MP Jeremy Hunt makes a quick getaway from the Great Debate.

Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat.

Well done Jeremy you managed to get out just in time for the standards debate.

Our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt pictured making a quick getaway?

Where was our other MP – Angela Richardson. Did she rock up for THE, anything but, great debate? 

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4 thoughts on “MP Jeremy Hunt makes a quick getaway from the Great Debate.”

  1. Looks like whole swathes of the Conservatives didn’t show up – not surprising really. Most will want to keep a very low profile I expect. The media talk about them having second jobs, but don’t seem to appreciate that many Conservatives treat their role as an MP as their second job.

  2. What I find generally odd is at the local level, politicians changing parties mid term. We had Mrs Townsend going from Tory to Lib Dem allegedly over Brexit (she must have known about their anti-Europe contingent when she joined?) and now a Lib Dem turns Tory in Guildford over I don’t know what…he likes them better? I think Peter H is right. The colour of the rosette doesn’t really matter. When you’ve annoyed enough people in your own party you have to seek friends elsewhere. Standards -what standards?

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