Could Waverley’s Yellow Peril be about to make a curry out of ‘Big Rice?’


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 Paul Follows the Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council has been selected by SW Surrey Liberals as their prospective parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey.

Apparently, the man who helped form the Waverley Council’s Rainbow Alliance, and sofar, is making a pretty decent job of it, is the chosen one to take on the country’s top entrepreneur and, ‘Big Rice, as he is called by his wife in the forthcoming General Election.

No wonder  ‘Big R’ has been running around the borough like a whirling dervish worrying about the toxic fumes being generated by Farnham motorists. The same toxic atmosphere that residents have been inhaling for years, whilst dumb air quality data was regularly being churned out by Waverley officers. Data which is now the subject of criminal proceedings perpetrated by the council against one of its employees?  Because, of course,  her line-manager has bu**ered off to pastures new. Just like he did last time his job became too hot to handle.

And just in case you noticed in his latest billet-doux his concern for the residents of Farncombe, suffering from anti-social behaviour, you may rest assured that both ‘Big Rice’ and the outgoing Police & Crime Commissioner David Munro, (wasn’t he kicked out of the Tory Party?) have everything under control?

Oh! thank the one above us, that all those residents of Godawfulming and Farncombe can now sleep safely in their beds in the knowledge that  Munro and the ‘Big Rice’ are racing to their aid, followed in their wake by hundreds of new police officers? Dream on?

Police Chief David Munro booted by the Tories. Has everyone gone to the moon?

The fightback has begun to deal with anti-social behavior – “and make Farncombe great again.”

Can anyone tell us who raised the anti-social behaviour issue? And, who called a public meeting, and was hammered by Godalming Tories, including Paul Follows’ resident trolls, accusing him of making a drama out of a crisis? And, then jumping on his bandwagon!

Non-other than the infamous Adam Taylor-Smith the little keyboard warrior who sits on the train each morning trolling Cllr Follows after being unceremoniously kicked into touch in the May Polls? 



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5 thoughts on “Could Waverley’s Yellow Peril be about to make a curry out of ‘Big Rice?’”

  1. I greatly admire Cllr Follows for his local politics but as a leaver I could not vote for a party intent on making me a 2nd class citizen. The Liberals are telling me that my vote doesn’t count as it disagrees with their ambition to keep us in the EU.

    1. Hi Rosaleen – I think you and I both know where we stand and I know on this big issue we are on opposite side of the line. Just like Waverley there is so many other things that need fixing though.

  2. Here at the Waverley Web – we are split – like so many. Leavers and Remainers, but we are all agreed we want the job done before the uncertainty that has hung over us like a big black cloud does the United Kingdom further damage.

    However, from where we stand – aren’t Mr.​ Hunt and Cllr Follows singing from the same hymn sheet?

    1. To be fair, I’ve never waived on my view as a remain supporter. I’m just a borough councillor so it doesn’t come up much!

      I’m sure sure Mr Hunt can say the same can he?

  3. We will wait and see – he seems to hover between leave and remain, but it’s anyone’s guess which way the wind will blow him this time around. Watch this space.

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