Ewhurst villagers getting angry in the stomping grounds of their MP

The residents of Ewhurst are following in the footsteps of their neighbours in “Poor old Alfold”.

MP for Guildford, Cranleigh Ewhurst and villages Angela Richardson

 Alfold residents have appealed to MP Angela Richardson for help, to no avail; however, she may respond to cries for help from the village where her family resides in Ewhurst? Or, will she turn her back on them too and remain silent for her old Tory colleagues?

WHY? Because the eastern villages and the Surrey Hills are alive with the sound of objections from residents fed up with cement lorries rolling through their rural villages.

Former County Councillors – the Young Duo turn developers?

Former Tory county councillors Victoria & Alan Young want to join other successful developers currently concreting over Ewhurst, and villagers claim they are responding to “greed and not need.”

Mr & Mrs Young have submitted an outline planning application to build 20 homes at Tree Tops, Mapledrakes Rd, Ewhurst, following the demolition of an existing dwelling. Not that there are so many treetops there because lots of them, say The Forestry Commission have “illegally” been given the chop!

Letters are pouring into Waverley Borough Council’s planning department objecting to an application by Alan and Victoria Young, both former Surrey County Councillors for Ewhurst and  Cranleigh.

Villagers say Ewhurst’s  Neighbourhood Plan lays out in great detail (and after an enormous amount of time and input from numerous parties) why certain sites are more or less appropriate for development.

The recent developments in Cherry Tree Lane, Chanrossa and Firethorn Farm will result in a huge increase in traffic, air pollution, and excessive strain on local services and schools, and this development would only add to these problems. The original overall target number of new homes in Ewhurst by 2032 jas already been well exceeded. 

This proposed site was not included in the NP and in fact, lies outside the settlement boundary of the village. As Ewhurst has already met and exceeded the quantity of expected development for Waverley council, it seems even more appropriate that the recommendations of the NP should be respected in full.

Waverley Officer laden down with applications or objections

Others say in  their objections on ‘Your Waverley’s ‘ Planning Portal:

We have been inundated with new houses far and above the original plan for Ewhurst.

The houses being allowed are not suitable for the village’s requirements ( i.e. affordable housing for the young and small homes for the elderly). The number of properties being approved is detrimental to the village, with no allowances made for the infrastructure.

All general services such as doctors, dentists, shopping etc. being located in Cranleigh.

“Mapledrakes Road is already over busy with parked cars causing a hazard for local users ( cars parked are not solely the residents). The proposed buildings are not in keeping with the surrounding area. This village is being destroyed through greed and not need.”

You can view dozens of objections here: Waverley Planing Portal – Treetops


Treetops Planning History


Another  says:

I strongly object on the following grounds

  •  Ewhurst is a small village with limited infrastructure that is already buckling under the strain of two large developments currently under construction. These developments have already allocated new properties over the amount required by the Waverley Local Plan.


  •  The loss of many hundreds of square metres of grassland and woodland to concrete, tarmac and non-porous surfaces will lead to surface runoff into the ancient woodland, and cobblers brook watercourse will result in further damage to wildlife and create an unnecessary flooding risk on the steeply graded site, that not all drainage will capture.


  •  Increased traffic on a quiet residential road. Not only will the increased traffic from residents contribute to damage and traffic for Mapledrakes road and the Glebe (The Glebe recently had pavement repairs due to HGV damage as it is not suitable) but also the 8 wheeled HGV’s needed for soil removal and deliveries driving up and down to the site will further destroy the village, especially as both Glebe and Mapledrakes entrances are virtually single-lane access due to parked cars, not to mention the constructions workers vehicles which have already obliterated the footpath on other developments on the Green in Ewhurst.


  • . Light pollution from new houses in the proposed new development which will again change forever the quiet Village ambience of the darkness that makes a village a special place to live, adding this light pollution so near to woodland and an AONB is further proof that profits of developers mean more than the feelings of local communities.


Felling of ancient woodland and allegedly breaching Forestry Commissions act 1967 should itself be indicative of the lengths developers will go to in order to circumvent plans and push their developments through. Not only is the site unsuitable for this type and size of development it would destabilise the delicate eco structure of the woodland it is adjacent too and should be rejected in its entirety. I could go on but the dozens of objections expressed by residents and official bodies should give you a feeling that this development IS NOT NEEDED!!!


MP Angela Richardson turns her back on her constituents yet again?

Perhaps the MP for Guildford will stop promoting herself and start looking after the concerns of her constituents?

Or, perhaps she will leave it to her Waverley & Surrey County Council colleagues to do her job for them?

Angela Richardson turns her back on the public by sending out standard letters like the one below and then doesn’t follow up. Not too busy to keep updating her profile picture on her Facebook page and posting piccy’s of bumping elbows with her fellow politicians.  Or sending nasty Tweets to Radio Presenters. Apparently, we understand she provoked another Twitter storm earlier this week with the same Radio Presenter.

Oh dear! Guildford’s Hon Angela has dropped herself in heavy-duty dog doo by calling a Radio Presenter an ‘ARSE.’

The Waverley Web regularly receives messages from the constituents of Guildford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson who repeatedly ignores the very genuine concerns of the people she was elected to represent.  Fortunately for us over here in Farnham, we don’t appear to have the same problem with our MP Jeremy Hunt.

The latest resident, who wishes not to be named as she may then never get a response, still awaits a reply… saying

“Always great to get a positive response from my MP?”

Dear Constituent,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. This is to confirm that my office has received it and that we are working to solve your query.

Did you include everything in your e-mail?

As Member of Parliament for Guildford, I can only make enquiries on behalf of constituents, so please make sure that you have provided your full name, address, and postcode.

You can check if I am your Member of Parliament by clicking here.

