Survey on ‘Your Waverley’s – Climate Emergency Initiative launched.

nick palmer
Nick Palmer – WBC Labour Councillor and former Member of Parliament.
Here was the new Rainbow  Alliances first listening exercise – now for the second.
A message to the residents of Waverley from Cllr Nick Palmer.
As you may know, Waverley is one of the councils that signed up to the “Climate emergency” initiative, and a cross-party working group is studying which measures would be most helpful and cost-effective. As part of this effort, we have put out an online survey to see what residents feel would help them most – it takes about 10 minutes and is anonymous, though it asks at the end if you want to leave your email address so as to get updates on this subject. Do have a go, and forward this to your friends and family?

To participate in the survey, go to:

If you would also like to see our Sustainability and draft Climate Emergency Action Plan, it’s here in the link below:


Best wishes
Nick Palmer
Labour group leader

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