Will the future still be BLUE at Surrey County Council?


Election results will come in steadily throughout the day-to-day Friday for the Surrey County Council Elections and the election for a new Surrey County Council Police & Crime Commissioner.

Results can be found for Waverley by Clicking on the link below:



Here’s a message from the new Leader of Waverley Borough Council Paul Follows and Cllr Penny Rivers who also stood as  Liberal Democrat candidates in the Surrey County Council election yesterday.


Today’s the day to have your say in Surrey.


Elections Ballot Box

Where will you be putting your vote in the forthcoming Surrey County Council Elections? Remember – we get the government we deserve. No vote – no say.

But before you put your X in the box – read what an Essex MP has to say if you dare to put your council into the hands of others! And look at the lengths some Waverley candidates have gone to?

Because Jeremy Hunt’s election litter picking controversy almost broke the local community boards!

This is absolutely shocking and this man should be thrown out of the Tory party for making this outrageous suggestion.

A Conservative MP urging voters to vote Conservative as Ministers won’t help a Council controlled by an opposition party. This is not how Government ought to function – is it?

According to his Agent, his direct quote from Sir David Amess was…

“Unless we have a strong Tory council my ability to fight for Southend is hampered as Government ministers are reluctant to go that extra mile for an opposition-controlled local council.”

So we ask? Will our MP’s – the Honourable Angie and Jeremy Hunt – be able to work with Surrey County Council if it is run by others?

A little more local shenanigans? TGWIAO. (Thank God when it’s all over).

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead!

Over 300 comments on one post about the coincidence of Jeremy Hunt just happening to meet some candidates who just happened to be given some black bin bags for a photoshoot in Farnham, Haslemere & Milford

If you can’t kiss babies these days – pretend to pick up litter instead! Oh! and don’t forget the Tory leaflets in the gutters were just caught in a puff of wind!! The same puff of wind that put leaflets in car windscreens no doubt?

From Jeremy’s newsletter:



Waverley has the highest COVID infection rate in Surrey!


There were 33 confirmed cases in Waverley in the week ending April 30, which is equivalent to an infection rate of 26.1 cases per 100,000 people.

The lowest infection rate in the county is in Mole Valley where the latest rate is 9.2 cases per 100,000 population and is down by 50 per cent compared to the previous week.  The borough of Elmbridge is on the up.

So the message is – it ain’t over until it’s over? So – stay safe, particularly over the coming days – and obey the rules. Having the title of the highest infection rate in Surrey – is nothing to be proud of!


Coming soon – Godalming’s Annual Town Council Meeting.


Your chance to have your say or ask a question of the Town Council.
Godalming’s Annual Town Meeting will be on Tuesday 11 May 2021, at 7.00 pm. The Mayor of Godalming will present a review of the Council since the last Annual meeting in 2019 and will also present volunteering awards.
The meeting will be live-streamed via Godalming Town Council’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Godalmingtc/
Residents who are registered to vote can ask questions of the Town Council.
If you wish to ask a question in person, let it know and it will provide a zoom link or you can submit your question in advance and it will be read out for you.
For either of these options please contact the Town Council by 5 pm on 11 May (T) 01483 523575 or email Office@godalming-tc.gov.uk.
There will also be an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting via Facebook messenger.
Cllr Paul Follows,
Leader, Godalming Town Council
Cllr Penny Rivers
Mayor of Godalming



A message from ‘Your Waverley’s’ new Leader.


Paul Follows – The New Leader of  ‘Your Waverley’

To Waverley residents,

I was elected to Waverley Borough Council by the residents of the Godalming Central and Ockford Ward a little over 3 years ago at the end of 2017 and I was the sole Lib Dem member of the council.

In 2019 those same residents (and nearly 900 more) honoured me with re-election and following the wider success of like-minded groups across the borough – I helped negotiate a cross-party alliance with the leaders of all of the non-conservative groups to form a new administration at Waverley Borough Council and served as its Deputy Leader from that point.

