Bin strike coming to ‘Your Waverley?’

When you thought things couldn’t get worse – they might get worse!

The borough council has been warned of intended strike action by GMB members who work for Biffa- the council’s waste collection and cleaning contractor.

The strike is expected between tomorrow, Thursday, 3 November and Wednesday, 23 November. The action was voted for by GMB union members in a ballot related to pay negotiations that have been taking place between Biffa and the General Municipal and Boiler Makers and Allied Trade  Union.
The strike action is expected to affect all Waverley bin collections and street cleaning services.
You can read more about the expected strikes on Waverley’s website, including the most recent information.

Cllr Steve Williams told the Executive meeting last night that the proposed strike was not a dispute between Waverley and Biffa.

We are working around the clock to ensure the impact on our residents is kept to a minimum during a dispute that is not of our making. Asked councillors to keep the council informed on specific concerns on their patches and nip problems in the bud during these difficult circumstances,

Officers explained this dispute was occurring around the country.

Going to concentrate on refuse and food waste across the borough. Concerns were raised about possible fly-tipping.

Cllr said that some places might be missed if crews did not know the area. 

Cllr Gale asked if SCC couldn’t open a food waste  bin on bring sites, and Cllr Heagin was concerned that street cleaning due to Autumn leaves would be dealt with on safety grounds. Officers said that they would concentrate on the problem areas.

 Joint Strategic Director for Guildford & Waverley Annie  Righton said contract negotiations were ongoing on managing the dispute between the GMB and Waverley. She stressed the council’s relationship was contractual.

It was believed the best route for dealing with the dispute was through ‘an open book policy with Biffa.’

However, we will not be paying for services that we do not receive.


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  1. Does Waverley check their contractors’ records on industrial relations when they select them to deliver services or the decision made primarily on cost one wonders. If WBC/SCC could temporarily extend the opening hours of the Cranleigh tip that would take the pressure off, but I am sure they have looked into this obvious mitigation measure.

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