A 20m ‘flagship’ new Leisure Centre could soon be arriving in Cranleigh’s Village Way?


If ‘Your Waverley’s Executive can persuade its 57 members to part with a lorry-load of cash – Cranleigh and the eastern villages could soon enjoy a ‘flagship low carbon leisure extravaganza.’

Where will it be? Slap bang in the middle of the Village Way Car Park. But the Thursday Market is happy to move during the works.

 The 20m Passivhaus designed Leisure Centre earmarked for Cranleigh & the eastern villages of Waverley? The site is adjacent to homes in Charts Close and Overford Drive.

However, some councillors among the Rainbow Coalition and the opposition are already asking if the ambitious project is affordable and whether Cranleigh High Street can cope with the extra traffic. One commentator on the Webcast claimed the following:

The Executive of Waverley, supported by officers, have heralded the latest scheme as a ‘flagship low carbon project’ that will benefit Cranleigh’s existing residents and the vast influx of residents expected to occupy around 5,000 new homes planned in the immediate area.

Cranleigh Executive member Liz Townsend’s excitement at the prospect was only matched by that of Cllr Paul Follows Waverley’s Leader when she announced it last night.

Shortly before the 2019 local election, the Tory administration promised Cranleigh a £12.7m leisure centre. Did the Tories use the promise of a new leisure centre to dupe Cranleigh residents into voting for them?

Beneficiaries will include the residents of the Dunsfold Park Garden Village – which is predicted to host almost 3,000 new homes – and many more on the Surrey/Sussex borders. The developer is already committed to contributing a large chunk of the money – though other developers are contributing zilch! Guildford Borough Council may also collaborate with ‘Your Waverley’ on the ambitious project.

The project is considered – URGENT – as the existing 52-year-old centre, built by public subscription in the 1960s is falling apart at the seams. It would cost £5m over the next few years to keep it limping on.

If the Full Council gives the scheme the go-ahead, the Cranleigh venture would be only the third Passivhaus designed leisure centre in the country to be operating in 2025  could be the envy of every other town in the borough.

The project may also include this controversial site near Village Way in Knowle Lane in Cranleigh! This appears to be part of a new outfit called – The Waverley Health Care Alliance. Villagers are eager to know whether the charity that owns the site bought with public money is part of this ‘Alliance?’

The land once owned by Cranleigh `Parish Council was earmarked 22 years ago for a replacement for Cranleigh Village Hospital. This morphed many years later into a Private Nursing Home and residential flats. Waverley Planners refused an application by Cranleigh Village Health Trusts, and no appeal against its decision has been made in the time frame, which has now ended. CVHT owns the land in Knowle Lane, and the charity raised several million pounds to fund a new hospital.

The site in Knowle Lane – adjacent to Village Way –  called the Paddock Field on which planning permission has been refused for a private care home.

The Passivhaus concept focuses on passive design, looking at the building orientation, maximising airtightness and fabric efficiency before incorporating the most efficient technologies and renewables to supply heat and electricity.

There are currently only two leisure centres in the UK designed to Passivhaus standards. The first in Exeter was completed in July 2021 and claims to have achieved 70% efficiency in energy and 50% efficiency in water use. The second one, to be built by Spelthorne Borough Council, has just acquired planning permission, and is designed to achieve up to 60% energy efficiency.  A Passivhaus design would only take the building so far in terms of minimising carbon emissions.  However, It would remove  11% of Waverley’s emissions.

The Executive proposes to spend £250,000 on a project manager.

Part of the Executive Meeting was held privately, which presumably included details on how the project will be funded?

The report to the Executive recommended the facility mix for the new centre by building on the findings of the Indoor Built Facilities Strategy and through supplementary supply and demand analysis, which considered future population growth linked to housing development. Subsequent consultation with Places Leisure and the Council, and SLC’s industry knowledge of the current market, helped to explore the potential concept facility mix as:

  •  25m x 6 lane main pool.
  • 13m x 7m teaching pool with moveable floor 
  • Spectator seating – 100 for main pool and 20 for teaching pool 
  • 110 station gym 
  • multi-purpose exercise studios 
  • One indoor cycling studio 
  • squash courts (with moveable wall partition) 
  • Soft play area (120 sqm on two levels)
  •  Consultation / Treatment rooms
  • Possible Sauna / Steam 
  • Café (50 covers)
  •  Reception and office space.
  • Potential space for ‘health provision’ has also been considered. A separate options report working with the Health Alliance will explore this option more fully and report back to Council.

Cranleigh Leisure Centre Report on Pages 93-111.


Has Waverley’s former Tory leader gone to pot?

Cllr and former Waverley Leader Julia Potts left her Farnham seat in a fit of panic during the last borough council election and parachuted over to Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford.

