Godalming people​ Taking Green Oak School fight to County Hall.


Will the reckless officials of Surrey County Council, who only last week squandered the opportunity to receive £380,000 from Taylor Wimpey to provide school places in Farnham – ignore the anger of Godalming residents at the proposed closure of ‘Green Oak School.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.18.33.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.09.57.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.09.46.png

Click on the link below to read of the Farnham debacle!

When is someone, somewhere, going to stand up and tell Waverley Council it is no longer fit for purpose !

The battle goes on for Green Oak School, Godalming, but is Surrey County Council listening?


Why would Surrey County Council want to close a School and Nursery at a time when Godalming is growing?

Here’s what Councillor Penny Rivers told the Extraordinary Meeting in answer to the question ‘Should Green Oak School and Nursery Close?’



Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 09.14.20.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-19 at 09.14.39.png

Penny, Ollie, Paul Follows and the Green Oak PTA parents have submitted some formal questions to the Tory SCC Cabinet next week.

Hell hath no fury like a Povey scorned!

There’s no doubt about it- Andrew Povey’s bid to dislodge the Hodge who believes he has a right to the throne has made him mad. In fact, he is madder than mad Jack, winner of last year’s Mr Mad man competition!

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 22.03.47.png

Has the East’s Surrey County Councillor been on the whacky baccy?

The Cranleigh & Ewhurst County Councillor failed miserably in his bid to oust the Leader of Surrey County Council from his head honcho role! He predicted David Hodge’s seven-year stint as the Tory leader of the council was over. He believed his fellow councillors needed some “fresh thinking” and some “new ideas” and he was THEIR MAN!

Sadly his colleagues appear to have disagreed with DR P – so his current bid to dislodge Hodge failed!

Watch out, Sir Percy!  The daggers are out and the Twit is now twittering.  He’s now blaming YOU for putting volunteers in to help keep the county’s libraries open!

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 21.49.53.png


Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 22.25.49.png

The occasional politcal (sic) writer!


Ranting about rates!

The great rates debate continues…

Many of our followers have been trying, without a great deal of success, to understand the Adult Social Care element included in their recently received council tax bills.

One man’s efforts and his response from Waverley Borough Council are included below, but we respectfully suggest that you walk over to the fridge and pour yourself a very large glass of Sauvignon Blanc or your favourite tipple. Because if you can understand the explanation then you are a better man than me, Gunga Din! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 15.07.55.png

Click on the link below for Waverley’s explanation when all will become clear…? 

Waverley Surrey Council Tax explanation 2018

Letter sent to Surrey County Councillor Wyatt Ramsdale

Sent: 22 March 2018 18:51
To: Wyatt Ramsdale CLR
Subject: Re: Council tax


I’ve attached a copy of a  letter I have received from Waverley.

Nowhere does it say on the face of the rate bill that the % shown for
Adult Social Care (ASC) is a percentage of last years total bill and that the
overall increase is 5.99%.

Everyone I have spoken to can’t work out how the increase in the ASC
is shown as 3% when it is obviously 64%.

In the world within which we, other Surrey and Waverley Coucil’s, live a % is assumed to relate to the corresponding figure on the same line from the
previous year, not another figure.

On a recent holiday, I was reading “The Hidden Reality” by Brian Greene
which discusses various theories of multiverses and importantly whether
the same physical and mathematical laws would apply to different ones.

I can only assume that somewhere on the flight I passed through some
sort of barrier into an alternative universe that employed a different
version of basic arithmetic.

It is clear that this presentation is to fool the casual ratepayer who doesn’t
check the maths that the Surrey % increase is 3%. A cheap sleight
of hand trick.

In two of the local authorities, I worked for I wrote the computer
programs for the production of rate bills and if I  had produced a table like
that on a rate bill the heads of Finance would have been horrified at my
lack of presentational ability.

  (we have redacted the name at the request of the resident)  



Now here’s SCC’s answer​ to the county’s Surrey’s mounting pot-hole crisis!

