Oh dear, what can the matter be? Councillors banned​ from the car park at Waverley.



When the roulette wheel spins on this suggestion who will win?

Rumour has that angry councillors are bombarding one another with e-mails complaining about a new ruse that the new administration has up its sleeve to ease its parking problems.

The Executive has proposed to ask,  or is it tell,  councillors to park in future in the public car parks – which are free to them anyway. This would leave more parking spaces in The Burys car park for the essential users – in other words, the staff, and police. All parking in the borough is free for Waverley councillors, but not for the council workers. 

Occupants of homes in the residential roads around the centre of Godalming are clogged up with the office and shopworkers’ cars, and residents are becoming increasingly concerned that their roads resemble public car parks.

Some of the older, infirm members – of which there are a few – are complaining that they are unable to walk very far, and need easy access to the council offices for day-time meetings.  Though the WW understands from ‘inside Your Waverley’ that the disabled parking will remain and so will special places for The Mayor & Deputy Mayor.

Will members of the council still be able to park at The Burys for evening meetings – which is when most of them are there?




Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 22.42.41.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.31.19.png


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.30.55.png


Waverley’s Full Council has ratified the new Executive’s recommendation to spend £12.7m (some of which will be borrowed) to provide a new leisure complex on a new site in Cranleigh.

Officers have already begun work on a detailed scheme with a firm of external consultants to identify exactly where the new building will be sited. But villagers are asking on their Facebook Group  – “why are we waiting?”

Once the new location of the building has been identified – it is believed it will be located very near to the existing building in the Village Way car park – officers will report back to the Executive with firm proposals but haven’t said when.

The present state of the Cranleigh Leisure Centre is very poor, and the boilers have been a source of concern there for some considerable time. Although well-used it is long past its sell-by date, and desperately needs refurbishment.

Some money towards the cost of the new building will come from the 106 contributions – made by developers as their contributions towards improving Cranleigh’s infrastructure.

However, villagers are claiming that although new homes are being provided and families are moving in – no major infrastructure improvements have yet been made, and it is time these caught up.

Schools are full; water pressure is down; burst water pipes are now an everyday occurrence and little or no major road improvements have either been made or are on the cards.  

So when will Waverley Borough Council use some of those 106 financial contributions made by developers? Or, have these contributions actually been made?

Much ado about the location of a new Cranleigh Leisure Centre.

Will Waverley’s leisure centres soon get a facelift?

Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.

Watch out there’s an election about?


Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 10.09.20No longer a Minister, our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has remembered where his constituency is and is giving it a bit of a polish just in case there is an early general election and he can have another go at the top job?

Although, didn’t he say something about hoping that our Boris was enjoying the job of PM as much he was enjoying NOT doing the job?

However we aren’t really cynics – we are delighted to see somebody – anybody – champion the cause of Air Pollution in Farnham. Even though Farnham residents have been choking on fumes for years.  

Perhaps Gerry Hyman, the Farnham Residents’ councillor for Firgrove Ward who, along with other Farnham residents, has been working and worrying officers’ on the issue for years, should have been on that walk with Mr. Hunt?


Oh! And he sets up a Charity, according to the health Service Journal.Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 09.18.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 09.18.37.png

A message from the WW to Mr. Hunt.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time – but not all of the people all of the time.’

You have used Farnham’s pollution and traffic problems as your electoral bandwagon, onto which you have just loaded The Haslemere Hospital.  Don’t be surprised if your cynical attempt at getting the hospital’s staff or any other local NHS staff on-side backfires. Because many of us who worked under your leadership in the health service, have long memories.


Has the MP found time to meet with the new Leaders of Waverley Borough Council yet? We heard numerous meetings have been cancelled because he has been so busy? Perhaps dealing with Farnham’s traffic and pollution problems?

Veolia Out…Biffa In – as a new refuse service​ soon to arrive in Waverley.


One of the last major decisions made by the Conservative Administration was to change suppliers of the borough’s waste collection system.


Goes Veolia, which has its own recycling centre, and a waste collection depot on the A31 between Alton & Winchester.


Comes Biffa – which will be transporting general waste to the Slyfield Depot on the Woking Road in Guildford and recycling to Camberley in the Surrey Heath district. Food Waste will be collected separately.

