yards futher away from the village shop and centre, however,  he wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth.

His concern was the future privacy of homes in Chilton Close, as in some cases the path would be  only 10/15ft from the doors and windows of some properties and along the back gardens of others.

“These are council properties and we owe them (the residents) a duty to ensure that people are not walking alongside their properties looking in.” 




Godalming’s Lib Dem duo ready to run towards County Hall.


Surrey County Council could soon be wearing some new faces come May 6 – when the polls open to herald a new era at county towers.


Here’s a message from Cllr Paul Follows on behalf of two of the candidates who have thrown their hats into the election ring. Messages from other candidates in ‘Your Waverley’  will follow. That is of course – if we receive them!

Cllr Follows.

Many of you will be aware by now that May 6th this year is Election Day for Surrey County Council.

‘A significant number of the messages I get from residents as a #Godalming Town and Borough councillor are actually about County issues – such as roads, schools and Children’s centres and do my best to address these.

But without being a county councillor there is only so much that I can do on these things. I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and stand for the County Council which is why my page has changed a little today.’

The Godalming and Villages area is split into TWO county areas:

➡️ Godalming North – where the candidate for us will be the always fantastic and dedicated PENNY RIVERS.

➡️ Godalming South, Milford and Witley – where I have the honour of being our candidate from today.

We want to bring compassion, competence and community back to Surrey County Council and both of us are standing because we want to make where we live a better place for everyone.

You can let us know your priorities for Surrey with our Residents Survey and very happy to hear from residents any time on Facebook or using the email contact on this page.


Cllr Paul Follows
Candidate for Godalming South, Milford and Witley



Did Two Wrights make a wrong?

The residents of one road in Cranleigh have been unable to stop giggling after one of their neighbours came home from work with a tale his spouse couldn’t resist sharing over the garden fence – as you do in these days of Covid.

The neighbour, who works at Dunsfold aerodrome, told his spouse that workmen emptying a storage facility at the industrial park, which had been abandoned by a tenant – who’d cut and run leaving a trail of substantial debts in its wake – were left goggle-eyed when they found a haul of pornographic videos amongst the junk left behind by the former tenant.

According to our source, the stash left the workman a bit hot-under-their-overalls and wondering just what type of videos the former tenant, Freehand Limited, had been filming at the industrial park …

Apparently, Freehand Limited, which went into voluntary liquidation recently has, miraculously, risen from the ashes, phoenix-like, just a hop, skip and a business park away – at The Old Forge, Smithbrook – in its new guise as Freehand Services Ltd.

‘They always gave the impression that they were a very respectable company, creating digital signage and marketing videos for businesses but this casts a whole new light on their enterprise,’ remarked our mole.

 ‘The joke now doing the rounds amongst tenants at the aerodrome is, ‘Have you heard about Fifty Shades of Freehand …’


Chris Wright, who founded Freehand Limited (now in liquidation), is thought to have sold the Company’s assets but, crucially, not its debts (before he entered into a voluntary liquidation arrangement) to his son, Matt Wright, who founded Freehand Services (not very imaginative for a creative company but cleverly tailored not to raise suspicion amongst existing clients) in order to carry on servicing – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – Freehand Limited’s former customers without the cloud of debt that was hanging over Mr Wright senior’s head.  It’s a dodge as old as time which allows bankrupt, washed-up businesses to walk away from their creditors and start with a clean slate and no debt, whilst their creditors are left with no option but to pick themselves up, brush themselves down and write off the bad debts.  Harsh or what?

Messrs Wright & Wright’s conspiracy puts an entirely new spin on Christian Grey’s infamous line to Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey: ‘Oh fu*k the paperwork!’  Presumably, Messrs Wright & Wright thought, ‘Oh fu*k the creditors!’

And in a similar vein, we can’t help wondering if Messrs Wright & Wright’s shenanigans caused many a company’s debt collectors to exclaim:

‘You’re making my palm twitch [Mr Wright]!’

But enough of the Fifty Shades jokes!  It’s no joking matter for Freehand Limited’s creditors. Maybe, just maybe, if Messrs Wright & Wright had taken a leaf out of the book of the bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey franchise they wouldn’t have left Dunsfold airfield under a financial cloud with their reputation in shreds and fellow tenants wondering exactly what they were filming in their storage shed?! 

Fifty Sheds of Grey anyone?

And the moral of this story:

If you’re going to do a bunk, adding insult to injury by leaving a skip full of rubbish in your wake, check you’ve not left your dirty linen amongst it, cos someone’s likely to air it for you!

Will UK Oil & Gas be arriving soon on this green field in Dunsfold?


Not if these councillors have anything to do with it.

They want us to ‘all stand together.’

The oil and gas giant (UCOG) has decided to ignore the decisions of Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councils. Instead, it will ask the Government to over-rule the refusal for a drilling site on land owned by Alfold man Ashley Ward.

However, the deputy leader Paul Follows and his colleagues, including Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend and Godalming’s Green Party Cllr Steve Williams want residents to know – they are on the case.

They say:

Cllr Steve Williams   Portfolio Holder for Climate Change.

 Many of you will be aware the UKOG has filed an appeal against the refusal decision issued to it several months ago. They were attempting to create and maintain a new oil drilling site in Waverley, just outside Dunsfold.

We have been given a date for that appeal now, which is scheduled for 10:00 on 27 July 2021.

Waverley Borough Council has decided to take up its legal right as what is referred to as ‘rule 11 party’ to take part and fight this appeal too. We do this on behalf of those residents and businesses that are directly impacted, but also on behalf of all residents in defence of our natural environment and in-line with the values we have declared as part of our climate emergency motion.


Executive Cllr Liz Townsend


Cllr Liz Townsend, Cllr Steve Williams and I (Cllr Follows) have also been in discussion with a large local residents group on this matter (Protect Dunsfold), Waverley Friends of the Earth, a number of local businesses as well as the local parish councils that are impacted (Alfold Parish and Dunsfold Parish).


Deputy Leader  Cllr Paul Follows

We have now reached an in-principal agreement to stand together as a united front in this matter, in which Waverley Borough Council will take the lead as the local authority. 

As this was a minerals planning application, Surrey County Council is the authority UKOG is appealing against – so it is our intention to be a ‘critical friend’ to Surrey in this matter and ensure that they put up a robust defence of their aspects of this.

I know many residents will see this is very good news and I am very proud that we here at Waverley BC will be stepping up to fight this.

Should Jeremy secretly plug County Council Candidates in his newsletter?


There were, however, one of two little tidbits that MP Jeremy Hunt fails to mention in his hidden message to the voting fodder of his SW Surrey Constituency.   So in the public interest, we here at the WW feel we should mention how these two candidates for the county council elections fared when they were Godalming Town councillors.


This is an interesting document setting out the attendance record for both former Cllr Young and former Cllr Walden…

During the two years before Cllr Young resigned from Godalming Town Council, he was, what the Tories jokingly refer to as a ‘CHINO. Councillors Here In Name Only.’ Why? Because his attendance record for representing his electorate was, quite frankly, abysmal.
So Mr Hunt – be careful what and who you wish to promote for public service? 
You can click on these links and see for yourselves.

The May Surrey County Council election is on. According to Government guidance from 8th March canvassing and leaflet drops can commence.  The Government has also advised local authorities so can  ‘banging on doors.’ A bit surprising – when our guys can’t get their bonces polished until sometime in the middle of April?

