Sad news for the residents of Milford and Waverley with the announcement of the death of Jack Lee.


The Waverley Web sends its sincere condolences to Jack Lee’s family, friends, colleagues and the people of Milford and Witley. We will miss this bright smiling avuncular character.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 09.44.52.png

This picture was sent to the Waverley Web by Jack earlier this year. 

The sudden death was announced today that Jack Lee, who until earlier this week, due to the resignation of Elizabeth Townsend, was the only Independent Councillor at Waverley Borough Council.
Jack was the lead Armed forces champion for Waverley, a good and active councillor for residents of Milford and will, undoubtedly be a great loss to the new coalition group of which he was an important part. 

Jack and his family have lived in Milford and Witley for over thirty years. 

Jack was educated at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane and Edinburgh University. Following a successful career in international scientific and medical publishing, and Internet project management he retired and concentrated on his work in Milford & Witley.

Having served as a Parish Councillor representing Milford for over seven years, Jack had a good understanding of how local government works and how to make things happen. And he was doing just that right up until his death.

He was Vice-Chairman of Witley Parish Council and Vice-Chairman of the Planning and Finance Committees.

This made him well acquainted with the issues facing Milford and Waverley residents.

His wife Stella was an infant teacher in Surrey. Their two grown-up daughters attended Rodborough School, now have university degrees and are doing well in their professional careers.

John Ward, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said: “Councillor Lee was elected as an Independent councillor for Milford in May this year and has played an incredibly active part in the work of the council since then.

“He was on a number of committees, including the Central Planning Committee, Licensing and Regulatory Committee, two Licensing Sub-Committees and the Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee. As Waverley’s Armed Forces Champion, he played a leading role in raising awareness of the dedication and sacrifices made by current and ex-armed service personnel in the borough. He was also very passionate,  committed and active in finding new ways for the council and wider community to support servicemen, women and veterans.

“Councillor Lee was a very hard-working member and was committed to making both the village of Milford and the entire borough, a great place to live. He was a well-respected, kind and good-humoured gentleman who will be missed by all who knew him.

“Our deep condolences go out to his family and friends.”

As a mark of respect, the flag at The Burys will be flying at half-mast on Thursday.

Will ‘Your Waverley’ be shaken and stirred by the shocking revelations on Blightwells?



What was that sound we heard from ‘Your Waverley’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee?

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 11.11.51.png


This is not any food, but it may not be  M & S food? 

A development rumoured to have now lost its “flagship tenant” M&S Foods.

A toxic development supported by Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council with squillions of  – OUR MONEY!

Cllr Merryweather, a newly elected Lib Dem, and an accountant by profession, had obviously been burning the midnight oil for months delving into the underbelly of the finances of a development opposed by many thousands of Farnham residents. A scheme which was subject of a Judicial Review, saw the demolition of the treasured Redgrave theatre, the loss of the beloved Marlborough Head Pub, The Gostrey Old People’s Centre, open spaces and much more and which has brought traffic chaos to the beleaguered town. It has been a running sore for over 20 years.

Cllr Merryweather calmly fired one salvo after another into the hushed meeting – whilst finance officers gaped like Nemo at the revelations that the development would not, as had been predicted by the Tory administration, produce a £900,000 a year bonus for the council, but a possible, £415,000 or less. 

He said the last financial appraisal was in 2016. But now he would update them on the base-case numbers, reeling off a stream of figures in quick-fire succession.

Perhaps we should say here, we are not Accountants – just your average Jo public – listening to a small room stuffed with people, without the benefit to seeing the screen, the following can be confirmed by the clip of the meeting below.

  • By the time Brightwells – (only WW and residents call it”Blightwells)  is completed, both now and in future years; the scheme will owe the General Fund £4.5m  and cash of £3.1m . and would have non-recurring revenue of £400,000. The payback time for the former is 2031/32 and the latter 2028/29.


  • WBC had contributed  £400,000 worth of property into the development – which had included the tennis club; The Gostrey Centre and more. It had received £800,00 towards the Memorial Hall, now a dual-use venue. What was the true cost of this development asks the WW?


  • In 2 years time, ‘Your Waverley’ is committed to a £500,000/£650,000 bill for resurfacing the Sainsburys’ Car Park. Which is “unfunded,” and would have to come from the General Fund and if borrowed – over 50 years, would cost the council – £25,000 per year.


  • MM said The ‘Jury was our’ in the prospect of the development producing 450 jobs. 


