Let the chaos of road closures between Cranleigh & Bramley begin?

 No more playing street golf on the A281?

Summer 2021  is already beginning to look long and laborious for travellers using the busy A281 road from Horsham to Guildford.  Because as of yesterday, the Road Closure signs have gone up – again! 

By the way, perhaps someone could tell our Alfold friends – have the badgers been re-homed yet following the two-year closure of the Run Common Road?

Here’s the low-down. Sit down, take a deep breath and open this SCC leaflet?

A281 Horsham Road, Grafham will be closed from Run Common Road to Selhurst Common Road whilst works are carried out for 24 days. 


Cranleigh townsfolk on the road to nowhere?

Long-suffering motorists have been tearing their hair out from the roots for weeks as they switch off the sat nav and use a compass to find their way into Guildford/Godalming or onto the A3. They have been faced with a myriad of ROAD CLOSED signs, some of which haven’t seen any work!

The frustration experienced by one Alfold traveller is expressed here.

Wakey, wakey Surrey highways – Waverley motorists are losing the will to live!

In response, John Wright-Smith said recently…

Highways are incompetent – there, I’ve said it. They have no idea what their sub-contractors plan to do or when. The traffic management is sub-contracted out, and they throw up a few signs and cash the cheque. They don’t liaise with their client to see when the work is happening. Highways are slow to respond and poor at comms. Nearly all their bulletins are unreliable as their contractors don’t tell them when they are not proceeding. Richard Cooper is an embarrassment. Remember the second critical UKOG Committee meeting?

WW. That’s the UK Oil and Gas fracking application that was refused by Surrey County Council a few months back and has now gone to appeal. 

Richard decided he’d take the day off and leave his subordinate to take the flak. I have lost count of how many times Highways have given a cursory glance at a Planning Application and then tick the box marked “fine”. That is a green light for planning officers to dismiss any discussion about highways matters because Surrey says it is OK. They are not here in the meeting to field questions.

If Paul Follows and Liz Townsend have any cartridges in their shotgun marked “Reforms at County Council, ” they should have the first two put aside for Highways. Both Barrels are needed.

However, The Waverley Web recognises that some county roads are in urgent need of attention, and if our information is correct, motorists won’t be plagued by many roads works in future. 

According to the highway department’s mutter in the gutter… there’s “NFM”  left in the highway’s kitty.


9 thoughts on “Let the chaos of road closures between Cranleigh & Bramley begin?”

  1. The badgers were evicted months ago, where is an unknown, and all the bank is covered in wire mesh.

    1. If that is the case then why hasn’t the road re-opened. What is Surrey’s excuse this time?

  2. It is appallingly confusing. We were told last week on 2nd June that they had thankfully changed the times FROM 9am – 4pm TO 9.30am – 2.30pm – So great thinks I – I will leave earlier anyway, just to be on the safe-side. Yesterday at 8.56 I arrived at the Road Closed sign and we were diverted down Barrihurst Lane – With no additional diversion signs so I eventually made it to Godalming and on to Guildford and the A3. Poor Godalming was Rammed.

    I simply do not understand why they cannot keep us up to date Properly – Don’t need flashy flyers just post on the various Local FB sites. Why can they not do this work at night? is it just costs? At least if it is at Night you can plan ahead (although that doesn’t help shift workers – I know)

    Perhaps if SCC had maintained the roads properly in the first place they wouldn’t have to close the Main route to Guildford during the day, especially now that many people have returned to work.

    As per the comments above how can anyone from SCC Highways say there is not an issue with the road infrastructure here, when in order to do work they cut the Villages off from the few Train stations or Major roads we can drive to.

    1. One of us travelled over to your neck of the woods to check it out! WOW! What a bloody mess over there in the eastern villages. Why doesn’t Surrey County Council just give us an update on the Waverley Web and then we can let you all know whether you will be able to reach your said destination without pulling your hair out from the roots! We cannot help wondering why this wasn’t down during lockdown. Perhaps Dopey Dick could answer that one?

  3. Richard Cooper and Surrey Highways are a joke. These are the idiots that believe the A281 is a good road, very few holdups, never any congestion and very safe with hardly any accidents. Idiot Richard should be made to live at Alfold Crossways for a year.

  4. Why hasnt the Run Common road now re-opened?. How can you justify this long delay , causing us motorists a diversion still and costing us time and money. We have had enough.

    1. Sorry to make light of such a serious problem – but every time SCC want to shut a bridge – Albury; Run Common etc; it’s all the fault of badgers. When we all know the real reason NFM!!!

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