Do our votes count for anything – that is the question?

Judging by the shockingly poor performance of the new webcast system that dropped off the back of a lorry near The Burys, and the inability of ‘Your Waverley’ to allow the public open and  transparent access to its dealings,  the letter below sums up both WW, and many other residents, feelings.

But this doesn’t apply to just Farnham people – below the news cutting is what an Alfold follower had to say about our failing local democratic process.

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This letter appeared in the Farnham Herald.

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6 thoughts on “Do our votes count for anything – that is the question?”

  1. Democracy is not safe in the hands of politicians. Careless and fearful of what people actually say or think our local representatives do not want to be accountable to the public. Actually engaging with the public (that is the public and not their political cronies) means risking increasing engagement across the board and, horror, might increase turnout at local elections and might mean some fat-cat Councillors are not re-elected. For these people democracy is about getting and keeping power nothing else.

    1. There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle which does not live by secrecy. Waverley council needs to get things out into the open. If they don’t we will battle to find out the truth, ridicule them, and sooner of later, public opinion will sweep them away. We want accountable government and the only way we can do that is keep asking questions and shine a light into what has become a very dark cavern.

  2. Well they damn well should be accountable – we Vote for them……… or have done in the Past – Unlikely in the future I hasten to add!

    I know it isn’t just WBC – But Surrey CC only seem to listen if they get a big enough back-lash via Social Media as with the Proposed closure of the recycling/waste sites in the County.

    I also question the s106 agreements with all the developments – isn’t there something slightly skewed in favour of the Developers in the Borough – If they are willing to pay (or say they will… eventually/possibly ) towards schools, roads, community services etc it means Councils and the Services do not need to find the funds to do the work, so why would they want to oppose development? – it means they can still pay themselves generous salaries and pensions instead.

    I am sure there must be a means of tallying up all the Cils and s106’s for the various developments and seeing just how much they will be getting, whilst our roads get more congested our properties flood or have effluent bubbling up and we cannot see a doctor for 2 weeks or sleep in corridors at the Royal Surrey.

    it is not just the lack of transparency – it is the hypocracy
    As ever Grumpy on a Wednesday

    1. Dear Grumpy on Wednesday – join the ever growing club. How will we ever know whether the S106’s do what they say? Because those documents are never put in the public domain (unless of course we see the amounts that are earmarked for certain projects on the planning documents). Will we ever know what goes to whom? No, of course we won’t. Let’s face it Waverley is a rotten borough.
      Grumpier on Wednesday,
      P.S watch tomorrow’s post.

  3. Look forward to it!! as ever up too late and watching after work the WBC You tube at the Southern Planning meeting – Have to say not knowing the area it is NOT for me to comment – But just found it a bit weird that they will refuse planning for a change of use for Agricultural to Equestrian with 4 stables and a menage – that is not exactly Urbanisation of the area – But maybe I am missing something – nearly 2 hours of our WBC time spent on something like this??? Maybe you can educate me – when Isherwood and Cockburn have no such quarms when it comes to building on Green field sites in Cranleigh – I simply do not get it – have to say Ms Cockburns face in the Western Meeting thereafter when the lovely Mr Hyman took to the floor was a picture – I just wish I could post them – it was a picture of complete distain…….she really needs to get a handle – he has as much right as anyone to make his comments and she is just so RUDE! the only good bit was her “blah blah blah …. Ms Potts” (meaning you are just a member of the council here ducky!!) made it worth staying up for! – off for horlicks (or other) and bed!

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