Is another of Waverley’s Memorial Halls about to bite the dust?

It must be catching on… Farnham’s Memorial Hall, the Beryl Harvey field in Cranleigh… all up for grabs from people who believe they know the intentions better than  the benefactors who “gifted” land and buildings to their town and village folk.

Is it now the turn of Shamley Green’s residents to start fighting for their heritage?

Both “Your Waverley” and Cranleigh Parish Councils’  have attempted to ignore the wishes of the individuals or organisations who created memorials to their dead and fallen. Thankfully the family of some benefactors are refusing to allow their land or buildings to be purloined to suit others nefarious  purposes. others have been a little more laid back. But much depends on how alert residents are as to whether or not they succeed. 

The WW doesn’t know who wrote this letter, but he/she appears to have done their homework as well as detailed personal knowledge.

The Waverley Websters are  well aware that ‘forever” is long time, but our experience shows that entrusting parish/or borough councils with Memorial land or buildings, is probably not a very good idea. Maybe it would be better to make do and mend – rather than demolish and re-build because recent past experience shows that sometimes these buildings when redeveloped do not end up in quite the same  uses that the donors intended?


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