Our Jeremy – out at last?


Our MP Jeremy Hunt is taking Surrey PRIDE by painting Godalming, almost all the colours of the rainbow.

However, if this group have anything to do with it, he may not have much longer to smile with Pride?

Here’s what one of his Godalming constituents had to say :

How nice of you to swing by to virtue signal. I assume from tomorrow on; you’ll get back to your regular routine of ignoring voters wholesale Eh Mr Hunt?

Cllr Nick Palmer – Labour Waverley Borough Councillor and former MP takes PRIDE in the Godalming Festival.

He said:

Really nice PRIDE event in Godalming today. I was struck by the spontaneous applause from crowds of passers-by. I think there’s a lot of tolerance around, plus simple joy at having a festival in Godalming again after the bleak last 18 months. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Labour stand, including the queues all day for Kate Cooney’s washable tattoos. (I’m wondering what my colleagues in the office will think when they see mine.)

3 thoughts on “Our Jeremy – out at last?”

  1. I’m certainly not a Jeremy Hunt supporter, but I do detect a certain bias when he is accused of “campaigning” but it’s somehow OK for the LibDems to do so, even more blatantly? (didn’t see JH wearing his political party lanyard)

    1. I think in this case we weren’t campaigning per se – (alongside our allies) we run Godalming Town Council who helped to host the event. Cllr Penny Rivers and I worked with Surrey Pride in the hope of getting Godalming selected as the host too.

    2. It just seems he hasn’t rocked up anywhere recently – we understand our two MP’s are afraid, very afraid, that their time is running out.

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