This week I was honoured to be nominated and then elected to be the next Leader of Waverley Borough Council (proposed by Cllr Penny Rivers and seconded by Cllr Andy Macleod). Elected by a majority of councillors and all 35 councillors of what is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Alliance’ of the non-Tory groups.


Former leader and the new deputy mayor – Cllr John Ward in his Rainbow Alliance tie pictured at the Full Council this week.

I want to repeat my thanks and enduring respect to my coalition partner and the outgoing leader, Cllr John Ward – who has himself now been elected Deputy Mayor of the Borough.

It is a great honour to serve my community at all, let alone in this way and I will endeavour to ensure that we govern to the best of our abilities for all the people of Waverley.

Cllr Paul Follows


Here’s the Waverley Web’s take on the appointment Take me to ‘ Your Waverley’s new Leader?

Yet another own goal by Godalming Conservatives as they distribute litter. not letters!


Does this organisation understand that the word ‘Conservative’ includes conserving Godalming’s roads and countryside? 

As you can see from the picture below – when residents drive they fly! 

This is the sort of leafleting you could expect from restaurants and bars in Spain – but not on a residential road in Godalming!

Complaints that flooded into the Godalming Community board, resulted in Tory Agent Sean Donovan-Smith having to apologise and send somebody out to litter pick their own candidates publicity. You couldn’t make it up – really you couldn’t!
It looks as though the Conservatives had paid deliverers to distribute the literature. Deliverers, who then left it on people’s doorsteps up until 10 pm at night, and on car windscreens.

Local Party members would have known that this type of leafleting is neither appropriate nor effective.

Is the Conservative group short of volunteers these days?

A couple more  Tory candidates own goals featured in the links below. Would you trust either of these muppets with your vote? Although let’s face it – there are still some of these out there.

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
http://Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask

Cheeky or what? Tories county candidate and MP stick themselves outside his Lib Dem opponents house!


Tory hopeful Frank Young is marching towards Surrey County Council with a big list of road and pavement repairs in his hand. But first, he sticks himself and his MP buddy outside the home of his opponent wannabe county councillor Penny Rivers for a photo op! Dumb and dumber are hitting the streets. 

However, this isn’t his great big long list for road and pavement improvements. This is his election leaflet!  Is he leaving his list for later?

Whisper who dares? Someone, please tell the poor bloke that his party has held power at Surrey County Council and the workings of its highways department in a stranglehold for donkey’s years! 

Here in the link below is a little sample of what he’s up against. This is just a taste of what his Tory masters at County Towers haven’t been doing for years in Godalming and elsewhere? 

Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?

And here’s what his running mate looks like:

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
Pretty pushy of our Member of Parliament Jeremy Hunt filming this video promoting Frank Young… literally next door to the Liberal Democrat SCC candidate Penny Rivers’s house by Farncombe Station! Another yard to the left and they would have captured her poster!
Naughty – naughty – play nicely Jeremy or are you just desperate to stop the onward march of the yellow-perils that are casting their nets widely across the borough of Waverley in a bid to change the face of Surrey County Council? It has been a long time coming – but could change soon be here?

if the camera angle had panned out a bit more it would have shown a bright orange Lib Dem poster!

Here’s the clip. – Personally, our lot here at the Waverley Web-preferred the video that follows  – a novel way to make a truly memorable announcement. 

Take me to ‘Your Waverley’s new Leader?


But not if I’m a Tory?

The average primary school playground could have shown the Conservative Group led by Cllr Julia Potts a lesson in good behaviour last night.

As the annual mayor- making ceremony was well underway and all chains and all virtual robes had been distributed among the honoured councillors and their consorts – revealed below…It was onto the real business of the night.

To Lib Dem Cllr John Robini – Mayor – former Council Leader and Farnham Residents’ Cllr John Ward Deputy. 


Conservative Leader Julia Potts at her pottiest yet?

Then along Trotts Potts – to ask the new boy in the big chair – if there could be a recorded vote on the appointment of a new Council Leader. Of course, said Monitoring Officer Robin Taylor. “If enough councillors support it.”