Having tucked the rural seat safely under her belt, the potty one continued for a while as Tory Leader. But it was no fun leading a dispirited rump of a party. So she resigned after a respectable gap and leapt out of her chamber pot into a more satisfactory and remunerative role, as all Tory’s do,  and then moved away from the area.

She now works as an Associate for Cratus Communications, a company she had forged close links with during her tenure as council leader.

Here’s her profile. https://cratus.co.uk/associate-directory All About Julia

Here’s just a taster:

Julia led the strategic direction on key major planning and regeneration developments within the borough, including the Brightwells Farnham Regeneration scheme, a mixed commercial and resident project worth £120m which aimed to bring jobs, shops, leisure and new homes, with an annual £900k income for the council. She spearheaded a £9m Ockford Ridge Refurbishment and Regeneration scheme to provide 104 new Council homes and ground-up refurbishment of remaining council homes on this estate to decent home standard and liaised with developer and landowners.

In summary, she is a visionary Leader and Communications Specialist with a proven history of success in pioneering change projects across complex business landscapes.

Like us, most residents couldn’t give a jot who she works for or where she lives. But does duping the residents of Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford sit well with residents or former incumbent who, being the gentleman that he was, handed the seat over to her?

 Cllr Potts’  colleague Cllr Brian Adams was kicked out of the Conservative Party a while back for some misdeameanour.    He now represent his constituents as an Independent. 

Take me to ‘ Your Waverley’s new Leader?

So here’s Cllr Potts Attendance record for the past six months. Has she gone AWOL? Or is Cratus taking up all her time now that leading the Tories has lost its shine and Cllr Stephen Mulliner has accepted the leader’s baton?  Should the good folk of FD & Tilford should be seeking a By-Election?

Dunsfold Garden Village Webinar latest.


Here’s what one of our Alfold moles thinks about the Dunsfold Garden Village Webinar.

Denise Wordsworth was among those watching the Webinar last Thursday, and here’s her take on all things Dunsfold Garden Village – which, just like Topsy – “just growed and growed.”

Well, I duly watched the Waverley Council Webinar this evening – and whilst a slick marketing exercise, with a few, answered questions nothing further was revealed to get excited about and nothing more than the 90 odd pages on the website.

Here’s how I see it. We will basically get three options:

Scenario 1: Progress existing consent for 1,800 homes and make subsequent applications to realise the full 2,600 home site allocation.

Scenario 2: Review and expansion of the consented scheme to realise full 2,600 homes

Scenario 3. Preparation of new planning application in line with Policy SS7 and SS7 for 2600 New Homes.

It would seem that S3 is probably what the New Owners would prefer. Still, based upon the comments this evening, 2600 is a done deal as it is in Local Plan Part 1 as an allocation so that the only constraints will be this FLEXIBLE Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)!

I am sure WBC would prefer Scenario 1, so it can crack on with 1800 Homes and work out the detail for the rest of the development as and when they come forward from a huge amount of Developers who will all be looking at this SPD and seeing that so long as they are flexible….. anything goes!

I cannot see how Scenario 2 is an option unless they just carry it through via this consultation – which would be completely skewed and undemocratic.

The original outline and S106 had benchmarks for when the phases would be bought forward – when monies would be paid out, and the delivery of the transport infrastructure.  If S1 is taken, that will have to be enforced; if S2 or S3, surely it will have to be re-drawn as there will be 800 additional homes, further increasing the traffic?

The fact that vast swathes of LPP1 have been ignored (see Alfold Min 125 Homes) is now up to 343 via consent and won on appeal. As mentioned previously, with another 193 Homes under appeal and 30 new home applications that could take this little village of Alfold to 566 New Homes. I believe this is the largest number of homes for any of the larger villages and about 1/3 of the allocation for Godalming and Milford!


LPP1 only seems to suit when WBC decide it is applicable – If they can vary it so much here in Alfold – Why not at Dunsfold Park? Guess it is something to do with DP offering the largest number of homes for Waverley and thus negating the need for other towns and larger villages to take their fair share?

Finally, the plan makes much of the wonderful “FACILITIES” on-site that will make this development a “Destination” REALLY?

Retail and the Food & Bev Outlets by the time there are 332- 553 new homes, and the new residents waiting for 3 years before the Primary School is built. But I am sure they can/will all cycle to Cranleigh/Loxwood and there will be plenty of senior school places available?

