Cranley Hotel bites back.

Recently, there has been much mutter in the Cranleigh area about the new ownership of its most iconic hotel. The Cranley, which overlooks the famous cricket common.


Gang warfare hits the streets of Cranleigh.

In days gone by, it was visited by famous English and Australian cricketers – including the Bedser twins. The former home of the late England captain Peter May (who captained England in 41 tests)  stands proudly overlooking the cricket square on the opposite side of the common.

We will not repeat some of the claims about the hotel’s new owners and some of the shenanigans that followed the re-opening under new management. Suffice to say, the hotel was unfairly blamed for some unruly behaviour in the village.

Now, a villager has responded to claims made on our WW comments page. And in our post

Said John Dennison.

I have to say what a load of rubbish you have written about the Cranley Hotel and its effect on Cranley (sic).

I can only think you have not lived in Cranleigh for decades like myself and many others. If you had, you would know how Cranleigh is an amazing place full of amazing, good people from all walks of life!

As the licensee for the property, I’m able to correct you on your inaccuracies.

 Firstly, the new owner is a very successful and respected businessman who has lived his entire life in the Cranleigh area.

Since the Cranley has been bought and reopened, there has not been any trouble at the premises, and both the police and licencing authority will back this up.

 The trouble in the high street had nothing to do with anyone who drank at the Cranley hotel premises, and only those ignorant of the truth would report such rubbish. To suggest anything different is to suggest that people may have their own agendas.
Indeed, those involved had been drinking in The Onslow.
The Onslow is another wonderful establishment in our village.

 The local people close to the Cranley Hotel have been coming in daily and enjoying the facilities.

The rooms at The Cranley have been renovated to a high standard and are now open for bed and breakfast.
The pub is currently closed whilst options on decor are being decided.

 The parish council do not have authority on licencing. This is a Waverley Borough Council function.

The Waverley Web has removed an unsubstantiated claim against a former chairman and the clerk of Cranleigh Parish Council.

Mr Dennison continued: 

I myself am moving to another licensed venue locally and leaving two amazing ladies in charge of the Cranley Hotel who have helped make it the great new venue it is. I hope that the local community give them the support that they and the new owner deserve to have as good local people.
Very good people who’ve made massive improvements to a pub and hotel that has been run down and mismanaged for many previous years in the area. It now has a successful future to look forward to.



4 thoughts on “Cranley Hotel bites back.”

    1. This is normal.
      Very few owners of pubs are licencees.
      Most lease the properties out, and the tenants become the licensee.

  1. Could someone get back to me From the hotel please

    We’re booked in on the 17th, had no reply via email and no answer on the phone

    1. We will attempt to find a contact for you. As far as we are aware, the Hotel is currently closed.

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