Waverley has kicked up a stink.

The council has brought a  successful prosecution against a Farnham fish and chip shop.

A fish and chip shop owner has been fined nearly £5,000 after failing to deal with the excessive smell that has affected people living and working in the area over several years.

Waverley Borough Council, Environmental Health officers, had been working with the owner of Oceans Eleven in Farnham to help resolve the problem; however,  after failing to make any improvement, in April 2022, he was successfully prosecuted in court, followed by a further prosecution in January of this year for the continuing issue.

The original fine of £1100, court costs of £1006 and a victim surcharge of £110 in 2022 was then followed by a second prosecution on 18 January 2023, where the owner was fined £2000, ordered to pay costs of £515 and a victim surcharge of £200. A total of £4931 in fines.

Councillor Andy MacLeod, Waverley Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Operational and Enforcement Services, said:

 “Our officers work extremely hard to try and resolve issues with business owners before resorting to prosecution, but, in this case, there was no improvement and, as a council, we have to consider how the rest of the community is affected.

“I hope that this action will help those living and working in the area and serve as a reminder to food business owners that they must consider their neighbours as the council will not hesitate to prosecute people and businesses causing a similar nuisance.”

The fish and chip shop changed hands at the end of 2022, and the new owner is working with the council to upgrade the kitchen extraction system, which is expected to resolve the issue.

Perhaps Our Waverley MP’s have something to say ?

Nurses may not be striking at Frimley Park, The Royal Surrey or St Peter’s Hospital – but the anger among staff working is palpable.

Nurses in these hospitals didn’t take industrial because they didn’t meet the  50% turnout threshold required by law. Many nursing staff couldn’t bring themselves to vote at all. However, those who did vote voted overwhelmingly to strike.

Is it any wonder that our MPs remain silent?

Do our MPs pay for parking? No! – Nurses and NHS staff do!

The basic annual salary of a Member Of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons is £84,144 as of April 2022. In addition, MPs can claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London.

MPs who commute to Parliament from outside London can claim expenses for having a second home, including their council tax bills.

Tory MP Laura Farris – who sits on the Standards Committee – even tried to claim an £85 “late payment fee” on expenses after she failed to pay her council tax on time. The claim was rejected by authorities, who told Farris she must pay the fee to Kensington and Chelsea council herself.

Special parking privileges for MPs at airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, have now been scrapped.



Farnham infrastructure plan

A Farnham Resident’s view of the town’s Infrastructure Plan.

The Waverley Web wonders how many residents of Farnham have read the attached document.


Because we have, and it’s puzzled us as we and others have listened to many Zoom meetings over the last sixteen months on the subject.
There is often some dislocation when ideas have to be sieved into more practical actions.
In this case, we are being treated to all the evils and woes followed by a panoply of radical solutions that might work.
You introduce a private bus company to reduce its fares while increasing its services to make travel for children free; electrify; and perhaps run a service after six in the evening and on Sundays, to a timetable.
Building many bus shelters and stops that the ever-so-private residents won’t like or want. Unless there is a regime in power that controls the use of cars. Which isn’t going to happen. 
Advising business and delivery firms that a central hub facility will be easier than the present system sounds fine until you consider the scale and scope, plus the weather and the moving to and from. Nobody is going to appreciate such a suggestion. How do you carry heavy parcels on the bus?
A 20mph area! You would be fortunate to do 20mph in central Farnham today – let alone ten years after thousands of new homes have been built!
A new footbridge to the station is an excellent suggestion, and a rebuild of Firgrove Bridge makes perfect sense, but we didn’t need a costly report to tell us what we already knew.
The impact of central Farnham on its outskirts is perhaps the biggest and most pressing, and the report is helpful. Upper Hale cannot continue to suffer as it does now. Likewise, all the other candidates discussed for fifty years appear. Again. The report merely reminds us of facts we all knew that were never sorted.
Meanwhile, the reason for going to Farnham is about to reduce further. For its noteworthy that all schemes work around it; Brightwells. Will the businesses using the copious new retail space provide electric bus services seven days a week to entice people to their stores? For a start, how many businesses are actually signed up? And those that have. How are they going to reduce their carbon footprint?
Give us a seven-day week bus service, bus shelters, and frequent services.
That’s achievable, and the infrastructure is nearly there.
Put that in place first, then stop the car entirely in the town other than residents of the designated sector.
Get to grips with the money to assist in green traction and supplying the alternatives.
Otherwise, Farnham is finished. Because between the lines, that’s where we are heading.

