Are the Berkeley bunnies burrowing into Farnham.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 15.36.49.pngBerkeley Homes are chomping through the tree lined country lanes of Cranleigh in preparation for 425 new homes – and now it would appear it is setting its sights on Farnham?

and… if its higher quality development that councillors  want – then they need look no further than the Berkeley Group. So if Friends Life has opted to off-load the Woolmead shopping precinct Farnham residents could soon be spoilt for choice where to eat, sleep and be merry! … Particularly if the Brightwells/East Street gets the  go-ahead sometime soon.

If it doesn’t – then Berkeleys could beat Crest Nicholson to get its nose into the lettuce patch of Farnham’s clientele first!

However, the Berkeley Bunnies are not confirming the rumour and have their heads well down their burrow where it is dark and warm!

As we speak – the wiggies will all be lining up at the Preliminary Hearing in the High Court.for the Brightwells/ East Street fandango. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 20.34.02.png
Good old Farnham Herald rides again! Perhaps Sir Ray should snap up the Surrey Ad again…. before it hits the buffers?

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