You’ve heard of Wikileaks – well now its Cranleighleaks!

Sing-along to Happy days are here again… 

No, not the  leaks you are more used to hearing from the Waverley Websters – “the secret antics of Waverley folk!”


Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 20.50.30.png

As if the poor beleaguered village of Cranleigh doesn’t have enough problems with being described by some as –  Stinksville – due to the all-pervading smell of sewage wafting over the village, boasts  high house prices and more coffee shops than Notting Hill. Just as well really because for some  Flat Whites are all they can drink. 

We  blogged more than a month ago about the  thousands of bottles of water being delivered by Thames Water lorries to residents due to a huge break-down in the water supply.  – Schools and businesses closed!  Road chaos, and the march of the angry great unwashed!


The area of Elmbridge in West Cranleigh,  under siege from  developers and shortly to host many hundreds of new homes, looks like this: And… it’s not the only place.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 21.03.45.png
Water, water everywhere – pictured in Elmbridge Road.

Villagers can thank their lucky stars they have the Cranleigh Civic Society watching out and speaking , no, more like SHOUTING,  up for them – because “Your Waverley’s ” Planners don’t  give a damned and are just piling on the agony!

Now come all you over here in Farnham, and… in 

Godalming, Haslemere and all the villages around – spare a thought for poor old Cranleigh?

We know you all have problems of your own including the odd Judicial Review, but take a minute and click on the Cranleigh Society’s website and read for yourselves what that poor village is suffering – and…

the development of the first 800 of 1,500 houses hasn’t  even begun yet! Though we have heard that Crest Nicholson of “Rip off Britain” fame is just about to start throwing up homes in the Horsham Road, complete with sewage holding tanks – to gently drip into the main sewers, due to lack of capacity!

Happy days are here again?


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