A walk down memory lane around Brightwells House in Farnham


This week the Waverley Web was inundated with views and comments on an article by a well-known and respected Architect who has drawn attention to the deplorable state of Brightwells House. The Grade 2 listed building once rubbed shoulders with the never to be forgotten Redgrave Theatre. 

Has one of Farnham’s iconic buildings been trashed?

Brightwells House in Farnham in its heyday.
The truly shocking state of Brightwells House today. One of Farnham’s once-finest heritage buildings

The now demolished Redgrave Theatre. Why can’t a new live theatre be included in the Brightwells Yard development now retailers have turned their backs on the units?

Above is a scan of an article from the Surrey and Hants News of 16.11.2006, which gives an account of an event to save the Redgrave. Please note the name of the young lad in the picture was Isaac Sturt – not Hunt!

 Campaigners took a picture of Jeremy Hunt when he was the parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey in 2006. He had carried out a local survey of residents on the electoral role of the future of the Redgrave Theatre. He revealed that more Conservative voters than Liberal Democrats wanted the Redgrave saved. Of course, by the time he was elected as MP and Waverley had become a Tory Borough, he had changed his position but always blamed Waverley Council for being intransigent – well, that was his story, and he’s sticking to it.

Is it any wonder that SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt is dumping Farnham?

River sewage: Extinction Rebellion unveils blue plaques shaming MPs in Farnham, Alton and Guildford.

Climate activists against the dumping of untreated sewage into local chalk streams and rivers installed satirical blue plaques in Farnham, Alton, Godalming and Guildford last weekend to highlight the shocking state of our waterways.

Guildford MP Angela Richardson dons her favourite poo outfit. She has only voted against the Government three times in her career.

It came as part of Extinction Rebellion’s National Dirty Water campaign, which highlights the inaction by the Government to address the ongoing problem of raw sewage and agricultural runoff polluting our waterways, including the Wey, The Arun and Cranleigh Waters.

The inscriptions on plaques exposed the voting record of local MPs, including SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt & Guildford & Cranleigh MP Angela Richardson, on October 20, 2021, when the Government failed to tighten environmental regulations and require water companies to dump less raw sewage in our waterways. 

Did our Surrey MP’s let us down again?

Goodbye, Farnham, and hello, Godalming Cranleigh and Ash.

From the link above, you will see Jeremy Hunt is moving into Angela Richardson’s former territory, so will Guildford MP Angela Richardson follow his example and find a new constituency now having lost her old hunting ground in Cranleigh and the eastern villages? Although she’s already campaigning in Guildford.

Villagers in Cranleigh wondered why Cranleigh Lions didn’t invite Angela to rock up and turn on the Christmas lights this year and asked Jeremy instead. All the security and government cars did add a bit of celebrity to the popular annual event we hear.

In Gostrey Meadow, Farnham, a blue plaque stating, ‘The UK Government voted to block a law requiring water companies to dump less raw sewage in our waterways and seas’ was unveiled by members of Extinction Rebellion Waverley.

Grace Watts, aged 10, said she worries about the many ways humans are harming nature and actually destroying our own habitat. One way is by allowing our waters – our seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and streams – to become so filthy and toxic that they are becoming unsafe.” 

Both our Waverley MPs, SW Surrey’s Jeremy Hunt and MP Angela Richardson, voted against tightening the rules. Woking MP Jonathan Lord voted against the Government.

Protestors highlight sewage disgrace in Guildford.