Comment from Cllr Nick Palmer. The Government proposal to allow canvassing from next week is absolutely bonkers. SW Surrey Labour has proposed to all parties that we hold up all door-to-door campaigning (and, for fairness, paid-for leafleting) until Easter. I gave a Radio Surrey interview on this: https://fb.watch/3-7RYt1AGB/

The Great Wildwood Golf Club debate continues unabated.


Villagers in Alfold are becoming angrier by the day – as they are forced to stand idly by, and view at arm’s length, the destruction of treasured wildlife habitat.

Here’s what the eastern villages were promised.

The course near Cranleigh was given permission for an 84-bed hotel, 40 lodges and the PGA regional headquarters back in 2010 but it closed in 2017.

For almost a year villagers, including the parish council have been bombarding Waverley Planners with complaints about the activities at the former Wildwood Gold & Country Club. Every day HGV’s pound up and down the A281 – plastering the Guildford to Horsham Road with mud causing a danger to motorists.

Here’s the – mud, mud glorious mud – all being travelled by HGV’s out onto the A281 at Alfold Crossways!

Hundreds of HGV’s travel down that part of the A281 road towards Cranleigh Brick & Tile. One every 4 minutes for five years was anticipated when consent was given for in-fill works at the redundant site.

The current permission – granted in June 2015 –  involves capping the pollution on site with waste material, primarily from other construction projects. This is why motorists have watched in disbelief as the lorries, 32 tonne/8 wheel vehicles carrying 20-tonne loads thunder along A and B roads in all directions.  Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. The lorries also run on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. It was stated this would continue for a minimum period of 5 ½ years. 

And the HGV movements go on and on…

The Big lorry dash has begun! But you ain’t seen nothing yet!


Apparently, it is common knowledge that Pond 19 (the recognised home of Great Crested Newts) has been filled in. People living near the site have confirmed to the Waverley Web that the 5 day limit of Trucks accessing the site is complete “RUBBISH.” That rule has been consistently abused by the developers. They work whenever he feels like it- including  Sundays! Despite other people living on the access road.

Neighbours have been aware for months that the Pond was to be in-filled. So where is Natural England – and what about that Stop Notice issued months ago by Waverley Borough Council officers?

 The Waverley Web has had numerous letters complaining about the inaction of the planning authority and residents are urging us, and the local press, to highlight their concerns for Alfold’s disappearing wildlife. A council that has declared a Climate Emergency!

One village has been prompted to put up drones over the site to view the works.

One exasperated Alfold mole told us –
“All they are doing is creating Massive Soil Mountains all over the place. Rumours, (unsubstantiated)  that they are going to demolish the Club House soon.  Which was not in the original Application.”
She told Waverley planners:

“If you do not respond to me I will be writing to the Surrey Press and WW asking them to look into this as I feel this is about to kick off and I have no intention of letting them get away with this.  I will ensure that all the press know exactly who has been notified of this since October 2020 and I hope they hold them to account. Once they fill the Pond we are scuppered. Please just let me know if you are doing anything –This is simply Not right and I am sorry to be a pain – But I have to be. I understand we are going through this horrible CV But there is no excuse to let this continue, If I have to still work remotely then so do youPlease do not treat me like an idiot – They were working on-site this Sunday – which I doubt is right or within the bounds of the Conditions and local neighbours state that the trucks are well beyond the 5-A Day stated. They seem to be oblivious of any Planning Regs.”

I just remind you of the article from   “In Your Area”  – 23rd November 2020     https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/news/wildwood-golf-club-swinging-back-in-action-as-new-owners-reveal-plans/

The owners reputed to be Pekar Holdings Ltd claim they now own the controversial site and are putting plans in place to bring the site ‘back to life. After years of neglect.’

It is currently assessing its options, but proposals include reducing the course from 27 holes to nine. It is not yet known what the rest of the land will contain, although the idea of a self-sustaining and carbon zero settlement has been considered.

A hop, skip and a jump away from Dunsfold’s new garden village with planning permission for 1,800 homes and 2,300 included in the Local Plan.

Wildwood was first opened in 1992 and Waverley Borough Council classified it as ‘countryside beyond the Green Belt’ in their Local Plan.

Turkish businesswoman Aysegul Peker runs Peker Holding and intends to donate some of the 230 acres back to the community, so will consult residents to find out what they would like to see that land used for.

You can read about him on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedat_Peker

No New Year walking on the wild side at Wildwood in Alfold?

Alfold’s mole watches holes being dug at Wildwood Golf Course.

A spokesman for Mrs Peker said: “She wants to give back some of the lands for a school, community centre, playground or something that the residents here currently need.

“Whether that be 10, 20 or 30 acres. Whatever the residents want she will try to deliver.”

Groundwork construction on the hotel has already begun on the site.

Says ‘Angry of Alfold’  who has now become ‘Very Angry of Alfold.’ 

“I may be being difficult – But I think this site is worthy of protection and if others do not then that is their prerogative, but these developers should be held to account and I will ensure they are.”


A new way to pay your rent in Cranleigh?


Cranleigh hitting the headlines again…?

‘Sex-for-Rent’ Case: Cranleigh Man in Court


A Cranleigh man accused of offering accommodation in what is believed to be the first sex-for-rent allegation in England and Wales has appeared in Staines magistrates’ court.

Christopher Cox, 52, who was born and brought up in the village is said to have posted adverts on a classified website offering young homeless women a place to stay with him in his house.

He is accused of asking the women to send him pictures of them in bikinis and providing sex in exchange for a free room between May and November 2018.

Mr Cox did not indicate a plea to inciting prostitution for gain and pleaded not guilty to controlling prostitution for gain.

Mr Cox will appear at Guildford Crown Court on March 25.

A Tory rant has upset ‘Your Waverley’s residents.


Right here – right now – the residents of Waverley are grappling with failing businesses, COVID or post COVID, hanging onto their jobs and homeschooling their children.

There are others, with nothing better to do than criticise what people wear, and what their background is when they are on Zoom.


Dear Councillor Follows,

Here are our WW guys views on your attire for the recent Full Council meeting of Waverley Borough Council.

  • If you were wearing jogging bottoms or were sitting in your underpants – we don’t give a damned. We are far more concerned about what you say – and how you represent our views.
  • We think your sartorial elegance was exemplary – you didn’t need a tie.
  • After 9 hours on Zoom – because we presume like us, you have a day job too – we are amazed you can even see straight. Our eyes are bloodshot and look like road maps. Our ears are ringing like the bells of St Clements – and our brains are turning to mush.
  • As for the disgraceful remarks from a former council leader about officers’ children daring to rear their nasty little voices in the background during your hallowed meetings. What exactly are your staff supposed to do? Put their children into care during COVID?
  • We will not comment on the “unmade bed bit’ for a councillor who we presume has to use his bedroom for Zoom calls rather than his study! Surely everyone has a separate study these days don’t they. Perish the thought that they are deprived!
  • Except to say:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought to be a fool, than open it and remove all doubt.”

You can watch it here: No room for Zoom. A Waverley spat but not as bad as Handforth.

Taken from Cllr Follows Facebook Page

That we still have a councillor using their speaking time to comment that they don’t think someone has dressed appropriately in 2021 is a disgrace.

Can I ask, are residents alright that after 9 hours on zoom today I am not wearing a tie to this council meeting this evening?

PS: below is me dressing offensively to some conservative councillors tonight. You would think they would like blue?

Has a Cranleigh Charity’s planning battle entered the realms of farce?


