Following Follows on ‘Your Waverley’ Local Plan Part 2.

Waverley Borough Council’s Leader Paul Follows sums up the lengthy debate at the Special Council Meeting last Wednesday on the new Local Plan Part 2. The plan was passed by 38 votes for, four against and one abstention.

After much huffing and puffing ‘ Your Waverley’s’ Local Plan Part 2 is given a huge vote of confidence.

One thought on “Following Follows on ‘Your Waverley’ Local Plan Part 2.”

  1. Having finally had the time to listen to this – I was frankly disapointed.

    Most of this Meeting concerned Haslemere and the damn 50 Homes that are now at Appeal and Witley Applications- Where was anyone other than Cllr Cockburn saying anything about the plight of the smaller villages …. and Alfold? (As the one I know best) due to the lack of LPP2

    I am glad it has passed onto the next phase – But I still do not think they understand the issues in the smaller Villages. I will be asking for access to all of the approved Applications for the WHOLE borough then at least I can look at the figures and see the disproportionate amount allocated here and potentially other small villages outside of Haslemere and Witley!

    I personally think Farnham have taken their fair share and have a Neighboroughood Plan which they worked incredibly hard to secure. The rest of us seem to need more support to get ours through. Are they getting that support? or are they left to flounder? or is there something else?

    I understand that some want to move up the greasy Pole of Politics – But I hope that “some” don’t forget who got them where they are now and will recognise that despite the fact we probably have few votes that matter and therefore may be deemed unimportant – but suggest those that have that view – Re-think

    As for the Parking for Electric cars – Please stop wasting our time – We have B**-All here – we applied for a Charging point on our Listed Building and were met with a brick-wall. Beyond that the electric company even said we had a Shared-Electric with a Neighbour – NO we have a power supply to our Garage put in many years ago before we bought – which we pay for… But all made so difficult – My OH got a Hybrid I DIDN’t and I don’t damn well care – I will do my bit to be a good Climate Change person and I do recycle all I can and I have tried so hard to keep my emmissions low I have wild areas in my garden and try (??) to grow my own – but to-date have failed – a work in prgress…………

    But there are some things I won’t do and that is drive into Cranleigh to find a charging point that I will queue for and costs 10miles (Plus – travel return) to get to.

    We cannot get Double Glazing and fitting any sort of Green Heating is beyond our means to afford at not 10K – But 17K with a minimal contribution from Government over the next 7 years! it is a JOKE

    Stop lying – If you want us all to go Green – Help us and don’t expect that just because we bought a Listed Building we are rich … We are not It was cheaper to buy this beautiful Listed building in Alfold – than a 3 bed 1970’s Terrace in Weybridge. where the rest of my family live.

    We bought it because we loved the place and wanted to look after it and have and will continue to do so- But any improvements we want to make to make us Greener – mean we hit total Brick Walls due to our Listed Status – Has Cllr Follows even looked at this?

    I think not…. It is a forever frustration that no-one seems to acknowledge and it not limited to Listed Buildings does anyone have the figures for what it costs to put in retrospectivly Ground source heating pumps? bearing in mind that many of your radiators have to be replaced on top of the cost of the New system and removal of the Oil sytems (Alfold has no Gas – In case anyone has forgotten)

    We would all like to be greener – But it has to be with some sort of support for any home owner or Landlord – – Look at that Leader of WBC.


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