  • The Dogflud Car Park – had received  £514,000 in compensation from the from developer Crest Nicholson. But the costs to the council would be equivalent.


  • It was predicted that the South Street car park would have to close, resulting in a large loss of revenue from Farnham Leisure Centre, a centre already suffering due to the lack of car parking. 


  • Waverley had agreed to maintain in perpetuity the whole  Brightwells Yard site. A maintenance contract which would, most likely, have to be undertaken by private contractors at an estimated cost of – wait for it – £50,000 p.a.

Surely not for the 50-year life of the project?!? 

But it gets worse:

Waverley received £300,000 from SCC to off-set its car parking charges. However, WBC agreed to pay SCC £50,000 per year for the next 150 years of the contract.


  • The capital received from Surrey County Council over 3 years of £2.7m to be used for improvements to leisure centres in Farnham, Haslemere and Godalming.

Ominous or what? Not a single mention of the £14m which the Tories announced weeks before the May elections to fund a spiffing new Leisure Centre for Cranleigh and the eastern villages?

To a hushed audience, one of whom was the former council leader – was she hiding – because the WW could only see something resembling steam coming from the corner where Julia Potts cowered; he continued saying nobody needed any reminders about the dismal state of the retail sector!

 “We all live in the same world and know what the High Steet environment is like. So – will we hit the commercial rent base? We predict, certainly not in the first 2 years.”  

By the time, Cllr Merryweather began talking about possible lets of the residential properties everyone looked punchdrunk, and the atmosphere in the room was anything but merry Cllr Merryweather!

As for the debate – a deafening silence fell over Committee Room. Even Cllr Hyman a long opponent of the scheme said he needed time to digest the presentation, before commenting. Rendered Speechless? Cllr Hyman – never? 

In fairness to the Tory Group, and Cllr Potts, in particular, wasn’t it Former Leader Robert ~Know-less and Portfolio Holder Adam Taylor-Smith Knowless who masterminded the project? The latter who regularly flagellates the new coalition administration every morning when he gets on the train?

 However, councillors, in general, are laymen/women  – did they read their papers? –

But,  the Waverley Web asks? What part did the council’s financial experts – the plumply salaried Chief Executive and Financial officers like Graham Clarke- play in this possible fiscal fiasco.  Answers please on a postcard to

WW asks? Should there be an independent inquiry?

You can listen to the meeting here- but it comes with a health warning. Pour yourself a good measure of gin and tonic/whisky or wine first. You may need it.

An Ellis rides again to the rescue of a Cranleigh Charity who villagers claim has duped them of their cash.


In 2016 the late Brian Ellis, former Waverley and Cranleigh Parish Councillor declared a pecuniary interest in a Cranleigh Planning Application and left the meeting. All on the advice of the, then monitoring officer.

Probably in the days when the MO was up to the job?

A couple of weeks later Cllr Ellis,  changed his mind. He said that he wished to have the minutes of the previous meeting amended to declare a non-pecuniary interest instead. and he gives his reasons for doing so as you will witness in the video below.

A couple of other Cranleigh councillors, Stuart and Jeannette Stennett also declared a pecuniary interest at that same meeting and thought it wiser not to show up.

The late husband of Cllr Patricia Ellis gave, among his reasons for the declaration, that he had worked with the applicant to negotiate a land deal between Cranleigh Parish Council and  Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust.  Land valued at £250,000 and sold for £1. Mrs Ellis was also a member of the parish council when the deal was done, and the covenant on the land deal was agreed, and then subsequently changed.

At the previous meeting, Mr Nick Vrijland the owner of the Knowle Park Initiative had gained planning permission to build 265 homes – on either side of Alfold Road near the former West Cranleigh Nurseries. 

On Wednesday 27 November his widow – Cranleigh councillor ~Patricia Ellis – has called in a planning application, against some advice, for an application by Mr Vrijland and his fellow Trustees of a charity called Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust, to be considered by the Joint Planning Committee (JPC).

Although she is not a member of the JPC, as the ward member, she is permitted to call in an application that would otherwise have been refused under officers’ delegated powers, and speak for up for it. However, it is believed, that her call-in was out of time and that there was a departure from the normal delegation planning process.  The Waverley Web cannot help wondering – WHY?

 The application is for an £18m three-storey 60-bed Private Care Home, residential accommodation, and 20 community beds on a site in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh and on land formerly owned by Cranleigh Parish Council.