Here’s proposer Penny Rivers speech, which did nothing to convince the Tory Tossers that  Deputy Leader Lib Dem Cllr Paul Follows was the man for the big job!

So it was when the voting began – Mr Whiplash himself –   Tory Whip – ‘what do you mean? There’s no Tory Whip – I’m the Tory Whip’ – Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge’s good work became apparent to all. 

For some Tory councillors, there was no show.

Elstead’s dynamic duo Jenny and David Else (was Elstead named after them) sent their apologies. Where Cllrs Robert ‘Knowless’ and Peter Isherwood were is anyone’s guess, did they fall off Zoom? However – we all know why Brian Adams didn’t appear to be in the Zoom Room – he had been kicked out of the SW Conservative Association and the Tory group a few weeks earlier, for what we understand was ‘behaviour unbecoming,’ at a public meeting of Tilford Parish Council.Rumour has it that it was the same phrase uttered by a Tory MP under Theresa May’s leadership and lost her the whip until of course, the PM  needed another Brexit vote in the house – and all was forgiven!

Paul Follows The New Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ The man who joined as a lone backbencher just over 3 years ago.

So as officers recorded  35 votes in favour of following Cllr Follows from now until 2023 – across all parties including Independents; Labour; Liberal Democrats; Greens and Farnham Residents’ the Tory Group to a man and woman ABSTAINED. Showing once again by its petty actions that it has demonstrated its impotence.

How much more respect would have been gained for the beleaguered Tory group, which has become almost inconsequential in the workings of ‘Your Waverley’ in recent times if it had shown some respect for the role, if not the person. Surely not every Conservative councillor, the saner and more pragmatic – such as Alfold’s Kevin Deanus and Dunsfold’s John Gray could have shown more maturity and respect? All our councillors, regardless of party are there to do what is right for us, the residents of Waverley and should be working together during one of THE most difficult chapters in the borough’s history.





Is ‘Your Waverley’ looking under the sofa to find its 5-year housing supply?


The recent announcement that Trinity College Cambridge is selling its stake in Dunsfold Aerodrome has sent an Exocet missile into Waverley’s Local Plan. A plan that took donkey’s years for the Tories to get off the drawing board.

As a result, housing delivery of many hundreds of houses a year in a new garden village with 2,600 homes, and infrastructure including a new school, road, transport and leisure improvements will be delayed. 



Hacked off Farnham Bourne Cllr Carol Cockburn as she awaits the result of an appeal by Cala Homes for 140 homes proposed in Lower Wybourne Lane, in Farnham. A decision that could blow a hole in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Here’s what Carole Cockburn thinks after the council was forced to concede that it doesn’t have the 5.3 year supply required by Government at an important appeal held recently in her hometown.

 Waverley Planning Officer Beth Howland-Smith told the Western Planning Committee that the council had been forced to concede to developers claims that it did not have a 5.3 housing supply – but only 4.99. She said “whist this was only slightly below the five-year figure.  The degree of the shortfall was a material consideration and officers were now working on a new HLS Statement as of 1st April 2021.


Chief Planning Officer Zac Ellwood said he agreed with Cllr Cockburn’s concerns saying:

“You either have a Five-year housing supply or you haven’t.”

However, he stressed a great deal of work was going on behind the scenes to ensure the data on housing completions in Waverley. Officers, including several new posts, would ensure in future the housing figures were more robust. Going forward with Local Plan Part 2 would also help to deliver more housing.

“To be blunt – we are going to fight fire with fire when we have the evidence – and we are leaving no stone unturned to find the numbers- and if we can’t – it won’t be for the lack of trying.”

Cllr Simon Dear said it was quite simple, Waverley has to build 11,000 homes in the planning period, and it must retain control to influence where and what that development is.

Without the five year supply – we have no control!


 With developers lining up their diggers all over the borough …

As Cllr Cockburn says, “It is not a good place to be!”