Waverley Planners were reluctantly called to yet another meeting on Wednesday to REFUSE a planning application from the Cranleigh Village Health Trust.

ACT ONE – To defer or not to defer? That was the first question?


There was a feeling of de-ja-vu for planners as they considered another revised scheme from a beleaguered charity that refuses to take No for an answer, regardless of how many times it is refused, or costs to the charity or the taxpayer.

A controversial scheme for a private nursing home that some councillors claimed could become a Big White Elephant in an Area designated as an Area of Strategic Visual Importance (ASVI). The site known as The Paddock Field valued at £250,000 was sold by the parish council for £1 – in a land swap agreed over two decades ago for a Hospital/Day Hospital and Health Centre.

After 20 years, it has morphed into a 64-bed Private Care Home – a residential block of flats for key workers, and 16 community beds. Beds, which officers stressed, were NO longer free at the point of delivery and had no health or local authority backing.

 The Waverley Web has lost count of where the latest scheme ranks in the pecking order of the former HOSPITAL Trust that changed its name to  HEALTH Trust.

Plan A for a hospital was granted as an ‘exception’ and permission lapsed. Plan B was dumped for Plan C, and then Plan D and then E. Now after a string of refusals, a cancelled appeal, deferrals, and re-designs it was back on the table again this week for yet another lambasting from councillors across Waverley’s eastern region.

 Planning officer Kate Edwards – said the applicant wanted to defer the scheme for yet further negotiations with the county council, which had withdrawn its support, contradicted statements made previously.   Mrs Edwards said it had also argued that…

... the statements I have made in the report before you are prejudicial.

In the ongoing blame game – It had also complained that the council had not allowed it to work up a legal agreement for various ways the community beds could be used and funded. This was, said Mrs Edwards, not the council’s practise and was not prudent when officers recommended refusal.

Any community benefit in the previous refusal was now further reduced – as Surrey County Council and its partners The Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) had withdrawn support and now intended using an entirely different model of care in patient’s homes.

Godalming Cllr Steve Cosser was”sympathetic” to the Trust’s difficulties and supported deferral. This was promptly refused by the committee, believing any further delays of the long-running saga should be resisted.  Cllr George Wilson reckoned Cranleigh people had waited long enough as the scheme had been hanging around for “such a long time, we should get on with it.” 

Full marks to Officer Edwards, who despite the noises off, forged ahead undeterred and composed, with her presentation, and reasons for the recommendation. 

There was a total of 465 objections, 39 added in the past few days, and 240 in support. The Applicant had claimed letters had been duplicated – so after further analysis, letters in support had been reduced!

She described the proposed two and three-storey care home and accommodation block buildings as very large, and very close to the Downs Link footpath.

Rowena Tyler spoke against the scheme on behalf of Cranleigh Parish Council, also an adjacent landowner. Whilst it had long supported the creation of a new hospital/day hospital and GP led Health Centre, a use which had been “exceptional” and backed by the public, this was no longer the case and there was now NO community benefit.   The land had been designated an ASVI in Waverley’s Local Plan, and there were restrictive planning policies against it.  Health and Social care supporters had all withdrawn.

“This scheme is for two very large buildings on a green field outside the settlement of Cranleigh, for beds, that the authorities say they no longer need or want and backed by an anonymous benefactor of whom we have no details. There is no CIL -( funding for infrastructure) and therefore no benefit to the Cranleigh community, and we strongly object.

Andy Webb spoke up for the Campaign Group that had, over time, generated petitions with more than 5,000 signatures opposing the development and calling for the land to be returned to village leaders. There would be a detrimental effect on residents of Wiskar Drive, increased hazards at the Junction of Knowle Lane and High Street, in an area that floods.

With no support from the ITC, SCC or the Cranleigh GP practice, “which isn’t what you would expect.” The community beds were no longer free or needed. There were numerous nursing homes within a three-mile radius and many more beyond.

He said: “The people of Cranleigh don’t want a great big Monolith that will become a white elephant in the years to come.

 Arguing for the applicant John Sneddon maintained there were numerous community benefits and every effort had been made to overcome previous objections. The size of the buildings had been reduced and open space increased. The development would be a huge community benefit housing older people while satisfying the CVHT’s charitable objectives.

“How can the health authorities say one thing in 2019 and change their minds in 2020?”


Cllr Liz Townsend centred her opposition on the numerous “unidentifiable benefits” of a scheme, that had no support from health and social care experts, and had no named nursing home operator. As for providing 14 affordable homes; 1,600 homes had already been granted in Cranleigh – 480 of which were affordable, many within walking distance.

She rejected the applicant’s claims that there been a small number of vocal objectors saying, this is just not accurate.

It was quite simply the landscape for health care had changed. It’s tough for the charity, but it has not kept the community which had contributed £2m on board. It had continually refused to meet residents and the attempts by the parish council had also failed.

“CVHT has simply closed its ears to the voices of the public, and should be refused for all the reasons stated by our officers.”

Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus – said the scheme breached eight of the council’s planning policies,  asking everyone to visualise the huge sizes of the buildings.

One almost 200ft (60m) long and the accommodation block – 122ft long and 66ft wide – in the middle of an Area of Strategic Visual Importance! 

The impact will be huge – this is not what Cranleigh is about – this is horrendous!

” I can’t see any benefits from this development whatsoever“, said Godalming’s Cllr Paul Follows, and criticised the charity’s tenuous efforts to provide residential development in the grounds of a private nursing home. He put great weight upon the objectors and parish council’s comments. “The list is endless.” He said the reasons for a virtual meeting called by Cranleigh Cllr Patricia Ellis would require further investigation.

Cllr Steve Cosser said there was a ‘very angry mood in Cranleigh.’ However, the ICP had not proved very helpful and should have provided a written statement. (Its statement is included in the officer’s report below!)

However, there was one champion for the scheme.- The lone voice of Cllr Ellis, who used her council prerogative to prevent an officers refusal under delegated powers, was fully in support.  Although much was centred around the old cottage hospital, and previous attempts to build a hospital. She believed having a private care home plus 16 community beds would be an asset.

But it was Cllr George Wilson that once again raised the spectre of the elephant in the room. Claiming the withdrawal of support, from the public, private and health authorities could result in a white elephant when SCC had left a former residential care home to rot.

With numerous care homes in Cranleigh and a different model of future care proposed, Cranleigh Cllr Ruth Reed said Cranleigh’s last central green lung should remain.

The application was refused by  11 votes with one in support and one abstention.

WA/2020/0965 – Erection of a building to provide a 64 Bed Care home including 16 Community Beds together with a building to provide 14 Health Workers accommodation units with access from Knowle Lane, associated parking and ancillary work (revision of WA/2018/1966 and as amplified by letters received 14/12/2020 and 15/12/2020). at Land South Of John Wiskar Drive On East Side Of Knowle Lane, Cranleigh

Officers’ Report

It is acknowledged the scheme would bring some public benefits, in the form of care home provision, housing provision with an affordable element for key workers and 16 care home beds which would be let at a lower rate for selected residents of the Cranleigh area. Page 27 Agenda Item 8.2 The scale of the public benefits proposed, however, would be lessened from the previously refused care home scheme, where there was an identified need for public beds and informal partnership with the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). The public benefit would also be substantially reduced from that which would have been provided by the previously consented Village Hospital and Health Centre scheme, which would have provided essential infrastructure of significant benefit to a large number of people. It is not considered, overall, that the public benefits of the scheme would outweigh the substantial resultant harm to the ASVI and the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside. On this basis, it is recommended that permission be refused. 

