Former County Councillors – the Young Duo turn developers?

Former Tory county councillors Victoria & Alan Young want to join the developers concreting over Ewhurst.

 Gotta pick a pocket or 20? As former Ewhurst & Cranleigh County Councillor Alan Young turns property developer on his old hunting patch in the Surrey Hills.

In 2018 Waverley Web wrote the post featured below.

Here’s an extract.

“Then along comes former Conservative Surrey Councillor Alan Young snaffling up a property in Mapledrakes Road, Ewhurst, which he’s presently sitting on, keeping nicely warm and hoping to hatch another shedload of housing soon now that the trees have been felled? Oops did we forget, the property was purchased from a Ewhurst parish councillor, who threatened to sue the Waverley Web, after “a friend” informed us that it had been owned by the P Cllr’s late father not him personally !!

Is Guildford Conservative​ Association the latest breeding ground for developers?

So what better time to hit ‘Your Waverley’ with planning application No: WA/2022/00763) for 20 homes at Cobblers Brook Mapledrakes Road Ewhurst – and who better than to pally up with Mr and Mrs Alan Young than the notorious developer Hamish Robbie. of Crownhall Estates?

Not that the owners want you to know it is their application!!.

Will a defection from the Tories be the… kiss of death for our very own Houdini – Alan Young?

This extract is from his campaigning leaflet in 2013 (note point 3)
Preserving the countryside
“I shall continue to fight tooth and nail to preserve our beautiful countryside and unique villages.”

So hard has he worked that in November last year, he clear-felled all the oak trees (some 100 years old) on the site a week before the Environment Bill was due to pass? We guess that he saw this in the paper:

The Forestry Commission was called out by villagers, prompting an immediate investigation. It has now commented on the planning application for all to see:
The illegal felling is documented in the plans he submitted as they had them drawn up with the trees in place, then had a tree report hastily put together the week after he felled them all.

 Now villagers are ganging up to object to the scheme, one says. 

“Ewhurst is being destroyed through greed not need.”

Villagers’ reasons for opposing the scheme will follow in another post.

Alan YoungNOW… POST – ELECTION stress disorder epidemic hits Ewhurst and Cranleigh.


2 thoughts on “Former County Councillors – the Young Duo turn developers?”

  1. Why am I not surprised perhaps it’s because Tory Councillors (former or current makes no difference) are involved somewhere along the lines (only as read in the Waverley Web) I have heard it said by another neighbouring Local Authority Councillors (both former and current ones) that developers currently make the biggest donations to Tory Party Coffers in order to get their developments through the planning appeal process, when the plans were rightfully refused by the local Planning Officers and/or Planning Committee or Full Council; Councillors.

    1. Are Tory politicians any worse or better than Lib Dem or Labour ones? Generally they all are trying to do a good job for the community. It is distressing to read all the extreme language used in the political arena. Look at where Labour and Lib Dem get their donations as well as the Tories.

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