Here’s what Surrey County Councillor Colin Kemp says:

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 20.41.05.png

Well! There you are then!  Surrey residents our expectations are just too high! Get it?

But it is spendingScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 20.40.55.png:




Instead of planting flowers in Surrey pot-hole ridden roads. A new sub-aqua club has been formed!



Has the East’s Surrey County Councillor been on the whacky baccy?


When the BBC lunchtime news featured a clip mistakenly labelling the Leader of Surrey County Council, David Lodge, instead of  David Hodge, did they mean to say … Dis-Lodge or maybe they meant Dis-Loyal?

Because, judging from Cranleigh & Ewhurst Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey’s latest tweet his campaign to oust the Leader is gathering momentum and, as we all know, there’s nothing good ever come out of Momentum (AKA the really nasty arm of the Labour Left)!

First, that poseur Povey tweets that the man at the helm of good ship Surrey has fallen asleep at the wheel! Then he compares our very own Surrey County Council with the bankrupt builder Carillion! Next, he goes off on one advising voters to be wary of supporting Independent candidates, claiming they could be Marxists or a member of a far-right group!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 22.24.00.png

Does Cranleigh & Ewhurst really back this disgraced politician’s putrid views or are local residents so lethargic and switched off they simply don’t care who represents them? More likely, they have very short memories and, if that’s the case, we, at the Waverley Web, are going to take them on a much-needed trip down memory lane!

Back in the day, way back when in the era that Cranleigh & Ewhurst residents have clearly forgotten (we’re talking about September 2011 in case you’re wondering), the then Leader of Surrey County Council Dr Andrew Poseur announced he was standing down from his position having just sacked his deputy leader, David Hodge. Dr Poseur claimed he was stepping down in October 2009 in order to ‘develop his business interests’ and in a typical self-congratulatory speech went on to eulogise about the Council’s achievements under his leadership: I am proud of what the council has achieved during my leadership and firmly believe the authority is well placed to become a truly world-class organisation. I believe the foundations we have set in the past two years mean the council can now go on to even greater things and whoever takes over as the leader can look forward to my support as they continue this work.’

Huh? Who was he trying to kid?

Eber Kington, Surrey County Councillor for Epsom and Ewell North said at the time, ‘Mr Povey did not step down but has been kicked out amid a continuing lack of confidence and disagreements with deputy leader, David Hodge. The idea that he’s taken this time to look after his business is nonsense – he’s been kicked out. More than half of the Conservatives told him to go and it’s not for the first time. There was a vote of no confidence a couple of months back. Povey has been responsible for some of the most damaging and unpopular decisions of the Conservative administration …’

Has there ever been a more damning indictment?

And now, six years on, Dr Poseur’s crawled is busy making trouble for the man who took over from him – so much for giving ‘whoever takes over as leader … gets my support’! The Waverley Web is no fan of David Hodge but the idea that Dr Poseur should be resurrected to dance on Hodge’s grave is going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

We strongly recommend that the residents of Cranleigh & Ewhurst take a long, hard look at Dr Poseur’s record because no good whatsoever will come of their support – or for that matter their lethargy towards – this man who clearly has an axe to grind when it comes to David Hodge.

Our advice to Mistress Milton is that she steps in before Dr Andrew Poseur brings the local Tory party into even more disrepute than it is currently enjoying. Trouble is, the Tory Party doesn’t like to wash its dirty linen in public which means they leave it in the bottom of the laundry basket where it festers and – eventually – manages to walk out by itself!

So there you have it, Annie, you need to take a leaf out of Mary Martin’s book and WASH THAT MAN RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAIR! For all of our sakes, Anne you need to open your mouth and sing at the top of your voice:

I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

I’m gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
I’m gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
I’m gonna wave that man right outa my arms,
And send him on his way.

Don’t try to patch it up
Tear it up, tear it up!
Wash him out, dry him out,
Push him out, fly him out,
Cancel him and let him go!
Yea, sister!

