Bramley Whiff mystery solved.


Wannabe Bramley MP Jeremy Hunt brought in the Head of The Environment Agency, and weeks later, the recently departed Head Honcho of Thames Water Sarah Bentley and no doubt a bloodhound from Battersea to investigate a whiff in Bramley.

What will he do next to impress the residents and bag their votes in his new constituency?

 Never mind that 300,000 tons of sewage poured into our rivers and onto our beaches, there’s a bit of a stink from petrol fumes in Bramley.

No expense was spared for these high-powered, highly paid individuals to schlep down the A281 to investigate what has turned out to be – and what villagers always knew was: Wait for it, wait for it!

Run-off from the Esso Petrol Station following a bout of heavy rain.

Thames Water’s head honcho’s get to sniff the Bramley whiff.

Here’s what he says in a message to the constituents of South West Surrey, around Farnham, which he is dumping for the greener grass of Waverley’s Eastern Villages, Godalming & Ash.  

No doubt, once he’s in his new constituency hot seat, he will deal with this too.

The famous rat runs through the Winterfold Hills into Shere, the former home of Waverley’s very own  Sherlock.

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  1. The Health and Safety Executive should be requested to investigate Esso to establish if its health and safety management system failed and if the conditions on its petroleum licence were breached.

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