Can someone provide the people of Farnham with some answers?


Just a few days ago ‘Your Waverley’s’ Standards Committee considered changes proposed by the new administration to the way things are done. So a new Constitution could be on its way?

More openness, improved communication and transparency, better public viewing of webcasts and… bringing back a 15 or perhaps even a 30-minute opportunity for the public to put members on the spot and ask questions of the Full Council.

Watch their faces and read their lips, so to speak.

It has even been suggested members should sit and not stand to speak at Full Council Meetings. Presumably, the change was suggested so councillors don’t keep bobbing up and down, losing their heads on the webcast, and when distanced from microphones so cannot be heard?? Apparently, some cannot read their notes when standing up.

But this proposal was turned down by the committee on the grounds that  it was  “disrespectful to the Mayor.” 

However, Farnham Residents’ who is a thorn in the side regardless of which administration is in power, made a simple and straightforward comment on a proposal that brings back the public question time at full council. An observation that made a great deal of sense to those of us who have witnessed Waverley at work.

Cllr Gerry Hyman recounted the numerous past experiences, of many Farnham residents, of whom he was one for many years, recalling how, when given the opportunity to ask questions, he, and others, had seldom received a straight answer. So, unless there was a complete volte-face under a new system, it didn’t really matter whether Question Time was reintroduced or not, or for how long?  Unless of course, the new management intended doing things differently, and provide residents with robust answers?

Now let’s see what the new boys on the block make of this resident’s Question?

David Quick question is in relation to the retail development proposed at Brightwells Yard in Farnham:

“On making enquiries to Waverley concerning A3 and A4 retail unit classifications, it has now been confirmed units RU3 to RU6 have been given an A4 classification – allowing bar operators to trade in a row next to each other (though ASK has taken RU5)

When enquiring to Crest Nicholson (the developer) why have you applied,  and been given A4, the response was to give it flexibility on possible future tenants.

Therefore, why are these units being adverised as restaurants (A3) when they are clasified as bars (A4)?”


4 thoughts on “Can someone provide the people of Farnham with some answers?”

  1. Sorry – we cannot help you on this one, as we are unsure. However, we suspect it has. Glad you are on the ball… again.

  2. The reason that an A4 license has been allowed for adjacent units is because Witherspoons is coming to town !!! Regards Capt. Bob Farnham

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