The Great Wildwood Golf Club debate continues unabated.

Villagers in Alfold are becoming angrier by the day – as they are forced to stand idly by, and view at arm’s length, the destruction of treasured wildlife habitat.

Here’s what the eastern villages were promised.

The course near Cranleigh was given permission for an 84-bed hotel, 40 lodges and the PGA regional headquarters back in 2010 but it closed in 2017.

For almost a year villagers, including the parish council have been bombarding Waverley Planners with complaints about the activities at the former Wildwood Gold & Country Club. Every day HGV’s pound up and down the A281 – plastering the Guildford to Horsham Road with mud causing a danger to motorists.

Here’s the – mud, mud glorious mud – all being travelled by HGV’s out onto the A281 at Alfold Crossways!

Hundreds of HGV’s travel down that part of the A281 road towards Cranleigh Brick & Tile. One every 4 minutes for five years was anticipated when consent was given for in-fill works at the redundant site.

The current permission – granted in June 2015 –  involves capping the pollution on site with waste material, primarily from other construction projects. This is why motorists have watched in disbelief as the lorries, 32 tonne/8 wheel vehicles carrying 20-tonne loads thunder along A and B roads in all directions.  Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. The lorries also run on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. It was stated this would continue for a minimum period of 5 ½ years. 

And the HGV movements go on and on…

The Big lorry dash has begun! But you ain’t seen nothing yet!


Apparently, it is common knowledge that Pond 19 (the recognised home of Great Crested Newts) has been filled in. People living near the site have confirmed to the Waverley Web that the 5 day limit of Trucks accessing the site is complete “RUBBISH.” That rule has been consistently abused by the developers. They work whenever he feels like it- including  Sundays! Despite other people living on the access road.

Neighbours have been aware for months that the Pond was to be in-filled. So where is Natural England – and what about that Stop Notice issued months ago by Waverley Borough Council officers?

 The Waverley Web has had numerous letters complaining about the inaction of the planning authority and residents are urging us, and the local press, to highlight their concerns for Alfold’s disappearing wildlife. A council that has declared a Climate Emergency!

One village has been prompted to put up drones over the site to view the works.

One exasperated Alfold mole told us –
“All they are doing is creating Massive Soil Mountains all over the place. Rumours, (unsubstantiated)  that they are going to demolish the Club House soon.  Which was not in the original Application.”
She told Waverley planners:

“If you do not respond to me I will be writing to the Surrey Press and WW asking them to look into this as I feel this is about to kick off and I have no intention of letting them get away with this.  I will ensure that all the press know exactly who has been notified of this since October 2020 and I hope they hold them to account. Once they fill the Pond we are scuppered. Please just let me know if you are doing anything –This is simply Not right and I am sorry to be a pain – But I have to be. I understand we are going through this horrible CV But there is no excuse to let this continue, If I have to still work remotely then so do youPlease do not treat me like an idiot – They were working on-site this Sunday – which I doubt is right or within the bounds of the Conditions and local neighbours state that the trucks are well beyond the 5-A Day stated. They seem to be oblivious of any Planning Regs.”

I just remind you of the article from   “In Your Area”  – 23rd November 2020

The owners reputed to be Pekar Holdings Ltd claim they now own the controversial site and are putting plans in place to bring the site ‘back to life. After years of neglect.’

It is currently assessing its options, but proposals include reducing the course from 27 holes to nine. It is not yet known what the rest of the land will contain, although the idea of a self-sustaining and carbon zero settlement has been considered.

A hop, skip and a jump away from Dunsfold’s new garden village with planning permission for 1,800 homes and 2,300 included in the Local Plan.

Wildwood was first opened in 1992 and Waverley Borough Council classified it as ‘countryside beyond the Green Belt’ in their Local Plan.

Turkish businesswoman Aysegul Peker runs Peker Holding and intends to donate some of the 230 acres back to the community, so will consult residents to find out what they would like to see that land used for.

