What is the most well-used phrase at ‘Your Waverley’s council meetings?




If, you get the answer right. 


We will put you out of your misery… the phrase most often used in response to councillors questions by officers, the leader, and the executive is…


And.. if ‘we are satisfied’ then so must you be?


Where will Waverley members be watching the World Cup in Farnham?


Marlborough Head East Street June 2014


Marlborough Head 2018

We are grateful for these photos from Martin Gardiner and John Spackman in Farnham for pointing out the irony. Where once there was a thriving community pub on East Street, now there is a boarded up, fenced off shell. Never before has the ‘Blightwells’ development been so aptly named!

Where will we watch the Russian held World Cup now? Answers to Waverley, please! Spasibo!

We’ve heard it on the grapevine, that Liz the Biz or Betty Boot as she is fondly known – (remember staff and councillors have been warned not to refer to the Chief Planning Officer by this name!!) – has donned her brand new Nike football boots, to take part in the English line-up for the World Cup. Apparently, she has put the bover boot in so many times to give rebellious Waverley concillors a good kicking, that England Manager Gareth Southgate, is putting her on first reserve in the attack. Watch out Tunisia!

The WW tripped over a Gove at our local fruit farm.

Who did we see in his ministerial Land Rover as we rounded the corner of Tuesley Farm,  none-other than the Secretary for State for Agriculture Michael Gove. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our free punnet of raspberries to hand…
Brexiteer Gove met our local Brexiteer fruit farmer Harry Hall at Godalming’s Tuesley Farm as part of Open Farm Sunday. Harry is famous for voting for Brexit and then complaining he can’t get enough Polish workers to pick his strawbs..  “If EU labourers disappear ‘I don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that”


We wonder if Harry (above right) went on to tell Mr. Gove what he said to Radio 4: “I regret my vote in the face of the Government I’m given.” Judging by the look on Gove’s face it would appear he was getting a rough ride?

The Secretary of State’s parking space is pictured below. However, – he didn’t arrive on his bike but was swept through in his blacked out Land Rover.
IMG_2276.jpgLocal Residents will know the farm has had a chequered planning history, with Waverley taking enforcement action against the owners of the polytunnels and then against the permanent mobile homes. However, we can report that these issues are now resolved, and the fruit tastes delicious!

Please Waverley, tell us you haven’t gambled a £17m black hole like Surrey Heath!

closingdownSurrey Heath Council recently spent £17.6m buying the freehold of the Camberley House of Fraser building. The money was completely borrowed from the Government’s Public Works scheme – so they didn’t even have the money themselves! Casino gambling at it’s best.


The Council said: “By acquiring the freehold of this site, Surrey Heath did so as part of the wider regeneration of its town and not as an investment. The store has suffered from under-investment over the years and the Council was in discussion with them to address this. Whilst these discussions are still ongoing, their own reinvestment proposals are dependent on a formal CVA and their position on legacy stores.”

This is the massive ANCHOR store for Camberley – not something easily re-let – or even turned into flats in the current climate!

We know Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councils have invested in the disastrous Blightwells in Farnham, and we know Waverley agreed to borrow £30million to buy some commercial property early in the year. Surely this is a risk too far?

Isn’t it time to come clean Waverley and publish a list of whats going on? After all if we suddenly all have a half share in a shopping centre in Runcorn, perhaps there will be more incentive for us to visit!!

Over to you Captain Bob…Your Borough Needs You?



What a busy, busy summer it’s going to be for Bob Lees’s Protect our Waverley (PoW), as Waverley Borough Council invites residents and other interested parties (Cue stage right: that’s you PoW!) to comment on proposed sites put forward to build another 1,079 homes in the borough.

Waverley’s Local Plan Part II sets out where the homes might be built – including Elstead, Godalming, Haslemere, Milford, and Witley.

Members of the Public (and PoW) have until midday on Monday 9 July to let Waverley Planners know what they think about the proposals set out in Part II of its Local Plan. Knowing how keen PoW is to live up to its name – PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY – the Waverley Web has no doubt that, under the direction of it’s dedicated Chairman, Bob Lees, PoW will be going through Waverley’s Local Plan Part II with a fine curry-comb in order to prepare a plan of campaign every bit as thorough as its war against development at Dunsfold Airfield.