The new service is expected to save ‘Your Waverley,’ £50,000 per year.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.37.59.png

Here’s a Message from Waverley’s Deputy ~Leader ~Paul Follows: ON CHANGES TO WASTE COLLECTION ARRANGEMENTS

As many residents will now be aware, there are some changes to local waste collection arrangements in Waverley and so I wanted to take this opportunity to get the details out.



Your bins will be emptied by Biffa ‪from 4 November 2019‬.

The change has been made to improve the way we collect your waste, increase recycling levels and provide the most cost-effective solution.


Biffa will collect your bins for the first time ‪from 4 November 2019‬.


Initially, your bin collection day won’t change – rubbish and recycling collections will continue every other week and food waste collections weekly.

Collections may change from February 2020.

We will let you know of any changes in advance.


Your food and waste will be collected separately.

This means your food waste caddy may be emptied at a different time to your rubbish or recycling bin.

This will reduce journeys to tipping points and help reduce vehicle pollution.

Please put out your bins by ‪6am‬ as collections will be starting earlier.


From Spring 2020, we will also collect textiles and small electrical goods for recycling.
In the meantime, you can recycle these items at recycling sites around the borough.


Yes, you can still check your bin collection day online.


You should be receiving a leaflet on this any day now, and the next ‘Your Waverley’ magazine will repeat the information for anyone that missed it. Happy also to take questions or comments myself on here or at Paul.follows@waverley.gov.uk

Can someone provide the people of Farnham with some answers?



Just a few days ago ‘Your Waverley’s’ Standards Committee considered changes proposed by the new administration to the way things are done. So a new Constitution could be on its way?

More openness, improved communication and transparency, better public viewing of webcasts and… bringing back a 15 or perhaps even a 30-minute opportunity for the public to put members on the spot and ask questions of the Full Council.

Watch their faces and read their lips, so to speak.

It has even been suggested members should sit and not stand to speak at Full Council Meetings. Presumably, the change was suggested so councillors don’t keep bobbing up and down, losing their heads on the webcast, and when distanced from microphones so cannot be heard?? Apparently, some cannot read their notes when standing up.

But this proposal was turned down by the committee on the grounds that  it was  “disrespectful to the Mayor.” 

However, Farnham Residents’ who is a thorn in the side regardless of which administration is in power, made a simple and straightforward comment on a proposal that brings back the public question time at full council. An observation that made a great deal of sense to those of us who have witnessed Waverley at work.

Cllr Gerry Hyman recounted the numerous past experiences, of many Farnham residents, of whom he was one for many years, recalling how, when given the opportunity to ask questions, he, and others, had seldom received a straight answer. So, unless there was a complete volte-face under a new system, it didn’t really matter whether Question Time was reintroduced or not, or for how long?  Unless of course, the new management intended doing things differently, and provide residents with robust answers?

Now let’s see what the new boys on the block make of this resident’s Question?

David Quick question is in relation to the retail development proposed at Brightwells Yard in Farnham:

“On making enquiries to Waverley concerning A3 and A4 retail unit classifications, it has now been confirmed units RU3 to RU6 have been given an A4 classification – allowing bar operators to trade in a row next to each other (though ASK has taken RU5)

When enquiring to Crest Nicholson (the developer) why have you applied,  and been given A4, the response was to give it flexibility on possible future tenants.

Therefore, why are these units being adverised as restaurants (A3) when they are clasified as bars (A4)?”


Calls for a weight restriction on HGV’s as listed building in Farnham’s Castle Street are being shaken and stirred.


Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 15.17.17.png


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 09.46.09.png

Castle Street then…



Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 09.45.49.png

Castle Street now.


A call by a Farnham Residents’ councillor for an HGV weight restriction in the town’s historic Castle Street, may have gone unheeded.

David Beaman, a member of Waverley’s Executive told the Surrey County Council/Waverley local area committee that there must be an “immediate investigation” into the damage that is being caused to both the buildings and their occupants in the historic area of the town.

He asked Chairman Victoria Young to seek a feasibility study on imposing a seven and a half tonne weight restrictions before any real damage occurs there.

The call comes after The Castle Street Residents’ Association called for a speed limit from the current 30mph to 20mph, because the streets historic Grade 11 Listed Georgian  Buildings are being – “regularly shaken.”

But according to an engineer from  SCC  – there is little hope of getting any 20mph restrictions anywhere in Waverley because ‘there isn’t any money left in the kitty.”

