Farnham’s Redgrave Rests in Pieces.

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Thanks to the swinging demolition balls of developers Crest Nicholson and ‘Your Waverley,’ Farnham’s much loved Redgrave Theatre has been reduced to a pile of rubble.’

It will now make way for Blightwells Yard which, all of us here in Farnham, will now be well aware includes this huge chunk of shops and restaurants! In which Surrey County Council has invested £57m of our money in 28 retail units!

 Waverley’s FB page contains an image of the Blightwells development, featuring some generic and vague shops.
We thought we would tweak it slightly for them…


Business will never forgive the Conservative Government for its failure to deliver BREXIT.  And, the people of Farnham will never forgive Waverley Borough Council for sacrificing a once highly valued venue for culture and entertainment, which we all now so badly need,  for a shedload of homes and shops. 

Along with the Redgrave family and the people of Farnham, WE here at the Waverley say to Farnham’s Redgrave.

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PS. The head honcho of Crest Nicholson – Patrick Bergin has just been ousted. wonder why?

4 thoughts on “Farnham’s Redgrave Rests in Pieces.”

  1. The very first letter I ever got as a councillor came from Anne Cooper – advising me that this demolition was coming before the Joint Planning Committee.

    I’d been a councillor about a week I think – only just really got my head around what a ‘JPC’ was and that I was a member of it.

    I wrote back to Anne – I did my research on what was happening. It solidified my approach to JPC’s going forward. That I must make sure I put in the effort to understand what I am voting on when it is not in Godalming (my patch). This is what I did here – and I hope I have done since.

    I voted against the demolition – and (for the first time of what would be many) was in the minority on the JPC.

    This is one of those things that should have been at the heart of any change – not destroyed to make room for it.

    1. Fully understandable that you would find the whole 20 year Blightwells saga challenging – and yet, you went with your instincts, despite beng a new boy on the block. You are right to research JPC applications – and it is quite obvious to everyone who watches the debate, that you do. Sadly few follow your example.

      Be proud that you are in the minority, The RedgraveTheatre should have been at the heart of the Blightwells Yard development. It would have drawn people into that development, they may have even used the shops!?!

      Fear not, generations of Farnham people will hold the phillistines responsible for demolishing a town asset. And… it may be soon.

  2. Thank you, Paul for your welcome support! I have just been handed a document from the Local Government Association called ‘Culture Led Regeneration’. When the FTA campaign began in 2006 to restore or replace the Redgrave, I had in my hand a Government document called ‘Culture at the Heart of Regeneration’. However, for reasons best known to Waverley, Surrey and Crest Nicholson, this continuous stream of expert advice has been steadfastly ignored. We wait to see how this commercially led experiment at Brightwells evolves and look to the proposed ‘Masterplan’ for Farnham to address the balance.

  3. Didn’t Aunty Elsie, the portfolio holder for Leisure & Culture employ consultants, at huge cost, to provide many hundreds of pages of ‘YW’s’ Gobbledygook Culture Strategy? A strategy that was ridiculed, was then ditched, and then was rewritten and adopted, and then everyone, including Aunty forgot to read it? Ah well – that’s how you get to be part of ‘YW’s’ EXECUTIVE.

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