. Planning Policy Constraints ASVI (Area of Strategic Visual Importance) Long Distance Footpath (Downs Link) Countryside Beyond Green Belt (outside any defined settlement) Bridleway Within 20 metres of River Bank Flood Zones 2 and 3

Integrated Care Partnership

Continues to object to the proposal in response to the amended information with regards to how community Page 36 beds would be provided. – The ICP has withdrawn their support for the uptake of the community beds and they would not provide a significant community benefit which is such as to outweigh the harm to the ASVI. – The terms of the legal agreement as to how the beds would be allocated has not been shared with the PC. – No infrastructure contributions provided. – The terms of the community benefit could be varied and removed by the applicant. – There would be a negative impact on residents of John Wiskar Drive. – Flood risk, noise and disturbance and highway safety concern

Cranleigh Parish Council

Continues to object to the proposal in response to the amended information with regards to how community Page 36 beds would be provided. – The ICP has withdrawn their support for the uptake of the community beds and they would not provide a significant community benefit which is such as to outweigh the harm to the ASVI. – The terms of the legal agreement as to how the beds would be allocated has not been shared with the PC. – No infrastructure contributions provided. – The terms of the community benefit could be varied and removed by the applicant. – There would be a negative impact on residents of John Wiskar Drive. – Flood risk, noise and disturbance and highway safety concerns. As the owner of adjacent land and beneficiary of a restrictive covenant, concerns expressed in relation to impact on the ASVI, offsite cumulative flooding impact, cumulative transport impact and environmental pollution (e.g. noise, light and smell pollution).

Surrey County Council (SCC) has confirmed that it would no longer be able to commit to block booking beds due to the Discharge to Access scheme. SCC has confirmed that the beds would not be free at the point of access. The Parish Council can no longer support the proposal.  The accommodation block would not be linked to the care home only (ancillary) and on this basis cannot be supported.


Thames Water

  The inability of the existing water infrastructure to meet the needs of the development has been identified and a condition is therefore recommended to ensure this is addressed. – Drains passing through the site – these cannot be built over – I


The Difference in the previous proposals.

The primary differences between the current proposal and that application are; – The quantum of development has been reduced by 1439m2, including a reduction in the footprint of the proposal by 856m2. – The previous application proposed an 80- bed care home with a provision of 20 community beds and 26 health care worker rooms. The current application proposes a 64-bed care home with 16 community beds and 14 key worker accommodation units. – The key workers’ accommodation block is now proposed to be positioned in the northern part of the site rather than the southern part. – The parking is now proposed centrally, unlike the previous proposal where it was divided into that serving the care home and the accommodation block. – The health care worker accommodation previously proposed was not self-contained, with single bedrooms and communal cooking facilities. Page 47 It is now proposed that all accommodation units would be fully self-contained and with 4 two-bedroom units. This would represent a material change of use within the proposal from sui generis as previously to C3 (housing) as currently proposed.

Integrated Care Partnership

The ICP, which had made a minimum 5-year commitment to block-book beds within the previous scheme, but is no longer able to make this commitment. This is due to developments in how care is provided, such as a move to assessing people’s care needs in their own homes following discharge from hospital, rather than within ‘step down’ beds in care homes. As mentioned above, there are other potential considerations around a Local Authority allocating beds only to Cranleigh residents.

Retained Policy C5 of the Local Plan (2002) states that: “The Council will seek to ensure that the appearance of Areas of strategic Visual Importance, as shown on the proposals map, is maintained and enhanced. Development inconsistent with this objective will not be permitted.” Page 52 The proposed development is accompanied by a Landscape and Visual Assessment. This concludes that “The proposal site is well contained by trees, settlement and topography and there will be minimal visual intrusion beyond the site itself with no effects to the views from the wider rural landscape which affect the character and setting of Cranleigh.”

it is not considered that the visual harm to the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside of the scheme is substantially reduced by this reduction in scale. Both proposed buildings would continue to be extremely large and elongated in scale, at 60m in length on both axis for the care home and 37m by 20m for the healthcare worker accommodation block. Further, the built footprint would continue to be very spread across the site with little meaningful negative space remaining due to the necessary separation of the two large buildings and the cruciform design of the proposed care home. In the officers’ view, notwithstanding that the floor area of the proposed building on site would be reduced from that of the consented 3 storey hospital building, the current proposal would actually have a greater visual impact given the proposed spread of built form across the site. The siting of access points, in a central position to the site off Knowle Lane for vehicles and near to the entrance to John Wiskar Drive, is a continuation of the previous scheme in terms of visual impact. The car parking was previously separated into two areas for the different uses but in the current proposal is indicated to be sited centrally within the site in the form of one large car park. This would result in a very significant expanse of hard surface concentrated in one area, which would be visually detrimental. Page 53 The overall visual impression of the proposed built footprint and layout would be one of the significant urbanisation of what is a greenfield site outside of the developed area boundary.


It is acknowledged that the tree line does limit some views in some directions of the site but it does not provide total screening and the development would remain highly visually perceptible from Knowle Lane, including from the access road. Whilst the playing field use of the site has now ceased and been re-accommodated, the site continues to adjoin and visually read as part of the adjacent open parkland which is both an appropriately open countryside use and containment of the landscape sprawl of the settlement. The development of the site would substantially impinge upon this currently tranquil space. Nighttime illumination of the site would represent a substantial change from the current nighttime darkness which would be perceptible from some distance. The site is within a designated Area of Strategic Visual Importance (ASVI). The applicants indicate that they disagree that the area should be identified as such and indicate that they consider the designation out of date. However, this is a Local Plan designation and is extant and not outdated. The buildings would undoubtedly lead to harm to the open nature of the site and lead to harm to the ASVI. The urbanising impacts of 4,741m2 of development up to 12m in height would be highly perceptible and represent a substantial change from the current greenfield status. This would be exacerbated but the sheer scale of the two buildings proposed. It would be highly perceptible for users of the Downs Link, which is the major key public footpath within the borough. Whilst the re-siting of the accommodation block to the north may reduce clear views from the playing field, it would make it more visually prominent from Knowle Lane and the Downs Link, which are both key public views. On this basis, it is considered that the development would continue to lead to landscape harm

You can listen to the meeting here.


No room for Zoom. A Waverley spat but not as bad as Handforth.


A couple of councillors went head to head at a recent meeting of ‘Your Waverley’s Standards Board.

Former Council Leader – Robert Knowless – was firing on all four cylinders when he went into battle to express his misgivings about the way councillors and officers behaved on virtual Zoom meetings. The Government has ruled that virtual meetings will end on May 7, when it’s back to business in the Council Chamber. An edict that has already upset some councils.

It wasn’t quite up to the standard of the spat experienced by the Handforth Parish Council which recently earned national and international notoriety, but nonetheless – it had ‘Your Waverley’s’ Zoom listeners pricking up their ears.

You can hear Cllr Robert `Knowless’ – the member for Haslemere here:


And here’s the response from Waverley’s Deputy Leader – Paul Follows who appealed for a “reality check” on behalf of his colleagues and officers of the council.” Officers who he claimed – deserved an apology.

And here’s Cllr ‘Holier than thou Knowless’ at that very same meeting giving the longest yawn in Waverley’s history. – This shows he has the utmost respect and always upholds the council’s standards for the office that he holds.