Earlier, Barry Hart said he hadn’t come along to the meeting to ask for 20mph limits in Farnham – because despite 41 Petitions being presented to the committee over a 5 year period requesting speed limits, most had failed. He said as it appeared that Government policy for speed reductions was not in line with the county council’s policy. He wanted to know whether this was due to a county council decision or were Government policies being obstructed by officials?

He received the same answer. “There is no money available.”

Cranleigh councilor Liz Townsend asked the chairman to include the whole question of speed limits to be put on the Agenda as a subject for discussion at the NEXT area committee meeting.

To which Queen Victoria (Young) responded: “I will put it on my list to consider for future meetings.” And then moved on, giving it her usual regal bums rush.


Could Waverley’s Yellow Peril be about to make a curry out of ‘Big Rice?’



Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 21.14.00.png

 Paul Follows the Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council has been selected by SW Surrey Liberals as their prospective parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey.

Apparently, the man who helped form the Waverley Council’s Rainbow Alliance, and sofar, is making a pretty decent job of it, is the chosen one to take on the country’s top entrepreneur and, ‘Big Rice, as he is called by his wife in the forthcoming General Election.

No wonder  ‘Big R’ has been running around the borough like a whirling dervish worrying about the toxic fumes being generated by Farnham motorists. The same toxic atmosphere that residents have been inhaling for years, whilst dumb air quality data was regularly being churned out by Waverley officers. Data which is now the subject of criminal proceedings perpetrated by the council against one of its employees?  Because, of course,  her line-manager has bu**ered off to pastures new. Just like he did last time his job became too hot to handle.

And just in case you noticed in his latest billet-doux his concern for the residents of Farncombe, suffering from anti-social behaviour, you may rest assured that both ‘Big Rice’ and the outgoing Police & Crime Commissioner David Munro, (wasn’t he kicked out of the Tory Party?) have everything under control?

Oh! thank the one above us, that all those residents of Godawfulming and Farncombe can now sleep safely in their beds in the knowledge that  Munro and the ‘Big Rice’ are racing to their aid, followed in their wake by hundreds of new police officers? Dream on?

Police Chief David Munro booted by the Tories. Has everyone gone to the moon?

The fightback has begun to deal with anti-social behavior – “and make Farncombe great again.”

Can anyone tell us who raised the anti-social behaviour issue? And, who called a public meeting, and was hammered by Godalming Tories, including Paul Follows’ resident trolls, accusing him of making a drama out of a crisis? And, then jumping on his bandwagon!

Non-other than the infamous Adam Taylor-Smith the little keyboard warrior who sits on the train each morning trolling Cllr Follows after being unceremoniously kicked into touch in the May Polls? 



Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 21.14.27.png


As Surrey’s children’s centres close and staff are made redundant, complaints rise all over the county.


Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 11.57.44.png


 A complete lack of communication has angered Waverley Borough Councillor Paul Follows, but his anger is matched by others around the county.

Everyone agrees that most of the centres did incredible work, and for many parents, it was a lifeline due to the help and advice offered close to home. Friendships were made and support given. Now, as the centre’s close staff and users say they are ‘devastated.’

A new model adopted by Surrey County Council will see its staff going out to families, which inevitably means, many struggling families will fall through the net – until they end up in crisis and come to the attention of overloaded children’s services. This week

Louise Goldsmith announced she is to step down after almost ten years as Leader of West Sussex County Council.

The announcement yesterday comes a week after it was revealed that the Chief Executive Nathan Elveryis currently away from duties.’ with no further explanation provided as to why.

Meanwhile, reports have now been published by the BBC and Local Government Chronicle suggesting the authority is facing losing control of its children’s services after not improving enough since receiving an ‘inadequate’ rating from Ofsted in May.

In January, Surrey’s cabinet members agreed restructuring of 58 children’s centres to be replaced by 21 Family Centre models. This was passed by the council in February after many thousands of residents signed petitions of protest to no avail. The final total has since dropped to 20, supported by nine extra satellite centres and outreach work, after merging two Surrey Heath centres. 

When Cllr Paul Follows, Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council, registered his concerns about the closures at the SCC/Waverley local committee,  he said he had learned details of the closures from the staff, half of whom have been made redundant and not from the county council.

Cllr Paul Follows and Cllr Anne-Marie Rosoman (both Lib Dem, Godalming Central, and Ockford) asked for assurances they would be kept more informed of the decisions and changes of Early Help services.  He now says he wants a meeting with Mary Lewis SCC’s Cabinet ~member to explain the changes and the impact. He wants to hear from anyone affected.

