Thames Water’s head honcho’s gets to sniff the Bramley whiff.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer recently used his direct line to the Daily Telegraph’s Political Editor and a senior News Reporter to publicise a smell of oil in Bramley.

He then brought in the Environment Agency, and now it’s the turn of Thames Water’s head. When are the Prime Minister and the Chief Constable arriving for a sniff?

Is Chancellor Jeremy Hunt panicking about already fighting the General Election on his new patch? Godalming/Ash/and WAVERLEY’s eastern villages?

Does raw sewage float Jeremy and Sarah’s boat in Bramley?

The country’s head bean counter has called in non-other than Thames Water’s plumply salaried Sarah Bentley to sort out the Bramley whiff. Here’s the link to the stink: Is Hunt on the General election trail already?

Thames Water boss Sarah Bentley on £2m a year, and receives obscene bonuses gets called down to Bramley to check-out the village stream- really!

GREEN SPACES  Sewage is an issue I am knee-deep in (sorry), so I am working closely with Thames Water, Southern Water and the Environment Agency to secure a major investment plan with a total of over £423 million to be invested locally by 2026 to clean up our local rivers.

Does he mean Waverley’s Rivers? WW wonders?

As Chancellor, I also made sure that fines paid by water companies are used to fix pollution.

Emma Howard Boyd, chair, said that the agency’s current fines are often less than the chief executive’s salary. 

He said: “I recently met Tilford Parish Council Chair Deborah Lee to discuss the environmental challenges facing the Wey in Tilford.

I am also meeting Thames Water CEO Sarah Bentley in Bramley on Saturday.”

WW wonders if she sought overtime to visit Bramley at the weekend.

Sarah Bentley, Thames Water’s boss, received a total amount of £727,000 in two single payments just days after being criticised by the Environment Agency over the company’s record of pollution. UK water companies are under fire for dumping raw sewage into Britain’s drinking water supplies. The number of serious incidents climbed, and Thames and Southern Water committed more than half the incidents.

UK water companies are under fire for dumping raw sewage into Britain’s drinking water supplies.

Sewage entered rivers and seas on average 825 times a day last year

Sarah Bentley received a £ 3.1 million “golden hello” for signing on as chief executive of the UK’s largest water provider. That payment was in addition to her eye-watering annual salary and bonuses, which rose to £2 million last year.

 Thames, Southern, and Yorkshire paid no corporation taxes last year.

Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said it was utterly shameful for water bosses to take home such substantial pay packets and give themselves obscene bonuses while their companies ravage our natural environment by polluting water supplies and dumping raw wastewater in our waterways.

Lucas, who also serves on Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee, said that.

“our environment shouldn’t have to pay the price for water bosses’ derelictions of duty.”

The Environment Agency believes the chief executives and board members of companies guilty of the most serious offences should be sentenced.

 “Over the years, the public has witnessed water company executives and investors being rewarded handsomely while their environment pays the price.” Water companies behave like this because they can. We want to make it too difficult for them to keep doing the same thing.

Did our Surrey MP’s let us down again?


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