A scheme that is being strongly opposed by more than four and half thousand residents of the eastern villages by petition and letter.  villages. Many of whom donated cash for a hospital and day hospital and not a commercial enterprise.


Oh and if you wondered why-officers are recommending refusal. Here’s just a starter for ten. But, of course – no objection from the county highway authority, that threw away its rule book years ago.

Here are the comments of Waverley Borough Council Officers when recommending refusal for the conversion of an old railway gatehouse in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh into a group of flats. Just a hop, skip and jump away from the Care Home site and opposite the £55m Berkeley Homes scheme for 425 homes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 21.03.23.png

Such hypocrisy?



Now Fact-Checking the Tories ‘In Touch.’


Or perhaps more to the point former MP for SW Surrey Jeremy Hunt’s ‘In Touch.’ Because the latest leaflet  has very little to do with Tory achievements in ‘Your Waverley.’

Just a bit of trumpet blowing for ~Our Jeremy – or what?

But there is something very worrying going on here.

Because he knows, and we know, the police know and more important the residents of Farncombe and Godalming know who was behind the campaign against the spate of anti-social behaviour that has hit the area.

You know full well that it was the frustrated residents of Farncombe & Godalming that prompted a public meeting which was hosted by Cllr Penny Rivers and Cllr Paul Follows. They hosted a session for 220 people held in Farncombe, to which you were invited, and to which you didn’t attend. You can read all about that September meeting here. It was held at a time you were ‘spending more time with your family.’ And twittering to Boris Johnson saying you hoped he was having as much fun being PM as you were having not doing itThe fightback​ has begun to deal with anti-social behaviour – “and make Farncombe great again.”

Waverley  Cllr Rosoman and Cllr Paul Follows pledged to follow up on all the actions suggested by the public and subsequently, together they convened a meeting of the council, police, schools and youth groups partnership committee to deal with the serious issues and are implementing their actions.

Mr Hunt, you put out a survey which might as well have asked if people want free money. 91% support for more visible policing…of course people want that.

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 22.51.43

So come on Jeremy, be honest,  it is hardly YOUR CAMPAIGN  is it really ?- So apologise to the residents of Farncombe and Godalming – for attempting to hijack THEIR campaign as your own.  Because the public isn’t stupid and they have ways and means of ensuring you understand that.

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 22.25.49.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 22.47.49.png


Lib Dem Fact Check leaflets.


The Waverley Web has begun the process of ‘Fact-Checking’ some of the literature that has been dropping through your letterboxes in recent weeks.

Having carefully read through this one, it would appear the Lib Dems have forgotten one very big achievement. It hasn’t mentioned that for the first time fo years, residents can now watch a webcast without interruption. Councillors are sitting, and have been told when to switch on their microphones and the public can actually hear the debate.

It is also very noticeable that webcasts are put up almost immediately, during the previous administration it sometimes took almost a week!

The WW applauds you. But sincerely hope that the LD eye doesn’t come off the Waverley ball due to a General Election?




Prominent local Tory Liz Townsend resigns from the Conservative Party.


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06

Cllr Townsend – Waverley Borough Councillor for Cranleigh and  Chairman of its  Parish Council has today announced her resignation from the Conservative Party.


Waverley Borough and Cranleigh Parish Cllr Liz Townsend is now hand-in-hand with former MP Anne Milton in their efforts to put ~an Independent MP for the Guildford & Villages into the seat at the General Election. 

It has been obvious to anyone who watches the Waverley Borough Council meetings on its webcast – sad souls that a handful of us residents are! That Cllr Elizabeth Townsend has become an increasingly independent thinker – and doer. 

Like many councillors before her – her politics came with a small p – but her Dogged Determination to serve Waverley, and in particular Cranleigh residents,  – came with a BIG D. Which sometimes took her out-of-step with Tory colleagues. Particularly with her concerns for the environment.

 Although seemingly overlooked and undervalued by some of her own Waverley Conservative colleagues, she is highly regarded by the public and her colleagues in all the other parties. Cast your minds back to a time when Tory-controlled Waverley refused to allow her to join the influential Joint Planning Committee.  A committee faced with major applications – including Dunsfold Park Garden Village a 2,600 home – development that would have a major impact on Cranleigh and its services.

So it came as no surprise to us, here at the Waverley Web that Cllr Liz Townsend has resigned to-day from the Guildford & Villages Con Assoc – to become, what perhaps she always has been – an INDEPENDENT. 

