Will a defection from the Tories be the… kiss of death for our very own Houdini – Alan Young?

You heard it here first that Guildford Conservative Association has  “de-selected”  or in our words “jettisoned” Surrey County Councillor Alan Young. Better known at the Surrey Ad picture desk as the “Kranleigh’s Kodak Kid.” 

The councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst who would turn up for the opening of an envelope as long as someone  was  there to take his picture, has been “de-selected” as a candidate for the May elections. But  you can hardly Adam and Eve it – he is apparently blackmailing his Tory Tosser colleagues that if they don’t back him he will embarrass them all by committing  the mortal sin of becoming  an – INDEPENDENT! and stand against the official Tory Tosser candidate!

 He has been fighting for over a year to hang on Houdini style …

Houdini-1.png to what he believes is his given right to keep his county councillor role. He has  super-glued his bum into his council seat, despite having fought, and lost, several  bids  to become a prospective parliamentary candidate, which would surely have resulted in his resignation from local politics to  climb Westminster’s  greasy pole. 

But having used Conservative Association monies in a bid to pave  his way into other Tory Tosser Clubs his cover is  blown and his disloyalty to  Tory colleagues  over the years has come back to haunt him. Even his most fervent supporters have stabbed him in the back and voted him out…out…out!

But the Kodak Kid is not giving up until the fat lady sings… and this week he  called in all the favours… Robin Fawkner Corbett of the “I have kerbs installed outside my house to prevent the school coach from parking in front of my window”  and a few Ewhurst supporters to whom he has promised – the earth no doubt? Even his (NBF’s) from Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce were there to support him – after all he has promised them…more footfall…more houses…more developers…more shoppers…more flowers…more…?

In fact he snatched the opportunity at the Con Club to wax lyrical and remind everyone how  missable he would be and how miserable he would be if they didn’t change their minds and select him. Unfortunately his diatribe of me, me and even more me, was interrupted when the real speaker the Hon Annie Milton turned up… albeit..late.

The Hon Annie has made no secret of the fact that the shutter must come down on the Kodak Kid’s political career. But watch it Annie – you may yet need to get outya gun… because this slimy git reminded the Tory Tossers that if they didn’t support him – they may not, in the future, support her! Oh dear do we hear that ugly word…BLACKMAIL oh surely not! So our Houdini may keep his seat – one way or another!

So now Cranleigh Tory T’s have been told by Guilford’s Tory T’s that the the KK  “ignored  the democratic process.” So now Houdini  may have to have his bum surgically removed from “his”  county seat if he is to  walk… into the wilderness… where they believe he belongs.

2 thoughts on “Will a defection from the Tories be the… kiss of death for our very own Houdini – Alan Young?”

  1. As a true independent I would not wish to be associated with this particular person – in any case he is going to find it hard going and i suspect that the selected Conservative will easily see off this person which will hopefully mark the end of his political carreer.

  2. I think true is the word here, i don’t understand, if you have been a member of a political party for a long time a member of the council etc under that political banner how can you suddenly decide to change just because things don’t go your way, does that say that you are there to look after the people who voted you in or perhaps for other reasons!!! Strikes a bit of throwing all the toys out of the pram.

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