More wannabe residents on their way to join the largest concentration of gypsies in the country?

And so confident is one of the applicants that he has his planning consent in the bag that he has named the new development…


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No doubt the new development of ‘Weeping Willows,’ Stovolds Hill will soon be joining up with Lydia Park, and New Acres Stovolds Hill? 


So here they go again? Added to the existing residential gypsy sites at New Acres and Lydia Park along comes Lydia Park Mark 2 and then another … ‘Weeping Willows,’ Stovolds Hill.

So is Dunsfold Park, recently awarded Garden Village Status by the Government, to have an even larger community of gypsies on its doorstep?

We understand, that up to now the DD has had a pretty good relationship with the established community, some of whom have lived there for almost 40 years, and have become an established part of the community. We understand they are non too happy about other sites being established.

However, will the Flying Scot, and his neighbours want an even larger community, which like Topsy  has just “just growed and growed?” And, will Waverley Planners ever have a proper strategy for such sites in Waverley? Or, are the eastern villages and Farnham to become the chosen ones? After all, the development at Weeping Willows began more than two years ago, and has been ignored.

Alfold Parish Council has certainly objected to the stationing of any more mobile homes/caravans on the approach road called Stovolds Hill. Here’s what it had to say.

Dear Ms Robinson,

RE: WA/2019/1277 Change of use of land to residential use for 5 gypsy families. The site to contain 5 static caravans, 5 touring caravans, 5 amenity buildings, fencing and hardstanding. Land North of Lydia Park, Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh.

Alfold Parish Council (APC) has considered this application and objects to it on the basis set out in this letter.

Lydia Park and surrounding land, together with the adjacent New Acres site, have been the subject of planning permissions in recent years for the intensification of the sites and sprawl into the adjoining agricultural land, which is classified as AGLV and clearly visible from Hascombe Hill (AONB). The net effect of this is that the gypsy and traveller community now dominates the existing settled community on Stovolds Hill, contrary to National Planning Policy for Traveller Sites 2015, and further expansion would make this worse. The continued expansion of this site represents unsustainable development and is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policies SP1, SP2, AHN4, RE1 and RE3.

The lack of enforcement of conditions on the equestrian/agricultural mixed-use site (WA/2017/2013) located between Lydia Park and the application site has caused material visual harm to this rural area, damages the residential amenity of the neighbouring properties and has a negative impact on traffic safety. The Parish council is therefore very concerned that no further application on this site should be considered without absolute certainty that all conditions can be and will be enforced.

This application forms part of an ongoing expansion of the traveller sites on Stovolds Hill, including WA/2019/1265 for 9 family units and WA/2019/0515 for 4 family units, which are yet to be determined by Waverley and to which APC is separately objecting. Officers should be mindful of the cumulative effects of these development when making its decision.

APC endorses the submission from Bramley Parish Council and agrees that there should be no further expansion of the gypsy and traveller sites on Stovolds Hill until such a time as there is a clear strategy for the site.

For these reasons, APC requests this application be refused.

Yours sincerely
Clerk to Alfold Parish Council


and Bramley Parish Council in whose parish the site sits is of the same view.

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More information can be found on WBC’s planning portal.

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2 thoughts on “More wannabe residents on their way to join the largest concentration of gypsies in the country?”

  1. These sites should be well dispersed so that the Councils can oversee their upkeep efficiently to ensure that they are of satisfactory standard.

  2. The sites there currently work well, and, we understand, the occupants and residents currently live peaceably side by side with very few problems. However, unathorised and creeping development has been allowed to go on under the radar, and council officers are well aware of this and have turned a blind eye.

    The WW has also heard from one Lydia Park family, that Waverley officers visited them, urging them to seek permission for more pitches. WHY? They themselves are opposed to the creation of another site, believing this will increase local opposition to those who have become established in the area.

    Does it suit the planners to let a large concentration of gypsy families from becoming even larger. it would certainly help the objectives in Part 2 of the Local Plan wouldn’t it. To provide another 45 pitches in the borough. But why in just one, or two, particular places?

    Do we know that an influx of new families, with no connection to the existing community will not lead to future problems?

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