Ain’t no mountain high enough?

It cannot be true – “Your Waverley” starting to listen to the local folk who know a bit about flooding and the environment around Cranleigh?

Or are our “planning experts” acting more responsibly now they are not being lent on quite so heavily by Cranleigh councillors eager to create their New Town?

Or could it be the new name of the developer heading up the  Knowle Park Initiative Saga, which miraculously changed overnight. Despite the fact that exactly the same people are involved, and have always been, directors of A2Dominion!

 The mutter in the gutters  over there in the East  predict the Flying Dutchman is looking for property abroad,  so P****d off is he that Cala Homes is allowed to build in his back yard.  Damned cheek of it– when  his scheme , to build in the back yards of Alfold and Elmbridge Roads’ residents. has been kicked into touch.Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 21.42.13.png

Rumour has it that there ain’t no mountain high enough to protect his home from overlooking … a building site… which is providing the new homes and the bulldozers are moving earth forever upwards in a mini mountain range to protect him from viewing the hoi polloi!!

Now without the help of the late Councillor Brian  –  and the two Stennetts, who have had their wings severely clipped, said Dutchman is throwing in his Clogs!  

So now,  Cranleigh Civic Society’s clued up team has persuaded “Your Waverley Planners” to start taking them seriously and take a closer look at the East’s mounting problems. Particularly in view of the shockingly poor infrastructure and the serious traffic issues which have not been remedied by new signs on the Wey and Arun Bridge at Rydinghurst in Elmbridge Road!

So now Mr Andy Leahy – of the KPI and director of  A2 Dominion may have a bit more of a problem persuading the “experts,” whose original instinct  two years ago,  was to kick the scheme into touch without even referring it to a planning committee. However, they were persuaded otherwise by the  late Councillor Ellis to call it in for determination by the Joint Planning Committee despite dire warnings that Elmbridge stinks to high heaven in the summer and floods in  Winter. But then why should they care – after all they too probably won’t be around to live in the mess they help create… will they!

Read here why  the Environment Agency has raised an objection :

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