‘Your Waverley’ says auf Wiedersehen​ to another yet another absentee landlord of a Farnham seat.


Here’s yet another ‘CHINO’ who Mayor Denise Le Gal, fondly refers to as

  ‘Councillors Here in Name Only.’

stephenhillattendanceThey just keep on coming, don’t they? Councillors who for the past four years have only rocked up on a few occasions. But, have managed to bank their allowances, free car-parking badge and other council perks!

Let’s hope the new occupant of Farnham’s Moor Park seat left by the ‘very retiring’ Cllr Hill, who failed miserably to represent residents, makes a better job of things?

touchoffrostA Touch of Frost is on the run from her Wrecclesham & Rowledge seat – so she can continue to spew forth what her name suggests, – ‘A Touch of Frost,’ alongside her Tory running-mate Rashida Nasir. But, having thrown their hats into the ring, this undynamic duo might find they have a fight on their hands, after Cllr Hill’s dismal attendance record.

Farnham Residents’ candidates are Andy MacLeod, who after a great showing took the Surrey County Council Farnham Central seat received a nasty case of Frostbite from his opponent pictured.  He is joined by former Waverley employee and Union Rep Michaela Martin. Oh Lordy, lordy – let’s hope Frost and Martin don’t end up going head to head at Waverley Towers!?

2 thoughts on “‘Your Waverley’ says auf Wiedersehen​ to another yet another absentee landlord of a Farnham seat.”

  1. Councillor Ross Wellend, my Local councillor for Farncombe and Catteshall replied almost two weeks later when challenged on his 20% attendance at meetings. “In my experience, most of the work a councillor does, and probably by far the most valuable part, is the work done outside meetings” The man is all but invisible in the local community and hasn’t be seen alongside other councillors during litter picks or other such community events. In fact, he has also only attended 20% of Farncombe initiative meetings which were set up exclusively for local residents and councillors to meet and discuss local issues.

  2. Well done Cllr Welland, you just do your job outside the council meetings and your colleagues will do the tedious bit in front of the webcast – when it works! The WW knows you are practically invisible, the electorate know you are invisible – so lets hope the voting fodder will ensure you remain that way soon.

    The residents of Waverley are sick and tired of paper candidates, and it would be good to see some balance returned to Waverley Towers in which case, if you get back in – you will be forced to turn up and be counted.

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