Of course, PoW, is already up to its neck in a rear-guard action as it attempts to Judicially Review Dunsfold Park’s consent for 1800 homes but, knowing what eager beavers they are on behalf of the entire Borough, that won’t deter them from getting stuck into the Local Plan Part II as they know how much residents across the Borough are relying on them to root out and fight the good fight against inappropriate development borough-wide, not just in their own little corner of Alfold and Dunsfold!

In addition to all this, PoW will also be busily pouring over detailed plans for the first phase of Knowle Park, where the former Lettuce King – Nicholas Vrijland and his cohort, Andy Leafy – will be building 265 homes at the former West Cranleigh Nurseries. But, they just want to help Cranleigh – don’t they? Funny really, having set up all those secret meetings with developers, they are trailing along behind them all as fag end Henry’s!

Then, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Knowle Park, there’s Miller Home’s development of the former Hewett’s Industrial Estate, where 100 homes will shortly be underway. 

With so much development going on in and around Cranleigh, local shop-keepers are worried that the knock-on effects of the building works will keep shoppers away from the High Street – especially following the closure, last week, of the NatWest Bank in Stocklund Square, which was a big draw. NatWest customers, who now have to go to Godalming, Horsham or Guildford for their over-the-counter banking needs, are thought likely to defect to Godalming over Cranleigh in their droves.

So, thank God for POW. If ever Waverley needed a committed ‘very large and continually growing number of concerned Waverley residents whose interest is in sustainable, balanced and appropriate development’ it’s now!

So, over to you Cap’n Bob!!! Your Borough Needs YOU!

Farnham needs you! Don’t forget to vote!

Here’s the lineup for the Waverley By-election – provided by the Farnham Herald – because nobody does it better.


Labour are also standing a candidate for Waverley – Rebecca Kaye.
For the Town Council election the candidates are:

  • Jo Aylwin, Liberal Democrats
  • George Adam Hesse, Farnham Residents
  • Rebecca Louise Kaye, Labour
  • Rashida Ahmad Nasir, Conservative

It couldn’t possibly be Dunsfold Park that this man is speaking of… could it?


Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.12.46.png

Ah! But there are some who don’t want jobs, homes, people or traffic, a school for the autistic, or a school for villagers children in and around DUNSFOLD. Same people who, but will happily support it here in Farnham – or in Godalming, Milford, Guildford, Haslemere, or Woking, Wrecclesham, or anywhere for that matter other than – at a brownfield site in DUNSFOLD! Get it!
Oh! and many of the moaners will probably work there when all those lovely jobs arise!
As for us here at the Waverley Web, we have all had a discussion. A Waitrose would go down well – even a Waitrose at Home – to join the M & S – in Alfold. Perhaps a few other major stores that Waverley Council, together with their partner Surrey County Council – who are investing over £50million over here in retail – could match in the East of the borough? Fairs, fair after all – because their other Farnham partner Crest Nicholson – is building shedloads of homes in Cranleigh  – that nobody appears to have noticed! 

Another – Puff of Wind – from You know who!

How to flog a dead horse until its bones rattle! Protect Our Waverley takes on yet another Judicial Review – this time against – Dunsfold Airfield!



Editor’s Note: Protect our Little Corner claims to represent ‘a very large and continually growing number of concerned Waverley residents whose interest is in sustainable, balanced and appropriate development. We are seeking development to be led by a robust Local Plan and sustainable developments that meet local need as encouraged under the NPPF.’

Trouble is they have 339 followers, which is a mere 0.27% of the population of Waverley, which was 121,572 at the 2011 census!

Never mind flogging a dead horse, this particular horse’s bones are rattling!

Ah! well, that is the price we pay for democracy – another shedload of taxpayers’ money on its way to the legal beavers!

Is Waverley’s​ property bubble about​ to burst?


It’s a fact, The UK’s property boom is spluttering and stuttering and we should all be very worried about what happens next!

Is this the reason developers in the borough of Waverley are slow to build and are sitting on their planning permissions and keeping them warm?

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.12.03.png

House prices fell nationally in the last three months.  The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) house price index hit zero in February. It was a bigger drop than forecast and the lowest since March 2013.

Crest Nicholson is now offering buyers of its new homes in Cranleigh six months mortgage-free. But buyers are put off by viewing new developments where the gardens of homes, built on clay,  are or have been, underwater and management fees have to be paid for the upkeep of community facilities e.g. children’s’ play areas, etc.