As Chairman of the parish council,  she single-handedly masterminded Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan – a feat of enormous and time-consuming proportions, as it maps out Cranleigh’s future and underpins Waverley’s Local Plan.

She has fought tirelessly for the people of Cranleigh and beyond, cares passionately about the environment, and the effect development is having on the character of the countryside both on her own patch and on the areas of Godalming, Haslemere and ours here in Farnham. nobody shows more frustration at the loss of habitat, loss of ancient woodland, hedgerows, and TPO covered trees than Cllr Townsend. She has shown herself to represent our beleaguered town of Farnham with exactly the same fervour as her own area. There is nothing parochial in her fight for what is right for the people of Waverley. But faced with a choice of what is right for the country has prompted a once committed Tory to hand in her card.

So let’s all hope that the new Coalition Alliance that is now running ‘Your Waverley’ will recognise her immense skills, and reward her courageous stand – with more responsibility for shaping our borough over the next four years. Because there is little doubt, Waverley’s Tory Group has lost one of its best assets. We wonder what Cllr Potts will have to say now her ranks are being depleted further? Watch this space.

Paul Follows - Lib Dem Godalming

Councillor Paul Follows, Deputy Leader of Your Waverley said:

The cross-party administration of Waverley Borough Council is very pleased to welcome Cllr Towsend to join the governing group of (now) 35 councillors.

Cllr Townsend is known for being a hardworking, principled local councillor and will be, I am sure, an asset to the group in our ongoing work for the residents of Waverley.

It is clear that the Conservative party has in recent months shifted to the right and to a place where moderate, centrist, pro-remain and pro-environment Conservative councillors and supporters feel uncomfortable and ultimately that they have no home. Leaving a party of your own choice takes great courage and many of the group understand that position. There will always be a place for such people in the cross-party alliance whether they sit as a member of a party or as an Independent.

Welcome, Cllr Townsend. Paul Follows


Dunsfold’s new garden village unveiled.


Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 19.48.27.png


 At last, we have all been invited to view the unveiling of the Dunsfold Village Masterplan. 

Dunsfold Park Public Exhibition 13-19 November 2019

dunsfoldkapowSadly we have to decline – as of course – our team go everywhere incognito, and to turn up as Spiderman – or worse still as an arachnoid – would finally out us to the Flying Scot and his clansmen/women.

However, if any of our followers would like to go along and tell us all about your visit, we would be more than grateful. Tell it as it is, don’t be shy – we want to know what is proposed – warts and all. If possible, let us have pictures too?

After all, this is the biggest thing to hit the eastern villages for decades, and we can see Bramley’s By-Pass Byham and the Protect Our Waverley Group, winding themselves up for a showdown. After all, now all their High Court appearances have come to a sad end, they will need to get their fangs into something else, won’t they?

The Rutland Group held a preview for invited guests on the 12th  and  public details on the exhibition next week are as follows:

The developer – Dunsfold Airport Limited – says its plans and vision for the redevelopment of Dunsfold Park the former BAe flight test and assembly centre, are now taking shape and it is at the stage where it can now present the evolved Masterplan for the site.

As part of a planned programme of community and stakeholder consultation, it is holding a Public Exhibition from 13-19 November at the following locations and times:

Wednesday 13 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Thursday 14 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Friday 15 November Cranleigh Arts Centre 10:00 – 16:30
Saturday 16 November Godalming Borough Hall 12:00 – 20:00
Monday 18 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 19 November Unit 217, Dunsfold Park 08:00 – 20:00


The developer says: You are welcome to attend any of the public days, however, if you would like to arrange an alternative time for your company to attend and talk to the team, or have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Want to learn more about the Tory’s chosen one – Angela Richardson?


Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 22.59.14.png

And when we say we want to know a little bit about them, we’re not referring to the spiel that the candidate and their team are busy spinning.  Oh no!  We’re talking about going the extra mile – as all good cleaners and forensic investigators do – and pulling out the sofa to see what’s lurking behind and beneath it!

And this is what our small cluster of spiders have found in their search for more information about “Offshore” Angela Richardson, the Conservative candidate for Guildford & Villages, who wants to fill Anne Milton’s shoes!

As it happens, there wasn’t much dust under Mrs Richardson’s sofa — but something potentially unpleasant was lurking under a stone in her husband’s rockery?

According to our Cranleigh Cluster, in 2009 Mr Angela Richardson – AKA Jeremy Bruce Richardson – became a member of an outfit called ‘Keepstone’, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) formed to invest in creative selling, e.g. “of rights to a song or idea for a book.”