The figures from the Approved Outline (1800 New Homes) Indicated:

Pre-school 350 sqm Phased – 175 sqm Year 3 and Year 6
Primary School No Size – Phased – Year 3 and Year 6
Jigsaw School 7800 sqm – By year 5
Medical Centre 800 sqm – By Year 4
Community Ctr. 800 sqm – by Year 4
Care Home 7500sqm – By Year 6
Retail/Convenience – 1000 sqm – 750 sqm Year 3 & 250 sqm Year 4 ( Slightly bigger than M&S in Cranleigh)
Finance/Professional – 250 sqm by Year 4
Food & Bev Outlets – 900 sqm by year 4
Gen Office/R&D – 3700 sqm – 1000 sqm Phased Year 3, Year 5, Year 7

The Planned Roll-out of Builds over 9 YEARS was:

New Homes Tot. New Homes
Year 1 110 110
Year 2 111 221
Year 3 111 332
Year 4 221 553
Year 5 252 805
Year 6 330 1135
Year 7 320 1455
Year 8 343 1798
Year 9 2 1800

I just wish this was all more HONEST – so people could look forward to a New Garden Village that would have affordable first homes as well as the high-end ones. –But this is not it and it will not just affect the local villages, but Godalming/Witley and most obviously Cranleigh with their 1700 + new Homes

WW. The sale to the new owner has not yet been completed and is unlikely to be so until early next year 2022. Probably due to investigative works to drive the price down from the squillions offered initially?

(Once again) warm words from the MP for South West Surrey not matched by deeds. It’s practically once a week at this point.

Is time running out for our Waverley MP’s – SW Surrey’s Jeremy Hunt and Guildford & Villages, Angela Richardson?

Because by voting ‘AYE’ to hitting ‘Your Waverley’s poorest pensioners will come back to haunt them in the years ahead. Older people, of which there are many in Waverley, have long memories. So they may need to keep their tin hats on?

MP’s Michael Gove, Surrey Heath and Jonathon Lord, Woking – both ABSTAINED. Residents kicking up a stink with our MPs

It will be interesting to see the latest census figures – Waverley has a very high elderly population.

If you feel like contacting them here are their contact details.

House of Commons
House of Commons

The new Dunsfold Park Garden Village Consultation has begun


2,600 new homes coming to Dunsfold soon?

Here’s how long it has taken so far! You couldn’t make it up. 2009 to 2021, and still not one spade in the ground!

Whether you are for or against it – it is just worth knowing that  ‘Your Waverley’ has approved a new Dunsfold Park Garden Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which fast forwards a Planning Application for Dunsfold Park and its potential new owners. In outline, it WAS for 1800 new homes as a “Garden Village” it now proposes to increase this allocation to 2600  without details of how it will eventually appear.  Or, perhaps more importantly,  how the new owners will envisage its development will appear?

If you care or want to know more, look at the WBC Portal?  A link is provided below.

This will affect everyone in the eastern villages of Waverley. particularly Alfold and Dunsfold, the villages along the A281, including Bramley and all roads out of Cranleigh towards Horsham, Ewhurst, Shamley Green and Wonersh.
It will also impact the Surrey/Sussex border villages of Ellens Green and Rudgwick. Horsham District Council recently halted its ~Local Plan. However, the Government expects it to build 19,000 new homes in its Local Plan period, some of which are on the Surrey/Sussex borders.
The Dunsfold development alone could lead to a minimum of 4000-5000 more cars using the A281 Guildford to ~Horsham Road and roads into Cranleigh, where bridges have yet to be widened.
There would also be benefits once many of the new homes, some four storeys, are built.
These include A dedicated bus service, a school, shops, and, if health authorities agree – a new medical practice.   If you have elderly parents or young children at schools in and around Cranleigh, do take a look – as this new garden village will affect us all.

Have your say: To support the Dunsfold Park SPD consultation, we will be running a number of events for the community to view and ask questions on the document. Find out more on our website here  https://orlo.uk/F70sL

First up is an online webinar on Thursday 25 November 2021, 6 pm – 7:30 pm. This event will consist of a Zoom webinar with a presentation and a Q&A regarding the SPD. There is no limit on the number of attendees for this event. Please sign up via our Eventbrite page here  https://orlo.uk/wsEv7


Good luck reading this very long report.

Dunsfold Park new settlement was granted Garden Village status by the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government (MHCLG) in 2019. In early 2021, Waverley was informed that the current owner (Trinity College Cambridge) sought to dispose of the site. The disposal programme is ongoing with an expectation that a new owner will be in place by the end of 2021.

Given the change in circumstance, it was deemed appropriate for Waverley Council to produce an SPD to support the policies of the local plan, setting out clear expectations and vision for the site considering the garden village status and giving clear guidance around a masterplan framework.

Allies and Morrison LLP was commissioned to undertake the work. This relates to the policies of the Local Plan and reflects the recent national design guidance set out in the National Model Design Code and the related guidance notes. 4.1 SPD content The SPD is intended to set a strategic, sustainable masterplan framework for the timely delivery of the garden village, building on the LPP1 policies, and agreed corporate vision for the site.

It will also adhere to the garden village principles. The masterplan framework will be supported by a more detailed design code section providing guidance to create an innovative, sustainable and high page 6 quality place for future residents, visitors, employers, and work

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