money_poundsHave you ever put coins into the car park machines in Waverley’s off street car parks, but received no change?

Well, that has happened quite regularly, in fact more often than you would think.  Go on – just guess how much the borough council, who we will now refer to as ‘The BIG DICK’ has collected, in what they describe as ‘over-vending’ in the council’s pay & display car parks. Still guessing?  A thousand pounds did I hear… A little ‘freedom of information request’ later, and this is what we discovered…

£81,205.00 !!!
Yes, you read that right…
£81,205.00 (in the year 2012/13)

Well, that’s not a bad little earner! And how did the council spend it, you ask?

“All the funds from the car park services help to fund car park improvements, and help pay for other council services”.

We suggest you pop down to the Burys and ask for your change back!

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