Waverley rents going up.

Council Housing Rents are likely to increase by 4%, but some councillors believe it should be closer to 5%.

The final decision will be made at the Full Council meeting next week.

New energy-efficient homes at Ockford Ridge, Godalming.

Budget Council Meeting Agenda Papers:   See Table at the bottom of the page. 

The figures are averages across Waverley, and some social rents vary greatly. For instance, ex-church Homes of Multiple Occupancy or ex-Police houses have become part of| Waverley’s Housing Revenue A  account property.  

Unfortunately, separate figures have not been provided for houses and flats. Many of Waverley’s 1-bed and 2-bed council homes are flats, with (e.g.) small 2-bed flats currently charged £15 less than the average rate and houses charged more. 

For comparison with private rents charged per calendar month (PCM), multiply the weekly rate by 4.333, e.g. the current average rate for 3-bed council houses is £610 pcm.

We have checked on property websites, including Rightmove. There are three-bed homes in the towns and villages in Waverley of £1,750 ppm and upwards, but not many!

Private renters do not have secure tenancies and may find it harder to get landlords to carry out repairs, but council tenants are responsible for repairing/replacing garden fences etc., whereas private renters are not. The landlord’s standards, location, and neighbours affect rent’s real ‘value’. In future, it is likely to be increasingly affected by the ability to charge an electric car!

Most of its tenants consider Waverley Borough Council, a good landlord and operate a Tenants’ Panel for feedback.



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