Gypsy site NO 4 Stovolds Hill, DUNSFOLD has been GRANTED.



But  – surprise – surprise – even the settled  gypsy community objected to yet another site being established – but nobody listened. 

 It is well-known locally that ‘Your Waverley’s officers want more sites to satisfy provision for gypsy families as part of its Local Plan Part 2.  The occupants of Lydia Park have been urged by officers to come forward with more sites.

So it makes sense for  Waverley Planners to turn a blind-eye to the creation of a Fourth unauthorised gypsy site which has been under construction for over two years adjacent to the existing gypsy sites at Lydia Park, Hilltops and New Acres. The new site runs alongside Dunsfold Road and adjoins Lydia Park. It also adjoins the proposed UCOG – oil and gas exploration site.

Permission was  GRANTED a few days ago – with Conditions – which some may find almost laughable! This settlement is an entirely new group of travellers from Ireland. And it is called …. wait for it!

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Aptly named – as nearby residents are weeping into their breakfast cereal – as they already live near one of the largest concentrations of gypsies in the country.

WA/2019/1265 for 9 family units and WA/2019/0515 for 4 family units, a total of 13 on a site which could in the future accommodate several hundred families.

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Condition: Any further development cannot take place without the prior consent of the local planning authority! So exactly where has the LPA been for the past couple of years?
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 The settled families who have lived in Stovolds Hill for decades describe permission for yet another site as ‘sheer madness’ and predict a recipe for trouble!

Mr Nelson Smith, an occupant of nearby Lydia Park for over 30 years put in the following application to extend his holding, but this was withdrawn.

WA/2019/1277 Change of use of land to residential use for 5 gypsy families. The site to contain 5 static caravans, 5 touring caravans, 5 amenity buildings, fencing and hardstanding. Land North of Lydia Park, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh. 

Parish Councils including Alfold, Dunsfold, Bramley and Cranleigh – all objected.

Here’s Alfold’s Letter of objection:

Lydia Park and surrounding land, together with the adjacent New Acres site, have been the subject of planning permissions in recent years for the intensification of the sites and sprawl into the adjoining agricultural land, which is classified as AGLV and clearly visible from Hascombe Hill (AONB). The net effect of this is that the gypsy and traveller community now dominates the existing settled community on Stovolds Hill, contrary to National Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2015, and further expansion would make this worse. The continued expansion of this site represents unsustainable development and is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policies SP1, SP2, AHN4, RE1 and RE3.

The lack of enforcement of conditions on the equestrian/agricultural mixed-use site (WA/2017/2013) located between Lydia Park and the application site has caused material visual harm to this rural area, damages the residential amenity of the neighbouring properties and has a negative impact on traffic safety. The Parish council is therefore very concerned that no further application on this site should be considered without absolute certainty that all conditions can be and will be enforced. Since this letter was sent the application has been withdrawn.

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APC endorses the submission from Bramley Parish Council and agrees that there should be no further expansion of the gypsy and traveller sites on Stovolds Hill until such a time as there is a clear strategy for the site.

For these reasons, APC requests this application be refused.


11 thoughts on “Gypsy site NO 4 Stovolds Hill, DUNSFOLD has been GRANTED.”

  1. Did Waverley councillors vote for this. Or was it approved by its planning officers under delegated powers?

    Why didn’t the local members call it in?

    Many questions that deserve answers?

    What does John Gray conservative Dunsfold have to say? Or perhaps Kevin Deanus Conservative Alfold?

  2. We have to assume they had no objection to the creation by Waverley of yet another traveller site in just one area?

    Or maybe they, and others made their opposition known and the planners ignored it? Who knows?

    Perhaps the people who voted for them, or didn’t, should ask them?

  3. Then ..whoever is responsible for it…if you have granted this by your total ignorance and stupidity…buy the houses for sale there yourselves for you and your families …live there and take what comes.if you’re too Lilly livered to do that then compensate home owners on Stovolds hill…big time

  4. Ok so the idiots who allowed this need to purchase homes on stovolds hill live there and take what comes.otherwise heavily compensate homeowners

    1. Why, when you have one of the largest concentrations of gypsy families in the country living in a country lane, would you want to mke it even bigger? You couldn’t make it up!

  5. Totally shameless on Waverley Borough Council they realise that although we are all human beings and entitled to homing and somewhere to bring up our children that people who are not Gypsies are totally shitted on by those who are.we lived through this so we know.will the people who put through this go and live there ?? No…I thought not

    1. Maybe you should listen to your self there we are all human beings you said. learn to love one another they are just trying to live a life like we all are and they are so much nicer than there made out to be problem these days is everyone judges stop judging a book by its cover

  6. Looks like planners and councillors want to shaft the respectable local community this will lead to a ghetto resulting in massive property devaluation. The local population should kick these idiots out of their posts at the next elections.

  7. I don’t understand what the problem is they are human beings the same as others the problem these days is that people are so damn ignorant they are the nicest people around if you get to know them stop with the hatred and start loving one another the world would be a better place

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