 Demand for homes in the UK fell for the 11th month in a row. Sellers are putting up a record lack of properties and buyers are not registering with real estate agents.

If you’re a glass half full type, you’ll be delighted. The figures suggest that Brexit is having the intended effect.

Property demand and prices outside London are beginning to feel the ripple effect, with buyers seeking big reductions. Property demand and prices in London are languishing. The great rebalancing of our nation is taking effect. No longer is prosperity tied to one city. The rest of the nation has some catching up to do.

But the problem is that house prices are dangerous by nature. A drop in London values could trigger a crash nationally.

Thanks to the vast amount of leverage you need to buy a home, falling house prices represent a huge amount of risk for the banking sector too.

But the real risk is in house price expectations. Because if expectations change, the entire equation for buying and investing in property could trigger a serious economic crisis. 

Rising house prices suck in everyone

If everyone expects house prices to rise, that changes the calculations for affordability. For the buyer and the lender.

When house prices rise, the borrower who can’t afford their mortgage can simply sell their home. The profit makes them wealthier. It feels risk-free to own property. You just need to get on that ladder somehow. It’s more of an escalator to wealth.

It’s not just the borrower who is misled by rising house prices. The bank is protected more than anyone else when house prices rise.

The value of their collateral is going up so even the worst possible borrower can repay their loan by selling out. The worst-case scenario is that the bank recovers their money by repossessing the house. In this world, lending is a risk-free deal. They’re willing to lend to anyone. It doesn’t matter who they are.

The danger of risk-free

What happens when people stop believing house prices inherently go up? They don’t even have to go down, just stop going up. Suddenly, the entire premise of borrowing, owning property, and lending falls apart.

Borrowers no longer demand unaffordable debt because it no longer enriches them. And lenders’ collateral values no longer inherently safeguard a loan. Suddenly, the lending decision is about default risk instead of collateral risk. Far fewer people can borrow in that environment.

Under those circumstances, the lending business becomes a matter of risk management instead of simple lending volume. Banks stop fighting for market share and start panicking over their default rates.

Without the presumption of rising house prices, the demand and supply of mortgages are not artificially influenced in a way that justifies widespread lending and buying. The incentives to buy property and lend against it disappear.


Farnham Castle By-Election – who dares wins.

The Runners and riders are announced for the Farnham Castle By-Election on 24th May. This election was prompted by the resignation of the chairman of the Farnham Residents Group John Williamson, and could cost up to £4,000. In a letter to Waverley chief executive Tom Horwood, Williamson explained that having spent the winter living in Italy, he and his wife decided to sell their Farnham home and relocate to the Cotswolds. Yes, that’s more than 6 months of Council meetings he failed to attend. At least he did the decent thing and pulled the plug – unlike some Conservative Councillors we could mention!


In the Farnham Castle borough by-election, they are:
Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems),
David Beaman (Farnham Residents),
• Rebecca Kaye (Labour),
Rashida Nasir (Conservative),
Mark Westcott (Independent).

In the Farnham Castle town by-election, they are:
Jo Aylwin (Lib Dems),
George Hesse (Farnham Residents),
• Rebecca Kaye (Labour),
Rashida Nasir (Conservative).

Lib Dem Jo Aylwin, a textile artist has stood at a few previous elections and has been a trustee of the Bishops Meadow Trust. It is unsurprising that David Beaman a former  Independent Farnham Town Councillor has thrown his hat in with the Farnham Residents Group this time. Rebecca Kaye has also stood for Labour before, and if the name is familiar, her train driving husband Howard Kaye stood at the 2015 General election for Labour. Howard also stood for the Town Council in this ward in 2016, gaining 86 votes. Talking of husband and wife teams, Conservative Rashida Nasir is wife to Waverley Weybourne and Badshot Lea Councillor Nabeel Nasir. They are both key movers within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

A truly independent and wild card is architect Mark Westcott, prolific Herald letter writer and campaigner for independence for Shortheath and Boundstone! He regularly appears in the public gallery at Waverley Towers to question our decision-makers.
George Hesse is a former UKipper that is standing in the Town Council election under the Farnham Residents banner. herald_farnhamcastle