We agree with you, Bobby.-  Councillors shouldn’t exhibit sloppy behaviour. They should uphold the same strict standards on Zoom that are expected of them in the council chamber!


The latest leak in Cranleigh?


There’s no better way to embarrass a water authority than to post pictures on social media revealing its inadequacies.

Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend 

Cranleigh councillor Liz Townsend – speaking up for Cranleigh… again… and again.

For many months Thames Water has been made aware of a serious leak affecting the Downslink pedestrian footpath which runs through Cranleigh. The public right of way regularly used is more of a paddling exercise than a walking exercise, and it has nothing to do with rain and everything to do with lack of pipe maintenance.

So get off your butts TW – and fix it! Or don’t even think about bringing in a hosepipe ban when the sun starts to shine, because the people of Cranleigh will not take you seriously.

Leaking water pipes are nothing new to the residents of Cranleigh. Once-upon-a-time the leading flood authority and all the statutory agencies met with villagers including the Cranleigh Society at regular flood forums called by former MP Anne Milton. Now, with MP Angela Richardson in the chair – numerous forums have been postponed or cancelled. So get your keyboard out Angie, and start writing – now?

And perhaps we should also mention that as your Government has decreed that it will be illegal for local authorities to hold Zoom meetings from the 7th of May, may we respectfully suggest that you and your colleagues get back to realtime meetings in Parliament?

Perhaps like local authorities, you could also continue to work through the summer recess?  Then you could re-start the regular flood forums on your patch – and hold bodies like Thames Water to account?


A new way of targeting tumours at The Royal Surrey.


Royal Surrey’s New High-tech Machine Uses AI To Target Cancer Tumours

The Ethos machine radiotherapy team

Royal Surrey has launched online adaptive radiotherapy treatment, a revolutionary technique that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to target tumours with extreme precision and provides a personalised plan for cancer patients on each day of their treatment.

The Trust has invested about £2 million in setting up adaptive radiotherapy treatment using the Varian Ethos© machine. This is only the second of its type in use in the UK and fully rolled out will help 175 cancer patients a year.

The machine’s AI software helps the radiotherapy team adapt and update each patient’s treatment plan in real-time, according to a patient’s anatomy on the day.

This online adaptive approach to radiotherapy has the potential to improve treatment accuracy and consequently reduce the dose delivered to surrounding organs, thereby decreasing radiation side-effects.

A patient using the new  radiotherapy machine

Patient experience has been at the centre of the design of the treatment room, using SkyInside© ceiling panels and calming lighting to help soothe and distract patients during treatment. They have a choice of overhead projections to watch, including beautiful underwater scenes, rain forest canopies, cherry blossom trees and starry night skies.

Marianne Dabbs, associate director of operations for oncology, said: “The Ethos AI software lets us fine-tune and tailor patients’ treatments on the day to take into account any changes affecting their body, such as weight gain, or bladder or bowel emptiness compared with when they had their planning scan.

“It has many benefits, including anticipated improved accuracy. The environment is a fabulous space to improve the experiences of both the patients and staff. There is also the potential for it to reduce the need for some invasive procedures where ‘markers’ are inserted to aid tumour location during radiotherapy.”

Peter Gable, 66, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April last year, is the first patient to receive the new online adaptive treatment. He said: “It’s brilliant to have the chance to try out this new treatment with the latest technology.

“It looks a lot less clinical and daunting when I go into the treatment room and I can see how it’s going to make things simpler and easier for me.

“I really liked seeing the different scenes on the overhead screen in the scanner and being able to choose what music I could listen to as well.”

Louise Stead, chief executive of Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, said: “A great deal of work has gone into researching and investing in the best available options to treat our cancer patients and we’re excited to have this ground-breaking technology to help us achieve the very best health outcomes for them.

“We are extremely proud to be at the forefront of radiotherapy treatment and taking advantage of the latest AI software technology. There are only 10 countries offering this treatment and only one other Trust in the UK.

“At a time when the NHS is under extreme pressure from the Covid pandemic, it is a lovely boost for our patients and staff to launch this new pioneering treatment.”

Town leaders have objected to a Godalming assisted living scheme.


The former Moles Country Store in Brighton Road – will not become a large four-storey apartment block to join the Birchgrove stable of up-market rental homes, if the town council has anything to do with it.?

The bulk, scale and massing of the huge block of bricks and mortar is too much of an overdevelopment of the former retail site in the opinion of Godalming’s Town councillors. The members of its planning group claimed it would look ‘out of place.’

Does the artist’s impression included in the plans look like a two and three-storey block to you? Have we logged onto the right plans? Because ‘Your Waverley’s newly up-dated Planning Portal has gone into a go-slow – that has brought it almost to a STOP. Not much of an incentive for comments – is it?

Coming soon to a controversial site in Godalming?

There were also concerns about the cost of the new units – believed to be in the region of £5,000 per week based on similar Birchgrove properties, including those already built and occupied in Woking. Councillors also said the huge impact of the buildings would impact on all the other buildings in the area and the ‘built heritage’ of Godalming.

Councillors claimed the building is likely to be considered oppressive by people in the area that surrounds the proposed 49 flats in the two and three-storey buildings, two-flats in another two-storey building and a two-room extra care facility in the former Scats office building. A unit which is described as a Grade 11 listed former cow house. The company also proposes to include communal gardens and parking, a restaurant, lounge bar and guest bedrooms.

Neighbours and others have already registered their objection to the proposed development, describing it as ‘downright ugly and people living on South Hill are concerned that they would be overlooked. However, the company argue it will meet a pressing need for specialist accommodation for older people in the Godalming area and will free up other properties. It will also generate jobs in a development close to the town.

Says one objector.

‘Planning of high rise building will impact views on housing in surrounding areas. This site could be used to bring trade into the town which is already struggling. A lot of housing has been built in the area already without any improvement to infrastructure. Not in keeping with designs in the area. Will impede on traffic to the bottom of Brighten Road.’


Godalming’s Neighbourhood Plan indicates it would ‘strongly encourage more older people’s developments in the Farncombe and Godalming area.


Will ‘Your Waverley’ roll over and allow yet another deferral of a controversial Cranleigh application?


Cranleigh Village Health Trust says it is disappointed that Waverley Borough Council is recommending its plans be REFUSED when councillors meet to determine its planning application next week.

‘We’re in yet another sticky situation.


The so-called – Cranleigh Charity doesn’t like the recommendation to REFUSE its latest application for a 64 Private Care Home with 16 community beds and a residential block, so it wants yet another deferral. This despite the fact that Cllr Patricia Ellis has called for it to be heard by the eastern committee next Wednesday!

What part of the words ‘ WE OBJECT’  doesn’t Waverley Borough Councillor Patricia Ellis understand?


Oh, dear! The load gets heavier every day. As letters and petitions opposing the CVHT scheme pour in every day. 

So far – the delays – repeat correspondence informing the public of deferrals, withdrawals, and revisions. Together with pamphlets giving Zoom and public speaking arrangements has cost us, council taxpayers dearly.  Shedloads of cash running into many thousands of pounds for a cash-strapped local authority coping with a pandemic!

However the charity – which garnered several millions of pounds from public donors for a HOSPITAL AND A DAY HOSPITAL – says it has good reasons for seeking yet another deferral for yet another planning application on its 20-year hike. 

WHY? SIMPLES – because it doesn’t like the possible outcome. It is also blaming? Yes, you guessed – Waverley’s planning department and Surrey County Council. Why not the Waverley Web we wonder?

