Jeremy Hunt – boundary changes are ‘terrible for me personally’

Will our MP soon become MP for Ash Vale??

In the new chancellors’ constituency email, Jeremy Hunt admitted the proposed Constituency Boundary changes were a real challenge. He said:

“This week, the proposals for new parliamentary constituency boundaries in England, Scotland & Northern Ireland have just been published by the relevant Boundary Commissions.

I need to understand the implications of the report, which are terrible for me personally. After proudly representing Godalming, Farnham & Haslemere (and their surrounding villages) for over 17 years, it looks like I will have to choose between two halves of a constituency that is basically being cut in two – a frankly impossible and heart-breaking choice. There is now a 4-week consultation, and I will not be rushing this particularly difficult decision.”

Oh, dear! Now poor old Jeremy has something else on his mind other than filling that big black hole in the nation’s finances. Hanging on to his seat?

Here is the proposed split of South West Surrey:

Godalming and Ash Constituency :

This includes Godalming, splits Haslemere in half, and adds Shalford, Shamley Green, and Cranleigh and Ash from Guildford. Ash? Really? Not sure going over the North Downs is something we ever do in Waverley!

Farnham and Bordon Constituency:
Farnham adds Headley, Lindford, and Whitehall and Bordon new towns and retains Haslemere East. A whole new growth area and a very different constituency area!

A University town and a new town – may not bode well for a true blue candidate.


Should we all now be calling for a General Election?

Is our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt our very own Silent Assassin?

Although his time may be running out in Waverley – he’s having the time of his life in Westminster.

With a little help from his friends, our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has helped unseat our Prime Minister. Or should we say two Prime Ministers?

Here at the Waverley Web, we are in no doubt that our Jeremy, despite protestations of shock at the invitation from Liz Truss to save her premiership by becoming her Chancellor –

the gentleman doth protest too much.

Did poor Lizzie realise he would take a wrecking ball to her plans in one fell swoop? Did she not understand that his plans were already in place with his friend Rishi?  

But Oh, dear! Did Jeremy reckon on the Bouncing Boris freshly tanned from his Caribbean sojourn, ready and able to take the chair still warm from lamentable Lizzie?  We here at the Waverley Web are forced to revert to our well-used phrase – you really, really, couldn’t make it up. 

Johnson vows to save party from election wipeout

So the man whose interference in  Dunsfold Aerodrome’s planning debacle (the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley) brought unwanted development to hundreds of our green fields, is sitting pretty – for now. The same man who was the longest-serving health secretary who upset every junior doctor in the country and left us unprepared for a pandemic is in charge.  Perhaps we should remind him that the NHS waiting list has risen to a shameful 7 MILLION!  Envy of the world? Really?

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Jeremy Hunts speaks with forked tongue.

Our South West Surrey MP says one thing and acts another way on fracking. And Guilford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson – Abstains  So no surprises there then!

Jeremy tests the wind direction. Frack or no frack?

FRACK!! Because I am now the Chancellor so sod Waverley’s  ‘Stop the UKOG brigade’ protesting against oil/gas exploration on my patch.

You can see Hunt protesting with them in the picture below. However, his political ambitions now override his principles.

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Is our NHs safe(ish) in the hands of our MP Jeremy Hunt?

“I think the public is desperate for politicians to speak truthfully – but it isn’t always easy.”

So said Jeremy Hunt last Wednesday – illustrating the point with a story about how as health secretary he would tell the media the NHS had all the money it needed, while privately lobbying for more.

He added: “The most important thing – is never, ever tell a lie.”

Had he known what would happen less than 48 hours after the Shoreham Festival event he would have no doubt been more circumspect in his remarks about NHS funding?

However, thanks to this quirk in timing, we now have a clear view of the views the new chancellor carries into his job.

Of course, those views will have collided pretty quickly with what goes for reality in a Liz Truss government, because our Jeremy has his eye on the top job. Always has, always will.

Appearing on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme on Saturday morning, Waverley’s SW Surrey MP said that:

“all” government departments would be asked to make “efficiencies”. Asked if that included the Department of Health and Social Care, he simply repeated “all”.

The service now faces a chancellor who will agree with NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard’s remarks just a week ago that

“the money is a f**king nightmare.”

Jeremy believes his record tenure as health secretary gives him a unique insight into where the NHS can make savings.

Mr Hunt’s knowledge of what is going on in the NHS world will also be supplemented by the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Edward Argar – who served as DHSC minister of state through the pandemic.

NHSE is, of course, on track to nearly halve the 22,000 strong posts that a range of mergers have handed it. Mr Hunt will likely want that reduction driven harder and faster now he is in the driving seat. Expect a focus on areas like spending on agency staff – which is rising despite repeated attempts to restrict it.

Mr Hunt is expected to exercise influence across the government. Many insiders describe him as its “chief executive,” with prime minister Liz Truss as a disempowered non-executive chair who is heading for a quick exit.

However, we believe it is Rishi pulling Jeremy’s strings from behind the scenes.

The photo below was taken in Godalming Wilfred Noyce Centre in August but could be from the future.  Did they have a cunning plan then perhaps?

Everything comes to those who wait?

In this context, even ignoring his unparalleled experience, both good and bad,   his views on health and care reform are highly significant.

This might first manifest itself in the appearance – finally – of a long-term workforce plan for the NHS. This has been blocked by the Treasury for years because of fears that it would commit future governments to potentially unsustainable levels of funding.  Well now he is The Treasury! So can put his money where his mouth is.

But it is perhaps social care where Mr Hunt’s influence might be most telling. When at the DHSC he argued strongly, but unsuccessfully, for a long-term social care plan to match the NHS plan launched by NHSE in January 2019.

Mr Hunt told the Shoreham event:

“We won’t solve the problems in the NHS till we look at the social care system as well.”

He is, of course, right – and now he can do something about it. But will he that is the question. And will he get time?  The pundits think not for our SW Surrey MP. If there was a General Election today – he would be out!!