Here’s what one Godalming resident thinks of Waverley Planners and developers – ASSHILL.

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And there will be a chance to have your say at the ballot box in May.


A lesson on how ‘Your Waverley’ treats its residents, the countryside, town leaders, heritage groups,  European environmental law and its own Local Plan Part 2 with utter contempt.

Here’s a video of Michael Voison revealing  how Waverley and a developer joined together this week to knock yet another nail in the coffin of how NOT  to conduct public engagement. He spoke as the Joint Planning Committee sat to determine Ashill’s Scheme to build 262 “Grey Homes” on the “Green Fields” of Aarons Hill in Godalming. After his impassioned plea, they voted as a Tory block by 16 votes to two from its tiny internal opposition group and huge outside opposition. A decision witnessed by hundreds of residents from around the borough and abroad.

And … here’s how to give local residents a ticking off – Chairman Isherwood style.


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