Jeremy solves Farnham’s Air Pollution with… more meetings!

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Congratulations for FINALLY meeting a Council Leader Jeremy! Even if he was a friendly Conservative, dropping in to your Constituency office for a cosy cup of tea. And between you you’ve agreed to get all the Stakeholders together for a Masterplan. EH?? Eh??

Isn’t that what you have been promising Farnham ay EVERY ELECTION since 2005 young man? Here’s your leaflet from  – wait for it – wait for it…

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Aha! let’s look at No. 6 – “A Traffic Plan for Farnham:” Jeremy is working closely with local councillors and campaigners to develop a pedestrianisation plan for Farnham that is practical and viable.”

And 14 very painful and lung congested years later, that’s the best plan you can come up with – again!

And lets politely ignore the ‘Success’ you claimed for fighting Dunsfold New Town at No.3!

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Dunsfold Garden Villge Coming soon – but thanks to Jeremy  Three years later than planned. And then only after shedloads of money down Waverley’s drain. –  Due to his intervention – 600/700 fewer homes built on the brownfield site- which now threatens the borough’s 5-year land supply and the loss of yet more countryside! Thanks Jeremy.



2 thoughts on “Jeremy solves Farnham’s Air Pollution with… more meetings!”

  1. Well done for Tim Oliver agreeing to take the issue by the scruff of the neck and “lead” on this project. BUT hang on a minute…..are Traffic and Roads not the responsibility of the County Council in the first place? So where has SCC been hiding all these years?
    If I were a cynic (god forbid) I could say that the County Council elections are next year and Tories from all directions will be scrambling to join the new Project Board that Mr Oliver is setting up. Then watch out for the Grand Standing and Showboating by the Tories in 12 months time.
    BUT if that’s what it takes to get Farnham’s traffic and air quality problems sorted then so be it. Most of us will just be content that something is going to happen….isn’t it?

  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for something to happen, or you may just pass out. The WW certainly will and so will many other residents of this town of ours. However, it does appear Jeremy Hunt has sat up and noticed!

    Yes of course the Tories will promise anything and everything with the county council elections looming. But the voting fodder are getting used to all their wild promises and they may be in for a shock.

    Yes you are absolutely right – the county is responsible for the road problems in Waverley and problems there are many. Farnham is just one of them, and if it waits much longer the town will come to a grinding halt, as will Guildford and many of our other major towns in the county.

    In the meantime house building continues unabated while we wait for the vital infrastructure to follow.

    When something does finally happen the WW will shout it from the rooftops.

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