Has the Silly Season arrived early at the Sorry Advertiser this year?

We know the daffodils are sprouting and the sap is rising – but have the Cranleigh birds been singing just a little too loud and long to the local rag about the siting of Cranleigh’s new leisure centre? 

Whose cunning plan was that, WW wonders, to frighten the voting fodder witless?

We’re aware that Dunsfold Airfield may soon have oil-wells springing up along its runway (journalistic licence for gas exploration, in the Dunsfold environs!) but a £14m leisure centre too?

Somehow, we doubt it!

We haven’t asked the Flying Scotsman to confirm or deny the rumour – as we think he must still be miffed with us for publishing his off-line invite to the ungrateful Denise Wordsworth to join him for tea and biscuits, for he never responds to our emails … and he’s certainly never invited us round for tea!)

But in this particular instance, we think we can safely speak for him. Because if he had thousands of Cranleigh New town’s residents rocking up on his doorstep for a swim and a jog around the parkland, there ’d be hell-to-pay from the Provisional Wing of Protect Our Waverley. They may have gone preternaturally quiet since losing all their Judicial Reviews but that’s just made them even more determined to look for an opportunity to take the steam out of the Flying Scot’s funnel at finally bagging 1,800 – 2,300 homes. His sporran must over-floweth!

However, we understand there’s considerable angst amongst Waverley officers – our moles there are very reliable – because, thanks to Cranleigh Parish Council handing over a piece of parish land it once owned to a local charity for a private care home – the new leisure centre may have to stay exactly where it is! If it’s demolished the centre will be closed for a couple of years and clubs and members of the public will have, perforce, to take a dip in the lakes which the generous Mr Vrijland intends to build in the nearby Knowle Park as part of his ambition to

“give something back to the people of Cranleigh,”

all whilst trousering squillions from the sale of his former lettuce nursery to provide the people of Cranleigh with 265 homes and now he’s asking for more!! 

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6 thoughts on “Has the Silly Season arrived early at the Sorry Advertiser this year?”

  1. Dear WW

    Alas I have Succumbed!! and I am taking My 85 year old father to the Last WINGS & WHEELS this year in June- So you are quite right no Afternoon Tea – But going to be Wheel-chairing him down the Dodgy Dunsfold Road (which Still HAS NO PAVEMENT – Despite monies being lodged with SCC) Wonder if he would swop Afternoon Tea for a Roller to get Pops there?????

    Why on earth would Cranleigh Residents want to have to drive to Dunsfold Park for their Leisure Facilities? It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

    It SHOULD be in the Village where people can walk to. Don’t get me wrong – I have enough problems walking to my Garden Cabin to get on my Exercise Bike – that now has a maze of Cobwebs on it since the Arrival of the Puppy – But that is another story along the lines of Houdini!

    Come on Cranleigh – He who shouts LOUDEST and all that!!

  2. Don’t worry D it was a ridiculous rumour set off by some mischief-making Cranleigh people who wanted to start a hare running, and found the Sorry Advertiser short of news!
    Waverley borough council has no intention of shipping the Leisure Centre out to Dunsfold – why would it – the leisure centre was built by public subscription after a huge local fundraising campaign by CRANLEIGH PEOPLE.

    We believe the Dunsfold crowd should start shouting from the hangar tops about the disgraceful way SurreyCounty Council have ignored the footpath and trousered all the money. Typical! Wonder how much money all the local authorities have trousered from various legal agreememnts developers have entered into – a tidy stash we bet?

  3. Dear dear WW surely you realise that money raised in Cranleigh is there for the TT’s to spend as they wish otherwise they may have had that Village Hospital by now! Good to be back.

    1. Ah! But haven’t you heard? Instead of a new hospital, the money has been used to provide “Poor Old Craneigh” with a Private Care Home nd 20 community beds to replace the65 lost at ~Longfields and more at Cobgates in Farnham. Oh! and just to give the final smack in the face to donors – the beds will be for the residents of SURREY and Sussex.

  4. The Sorry Advertiser seems to be picking up a lot of “news” from social media these days and with minimal cross-checking. They gave quite some space the other day to a daft story about a residents’ objection to noise pollution in Godalming without checking any facts.

  5. Yes – we watch it all the time – and they never print Corrections, because there are so many now they would have to print a mid-week edition to cover them all.

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