Gang warfare hits the streets of Cranleigh.

Social media is awash with tales of the unexpected – as vicious fights break out on Cranleigh’s high street.

At one point last Friday, people were warned to stay away from Cranleigh, and those with young families say they will avoid the annual bonfire celebrations this year!

Since the official opening of the Cranley Hotel, now called Cranley on The Common, major disturbances have occurred. Though some say townsfolk are overreacting. Others have contacted the WW, saying many of the troubles had nothing to do with patrons or customers of the pub, some of whom had been turned away.

Residents living around Cranleigh Cricket Common – many of whom occupy multi-million-pound homes are furious that their everyday peace and quiet has been interrupted. The High Street has, in recent years, become the least quiet part of the area that has sprung up from the village that gave birth to Cranleigh New Town. Now, ambulances, fire engines and two-tone police sirens are regular occurrences.

The Waverley Web understands from the locals that ‘The Cranley, ‘ as it is known, has had a chequered history in recent years. Now, under new ownership and refurbishment, it had been hoped that it would enter a new era. The new owners are believed to have done their utmost to deal with any problems. Most were entirely outside their control and occurred in various parts of the Town. 

They intend to completely renovate the shabby and worn interior and return the venue to its glory days during the 60s and ’70s. 

Sadly, it appears not to be the case.

Here’s a comment from Bunty on our comments page.

The private security firm debate on social media is an interesting one. It seems that those who produced a laughable ‘Cranleigh is Dying’ for lack of new residents promo video some years back to push their huge housing development through now want private security to deal with the impact of a large number of ‘outsiders’ coming to the village where there is nothing for young people to do.

Where are the local Councillors and MP to lobby the real police to get a police station re-established in Cranleigh? 100% sure the private-police promoters want public money to protect their newly established park from anti-social behaviour.

A Dunsfold resident who preferred to remain anonymous said: “What did everyone expect? Waverley Bough Council has been dropping licences into the hands of travellers from far and wide. Many of whom have no connection with the area of Dunsfold or Cranleigh. There are hundreds of families setting up homes here. “

Now Cranleigh’s Chat Controller, self-appointed Town Manager (pictured above), has stepped in to give a measured response to the rising number of anti-social incidents in CranleighNew Town, whose growth he has so vociferously supported over many years.

As Chairman of Cranleigh Chamber of Trade & Commerce and Trustee of Knowle Park, he has long called for more footfall in Cranleigh, supporting and campaigning for more major new housing developments that have brought in residents from all over the country and abroad.

Now, Cranleigh residents are calling for private security firms to be hired at the public expense.


9 thoughts on “Gang warfare hits the streets of Cranleigh.”

  1. I’m curious to know who is actually calling for a private security firm to be hired? At public expense? And once again- making decisions on behalf of the whole community without public consultation?  
    Perhaps it would be more beneficial and helpful to work together as a community rather than imposing further Orwellian measures …

    1. We believe it is the Chamber of Trade.and it has been something some townsfolk have called for in the past. Cranleigh once boasted a police station and bobbies on the streets, but now you see them mainly in their cars as they whizz by on their way to an incident. At least that’s what the locals over there tell us.

    2. Completely agree with Kathy. We will have to wait until the minutes of the last CPC meeting are released to find out more. If only we had a local journalist who could pick up on this thread, but alas. Its easy to jump to the conclusion that chamber of commerce is possibly seeking money from the parish precept (our money) to fund private security based on their view that the High Street has fallen victim to some dystopian nightmare. With the exception of last Thursday, most crimes are shop-lifting and break ins. The break ins impacting residents and shop owners happen mainly at night. Hard to see how a private security team would have an impact there..although its easy to imagine them walking around the developer’s new park in the sunshine telling people to put dogs on leads. Perhaps all elected representatives and the chamber could lobby the police for greater visability instead.

      1. I have to say what a load of rubbish you have written about the Cranley Hotel and it’s affect on Cranley.

        I can only think you have not lived in Cranleigh for decades like myself and many others. If you had you would know how cranleigh is an amazing place full of amazing good people from all walks of life!

        As the licensee for the property I can correct you on your inaccurate post

        1 Firstly the new owner is a very successful and respected businessman who has lived his entire life in the cranleigh area.

        2 Since the Cranley has been bought and reopened, there has not been any trouble at the premises and both the police and licencing authority will back this up.

        3 The trouble in the high street had nothing to do with anyone who drank at the Cranley hotel premises and only those ignorant of the truth would report such rubbish. To suggest anything different is to suggest that people may have their own agendas.
        Indeed those involve had been drinking in the Onslow.
        The onslow is another wonderfully establishment in our village.

        4 the local people residing close to the cranley hotel have been coming in daily and enjoying the facilities offered.

        5 the rooms at the cranley have been renovated to a high standard and are now open for bed and breakfast.
        The pub is currently closed whilst options on decor are being decided.

        6 The parish council do not have authority on licencing. This is Waverley.

        I myself am moving to another licensed venue locally and leaving two amazing ladies in charge of the cranley hotel who have helped make it the great new venue it is, and I hope that the local community give them the support that they and the new owner deserve to have as good local people.
        Very good people who’ve made massive improvements to a pub and hotel that has been run down and mis managed for many previous years in the area. It now has a successful future to look forward to.

  2. Despite the ferocious rate of housing development, Cranleigh High Street is a sad and forlorn site. Yes the Medical Centre is under immense pressure as the new residents sign up. In contrast the High Street is tired, tatty and shop owners are not maintaining their shop fronts with rotten wood fascias. Retail theft is at a record high, now deemed normal and factored into the retail prices in Supermarkets. Manns is an eyesore and many shops on the same side have closed. How many Nail shops and Turkish Barbers can one village support? It looked and felt like a village in 1990, and the High Street is now a highway from hell, for construction vehicles and earth moving trucks. After 32 years maybe it is indeed to move before Dunsfold Housing completely ruins Cranleigh. The Cranleigh Hotel can remain just that, and the Village can be renamed Cranley.

  3. I moved away from Cranleigh recently due to the increase in ASB and drug use on the new estate I lived in. I was threatened and intimidated on a daily basis. I’m not surprised that Cranleigh is so bad now.

    1. How very sad Sarah – could you mention the name of the estate where you lived? We can then investigate further.

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