Want to know more about the woman behind the bid to build a new WINGS museum in Alfold.

This post comes with a health warning to the locals:

Don’t complain when the development starts – or you might find Alfold painted RED!


You can read our post on the appeal decision last November to allow a 10,000 square metre building to be erected adjacent to Dunsfold Park off the Dunsfold Road in Alfold. 


An appeal to build Dunsfold Airfield Mark 2 – on land adjacent to Dunsfold has been ALLOWED.

Now read about the woman who is funding the project to bring the hudge national visitor attraction into the heart of a once, quiet rural village on the Surrey/Sussex borders.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 22.05.59.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 21.59.16.pngA woman who angered her neighbours by decorating her multimillion-pound townhouse with red and white stripes can ignore a planning order to repaint the property, the high court has ruled.

Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring, a property developer, painted candy stripes on the three-storey facade of the terrace home in South End, Kensington, west London, in March 2015.

She has denied that the paint job was done to spite neighbours who objected to her plans to demolish the property, currently used for storage, and replace it with a new home.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea served her with a notice under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, requiring her to repaint “all external paintwork located on the front elevation white” within 28 days. But she refused saying:

The council said:

“The condition and appearance of the property, particularly the red and white painted stripes on the front elevation, is incongruous with the streetscape of South End and the local area.”

After failed appeals to magistrates and Isleworth crown court last year, Lisle-Mainwaring launched judicial review action at the high court in London. On Monday, a judge ruled in her favour and quashed the notice.

One issue was whether a notice served under section 215 of the 1990 act “may be used when the complaint is that the planning authority considers that the choice of painting scheme harms amenity”.

17 thoughts on “Want to know more about the woman behind the bid to build a new WINGS museum in Alfold.”

  1. This is not so unusual. One of my customers, for many years when Brian and I ran a Builders Merchants, was a small developer. Whenever he was refused a planning application, often for spurious reasons, by the local Planning Dept (Elmbridge) he would surround the property with barbed wire. Neighbours complained and planning was forthcoming.

    Planning departments across the Country, particularly Waverley, are run by people who are wedded to a set of rules that they apply vigorously against individuals but turn a blind eye when it comes to large Developers.

    I will be stand for Milford in the forthcoming by election and the main thrust of my argument will be against the overwhelming development being allowed across the Borough.

  2. Let us hope the developer of the consented Wings Museum doesn’t do anything drastic. She already has her planning permission, so it is up, up and here she comes.

    As for the overwhelming amount of development in the borough – shutting the gate after the horse has bolted comes to mind. Shedloads of new home already consented.
    What will you be standing as may we ask?

  3. I love this woman.
    She is not intimidated, refuses to be bullied and takes a stand.
    She is strong, amusing and I think she is amazing

  4. I’m glad this lady has finally been able to build the home she wants .
    I own a modest little home in Australia living on a pension , I’ve been so interested in following this ladies story .
    Her money her house home ! She can spend her money on what ever she wants . Non of anyone else’s business .
    HOORAY .

    1. Great to hear from you Brenda in Australia. It isn’t exactly a house that this lady wants to build – it is a large Museum to house numerous artefacts and planes collected over very many years since the Second World War. Let us hope when they allow – you can come visit us across the pond? You will be very welcome.

  5. I’m from Guyana I came across this story on Facebook. I like this woman it is my view that she can do whatever she wants with her property. Her neighbor is just angry that he didn’t win the bid and is doing everything at all costs to make her give it up. She is a strong woman and I back her in this fight. Her renovation would have been finished years ago had they allowed her to start.

  6. Zapporah is my new hero. I just love her. Vote Zapporah for Prime Minister. I would love to see her new home. Dummy next door neighbour. He could have had the renovation finished in 6 months and she would have done her best to be quiet. I bet she didn’t rush the rebuild! Love, love, love her!

  7. What a nasty and slanderous article. This woman initially only wanted permission to build a swimming pool in the home which she wanted to refurbish, and which the neighbour who rejected also has. He was lucky enough to move into his property with his pool already built, which I am sure his neighbours had to suffer through but is now refusing another to do the same. If you looked into the situation more perhaps your comments wouldn’t have been so nefarious and one sided. She submitted six further revised application due to the interference of her vile neighbour, so ultimately her plans had to be redesigned to try to accommodate her desires. Next time please ensure you have the facts before slandering someone to suit your own agenda.

  8. I watched this “show” on You tube and we would never have heard about this house had the nasty neighbor not been upset by a WOMAN buying next door to him.. and having the audacity to plan a super basement.. he is fighting her .. BUT had this been a Russian male or any other man.. he would have been too scared to open his mouth.. she would win in court over a sexual harassment case. She painted the house to make a statement… and to make a point..SHE has just as much right to build as anyone else.. so change the law if you dont like it.. dont take it out on a single retired woman.. grow up.

  9. Another Zepporah fan here. She had planned on growing old in that house but the nasty reception from her neighbours perhaps led to the change in those plans.

  10. There are many facets to this neighbour dispute: 1. Indirect and direct sexual harassment, 2. A mobbing reaction relating to the neighbours support for the claimant male next door neighbour.
    3. Mr Niall’s reasoning relating to the queen wearing a tiara, while no one else can do so is a very poor analogy.
    Ms Lisle-Manning well done for standing you ground, it is your property and you should be able to do what you want in your own property.

  11. Go Zipporah! The first neighbour to complain is arrogant and he practically rebuilt his house too te same way she wanted to rebuild hers. so what s his problem. I support this strong lady a 100% to do as she wishes with her property. A great example of courage and wit.

  12. I am so pleased to see all the support that ms lisle mainwaring is getting, its her property she can paint it however she feels appropriate to her, do other people have their taste in how they paint their properties questioned? If the neighbour doesn’t like it he could move on, as for those stuck up councillors!!

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