I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair,
And send him on his way.

You can’t light a fire when the woods are wet,
You can’t make a butterfly strong,
Hmm, hmm!
You can’t fix an egg when it ain’t quite good,
And you can’t fix a man when he’s wrong!
You can’t put back a petal when it falls from a flower,
Or sweeten up a fellow when he starts turnin’ sour
Oh no! Oh no!

If his eyes get dull and fishy,
When you look for glints and gleams,
Waste no time,
Make a switch,
Drop him in the nearest ditch!
Rub him out of the roll call,
And drum him out of your dreams
Oho! Oho!

I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
I went to wash that man right outa my hair,
And sent him on his way.

She went to wash that man right outa our hair,
She went to wash that man right outa our hair,
She went to wash that man right outa our hair,
And send him on his way!


The Waverley Web puts up the WANTED sign and guess what? Up pops a Povey on the BBC!

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 22.27.28

The Waverley Web puts up the WANTED sign and guess what? Up pops a Povey on the BBC!

There we were thinking that  Cranleigh & Ewhurst’s Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey had gone missing so we put out the WANTED poster on the link below.

Have you seen this man?

No sooner said than done. What do they say about … hell having no fury like a BLOKE… scorned! 

Now, with his feet now firmly gazunder County Hall’s tables, than..Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 22.15.42.png !

as Councillor Andrew Povey – attempts to scratch the eyeballs out of the bloke who snatched the Leader’s mantle from him after the 2011 coup when the Deputy Dog. Bodge and his fellow Tory Tossers took a Vote of No Confidence in him and forced him to resign!

Following his resignation, his immortal words still ring in our ears! He said:

“I came to a crossroads in my life.”

It wasn’t a crossroads you arrived at Councillor ~Povey – it was the end of the road, for one of the most ambitious, unscrupulous, double-dealing, opportunist politicians, it has been our misfortune to come across! And, because Guildford Conservative Association scraped the bottom of the barrel and persuaded the voting fodder of Cranleigh & Ewhurst to put you right back where they believed you belonged, claiming  you were a better bet than your running mate Alan Young, you can now continue your long-held ambition to…

bbc-surrey-logoDislodge the Bodge!

Watch out Hodge there’s a Weasel breathing down your neck aiming to dislodge you!  Povey has been biding his time for almost 10 years to poke you one in the eye for booting him out of his hot seat.

Who says .. what goes around…! Who needs an opposition when you have a Povey in your midst?
Listen to the interview here – starting 2hours 7 mins in.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 22.16.29

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 21.42.14

Councillor Andrew Povey:

The former leader of Surrey County Council (SCC) criticised the current leader David Hodge, over financial difficulties SCC now face as a result of a  £100 million funding crisis, council tax set to increase by 6%, cuts of £66 million and the council forced to dip into its reserves. Dr  Povey, who led SCC until 2011 said: “They [SCC] had a report from CIPFA, a professional institute for accountants, … in September 2016, and at that time the leader was very much pushing the idea of a 15% [council tax rise] referendum in Surrey, which was really a complete non-starter and this report told him that in history no one has ever won a referendum like this… and that there was an absence of any credible cost reduction plan.
“So in September 2016 that’s when he [Hodge] should have started to make savings because those savings would then have been made in 2016, they would have continued through into ’17 and ’18 so we would now be in a much better position than we are…”

Cllr David Hodge – v- Povey.
Povey and Hodge fell out in 2011. Povey resigned following the resignation of Hodge, his deputy at the time, and Hodge took over as the leader.
At the time Povey said: “It is my intention to stand down as leader of Surrey County Council… so I can develop my business interests.” He also said “It got to the point where we were seeing things differently… we have a different style, are very different people – that can be a strength, but I think it got to the point where it was going the other way.”
Andrew Povey also stood down as a councillor but, after a four-year break, made a surprising comeback in last year’s county council election when, with the approval of Anne Milton MP, he stood as the Conservative candidate for the Cranleigh & Ewhurst division, following the controversial deselection of the incumbent, Alan Young. Since then the local Cranleigh/Ewhurst branch has been in complete disarray with Anne Milton’s new lady-in-waiting Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 14.54.10.pngalso working tirelessly behind the scenes to unseat the present Chairman of  Cranleigh Parish Council – Mary Foryszewski, and to take her seat at Waverley in 2019!
Now, some observers are questioning whether Povey’s public criticism of his leader too, is the first sign of a new leadership bid.