The Cranleigh Community Board crashed overnight along with its 9,000 subscribers because it refused to let the public have their say on this toxic project.  CVHT was Verboten!

Who else could the cloak of blame fall upon? Surrey Heartlands Trust no doubt? Or perhaps the key stakeholder in the project – Cranleigh Parish Council – speaking on behalf of the villagers they represent, and who it was claimed, had refused to speak to them!  Cranleigh charity’s request for ‘private meeting’ UNANIMOUSLY REFUSED.

CVHT says:

Our planning consultant has today requested that the council defer the hearing of our application at committee, for two main reasons.

Reason No 1

Firstly, the report comments about the lack of clarity around how the proposed funding of community benefit would work in practice or be secured via a legal agreement.

We feel this statement is unfair and prejudicial to the application, as we have been awaiting comments from Waverley Borough Council about the draft legal agreement, known as a Section 106 agreement.

When our earlier application was refused in November 2019, the report at the time explained that “The case for development at this large scale is considered to be substantiated and it is reasonable to concur that the community beds can be secured via a legal agreement”.

There now appears to have been a significant change in this view, but we have not received any explanation for the change.

As we have not been given the opportunity to engage with Waverley Borough Council about the wording of a legal agreement, to demonstrate how this would work, we are concerned that councillors will have an unreasonable doubt in their minds on this matter.

Reason No 2 –

The second reason for requesting a deferral is to give us more time to consider the newly submitted comments from Surrey County Council.

“These comments suggest that Surrey County Council has ‘sufficient capacity for residential care beds through its existing block contract arrangements with care home operators in Surrey.”

We feel this statement contradicts the earlier committee report which states: “…there is a shortage of affordable residential and nursing care home beds that are in line with Surrey County Council’s (SCC) guide price.”

While we accept that there have been some changes in the adult social care sector since this report was published in mid-2019, we have been given no evidence that the massive shortfall mentioned previously has been satisfied, and our proposals would go towards meeting the capacity shortfall, in line with the Surrey County Council guide price.

We need some time to explore this issue by engaging with the Integrated Care Partnership and Surrey County Council, to establish for councillors the current position.

We are also disappointed that our affordable health care accommodation for key workers is given so little positive consideration when it has been improved in terms of the size and type in line with past local comments. Our plans will deliver a form of affordable housing tenure which is the same as that which forms the majority of the affordable housing delivered in Waverley in the last 5 years.

This application for health worker accommodation was first made a long time before the Covid crisis and a direct response to the requests of various local public health bodies.

Our planning application remains the best possible way to fulfil our charitable objectives; securing community benefit through the provision of affordable community beds, along with the significant benefit of genuinely affordable housing provision for our valuable NHS and care sector key workers.


Andy Webb the man who heads the Campaign Group that was formed to oppose the scheme and return the land to the village said this morning.

Dear Waverley Web,
“So now the CVHT want to deter their planning application because WBC recommended refusal. 
How long can they drag it out for this time?”
So when will this outfit get the message?
The public who paid for it – don’t want it? Surrey County Council doesn’t want it! Surrey Heartlands Trust doesn’t want it and neither does Cranleigh Parish Council.
So we ask? Cranleigh Village Health Trust? – Apart from a handful of new boys and girls on the block now called Directors who appear to have a big fat egotistic goose laying a huge golden egg in their laps to pay for this local farce? Who actually does want it? 
So come on Waverley Planners – isn’t it time to tell this outfit its time is up?

What part of the words ‘WE OBJECT’  doesn’t Waverley Borough Councillor Patricia Ellis understand?


Make a date with Pattie on Waverley’s YouTube channel – 6 p.m. on Wednesday 24 February?

Erection of a 64 Bed Care Home, 16 community beds and 14 flats off Knowle Lane Cranleigh.

Cllr Pat Ellis, the last time something or someone disagreed with her.

Surely, her perverse and myopic view cannot be due to the fact that she and her late husband, both former parish councillors who (a) agreed to parish land being swapped for £1 – without seeking a mandate from the public, could it? BIG MISTAKE!

or (b) failing to take The District Valuer’s advice on his valuation of £250,000 for the land? Even BIGGER bloody MISTAKE!

Or maybe it was (c) that while the deceased former Chairman, Brian Ellis (Aka – “they will build homes at Dunsfold over my dead body.” ) agreed to change the wording of the Legal Covenant to make it more open to abuse? COLOSSAL MISTAKE!

Or perhaps it was (d) because the parish council flatly refused to take the land back after the Cranleigh Village HOSPITAL Trust failed to build a HOSPITAL on the land after their five years were up?  EXTRAORDINARY, SHOCKING – ALMIGHTY MISTAKE!

Or perhaps, having supported past plans – in all their guises – and having called it in, despite advice to the contrary on previous occasions – Cllr Patricia Ellis truly believes that what Cranleigh needs is a private nursing home and residential development in the centre of the village? Possibly as a monument to a shed load of mistakes made by herself and her late, unlamented husband and their cronies on the parish council at the time. 

Added to which it would be a slap in the face not only for Cranleigh residents, the MAJORITY of whom are bitterly opposed to these proposals but also to those existing parish councillors – who were not a party to Pattie & Brian’s disastrous decisions – and are now trying their damndest to rectify the mistakes of their predecessors.


Seriously, Pattie, you need to stop defending the indefensible and if you can’t help yourself, then just butt out! This is the second occasion you have called in this application after officers had refused it under their delegated powers. So you have sent another shedload of our cash-strapped local authority’s money down the pan!

Or, are you prepared, as is the view of many of your constituents, to sacrifice Cranleigh on the alter of a couple of narcissistic men’s egos?

Here’s a link to the parish council’s most recent letter OBJECTING. May we respectfully suggest to Cllr Ellis, that it might be a good idea to read it?

Better to keep your mouth closed and thought to be a fool than open it and remove all doubt?


P.S  Just down the road, is the boarded-up Surrey County Council’s Longfields Residential Nursing Home at Killicks in Cranleigh. A former county council dementia and nursing home for 56 residents lies, rotting away – because it and Surrey Heartlands Trust want to provide a different model of care in future by keeping people, wherever they can, in their own homes. A site now included in ‘Your Waverley’s land availability Assessment for 20 dwellings.

Taken from the top of the Waverley Borough Council Planning Portal. There there are now 458 letters of OBJECTION and a petition and 253 in SUPPORT – many of which are for a HOSPITAL and from as far afield as Jersey!

Plus another 64 letters of objection and one of Support since this snapshot was taken!
Parish or Town Council Comments – 25.01 Cranleigh PC Comments pg3
5 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response
    5 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Pat Shepherd (Object)
    5 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Shelly Taylor (Object)
    5 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Andrew Stephens (Object)
    5 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Terence Smith (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Clive Walker (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Jc Napier (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Reg Marchant (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Shane Marriott (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Christine Makubale (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Charlie Elliott (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Michael Brown (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Julian Croft (Object)
    4 February 2021
  • Committee Call-in Correspondence – Councillor Ellis reasons for referral August 2021
    3 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Hilary Wilson (Object)
    3 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Jane Heathcott (Object)
    3 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Linda Halls (Object)
    3 February 2021
  • Neighbour Response – Graham Matthews (Object

Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – That changed its name to Cranleigh Village HEALTH Trust.

