Don’t write to the Hon Angie – ring Annie Milton?

Ann Milton

Remember the good old days – back in former Guildford MP Anne Milton’s 14-year reign? Those were the days my friends when all you had to do was write to Anne Milton and before you could say the word ‘problem’ either she, or the wonderful Sarah Colby would respond. For some years she even whipped her colleagues into shape. in 2015, she was appointed Government Deputy Chief Whip of the House of Commons Treasurer of the Household.

We have been hearing from dozens of our followers how they have received short shrift from the local MP for Guildford and the eastern villages. Some of whom, have not even received the little off-putting missive printed below received from one of her disappointed constituents. 

Angela Richardson
Has Angela Richardson had the backs of Guildford and Cranleigh and villages residents since being elected as their MP? Or have they had her’s?

From: RICHARDSON, Angela <>

Dear Constituent,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. This is to confirm that my office has received it and that we are working to solve your query.

Did you include everything in your e-mail?

As Member of Parliament for Guildford, I can only make enquiries on behalf of constituents, so please make sure that you have provided your full name, address, and postcode.

You can check if I am your Member of Parliament by clicking here.

If you are writing to me after being in touch with local authorities or Government Departments, please attach your full correspondence with those institutions, including any relevant reference numbers.

If you have omitted to include any of the above in your message, please resend it, adding in the relevant information.

At last, the letter asks how can she help!

What can I help with?

I want to be able to help wherever I can and as quickly as possible, so please make sure that before writing to me you have exhausted all other avenues of action.

Ah! ha! But only write to me as a last resort?

If you are writing about a local issue, such as planning or local services, I would advise to write to your County or Borough councillors first, or the appropriate Council Department. You can find your County councillors here. To find your Guildford Borough councillors click here, or for your Waverley Borough councillors click here.

If you are writing with a complaint regarding a Government service, contacting the relevant Department, agency, or Ombudsman is the best and quickest route. I can take your case up with these institutions if you are not satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with.

Members of Parliament cannot offer legal advice, so please turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau for free independent advice. You can find their website here.

How do I deal with campaigns and policy-related e-mails?

I get hundreds of e-mails regarding Government policy every day, including campaigns. Some issues and campaigns often resurge. In order to read my position on longstanding issues, please check the ‘Policy Replies’ section on my website, by clicking here. This is where I upload comprehensive explanations on my positions.

How soon will you hear back from me?

I aim to respond to casework enquiries within 5 working days and to policy-related ones within 15 working days.

If your case requires me to forward correspondence to a Department, waiting times will be longer, depending on how busy that Department is and how quickly they come back to me.

How do I use your data?

I process all cases in strict accordance with GDPR. By e-mailing in, you give me permission to store your information and share relevant data about you and your circumstances with the relevant authorities, in order to get you the help you need.

You can read my full Privacy Policy here.

Please rest assured that my team and I are doing all that we can to ensure that you get a response in a timely manner.

With best wishes always,

Angela Richardson MP

Member of Parliament for Guildford

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 5851

; My Website.

Anne Milton trained as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and worked for the NHS for 25 years. Anne has a wide range of experience in the NHS. She has nursed in hospitals, as a district nurse, worked in research and supporting GPs and nurses working in palliative care. She also pioneered a scheme to look after people who were sent home early from hospital. Her last job in the NHS was to give medical advice to councils and housing associations.

Anne was appointed Shadow Minister for Tourism in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport team. In July 2007, she was appointed as a Shadow Minister for Health. Between 2012-2014 she was Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury; between 2014 and 2015 she was appointed Vice-Chamberlain of the Household and, after the UK general election held in 2015, she was appointed Government Deputy Chief Whip of the House of Commons Treasurer of the Household.

But – Annie got her gun when she stopped Backing Boris on Brexit.

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