Tory Councillors – The Young duo – bang in another planning application.


With one planning appeal sitting on a government Inspector’s desk, another has been lobbed onto the desks of Waverley Planners by former Surrey County Councillors for Cranleigh & Ewhurst – Alan and Victoria Young.

There are so many letters of objection lodged against the scheme to build at Treetops, Mapledraakes Road, that the Waverley Web lost count and gave up counting!

Suffice to say, it would appear that almost every household in the village has put pen to paper to OBJECT to yet another piece of countryside in the Surrey Hills being lost to housing.

A previous – undetermined application which has been appealed for non-determination – was for 14 homes. Now a revised scheme has been lodged with the council for 12 homes after the demolition of a property called Treetops. 

Will yet another Government Inspector rule in favour?

Presumably, the Youngs think so and believe they will get a more favourable outcome from a government Inspector, given Waverley’s lack of a 5-year housing land supply.

Former County Councillors – the Young Duo turn developers?

Ewhurst villagers getting angry in the stomping grounds of their MP

Cllr Val Henry (Con Ewhurst) has called the application into a committee of the eastern planning committee due to the level of residents’ concerns across the community of Ewhurst.  She says there has been no community engagement with residents of the parish council.

This MAJOR outline planning proposal, I believe, would result in significant and demonstrable harm to the location and surroundings – Inappropriate and unsustainable development in the countryside with Significant impact on the landscape character and visual amenity Environmental implications Neighbour/community amenity.

Perhaps this time, Waverley’s planners can extract a digit and either grant or approve the scheme – and not leave a major development to be considered and approved by the government.

Here are just one of the hundreds of objections. 

From Diane James – Former Ewhurst Waverley Borough Councillor.

Strongly OBJECT to this revised planning application which is not materially different to the original.

There is now a Neighbourhood Plan against which this application should be considered. It should fail. Additional reasons for objection: – Urbanisation of a greenfield site – not in a designated location for housing development – backfill for which there is no precedent now or in the past –

Creation of increased parking/loading and turning issues associated with traffic increase during the build and afterwards – Nearby road and its access is unsuitable for increased traffic – Increased noise and disturbance to a natural and unspoilt area adjacent to the village settlement – Intrusion to nearby footpaths –

Destruction of ancient woodland from loss of trees – Negative impact on local habitat diversity – Negative impact on nearby small river course*** – Proposed homes do not meet local needs at affordable prices

 *** The small river course mentioned is Cobblers Brook, one of eight sites in the area used for sewage dumping on  ‘Top of The Poops Map.’

Planning applications can be found here.

WA/2022/01848 2022-07-22 P: Ewhurst W: Ewhurst Outline application for residential development, including access, following demolition of an existing dwelling (revision of WA/2022/00763 under appeal). TREE TOPS MAPLEDRAKES ROAD EWHURST CRANLEIGH GU6 7QW.  

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  1. The number of houses quoted are incorrect, initially was 20 then reduced to current 18 on appeal and non-determination current appeal

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