The Final Countdown.


The countdown to a David & Goliath type fight between Developers/Local Authority giants and a handful of Farnham residents has begun.

Dubbed by the Farnham Society as …”Probably the biggest episode in the history of Farnham for many years” will commence  in the High Court on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.31.57.png
In the Blue Corner wearing this great big red glove pumped up by – – “Your Council Tax”

 are top dogs:-

Construction Giant Crest Nicholson which has an annual profit of £200m tucked under its belt and “Your Waverley” with all our taxes under its belt.  They pledge to spend  “whatever it takes” to win but privately they admit “to being very worried.”

In the Red corner :

We have the under dogs.  Farnham’s Famous Fearless Five, with their personal money plus  backing from the town’s residents out of their own pockets … and yet again…through their council tax. Two of the claimants mentioned below  are Waverley Borough Councillors and all of those named are pensioners.

The Claimants: Andy McLeod (Independent WBC) John Williamson (Farnham Residents WBC 😉 David Wylde;  Celia  and Richard Sanders;  all claim they are merely exercising their democratic right.

However “Your Waverley”  and its  development partner for the £130m scheme Crest Nicholson dispute this  and are throwing everything at F’s FFF at this week’s  preliminary hearing tomorrow Tuesday January 31 to stop the case going  to a more costly full hearing. If successful this could  take  another year.

Farnham Herald’s brilliant  reporter Daniel Gee gives  a complete round up here:  17-01-26-judgement-day-for-east-street-protestors-copy-2

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 18.35.53.pngSo as the gloves are about to go on  the Waverley Web is sticking its neck out and laying odds of 100 to 1 that Farnham’s Famous Fearless  Five will produce a knockout punch that will leave the top dogs reeling. 

Why? Because “Your Waverley`” has told so many lies, has deceived, procrastinated and made so many volte faces over the past 14 or more years.  Aided and abetted by a series of unscrupulous Council Leaders and their “paid off” former Chief Executive,  they could now find themselves … on the ropes!

 The final knockout could come later in The High Court – however,  we here in our tangled web fully expect “Your Waverley” to use “your money” to appeal against the Court’s decision if tomorrow’s hearing goes against them in a bid to simply win this fight by attrition.

“After all they haven’t put their homes on the line – they have lots of our dosh in their glove with which to beat Farnham’s FFF to pulp!

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