What do they say about – “rats altogether in a sack.”

Cllr Hazel Watson
Cllr Hazel Watson, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, said yesterday: “I am pleased that Cllr Povey agrees with what the Liberal Democrats and I have been saying about Surrey County Council’s finances over the last 18 months.
“He is right to draw attention to the criticisms of the county council contained within CIPFA’s report Financial Resilience Review – Surrey County Council. This report was commissioned by the current leader of the council and was kept hidden from county councillors for months.
“He is correct in his judgment of the folly of the leader in pursuing a doomed policy of a 15% council tax rise which was subsequently abandoned. The CIPFA report clearly stated that such a referendum was unwinnable but the leader of the council refused to act on their advice.
“Instead of blaming the government for lack of funding and backing an unwinnable referendum, the Conservative administration should have been working on identifying sensible efficiencies and a realistic level of deliverable savings without cutting services. It should also have acted much earlier on the many empty buildings it owns across the county, which have cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to maintain.
“Surrey County Council is in a poor financial position with no clear plan to improve the situation. Unless a solution is found, then we only have to look to Northamptonshire County Council to see the consequences of when the money eventually runs out.”


‘Your Waverley’ is about to make the biggest decision in a decade! WOW!


We wouldn’t suggest for one moment that you attempt to watch this – most enlightening – meeting of the Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committee on the link below:
Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 07.36.44

This cosy little get-together was almost inaudible , nobody was named, (no names – no pack-drill, as they used to say to us in the army), and the sound reception was awful. The only plus – web watchers were able to see the whole meeting which is more than can be said for most webcasts at Waverley Towers these days. Did they buy the new equipment on E-Bay? It has not gone unnoticed here at the Waverley Web that the committees set up to ensure  backbenchers get a chance to apply the essential checks and balances that are required for good governance, were poked away in a committee room with no web casting throughout the summer. Thankfully, Incy Wincy hanging in the dark and dusty corners, was able listen in. Heaven help us when they start clening properly!

If ‘Your Waverley’  can’t sort out the basics, how is it  going to set up an investment company which aspires to  invest up to £250 million of our money! Still WW gives them ten out of ten for trying.

Or, is this another cunning plan to prevent us knowing what they know?

So forgive us, as we attempt here to pick out the bones of the latest Overview & Scrutiny meeting.  

Firstly, for background: ‘Your Waverley’ decided in July to create a property company to invest ‘our money’ in residential and commercial property. OK so far?  The rationale is to bridge the gap in the council’s deteriorating finances. If it doesn’t do something  it will be £2.8m in the red in three years and then …  bankrupt. 

Chairman John Williamson  said the [committee] is picking over the bones whilst the animal is dying.. if we continue with what we are doing we are going to end up bankrupt” 1:57.20 in the clip above.

Many councils are well ahead  of  Waverley in playing the Casino game. Surrey County Council has invested £300/400 million on various ventures for a 1% return. Yippee – let’s all go down to Bet Fred with our winnings.

Now it isn’t our style to be meanies about the huge efforts made by  our council to keep us  in the black, because it is – quite  simply – between a rock and a hard place.

Surrey and Waverley Councillor Peter Martin said Waverley is suffering  similar problems to the county council: ‘At Surrey first we cut out the fat, then the muscle and now we are now down to the bone.’ “I have no magical ideas. – the situation we are in is shocking it appears Surrey’s the victim and it is quite preposterous – we have to put up council tax by 6% just to stand still or find more savings – it’s OUTRAGEOUS and we have told the Government – UP WITH THIS, WE WILL NOT PUT.’

