What’s it all about Jamie?!

Or Adam, or could it be Karen  Lancester?

Now that we have just left the Season of goodwill, it is time for the dirty tricks season to begin. We are in council Election Mode!!!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. 

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is just another way to say that copying is a compliment. Or imitation is admiration. In the Tweet below, you could be forgiven for thinking that this Twitter Feed, which has emerged from the dark side, originates from us here at the Waverley Web – however, you couldn’t be more wrong. Neither are we flattered. 

If this originates from the new Residents Party that has sprung up in Godalming, you are a sad bunch.

If you want to be taken seriously, no party can be built based on deception and dishonesty.


9 thoughts on “What’s it all about Jamie?!”

    1. Not us, we were very surprised that you were tweeting that considering the way this site usually leans. Glad to see the dirty tricks and deception have already started. May I suggest some journalistic integrity and getting in touch with the people you are slandering in the future and asking for comment?

      1. Thank you for all your publicity – our site has been inundated with hits today from people who want to read the real Waverley Web. The Waverley Web has no problem with any group or political party setting up – but why pose as the Waverley Web – this smacks of yet another Tory social media campaign that is bankrupt of ideas. We wish your organisation well in the forthcoming council elections. But perhaps reading The Seven Principles of Public Life might be an idea – should you be successful, it may come in handy.

      2. I would highly suggest reading section 3.2b of our constiution ( Acting in accordance will the Nolan Principles of Public Life).

      3. I would also probably not get overly exited about the traffic, a lot was probably me from a couple of different IPs.

        I am interested on the political nature of your article and your afiliations + your willingness to publish an article with zero journalisitic integrity (not checking your sources). If you had, you would have a reply with a timestamped image from our group chat with our suprise that the tweet was up from you as well.

        People hiding behind false identities is the scourge of our local politics, manipulating public perception and disenfranchising residents from issues they should have a voice and be involved in. If you cant stand by your words, you should keep them internalised.

      4. I would also probably suggest that as you are using cookies (6 at my count) and are recording aggregated statistics on your users, that you have a privacy notice, cookie notice and cookie consent. As otherwise you are in breach of GDPR.

  1. As a long time reader of the “real” Waverley Web I have found it to be extremely illuminating. It has a great track record for uncovering issues that we, as local residents, would never have been aware of otherwise. Its informative and accurate and an exceptionally valuable source of information. This other outfit is simply trying to piggyback on a bona-fide blog in order to give itself some credibility. Don’t be fooled. This is an imposter and not with good intent. Please – whoever you are – leave the real WW alone to continue its good works and stop muddying the water and confusing people.

    1. Many thanks – at least a few people in this borough of ours appreciate our efforts. Adam Clark has made some very unpleasant and toxic statements about us and others unknown to us. Some of which we have removed as they are poisonous and libellous. If this is what we expect from the new Godalming & Villages Residents Political Party, then we all have much to fear if the future is left in its hands.

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