A Cranleigh restoration project prompts a letter from Canada.

Our pedipalps – (spider’s legs for the uninitiated)  travel far and wide -and our Waverley Web followers are based around the world. Here’s a letter from our friend Darryl Darwent – which we have attempted to answer. But which has taken a little time as it required a trip over to the wilds of Baynards – an area of Waverley on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Dear William,

Good afternoon from Calgary. It has been a while since we last corresponded.
COVID-19 & politics.
I can report our province has struggled to find a  balance between keeping its economy going and protecting the population from COVID-19 variants. Not everyone is keen on wearing masks or getting a vaccine. These people are on the fringe. My wife and I have our first jab of Astra-Zeneca. We recently became grandparents. Our little one lives in Vancouver. We are eager for normalcy so the day arrives when we can see her.
Our 3-term mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is stepping down this fall when municipal elections occur. He has been a good leader. In his time he led us through the once-in-a-century flood in 2013. However, the present offers an opportunity for this city’s first woman mayor. This excites me. Calgary needs a good vision as the oil business has fallen through the basement. We are seeing good interest in green energy and technology setting up shop here.

Waverley /Longhurst Lodge

I see by your reporting that the mysteries and nefariousness in planning around Waverley continues. Wherever there’s an opportunity to make money in turbulent times it will be accompanied by someone getting shafted.
Are you familiar with Longhurst Lodge? We recently watched an episode of Restoration Man (2011) concerning the remodelling of a Victorian gatehouse in Baynard’s Park. I realised later that it resided near Cranleigh.
The problem with watching ten-year-old shows is you never know, especially in this case, how these projects turn out. According to the episode, the owners, Vanessa Ford-Robbins and Nik Huddy had plans to add an approved addition. They were also going to restore the massive gates.
Could I ask a favour? Can you please find out whether they followed through? According to a Wikipedia article on the property, Vanessa and Nik are still the owners. But, there’s no other information. Maybe there’s an article from a local source or some photos that offer a review.
There certainly is no rush for this to be done.
Sincerely, Darryl Darwen,
Calgary, Alberta

Doing our best.

Well, Darryl, we have certainly tracked down a photo of the property you watched on the TV. And Vanessa & Nick are still the owners. As you will see the gates have been restored. The couple are real eco-warriors in fact they now own a shop in nearby Cranleigh called “For Earth’s Sake.’ It is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that informs and enables people and business to put the planet first and helps to show how we, as individuals ,can make a real difference!
Good to hear from you. Stay safe.

At the heart of For Earth’s Sake, CIC is Vanessa Ford-Robbins who, alongside partners Nik Huddy and Charlie Edwards, has launched the inaugural For Earth’s Sake shop with the ethos of shoppers being more aware of their actions, and the choices that they can make in mitigating their carbon footprint on the planet.The For Earth’s Sake shop on Cranleigh High Street, which opened its doors in April 2019, has become a hub for eco-conscious shoppers, and also to those who want to take their own steps in cutting down on plastic usage and their carbon footprint.Since announcing the launch of For Earth’s Sake CIC and the Cranleigh shop in January 2019, Vanessa and her team have created a brand that is trusted and appreciated, as well as one that is known for ‘doing what it says on the tin’.​

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