Negative Rate Support Grant   Surrey MP and chancellor Phillip Hammond is not only scrapping the central government grant to councils – he is asking for cash back of £800,000 from Waverley. Whilst Peter Martin says Surrey has lobbied the Surrey Tory MPs who all say that’s terrible, they won’t do anything about it.

Well, how mean is that!  Because, if they won’t listen to a true blue Tory – why would they listen to us!

However, we are slightly anxious after listening to the debate it appears our great  white hope new investment company has :-

  • Has no business plan.
  • Wants to buy property nationwide in an uncertain market.
  • Can only pay peanuts for non executive directors and hopes to rustle up a few local volunteers.
  • Will have to shell out £25,000 to set up the company. Could that be gold-plated business cards for councillors?
  • And…  will be run by an Advisory Board on which the chosen few will sit and  will decide where ‘our money’ is to be spent.
  • And will  rely on a third party property manager.

Nothing to worry about there then!

 Jaws dropped when Councillor Nick Holder mentioned that Surrey County Council had invested THREE BILLION POUNDS IN PROPERTY AROUND THE COUNTRY, a figure that was quickly scotched by Waverley and SCC Councillor Peter Martin who said it was only between £3 – £400 million which  was, currently producing an income of 1%. Phew!Before appointing external specialists and external advisors, the Overview & Scrutiny Committee was asked to agree the way forward.

Councillor Peter Martin saw no reason for a Business Plan – as  the most important thing  was to just ‘borrow cheap to invest.’ Councillor Ged Hall suggested  ‘if the right thing comes up, we’ll snap it up.’ Perhaps they should remember this banner headline.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.24.57.png

Councillors John Gray,  Stephen Mulliner and Mike Band, John Williamson were far more circumspect believing A business plan was essential and saying  they had  some ‘very real concerns’ about the current economic climate, suggesting investments should be mostly local, where local knowledge could prove invaluable.

 Councillor Holder suggested others should follow the lead of Godalming Town Council and  raise more income themselves. It had borrowed from the Public Works Board (what they  themselves were suggesting earlier in  Item 1 on the Agenda ) to fund the rebuilding and extension of the Wilfred Noyce Hall as they were making a profit out of it. When he started reeling off figures he was reminded by Chairman John Wilkinson ‘not to read out the legal bits as the meeting was being webcast.’ Worry not Councillor W – it was practically impossible to hear the illegal legal bits!!

‘When we switch over later I’ll come  back to it said Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge’.

Perhaps the WW should mention that making a profit on the approximate £900,000 investment is not entirely true. Bearing in mind the low interest rates and increase in council tax,  tax payers over time are expected  to pay off the loan over 20 years.
Stephen Mulliner cautioned – everyone, that if the properties purchased remained empty, they would still have to  pay council tax to someone  and issued another warning about Waverley’s parlous state.

The Chairman said this was the biggest decision WBC would make for a decade, and it was essential both  governance and all the necessary checks and balances were in place. The Committee agreed to tell its  Executive it had not provided it with enough detail. 


Farnham residents have given a resounding vote of no confidence in ‘Your Waverley’ – could it be the East’s turn next?

Sadly, unlike Farnham,   there was no Residents’ Group standing in the recent  county council elections  in the East of Waverley.

Despite one of the most acrimonious internal fights being played within the Guildford Conservative Association   to oust  the sitting councillor – Alan Young, there was no Independent voice to capitalise on the opportunity this presented.

The mutter in the Ewhurst gutter confirms that it was Matron Milton , and friends, who worked  to kick out the ‘popular’ Mr Young, (one of his supporter’s words, not ours!) He wanted to continue representing the Eastern villages along with his wife Victoria, known locally as Queen Vic. Who incidentally was voted back in the Eastern villages, by opposing development at Dunsfold and supporting development in Cranleigh and Ewhurst!

