You know when Summer has arrived by the stink permeating around parts of Farnham and Cranleigh!





Fear not … Julia is sending out gas masks…isn’t she?


You all know about the East’s “Stinkgate” now here comes- “Watergate.”

Over there in and around Cranleigh, the source of the stink has already been identified – it is coming from Protect Our Waverley’s spokesman who calls himself – “Pepper pig.”



It’s official – Waverley Planners have gone Bats!


Crest Nicholson get Licence to Kill…bats!  And if you link into the comments box – you can hear the debate which was very kindly sent to us here at the WW by Mushroom Management. Presumably, because they (WBC) keep most people in the dark and throw a bucket of sh*t over them?


Potty & Co go batty! 

Lies, damned lies, and no proper statistics – for the endangered bat population of 
Blightwells, Farnham’s infamous multi-million-pound development in East Street.

Easing into her new role as part of the England Team and with Nikes at the ready, Chief Planning Officer put the boot in on councillors  in readiness for her World Cup debut, when they dared to ask too many questions and took more than their allotted four minutes on Crest Nicholsons’s planning application to mitigate the loss of habitat and “protect” the Blightwells bat population.

Whilst everyone is aware from previous surveys that there are bats in the Redgrave Theatre, the Blightwells Cottage, The Marlborough Head, and elsewhere on the site all either demolished or awaiting the swinging ball,  – there is to be NO MITIGATION – for the loss of the Maternity Roost, NO BAT HOUSE, as previously agreed with Crest Nicholson just a handful of aluminium poles stuck up around the site with  bat boxes on the top!

There will be no bat houses to replace the maternity roost despite calls from rebellious councillors  Farnham Residents’  Jerry Hyman and John Ward, Paul “fearsome” Follows, and  Cranleigh Tory Liz Townsend,  who was sitting on the Joint Planning Committee for the first time and who might just have to watch her seat!  Disobeying Betty Boot on your first outing!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 09.43.20

 Watch out Liz, or we might have to start referring to Cranleigh’s ‘Liz as the Biz.”

There were some lovely quotes from councillors:- here’s just a few to make you smile.

“If we go ahead and grant this… it could be A LICENCE TO KILL – BATS!

Godalming’s Paul Follows: “Isn’t it an offence to disrupt or injure roosting bats.”

Cranleigh’s Liz Townsend: ‘How will the bats survive if the Blightwells Cottage is demolished?”

Anna James (Chiddingfold): “I’m quite happy to grant this application as it stands.” In other words Bug**r the Bats!

John Ward (Farnham)If we don’t have a maternity wing- we may not have any more little bats.”OH! and I object to the Chairman asking us at the start of this meeting to “curtail the debate.”

Jerry Hyman (Farnham) “It’s not rocket science if  they, (the developers and the planning officers) don’t care about endangered species, and the environment – what do they care about?”

You may well ask – WWethinks … letting developers do whatever they like?

Planning Officer: “Natural England has issued a licence, and under the terms of that licence the developer cannot damage bats. Followed by: “Natural England have not actually assessed it?”

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 20.17.48.pngBetty Boot: Then dons her steel toecap Nike’s saying:”We are quite confident about our recommendation to approve this application because it is sound. and… In the big scheme of things, this is an insignificant matter”

Insignificant matter?

Here’s what many Farnam people think!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 19.22.07.pngAnd… didn’t our Betty do well last night in her first World Cup game against Tunisia? But, she gets a lot more practice than most of the team, she puts the boot in on a daily basis. 

However, we have just heard from one of her fans, that it isn’t her fault – she is just doing her Master/Mistresses bidding!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 17.09.13.png

Former Godalming Town Mayor goes down for nine years for child​ sex offences.


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 20.44.35

Simon Thornton (46), the former Mayor of Godalming and a former major player in Waverley Borough Council’s Executive, has pleaded guilty to sexual offences, some of which were against underage children.

