Calls for a weight restriction on HGV’s as listed building in Farnham’s Castle Street are being shaken and stirred.

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Castle Street then…



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Castle Street now.


A call by a Farnham Residents’ councillor for an HGV weight restriction in the town’s historic Castle Street, may have gone unheeded.

David Beaman, a member of Waverley’s Executive told the Surrey County Council/Waverley local area committee that there must be an “immediate investigation” into the damage that is being caused to both the buildings and their occupants in the historic area of the town.

He asked Chairman Victoria Young to seek a feasibility study on imposing a seven and a half tonne weight restrictions before any real damage occurs there.

The call comes after The Castle Street Residents’ Association called for a speed limit from the current 30mph to 20mph, because the streets historic Grade 11 Listed Georgian  Buildings are being – “regularly shaken.”

But according to an engineer from  SCC  – there is little hope of getting any 20mph restrictions anywhere in Waverley because ‘there isn’t any money left in the kitty.”

Earlier, Barry Hart said he hadn’t come along to the meeting to ask for 20mph limits in Farnham – because despite 41 Petitions being presented to the committee over a 5 year period requesting speed limits, most had failed. He said as it appeared that Government policy for speed reductions was not in line with the county council’s policy. He wanted to know whether this was due to a county council decision or were Government policies being obstructed by officials?

He received the same answer. “There is no money available.”

Cranleigh councilor Liz Townsend asked the chairman to include the whole question of speed limits to be put on the Agenda as a subject for discussion at the NEXT area committee meeting.

To which Queen Victoria (Young) responded: “I will put it on my list to consider for future meetings.” And then moved on, giving it her usual regal bums rush.


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