However, after blood was spent and venom disgorged in bucket loads  the chosen one – Andrew Povey – a former Leader of Surrey County Council, romped home after trousering 2,098 votes, a thousand more than his nearest rival Lib Dem Richard Cole.  He now sits among many of the colleagues who took a vote of no confidence in his leadership six years ago and threw him out!

Ah well! All’s fair in the world of backstabbing POLITICS, and who better to get to grips with SCC’s Leader Hodge the bodge than his old adversary? Do we  see blood spilled at County Towers?

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 21.42.26.pngHowever in Farnham it was a very different story. The Residents’ Group had plenty to smile about. Having pushed the voting fodder around for years, the townsfolk bit back at “Your Waverley” and “Your County Council’ and  threw out two Tory councillors, and only narrowly avoided bagging a third seat. 

`Now, we hear on the Waverley grapevine that the rumblings in the East at the way townsfolk there have, and continue to be,  treated by ‘YW’ has reached a roar!

When folk turn out for the a public meeting called by the Civic Society on Thursday 25th May there may be another residents army preparing to march into the 2018 Waverley Borough Council elections.

WHY? Because voters feel they can no longer influence decisions, and are fed up with being patronised and ignored.

But in Farnham – they have already voted with their feet and they won!

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.20.05.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.20.39



Hodge the Bodge won’t budge!

Of course David Hodge has survived a Vote of No Confidence Motion- but then, why wouldn’t he?


Tory controlled Surrey County Council has passed  a motion of confidence in their Leader David Hodge despite his very public row with the Government that brought assurances that it “DID NOT” Do any “Secret Deal” with ‘Your Surrey’ County Council to head  off a 15% council tax increase.

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May’s  insistence that there was NO ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ between David Hodge and the Government  and… despite the fact that Surrey’s Budget is now unravelling at the seams – all the Tory Tossers lined up behind their leader to enable him to hang onto Surrey’s reins and gallop towards, possibly  – Beechers Brook,  perhaps?

By 47 votes to eight  – all those sycophants – including all our Waverley Councillors – The Farnham Gal,  the Eastern Villages –  Alan AKA, (‘I’ve just been dropped’) Young,  and his wife the Queen Vic, – Farnham’s Riot Ramsdale & Farnham’s very own –  Touch of Frost, Peter Martin, David Harmer and Steve Cosser were among those who  ensured Hodge the Bodge was not ousted from  his very  hot seat … well at least not for the time being?

“Secret recordings” made by one of his ‘colleagues’ and sent to the BBC caused a furore, but  Hodge is sticking to his guns in the ‘Truth, Dare, Promise or Opinion’ board game now being played out between him and the  Government.

That threat of a Referendum might even have been a good ruse if he could have pulled it off!   But will Surrey taxpayers be the ones clutching  the mucky end of the stick he has now provided his Tory masters to  beat us with?

The Prime Minister visibly squirmed when she said: ‘No deal has been made with Surrey that has not been made available to other councils’ so to extract themselves from the mucky brown stuff we can see a different “deal/gentleman’s agreement/stitch up, being worked up in the darkest corners of Government to keep the local elections on track.”  

After all – this little debacle won’t damage the reputation of Surrey Council or the  Government,  because  Surrey’s   voting fodder will be out in their droves in a few weeks time to ensure we get more of the same – despite  someone  being economical with the truth? 

After all – the Tory Tossers are supremely confident that when the  Elections take place on  May 4th the results will reveal the voter’s verdict on this unedifying spectacle!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 08.52.46.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 08.23.59.png

But if you would like to hear  on Radio 4 how ‘Your Surrey’ has already lost £1.1  million  running its property company so far – listen here. 

Oh! and by the way Farnham followers – Le Gal won’t be among those seeking re-election – she’s  had an uplift – to scramble up that other TT’s  greasy power pole!  – The next step for an ambitious  career politician up from – Borough to  County…  onto the pinnacle of success she has striven for – Parliament. Bye-bye Farnham hello ?? – please let it be Blackpool !!