The Town’s High Street butcher has been jailed for nine years after he pleaded guilty to 20 sexual offences including being in possession of indecent photographs and videos.

Thornton, a former Godalming mayor, town and Waverley borough councillor, previously pleaded guilty to 16 of the charges at the same court on Tuesday (May 8).

He changed his plea on six more counts to guilty at Guildford Crown Court to-day Monday morning. His not guilty pleas on voyeurism and paying for sexual services to a child will remain on file.


The former councillor resigned from his role at Godalming Town Council citing “personal reasons” back in November 2017 and following behind closed doors meetings Councillor Anne Bott, a previous Godalming Mayor stepped in to fill the breach left by Mr. Thornton of Abraham Way, Bordon.  The Court ruled he will serve half of his sentence in custody and the remainder on licence.


There are lies, ​damned​ lies and… Bob Lies.



Dear old Bob Lees, Chairman of Protect our Little Corner’s summer just got even busier!

Just when you, dear Reader, thought this selfless, civically minded individual couldn’t give any more to the Borough, one eagle-eyed Waverley Web correspondent pointed out that Protect our Waverley has been pumping out Press Releases from its Headquarters at Unit A11, Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, in Surrey.

Does this mean that Capt’n Bob and his cohorts are going to extend their campaigning across the borough boundary and embrace Surrey Heath? Protect our Waverley & Surrey Heath (POWASH – not to be mistaken for HOGWASH!) doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Maybe, instead, they’ll be really ambitious and, in the interests of inclusiveness, call themselves Protect our Surrey (POS – very happy to be mistaken for POSH!)

Other businesses based at Unit A11 Fairoaks Airport are Dunsfold Airfield History Society and Cleverwoof Ltd. Plenty of surprises there then, for one could be forgiven for thinking that Dunsfold Airfield History Society would be based at …, well …, you know …, Dunsfold Airfield … Wouldn’t you if you were in their shoes? Maybe even sharing space with the Dunsfold Museum because that would be, well, a natural fit …, wouldn’t it? At least it would if they really were interested in the history of the aerodrome. Slightly more problematic when their entire raison d’être is to put a bloody great spoke in the wheel of the Dunsfold Developer’s concrete mixer!

So, these Johnny Come-Latelys have shacked up with Protect our Waverley and Cleverwoof.  What a happy ship Unit A11 at Fairoaks Airport must be, full of like-minded individuals, working towards a single aim.

They must be absolutely delighted that were planned to turn Fairoaks into a  Garden Village, a copy-cat model of Dunsfold Park, has been refused.

Perhaps  Capt’n Bob & Co expanding their operations and objected to plans to ‘concrete over’ another brownfield site? Whatever next? The Fairoaks Airfield History Society?

Maybe not!

Rather, first stop Dunsfold, then onto Chobham … next stop the entire Country!

Bob Lies for Prime Minister … but, NO!, better yet, Bob Lies for President – of America! Well, let’s face it Capt’n Bob and President Trump have a lot in common … and there’s a lot of people in Waverley who’d be only too happy to send him across the pond – on permanent loan! Maybe, we could have a whip round for a first class ticket or, even better, maybe the Flying Scot could be persuaded to provide a transport plane out of Dunsfold …

Here’s Waverley’s Press Release. Needless to say, we will be hanging from one of the High Court’s beams where some of our followers would quite like to see us?Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 09.41.01.png

Just another manic Saturday, Sunday & Monday at the Cranleigh dump!


Two of our eagle-eyed followers over there in the East has sent a couple of photos of what she described as “the chaos that exists at the Cranleigh recycling centre since its partial closure.”

One describes the queues of cars from Nanhurst Crossways junction on the A281 attempting to do a turn in the road to get out of the ensuing logjam as “complete and utter chaos.” 