And the list goes on, and on.  One local warrior has even carried out an exercise to identify where the SUPPORT comes from. Which include numerous family members of Trustees, duplicate letters from Trustees, and many who still honestly believe the Cranleigh Village Health Trust is going to build them a HOSPITAL!


Cllr Ellis’s letter: Dear Kate.

Thank you for your email and whilst I have not predetermined the matter I do believe that should the officers be minded to refuse this application it should be openly considered and determined by committee.

I believe that many of the objections raised with regard to the previous application have been addressed and that the provision of this facility, which is conveniently situated in the centre of the village, will help to alleviate increasing demands on health care facilities and that the community beds will greatly enhance the existing services available to all residents of Cranleigh and the surrounding area.

The provision of on-site accommodation with private en suite bathroom facilities and individual kitchens will be most helpful to those employed within the health care services who currently find it almost impossible to find affordable housing in the area.

Many thanks and regards. Patricia Ellis
Councillor, Cranleigh West.

Here’s the Officers’ recommendation for the virtual Zoom meeting onWednesday  24 February at 6 p.m.https://modgov.waverley.gov.uk/documents/g3742/Public%20reports%20pack%2024th-Feb-2021%2018.00%20EASTERN%20Planning%20202021.pdf?T=10

‘Your Waverley’ continues to support community organisations – including one in Guildford.


The council has recognised that during the pandemic Waverley’s local community organisations have been going through a torrid time.


 Cllr Michaela Martin told  Waverley’s Executive that the COVID-19 pandemic had proved a challenging time for everyone. She recommended that the current 3 year Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for twelve community organisations should remain the same, but only for one year. This would give all the organisations some certainty for budgeting, staffing and services, until such time as they are able to look again at their business plans and strategies to determine how they would deliver services in the future.

Deputy leader Cllr Paul Follows was pleased to see that certain grants had been reinstated. Two had now been more fairly proportioned – in particular to The Hazelway, in Haslemere and The Clockhouse in Milford.

“It is all about fairness, and recognising the work that is being done by these two organisations.” he said.

Haslewey, Haslemere – An Exemplar Model.

The Haslemere centre had been funded for 2 ½ years towards services for older, lonely and isolated people only. Haslewey had continued to develop its services and provide an exemplar model of delivery. It had worked positively with the Council and is always willing to adapt and try new things. It was felt that this approach should be recognised and increased funding would bring Haslewey up to similar levels of the other day/community centres. The funding would contribute towards the development of services as well as contributing towards overheads.

 Brightwells Gostrey, Farnham – It was proposed that the ‘higher needs grant’ be withdrawn. As staff delivering the higher needs service had been made redundant and the service had ceased operating.

However, the centre continued to deliver the Community Meals Service but had ceased providing all other day centre services. Its board was taking this opportunity to review and refresh all services and the future shape of the organisation. The proposed funding would continue to contribute towards running costs, anticipating that new services/activities will have been shaped by April (restrictions permitting), and possibly elements of the Community Meals Service delivery for 2021/22 only.

The former Tory administration spent £3.2 million on the Gostrey Centre extension to the Memorial Hall – a project which originally was to have been built by Crest at the Brightwells development in East Street at their expense!

How did Waverley Conservatives manage to shrink the Brightwells dividend so much?

Cllr Follows said whilst it was recognised there was a need to look at the ways future grants were paid,  to change them during the present pandemic when organisations were working under such difficult circumstances, would be a deeply troubling thing to do.

  Cllr Martin said the funding would be paid according to the individual SLA agreements, either for the full year, quarterly or half-yearly. This would support the individual organisations’ budget forecasts and cash-flow.

Officers would then work with organisations so that if they were unable to deliver against their SLA, they could adapt their services in such a way as to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, particularly in relation to mental health, loneliness and social isolation as part of their local community response.

Looking to the future.

In 2021 – post-COVID, the relevant Portfolio Holders would work with Officers and the Community Wellbeing Overview & Scrutiny Committee to develop appropriate proposals for longer-term funding based on community needs. 

The Head of Housing and Communities wrote to all 12 organisations in November 2020 advising them that the Council is going through a period of change and facing significant financial challenges, highlighting that the Council needed to find an additional £8 million over the next 4 years. The letter explained that this will have an impact on any commissioning process and funding decisions in the future. The SLA budget is a discretionary fund and, along with its other budgets, the Council will need to review its future financial support to community organisations.

This Annex provides details on all the grants provided by Waverley Borough Council in Waverley and in Guildford.

Annexe 1 – SLA proposals 2021-22

     The Executive RESOLVED to:

  1. i)approve the renewal of the current SLAs with the 12 partner organisations for one year only, 2021/22 at the proposed levels of funding as shown in Annexe 1 and as part of the budget setting process.
  2. ii)approve the withdrawal of funding to Brightwells Gostrey for the higher needs service and divert these funds to Haslewey to support services for older people and contribute towards running cost as shown in Annexe 1.

       Agree on the establishment of an Executive Working Group to review the councils funding mechanism to voluntary sector organisation from 1 April 2022.

Organisations WBC  funds through Service Level Agreements


Funding levels

Three-year SLAs, 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2021

Organisation Funding per year
Citizens Advice Waverley £210,000
Waverley Hoppa Community Transport £108,000
Farnham Maltings Outreach £33,000
Haslewey Community Centre £26,000
The Clockhouse £53,000
Farncombe Day Centre £66,000
Cranleigh Arts Centre £22,000
Brightwells Gostrey Centre £55,000
Rowleys Centre for the Community £55,000
Voluntary Action South West Surrey £8,000
Farnham Assist £8,000
Age UK Surrey £26,105

Is time for the people of Waverley to come to the aid of Farnham?


If a Government Inspector allows Bewley Homes to develop land in Badshot Lea it will send an Exocet missile through Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan and could herald open season for other developers to build in Farnham.


Is another Neighbourhood Plan about to hit Waverley’s wheelie bin?

        Oh! Carole

The very integrity of the Neighbourhood Plan that  Waverley Borough Councillor Carole Cockburn slaved over for years is now at stake with this single application. Is it any wonder she looks so glum?

Last week it was Haslemere calling for support from everyone: The temperature may be dropping in ‘ Your Waverley’ but its rising in Haslemere.
So WHY DOES Farnham needs your help. National Housebuilder Bewley Homes has appealed the refusal of their application for building 140 houses at Land at Lower Weybourne Lane, Badshot Lea. The site was excluded from both the 2017 Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and the revised 2020 copy which received the full backing of residents with an extraordinary 95.5% support.

The Farnham Society strongly objected to the application when it was considered and subsequently refused by Waverley `Planners. It will submit similar comments to the Planning Inspector for his consideration at the Public Inquiry.

It is now asking everyone to write to the Inspector and record that the site is not included within the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan 2020 and the appeal should be dismissed.
Waverley Planners refused the scheme because:
  • It outside the settlement
  • In the countryside
  • On Flood Zone 2
  • On land that is potentially contaminated
  • The Strategic Gap between Farnham and Aldershot.
  • On land that planning consent has been refused in: Twice in the 1950s;1986; 2013; and 2020. 
After all – it isn’t just Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan that is at stake here, is it? A decision here could impact on all those other local plans – Haslemere; Godalming; Cranleigh’s and others that are either completed or well on their way.

Application Reference: WA/2019/1905

Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/R3650/W/20/3262641

Deadline for commenting: Thursday 25 February 2021

Address for hardcopy letters: Alison Dyson, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN

Historically the Inspectorate has required three copies of any written representation.

