‘Your Waverley’s webcast dives again!

Are you listening Mr Horwood?  Send the second-hand kit you bought on E-Bay back to the seller and ask for a refund.

You can watch two important planning applications consented by the Joint Planning Committee last night in the link below. But we respectfully suggest you don’t bother.

However, we will give you the heads up when we finally sort out who said what – about whatever, when we unscramble it! Because yet again… the naff webcast wasn’t working properly.

No Maps or illustrative documents displayed for the first highly controversial application which has been doing the rounds of planning committees for years. Up to 100 homes at Woodside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming.

No identity information of which councillor was speaking – or which officer. Just a voice from the ether every now and again!

No electronic record of who voted for what. And even worse the useless Chairman Richard Cole, just like every other chairman of Waverley Committee’s finds it too onerous to actually announce what the actual voting decision was.

You put your left hand, or your right hand  up, shake it all about, that’s what it’s all about.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 09.32.47.png

Now we thought when the new Rainbow Alliance took control of ‘Your Waverley’ it just might get the fundamental workings of the council into a half decent shape. We even believed it might sack the IT engineer/s, that we actually heard say while setting up the kit they bought from Rumbelows in the 1960’s – ‘we better get this right or we will end up on the Waverley Web!’ Or, send them on a training course on – How to operate a webcast system?

.Is 2018 going to herald in a new webcasting system?

But Oh! No! Just more of the same. So, we ask? Who exactly is responsible for ensuring that the workings of ‘Our Waverley’ are available for all to see, and hear?

Dare we believe that the reponsibility lies at the door of the head honcho whose Salary package is bigger than the Prime Minister’s. Chief Executive Mr TOM HORWOOD. Because last night ‘YW’ crossed the line into totally unacceptable territory.  The territory of  rubbishing the promised “openness and tansparency.”  The residents’ of Waverley will put up with NO MORE!

Will someone, somewhere, sometime – learn how to use ‘Your Waverley’s’ webcast?





3 thoughts on “‘Your Waverley’s webcast dives again!”

  1. Look forward to seeing improvements, along with the others watching who were as frustrated as you, and we were.

    It was such a pity, as the two schemes threw up some very interesting and revealing issues. Like – it is not a planning responsibility to ensure Health and Safety! So have we learned nothing from Grenfell Towers? Were all those lives lost in vain? Due to greedy developers yet again, cutting corners, ignoring health and safety issues, with no accountability? And a Government that is holding a whip behind local authorities to build houses, not homes.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE3hoJ0UXco&t=2011s&fbclid=IwAR3024rjVLVU_nXMNSHNlcuY14ihWXjmVBkmf5VQHCPq70zC1jyAa_Kk8Yg

    (581) Special Executive Meeting on the 20th Nov 2020 approximately 21 mins into the meeting. Councillor Steve Cosser quotes on record to the purchase of a supermarket (not local) at a cost of £7 million pounds and fees of 7.4 million. Why would the remaining councillors attending the same meeting as Councillor Cosser not object after his good argument of funds being used elsewhere. Everything about this deal is suspicious use of public funds is it not?

    My questions would be
    1. Who advised them ?
    2. Who is proposing to do the legal work and who is connected to who (good work if you can get it)
    3. Do they think the tax paying residents would be happy with the decision made by the councillors
    4. Could this be a pensions pocketing exercise rather than the needs of the inhabitants.
    5. Who in the council has ever paid more in legal fees and costs for an asset (their homes)

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