You can read about him on Wikipedia here:

No New Year walking on the wild side at Wildwood in Alfold?

Alfold’s mole watches holes being dug at Wildwood Golf Course.

A spokesman for Mrs Peker said: “She wants to give back some of the lands for a school, community centre, playground or something that the residents here currently need.

“Whether that be 10, 20 or 30 acres. Whatever the residents want she will try to deliver.”

Groundwork construction on the hotel has already begun on the site.

Says ‘Angry of Alfold’  who has now become ‘Very Angry of Alfold.’ 

“I may be being difficult – But I think this site is worthy of protection and if others do not then that is their prerogative, but these developers should be held to account and I will ensure they are.”


4 thoughts on “The Great Wildwood Golf Club debate continues unabated.”

  1. You go girl.

    It is good to see someone else trying to hold the planners and enforcement officers to account! It seems that enforcement still only has the stomach for harassing individuals and developers can go on their merry mud filled way.

    The colour of the council may have changed but the attitude of officers remains the same, where are the local Councillors in all this? Why are they not thumping desks?

  2. WW – Just so you know – Pond 19 (The larger pond with the Bridge on the 9-Hole, adjacent to the access road) has NOT as yet been In-filled, but a local dog-walker was informed that it would be shortly, a couple of weeks ago…. If these massive earth-works are for the New Hotel/Lodges, I simply cannot understand why Alfold would need a Hotel it is not as if we need one in the village if the Golf course is only to have a 9 HOLE COURSE – Hardly PGA Standards?? We have plenty of charming B&B’s in the area as well as local accommodation in the surrounding towns and larger villages.

    Just as an aside there is a document on the Planning Website WA/2010/1489 which shows the works required to remove Conditions 24 & 31 dated 2017 – Mainly to do with with Water and Foul water Discharge – Looking at the works required to accommodate the Hotel/ Lodges, and PGA & Academy that may well show why so much Earth moving is required. I cannot post a link – But I leave that up to your team to sort out – Details Below.

    It surely cannot be too difficult for someone on-high to contact the PGA (South) and simply ask them if they still plan to move to Wildwood – If they do not then surely the original Application is pretty much null & void, as none of the Proposed Accommodation was to be used for anything other than short-stays – Not New Homes.

    I just think that most people would like to know exactly what is going on at Wildwood. Some sort of Public engagement would be useful. If they are honestly going to provide something wonderful for the Village it would surely be to their advantage to share this information with Alfold and gain some public support.

    We can all deal with schlepping through the mud/water filled road towards the golf course (Which apparently will be sorted soon) if we know that in the long term, the Wildlife on the Golf course and in the Waterways and many Copses (both Ancient and just OLD ) will be protected, that no trees will be damaged in the Ancient Woodland.

    I have already apologised to Planning for my Outburst in January – But I simply want honest answers as to what is going on at Wildwood. It is a beautiful place and deserves to be enjoyed by all. We have met many that come from all over Waverley to walk there with or with out dogs.

    There was obviously a meeting going on there today – Judging by the amount of cars parked outside the entrance (those Posh ones with low slung Chassis that cannot cope with the road) and several by the Club house so something is going on….. Watch this space!!!
    As Ever
    Grumpy of Alfold

    1. Thank you for the update Grumpy of Alfold – who by the sound of it has every reason to be grumpy. It is unlike your Cllr Kevin Deanus to be quiet on the subject? We have not heard him speak out – or perhaps we have missed something and it is all going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, as we are not allowed to travel over to your neck of the woods – what’s left of them – so we cannot view what is going on. But as soon as we can we will see for ourselves.

  3. Hi Again
    I just wanted to point out that it took 3.5mins from clicking on the link above on the WBC Website to the Documents being downloaded – No Wonder people lose the will to use the WBC Website – This was actually a quick one – I have waited over 6 mins to get to some of the documents – Surely WBC can ask that some of the docs are Scanned in a lower Res’ to stop this- I think this is a deliberate ploy to stop people downloading or just reading these documents
    Just a thought

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