Cllr Follows told the meeting: “There is a little bit of frustration because many of us did request to be kept more fully updated on this matter as borough councillors. I have grave concern about the cuts.”

He said he had been kept more up to date by the staff made redundant from Haslemere Children’s Centre, and called for Cllr Mary Lewis, SCC cabinet member for children, young people and families, to explain the changes.

 Cllr Nikki Barton (SCC, Ind, Haslemere), said:

“I’ve been really appalled by the lack of consultation and I haven’t been kept up to date at all.”

She said she was not able to support staff who lost their jobs because she was not aware it was happening and that was “really depressing”.

A tabled response to Cllr Follows said funding for the new Family Centre model is based on a new formula to establish the resources for each borough and district. Countywide there was a 35% reduction to the budget. For Waverley, this resulted in an overall budget cut of 51%. Officers said it was because Waverley previously had higher levels of funding compared to other areas of Surrey.

The response from Nigel Denning, lead, Early Help Transformation, said Waverley council had “declined the opportunity to deliver the new Family Centres” so this went out to tender with Barnardo’s awarded the contract. The charity is also running the service in Surrey Heath.

An SCC spokesman said: “The new Family Centres will act as bases for outreach workers to deliver support to families who need it most and closer to home.“Plans for new Family Centres and service provision are available on SCC’s Council Family Information website and it we’ve been engaging with parents throughout this process.”The total savings target from the children’s services restructure to the Family Resilience model is £63 million.

About 330 staff have left children’s services through voluntary redundancy or through the selection process. The new Family Centre model delivers services for children from birth to 11 years. One mobile unit has been retained.

Tandridge District Council and Woking Borough Council have chosen to run the centres themselves, operational by mid-November.

The new contracts for Waverley, Surrey Heath, Elmbridge and the Stanwell area of Spelthorne will run from January 14, 2020, until March 31, 2022.

Family Centres in Guildford and neighbouring boroughs and district – open and closed


Lead provider Barnardo’s at Hale Primary School in Upper Hale and Loseley Fields Family Centre at Green Lane, Farncombe.

Closing: Christopher Robin Sure Start Children’s Centre Cranleigh (October); Elstead and Villages Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Potters Gate Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Tennyson’s Sure Start Children’s Centre (October);


The Wharf Nursery School and Sure Start Children’s Centre near ~Homebase in Godalming  will remain open. (October).

Surrey Heath

Lead provider – Barnardo’s at Old Dean Young People and Family, Centre Camberley.

Closing: The Orchard Sure Start Children’s Centre (October ); Pine Ridge Children’s Centre (reduced service from September 1); Bagshot Infant School and Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Mytchett Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Chobham, Bisley and West End Sure Start Children’s Centre (July).


Lead provider – Woking Borough Council and partnership at Sythwood Primary School and Sheerwater Community Centre.

Closing: Horsell Village Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Pyrford and Byfleet Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); St John’s Knaphill Sure Start Children’s Centre (October); Brookwood and Pirbright Children’s Centre (June).


A new highway through the Surrey Hills has been thrown out by highway experts.



Bramley’s By-Pass Byham’s long-held ambition thwarted yet again?

Queen Victoria’s, face was like a summons when as Chairman of the Waverley/Surrey County Council highways partnership she pronounced that there would be …

… no new road between Waverley’s  eastern villages and the A3.

Prompted by the huge amount of development already under-way, and that proposed in Milford, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Alfold and a new garden village at Dunsfold, a feasibility study has been carried out by county highways. The study supported by the Waverley Highway Committee.

It has taken years to get the highwaymen to even consider by-passing Guildford from the east of the borough of Waverley. But just a couple of months to kick out a suggested road across areas of outstanding natural beauty and great landscape value.

So hey ho and off they all go down the A.281 from Horsham to Guildford for another couple of decades?

However, the WW doesn’t suppose having a wannabe Prime Minister – in waiting – on the route helped overmuch? Although rumour has it that our MP has recently moved out? Perhaps it was all that talk about shutting the Cranleigh dump and sending everyone with their truck-loads of detritus down Markwick Lane on their way to Super Dump at Witley, what did it for Jeremy & Co? 

However, Queen Victoria, (Young) that is, said she thought everyone at the meeting would be interested to hear her sovereign, sorry chairman’s, announcement..!

In her usual regal tones, she said she had a letter from the Deputy Leader of Surrey County Council Colin Kemp following the request for a new road from the A281 at Dunsfold to meet the A3 at Milford. 