She explained that residents of a nearby multiple occupancy development  (unfortunately she couldn’t give us the name) couldn’t get out because the queue stretched down Elm Bridge Road as people queued to get the small window (Sat, Sun, Mon) now open to them to get into the dump! Otherwise, they have to take the rat run over Hascombe past Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s new home on their way to the Witley recycling centre. Little wonder SCC chose the weekends to keep the dump open! We don’t want to spoil his peace and quiet do we?

Yesterday we posted on Surrey County Council’s leader David Hodge asking for your help to shape the county councils future. So now’s your chance.

Put your teeth in Mr Hodge!



This is from another Cranleigh resident a few weeks earlier!



Put your teeth in Mr Hodge!



Any politician who starts a diatribe with … “I’ve always been clear” is a guarantee that what he is about to say is anything but… and resembles MUD!

Here’s David ‘Autocue’ Hodge reading a statement about the launch of Surrey County Council’s new vision – it’s only a draft vision he hastens to add – because what he really wants is YOUR VISION! What should Surrey look like by 2030?
Well, you know what to do then – read about it here and complete the survey here.

Where will Waverley members be watching the World Cup in Farnham?



Marlborough Head East Street June 2014


Marlborough Head 2018

We are grateful for these photos from Martin Gardiner and John Spackman in Farnham for pointing out the irony. Where once there was a thriving community pub on East Street, now there is a boarded up, fenced off shell. Never before has the ‘Blightwells’ development been so aptly named!

Where will we watch the Russian held World Cup now? Answers to Waverley, please! Spasibo!

We’ve heard it on the grapevine, that Liz the Biz or Betty Boot as she is fondly known – (remember staff and councillors have been warned not to refer to the Chief Planning Officer by this name!!) – has donned her brand new Nike football boots, to take part in the English line-up for the World Cup. Apparently, she has put the bover boot in so many times to give rebellious Waverley concillors a good kicking, that England Manager Gareth Southgate, is putting her on first reserve in the attack. Watch out Tunisia!

Double Whoopee another shedload of our money goes down the pan!




Here’s the taxpayer’s money about to be flushed away…again!

To misquote Oliver Hardy:

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 17.49.08.png

The Honourable Mr. Justice Holgate has ordered that in the matter of applications for Planning Statutory Review:

1. POW Campaign Ltd – v- Waverley Borough Council and Dunsfold Airport Ltd
2. CPRE Surrey -v- Waverley Borough Council
3. POW Campaign Ltd -v- Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government

The three applications be consolidated and heard together, at an oral hearing, as soon as possible after 25 June 2018 because he considers this to be the most efficient way of dealing with the applications.

The Judge has noted that there is considerable overlap in the legal arguments raised in the claims by POW and CPRE and a good deal of the factual and policy context is common to all three claims. He has also decreed that one Judge should hear all of the matters at the permission stage and one Judge should also hold any substantive hearing in relation to any claims granted permission to proceed. And, whether the claims are consolidated or not, the hearings must take place in the same hearing window to avoid inefficient use of judicial resources.

Mr. Justice Holgate concludes by saying priority must be given in the list of the applications to the availability of a Judge and not to the availability of any counsel presently instructed. Which, in short, means The Stinch, Rumpole and Wayne Beglan, who acted on behalf of POW, the Dunsfold Developer, and Waverley Borough Council respectively, may not star in the blockbusting sequel. It’s rather like a film studio killing off the leading man when he tries to up his fee for the sequel!

It remains to be seen if those bit-part-players, Charles William Orange Esq (AKA OJ) and Nik Pidgeon (AKA Not-in-my-Columbier), will rock up for the latest round.

However, we have heard from one of the herd at Protect Our Waverley that they are JUBILANT and cannot wait to get their days/weeks/ in court.

As the two above are among the key architects of PoW & the Parishes’ case against the Dunsfold Developer one would expect them to be preening in front row seats but neither have been seen in public since they were outed, around the time of the Dunsfold Inquiry, as Nimby Developers who, having spent years parking their concrete mixers in other peoples’ backyards, now want to move in on their own patch and dig up the village greens of Awfold and Hascombe in preference to seeing the brownfields of Dunsfold Airfield developed. KERCHING!

