Can we believe anything ‘Your Waverley’ tells us?


Should we all follow the Leader?


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Here’s a Press Release posted to-day! Looks bland and insignificant enough, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s what ‘YW’  hopes we will all think.

Except, here at the Waverley Web, we dug a little deeper and have discovered the sh*t is hitting ‘YW’s fan with a vengeance because it has duped its own unsuspecting councillors, it’s residents and possibly even some of it’s officers with information contained in its air quality monitoring procedure.

No problem there then, unless you happen to have asthma, respiratory problems, or any other health  problems that are acerbated by filthy and polluted air!

What you may ask is the latest little cover-up all about?

Suffice to say the council has been burying/concealing it’s Air Quality Report for Farnham for around 18 months – and there we were dopey old Farnham residents believing our air quality issues were not as bad as we first thought. Because that’s what we were told. Waverley have AQR reports up until 2015 only.

It doesn’t say anything in the Press Release that the council held an Emergency Meeting, because of course it either wasn’t webcast, or if it was, the webcast wasn’t working.  Even if it was working, we wouldn’t have heard anything, because they don’t intend us too. Because we’re  the voting fodder, and secrecy is endemic at ‘YW’.

It also begs the question? Can we believe anything we hear, like the flood risk assessments, highway assessments, noise and pollution assessments that are carried out in our borough?

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The Bias Factor is a technically term for extrapolating the results from these monitoring stations and tubes accounting for temperature and how that affects to NO2 calculation.

Watch this space…. to be continued…

4 thoughts on “Can we believe anything ‘Your Waverley’ tells us?”

  1. I see this morning that SCC are keeping open the recycling centres they proposed to close but are cutting the days they are open, give on one hand and take away with the other, Cranleigh site is only going to be open three days Monday, Saturday and Sunday, so we will not only get much more fly tipping but also the Elmbridge road will become even more of a traffic hazard, when the workers shut the tip to enable the machinery to push down the rubbish, people park on the road causing mayhem. Perhaps the great housing developers round cranleigh might like to include paying for a new tip instead of new playing fields at a public school!

  2. Well next week the Joint Planning Committee will allow homes to be built further down the Elmbridge Road – in the area that floods (by the way according to the applicants it hasn’t flooded since 1968! so combined with the tip queues that will be another road residents will not be able to use.
    We understand that angry motorists are driving past the queues to get to the Nanhurst lights on the wrong side of the road! Stoke care on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays folks over there in the East!

  3. What an absolute load of rubbish these developers spout, that piece of land floods regularly with heavy rain and if the JPC councillor’s believe that, then they must be more gullible than a child listening to a fairy story.

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