As developers prepare to dump another 80 homes on Alfold, villagers are gearing up to say – No More!

The residents claim that planning has become a joke in their small village on the Surrey/Sussex border. But they are not laughing!

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This picture was included with a previous post.They seek her here – they seek her there – in Alfold they’re seeking Anne Milton everywhere.

As another shedload of greedy developers with their eyes glued on a green field that doesn’t move, so is ripe for concrete, answer Waverley Planners’ questions. Villagers are a step ahead answering for them.

Here’s our earlier post on the screening opinion by Iceni projects Lt on behalf of W.E. Black Ltd.Another shedload of new homes on their way to Alfold?

Here are ‘YW’s’ questions:

” Is the proposal in or adjacent to other potentially sensitive areas, such as local
designations, protected species, contaminated land, etc?

And here’s a residents response.

The site is located within 500m of an area identified as Ancient Woodland.
The site is located within an area deemed to be at a high risk of flooding by
the Environment Agency.
The site is adjacent to a petrol filling station.”

Close to Ancient Woodland AND in an area deemed to be at a HIGH risk of FLOODING!! – Heyho let’s just wack in a new application and cost the Tax Payers a shed load of Money!

Planning is a Joke and it is the Developers that are Laughing

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required for development under 150 homes. So clever developers phase developments so it is not that unusual for 149!

Adjacent to this particular site on the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road, there is an application at appeal for 56 homes on the former Wyevale Garden Centre. Waverley granted consent for 10 homes now they are going to appeal for 56!More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.

Cala Homes is currently building 55 of Phase 1 at Sweeters’ Copse on the Loxwood Road, with another 80 REFUSED but presumably now in the Appeal pipeline for a second phase on that site! NO EIA REQUIRED! 

So no doubt W.E. Black Limited will put in a planning application for 80 homes NO EIA REQUIRED, and then put another application in later WITH NO EIA REQUIRED, in a little village with:

No schools, An A road with a dangerous road surface and a high accident record; flooding; sewerage spewing up in gardens; a garage and shop, little or no public transport and a large number of homes not even on main drainage.  

Also, some very pi**ed off residents. Who say they will just keep fighting.

And here’s another scheme. Despite Opposition from the parish council and resident. In a village which was WA/2019/1324 approved by Waverley Planners for 9 dwellings in Alfold near Green Lane on the Compasses Gate approach Road to Dunsfold Park. And Here’s what one neighbour said:

Neighbour Response

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