Under said scheme, members – like Mr Richardson – “invested” significant sums of money – much of it borrowed from Banks (not that we’re suggesting Mr Richardson had to borrow, we’ve no idea how healthy or otherwise his bank account is) – in the hope of “significant benefit.”

At the time, Limited Liability Partnerships were a popular tool for wealthy individuals – such as Gary Barlow and Chris Moyles (more of whom later) – to, well, not to put too fine a point on it, to dodge tax!  That was until HMRC won a few high profile court cases against them – referred to as  “Icebreaker” cases!

To cut a long story short and for those who don’t have the time or inclination to follow the link above, over their morning coffee, the Courts found in favour of HMRC who claimed the schemes where designed purely for tax avoidance purposes with most, if not all, of the ventures unlikely ever to make a profit!

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 22.53.09.png

In Keepstone’s case, the Limited Liability Partnership was formed in October 2006 and, therefore, one would normally expect the first financial year to end in October 2007. However, for some reason, this latter date was subsequently changed to 5 April 2007, which just happened to coincide with the end of the 2006/7 tax year. Well, it would, wouldn’t it?!

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 22.51.31.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 23.02.29.png

According to our researchers, Jeremy Bruce Richardson – AKA Mr Angela Richardson – was a partner in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) called “Keepstone LLP”

Mr Richardson’s involvement in Keepstone ended in 2015 – the year after the HMRC “Icebreaker” Court judgements.  Quelle surprise!

Are we being a tad mean?  After all, Mr Richardson might have been as gullible as Messrs Barlow and Moyles claim they were.  And, by way of explanation, he might also claim, as they did, that he didn’t really understand what he was investing in, he just did what his accountants and financial advisors recommended …



Trouble is, unlike Messrs Barlow and Moyles, Mr Richardson was married to Angela, whose CV (see below) reads like that of a woman who knows her way around a balance sheet and a tax return:


Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 23.04.19.png

We can’t help feeling that given Mrs Richardson’s former profession she would – or should – have recognised a tax dodge when her husband stepped – or stumbled – into one! 


Mr Richardson’s involvement in Keepstone ended in 2015 the year after the judgement. Which you can read here; 

As we continued our search it appears  Angela ran something called “Winnard Limited” from 2002-05. For we know not what? The industry code for Winnard say Industry Codes 80.42: Adult and other education.

Looking at her husband’s page here we can see the sidebar with “Similarly named officers” which shows a couple of other companies. We can only really match on names because that’s all that Companies House can give us (they don’t make any attempt to prove identity or match officers to a particular person).

One way to tell whether an LLP was probably used for this purpose is to look at the list of partners. In the case of Keep stone LLP, we can see a reference to “Lothbury Finance Ltd.”. This is the same “Lothbury Finance” which is called out in paragraph 47 of this judgement where HMRC is pursuing a bunch of related LLPs for their attempt to dodge tax.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 22.57.14.png 



Some politicians do not know the meaning of the word – RESPECT!


Some Tories are showing themselves to be as disrespectful to the fallen – as they are to the voting public. 

You may be unable to spot all those Waverley Borough Councillors who lost their seats in the May elections, but thankfully we here at the Waverley Web can!


One ousted Tory Jim Edwards commented on this scurrilous blog that the Lib Dem candidate had dared to put up a poppy on his post. A post that was informing everyone that he had absolutely intention of campaigning during the Remembrance Day period!  What Humbug!

What a difference a day makes?


Was it just former Councillors invited? Or just Saga members?

However, he failed to mention that Angela Richardson the new Boris Babe surrounded herself and her NBF with… a wreath of the words…  ‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning… how disgraceful was that?! Boris’s new babe!

Don’t worry Angela – once met never forgotten. And the WW only met you once! And, that was when you were asking us for money to help the Guildford & Villages Con Assoc – ensure Anne Milton was elected.

She’s not just Boris’s Babe though? She has even managed to persuade Matt Hancock the former Secretary of State for Health down to the old Cranleigh Village Hospital to-day for a photocall. Our Annie couldn’t manage that even though she was a Health Minister for years. But then, she didn’t buy her way into the Conservative Association – she earned her way in.

Though of course, Annie took her gun to health officials on numerous occasions while in Government – including those who closed Cranleigh’s community hospital.

PS Matt Hancock failed to show up!