Water issues hitting Cranleigh & the eastern villages…



Throughout the weekend, Thames Water’s drinking water tankers replenished Cranleigh’s water supply at the entrance to The Hitherwood Estate off Horsham Road in Cranleigh.

Villagers in parts of Dunsfold and Alfold had been complaining throughout the last week that they had little or sometimes no water. Ewhurst seems to have fared better.

Watch out; there’s a Jeremy about!

What a pity Cllr Townsend hadn’t nipped down to Woodland Avenue and the area around where she may have persuaded Wannabe Cranleigh MP Jeremy Hunt to bring in his New Best Friend, Head Honcho Sarah Bentley. However, if he saw Liz the Biz, he may have hidden behind one of the avenue’s trees.  
Peeka – boo, was Jeremy hiding from Liz the Biz behind the trees in Woodland Avenue while he was out canvassing to become the wannabe Cranleigh MP on Saturday?

After all, at Jeremy’s request, Sarah Bentley, the £2m a year boss who receives obscene bonuses, gets called down to Bramley to check out the whiff in the village stream-so why not call her down to Cranleigh?

Cllr Liz Townsend BEM  writes more letters to Thames Water than there are sewage dumps into our rivers and streams, telling them about pipe bursts and water problems in Cranleigh. So, now she is writing them another one, asking what’s up this time.
Save your breath, Lizzie – because breath is so good for you. Call in the Chancellor – after all, running the country’s finances seems to take second place to canvass for the next election. Does he know something we don’t? Perhaps a snap election is on the cards before the economy takes another nosedive?


4 thoughts on “Water issues hitting Cranleigh & the eastern villages…”

  1. A simple mathematical formula. Increase the number of people consuming product requires increase in production to meet demand. Except the accountants and property developers do not understand geology and of course won’t contribute to providing the extra capacity because that’s not their responsibility.Worse still the Water companies who always say YES because more users mean bigger bonuses for the few.
    One long-term solution for Cranleigh Alfold and Dunsfold and others is the Canal.
    No. I have not lost the plot.
    The canals of Britain move millions of gallons a day and it’s a national network. Locally the canal doesn’t need massive infrastructure works compared with most national projects it just needs restoring. Let nature and the public float on it and everyone benefit from it’s life giving qualities.
    Yes. A resevoir would help at Dunsfold, the summit of the canal and no doubt that would mean fewer houses, better that than house with no water. No water equals no people.
    It’s not a dream. Plans are afoot in other parts of the country.
    People need a practical solution. It’s staring them in the face.


  2. So let me get this right, there are continual problems with water and sewage yet there are plans to build 2,500 more new homes in the area. What planet are these morons on to even consider new housing given this grave situation

  3. It would be interesting to learn more of the source of the problem? When all dwellings built under Waverley Borough Local Plan Part 1 climate change policy sustainable construction and design policy CC2 “shall meet the requirement of 110 litres of water per person per day.” This is a critical sustainable planning policy condition that must have been rigorously enforced in recognition of climate change bringing drier conditions to SE England?

    1. Once upon a time there were Flood & Water Forums held in Alfold and Cranleigh. Held quite regularly when Anne Milton was the MP. There the water companies, Waverley and Surrey CC were held to account Since the election of Angela Richardson the Forums have all but disappeared.Now she is moving away from her constituency to live in her new constituency no doubt she, let alone a Flood & Water Forum, will ever be seen again!

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