Once upon a time… there was an anonymous blog called ‘Waverley Matters’, which reported on all things Waverley wide. It disappeared into a big black hole… we know not why, what we do know, is that it revealed all the dirt under Waverley’s even dirtier carpet…

Since then, the residents of the borough have relied on ‘Making Waves‘, the council‘s organ of puff, platitudes and white lies. ‘Making Waves’ remit has, is, and always will be to tell you want WBC want you to know, not what you want to know . Making Waves has now been re-named ‘Your Waverley.’

We believe the local press misses the Waverley Matters blog too, as they are restricted to their own distribution areas and are aware that one half of the borough doesn’t know what the other half of the borough is up to!

Whilst a few may have celebrated its passing (you know who your are!) and we do not presume to fill its great big boots, our vision is the same – tell the truth and tell it as it is, but we also need your help. If you have a matter which needs to be muttered loudly, get in touch via email:mailto: contact@waverleyweb.org

We will never reveal our sources, nor our readership and you can be safe in the knowledge that should you wish to remain anonymous, you may.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great to see a replacement for Waverley Matters, to continue the good work of exposing the undemocratic, and at times unlawful, activities of the political lightweights of Southwest Surrey.

  2. What a superb information service, thank you. Will you need funding? Would be very happy to “subscribe” to ensure your future, but PLEASE correct the mis-spelling of the brilliant Walter Scott quote from “practice” (the noun) to “practise” the verb!

    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. We will of course change the spelling, so very sorry. We do not need funding at present, but this blog is growing…fast and we may not be able to handle all the information coming in on a daily basis. So will let you, and all the others who are asking to contribute know, to ensure WW continues. In the meantime please, please tell all your friends/colleagues to log on and boost the hits. We are beginning to get under the skins of a lot of people…there is much more to come. Thank you WW

  3. “Whenever you see large scale environmental injury, you will also see the subversion of democracy”
    This quote from Robert Kennedy Jnr would seem to apply to WBC and the present Government .
    Keep up the good work !

  4. Thankyou for the good work. My life has been ruined by W.B.C. & I have been called something pretty bad by a senior W.B.C. manager. When my revenge comes it will be served on a platter of ice!

    1. Many other lives and businesses have been ruined by WBC, but we are now exposing their deeds on a daily basis, on behalf of all those people, so you can be assured, revenge is being served cold.

  5. Thankyou so mutch for posting on the problems I have been having with W.B.C. a thoroughly rotten council in my humble opinion!

  6. Apologies for jumping in here but couldn’t help sending you this link to a weekly round up I get here at work on construction project news from UK construction week 2017.


    So the communities secretary and department wakes up, way too late though for most of us in west surrey particularly us being trenched in on all sides with blue water in the taps and brown water up through the sewage system. regards an old resident in alfold road not looking forward to the chaos ensuing.

  7. Thankyou Waverley Web For exposing the workings of our previous administration and helping them lose 30 seats to people of integrity and we hope Guildfords last 9 stories are going to enjoy the next 4 yrs,,,,so apt that the last one in the Ming is a Tory Cosser too…..

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