In his letter to the committee, he said he had read a lot of paperwork to get a good understanding of the issue, – (well that’s comforting) – but due to the environmental and other concerns, and the impact a relief road would have on the local area, it will not be pursued any further. He said – “the impact will be far too great.”

The original request came from the Guildford Society to allow commuters to reach a new ‘Milford Parkway‘ station and relieve mounting congestion in Bramley/Shalford/Guildford. Although Society Chairman Alistair Smith said he recognised that the 12km scheme was likely to be’ expensive, complex and controversial’ as it would pass through some sensitive countryside, which would need to be treated appropriately.

Now here comes the sting in the tail – for Protect Our Waverley – who waxed lyrical for months about the possibility of Dunsfold Rd, Loxhill, Markwick Lane, and all roads to Milford becoming a Rat Run – and had lots of little rats running all over pictures of the local road network to prove it!?!   Had us all sleeping fitfully at night for months here at the Waverley Web. Spiders yes, rats absolutely NOT!

According to Queen Vic, the county council’s deputy head honcho said –

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.13.59.png

Oh dear, if Hunt’s country pile hasn’t been sold already – perhaps it soon will?


So, what exactly is the Guildford & Waverley CCG’s – ‘Better Together’ exercise all about?


Recently Joint Commissioning Group (JCG) Director Vicky Stobbart was forced to put the public straight about its “Better Care Together’ Programme. Saying it was NOT a PUBLIC CONSULTATION.

Holding workshops and meetings all the over the borough, was, she said, not about the future of the minor injuries unit at Haslemere Hospital, it was merely an exercise to engage with patients and the public to consider how it (the JCG) can best provide urgent care services to the population of Guildford & Waverley and, “surrounding areas.” Her words, not ours.

WW wonders what she means by “surrounding areas,” does she mean an area bigger than Guildford & Waverley? (Read the press statement below.)

She says no decisions have been made and there are NO  options on the table.  However, everyone in Haslemere is acutely aware, that if its MIU is not upgraded to an urgent care center (UCC)  it means – its well-used and cherished facility will obviously have to close.

Our correspondents have attended quite a few presentations around the area, and have been acutely underwhelmed by several of them. Residents were asked?

 What would you like to see? How would you like us to deliver services – in your, town, your village? asked one?  No surprise there then that he/she heard that people wanted their minor injuries dealt with at a unit staffed by doctors and nurses in strategically placed UCC’s in Waverley and in Guildford.

 What we cannot understand is the – “and beyond” bit, Vicky Stobbart mentions in the penultimate paragraph of her statement featured below.

Ms. Stobbart wants us all to tell her what matters most to us? 

And, from what we gathered from the events we attended – it was really quite simple. And it certainly didn’t require the huge costly glossy brochure, with full-page pictures of patients being treated by dedicated professionals, that must have cost half-a-dozen NHS beds! Or the wishing exercise that her colleagues provided us with. Here’s just one glossy picture.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 17.49.10.png

Here’s another: and, there are lots more where these came from!Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 17.49.37.png

So, what they actually want Ms. Stobbart is:

  • Easy access six days a week to their GP’s and community nurses.
  • Access to acute care, for major injuries/illness at Accident & Emergency at The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, – an organisation that recently dropped the word “hospital from its name, or Frimley Park in the West of the Borough. 
  • Centrally positioned UCC’s. One in Haslemere, which has its own X-Ray to serve the large population which reaches into West Sussex and the fast-growing Godalming, and Milford areas.
  • Another UCC based in the old Cranleigh Village Hospital which also has X-Ray facilities serving the eastern villages and the new Garden Village about to arrive in Dunsfold.

Your representatives mentioned at several meetings that providing future UCC’s was NOT a question of money? A statement that baffled many, including us.

They heard that the problem is only getting the right staff in post. So no problem there then – lots of nurses living in the eastern villages, some of whom turned up to the meetings.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 15.30.14

So what’s all this about: Is Guildford & Waverley CCG about to become  East Surrey, Guildford & Waverley, North West Surrey, and Surrey Downs CCG) next year?

Because this is beginning to sound like SW Surrey Area Health Authority only even bigger? What do they say: ‘What goes around comes around?’  WW wonder how much all these reorganizations have cost the taxpayer over the past two decades?

If it wasn’t so serious this press statement would be quite funny!

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 16.20.46.png