Representations can be online via https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ 

Enter the Planning Inspectorate number 3262641 in the ‘Search for a Case’ box and then click on the ‘Make representation’ box which moves you towards an opportunity to complete a request for your details.

If you can find time to write to the Inspector and simply say that the proposals are contrary to the ‘made’ Farnham Neighbourhood Plan the Society says it would be very grateful.

Coming soon to a controversial site in Godalming?


Now’s the time for the residents of Godalming to have their say on the future of the Mole Country Store formerly the  SCATS  buildings.   Retail went a few years back. Now developers want – the important site to make way for posh assisted living units.
Typical rent for a two-bedroom property is in the region of £5,000 per month – but with only council tax to pay. All other utilities and services are included.
More detail here.
Birchgrove wants to build 53 flats with 24-hour care in a three, and part five-storey building, in extensive landscaped grounds. There would be two buildings and alterations to the listed building – formerly Alan Paine Knitwear, following demolition of the existing buildings. 
Birchgrove operates a portfolio of extra-care developments offering contemporary self-contained apartments in new purpose-built facilities. There is already a Birchgrove home in nearby Woking.

Different from your usual assisted-living home.


The company claims to be different from most other extra care developments in the country, as it works on a rental model. It believes that renting a home instead of owning is the most liberating form of tenure for older people seeking extra care. This offers the benefits of independent living whilst removing the complication of homeownership? The proposed one and two-bedroom apartments are only available for weekly rent to people over the age of 65.
Typical rent for a two-bedroom property is in the region of £5,000 per month – but with only council tax to pay. All other utilities and services are included.
So if you want to have your say: on the former Moles Country Store in Brighton Road – speak up now or forever hold your peace.

Cllrs call for comments.

The official description for the application is as follows:
Erection of 2 buildings and alterations to existing Listed Building to provide 53 assisted living units (Use Class C2) with associated communal facilities, landscaping, amenity space and parking following demolition of the existing warehouse building.
 Link to the application and to comment:

A nasty shunt for the hapless Hunt?


Plastered – NO SILLY! Not that kind of plastered (although you could be forgiven for thinking he’d had one too many in the circumstances) as our MP recovers in the arms of the NHS at The Royal Surrey after hitting the road.

This week will not go down as one of his finest for our South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt and Valentine’s hug for Mrs H is looking decidedly awkward.

Our keen runner took a tumble on a patch of ice – not exactly his first slip-up though is it?

It may be churlish to hit a man when he’s down. But this week he made a Mea Culpa – in fact, a Maxima Mea Culpa. Saying: “I share blame for NHS response.”

About time too!  Was the muttered opinion of one or two of our correspondents but others felt he deserved praise for his honesty.

The Rt Hon gentleman admitted and has accepted that he shares some of the blame for the slow response to the pandemic because the health system was “on the back foot” due to decisions he made as health secretary.

Praise the Lord!  At last!  A politician owning up to his mistakes.  Did he take the lead from the Head-Honcho, when Boris humbled himself before the country when the death toll reached 100,000?

We here at the Waverley Web wonder what JH thought of the comments made by Annabel Denham, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, in our post yesterday? A failing NHS or poor Government policy and decision-making?

A failing NHS or poor Government policy and decision-making?

Mr Hunt, who was health secretary from 2012 to 2018, said he regretted failing to boost the NHS workforce numbers earlier in his tenure. He said failure to ensure adequate staff had held back England’s test and trace efforts. He also acknowledged “groupthink” in focusing pandemic preparations on influenza, rather than on more virulent Sars-like pathogens.

Well done Jeremy – you have lifted our spirits, here at the Waverley Web, even though yours may be a little low at the moment. A man prepared to admit his mistakes is as rare as hen’s teeth.

We at the Waverley Web wish you a speedy recovery and hope you enjoy spending more time with your family – even though they may be painting a picture that you would rather not have on your drawing rooms walls?!


A failing NHS or poor Government policy and decision-making?


One of our followers watched this debate this week. Within moments of watching the smug, opinionated Annabel Denham of the Institute of Economic Affairs we began tearing our hair out from the roots. Somewhat difficult for some of our more follicly challenged guys! 

No doubt NHS workers were too busy on the front-line, suffocating under the weight of their PPE, masked up, gloved-up and booted to listen to the insufferable Annabel who works for the right-wing think tank which is funded by anonymous donors. The very same think tank that was involved in a cash for questions row? Perhaps they will watch this if they are not too exhausted if, and when they ever get home! 

So the question is?

Q Is the National Health Service to blame for all our ills – or is it poor political decision-making by successive Governments? We will let you be the judge.

Staffing is an issue keeping NHS leaders awake at night. And just like ‘Your Waverley,’ it is the staffing budget which consumes a large part of its spending. In the case of the NHS – two thirds.  

For most NHS workers the last 11 months have been the most stressful of their careers. A horrible mixture of last-minute redeployment, understaffing, exhaustion, and facing a brand-new disease with initially few treatment options. They reached their limit months ago.

With barely any time to briefly recover, the second wave hit, seeing acute, general and intensive care beds fill up.

Well-being initiatives ebbed and flowed – with some trusts scrapping things (like free car parking and hot meals at night) only to bring them back again as the second peak emerged.

And the government’s hard-line on staff pay will not have helped to boost fading morale. In fact, we here at the WW have first-hand knowledge of senior staff who have just given up.

Although COVID hospital admissions have started to fall and 13 million people are now vaccinated, staff are still under immense pressure in all care settings. Any pressure from the centre to start recovering suspended services would be premature.

The public will, of course, be hopeful that normal service will resume from the spring, and fairly so, but this is not only dependent on hospital capacity but also staff recovery. It is perhaps easier to focus on available beds rather than the number of people able to staff them.

Commenting about staff well-being on Twitter, following a piece from NHS Providers’ Chris Hopson, chief executive of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital FT Sarah-Jane Marsh stressed:

“There can be no service recovery without people recovery.”

“In children’s services, people recovery means actually treating children again,” she added, highlighting how the impact of COVID has spread far beyond acute and intensive care.

With trusts making very positive sounds about their staff vaccination campaigns, they are right to be hopeful sickness rates will improve. But there is currently no vaccine for burn out.


Due to a change in rules, key workers are able to carry over four weeks’ leave into the next two years, and employers should ensure staff do this. Without giving staff a proper break the NHS risks losing its greatest asset.


Farnham’s Blightwell’s not coming soon?


The opening of Surrey County Council’s flagship development at Brightwells Yard was to have opened next month – then postponed to July – and now until September. Will the 25 shops and restaurants open in time for Christmas?

As you will gather from the clip Waverley’s Portfolio holder for Planning & Development is full of optimism prompted by the developer. Possibly as a Surrey County Councillor, he needs to look on the bright side of life, as a former administration there invested a shedload of money around £54million when a private investor couldn’t be found to back the scheme. The mixed housing/retail development in East Street includes 25 retail units 8 of which are restaurants.  Here’s the present state of play on our specially designed Waverley Web sticker board. For those in the borough that don’t shop in Farnham – Sainsbury’s has been there for years.

Here’s what The Farnham Society thinks of the unpopular development in the link below.

As Blightwells continues to rear its ugly head the opening has been delayed – again.

He also gives an update on Local Plan Part 2 – which has been out for public consultation.


Will the High Street blight hit Blightwells?

You do have to admire developer Crest Nicholson’s supreme confidence in its abilities to let 70% of the units. Perhaps its a BOGOF – buy one get one free?