Have you wondered why the decision to close recycling centres and libraries have​ been deferred until October?​

To Dump or not to dump – that is the question?

Recycling Centres – v – Children’s Centres.





2 thoughts on “Have you wondered why the decision to close recycling centres and libraries have​ been deferred until October?​”

  1. I’d like to quote from the resignation letter (resignation from the Conservative Party) of Guildford Borough Councillor Nils Christiansen. Amongst other things Cllr Christiansen said:

    “The Conservative party used to be pragmatic, democratic, and believe in the importance of a strong economy and strong international alliances. Above all, it recognised the importance of the political middle ground. The Conservative party of today has become consumed by its own internal fissures, and seems only interested in retaining power for power’s sake.

    There is no unifying vision or set of values at national or at local level, other than a desperate desire to stay in power and keep the party together. What was once a mass-membership national party has become dominated locally by unrepresentative sections of the community who are so few in number that elected members are almost self-selected, and taken over nationally by extremists who would previously have been more at home in UKIP. By moving away from its historic core values, the party has abandoned more moderate people like me.”

    Manipulating County Council decision making to accommodate District Council election is an example of retaining power for power’s sake.

  2. We here at the Waverley Web wholeheartedly agree with every word you have said. They will do anything, and we mean anything to remain in power – at parish, borough, county and central government levels. Checks and balances iare what our local authorities need – and more truly Independent candidates.

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