Reading Mr Justice Holgate’s direction, whilst sipping a glass or two of Silent Pool’s excellent G&T, we at Waverley Web, found ourselves re-visiting the words of that elder statesman of the three barristers at the recent Inquiry into Dunsfold Park, Christopher Katkowski QC, AKA Rumpole: “The very fact that the Rule 6 Parties [otherwise known as POW & the Parishes] speak in such terms shows what the planning system has to grapple with and face down here!”

We can only hope that the High Court Judge on whose bench these cases land will be up to grappling with and tackling the Nimbyism which has polluted the waters of Waverley.

But – and purely in the interests of fairness, you understand – we must give equal airtime to The Stinch, on behalf of POW and the Parishes, whom we awarded Quote of the Day on the first day of the Dunsfold Inquiry, when he announced, in suitably sombre tones…

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 17.55.41


If only! How most of us wish that were true. All we do know is that, despite those famous first words from The Stinch, Waverley taxpayers are looking down the barrel of yet another review of the Dunsfold decision and the Local Plan!

 In company with the Brexit Remoaners, POW and the Parishes won’t take NO for an answer – they’re just going to keep on pushing this ball uphill and down dale until someone somewhere, anyone anywhere, agrees with them and overturns the decision to build on the biggest brownfield site in the borough and allows ‘Your Waverley’ to continue concreting over the countryside.

And the Government has the cheek to wonder why developers aren’t building enough houses quickly enough … and why they are so expensive!

Yet another case of you couldn’t make it up!!!

The WW tripped over a Gove at our local fruit farm.


Who did we see in his ministerial Land Rover as we rounded the corner of Tuesley Farm,  none-other than the Secretary for State for Agriculture Michael Gove. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our free punnet of raspberries to hand…
Brexiteer Gove met our local Brexiteer fruit farmer Harry Hall at Godalming’s Tuesley Farm as part of Open Farm Sunday. Harry is famous for voting for Brexit and then complaining he can’t get enough Polish workers to pick his strawbs..  “If EU labourers disappear ‘I don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that”


We wonder if Harry (above right) went on to tell Mr. Gove what he said to Radio 4: “I regret my vote in the face of the Government I’m given.” Judging by the look on Gove’s face it would appear he was getting a rough ride?

The Secretary of State’s parking space is pictured below. However, – he didn’t arrive on his bike but was swept through in his blacked out Land Rover.
IMG_2276.jpgLocal Residents will know the farm has had a chequered planning history, with Waverley taking enforcement action against the owners of the polytunnels and then against the permanent mobile homes. However, we can report that these issues are now resolved, and the fruit tastes delicious!

Please Waverley, tell us you haven’t gambled a £17m black hole like Surrey Heath!


closingdownSurrey Heath Council recently spent £17.6m buying the freehold of the Camberley House of Fraser building. The money was completely borrowed from the Government’s Public Works scheme – so they didn’t even have the money themselves! Casino gambling at it’s best.


The Council said: “By acquiring the freehold of this site, Surrey Heath did so as part of the wider regeneration of its town and not as an investment. The store has suffered from under-investment over the years and the Council was in discussion with them to address this. Whilst these discussions are still ongoing, their own reinvestment proposals are dependent on a formal CVA and their position on legacy stores.”

This is the massive ANCHOR store for Camberley – not something easily re-let – or even turned into flats in the current climate!

We know Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councils have invested in the disastrous Blightwells in Farnham, and we know Waverley agreed to borrow £30million to buy some commercial property early in the year. Surely this is a risk too far?

Isn’t it time to come clean Waverley and publish a list of whats going on? After all if we suddenly all have a half share in a shopping centre in Runcorn, perhaps there will be more incentive for us to visit!!

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