If you are writing to me after being in touch with local authorities or Government Departments, please attach your full correspondence with those institutions, including any relevant reference numbers.

If you have omitted to include any of the above in your message, please resend it, adding in the relevant information.

What can I help with?

I want to be able to help wherever I can and as quickly as possible, so please make sure that before writing to me you have exhausted all other avenues of action.

If you are writing about a local issue, such as planning or local services, I would advise to write to your County or Borough councillors first, or the appropriate Council Department. You can find your County councillors here. To find your Guildford Borough councillors click here, or for your Waverley Borough councillors click here.

If you are writing with a complaint regarding a Government service, contacting the relevant Department, agency, or Ombudsman is the best and quickest route. I can take your case up with these institutions if you are not satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with.

Members of Parliament cannot offer legal advice, so please turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau for free independent advice. You can find their website here.

How do I deal with campaigns and policy-related e-mails?

I get hundreds of e-mails regarding Government policy every day, including campaigns. Some issues and campaigns often resurge. In order to read my position on longstanding issues, please check the ‘Policy Replies’ section on my website, by clicking here. This is where I upload comprehensive explanations on my positions.

How soon will you hear back from me?

I aim to respond to casework enquiries within 5 working days and to policy-related ones within 15 working days.


If your case requires me to forward correspondence to a Department, waiting times will be longer, depending on how busy that Department is and how quickly they come back to me.

How do I use your data?

I process all cases in strict accordance with GDPR. By e-mailing in, you give me permission to store your information and share relevant data about you and your circumstances with the relevant authorities, in order to get you the help you need.

You can read my full Privacy Policy here.

Please rest assured that my team and I are doing all that we can to ensure that you get a response in a timely manner.

With best wishes always,

Angela Richardson MP

Member of Parliament for Guildford

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 5851

Find me on:

Facebook; Twitter; My Website.


Residents kicking up a stink with our MPs

Residents are revolting – and organising a protest against the government’s sewage plans this weekend. And outraged at Guildford MP Angela Richardson voting for sewage dumping. And outraged that Jeremy Hunt MP just ducked the issue completely and failed to turn up. Is that a stain on his record or an abstain? (Essentially if you disagree with the Tory whip, pretend you are busy)

Jeremy has rapidly come clean with this fudge of a statement for his electors:

ENVIRONMENT BILL Following the outcry over the government overturning of a Lords amendment that would introduce a duty on water companies to prevent sewage discharges into our rivers (something I did not support) I’m pleased to say that the government has had a rethink. They will now move a government amendment to put a similar duty on to these companies which will do a great deal to help clean up rivers like the Wey.

“Which will do a great deal for the River Wey??” How exactly??

A peaceful and officially organised group against 💩 in rivers are meeting at Guildford Bridge, bottom High St, Guildford, 3pm on Saturday 30th October. Maybe see you there?

These graphics have been produced by the Lib Dems and the Green Party, so clearly this issue might cause a stink on the doorstep in the future!

Will Bojo be bumping elbows with Angela Richardson and sticking Jeremy back in the cabinet bunker where he longs to be?

Perhaps SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt, after praising the Prime Minister for finally… “biting the bullet,” believes Sajid is keeping the post warm for him in the imminent cabinet reshuffle?

The Hon Angie Richardson MP for Guildford and Cranleigh shared her concerns to the Prime Minister during the Social Care debate.   She sought some assurances where the lashings of extra tax would actually be spent?

Angie bobbed up and down for hours in the chamber and was finally rewarded by the Speaker.

She was not alone – NHS management prompted suspicion from a couple of MP’s.

Angela and Damian Green (Con, Ashford) demanded reassurances that all extra funding would reach the front line. She asked the Prime Minister to ensure that it wouldn’t be spent on more NHS “middle management.” Fair point Angie, we have all been wondering that. Well done for bringing that little hot potato up.

When it comes to our health service, additional funding tends to get swallowed faster than a slippery fish down a sea lion’s gullet.

The Department of Stealth & Total Obscurity has already begun recruiting 42 additional pen-pushing middle managers on salaries of up to £270,000 a year. Nice little earner? So your concerns were valid, Angie. The national insurance increases imposed on us hard-working plebs have already begun sliding towards the dark recesses of the wallets of yet more managers while the nursing staff satisfy themselves with the seed corn thrown at them. Is it any wonder they are either leaving or considering leaving the NHS snd Social Care in their droves?

 Hardworking taxpayers will foot a punishing bill from a hike in national insurance, taking the tax burden to a 70-year high. It’s not just employees but employers who will be hit hard too. There’s a reason that employers’ national insurance is called the “jobs tax” – it will increase the cost of hiring when we need employment to bounce back. This tax rise will only stifle job creation and wage increases.

So where will that £12 billion go?

We here at the Waverley Web started to think that for the first time since she arrived in Westminister, our MP, was not sycophantically following the Tory whips. Sadly later in the day, she spoiled her early concerns  by blaming previous Labour Governments for ‘not mending the roof when it began leaking.’ Blah, Blah, and more blah. No mention by you on the removal of the triple lock on your elector’s pensions or taxes on their dividends – pity about that.

Oh well, another shedload of our Waverley MPs’ manifesto promises down the pan!

Only months after dumping Twitter the Hon Angie has dumped the Waverley Web!


Angela Richardson has blocked the Waverley Web on Twitter 😯
It’s because she’s sick of seeing our awesomeness all over the place 🤓 and we dared to comment ONCE, just ONCE, on her Twitter page.
Don’t worry; we get it, Angie … when you can’t take the heat, you get out of the kitchen!😂
A bit of an own goal, really. We receive all your daft Tweets – congratulating everyone in Government, including the Downing Street cat, dog, and other incumbents you can find, from others.